Stiff Competition 6

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Stiff Competition 6

By voodoojoe

Buttfuck A Mormon

“Buttfuck a Mormon? Really?” Nina Dobrev asked herself as she stood at the doorstep of her BFF, Julianne Hough.

As part of the competition, Nina’s name had been drawn, then “buttfuck a Mormon” came up as her challenge. She had no problem with the challenge, and even quite looked forward to taking the sizable strap on she had secreted in her purse and stuffing it up Julianne’s tight little ass. It was the total obviousness of it all that had her shaking her head.

“Nina!” Julianne said, opening the door to find her friend standing on the other side. After finding out the challenge Julianne had been expecting Nina since she was probably the only Mormon Nina knew that was also a sure thing for such a challenge.

“Jules!” Nina said, giving Nina a hug before whispering into the blonde’s ear. “I hope you’re ready.”

“Always,” Julianne said, closing the door behind them.

Leading the way, Julianne headed for her bedroom. Feeling Nina’s eyes locked on her ass, Julianne gave it an exaggerated swing from side to side to torture her. Hearing Nina growl, Julianne laughed and turned to face her friend while walking backwards.

“You’re such a tease,” Nina hissed, reaching out and hooking her fingers in the front of Julianne’s shorts.

“Hey,” Julianne gasped as her shorts were suddenly halfway down her thighs.

“Oh, like they weren’t coming off sooner or later,” Nina said sarcastically as she made a point of staring at her friends lacy white panties. “Maybe you should have worn something tighter if you didn’t want them so easy to take off.”

“That would’ve just egged you on,” Julianne said, letting her shorts drop to ankles before stepping out of them. Hooking her feet in the shorts she lifted them with her leg so she could grab them and carry them with her.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Nina said, reaching out to grab Julianne’s panties.

“Oh no you don’t,” Julianne squealed, backing away from Nina’s hands.

As Julianne turned to take off though, Nina managed to hook enough of her panties to cause the flimsy garment to stretch before ripping as it was pulled in two different directions. The panties stayed on, but a large swath of Julianne’s ass was now visible to Nina as the blonde turned the corner into her bedroom.

By the time Nina turned into Julianne’s bedroom, Julianne was already bent at the waist and sliding the panties down her lithe dancer’s legs. As she stepped out of her panties she stayed bent over and glanced back to see Nina lifting her shirt over her head.

“Set up the camera while I get ready?” Nina asked, reaching behind her to unhook her bra.

Needing proof that it actually happened, contestants really only had two options. They could either shoot the footage themselves or they could let one of Vanessa’s Boys do it. Some situations, like in public, pretty much required Vanessa’s Boys to be on the scene to capture the proceedings. But in private with both participants in on the contest, often they chose to do it themselves, though some really liked to have strange men watch them engage in the type of acts the competition demanded.

Usually Julianne was one of those girls that preferred a more voyeuristic feel with the guy filming through a window from outside rather than in the same room, but that really wasn’t possible from the second floor in broad daylight. So she wound up setting up a camera on her dresser and aiming it at the bed while Nina finished undressing and pulling the harness up her legs.

“Got it?” Nina asked, glancing down to where the dildo stuck straight out from her body.

“As long as you don’t get too wild and make us fall off the bed, again,” Julianne said, smirking.

“Just for that, I’m only going to lube you up with one finger,” Nina said, holding up the bottle of lube.

“Just hit record,” Julianne said, climbing onto the bed and setting up on all fours with her butt facing the camera.

After pushing the record button, Nina moved onto the bed behind Julianne. Knowing what Vanessa liked to see, she shifted a bit to the side to give the camera a clear view of Julianne’s toned ass and her pussy peeking out from between her thighs.

Popping the cap on the bottle of lube, Nina turned it upside down and let a nice drizzle of lube trickle into the crack of Julianne’s ass. When the blonde instinctively flinched and pulled away from the cold liquid, Nina put a hand on her lower and held her in place.

Normally Nina would have used two, maybe even three, fingers to help stretch and prepare Julianne’s ass for the strap on that was about to invade it. But she was true to her word and only used one finger to lube up the inside of Julianne’s ass.

