Jailbait Academy – Incest Is Best

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The following is completely fictional. Any resemblance to reality is entirely coincidental. Contents of this story are merely creative license, not unlike a TV show or movie that uses real people in fictional settings and situations. However, if you do have video or pictures of events similar to the ones described below, feel free to forward them to me for closer examination. Feedback, comments, praise, criticism, death threats, nude photos, etc. can be sent to voodoojoe2000 at yahoo dot com (come on, you can assemble that into an actual e-mail address).

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Celebs of choice in this story are Peyton Roi List, Bella Thorne, and Dani Thorne. The codes are (mF, ff, cons, oral, anal, inc, toys). Go fuck yourself and go read something else if you dislike those codes or want something more. Or better yet, write it yourself.

Basically, this is a way for me to dabble in the universe with some shorter stand-alone stories and bounce around through time a bit. Far less constraining than setting stuff in the real world, and less cumbersome than trying to do a big sprawling actual chapter.

Jailbait Academy – Incest Is Best

By voodoojoe

May 2014:

“That’s Spencer over there,” Peyton List said, pointing at her brother.

“Wow, he’s cute,” Dani Thorne said as she surveyed the twin brother of her new friend.

“Jeez, Dani, it’s bad enough you fucked my roommate, you don’t need to be seducing her brother as well,” Bella Thorne sighed as she shoved a spoonful of cereal into her mouth.

“I was only going to seduce him for Peyton,” Dani said, making Bella stop with the spoon halfway to her mouth.

“Peyton? And Spencer?” Bella asked, shocked. “Oh, please let me watch.”

“Well, she hasn’t completely agreed, but it shouldn’t be too hard to convince her,” Dani said, grinning.

In between bouts of fucking, Dani had spewed all sorts of dirty talk about how awesome it would be to watch Peyton fuck her brother. While stuffing a dildo into Peyton’s twat, Dani had told her to close her eyes and imagine it was Spencer fucking her with his cock. While picturing Spencer on top of her, rutting into her, Peyton had come with a scream loud enough Dani had worried the whole dorm would hear.

Of course, after a night to sleep on it Peyton was having some serious second thoughts. A bit like how certain things that sound like fun when you’re drunk don’t sound so great when you sober up, Peyton was finding the idea of possibly fucking her brother to be really scary.

“How would you even get him to do it?” Peyton asked.

“Oh, he’ll be easy,” Dani insisted. “He’s a teenage guy, just promise him some pussy and he’ll do anything. Senior year I didn’t do any homework because I was blowing a couple nerds to do it for me.”

“Now I see where Bella gets it from,” Peyton said, laughing as she remembered all the times she’d walked in on her roommate fucking a guy in exchange for some favor or other.

“Hey, I only hook up with a guy if I like him,” Bella insisted. “Of course, if it gets him to do my history paper, then all the better.”

“You’re the one that matters here,” Dani said, ignoring their little aside. “As long you want to do it, then it shouldn’t be a problem. But if you don’t want to, can I? It’s been a while since I’ve been with a high school boy and while I much prefer guys with some experience, I’d love to be able to teach him how to fuck.”

“Trust me, he’s not a virgin,” Bella said, smirking as both Dani and Peyton stared at her.

“You didn’t!” Peyton gasped.

“Alright, little sis!” Dani hissed, laughing.

“I meant he had sex with Elle,” Bella said, rolling her eyes. “Though I did give him head at Halloween.”

“How big is he?” Dani asked, intrigued.

“Like seven, maybe eight inches,” Bella said, remembering the way he’d filled her mouth as she bobbed up and down on his cock.

“That’s just about right,” Dani said, licking her lips. “How wide? Because I like a nice thick cock.”

“Oh, about so big,” Bella said, making an ‘O’ out of her lips like she was sucking a dick.

“Mmm, can you imagine that in your pussy?” Dani sighed.

“I’ll do it,” Peyton said, so aroused that her pussy was tingling and she had to squeeze her legs together to calm it down a bit. “On one condition. If I’m going to put on a show for you guys, then you two should do one for me.”

“I’m in,” Bella said without even thinking about it.

“Wait? Really?” Dani asked, shocked at how quickly Bella agreed. “I mean, I’m in too, but I thought we might have to talk you into it.”

“For a chance to watch Peyton and Spencer, I’d be willing to fuck Remy,” Bella said, referring to her and Dani’s brother. “But I’d much rather fuck you, so of course I’m in.”

*  *  *  *  *

“You’re Bella’s sister?” Spencer List asked Dani as the four of them settled in to watch Game of Thrones.

“That’s what my mom says, but I’m not convinced,” Dani said, nudging Bella with her elbow.

“Yeah, I’m much prettier,” Bella said, dodging as Dani got more aggressive with her elbow.

“Okay, so here are the rules,” Dani announced, passing out the beers she’d picked up earlier. “If someone gets killed, take a drink. Every time a woman shows her tits, take off a piece of clothing. If a guy shows his butt, take off two pieces of clothing. If we get a dick shot, get naked and drink the rest of your beer.”

“Um, okay,” Spencer said nervously. He was apprehensive about possibly getting naked with his sister in the room, but he didn’t want to object because he really wanted to see Bella, and especially Dani, naked.

“Does the ‘previously on’ segment count?” Peyton asked as she watched a naked woman get killed.

“You don’t need an excuse to drink,” Dani said, laughing. “If you want it to count, go right ahead.”

Opening her beer, Peyton lifted it to her lips to take a drink to help calm her nerves a bit. As she did, the others followed suit, not wanting to be accused to falling behind. Then as the show started they got down to the real game.

*  *  *  *  *

“I see dick,” Dani said, excitedly pointing at the screen. There had been a bit of a boob extravaganza so they were all pretty much down to their underwear as it was.

“Which means we will again in a moment,” Bella said, giggling as she reach behind her to unhook her bra.

As Bella and Dani stripped, Spencer was like a kid in a candy store. First Bella’s tits drew his attention, then Dani pulled the cups of her bra away and he gawked at them. Then Bella shimmied out of her panties and he licked his lips at the sight of her bald pussy, but only for a moment until Dani’s ass caught his attention while she bent at the waist to push her thong down her legs.

“Ahem,” Bella said, reaching out and slipping a finger in the waist of Spencer’s boxers and shaking them to remind him he was supposed to be putting on a show as well.

