Simply Sapphic: Tilda & Maggie

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Simply Sapphic: Tilda & Maggie
by RandyPan
Story Codes: FF, oral, con, rom
Celebs: Tilda Swinton, Maggie Gyllenhaal
This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.

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Tilda and Maggie stand in the shower, lips sliding together, tongues wrestling in each other’s mouths.  Maggie clasps onto Tilda’s shoulders, as Tilda squeezes and kneads her butt-cheeks. “I’m yours, lover…” Maggie whispers, then sucks on Tilda’s lower lip, followed by her earlobe.

“I know,” Tilda whispers back, and they continue kissing.

Later, on their bed, their hair still wet from the shower, Maggie straddles Tilda, and they continue kissing.  Maggie then kisses and gently bites Tilda’s chin, followed by her neck.  She continues kissing down Tilda’s chest, arriving at her breasts, which Maggie squeezes and fondles, as she licks, sucks, and even nibbles Tilda’s hard nipples. “Oh…” Tilda moans, as Maggie’s teeth pinch one of her nipples.

Maggie continues kissing down Tilda’s stomach, still hot from the shower, inch by inch.  She stops at Tilda’s navel, and drags her tongue around the rim, before continuing.  Getting to her mound, Maggie tugs on Tilda’s red pubic hair with her teeth.  Tilda spreads her legs, and Maggie buries her tongue in her moist quim. “Oh, Maggie…” Tilda sighs, her brow furrowing, as Maggie eats her out.  Feeling Maggie’s tongue go deeper and deeper into her cunt, Tilda pinches and pulls on her nipples, and starts to slowly jerk her hips.  Finally, Tilda arches her back, and places her hand on Maggie’s head, as the orgasm hits her.

Now, Maggie leans on the footboard, as Tilda sucks on her hard brown nipples. “Ah…” Maggie vocally sighs, as Tilda tugs on one nipple with her teeth.  Tilda then drags her lips down Maggie’s rising and falling stomach, kissing down it all the way.  Stopping at her navel, Tilda sticks her tongue in Maggie’s belly button.  Tilda traces the rest of the way down with her tongue, even through Maggie’s bush.  As Maggie parts her legs, Tilda holds open her pussy, and proceeds to lick the inside, licking up Maggie’s juices.  Tilda then clamps her lips on Maggie’s clit, and inserts two fingers in her twat.  As Tilda fingers her and sucks her clit, Maggie bites her lip, and claws at her breasts. “Oh, God,” Maggie gasps, right before the climax, “I love you, Tilda…UH!” She lets out a loud grunt as she cums.

Moments later, the two lie together, again kissing, Maggie cozied up to Tilda.  They continue to neck, as they doze off.

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