“Ready?” Nina asked, looking at the screen on the camera and adjusting Julianne so they were being shot from the side.

“As ever,” Julianne said as Nina dripped lube onto her toy.

Putting one hand on Julianne’s ass, Nina grabbed her dildo with the other one. Guiding it between Julianne’s butt cheeks, she pressed it against the puckered starfish in the middle. Not needing to tell Julianne to relax, Nina heard Julianne take a deep breath and then slowly exhaled as she relaxed her body, including her sphincter.

“Ohh gawwdd,” Julianne groaned as Nina pushed forward, doing a lot of the stretching that Nina’s finger hadn’t.

“Never gets old,” Nina said, staring at where her friend’s tight asshole was lewdly stretched around the fake cock attached to her waist.

“I hope not,” Julianne said, trying to keep her breathing steady as Nina paused to give her a moment to adjust to having a large chunk of plastic jammed up her ass.

“Aww, does Jules like having her ass fucked?” Nina asked, punctuating the question by shoving four more inches into Julianne’s asshole.

“Fuck yes, she does,” Julianne gasped, her hand closing around the sheets on her bed as Nina followed it up by shoving the rest of the nine-inch dildo into her ass.

“Later, if you’re lucky, you can do me,” Nina said as she slowly pulled about five inches out of Julianne’s ass.

Once upon a time, Nina had blown Vanessa’s mind when she’d revealed that she’d somehow managed to last months in the competition while staying an anal virgin. After finding that out, Vanessa had made Nina draw the name of the lucky girl that got to deflower Nina’s ass. And as much as she’d enjoyed butt fucking hot girls before experiencing it herself, Nina had become even more appreciative of the experience after Molly Quinn had shown her how awesome it could be on the other end as well.

“That, fuck, was already, shit, going to, uhhh, happen,” Julianne grunted as Nina gripped her hips and started to fuck her ass.

Slipping a hand underneath herself, Julianne reached back to play with her pussy. As Nina set a nice steady pace fucking her ass, Julianne matched her pace by rubbing slow circles around her clit. Turning her head to look at the camera, she gave it a smoldering look as Nina stuffed her ass.

“Tell Vanessa what’s happening,” Nina said, adding more force to her thrusts.

“Ohhh, she’s, uhh, fucking, ahhh, my ass,” Julianne hissed, sliding a finger into her pussy and feeling Nina’s dildo rub against it through the walls separating her holes.

“Tell her how much you love it,” Nina demanded, watching Julianne’s firm cheeks barely ripple despite the power her thrusts were imparting into them.

“So fucking much,” Julianne howled, dropping down onto her shoulders and pressing her cheek against the mattress.

“Damn fucking right you do,” Nina snarled, ramping up her speed about as much as she dared to considering the tightness of Julianne’s asshole. “You’re a fucking anal slut, aren’t you?”

“Oh god, I fucking love having my ass fucked,” Julianne purred, rubbing her clit with one hand while her other dipped two fingers into her pussy.

The sound of their bodies slapping together echoed through the room and in response Nina thrust even harder. She knew Julianne liked it a little on the rough side, so she didn’t have to worry too much unless she got really punishing with her pace.

“Fuck my ass, Nina,” Julianne hissed, somehow managing to rub her clit and finger her pussy at the same time without missing a beat. It was like a naughtier version of being able to rub her tummy and pat her head simultaneously.

Extending her reach, Nina slowed down a bit as she ran her fingers along Julianne’s spine. Reaching the back of her neck, Nina collected a healthy amount of blonde hair and closed her hand around it. It was too short for Nina to comfortably straighten all the way up while still holding onto her flaxen prize, so instead she put her other hand on the small of Julianne’s back and used her grip on Julianne’s hair to pull her back onto Nina’s fake cock.

“Oww, bitch,” Julianne grunted as her head snapped back to keep her hair from being yanked out, but the pain was just the right amount to balance out the pleasure flooding her system.

“You love it and you know it,” Nina snapped, pulling her follicles even tighter and making the blonde roar.