With six eyes, two of them belonging to his own sister,  locked on him, Spencer stood up. Nervously pulling at the hem of his shirt he started lifting it up. When Dani started making stripper music noises, he rolled his eyes and added a little flair as he pulled his shirt up over his head.

Watching her brother get naked, Peyton was caught between being really curious and trying to look relatively uninterested as Spencer hooked his thumbs into his boxers. As he pushed them down, his hard cock sprang out, bobbing up and down in front of him as he let gravity pull his boxers to the ground.

“I have to,” Bella said before reaching out and grabbing Spencer’s cock.

“Shit,” Peyton hissed under her breath as she watched Bella lean in and take her brother’s cock into her mouth.

“I’m next,” Dani said, watching intently as her little sister worked her way down Spencer’s delicious looking dick.

“Ohhh,” Spencer groaned, feeling Bella’s tongue caress the underside of his cock.

Giving Spencer’s cock a nice suck, Bella popped her mouth off of it. Moving aside, she made way for Dani as her older sister moved in. As Dani’s hand slid underneath Bella’s to take its place, she wrapped her fingers around the base of Spencer’s cock, loving the way it throbbed in her hand.

“Want to want watch me suck your brother’s cock?” Dani asked, locking eyes with Peyton as she leaned in until her face was mere inches from Spencer’s tool.

“Yeah,” Peyton hissed, unable to hide her arousal as she watched Dani dive in to wrap her lips around Spencer’s dick.

“Ahhh,” Spencer gasped, taken by surprise by the speed with which his cock was sheathed in the warmth and moistness of Dani’s mouth.

As nice as Bella’s mouth had been, Dani’s was so much better. Partly because she was far more experienced and really knew when to tease and when to go in for the kill, but mostly it was because she was a virtual stranger. She was an older woman that he’d just met a couple hours ago and here she was sucking his cock like a lollipop.

And then there was the matter of his twin sister watching on with rapt attention. Spencer had heard that all boys have certain thoughts about female family members at a certain point in their lives. And while Spencer had never really fantasized about fucking his sister, he’d definitely noticed her. Every time one of his friends made a crude remark about Peyton’s body he’d been forced to tell them to knock it off, all while silently admitting that they were right.

“Let Peyton have a turn,” Bella suggested, seeing the desire in Peyton’s eyes as the blonde watched Dani slowly pull her mouth off Spencer’s cock.

“Ooh, yeah, suck your brother’s cock,” Dani said, pointing Spencer’s cock in Peyton’s direction.

Unaware that he’d basically been set up, Spencer’s breath caught in his throat as Peyton hesitated a beat before reaching out and taking hold of her brother’s cock. Spencer gasped at the feeling of his forbidden sister touching him like that, and then his breath exploded from his lungs altogether as Peyton slowly took him into her mouth. His sweet, angelic looking sister was sucking his dick.

“Oh, Pey,” Spencer gasped, the feeling electric as Peyton swirled her tongue around the head before slowly pushing her mouth further down his cock.

Looking down at the blonde head bobbing up and down in his lap, Spencer felt himself start to lose the battle. After being sucked by Bella and Dani, his teenage endurance had already been taxed. But to add Peyton, and the knowledge that it was his own sister, was too much.

“Shit, I’m guh-gonna come,” Spencer hissed through clenched teeth.

“Give it to me,” Dani snarled, wanting to taste his seed.

While Peyton was just starting to get into the idea of having her brother’s cock in her mouth, she really wasn’t big on swallowing. So with only a little regret, Peyton let Spencer’s cock slip from her mouth. Before Spencer could even protest it though, Dani’s mouth dove in to replace it.

“Uhhh, here it comes,” Spencer gasped even though Dani could tell from the way he was throbbing in her mouth that he was on the verge.

Feeling his hands ball up into fists, Spencer felt the cum racing up his shaft. As his upper lip curled into a snarl, his hips bucked instinctively, trying to push as much of his cock into Dani’s mouth as possible. Finally unable to hold back, he grunted and exploded, splattering the inside of Dani’s mouth with spurt after spurt of his cream.

“Damn,” Bella said, amazed as she watched Dani suck him dry without so much as a drop escaping her mouth.

“Fuck,” Spencer hissed, body going lax as his orgasm ran its course.

“Mmm,” Dani said, opening her mouth to show Bella and Peyton the pool of white liquid resting on her tongue. Closing her mouth, she tilted her head back and let the oyster slide down her throat.

“That was so hot,” Peyton said as Dani reopened her mouth and lifted her tongue to prove that she’d swallowed every drop.

“So, are we going to just suck this beautiful thing all night, or are we gonna fuck him?” Dani asked, wagging Spencer’s softening cock between her fingers.

“First we’d have to get him hard,” Bella said. “Maybe we could help him with that though.”

With that, Bella put a hand on either side of her sister’s face. Leaning in she kissed Dani, letting her tongue slide into her sister’s mouth. She could taste a faint echo of Spencer’s cum coating Dani’s tongue but it tasted better than cum normally tasted. Bella couldn’t tell whether Spencer’s cum just tasted that good, or if it was because she was just tasting a tiny layer. Or maybe it was Dani’s mouth making all the difference in the world.

“Wow,” Spencer said, gaping at the sight of two sisters so fervently making out right in front of him. While it wasn’t quite as shocking as his own sister giving him head, it was no less erotic.

As Bella kissed her, Dani lifted a hand and rested it on one of Bella’s tits. While it was definitely on the small side, Dani loved the feel of it, and the nipple stiffened to the size of pencil eraser as Dani cupped and squeezed the breast.

“It’s working,” Peyton said, her eyes bouncing between the sisterly makeout session and her brother’s crotch.

Reaching out, Peyton lifted Spencer’s cock. Closing her fingers around the shaft, she felt it lurch and grow in her hand as she gave it a couple strokes. It never failed to amaze her how quickly a cock could go from semi-hard to iron bar status, and Spencer was no different with the combination of his sister stroking him and watching Bella and Dani kiss driving him on.

“Who gets first?” Bella asked, looking right at Peyton.

“I think I should warm him up,” Dani said, her pussy itching to feel a nice hard cock inside it. “You can make sure Peyton stays nice and warm while she watches me fuck her brother.”

“Is that what you want, Pey, to watch Dani fuck your brother?” Bella asked her blonde roommate as Dani pulled away from her little sister.

“Yeah,” Peyton said, nodding as she moved aside to let Dani straddle Spencer.

