Knocked Up Hotties: Kate & Maggie

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Knocked Up Hotties: Kate & Maggie
by RandyPan
Story Codes: FFM, cons, oral, anal, mas, preg, lact
Celebs: Kate Winslet, Maggie Gyllenhaal
This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.

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Note: This is basically a spin-off of my Porno Chic series.  Picture this in the style of one of those porno compilations.

We fade in on Kate and Maggie standing in the shower, soaping up their wet bodies, including their big pregnant bellies.  Kate begins to kiss Maggie’s neck, as they rinse off.

The two are then sitting side by side on the shower floor, kissing lustily.  A close-up shows that their tongues are involved in the kiss.  We then see a close-up of Maggie’s breasts, as she pinches her hard, brown nipples, and milk squirts out of them.  The view then shifts to Kate’s breasts, and again, she squeezes her big, eraser-like nipples, and milk spurts all over.  Maggie then leans over, and sucks on Kate’s nipple, and we hear her swallow. “Mmm, tasty,” she grins.  Kate then does the same to her, and Maggie bites her lip and squeezes her other breast, as we now hear Kate swallowing.

“Not as tasty as you, love.”

Maggie is now lying on her side, with one leg in the air, and Kate has her head between her thighs.  We see another close-up, as Kate holds open Maggie’s hairy pussy, and licks the inside. “Oh, God, Katie, I fucking love that…” Kate tugs on Maggie’s pussy-lips with her teeth, before burying her tongue deep in Maggie’s juicy cunt. “Oh, wow…yesss…” As Kate’s tongue goes deeper, Maggie slides her middle finger between her cheeks, and into her butt-hole.

Now, we see Kate lying on her back, with her legs spread wide open, and Maggie is kneeling in front of her.  In a close-up, Maggie squirts some of her milk onto Kate’s hirsute twat, and then starts licking it off. “Uhm…Oh, God, yes…” Maggie then fingers Kate’s snatch, and flicks her clit with her tongue.  Kate starts bucking her hips, as we see Maggie’s mouth is completely covering her pussy.

We now see Kate on her hands and knees, and Maggie kneeling behind her.  In yet another close-up, we see Maggie spread Kate’s cheeks, and start licking her puckering butt-hole. “Oh, fuck, yes…” Kate moans, feeling herself up, as Maggie’s long tongue swirls around her anus. “Yesss…” Kate hisses, as Maggie does the whole mouth thing over her ass.

Kate is again lying on her back, and Maggie is straddling her head.  In an underside shot, we see Kate tongue-fucking Maggie’s asshole. “Oh, God,” Maggie moans, closing her eyes, and tilting her head back, smiling, “I looove having my ass eaten out, and you are sooo good at it, baby.”

We then see them again sitting side-by-side, kissing, and rubbing their bellies, when we hear a male voice. “Hey, you mind if I join you two?”

“No,” Maggie smiles, “we were just wishing we could have a big, hard cock in here with us.”

“And, dear lord, does yours fit the first requirement,” Kate says with an impressed tone, as we see a shot of his large, flaccid dick.

“And we can easily make it fit the second one,” Maggie says, as her and Kate get up on their knees, and kneel in front of the guy.  Kate then slides the meat into her mouth, and her and Maggie take turns sucking it, quickly making it rock-hard.

We next see Maggie on her back, as the guy, in another close-up, slides his cock into her pussy.  Next to her, Kate fingers her twat, as she watches the guy start thrusting into Maggie, causing her titties to start whipping around, and her face to screw up. “Oh, God!  Yes!  Oh, fuck, yes!”  We hear their wet bodies slapping together, as the guy fucks Maggie harder and faster, until Maggie lets out an ear-splitting cry, echoing against the shower walls.

The guy is now fucking Kate doggy-style, as now Maggie sits watching and playing with herself.  Again, we hear the wet slapping of the guy’s pelvis against Kate’s ass-cheeks.  We get another underside shot of the guy fucking Kate’s twat, and her belly bouncing, as he screws her faster and faster.  “AAAUUGH!” Kate groans out loud, and her arms almost give out, as she cums.

We then see the guy take his cock out of Kate’s pussy, then another close-up, as he presses it against Kate’s asshole, then pushes it in, causing Kate to grimace painfully, and groan loudly. “Oh, God!” Maggie moans, rubbing her pussy faster, “Fuck her in the ass!”

The guy slides his cock in and out of Kate’s asshole, as Kate wails at the top of her lungs on every in-stroke. “OOOOOAAAHH!  OOOHGOOOD!”  The guy sodomizes Kate, going faster and faster, until Kate lets out a deafening shriek that echoes against the walls for several seconds, as the rapid pounding of her ass causes her to climax.

We next see Maggie again on her side, with the guy lying behind her.  In one more close-up, we see him press the head his cock against Maggie’s asshole. “Yes, shove it aaall the way in to my ass…” She then lets out a strained groan, as he pushes it in, all the way up to his balls. “Oh, fuck!” Maggie’s voice squeaks, as the cock starts to slide in and out.  The guy fucks Maggie’s ass, faster and faster, until we once again hear his pelvis slapping against her butt-cheeks.  Finally, Maggie lets out a hoarse scream, and her pussy squirts all over the guy’s balls.

It now cuts to Kate and Maggie kneeling in front of the guy, taking turns deep-throating his cock, until he starts groaning, then they lean back, with their mouths wide open, as he jerks off over their faces.  Finally, with a series of loud grunts, he shoots his hot cum into Kate’s mouth, and then Maggie’s.  Kate then sucks on the guy’s head, and Maggie sucks on his balls, as he catches his breath.

“Holy fuck,” he wheezes, “that was awesome!”

“Mmm, for us, too,” Kate sighs.

“Yeah,” Maggie adds, “we are so glad you showed up.”

“Fuck, now I need a nap.” They all laugh at this, as the scene fades out.

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