“Ohhhh fuck,” Julianne hissed, her toes starting to curl as she felt a sizable orgasm start in her feet and work its way up her body.

When the orgasm reached her pussy it clenched around her fingers and her asshole gripped Nina’s toy and then moved up to her stomach, causing her ab muscles to contract. Reaching her shoulders it raced down her arms and up her neck, finishing in a loud screech of pleasure as every inch of her body was consumed with pleasure.

Feeling Julianne’s ass trying to pull her in deep, Nina pulled out instead. As the blonde suddenly collapsed onto her stomach, Nina crossed the bedroom and grabbed the camera. Bringing it back, she used her left hand to pull apart Julianne’s butt cheeks to show the freshly fucked, gaping asshole, still puckering and quivering in the aftermath of her orgasm.

* * * * *

“Julianne really looks hot when she’s getting her ass fucked, doesn’t she?” Vanessa asked her special guest as they watched the video. “Nina doesn’t look too bad doing the fucking either.”

“Holy shit,” Peyton List said, shocked at the way Julianne’s asshole gaped for the camera.

After losing both of her cherries to the contest without even being part of it, Vanessa had decided Peyton should be let in on the secret. It was only fair, though she was still more than a year from being old enough to actually join the competition. But she could at least get a little familiar with the goings on and not be surprised by things like having to get her ass fucked on a regular basis if/when she joined up.

“Be a doll and draw a name, will you?” Vanessa asked, sliding the bowl of names in front of Peyton.

“Okay,” Peyton said, reaching into the bowl.

“Hmm, looks like Debby Ryan is next on the clock,” Vanessa said, reading the slip of paper she was handed. “Now for a challenge.”

“Does this say ‘seduce a friend’s mom’?” Peyton asked, holding it up for inspection.

“Indeed it does,” Vanessa said, her brain whirring as it put two and two together. “Is your mom hot?”

“I don’t think I’ve ever thought of her as hot, but I’d say she’s definitely pretty,” Peyton said, then saw the grin on Vanessa’s face. “You wouldn’t.”

“Hi, I’m Vanessa, have we met?” Vanessa said, holding out her hand as she grinned like the Cheshire cat. “I won’t put a bounty out on your mom, but I would love to see her naked. Wink, wink, nudge, nudge.”

Seduce A Friend’s Mom

“Debby! How nice to see you,” Suzanne List said, opening the door to find her daughter’s co-star and friend waiting there. “I’m afraid Peyton isn’t here though.”

“I know, I came to talk to you,” Debby Ryan said, smiling.

“Oh, what about?” Suzanne asked, motioning for Debby to come inside.

“Well, her birthday is coming up and I was thinking we could throw her a surprise party on the set,” Debby said. “Then maybe move the party to a bigger venue with all of her friends.”

“That sounds nice,” Suzanne said, sitting down on a couch in front of the front window.

“You and her brothers are always there to watch anyways, so she wouldn’t think something was up. Then when we were done someone could wheel out a cake or something,” Debby suggested, looking for an opening. “That way she could have a party with everyone on the show and then go party with all her friends.”

“I’m sure she’d like that,” Suzanne said, smiling.

“So, what’s new with you?” Debby asked, subtly resting her hand on Suzanne’s knee.

“Oh, a little of this, a little of that,” Suzanne said. “Peyton’s been working on her album, so-.”

Before Suzanne could finish the sentence, Debby took her by surprise by leaning in and kissing her. Sensing weakness when Suzanne was too shocked to react, Debby slipped her tongue into Suzanne’s mouth.

Feeling Suzanne start to return the kiss, Debby slid her hand up Suzanne’s thigh, under the hem of her dress. It wasn’t to be though as Suzanne’s brain caught up to her body and realized what was happening. Pushing Debby away, she moved to the other end of the couch, hands out in front of her.

“What the fuck was that?” Suzanne demanded, eyes wide and ready to flee if pushed.

“I, um, well,” Debby stammered, trying to think of a way to regroup. Unfortunately, she wasn’t nearly the schemer that some of the other girls were and nothing came to mind.