Pressing herself against Spencer, Dani rubbed her pussy against his cock as it was trapped between them. Pushing Spencer onto his back, Dani lifted up so she could reach down and grasp his cock. Lifting his tool, she dragged the head through her labia, letting him feel how wet she was before aiming it at her hole.

“Ohh, yeahhh,” Dani moaned, easing herself down onto his hard cock. It wasn’t the biggest she’d ever had, but it was definitely big enough as it stretched her just enough to feel good without making her feel like she was having a telephone pole shoved up her cooch.

As Dani settled onto him, Spencer couldn’t believe what was happening. He wasn’t a virgin, though he’d only had sex with three girls, well, four now, but it was definitely the first time he’d had a gorgeous older woman impaled on his cock.

Watching Dani slowly lift up, Peyton’s breathing grew shallow. She watched Dani’s ass flex as she reached the top of the arc and held for a moment before plunging back down onto Spencer’s cock. Reaching bottom, Dani swiveled her hips and ground her pussy against Spencer before rising again.

“God, that’s hot,” Bella whispered into Peyton’s ear. Peyton had been so caught up in watching Dani ride Spencer that she hadn’t noticed Bella moving in behind her. “I thought it would be really hot to watch you fuck your brother, but I had no idea it would be so hot to watch him fuck my sister.”

“She looks like she’s having fun,” Peyton said, stating the obvious as Dani started picking up speed.

“I can’t wait to watch you take your turn,” Bella said, pressing her chest against Peyton’s back and slipping her arms around Peyton’s waist.

As the two of them watched Dani fuck Spencer, Bella slipped one hand down to Peyton’s pussy while the other move upwards towards the blonde’s chest. Fondling one of Peyton’s tits, Bella slowly dragged a finger between her roommate’s pussy lips. Reaching Peyton’s clit, Bella lazily circled it, drawing a gasp from Peyton before she resumed lightly stroking her labia.

“Such a beautiful fucking cock,” Dani grunted, putting her hands on Spencer’s chest to brace herself as her pussy slid up and down his shaft.

Part of it was a show for Peyton’s benefit, but Spencer really did have a nice cock. It had been a couple weeks since she’d broken up with her boyfriend and while toys were nice, they just couldn’t fully replace or replicate the feel of a real, flesh and blood cock.

“Come on, fuck me, big boy,” Dani hissed, her tits swaying in front of her as she bounced on Spencer’s cock. “Stuff me full of that wonderful cock.”

“Oh god, I don’t know how much longer I can last,” Spencer said, his eyes drifting back and forth between Dani’s body and to where Bella’s fingers were playing with Peyton’s pussy.

“Don’t hold back, give me your fucking cum, baby,” Dani snarled, feeling her own orgasm out on the horizon. There was no way she was going to get there before him, but she wasn’t worried about getting her cookies at some point. If she couldn’t get off on his cock, she still had plenty of options at her disposal.

Even though Dani had told him not to hold back, Spencer still found himself gritting his teeth in an effort to stave off his climax. It was purely selfish though because every second he held off was another second where he had his cock stuffed into the twat of a gorgeous redhead. Finally he felt himself reach the end of his stamina though.

“Here it comes,” Spencer warned, his muscles tensing in preparation for his climax.

Rather than let Spencer cum inside her though, Dani suddenly slid off his cock. Bending down, Dani dove down and took the head of his cock into her mouth. Sucking on the head, she stroked the shaft, feeling it throb before exploding. She moaned and did her best to suck the cum straight out of his balls as he pumped her mouth full of jizz.

“Who knew my sister was such a cum slut,” Bella said, giggling as Dani licked her lips.

“My boyfriend sophomore year really liked it when I swallowed,” Dani said, grinning. “I mean, to the point of almost being a fetish and I kinda got used to it. Then I found out that most guys like it when a girl is willing to drink their cum.”

“We do,” Spencer said, nodding as he sat up.

“Now we’ve got two subjects that need covered,” Dani said. “First, who’s going to eat my pussy and make me come? Second, who’s going to suck that bad boy back to life and go next.”

“How about you suck your brother’s cock while eat my sister’s pussy?” Bella suggested to Peyton.

Nodding, Peyton dropped to her knees in front of her brother. Grasping Spencer’s cock, she locked eyes with him as she opened her mouth and moved in closer. Finally breaking the eye contact, she took him into her mouth, feeling him grow hard as her tongue swirled around the crown.

“Oh fuck,” Spencer groaned as he watched the blonde head of his own twin sister bobbing in his lap.

“Come on, little sis, show them how siblings really fuck,” Dani said, spreading her legs for Bella.

With a little regret, Bella pried her eyes away from where Spencer’s cock was sliding in and out of his sister’s mouth and instead of focused them on her own sister’s genitals. Dani’s pussy was flushed and her lips were full and open from arousal after already having been fucked and it was shining with juices that were still leaking out.

While Bella was no stranger to pussy, she still felt a little nervous thrill run through her as leaned in and took her first lick of her sister’s pussy. Collecting some of Dani’s juices on her tongue, Bella used her right hand spread her sister’s labia and zeroed in on her clit.

“Ohhh, that’s it, lick my fucking pussy,” Dani moaned, putting a hand on the back of Bella’s head. “Lick your sister’s pussy for her.”

Propping herself up on her elbows so she could look down at Bella, Dani moaned as Bella flicked her clit with her tongue. Humping her hips against her sister’s face, Dani gasped when Bella slid a finger into her pussy. Groaning at the combination, Dani lolled her head to the side and moaned again as she watched Peyton swallow her brother’s sausage almost down to the root.

“God, look at her go,” Dani grunted, loving how Peyton was getting into the naughtiness of her act.

Not wanting to be distracted, Bella barely glanced up from her sister’s snatch. Bella caught a glimpse of Peyton taking one of Spencer’s nuts into her mouth, but that was it as she went back to slithering her tongue through Dani’s labia.

“Uhh, come on, Bella, eat me,” Dani urged, pressing Bella’s face even tight against her pussy. “Make your sister come all over your face.”

Spurred on by Dani’s dirty talk, Bella attacked her sister’s clit. Catching the little bud between her lips, she sucked on it, making Dani smash Bella’s face against her cunt while also lifting her butt off the bed to hump against Bella.

“So close, baby, almost,” Dani hissed, the desire to coat her baby sister’s face with her cream driving her on almost as much as what Bella was doing to her.

