The Hollywood Party

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Title:  The Hollywood Party

Author:  Tori


Subject:  Anna Kendrick,  Shailene Woodley,  George Clooney,  Emma Stone

Disclaimer:  This story is not real.  This is fiction and did NOT happen.  The story is purely fantasy and fantasy is legal.

Anna Kendrick was working her way through the crowd of party guests, making small talk and smoozing with some of the most powerful people in Hollywood.  She hated these parties but tonight, she was on a mission of sorts.  She’d heard that her old friend and costar George Clooney was going to be there and she was dying to see him.  It had been a long time since they made their movie together and she remembered how big his cock felt in her tiny ass.  One thing George was known for was his love of fucking his female costars in the ass and Anna was no exception.  She saw Matt Damon talking to Scarlett Johansson and approached him.  After exchanging pleasantries, she asked if he’d seen George.  Matt smiled and told her he was upstairs.  Anna thanked him and made her way up the stairs.  There must have been a dozen bedrooms up there and she had no idea which one he was in so, one by one, she checked them out.

The first two rooms she checked were empty.  When she opened the door to the third one she found Anne Hathaway on her knees sucking off Christian Bale.  Christian looked up at her and smiled.  Anne turned around just as he covered her face with cum.  Anna apologized for the interruption and quickly closed the door behind her.  Two doors down, she walked in on Matthew McConaughey fucking Jennifer Lawrence in the ass.  Jennifer was bent over the edge of the bed and she could see Matthew’s huge cock slamming in and out of the pretty blonde’s gaping asshole.  She knew she should leave but she was mesmerized by the sight and she felt her pussy start to get wet.  The two kept fucking as Anna pulled her dress up and started to play with herself.  Jennifer was grunting and moaning with each brutal thrust of Matthew’s cock and she came just as Anna got herself off.  Matthew came a few seconds later and filled the gorgeous actresses ass with his load.  Anna couldn’t help herself so she walked over, got on her knees and took his filthy cock in her mouth.  She sucked and licked the remaining cum from his softening cock and then swallowed.  Jennifer slid down on her knees and joined her and the two beauties finished cleaning the Oscar winner’s cock with their mouths.

Anna gathered herself up and left without saying a word.  She listened at the next door and heard moaning and panting.  When she opened it she almost fell over.  There, on the floor, was Emma Stone getting fucked by a huge German Shepard.  The animal had his big fat cock buried in the redhead’s pussy, his paws wrapped around her waist.  Emma was moaning and drooling on the carpet as the beast pounded into her.  Anna quickly pulled out her phone and snapped off a few pictures before leaving.  She was going to make good use of them later but right now, she needed to find George.  The next few rooms were empty and she was about to give up hope when she heard noises coming from the last room.  She turned the doorknob and walked in.  George was lying on the bed with Shailene Woodley.  What Anna saw made her wet immediately.  Shailene was lying flat on her stomach with George fist fucking her in the ass.  He was buried wrist deep in the gorgeous actress’s asshole and Shailene was moaning and grunting like a whore in heat.  The squishing sounds of his lube covered fist filled the room.  Anna quickly got undressed and joined them on the bed.  She scooted up in front of Shailene and pulled waiting mouth to her wet pussy.  Anna couldn’t take her eyes off the younger girl’s asshole.  The way it had expanded to accommodate the huge fist was something you had to see to believe.  Anna reached down and grabbed George’s huge cock and began to stroke it.  She wanted him good and hard for her ass.  Shailene was doing an excellent job of licking and sucking her clit and within minutes, Anna started to shake with orgasm.  She stroked the big cock faster and then screamed as she came all over Shailene’s face.  Shailene started to cum too and the two gorgeous sluts cried out in orgasm.

George pulled his fist out of Shailene’s asshole and grabbed Anna by her hair.  He forced her mouth down on his cock and started to face fuck her.  Shailene crawled behind him and began to lick his asshole.  They both took turns sucking his huge ball sack into their waiting mouths and shared a kiss while doing it.  George pushed Anna on her back and grabbed her ankles.  He spread her legs wide apart and suddenly rammed his cock into her ass.  She screamed out at the violation and with eyes wide open, looked up at him as he started to pound the shit out of her.  Shailene kept licking and tonguing his ass as he abused Anna.  Anna was flopping and screaming out when started to cum again and again.  George pulled out of her ass and flipped her over on her back.  He had Shailene lie on top of her and then started to take turns assfucking the two gorgeous women.  Anna could feel Shailene’s hot breathe on her neck as she got sodomized.  She didn’t know how many times she came and knew that Shailene was having multiple orgasms as well.  After almost thirty minutes of non-stop fucking, George impaled Shailene one last time and pumped his hot load deep into her rectum.  When he finally pulled out, Anna felt the messy scum running down over her crack.

George pulled both women by their hair and had them suck and lick his messy cock and balls clean with their slutty mouths.  When they finished, he laid down between them and lit a cigar.  The three cuddled for a little while and then got dressed.  Anna’s asshole was still gaped open and she could see that Shailene was having a hard time sitting down.  George kissed both women and left.  A few minutes later, Anna and Shailene followed him back to the party.  Anna mingled for a bit and then decided to head home.  On the way to the door, she spotted Emma Stone at the bar.  She walked over and introduced herself to the gorgeous redhead.  She leaned in and whispered something into Emma’s ear and smiled.  Emma just stood there, wide eyed with her mouth open, unable to speak.  Anna turned and headed for the door with the gorgeous actress following close behind her.

Back at her home in the Hollywood hills, Anna Kendrick was naked on her bed.  She had her fist buried wrist deep inside of Emma Stone’s asshole.  The redhead was moaning and grunting like a common two dollar whore as Anna shoved and twisted her fist in her poop chute.  After she made Emma cum several times, she pulled her fist out and put on a 16 inch strap on.  For the next several hours, Anna Kendrick sodomized Emma Stone, turning the gorgeous star into her new bitch.  Anna relished in her new role as mistress to the slutty redhead and smiled at the thought of how happy her two Doberman’s were going to be when they met their new fuck toy.

The End.

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