Debby knew that Suzanne had liked the kiss, she’d felt it, and even now she could see arousal and excitement in Suzanne’s eyes. But if she tried to press her it would just cause her to run away and put even more strain on the relationship than there already was, not to mention possibly encouraging Suzanne to try to keep her away from Peyton.

“I’m sorry, I’m just gonna go,” Debby said, grabbing her purse and getting up from the couch. “I’m really sorry.”

* * * * *

“As you all know, Debby failed to seduce Peyton’s mom,” Vanessa said in a somber tone before brightening up. “But that means we all get to punish her. She’s been tied to a couch, completely naked with a blindfold on. For the next six hours, or until I decide to let her off, anyone that wants to can drop by and do whatever they want to her. Grope her, finger her, bring your husband or boyfriend over so they can jerk off on her tits, anything goes. The only rule is that she can’t come. She’s being punished, after all, and we want her to be a quivering mess by the time she’s done. If you can’t or don’t want to join in, but still want to watch, here’s the video feed.”

With a couple clicks, Vanessa brought up a picture in the corner of the screen. In it, Debby was tied spread eagle on a chaise lounge, a long couch open on three sides and the fourth raised to a reclining position. A couple of Vanessa’s Boys hovered around her, one of them fondling her tits while the other slowly thrust in and out of her pussy.

“Anyway, for the next challenge, Dianna Agron is on the clock,” Vanessa announced. “And for her challenge, she has to fuck a pregnant woman. So, Dianna, you’ve got twenty-four hours to find a pregnant woman and hook up with her.”

And with that Vanessa’s feed went dark and the picture of Debby in the corner stretched to fill the whole screen. This time the sound was turned on and the viewers could hear Debby moaning as a thick cock drilled into her pussy. However, just as they started to reach a fever pitch, the cock was removed and she let out a loud whimper.

As the guy moved out of frame, Shailene Woodley moved into the frame. Wanting to keep her identity a secret to keep Debby guessing, Shailene pointed at the ropes around Debby’s ankles and then pointed up. Abandoning Debby’s chest, the guy still in the frame unhooked the ropes from the bed frame and used them to lift Debby’s legs in the air before attaching the ropes to hooks from the ceiling.

Grabbing a bottle of lube, Shailene squirted a healthy stream along the strap on around her waist. Moving onto the end of the couch, Shailene turned to grin at the camera as she took hold of the strap on. With Debby’s legs up in the air, she was left wide open and Shailene pressed the head of the toy against Debby’s asshole.

“Fuuuuckkkk,” Debby groaned as her asshole was suddenly filled up.

Remembering that Debby was being punished, Shailene didn’t even pause as she pushed the toy deeper into Debby’s ass. When the whole eight inches was buried up Debby’s ass, Shailene immediately pulled out until just the tip was still inside.

“Shit,” Debby gasped as Shailene slammed the toy back into her ass.

With Shailene busy, the guy decided to go back to playing with Debby. But as Debby’s moans started, he pulled out his cock instead. Moving up to Debby’s head, he put a hand on her cheek and turned her head towards him. As Shailene thrust into her ass, Debby’s mouth opened to moan but was cut off as the hard cock was shoved into her mouth.

Bound, Debby was completely helpless as she was skewered from both ends. She didn’t really mind though because she knew that no one would actually hurt her. At the end of the day the contest was all in good fun and if anyone tried something that went too far, Vanessa would step in and put a stop to it. Plus, she kinda liked the idea of having no idea who was doing what to her.

After a few more thrusts into Debby’s ass, Shailene decided that was enough for now. Making eye contact with Vanessa’s Boy, Shailene nodded her head to the side. When he pulled out of Debby’s mouth, Shailene evacuated Debby’s as well.

Moving up Debby’s body to the spot Vanessa’s Boy had just vacated, Shailene tapped on Debby’s chin. Having an idea of what to expect, Debby opened her mouth and wasn’t surprised when the toy that had just been in her ass was thrust between her parted lips.

Fuck A Pregnant Woman

Fuck a pregnant woman? How was she supposed to fuck a pregnant woman? She didn’t even know any pregnant women, so how was she supposed to hook up with one?

