I Was a Lesbian Pee Fetishist

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I Was a Lesbian Pee Fetishist
by RandyPan
Story Codes: FF, oral, ws, rom, con
Celebs: Maggie Gyllenhaal, Shailene Woodley
This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.

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Note: This is an alternate universe where these two didn’t become actresses.

Shay was sitting at her computer, in her cubicle at work.  She was squirming around in her seat, because she really had to pee, and this program on her computer was taking forever to finish saving the file. “C’mon, hurry up!” Shay whispered.  Once it finished, Shay jumped out of her seat, and bolted down the hall.

Shay was right at the ladies’ room door, when her boss, Maggie, stuck her head out of her office.

“Shailene, could I see you for a moment?”

“NO!” Shay thought.

Shay stood in Maggie’s office, as her boss talked to her.  In her state, though, all she heard was bits and pieces, like, “…vendor…very impressed…” As she tried to appear attentive, Shay was standing on one foot, rubbing one leg against the other.

Maggie suddenly asked her, “Uh, Shailene, do your legs itch or something?”


“You’re rubbing them together, I’m wondering if you have an itch or something.”

“Oh, uh, no, I, uhm…”

As she stammered for an answer, Maggie blurted out, “Uh, Shailene?”

Shay looked down, and saw the front of her skirt was soaking wet, and realized she’d started to leak.  It was then she also felt it running down her leg. “Oh, God, noooo…!” Shay looked up at Maggie, looking like she was about to cry. “Oh, God, Maggie, I am so sorry, I…”

Maggie just started laughing. “Shailene, why didn’t you just tell me you had to pee?  I would’ve let you go.”

“I-I’m sorry…”

“Look, it’s alright, just, we should probably get that skirt and those panties off you.” Maggie got down in front of Shay, and started taking off her skirt. “If it makes you feel better, Shailene, this once happened to me.  Fortunately, my boss at the time was also understanding, and only rebuked me for not just telling her I had to pee.” Maggie got the skirt off, and, seeing Shay’s Sailor Moon panties, started to giggle.


“No, it’s just, that’s cute.” Maggie got the panties off, then took a deep breath. “God, that smell.”

“I’m sorry.”

“No, that’s not what I, uh…” Maggie then leaned in, closed her eyes, and took a deep whiff.

“Uh, ma’am?” Maggie then buried her tongue in Shay’s pussy.  Shay immediately let out a high-pitched gasping sound, as Maggie’s tongue started probing Shay’s pee-soaked twat.  Shay continued talking, “Wait, Maggie, I don’t think I’m–” Suddenly, Shay started peeing again, this time, practically spraying it.  To Shay’s surprise, Maggie actually seemed to relish it, moving under it to get it all over her face, in her hair, and soaking her shirt.

When Shay stopped, Maggie licked her lips. “Oh, God, Shay, that was incredible!  You wouldn’t believe how turned on I am right now!”

“You’re kind of weird, aren’t you, Maggie?” Maggie answered her by clamping her lips down on Shay’s pussy, and sucking her clit, until Shay came, trembling and again gasping vocally.

Standing up, Maggie started to take off her piss-soaked clothes, revealing a black bra and panties underneath, which she also took off. “Well, I guess now you know I have a bit of a fetish.”

“Uh, yeah.”

“Shailene, can I ask you a question?”


“Were you holding it longer than you needed to?”


“Why?  Is it because you like the feeling of holding it in, and then the relief of finally letting go?”

“I…yeah, I guess…”

“And, did you enjoy peeing on me?”

Shay let out a tiny smirk. “Yeah.”

“Shailene…is it alright if I pee on you?”

“Um, okay.”

Shay took the rest of her clothes off, and knelt naked at Maggie’s feet, as Maggie leaned up against her desk.

“Okay,” Shay whispered, “go.” Maggie started peeing, again practically spraying it all over Shay; on her face, in her hair, everywhere.

“God, Shailene I’ve been holding this for so long.  Just like you, I love that feeling of finally letting go.” Shay opened her mouth, and swallowed some of Maggie’s piss.  When Maggie stopped, Shay leaned forward, and buried her tongue in Maggie’s dripping snatch. “Oh, God, yes!” Maggie winced with pleasure. “Oh, that feels so good, Shailene!” Maggie’s whole body shuddered when she came.

Now standing face to face, Maggie and Shailene made out, while running their fingers through each other’s piss-soaked hair. “God,” Maggie grinned, as Shay kissed her neck, “I can’t believe I finally found a kindred soul.” Maggie and Shay kissed passionately.

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