Mr. Zima’s Island

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Title:  Mr. Zima’s Island

Author:  Tori


Subject:  Kaley Cuoco, Emma Stone, Liz Gillies, Zendaya Coleman, Danielle Panabaker,

Peyton List and Ashley Benson

Disclaimer:  This is fiction, it did NOT happen.  The story is purely fantasy and fantasy is legal.

Mr. Zima is one of the richest, unknown men in the world.  He made his money the old fashioned way, he killed and cheated for it.  The 48 year old with the well chiseled body and handsome face was fortunate enough to have never been photographed but his reputation was well known amongst the rich and famous.  He was also a genius when it came to playing the stock market and his fortune totaled into the billions.  He could buy or sell anything or anyone.  He was also bored as hell.  What do you do to keep things interesting when you’ve got everything you could possibly imagine?  Well, Mr. Zima had a thing for pretty young actresses.   He’d had his share over the years and his cock had filled the holes of actresses as young as 13 and as old as 60.  He thought about the time he fucked Jane Fonda on his yacht while 14 year old Kirsten Dunst licked his asshole.  He smiled thinking about how he took little Dakota Fanning’s virginity when she was 14.  One of his fondest memories was bending Faith Hill over and fucking the shit out of her just minutes before she was scheduled to present a CMA award.  The list of his conquests went on and on.  It didn’t hurt, of course, that he has a 13 inch cock and could stay hard all night long.  He had access to the finest hotels and also the finest drugs money could buy.  His latest acquisition was a small island 150 miles south of Fiji.  He won it in a poker game from Richard Branson and decided to make it into a sort of amusement park for his own personal entertainment.  Mr. Zima spared no expense.  The compound he built rivaled Fort Knox and his security personnel were 100% loyal to him.  He paid them very well and the benefits he provided made them all financially secure for the rest of their lives.  They would do whatever Mr. Zima asked and they did it without question.

Mr. Zima had made arrangements through his Hollywood contacts to have several beautiful young actresses delivered to his island under the pretense of filming a movie.  The movie was so hush hush that they all were required to sign non-disclosure agreements and were sworn to secrecy.  They could tell no one where they were going.  He had given his personal assistant a list of 25 girls he wanted.  Out of that list, there were sure to be 5 or 6 that agreed to his terms.  The end result was 7, which pleased Mr. Zima, especially since 2 of the names on the list were his favorite young starlets.  The girls were flown in separate private jets to Fiji.  From there, they boarded a large yacht and began their journey to the island.  They met for the first time on board that yacht and were surprised to see each other.  The trip took several hours and the girls were wined and dined the entire trip.   Some sunbathed on deck and a few took a soak in the large Jacuzzi.  They listened to music and danced and had the time of their lives.  What they didn’t know was that their lives were about to change, forever.  They were never going to be heard from again.  Mr. Zima smiled as the yacht pulled up to the dock and the girls began to disembark.

Mr. Zima stood at the top of the long pathway leading to the compound and greeted his guests with a smile and open arms.  First was Zendaya Coleman, next to her stood Kaley Cuoco.  Danielle Panabaker came up and gave him a big hug.  She was always one of his favorite young actresses and he had watched her career with interest.  Danielle stepped aside and let Peyton List greet their host.  Next was Liz Gillies.  Liz was Mr. Zima’s fantasy girl.  Her perfect body and pretty face made him hard just thinking about what he was going to do to her.  The last two girls, Emma Stone and Ashley Benson introduced themselves to their host.  When the introductions were finished, Mr. Zima took Danielle and Liz by the hand and led them into the compound through a large steel gate.  They walked into a huge open yard and stood there looking around.  The sound of the steel gates slamming shut startled Zendaya and Kaley.  They let out a quiet nervous laugh.  Mr. Zima walked a few feet away and then turned.

“Welcome to my island ladies.  Welcome to your new home.  You will never leave.”