Such were the thoughts running through Dianna Agron’s brain as she stared at her phone. After watching Debby fail the last challenge, the last thing Dianna wanted to follow in her footsteps. Debby had looked like she was having fun, but being teased for hours on end was not what Dianna considered fun.

So into her own thoughts that Dianna forgot that she was in public. Running smack into someone she groaned and stumbled backwards. Her phone was knocked from her hands and she cursed to herself as it went skittering across the tile floor.

“Oh my gosh, are you okay?” a slightly southern accented voice asked, arms reaching out to help Dianna to her feet.

“Yeah, idiot me wasn’t watching where I was going,” Dianna grunted, looking around for her phone.

“Dude, you just knocked that lady down,” a male voice said.

“She ran into me,” another, gruffer male voice said without stopping.

“Don’t mind him,” southern girl said. “We’ve all found ourselves looking the wrong way at the wrong time.”

“Thanks, now where’s my phone?” Dianna asked, casting a glance in the direction she thought she saw it fly.

“I don’t know, I think someone stepped on it,” southern girl said, pointing out Dianna’s phone.

“Damn,” Dianna said, picking up the phone and seeing the cracked screen. Replacing it wasn’t a problem, she had more than enough money for that, but she really liked that phone and had been resisting the upgrade. Plus, she really didn’t like the idea of being without a phone for any amount of time. “Oh well, I guess I’m getting a new one.”

Finally lifting up her gaze Dianna’s eyes first locked onto the large round belly and hesitated for a moment on the nice set of boobs right above it. Raising her eyes to finally see the face of her kind helper, Dianna said a silent prayer to the heavens as she found herself face-to-face with a very pregnant Carrie Underwood.

“Oh my god, you have no idea how glad I am to see you,” Dianna hissed.

“You are, huh?” Carrie asked, smirking. She hadn’t been watching Vanessa’s broadcast, but she’d gotten a couple texts about how she would be perfect for the new challenge.

“Definitely,” Dianna said, hooking her arm in Carrie’s and leading her towards the door of the store they were in.

* + * + *

“Wow,” Dianna said, marveling at how hot Carrie remained despite being at least seven months pregnant. If anything, the pregnancy, with the big round belly and inflated tits, not to mention the glow that expecting women tended to get, made her even hotter than she had been before she was pregnant.

After leaving the store, Dianna had rushed Carrie back to her house. She’d always wanted to fuck Carrie, so to get to win a challenge at the same time was pure gravy. And by the time they’d gotten back to her house Dianna had been worked up to a near frenzy at the thought of eating Carrie’s pregnant muffin.

“Sometimes a girl needs to hear that,” Carrie said, smiling at Dianna’s reaction as she stood there wearing nothing but a pair of panties. “Especially now that I don’t always feel so wow.”

“Are you kidding? You look amazing,” Dianna said, reaching out to caress Carrie’s belly.

“I wish my husband felt the same way,” Carrie sighed. She knew he still loved her and all, but he’d barely touched her since she’d started showing and it seemed to only get worse the bigger she got.

“We really need to fix that for you then,” Dianna said, moving Carrie back to sit on the edge of her bed.

“We definitely do,” Carrie agreed, laying down on the bed.

Sinking to her knees at the foot of the bed, Dianna reached out and slipped her fingers in the waistband of Carrie’s panties. Peeling them down she found a semi-well trimmed patch of pubic hair, and even though Dianna tended to prefer her pussies shaved, she had to admit it probably would be a little hard to see the area well enough shave it, or even trim it. Besides, it kinda worked.

Tossing Carrie’s panties aside, Dianna grabbed Carrie’s legs. Lifting them up, she positioned Carrie’s feet on the bed on either side of her ass. That left Carrie’s knees open and her pussy exposed to Dianna’s hungry aggression.

“Ohhhh,” Carrie moaned as Dianna’s tongue dragged along the length of her labia.

It had been a couple months since Carrie’s husband had gone down on her and Dianna’s tongue was just what she needed. With her belly in the way, Carrie couldn’t really see anything, just the top of Dianna’s head as it bobbed around, but that didn’t matter much. While she might have liked to watch Dianna’s pretty face at work in her crotch, the trade off was a little extra anticipation in not being able to see what Dianna was planning until she was already doing it.

