Filming Last Christmas

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Filming Last Christmas

by RandyPan
Story Codes: FF, oral, cons, rom
Celebs: Jenna Louise Coleman, Faye Marsay
This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.

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During their off-time while filming the latest Doctor Who Christmas Special, Jenna Coleman and Faye Marsay were sitting in a secluded area of the set, with cups of coffee, chatting.

“I would love to be a companion,” Faye said.

“Well, it could happen.  Donna came back.”

“Oh, that would be great!”

“Just wait until I’m gone,” Jenna smirked, “I don’t think I could compete with someone as adorable as you.”

“Okay, now you’re just teasing me.” Faye giggled.

“Oh, I’d never tease about something like that.”

“Seriously, you need to stop; my girl-crush on you is already bad enough. If you keep it up, I will have to snog you!”

Jenna had a bemused/bewildered look on her face. “You admitted that easily.”

“Why not?  I’m not embarrassed!”

“Oh, I don’t have a problem with it, although, somehow that revelation just makes you more adorable.”

“Oh, now you’ve done it!” Faye leaned over and gave Jenna a short but deep kiss on the lips.

After she broke the kiss, Jenna whispered, “No, don’t stop.”

Faye gave her a longer, more sultry kiss, during which they started to rub each other’s shoulders.  Suddenly, Faye stopped, and unzipped her jacket, gasping, “Getting hot in here.”

They continued to make out for a couple of minutes, Jenna even feeling up Faye’s boobs.  Suddenly, Jenna half-moaned, “Wait, we need to stop.”

“Oh, why?” Faye looked disappointed.

“Someone might walk in on us.  Come to my hotel room after we finish for the day.”

Later on, Jenna heard a knock on her door, and went to answer it. Almost immediately on Faye entering the room, the two continued their kiss.

Minutes later, the two were on the bed, naked, still kissing, tongues now wrestling in each other’s mouths, while Faye started fingering Jenna’s twat.  Jenna broke the kiss, and moaned, “Oh, God…”

Faye started kissing down Jenna’s neck and shoulders, moving down to squeeze and suck on her large breasts. “Uhm…” Jenna moaned, as Faye sucked on her hard nipples.  Faye continued kissing down Jenna’s soft belly, then kissed along her hip, around her bush.

Jenna spread her legs, as Faye started softly licking her gash.  Jenna bit her lip and furrowed her brow as Faye’s tongue gradually probed deeper into her sopping cunt. “Oh, fuck!” Jenna gasped, as Faye began directly licking her throbbing clit.  As Faye went, Jenna started to slowly buck her hips, gradually speeding up until the orgasm hit her, at which point she placed her hands on Faye’s head and pushed down. “Ffffuck!” Jenna squeaked.

Now Faye sat against the headboard, as Jenna fondled and suckled her tits. “Yeah, suck ‘em,” Faye whispered, running her fingers through Jenna’s hair.

Jenna moved down, and kissed Faye’s inner thighs, while lightly running her fingers up and down the backs of them, which caused Faye to shiver slightly.  Jenna gradually kissed closer and closer to Faye’s snatch, before finally burying her tongue between her pussy-lips. “Oh, God, yes…” Faye moaned, squeezing one tit with her free hand.  Jenna’s tongue went deeper and deeper, until she was just about tongue-fucking Faye.  Faye’s legs started to twitch and spaz out as Jenna ate her out, until finally she came, snapping her legs shut around Jenna’s head, and letting out a high-pitched shriek.

The next morning, they lay sleeping, Faye spooning Jenna.  Suddenly, Jenna’s phone rang.

“Hello?” Jenna answered.

The voice on the other end was loud enough that Faye could hear.  It was the director. “Jenna, you wouldn’t know where the bloody hell Faye is, would you?  She’s not answering her phone.”

Faye stifled a laugh. “Oh, fuck,” she whispered, “I left my phone in my room!”

“Um, I’ll go knock on her door,” Jenna said, trying not to giggle, “I’m sure she’s just a heavy sleeper.” Faye again had to stop herself from laughing. “Okay, see you on set.” As soon as she closed her phone, Faye busted out laughing, which caused Jenna to laugh, too.

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