The girls stood stunned for a second and the started to laugh.  Kaley asked if this was some sort of joke but Mr. Zima wasn’t laughing.   He snapped his fingers and the girls were immediately surrounded by two dozen men, all armed with automatic weapons pointed at them.  A large black man with stars on his collar walked up and told them all to strip.  They just stood there.  He ordered them to strip again and when they didn’t move, he grabbed Peyton’s dress and tore it from her body.  Two other men grabbed her and removed her bra and panties and threw her to the ground.  The other girls quickly undressed and left their clothes in a pile at their feet.  The black man grabbed Peyton by her long blonde hair and stood her up.  She tried her best to hide her naked body but the man pulled out a pistol and told them all to drop their hands to their sides.  Zendaya started to cry.  Mr. Zima pulled her close to him and gently wiped the tears from her eyes and told her not to worry.  She’d soon learn to love it here.

The girls were ordered to follow the men.  All but Ashley Benson started to move.  She just stood there with a stern look on her face.  “Look here asshole, I don’t know what kind of sick pervert you are but I have no intention of staying here.”  Mr. Zima motioned over to the head guard.  The man pointed at three of his men and nodded.  The men grabbed Ashley and pushed her to the ground.  They pulled out their cocks and proceeded to rape her in front of the other girls.  One of them pulled her onto his cock and began to fuck her pussy.  Another got behind and shoved his cock into her ass while the third one forced his 9 inches down her throat.  She tried to fight them off but the guard fucking her ass pulled her hands behind her and cuffed her wrists behind her back.  The three men took turns raping the young actress while the others watched in horror.  When they finished, they stood up, put their cocks back into their pants and left her laying on the grass crying.  The head guard came over to her, pulled out his pistol and placed it at her forehead.  BANG!!!!!!!!  The sound of the gunshot was deafening.  Ashley’s lifeless body lay on the ground and the girls looked down at her.  Her face and the back of her head were gone.  Blood began to pool around her on the ground.  Mr. Zima just turned and started walking away.  “Too bad, I was looking forward to fucking her in the ass later but let this be a lesson to you all.  You will do as I say or you will meet the same fate as Ms. Benson.  I told you when you arrived.  You will never again leave this island.”

They were led into the large house and one by one, they had a metal collar attached to their necks.  The collars, they were told, contained tracking devices and their location would be monitored at all times.  They were free to use all the amenities the compound had to offer, however, they were no longer allowed to wear clothes of any kind.  They were also required to shave their pubic hair, Mr. Zima liked his woman to be clean.  They were also given access to a hair stylist and manicurist.  Mr. Zima liked his woman to look beautiful for him.

Each girl was shown to her own large suite.  They were told that breakfast was at 7am, lunch at noon and dinner would be served promptly at 7pm.  They were all required to attend.  No exceptions.  If they wished for food or drinks during the day, the kitchen staff was available to them 24/7.  They could have whatever they desired, with one exception, their freedom.

Mr. Zima sat in his suite and smiled.  He leaned over and pressed a button and told his assistant to bring Ms. List to him.  A few minutes later, Peyton List entered the large room.  Mr. Zima walked over to her and took her hand.  He leaned down and kissed it softly.  He commented on how pretty her long, manicured nails were and kissed each one with his lips.  He could feel Peyton trembling and he assured her he would not hurt her unless, of course, she deserved it.  He pulled her hand towards his crotch and placed it on his cock.  She closed her eyes and started rubbing his hardening cock through his trousers.  She was told to get on her knees and take out his cock.  Peyton dropped to the floor and unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock.  Her eyes got wide when she saw just how big his cock was.  He told her to take it in her mouth and suck him off.  She’d gone down on a few men before so she wasn’t exactly new to giving head.  She licked the tip and then up and down his shaft, stopping to suck each of his balls.  She made her way back to the bulbous head and opened her mouth.  Her glossy pink lips surrounded the monster cock and she began to bob her head up and down on him.  She ran her pink fingernails along his balls gently squeezing them as she sucked him.  Mr. Zima was moaning out loud as the pretty 15 year old blonde starlet sucked his cock.  She serviced his cock for almost 10 minutes until he finally came in her mouth.  He told her she could spit it out if she wanted to but instead, Peyton just looked up at him and swallowed.  He pulled her to her feet and kissed her long and hard, their tongues dancing in their mouths.  The taste of her strawberry lip gloss mixed with his cum made him hard again.  Mr. Zima told her to get on her hands and knees.  He asked if she was a virgin.  She told him that she’d lost her virginity to a photographer when she was a 12 year old model.  He was slightly disappointed that she wasn’t pure but it didn’t stop him from slipping his cock into her tight wet pussy.  He began to fuck her slowly and felt her juices flowing around his hard cock.  Soon he was slamming away at the young girl, pounding his cock deep insider her cunt.  He grabbed her by the hair and pulled her waiting mouth to his and kissed her deeply when he filled her pussy with his seed.  When he pulled out, Peyton dropped to the floor and lay there with his cum dripping from her gaging hole.  He helped to her feet and led her to the door, gave her a kiss and told her to go get cleaned up, dinner was in an hour.