Putting her hands on the insides of Carrie’s thighs, Dianna pushed them apart a bit more as she used her tongue to nudge at Carrie’s labia. As Carrie’s arousal grew, blood flowed into her pussy and her lips swelled, much to Dianna’s own arousal.

Moving a hand to Carrie’s pussy, Dianna spread her pussy, taking in the sight all the pretty pink flesh being exposed. Letting her tongue dart out, she flicked it against Carrie’s clit, causing her to moan loudly and buck her hips.

“Ohh yeah, so good,” Carrie moaned as Dianna’s talented tongue worked over her pussy. “But there’s something I want you to do.”

“Anything,” Dianna said, meaning it completely. She would have done literally anything for Carrie at that moment, and what Carrie actually asked for took no time whatsoever for Dianna to think over.

“Lick my ass?” Carrie asked, craning her head to see around her belly.

Carrie wasn’t the biggest fan of anal, it was okay, but she would so much rather feel a nice hard cock in her pussy. That said, she was absolutely wild about anilingus and loved the feel a nice soft tongue teasing her asshole. But, like a lot of things lately, her husband refused to do it and Dianna’s tongue had sparked the craving and she really wanted it.

“My answer depends on whether you want to roll over or not,” Dianna said, mouth already watering at the prospect.

“If I did, what would your answer be?” Carried asked, intrigued.

“Absolutely,” Dianna said.

“What if I wanted to stay like this?” Carrie asked.

“Definitely,” Dianna responded. “But I would love to bury my face in that ass of yours while I do it.”

“Then I guess I’ll turning over,” Carrie said, giggling as she started to roll onto her side.

As Carrie got up onto her hands and knees and stuck her ass in the air, Dianna’s mouth watered. With the pregnancy weight Carrie was far from peak shape, but it had actually filled her out a bit more and added more meat to her ass that made it stick out wonderfully.

Reaching out, Dianna grabbed hold of Carrie’s ass and kneaded the flesh in her hands. It was a perfect mix of soft and firm, just enough extra cushion to allow Dianna’s fingers to sink in slightly as she gripped it.

Pulling apart Carrie’s butt cheeks, Dianna leaned in and so very lightly dragged her tongue along the surface of Carrie’s asshole. The moan Carrie uttered was loaded with pleasure, but also dripping with need, and when Dianna repeated the maneuver, Carrie whinnied as she squirmed.

“That feels good, but I want you to eat my ass,” Carrie pleaded. “Shove your face in there just do it.”

Grinning, Dianna decided to do exactly what Carrie wanted. Holding Carrie’s butt cheeks apart, Dianna pressed her nose right into her crack and then pushed those marvelous globes together, pressing them tightly against Dianna’s face. Taking the next step, Dianna moved her head from side-to-side, rubbing her face against Carrie’s ass, motorboating it like she would a pair of big tits.

“Now lick it,” Carrie giggled as Dianna played with her ass.

“Whatever you want,” Dianna said, prying Carrie’s cheeks apart again.

Not fooling around this time, Dianna went right after it. Darting her tongue out she flicked it against Carrie’s asshole and then licked her way around the edges. When Carried moaned and arched her back to give Dianna a better target, Dianna stiffened her tongue and pressed it against the center.

“Ohhhh,” Carrie moaned as she felt Dianna’s tongue probing her sphincter, trying to push past it into her ass.

Seeking to keep Carrie off balance, Dianna rotated between flicking, licking, and poking Carrie’s asshole. On top of that she purposely broke up the pattern, not using the same number of repetitions of each before moving onto the next, or even the same sequence. One moment Dianna flicked, then she poked, then she might flick again before settling in for a little extra licking.

As Carrie started reacting more to when she poked at Carrie’s asshole with her tongue, Dianna started to focus more on that. Not long after that she’d gone almost exclusively to pushing her tongue in and out Carrie’s asshole, feeling her anus give way and then clutch at her tongue before pulling out.

“Uhh, yeah, fuck my ass with your tongue,” Carrie hissed as Dianna speared her asshole with her tongue.