Adding a second finger to Dani’s pussy, Bella plunged them into her sister’s twat with a vengeance. Her hand was moving so fast that it was nearly a blur as she fucked Dani and pushed her closer and closer to the brink. Finally she was rewarded as Dani threw her head back, thrust her chest towards the ceiling, and let out a guttural growl as she came from their incestuous coupling.

“OHHH fuck, right fucking there, you fucking beautiful girl,” Dani gasped as she flooded Bella’s hand with her juices.

As Dani shook in orgasm, Bella kept right on going. She slowed down the finger fucking due to the vise-like grip of Dani’s pussy in the midst of her climax, but Bella fought through the bucking of Dani’s hips to keep track of her clit and drew out her sister’s peak as long as possible.

“Oh god, I should’ve let you do that a long time ago” Dani gasped, body still quivering as she finally pushed Bella away.

“Summer’s coming,” Bella said, smirking.

“That’s right,” Dani said, thinking. “Think you can convince the twins over there to come home with you? The four of us could have one helluva summer.”

“I don’t know, they might be busy,” Bella said, watching as Peyton licked her way up the underside of Spencer’s cock before wrapping her lips around the head again.

“I think she likes that cock,” Dani said, nodding. “I would’ve pulled him on top of me and had him stuffing me like a Thanksgiving turkey by now.”

“You already had your chance, let someone else get stuffed,” Bella said, wondering if she should shove Peyton out of the way and take a turn herself.

“Hear that, Peyton? Either get fucking or let someone else have a turn,” Dani whined.

“Umm, okay,” Peyton said, nervously as she popped her mouth off Spencer’s dick.

As Peyton started to climb onto Spencer’s lap, Spencer decided he wanted a bit control. Wrapping his arms around her waist, he pulled her tight against his body. He could feel her nipples digging into his bare chest as he lifted up and turned over to lay her on her back.

“Alright, finally,” Bella said, biting her lower lip in anticipation as she watched Spencer reach between them to grab his cock.

“Wait, we want to see,” Dani protested as Spencer aimed his cock at Peyton’s pussy.

Putting his free hand on the bed, Spencer pushed himself up and looked over at Bella and Dani. When they shifted enough to be able to see his cock poised at Peyton’s entrance, Dani nodded. With their permission, he pushed forward, entering his sister’s pussy.

“Ohhh,” Peyton moaned as she was filled with forbidden cock.

Reaching the end of his cock, Spencer paused with every inch inside Peyton. While it felt remarkably like the other pussies he’d been inside before, it also felt so much better. It really wasn’t any hotter or tighter than even Dani’s, but the fact that it belonged to his sister made all the difference in the world. The taboo factor was off the charts and it had his head spinning just thinking about it.

No longer needing to guide himself in, Spencer put both hands on the bed on either side of Peyton’s shoulders. Looking down, he locked eyes with his sister before sliding half of his cock out of her. Pushing back into her, he felt a little thrill as he watched her eyes flutter closed in pleasure.

“I think she likes it,” Bella said, licking her lips as she watched Spencer start to pump into Peyton.

“Mmhmm,” Peyton sighed, lifting her hips to meet her brother’s thrusts.

As Spencer set a nice moderate pace, Peyton hooked her legs around his waist. Bella and Dani tried to object as their view was blocked of the good stuff, but Peyton didn’t care. She was having her best fuck in months, with a guy anyway, and she wasn’t about to let them dictate the action.

“Want me to keep going like this, or should I go faster?” Spencer asked, not quite experienced enough to be able to read a woman’s body, especially one he’d never taken out for a test drive before.

“This is fine,” Peyton assured him, liking the rather sedate pace. The couple guys she’d been with before tended to just like going fast, and while she liked a nice hard fuck, slow and tender was working for her really well at the moment.

Reaching up, Peyton put her hands on Spencer’s shoulders. Applying pressure, she pulled him down until he kissed her, sending electricity shooting through her lips like she’d never felt before. She wasn’t sure whether it was the taboo of it being her brother causing the sparks or not, but it set her body on fire.

Moaning into Spencer’s mouth, Peyton used her legs to pull him into her with a bit more urgency. As his tongue slid into her mouth, she wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled his upper body down onto her, feeling his chest pressing against hers as he picked up some speed.

“You two are really hot,” Dani hissed, enjoying watching them slowly make love even more than she thought she would.

“You should see it from this end,” Bella said, having slipped off the bed to position herself behind them so she could watch Spencer’s cock stuffing his sister’s pussy.

“I don’t know,” Dani said, her fingers finding her pussy to rub herself as she watched the erotic scene in front of her. It was the first time she’d ever watched siblings fuck and it was glorious.

“Fuck me, Spencer,” Peyton moaned, the combination of fucking her brother and being watched really ratcheting up her arousal. “Ohhh, fuck me.”
Sensing that Peyton was getting close, and after a couple orgasms of his own he was in no danger, Spencer finally broke the kiss. Pushing himself up, he reached back and pried one of Peyton’s legs off his waist. Straightening up, he grabbed her other leg and pushed them back and apart.

“Shit, look at him go,” Dani moaned as Spencer suddenly kicked into overdrive. Peyton was wide open and spread out in front of him and he was taking full advantage as he plunged into his sister’s pussy with speed and power that made Peyton’s eyes roll up in her head.

“Fuh-uck muh-eee,” Peyton panted as Spencer took it from ‘best fuck in months’ to ‘best fuck ever’ territory at the flick of a switch. Their lifelong connection as twins was helping both of them seemingly tap into what the other was feeling.

“Sign me up for that,” Bella sighed, her pussy twitching with anticipation as she watched Spencer’s cock drive in and out of Peyton’s pussy. She was close enough that she could see the white froth of Peyton’s juices accumulating on Spencer’s shaft and the virtual stream of them running down over Peyton’s taint and asshole. “Come on Peyton, come all over your brother’s cock so I can have my turn.”

“OHHHH,” Peyton moaned, feeling herself being pushed right to the brink. All she needed was just a little bit more and then suddenly, she got it.

With her eyes closed to help focus on the pleasure coursing through her, Peyton’s eyes shot open as she felt lips press against hers. Seeing Dani’s face, she calmed down and let the older redhead slip her tongue into her mouth. Then, as if that wasn’t enough to push her over the edge, Dani also placed a hand over the closest of Peyton’s tits and cupped it, squeezing just enough to send Peyton hurtling into ecstasy.