Dinner was indeed served at precisely 7pm.  They dined on some of the finest food they’d ever eaten.  Wine was served as well as other non-alcoholic beverages.  Zendaya and Peyton both had iced tea and Kaley had a Coke.  Mr. Zima made small talk while they ate and looked at the beautiful nude girls sitting at his table.  He asked Peyton if she enjoyed her afternoon.  She just blushed and said that she enjoyed it very much.  She hadn’t said a word to anyone about getting fucked earlier but they all saw the smile on her face as she ate her lobster.  Dinner lasted almost 2 hours and after some cocktails on the lanai, Mr. Zima excused himself and went to his suite.  The girls started to talk about what was happening.  Peyton described, in detail, her encounter with Mr. Zima earlier that day.  The girls sat and listened.  Zendaya started to cry and told everyone she was still a virgin and didn’t want to spend the rest of her life here.  One of the guards came out and asked Liz to come with him.  She stood up and said goodnight to her companions and left.

Liz Gillies was led into Mr. Zima’s bed chamber and stood there waiting.  Mr. Zima came out of his bathroom wearing nothing but a hardon and a smile.  He kissed Liz deeply on the mouth and then picked her up and placed her on the large bed.  He told her how beautiful she was and that he’s always been fascinated with her.  He enjoyed her acting and singing talents as much as he enjoyed looking at her flawless face and exquisite body.  Liz blushed and thanked him for the compliment and tried very hard to remember that she was kidnapped and being held against her will.  Mr. Zima lay next her and stroked her hair as he kissed his way down to her nipples.  He licked and sucked each one and then kissed her stomach.  He spread her legs apart and she felt his warm tongue licking her slit.  He sucked on her clit and gently pushed his fingers inside her dripping pussy.  No man had ever performed oral on her like he did.  She came so many times in his mouth that she lost count.  Her apprehensions slipped away and soon she was making love to her captor.  She sucked his cock and he fucked her pussy.  She begged him never to stop.  He asked her if she’d ever had anal sex.  She told him only a few times but told him he could do her in the ass if that was his wish.  He was in heaven as he pushed his 13 inches deep into his fantasy girl’s anus.  He made sure he didn’t cause her too much pain as he slowly sodomized her.  She was soon pushing back begging for him to fuck her harder.  He lay down and she turned around and rode his cock deep up her ass for almost 30 minutes before he filled her with his hot cum.  Liz fell back onto his chest and let his cock slip out of.  She felt his hot cum pour out of her ass as he held her tight and kissed her neck and nibbled at her ear.  She was still shaking from her last orgasm when he rolled her on her side and spooned her until they both fell asleep.  She woke up alone in the bed and a few minutes later, one of the guards came in and told her breakfast was in 10 minutes.  She grabbed a quick shower and made her way to the dining room.  The other girls were already seated.  When she sat down, Mr. Zima came in a joined them.  He kissed her on the forehead as he passed and she smile up at him.  The other girls just stared at her.  They ate their breakfast in silence, wondering who was going to be next.