Hearing Carrie beg her to fuck her, Dianna got an idea. Reluctantly disengaging from Carrie’s ass, Dianna ignored the whining from Carrie as she dug out her favorite toy. It was a cute little pink vibrator that was just big enough to fill her up nicely when she wanted some penetration without being so big that she really had to work to use it. It also had a bit of kick to it when really turned up.

Moving back in behind Carrie, Dianna put her free hand on the small of Carrie’s back. Sucking the end of the vibrator to lubricate it, she pulled it from her mouth and brought it to Carrie’s pussy. Dragging it along her folds to warn her it was coming, Dianna pressed it into Carrie’s cunt.

“Ahhhh,” Carrie sighed as her sugar walls molded around the stiff shaft of the vibrator. The moan rose an octave when Dianna twisted the knob on the base and the toy hummed to life on the lowest setting.

As Dianna slowly slid the toy in and out of her pussy, Carrie was on cloud nine. It had been far too long since she’d been taken of and Dianna was doing a smashing job. And then it got even better when Dianna’s tongue rejoined the fray.

“Oh gawwwdd,” Carrie groaned, eyes rolling up in her head as Dianna plunged her tongue into her back door and even wiggled it a bit before sliding it back out.

Feeling Carrie careen towards orgasm, Dianna couldn’t believe how into it she was. She’d never been into pregnant women before, yet there was something incredibly erotic about knowing that there was a baby in Carrie’s belly getting jostled around because of what Dianna was doing to its mommy. She could definitely see why it might appeal to guys when fucking their baby-mama-to-be, or even fucking someone else’s baby-mama-to-be.

Tongue still stuck in Carrie’s asshole, Dianna used her thumb to twist the knob on the vibrator to the medium setting. The sudden jump in intensity of the vibrations took Carrie by surprise was more than enough to send her rocketing into her orgasm.

“OHHHH, YESSSSSS,” Carrie screeched, humping back against the vibrator and tongue assaulting her holes as blasts of pleasure shot through her.

* * * * *

“Oh wow, look at Carrie come,” Vanessa sighed as the gorgeous country singer quaked in ecstasy. “Dianna sure didn’t waste any time completing that challenge. I’m not going to pull another challenge today, but since Debby’s punishment is winding down, I suggest we check in on her.”

Punishing Debby Redux

“Fuck fuck fuck,” Debby grunted as the two cocks pounded into her at the same time.

About ten minutes earlier she’d heard a couple voices whispering. Then suddenly the ropes had been loosened and strong arms lifted her up. After some rustling noises she’d been lowered until she felt a cock press against her asshole. Since a half dozen cocks, both real and fake, had already traveled her Hershey highway, she was well lubed and the cock slid in pretty as you please.

She’d barely gotten used to the cock in her ass when she’d felt another one, this time fake, pressing against the opening of her pussy. A low growl had escaped Debby’s throat as the second cock had filled her up. She was being stretched around two large cocks and yet she just knew that the moment she really started enjoying herself they’d be taken away.

After who knows how many hours of being teased and pushed up to the brink over and over before being pulled back, Debby felt like she was going to die if she didn’t come soon. Without being able to see, and for the most part without any sound, Debby had long since lost track of time. For all she knew she could’ve been ten minutes away from being done with her punishment or she could have still had three hours.

But at the moment Debby’s attention was focused on the two cocks working together to fuck both of her holes at the same time. She started a bit when she suddenly felt a hand on her face. Feeling a cock lightly smack the side of her face, Debby turned towards it and opened her mouth. As she’d expected, a huge cock suddenly pushed into her mouth, her eyes going wide under the blindfold as her lips were stretched around the tool.

“Look at our little slut,” Vanessa said from the other side of Debby as the thrusting in all of her holes suddenly came to a halt. “You like being airtight, don’t you?”

“Mmhmm,” Debby answered as best she could around the large cock.

“Well your time is just about up, so I’m going to let these guys finish you off,” Vanessa said as the cocks in her lower holes resumed thrusting. “The blindfold is staying on until the timer goes off, but I won’t stop them from letting you come.”