“AHHHHH,” Peyton squealed into Dani’s mouth, back arching and thrusting her hips to meet Spencer’s thrusts as she came harder than she ever had before, with a man at least.

“My turn, my turn,” Bella announced, jumping to her feet and grabbing Spencer’s shoulder.

As his cock churned up Peyton’s insides, Spencer reverted to a primal state enough that he wanted nothing more than to keep right on going until he spewed his incestuous seed into his sister’s womb. And as Bella pulled on him until he disconnected from Peyton, he turned with a snarl, like a pit bull about to lose his new favorite toy. Fortunately as Bella pulled him to his feet, he started to feel more like himself.

“Fuck me, hard,” Bella said as she jumped and wrapped her legs around Spencer’s waist. “Don’t worry about being gentle or anything like that. Just fuck the shit out of me and come inside me so Dani can have a creampie.”

“Ooh, that sounds good,” Dani said, stroking Peyton as the younger blonde lay dazed on the bed in the aftermath of her orgasm.

Taking Bella at her word, Spencer carried her over to the wall. Pressing her up against her own One Dimension poster on the wall, Spencer shifted until he felt the head of his cock press against her pussy. Driving forward, he plunged balls deep into Bella in one quick thrust that made Bella gasp.

“Fuck, yeah,” Bella hissed as Spencer did exactly what she wanted and fucked her mercilessly. Though as she felt herself slam into the wall with each thrust Spencer made into her, she worried that Ryan or Ariel in the next room would hear. But then she decided the worst thing that could happen was that they’d come to investigate the loud noises.

Wrapping her arms around Spencer’s neck to help brace herself, Bella let out a grunt each time he thrust into her, which quickly turned into gasps as she was flattened against the wall and some of the air was forced from her lungs. That was fine with her though, she loved the animalistic nature of the fucking and even used her legs on Spencer’s waist to pull him into her even harder.

“Come on, Spencer, fuck my tight little pussy,” Bella hissed, urging him on. “Dani’s hungry and wants to eat your cum out of my cunt.”

Hearing Bella’s dirty talk stretched Spencer to his limit. He was starting to tire after all the energy he’d expended, but most importantly, he just couldn’t handle much more of Bella’s pussy. Not at that pace, not with her begging him to come inside her so her sister could slurp it out, and certainly not after fucking his own sister and watching her come because of it.

“Uhhhh, here it, uhhh, comes,” Spencer gasped, driving into Bella hard enough that he almost worried about denting the wall with her body. He didn’t really worry though because his mind quickly focused with laser precision on the cum rising fast up from his balls before exploding out into the pussy in which he was currently sheathed.

“Ohhh, shit, I feel it,” Bella howled as her insides were basted with hot jizz.

When Spencer was finally done shooting his wad into Bella, his knees went a little wobbly. Bracing himself against the wall, he managed to untangle himself, only to turn and find Dani already on her knees right behind him. Before he could even fully move out of the way, Dani was moving in to get what was promised to her.

“Ohhh, god, Dani, eat that cum,” Bella moaned, draping one leg over Dani’s shoulder as her older sister drilled her tongue into Bella’s pussy in search of the good stuff.

Having recovered a bit, Peyton watched the sisters go at it. But mostly her eyes roved down to Dani’s ass as it stuck up in the air while the other end of her rooted around in her sister’s cunt. As she watched Dani’s ass she thought of the perfect way to thank Dani for putting this all together.

Slipping off the bed, Peyton crawled on her knees towards the couple in front of her. On the way there she was side tracked a bit by the sight of her brother’s semi-hard cock, still coated in Bella’s juices, dangling in front of him.

“Shit,” Spencer gasped as his attention was suddenly drawn away from where Dani was eating his cum from Bella’s snatch by a hand grabbing his cock and a mouth following after.

“Mmm,” Peyton moaned, tasting Bella’s pussy and feeling Spencer’s cock start to respond to her ministrations. After three orgasms, he wasn’t responding nearly as fast as he had earlier, but she wasn’t really wasn’t worried about that, yet.

After cleaning up Bella’s juices, and restoring Spencer to mostly-hard status, Peyton let him slip from her mouth. She had other, more important things on her mind. Though she knew she was definitely going to want more of Spencer’s cock in the coming days and months.

“This is to thank you for pushing me to do this,” Peyton whispered into Dani’s ear.

Before Dani had a chance to ask, not that she would’ve pulled away from her sister’s sweet taco anyway, but if she had been inclined, she wouldn’t have had time to ask before Peyton grabbed her butt cheeks. A low moan rose up from deep in Dani’s throat as Peyton leaned in and started lapping at Dani’s asshole.

The previous night Dani had spent quite a bit of time rimming Peyton, then turned around and let the blonde teen return the favor. As much as Peyton had enjoyed feeling Dani’s experienced tongue flitting around the surface of her asshole and poking at the tight ring of muscle, Dani had enjoyed it even more. Dani had managed to come twice just from Peyton tonguing her back door and probably would’ve gone for more if she hadn’t decided Peyton’s ass needed something besides a tongue.

So Dani had grabbed a vibrator and one of Bella’s dildos. Parking Peyton on hands and knees Dani had made sure to lube her up good, and then added a bit more just to be careful. With Peyton quivering in a combination of nerves and anticipation, Dani had eased the dildo into the blonde’s asshole.

With something bigger than a finger in her ass for the first time, Peyton had been worried that it might hurt, but what she got was a mind blowing experience. Dani had been extremely gentle and used the vibrator on Peyton’s clit while pumping the dildo in and out of Peyton’s ass. It was all so intense that Peyton actually passed out after her second orgasm and woke up to find Dani sucking on the dildo.

“Oh, yeah, lick my ass, Peyton,” Dani grunted, finally pulling away from her sister’s twat. “I want Spencer to fuck my ass. My ass needs fucked so bad. You’ll let your brother fuck my ass, won’t you?”

“Ohh, I totally will,” Peyton said, feeling a shiver of pleasure roll through her at the thought of watching Spencer stuff Dani’s ass.

Reluctantly letting go of Dani’s ass, Peyton planted one last kiss, with a little love bite, on Dani’s left butt cheek. Standing up, Peyton smirked as she noticed that Spencer was hard as a rock and pointed at the ceiling at the prospect of butt fucking Dani.