After breakfast, Kaley and Danielle decided to take a swim in the large outdoor pool.  Emma said she’d join them.  As they made their way to the pool, Emma was summoned to meet Mr. Zima.  She followed the guard to the opposite end of the house and was led into large concrete room with no windows.  She looked around and saw various sex toys on the walls and a large wooden table in the shape of an “X” in the center of the room.  The door opened and two large black men came in and grabbed her, placing her on the wooden table.  She was placed on her stomach and her hands and feet were shackled to hooks at each end of the “X”.  Her head was hanging over the end and she had a metal ring placed into her mouth and strapped around her neck.  The men left and Mr. Zima entered.  He was wearing a leather outfit that covered his entire body with the exception of his huge cock.  He had a whip in his hand and began to flail away at Emma’s back.  She screamed out as he whipped her over and over again.  Her back was bright red and her spit was running freely out of mouth as the tears covered her face.  Mr. Zima hung the whip on the wall and walked over to her and shoved his cock in her mouth.  The o-gag held her mouth open wide enough for him to force his entire 13 inches down her throat.  He grabbed onto her red hair and face fucked the young actress until he came down her throat.  His hot load spilled out of her mouth as he walked behind her and shoved his cock up her ass.  He raped Emma’s ass for almost 20 minutes before he finally pulled out and covered her back with his load.  He spent the next 2 hours defiling the young actress.  When he was finished, she was covered in sweat and cum.  Her body was a wreck and she was practically comatose when the 2 guards came and carried her back to her room.

Lunch was served precisely at noon and everyone was there, except Emma.  Mr. Zima told the other girls that she was given permission to stay in her room for the remainder of the afternoon.  They just nodded their heads and ate their lunch.  After lunch, Kaley made her way to Emma’s room and knocked.  She knocked several times and then entered.  She found Emma curled up in a ball in her bathtub.  Her hair was matted with dried sweat and cum.  She had dried cum all over her ass and pussy and her back was still bright red from being whipped.  Kaley held her in her arms as she cried.  Emma was still in shock but managed to say that he had taken her to a dungeon and raped her.  Kaley ran a bath for her and washed away the filth.  She dried her off and helped her to her bed and held her close until she fell asleep.

When dinner was served everyone, including Emma, was there.  Emma appeared to still be in shock and only ate a few mouthfuls.  Mr. Zima remarked that it appeared the Emma had lost her appetite.  Kaley looked over at him with hate in her eyes and softly muttered, “you bastard”.  Mr. Zima dabbed his mouth with his napkin and stood up.  He addressed everyone as he looked right at Kaley.  “I am your master.  I own each and every one of you.  Did you forget what happened to your friend Ashley?  No?  I didn’t think so.  Ms. Stone was taught a valuable lesson today.  I’m sure you’ll all hear the details soon enough but suffice it to say, her lesson served its purpose.  Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ll retire to my room.  Enjoy the rest of your evening ladies.”

After Mr. Zima left, the girls gathered around Emma as she told them what happened to her.  She cried uncontrollably as Danielle and Kaley held her.  They led her back to her room and put her to bed.  She cried herself to sleep.  Danielle was just climbing into her bed when the door opened.  Mr. Zima came in and joined her.  He gave her a kiss and asked if she understood why he did what he did to Emma and she nodded.  She told him that he needed to be in control and that even though they had everything their hearts desired, they were still prisoners.  With that, she started to stroke his cock and then took him into her mouth and sucked him deeply.  She made love to his cock and he couldn’t remember getting a better blowjob in his entire life.  She sucked and licked and played with his cock like it was a priceless piece of art.  He tried hard to make it last forever but like every man she’s ever given head too, he soon came into her mouth and watched as she swallowed down his seed.  Danielle climbed on top of him and rubbed her wet pussy on him.   He was hard again within minutes and she guided his cock into pussy.  She fucked him slow and steady while she ran her hands across his chest and played with his nipples.  She leaned down, kissed him deeply and had her first orgasm.  He could feel her wetness squirting out of her pussy and covering his cock.  She started riding him harder, slamming up and down on him, coming over and over again.  She got off and opened her mouth just as he shot a long stream of cum.  His hot load covered her face and hair.  Danielle laid back and was still breathing heavy when Mr. Zima got up and left.  She went into the bathroom and vomited into the toilet and then showered Mr. Zima’s filth from her body.  When she got back into bed, she started to shake uncontrollably and it took her almost an hour to calm down and finally drift off to sleep.

