Julie Bowen Services Her Mistress

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Title:  Julie Bowen Services Her Mistress

Author:  Tori


Subject:  Julie Bowen

Disclaimer:  This is fiction, it did NOT happen.  The story is purely fantasy and fantasy is legal.

Sofia Vergara had her fist buried wrist deep inside Julie Bowen’s asshole and was twisting and turning it, making her beautiful blonde costar grunt and moan like a two dollar whore.  “How do you like that slut?” she asked.  Julie buried her face in the pillow and took the pain and pleasure from her new mistress.  It had been almost two weeks since Julie had been set up by Sofia into fucking a stranger in New York and she had been paying the price ever since.  Sofia was brutal in her attempts to degrade the blonde mother of three and this time was no different.  Julie raised her head and said, “Fuck me Mistress.  I’m nothing but a filthy whore.”  Sofia pulled her fist out of Julie’s ass and made her lick it clean.  When she finished, Sofia grabbed Julie by her hair and shoved her face onto her sopping wet pussy.  Julie licked and sucked the Latina’s hole and soon had her cumming and squirting all over her face.  When she finished, Sofia pushed her away and got off the bed.  “It’s time to get back to work.  I expect you here after filming.  Now, get your nasty ass out of here bitch” she said.  Julie pulled her panties and jeans up over her brutalized ass and left.  As soon as she got to her own trailer, she fell to the floor and cried.  She didn’t know how long she was going to be able to endure the punishment from Sofia.

When Julie arrived at Sofia’s trailer after filming, she found two of the stage hands waiting for her.  “Ms. Vergara said we could do whatever we wanted to you.  Strip out of those clothes and suck my cock,” one of them said.  Julie took off her clothes and got on her knees.  The man shoved his 8 inch white cock deep into her throat and started to face fuck her.  The other man, a tall black with at least 10 inches between his legs got behind her and started to sodomize her.  The man fucking her face pulled out of her mouth and laid down on the bed, pulling Julie on top of him.  Once his cock was deep inside her pussy, the other man got behind her and filled her asshole once again.  She was DP’d for almost 20 minutes until finally both men filled her holes with their hot loads.  When they finished, they made her lick their cocks clean and then they left.  Sofia came in several minutes later and opened up her laptop.  “This video is excellent.  You really know how to fuck Julie.  I’m impressed” Sofia said laughing.  Julie stared at the video and said, “Why Sofia?  Isn’t it enough that you degrade me on a daily basis but now you’re filming me?  I can’t believe you hate me this much.”  Sofia slapped her across the face and said, “Listen up whore.  I own you.  How would you like it if I showed this to your husband or better yet, put it out on the internet so everyone can see what kind of nasty slut you really are?”  Julie just lowered her head and said, “I’m sorry Mistress.  I am nothing but a cock loving whore.”  Sofia looked at her and said, “That’s better.  Remember your place and you have nothing to worry about.  Now, get over here and make me cum bitch.”  Julie crawled over to Sofia and pulled her panties down.  She started to lick her Mistress’s pussy, nibbling at her clit and shoving her tongue into her hole as deep as she could.  She was giving her all she could and soon had Sofia cumming hard.  She licked up and down and then pushed her tongue into Sofia’s asshole.  She alternated between her pussy and ass and made Sofia cum again and again.  When Sofia had enough, she told her she could leave.  Julie got dressed and made her way to her car.  Her ass was still sore from the brutal DP she’d received earlier and when she walked into the house, her husband asked what was wrong.  She told him she fell down at work and not to worry.

Several days later, Sofia told Julie to go to the Beverly Hills Hilton.  She was told to wear her sexiest dress and high heels and to make sure her makeup and hair were done to perfection.  Julie waited for her husband to leave for his weekly Friday night poker game and headed to the hotel.  When she arrived, she was met by one of the bellboys who escorted her up to the room in one of the service elevators.  She knocked on the door and when it opened, she was greeted by Marcus, the man she met in New York.  He told her to come in and discovered that they were not alone.  There were five other black men in the room.  Marcus introduced her to his friends and then said, “This cunt loves to get fucked by niggers with big cocks, don’t you slut?”  Julie looked at him and said, “Yes, I love to get fucked by big nigger cocks.”  Marcus laughed and then pushed her to her knees.  He pulled out his cock and fed it to her.  When he finished, he told her to swallow his load and watched as she gulped it down.  Two of the other men came over and carried her to the bed.  They removed her dress and lingerie and then had her get on her stomach.  Her wrists and ankles were strapped to the four corners of the bed with her legs spread as wide open as they could possibly be.  One by one the men took turns sodomizing the blonde beauty while she sucked on their cocks.  It was well after midnight when the last of the men left her alone with Marcus.  Marcus climbed on top her and rammed his huge cock into her bruised and gaping asshole.  He power fucked her mercilessly for almost thirty minutes before he finally filled her ass with his load.  When he finished, he unstrapped her and pulled her into the bathroom.  He had her kneel in the tub with the hot cum dripping out of her ass as he pissed all over her face.  “Open your mouth you skank.  You must be thirsty” he said laughing.  Julie gulped down the rancid liquid, trying hard not to puke.  When he finished, he left her alone, still laughing as he walked out.  A few minutes later, she heard the door open and close.  She turned on the shower and washed away the filth from her battered body.

When she went back out into the room, she found Sofia standing there naked wearing a huge strap on.  The black monster had to be at least 16 inches long and 3 inches thick.  “On your knees cunt and suck my big black cock” Sofia demanded.  Julie obeyed and got on her knees and opened her mouth.  Sofia began to throat fuck Julie, making her gag on the massive toy.  After a few minutes, she had Julie get down on her hands and knees ruthlessly shoved the strap on deep into her asshole.  After almost an hour of painful sodomy, Sofia pulled the toy from her ass and made a phone call.  A few minutes later, the bellboy came into the room.  Sofia let him fuck Julie in the ass.  The kid didn’t take long and came in a few minutes.  After he left, Sofia tossed Julie her dress and told her to get her nasty ass out.  Julie sat in her car and cried before finally driving home.  She was relieved when she found that her husband wasn’t back yet so she quickly showered and got into bed.  When her husband did get home, she pretended to be asleep.

The next morning, her husband confronted her, demanding to know what was wrong with her.  Julie tried to convince him that she was fine but she suddenly broke down and the tears came.  She swallowed her pride and told him everything.  She told him about New York and about how Sofia was using her and then she told him what had happened the previous night.  Her husband sat in silence as he listened to his wife tell him her story.  He stood and told her he needed to go out and process what he’d just heard.  She sat crying while he got his keys and left.  The kids were at their grandparents for the weekend so Julie sat in the big empty house and wondered if she’d still have a marriage.  It was well into the evening when her husband returned.  He sat his wife down and told her he was mad as hell but he loved her deeply and there was only one thing to do.  Julie asked him what that was.  He kissed her and said, “We’re going to get even with that cunt.  We’re going to make her pay for what she’s turned you into and believe me, she’s going to regret it.”  Julie hugged her husband tightly and said, “I love you so much.”  Her husband hugged her back and said, “I love you too sweetheart.”

The End…….for now.

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