“Ohhhh,” Debby moaned as hands that she guessed belonged to the guy in her mouth cupped her tits.

Feeling the two cocks sawing in and out of her, Debby felt her orgasm building again. This time she knew that it might actually happen rather than being snatched away from her at the last moment. Unfortunately, just because Vanessa wasn’t going to stop them didn’t mean they couldn’t stop themselves.

“Nooooo,” Debby whined when one by one the cocks were removed from her. First the fake cock in her pussy was removed, then her mouth was left empty. Finally she was lifted up so the guy underneath her could get up.

It was just a matter of rearranging though because she heard more shuffling underneath her and finally she was lowered again. As she felt herself sinking down, her breath caught in her throat as she realized that Mr. Big had taken up the spot and his huge cock was currently threatening to rip her asshole wide open.

“Shit, fuck, shit,” Debby cursed as gravity pulled her down onto the tree trunk working its way up her ass.

Finally reaching bottom she groaned, feeling like the tip was lodged somewhere up under her rib cage. After a moment to catch her breath Debby felt a cock being laid out on top of her crotch for a moment before the owner pulled back and pressed it against the opening of her pussy.

As the new cock started to push inside her, Debby knew it wasn’t the one that had just come out of her ass, and it definitely was a real cock rather than the fake one that just been in her pussy. It wasn’t nearly as thick as the guy currently occupying her asshole, but as he continued to feed inch after inch into her pussy, Debby started wondering if she was ever going to find the end of it.

Debby never really did find the end because he found her cervix first and she got the feeling he still had a couple inches to spare. Just as she started to muse on how she might want him to fuck her ass later, she found out where the cock that had just been in her ass went. Its owner had been circling the couch and when Debby had opened her mouth to take a breath, she’d gotten a mouthful of her own ass instead.

Airtight once more, Debby gave herself over to them. All three cocks started pistoning in and out of her holes, drilling her like an oil derrick. Her orgasm started to build again and this time they didn’t stop. They kept on fucking her as it ballooned inside, growing and growing until finally she couldn’t take any more.

“OHHHHHHHHHHH FFUUUUUHHHHHHHHH,” Debby screamed around the cock in her mouth as she finally came.

After hours and hours of being tortured, the orgasm finally ripped through her, and was immediately followed by a second, slightly smaller one as the three cocks continued to pummel her body. Then a third, and a fourth. Every inch of her body felt like it was coming apart at the seams as orgasm after orgasm rolled through her.

Worst part was that with her hands still tied down and the cock in her mouth she couldn’t beg them to stop. She was helpless as they used her body and she was sent into a state reminiscent of an epileptic fit. Her brain pretty much shut off as her body went on auto-pilot, shaking and trembling with every thrust they made into her.

Finally Mr. Big in her ass could take no more. Grabbing her hips he pulled her down onto his cock. Gritting his teeth, he unleashed his seed, dousing her colon with his jizz. That set off a chain reaction as Mr. Long in her pussy slammed into her and basted her cervix with his gravy.

As Mr. Long pulled out of her pussy, the guy in her mouth pulled out as well. Standing next to her head she could hear the sound of his hand tugging on his cock. A moment later she heard him grunting, followed by the feeling of hot cum splashing against her right tit. Another jet followed, clearing her tit and striking the inside of her left tit and pooling in her cleavage.

“Uhhhh,” Debby groaned, barely able to process thought as she was lifted up so Mr. Big could scoot out from under her.

She was deposited back onto the lounge chair, blindfold still in place. She was, however, untied and soon Debby felt herself being cleaned with a warm, wet cloth. She was too wiped out to do more than let whoever it was move her about as they wanted.

Debby wasn’t even sure how long she laid there or even if she slept. When she finally had the strength she sat up and reached to pull off the blindfold. Not surprisingly, the room was empty and she realized that despite the best efforts of her sponge bather, she was still sweaty and caked with what she assumed was semen.

Standing up, her muscles protested after being basically idle or being held in strange positions for long stretches of time. Reaching the door on her way to get a shower, she looked back and saw the once black chair now dotted with white spots and would definitely need to be tossed out.

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