That morning, Emma was not at the breakfast table.  Mr. Zima asked one of his guards to go and get her.  Within minutes, the guard returned and spoke softly into Mr. Zima’s ear.  He quickly got up and followed the guard to Emma’s room.  The girls followed and all screamed at what they saw.  Emma had slit her wrists and was lying in a pool of blood in her bed.  Mr. Zima yelled at them to get out and they left, crying and holding onto each other.  They made their way to the lanai and sat silently and thought about what had happened.   They all just sat there and knew that Emma took the only way out that she had.  She’d been raped and tortured and the thought of enduring another day was just too much for her.   Kaley looked at the other girls and told them they all needed to be strong.  She knew Emma the longest and she was a friend and that she was going to miss her dearly.  Later that day, they watched as the guards took Emma’s body to the yacht and pulled away from the island.  Mr. Zima told them all that she would be returned to her family with a story about a terrible accident while filming.  He also told them all that this changed nothing.  They were all still his property and they were all still here to service only him.

After lunch, Kaley was taken to the dungeon and given the same treatment that Emma had received.  Mr. Zima told her the facts of life while he beat and raped the blonde actress.  He told her that he didn’t like her defiance that morning at breakfast and that the sooner she realized her place in life, the better.  He used large toys and buttplugs on her as he took her holes.  He even made her drink his piss as he shoved his cock in her throat.  He had a maniacal look on his face as her fisted her asshole, shoving his entire arm inside her rectum.  When he finished, he took the o-gag out of her mouth and asked her if she understood what was expected of her.  All she could say was, “Yes Master”.  At dinner that evening, she was made to kneel beside him and he feed her scraps from his plate.  The other girls knew that if he could break Kaley, none of them had a chance.  Kaley was led away on a leash by 2 of the guards and taken back to the dungeon.  Mr. Zima gave his men permission to use her as they pleased.   The men raped and sodomized Kaley the entire night and she was still covered in their filth when they brought her to breakfast the next morning.  She had a large buttplug in her ass and had a hard time sitting down.  Mr. Zima patted her on the head as he took his seat.  She looked at him and said, “Good Morning Master.”  The rest of the girls didn’t dare look at her as she tried to chew her food with swollen lips and a bruised jaw.

When they finished eating, Mr. Zima stood up, walked over to Peyton and had her suck him off in front of the other girls.  She quickly devoured his cock and soon had him feeding her his load.   She swallowed it down and then wiped her mouth with her napkin.  Mr. Zima took her by the hand and led her to her room.  He pushed her over the edge of her bed and impaled her ass with his hard cock.  She screamed out as his huge monster cock filled her rectum.  He started pumping the pretty blonde and soon had her grunting like a two dollar whore each time he rammed his cock all the way into her ass.  He asked Peyton what she was and she replied, “I’m your ass whore Master.  I’m your piece of meat.”  He fucked her ass for almost 20 minutes and then shot his load inside of her.  She collapsed on the floor when he pulled out and left her there still panting like a dog in heat.

