Simply Sapphic: Danielle & Gemma

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Simply Sapphic: Danielle & Gemma
by RandyPan
Story Codes: FF, oral, con, rom
Celebs: Danielle Harris, Gemma Arterton
This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.

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In Danielle’s apartment, her and Gemma lie on her bed, naked, Danielle on her stomach, and Gemma on her back, with an ashtray resting on her belly. “Well,” Gemma says, taking a drag off her cigarette, “when you invited me out, I can’t say I expected our evening to end like this.”

“Really?” Danielle responds, “I knew from the beginning it would end like this.” Gemma chuckles at this, and Danielle follows suit.

Gemma then starts feeling up Danielle’s ass. “God, I wish I had the balls to get a tattoo like that, all the way up my back, down to my arse.”

“You should.  You would look so hot covered in ink.”

“Will you go with me to get it done?”

“Baby, you don’t even need to ask.” Danielle smiles, then gives Gemma a long, deep tongue kiss.  As they continue the kiss, Dani takes Gemma’s cig, and puts both theirs out in the ashtray, before tossing it aside.

Dani then roughly squeezes Gemma’s tits, and licks and sucks on her hard, pointy nipples, eliciting a moan out of her.  Gemma’s stomach rises and sinks, as Dani kisses down it inch by inch.  Dani pauses at Gemma’s navel, and slowly licks around the rim, before continuing down, kissing down Gemma’s hairy bush.

“Oh, love…” Gemma sighs, as she feels Dani’s tongue slide into her moist snatch. “Just like that, darling…” Dani’s tongue probes Gemma’s juicy slit, causing her moans to gradually get more vocal, as she fondles her breasts, and pinches her nipples. “Oh, God…you’re incredible at that…” Dani goes deeper, and deeper, until, with a high-pitched whine, Gemma cums.

Gemma then looks up, and sees Dani kissing around her stomach.

“Hmm, love, come sit on my chest.”

Smiling, Dani crawls up on Gemma, then sits leaning back, with her pussy in Gemma’s face.  Gemma then grabs Dani’s thighs, and buries her tongue inside Dani’s sopping cunt. “Oh…” Dani moans, breathing hard, “Oh, fuck…” Dani then closes her eyes, and tilts her head back, as Gemma slowly but steadily brings her to climax. “Yes…” When she feels it approaching, Dani starts bucking her hips, causing Gemma to cling to her thighs more tenaciously.  Finally, Dani cries out hoarsely, as Gemma finally brings her off. “Hmm…” Dani lets out a satisfied sigh, looking down at Gemma and smiling.

Later, the two sleep close together, holding each other, smiling.

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