Grabbing Bella’s bottle of lube, Peyton rushed back to where Dani was still kneeling on the floor. Dropping to her knees behind Dani, Peyton squirted a healthy stream of lube into Dani’s butt crack, making the older girl jump at the sudden burst of cool liquid.

“Hurry up, Peyton,” Dani whined as she felt Peyton push two fingers into her asshole to grease her up.

“Is this enough, or should I do more?” Peyton asked, not sure how much lube Dani needed.

“Maybe a bit more, but it’s always better to use too much than too little,” Dani said as Peyton worked even more lube into and around her anus.

“Okay, I think you’re ready,” Peyton said, wiggling her fingers in Dani’s ass before finally pulling them out.

“Good, come on, Spencer,” Dani said, looking over her shoulder at Spencer and wagging her ass at him.

Having never fucked a girl in the ass before, Spencer wasn’t quite sure what to do. But he figured Dani obviously had, with the way she was begging for it, so he hoped she’d be able to guide him through it and help him. Plus, that way if he got to do it again with another girl down the road, he’d be able to do it without help.

As Peyton moved out of the way, Spencer moved into her place behind Dani. Taking a deep breath, he took hold of his cock. With eyes locked onto the inviting bullseye of Dani’s semi-gaping asshole, Spencer guided his cock forward until it was pressing against the target.

“Easy there, big boy,” Dani gasped as Spencer tried pushing a little harder than she was expecting. Taking a breath to steady herself, she focused on relaxing her sphincter. “Okay, go ahead, but slowly.”

Trying to go slow like she wanted, Spencer was in awe as he watched Dani’s asshole open up to accept him into her. Then suddenly the crown of his cock passed her sphincter and he lurched forward, burying another inch in Dani’s ass before he could stop himself.

“Oh yeah, that’s it,” Dani hissed, rhythmically clenching her asshole around Spencer’s cock and making him groan as he continued pushing forward. When he reached the end with every inch of cock embedded in Dani’s backside, she moaned and let her head hang down in front of her. “So fucking big.”

With his pelvis pressing against the cheeks of Dani’s butt, Spencer marveled at the feeling. Her asshole wasn’t nearly as silky smooth as a pussy, but it was so much tighter. Even compared to the tightest pussy he’d ever felt, there was no comparison. It felt like his cock was being crushed in a vise, in the best possible way.

Slowly pulling back, Spencer watched with great arousal as his cock gradually emerged from Dani’s bowels. He loved the way the muscular ring of her anus gripped his cock and tried to keep him from withdrawing.

“That’s good,” Dani sighed as Spencer eased his way back into her anal cavity. “You should go slow and let a girl get used to having your cock in her ass, especially if she’s new to it. But I’m not new to it and I don’t need you to go slow.”

“Um, okay,” Spencer said, not quite sure what exactly she meant as he watched his meat slide out of her ass.

“I mean, fuck my ass like you mean it,” Dani grunted, surprising him by practically throwing herself back to meet his thrust.

“Who knew my sister was such a naughty girl,” Bella said, grinning as Dani focused more on the cock plunging into her ass and less on her sister’s pussy.

“So naughty,” Dani agreed as Spencer did as she wanted and really started to give her ass a work out.

Sophomore year of high school, when she was Bella’s age, Dani had first been talked into anal. Her then-boyfriend had a bit of a fetish and he begged her for weeks. The first time had been okay, though not nearly as bad as she’d feared. But then the second time had gotten better, and by the third time he’d taken her ass, she was hooked. It wasn’t an all the time thing, but it was definitely important enough that she couldn’t date a guy if he wasn’t interested in fucking her ass on occasion.

“You’re not the only naughty one, you know,” Bella said, smirking as she moved around to kneel next to Spencer.

Reaching a between their crashing bodies, Bella wrapped her hand around Spencer’s cock. Then as Spencer pulled back, Bella timed it just right to yank his cock free of Dani’s asshole just as he reached the point where he only had a couple inches still inside her.

“Nooo,” Dani whined as her asshole was suddenly left vacant.

As Spencer was left humping the air for a moment until the message got to his brain, Bella grinned. When Dani turned to glare at her sister for interrupting, Bella licked her lips and leaned down to take Spencer’s cock into her mouth, eyes rolling up in her head as she tasted her sister’s ass on the filthy cock.

“Damn,” Dani groaned, watching her sister go ass-to-mouth like that. Dani was no stranger to the act, no one that enjoyed anal as much she did could be, but she hadn’t expected to see her sister so well versed either.

Spencer was just as shocked, if not more so. He’d already fucked three girls, one of them his own sister. And then as if fucking Dani’s ass wasn’t enough, he suddenly had Bella sucking his cock fresh out of her sister’s ass. If he hadn’t already come three times tonight, he probably would have deposited a load down Bella’s gullet just at the thought.

“That should be good enough, for now,” Bella said, letting Spencer’s cock slip from her mouth. Aiming it, she brought it back to press against Dani’s asshole. “Now get back to fucking my sister’s ass.”

“Uhhh,” Dani grunted as Spencer suddenly plunged back into her ass. This time, while he certainly wasn’t rough, he definitely didn’t take it easy either. The moment he was buried to the root in her back channel, he was pulling back.

“Hot, isn’t it?” Bella asked Peyton as they watched their respective siblings fuck.

“Yeah,” Peyton said, unable to take her eyes off the scene in front of her.

“Good, because you’re next,” Bella said, picking up the bottle of lube from where Peyton had dropped it on the ground.

“Oh, uh,” Peyton stammered, watching Spencer hammer Dani’s ass and suddenly feeling very nervous about him doing the same to hers.

“Dani told me about you taking the dildo last night,” Bella said, squirting a bit of lube on the tip of her middle finger. Reaching underneath Peyton as the blonde sat on her feet with her legs folded underneath her, Bella traced along the crack of Peyton’s ass until she found the tight little hole between them.

“Ohhh,” Peyton gasped as she felt the tip of Bella’s finger pop past her sphincter.

As Peyton leaned forward, it gave Bella better access to her tightest hole. Pushing deeper to the second knuckle, Bella started to slowly finger fuck her roommate’s ass. Then just as Peyton started to get used to it, Bella removed her finger completely to go for more lube.

“Hands and knees,” Bella said, knowing she had Peyton hooked.