After dinner, he instructed his guards to bring Liz and Zendaya to his room.  When they entered, Mr. Zima told Zendaya to get on the bed.  She looked at him with fear but did as she was told.  He told Liz to make her more comfortable.  Liz knew what he meant and she climbed in bed with Zendaya and started making out with her.  The two girls kissed and Mr. Zima stroked his cock as he looked at the two young actresses.  The contrast between the very pale Liz and the dark skinned Zendaya was striking.  What a beautiful sight.  Liz made her way down between the young virgin’s legs and started to lick her pussy.  Zendaya had never had sex of any kind before but was soon loving the feeling she was getting.  Liz sucked her clit and she came for the first time.  Mr. Zima got behind Liz and slid his cock into her ass.  Liz had Zendaya’s long, thin legs spread wide as she licked and slurped her sweet juices, all the while getting her asshole reamed by Mr. Zima’s 13 inch meat stick.  Zendaya had several more orgasms when he pulled his cock out of Liz’s ass and fed it to Zendaya.  She had never sucked a cock before but Liz told her what to do.  She sucked and licked and tasted Liz’s ass on the big cock.  She actually liked the taste and started to take more and more on it into her mouth.  She gagged and choked a few times before Mr. Zima pulled out and picked her up.  He spun her around and lay down on the bed.  She only weighed about 90 pounds and he had no problem holding her in the air.  He instructed Liz to grab his cock and guide it into the young black girl.  He slowly lowered Zendaya onto his cock and then pushed her down until he felt her innocence tear away.  She had a pained look on her face as he broke her hymen but she didn’t scream.   She started to pump up and down on his cock and soon she was moaning with pleasure.  Liz got behind her and started licking her ass while the huge cock spread her pussy wide.  She was so tight that it only took Mr. Zima a few minutes before he was filling her once virgin hole with cum.   He pulled her off and Liz licked her hole and his cock clean.  The three of them fucked like bunnies for several hours before Mr. Zima told Zendaya to go back to her room.  After she left, he took Liz in the ass one more time and then fell asleep with her in his arms.

That morning after breakfast, Zendaya told the other girls about losing her virginity.  They all listened to her tell how gentle he was.  Kaley sat alone across from the others and just stared.  She hadn’t spoken in 2 days and the others were starting to get worried.  Later that day, Mr. Zima had Kaley brought to his room and he fucked her in the ass before sending her on his way.  The only thing she said was, “Thank You Master” when he finished.  She was broken and he smiled.

That night, Mr. Zima had Danielle and Liz share his bed.  The three fucked all night long until Mr. Zima couldn’t get it up anymore and then, they did each other while he watched.  He smiled as his two favorites fucked each other.

Over the next several weeks Mr. Zima shared his bed with every girl.  The only girl he didn’t take to bed was Kaley.  She was just a set of holes to him.  She was a mindless zombie and he felt no joy from her so he gave her to the guards.  They kept her in their quarters and took turns fucking her when they weren’t on duty.  The other girls rarely saw her anymore and when they did, she showed no signs of recognition, she just serviced her masters like a good little slave.

Several months had passed and Mr. Zima and his slaves were living their lives on the island.  The girls knew their place and no one had been subjected to the dungeon since Kaley.  They made sure to keep Mr. Zima happy and gave 100% to him when they were chosen to spend time with him.  Peyton had become quite the anal whore and while Liz and Danielle were still his favorites, she held a special place in his heart as his number one ass slave.  Zendaya lost her anal virginity a few nights after she lost her cherry and Mr. Zima loved how tight her little black asshole was.  She was also becoming very skilled at giving head but Danielle was still the best.  His love for Liz however, continued to grow.  She now was a permanent resident in his bed and lived only to pleasure him.  He did his best to make sure she was happy.  He bought his girls gifts and even allowed then access to satellite TV occasionally.  He censored what they watched and never allowed them access to the news.  The stories about their disappearances were still running and although no one had any idea what happened, they still hadn’t abandoned their search.  The news people speculated that they were victims of a sex trafficking ring or worse.  The news of the tragic death of Emma Stone was also still being talked about.  She was included in the Oscar broadcast and her movies enjoyed their best popularity now that she was gone.  Mr. Zima smiled and reflected on his wonderful life.  He thought long and hard about it and decided it was time for some new talent on his island.

That night at dinner, Mr. Zima stood up and asked the girls if there was anyone they knew that they would like to have join them.  Liz mentioned that she missed her friends Ariana Grandi and Tori Justice.  Peyton missed Stefanie Scott and would love to have her here.  Danielle didn’t say a word but thought about her sister Kay.  Zendaya mentioned Bella Thorne and Caroline Sunshine.

A week later the girls watched the yacht dock and saw the three newcomers walk up to the compound.   After the gates had closed and the girls were forced to strip, Mr. Zima called for them to join him.  They walked out and saw the look of surprise on the faces of Ariana, Caroline and Stefanie.

“Welcome to my island ladies.  Welcome to your new home.  You will never leave.”

The End.

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