Snowed In

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Snowed In

by RandyPan
Story Codes: FF, con, oral
Celebs: Elisabeth Moss, Maggie Gyllenhaal
This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.

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Elisabeth was filming a movie in Boston, when they were hit unexpectedly by the worst blizzard in many a year.  It was so bad, her and her co-stars couldn’t even leave their hotel, and the forecast said that it wouldn’t let up all weekend.

Shortly after the announcement that they were trapped, Elisabeth was in the lobby bar, talking with her co-star, Maggie.  Elisabeth had secretly fantasized about working with Maggie for years, and had gushed about this to her when they first met. “You ever been in the middle of something this bad?”

“Sort of.  I was in New York when Sandy hit.”

“How did you deal with being cooped up like that?  I’m from L.A., I don’t think could stand it.”

“At least we can leave our rooms, and our other co-stars are here.” Maggie then held up her drink. “And access to booze helps.”

“Amen to that.” The two clinked their glasses together.

That night, Elisabeth was lying in bed, when she heard the heating shut off, or rather, the sound the heating usually makes ceased.  She called to the front desk, and the clerk told her they were having malfunctions all over the hotel, and they wouldn’t be able to get to her until the morning.  Annoyed, Elisabeth covered herself with everything that could conceivably pass for covers, and attempted to sleep.

When she woke up around dawn, it was still freezing, and the cover ploy had only barely kept her warm enough.  Her first thought as she lay there shivering was, “Maybe a shower will help.” To her dismay, though, the hot water wasn’t working either.  Elisabeth got dressed, and went to Maggie’s room.

As soon as Maggie answered, Elisabeth felt the warm air from her room. “Oh, thank God, your heat is working.”

Noticing Elisabeth was still shivering, Maggie asked, “Did you try to sleep in a room with no heat?”

“Yeah.  I slept for maybe two hours, then I tried taking a shower, but even that wasn’t working.”

“Oh.  Well, I was just about to take one.  Join me?”

Elisabeth was visibly anxious at this suggestion. “Oh, no, I couldn’t, really…”

“It’s no problem.  You look like you could use it, and I like a little company in there, if you know what I mean.”

Elisabeth couldn’t believe her ears.  The reason she was anxious about joining Maggie, and why she’d wanted to work with her so much was, and she would never admit to this, she had a bit of a crush on her.  And now, it seemed like Maggie was…propositioning her?

Moments later, Elisabeth stood naked with Maggie in the very hot shower. “Feel better, sweetie?”

“Yeah.  This was just what I needed.” Elisabeth stood in one corner, arms folded.

“Good.  I didn’t like seeing you shaking like that.  Did you even notice your lips were slightly blue?”

“Oh, no.  Did I look that bad?”

“Yeah.” There was a momentary pause, then, “So, have you ever done anything like this before?”

“You mean take a shower with someone else?  No.”

“Shame.  You have a really nice body, you know that?” This remark made Elisabeth’s heart jump.

“Um, a couple of people have told me.”

“Why are you so nervous?  Is it because of me?”

“Well, I…”

“Sweetie, come here.” Elisabeth stepped closer, and Maggie put her hands on her shoulders. “You might not realize it,” Maggie giggled slightly, “but you are incredibly transparent right now.” Maggie then leaned in, and gave Elisabeth a long, deep kiss.

“Oh, God,” Elisabeth whispered, “I can’t believe this is happening.” The two stood under the hot water for several minutes, making out.

Later, Elisabeth lay on Maggie’s bed.  Both their hair was still wet, as Maggie squeezed Elisabeth’s breasts, and sucked on her nipples.  Elisabeth again whispered, more to herself this time, “I can’t believe this is happening,” as Maggie kissed her way down her stomach, still hot from the shower. “Hah…” Elisabeth gasped, and furrowed her brow, as she felt Maggie’s tongue start to explore her pussy.  Maggie’s tongue drilled deeper into Elisabeth’s dripping snatch, until she felt an intense orgasm wash over her entire body, causing Elisabeth to cry out.

Around noontime, Elisabeth woke up.  After Maggie made her cum, Elisabeth had dozed off, having only gotten a couple of hours of sleep, and Maggie slept next to her.  Now, Elisabeth watched Maggie sleep, and listened to her breathe.  As she watched, Elisabeth got an idea.

She crawled in front of Maggie, spread her legs, then leaned down, and started licking Maggie’s cunt.  As expected, Maggie slowly started to wake up. “Good morning, baby,” Elisabeth said, then continued to eat her out.  Maggie squeezed her tits, and her face screwed up, as she felt the orgasm draw nearer.  Eventually, Maggie came, arching her back slightly as it hit her.

Elisabeth came back up, and they kissed passionately, practically sucking the air out of each other.

“You hungry?” Maggie gasped.


“Good.  Let’s get some lunch.” The two spent most of the weekend in Maggie’s room, sleeping and having sex.

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