Barely blinking, Peyton did as she was told. Turning a bit so she could lean forward onto her hands, Peyton lifted her ass until was on all fours right next to Dani. Glancing back, she saw Bella get an evil look on her face a moment before Peyton felt the bottle of lube pressed against her asshole and a sudden stream of cool liquid was invading her rectum.

“Shit,” Peyton gasped, instinctively pulling forward, away from source of the cold.

After watching Chloe Moretz take it in the ass, and losing her anal cherry herself last night, Bella was starting to consider herself a bit of a pro at getting ready. Setting the bottle down, Bella pressed two fingers against Peyton’s anus and pushed, making her blonde roommate groan as Bella worked to spread her open.

“I think she’s ready for you,” Bella told Spencer as she plunged her fingers into Peyton’s ass one last time before withdrawing them.

“You sure?” Spencer asked as Peyton looked back at him.

“Yeah,” Peyton said, nodding even as felt the butterflies growing in her stomach.

Dani pouted a little as Spencer pulled his cock out of her ass, but it was for a good cause. Watching him sodomize Peyton would be worth it. Besides, she was confident that he’d be stuffing her ass some more before they had to break it up for the night.

“Looks like you need to be touched up,” Bella said, grinning as she grabbed Spencer’s cock.

Bending down, she took him into her mouth, tasting Dani again. No matter how many times she did it, she didn’t think she’d ever get tired of doing it. It was just so nasty and naughty and it turned her on beyond belief, especially on a real live cock that twitched and responded to her ministrations.

Reluctantly pulling her mouth off Spencer’s cock, Bella grabbed the bottle of lube. Squirting some of the slippery stuff into her hand, she wrapped it around Spencer’s shaft. Stroking him, she lubed him up and got him ready for the next part.

“Gotta watch this,” Dani said, turning so she could watch as Bella guided Spencer forward. Reaching out, she grabbed Peyton’s butt cheeks and pulled them apart to give Spencer a better target to aim for.

With Dani and Bella helping, Spencer pressed the tip of his cock against Peyton’s anus. As he applied pressure he felt Peyton tense up and resist him, but when he eased up he heard Peyton suck in a lungful of air and her midsection sagged a bit as she relaxed. Easing forward again, this time he felt his sister’s asshole start to cave in.

“Fuuuckkkk,” Peyton gasped, eyes going wide as the head of his cock suddenly popped through her anus.

“Relax,” Dani cooed, fondling and massaging Peyton’s butt cheeks. “Just like with the dildo last night, the worst is over and from here it’s going to get amazing.”

“Wow,” Bella said as she stared down at Spencer’s cock just barely inside his sister’s asshole.

“Ahhh,” Peyton panted as Spencer took an experimental push forward. There really wasn’t any new pain, but the old pain wasn’t exactly going away either.

“You’re doing good,” Dani said, slipping a hand underneath Peyton. As Spencer eased another half inch into Peyton’s ass, she found Peyton’s clit and slowly circled it with her middle finger.

“Ohhh,” Peyton moaned as the pleasure from her clit mingled with and cut through the pain from her ass.

Feeling her start to loosen up around him, Spencer pushed firmly. Peyton groaned as he inched his way up her ass but she didn’t tighten up until his pelvis pressed against her butt cheeks with his entire cock inside her.

“All in?” Peyton asked, unable to believe she had a cock up her ass, despite the throbbing evidence.

“All in,” Spencer responded, marveling at the difference between Peyton’s ass and Dani’s. Peyton’s seemed tighter but Dani had much more control over her muscles, flexing them to squeeze and grip his cock in delightful ways that only experience could teach.

Gripping his sister’s hips, Spencer slowly pulled out. When he had about half of his cock outside, he pushed back in, drawing what sure sounded to him like a moan from Peyton. Repeating the process, he got a louder, more confident moan as Dani’s work on Peyton’s clit started working its magic.

Still keeping a slow pace, Spencer started to fuck Peyton’s ass. With each thrust she started get into it more and more. After a handful of thrusts she was pushing back to meet her brother’s thrusts. After a dozen or so she’d gotten into it enough that she didn’t even notice right away when Dani pulled her hand away from her pussy.

“That’s it, fuck that asshole,” Bella said, cheering on the rutting couple.

“Ohh, yeahh, fuck my ass,” Peyton demanded, looking back at her brother as he stepped up the speed.

“Think you’ll let me have some more?” Dani asked, getting back onto her hands and knees next to Peyton.

“Oooh, yeah, switch back and forth between them,” Bella said, licking her lips.

Pulling his cock out of Peyton with a pop, Spencer felt a tremor of pleasure course through him as he took a moment to watch his sister’s asshole gape open before slowly start closing up. He finally snapped out of it when he felt Bella’s mouth closing around his cock to clean him up.

“Ahem,” Dani said, clearing her throat as Spencer took just a little bit too long in switching.

Grinning, Spencer pulled his eyes off Peyton’s ass and shifted them over to Dani’s. Moving in behind Dani, Spencer pressed his cock against her asshole. And since she was so impatient, he figured she wouldn’t want him to waste time being gentle either.

“Oh fuuuuckkk,” Dani grunted as her ass went from empty to filled completely in about a half a second.

When Dani didn’t complain, Spencer gripped her hips. Remembering how she told him to fuck her like he meant it, he paused only a moment before he was already sliding out of Dani’s ass. Using almost the entire length of his cock he fucked Dani as hard and fast as he could with her bowels threatening to crush his manhood.

“Switch,” Bella announced after a couple minutes of Spencer ass fucking Dani.

Pulling out, Spencer let Bella clean him up and apply a new layer of lube before plunging into Peyton. He was much gentler with his sister, but he still gave it to her pretty good, sending shock waves through her body each time his pelvis bounced off the taut cheeks of her butt. Each thrust made Peyton gasp as she was pushed towards climax.

“My turn,” Dani said, waving her ass in the air.

Back and forth Spencer moved, fucking Dani for a handful of thrusts before switching to Peyton. Then after a handful of thrusts into Peyton’s ass, he jumped back over to Dani. Of course, each switch involved a layover in Bella’s mouth before completing the swap.

“Don’t stop, make me come, then switch,” Dani pleaded as Spencer hammered away at her asshole. She’d been getting close for a while, but each time she felt herself on the verge, Spencer switched and left her quivering in need.

“Make her come, Spence,” Peyton said, her desire to see Dani come from being ass fucked overriding her desire to be ass fucked herself.

