Oil Overload, Part 5

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Oil Overload, Part 5
by RandyPan
Story Codes: FF, oral, anal, fist, con
Celebs: Hayden Panettiere, Isabelle Fuhrman
This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.

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Note: This is a spin-off of my Porno Chic series.  Picture this in the style of one of those porno compilations.

We fade in on the two kneeling on plastic, Isabelle behind Hayden, kissing her neck and nibbling her earlobe, and feeling up her breasts. “Yes…” Hayden moans, eyes closed, tilting her head back, “Oh, God, you make me so hot, baby girl…”

Izzy then picks up a water jug filled with oil, and pours it on Hayden’s head, and down her front.  As Hayden combs the oil into her hair, Izzy feels up her oiled breasts from behind.  We get a shot of Hayden’s tits, as Izzy squeezes and fondles them, and rubs her achingly hard brown nipples.  Hayden turns her head, and tongue-wrestles with Izzy.

Izzy now has her face up and eyes closed, as Hayden pours oil on her head, and down her front.  Izzy runs her fingers through her oil soaked hair, as Hayden starts tongue-kissing her. “God, you look so sexy, baby girl.” Hayden then starts sucking on Izzy’s hard little nipples, causing Izzy to bite her lip.  Izzy then leans back, and Hayden pours more oil on her twat, then rubs it vigorously, making Izzy moan, and furrow her brow.

We then see a close-up, as Hayden holds open Izzy’s twat, and begins caressing the inside with her tongue. “Oh…oh…oh…” Izzy rubs and pinches her hard, pointy nipples, and starts to gyrate her hips as Hayden eats her out.  We see another close-up, as Hayden caresses Izzy’s twat rhythmically with her tongue. “Ouhm!…Yes!…” Suddenly, Izzy’s hips jerk, and she shrieks, as the orgasm hits her.

Now Hayden lies with her legs spread, as Izzy rubs more oil into her pussy.  We get another close-up, as Izzy spreads Hayden’s tan pussy-lips, revealing the pinkness inside, and then buries her tongue into Hayden’s juicy twat.  Hayden, meanwhile, squeezes her oiled-up breasts, and rubs and flicks her hard nipples with her thumbs. “Oh, God, baby girl…that feels sooo good…” Izzy tongue-fucks Hayden’s cunt, and rubs her throbbing clit with her thumb. “Oh, God, you’re gonna make me cum!” Hayden cums, letting out a throaty scream, and snapping her thighs shut around Izzy’s head.

Hayden is now on her hands and knees, and we get a close-up shot of Izzy licking and fingering her butt-hole. “Oooh…” Hayden moans, “Oh, baby girl, you have no idea how much my ass loves that…” Again in a close-up, Izzy pours more oil down Hayden’s butt-crack.  Izzy then pours some on her hand, then we see her insert two fingers into Hayden’s butt, then three, then eventually gets her whole hand in. “UUUHHH!” Hayden lets out a throaty groan, claws one of her titties so hard it leaves white marks, and then cups her tongue, as Izzy fists her asshole. “Oh, God, baby girl!” Hayden’s voice squeaks, and she motor-mouths, “Oh, God, my ass!  God, my fucking ass!” Hayden then lets a loud, hoarse, screechy, “FUCK!!!” as she again cums.

Izzy now has her ass in the air, and we see another close-up of Hayden eating her asshole out.  Hayden does like she did, pouring oil on both her hand and Izzy’s ass-crack, then slowly gets her whole hand into Izzy’s butt-hole.  When it’s all the way in, Izzy starts moaning, “Ow!…Ow!…OW!”

“Want me to stop?”

“No, please don’t…”

“Good baby girl.” Izzy’s face screws up as Hayden starts fist-fucking her ass.  Hayden works Izzy’s butt harder and faster, until Izzy’s whole body spazzes out, as she cums.  Hayden pulls her fist out with a wet ‘pop’, then we see in a close-up, as she licks around the rim of Izzy’s red, swollen, gaping ass. “Yes, good baby girl…”

The two now lie on the plastic, dripping with oil and sweat, sharing a long, lusty tongue kiss, as the scene fades out.

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