With Peyton’s permission, Spencer kept right on plowing Dani’s ass rather than switching. The room was filled with the sound of their flesh slamming together, mixed with moans and grunts, as Dani was pushed right to the edge.

“Fuuuuuuckkk yeeeesssssss, I’m cuuummmming,” Dani howled as she came, her asshole clamping down even harder on Spencer’s cock.

The feel of Dani’s asshole rippling around his cock was so amazing that Spencer actually spent a moment contemplating actually not switching. Dani’s asshole obviously wanted him to stay put with the way it was trying to suck him even deeper and coax his load out of him. Ultimately though, he decided he wanted to spend a little more time, any time, fucking Peyton’s ass.

Making up his mind, Spencer yanked his cock out of Dani’s spasming asshole. Bella went for another taste but he waved her off. He was close enough to coming as it was, he didn’t want to risk Bella’s mouth pushing him over edge before got back into Peyton’s anus.

“I’m not going to last much longer,” Spencer warned as he nudged the head of his cock against his sister’s starfish.

“That’s okay,” Peyton said, moaning as he pushed forward and filled her ass again. Dani’s toy in her ass last night had been one of the most intense experiences of Peyton’s life, but actually feeling a real live cock, with all its throbbing heat, was so much better than even that.

Feeling his sister’s anal cavity wrapping around his manhood again, Spencer already felt himself right on the verge. Wasting no time, he pulled out barely a quarter of his cock before driving it back into Peyton’s asshole. The moment his pelvis hit the cheeks of her ass he was pulling back, rutting into her sister with one, and only one, goal in mind. He desperately needed to bust a nut and it was so close he could practically taste it.

“Almost,” Spencer snarled, feeling himself approaching the point of no return.

“Pull out first,” Bella said, watching Spencer’s jaw clench as he tried to hold out just a little longer.

Spencer’s first inclination was to ignore Bella and keep going until he was ready to drive deep into his sister and unload his jizz into her bowels. But listening to the girls had worked out great thus far, so with every cell in his body telling him not to, he yanked his cock out of the tight sheath of Peyton’s asshole.

“Mmm,” Dani purred, bumping Bella out of the way so she could have first taste of Spencer’s cock.

“Hey,” Bella whined as Dani took Spencer into her mouth. “Don’t you dare come yet.”

“Uhhh,” Spencer grunted, his toes curling as he fought to hold off like Bella wanted.

As Dani moved out of the way, Bella swooped in. While Bella worked her way down the shaft, Dani shifted her attention to Spencer’s balls. She sucked one of his testicles into her mouth, making him groan and shudder as his will was greatly tested.

“Gonna come,” Spencer warned, feeling the cum rising up from his balls.

“Pull off,” Dani said, nudging Bella.

When Bella let Spencer’s cock slip from her mouth, Dani wrapped her hand around the shaft. Stroking it, she felt it start to pulse in her hand. Pressing her cheek against Bella’s, Dani aimed Spencer’s cock just as the first spurt of cum erupted and struck Bella across the upper lip. Spencer shifted enough that the second spurt hit Dani’s cheek.

“I think he made a mess,” Bella said, giggling as cum dripped down her face to her chin.

“Maybe someone should clean us up,” Dani said, smirking as she looked at Peyton.

“Oh, uh, I can get a tissue,” Peyton said, starting to get up.

“No, we mean you should use your tongue,” Dani said firmly. “We want you to lick your brother’s cum off of our faces.”

“I don’t really like the taste of that,” Peyton said, blanching visibly.

“Then feed it to Dani when you’re done,” Bella said, dragging a finger through the mess on her face and holding out her hand, finger extended, to Peyton.

Sighing, Peyton opened her mouth and took Bella’s finger into her mouth. She wasn’t sure if she was tired, or if it was her state of mind, or even if it was just Spencer, but the bit of cum on the end of Bella’s finger wasn’t too bad. It was certainly good enough that she leaned in and took a long lick along one of the streaks of jizz oozing down towards Dani’s chin.

“I think she likes it,” Dani said as Peyton started using short licks to lap up the cum.

“She’s a dirty girl, slurping up her brother’s cum,” Bella said as Peyton finished off Dani and started on her.

“You know, your ass never got any attention,” Dani said, raising an eyebrow. “I wonder if he has anything left.”

“I’d love to, but we’ve got fifteen minutes until curfew,” Bella said, glancing at the alarm clock next to her bed. “We wouldn’t want Spencer to get in trouble and not be able to come over and play for a few days, would we?”

“I won’t be here, so I don’t care,” Dani said, grinning as Spencer grabbed his clothes. “But I have a feeling that if I want to be able to have fun with you guys again at some point in the future, I should let the poor boy get dressed and run back to his dorm before he gets in trouble.”

“So, um, I’ll see you tomorrow?” Spencer asked Peyton, suddenly feeling a little awkward around his sister.

“Of course,” Peyton said, nodding as she became a bit self-conscious about being completely naked.

“I’ve got a date tomorrow, but I should be free on Tuesday if you want to drop by,” Bella said, grinning. “Or you can drop by tomorrow to see Peyton, just make sure to leave a scrunchie on the door or something so I know I’m walking in on something good.”

“I don’t know,” Peyton said. Sure the sex had been amazing, but he was still her brother and she didn’t want to risk damaging their relationship.

“Look, you both know there’s no chance of you dating or anything like that,” Dani pointed out as she got dressed as well. “So why not do the friends with benefits thing? It’d be the ultimate version of that arrangement. Great sex with a guy with a nice dick that you have a real connection with, and yet absolutely no chance of either of you suddenly getting it in your head to become a couple.”

“She has a point,” Spencer said, smirking.

“You just want to get laid,” Peyton said, laughing. “But she does make some sense. Go back to your dorm and we’ll talk about it tomorrow.”

“Sure thing,” Spencer said, giving his sister a hug and taking note of her tits pressed against his chest.

“I should be going back to my hotel room so you two can get some sleep,” Dani said, pulling her shirt on over her head.

“Breakfast tomorrow before class?” Bella asked as Spencer opened the bedroom door.

“My flight isn’t until noon, so I’ll be here,” Dani said, giving hugs to Bella and Peyton. Turning to Spencer, she hooked her arm in his and pulled him out the door. “Now, come on stud, you can walk me out and I’ll try to talk you into skipping class tomorrow morning to come back to my hotel after breakfast.”

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