Not so Innocent 2

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Not so Innocent 2

by tevok

Celebrity: Saoirse Ronan, Kristen Stewart, Emma Stone

Story Codes: FSolo, mast, FFF, cons, oral

Notes: A sequel to one of my first stories, based on an idea a friend gave me. Comments and feedback are very much welcome, either through the forums or my email: [email protected]

English is not my first language, so forgive minor mistakes.

Disclaimer: This story isn’t real; this is fiction, so this is not meant to represent how the celebrities act in real life and nothing of the sort. Fantasy is apparently still legal.


Her eyes opened groggily and she sat up, yawning and stretching. After fighting against her desire to just stay in bed, she eventually got up and walked to the bathroom to do her usual morning chores. By the time she entered the shower, water hot and running, Saoirse still couldn’t keep down the smile on her face.

It wasn’t that Saoirse Ronan was a morning person. However, she had no reason not to be happy: she had a nice and supportive family, good friends and fans. And what of her career? It was flourishing nicely: her most recent film, ‘Brooklyn’, a love project she had grown emotionally attached to, was being lauded in festivals and getting good reviews. Another one, ‘Stockholm, Pennsylvania’, wasn’t having as much acclaim but she still got commended for her acting.

And, even though she didn’t feel like committing to big blockbusters yet, her name was still mentioned around projects like ‘The Avengers’ and ‘X-Men’!

Overall, life was good for her. Another added bonus was that her birthday, her 21st birthday, was coming close. She always got giddy at these times, and in the last years she had extra motives to do so…

As the water cascaded over her body, her slightly long blonde hair getting slick and matting itself to her neck and back, she couldn’t help thinking back to the night before. The feel of her lover’s body against her, their fair skins rubbing together, their delicate hands caressing each other’s bodies with passion and a desire to pleasure both… Her hands idly moved around her own body, almost hugging herself as she closed her eyes and enjoyed the hot water which seemed to intensify her thoughts.

She could hear her lust-filled whispering of her name—Sir-sha, as she put it—as her mouth trailed over her jawline, her neck, her collarbone, her breasts… Her hands re-traced her lover’s movements, her fingers ghosting over the lingering feel of her lips, making herself shiver despite the temperature…

She had her head raised, facing away from the shower water; her eyes were closed, her mouth slightly open as her breathing got a little more labored.

“Hhhmmm…” Saoirse moaned as her fingers began gliding over her breasts. In her mind, she was back to the night before: the hands weren’t her own, but Kristen’s as she tortured her with her feathery touches, teased the sensitive skin of her chest, traced her fingers up her little mounds and then playfully traced her nipples till they were hard as pebbles.

In her mind, lost in her reminiscing, it was Kristen doing that. In the real world, her own hands were mimicking the movements she envisioned.

“Hhhmmm… Kristen…” Saoirse moaned and whispered as her hands stopped circling her areola and instead roughly grabbed the breasts. Kristen had always been the one to go a little rougher, even in their first time, and she had done so the night before as well. Her hands moved like Kristen’s would, cupping the breasts before kneading them, purposefully rubbing the hard nipples with the palm before pinching them with the fingers to produce a pleasurable discomfort—she couldn’t call that pain.

Moving back and sliding down the wall to the floor, Saoirse continued to play with herself as she recalled the night before. Kristen had her naked in the couch, reaching around her to knead and grope her breasts, kissing her neck and mouth over her shoulder, making Saoirse her ‘bitch’—as Kristen would sometimes so eloquently put it.

Eventually, however, things took a step further. One of Saoirse’s hands, like one of Kristen’s, detached itself from her breasts and trailed down, teasingly scrapping her nails down her belly until arriving between her legs. Lying on the floor, Saoirse spread her legs like she had done the night before and her fingers instantly found her pussy, moving up and down the opening torturously.

Saoirse whimpered and moaned, almost begging, as her pussy lips where pried open and a delicate finger tentatively began pushing inside.

“You like that, Sir-sha?Kristen had said, in her especially husky tone she reserved for their love-making. “You like my finger up your pussy? You like having me finger you till you cum, Sir-sha?

Saoirse moaned and whimpered, occasionally letting out squeal-like sounds as the finger began moving inside, sawing back and forward with more and more intensity. Saoirse could never match Kristen’s fingering, not even in her masturbation; Kristen had a rough streak in hers, intensifying the more Saoirse moaned and whimpered and making her orgasm hit even stronger than normal.

“Ooohh Kristen… Yes…” Saoirse moaned, eyes still closed as she continued with her fantasy. By now she was almost lying down on the shower floor, legs spread and planted on the walls as she bucked against her own hand. Like Kristen, she used multiple fingers, going as far as three, while her other hand turned even more rough on her breasts.

“Ooooohhh!! Yeeeessss! Harder!” Saoirse moaned out, squealing as her hand—like Kristen’s—tried to raise the tempo of its movements, her hips going erratic in their bucking, her mouth opening in an ‘O’. Her head was thrown back, getting her hit in the face by the falling water; just like, the night before, she would get Kristen’s mouth against hers to drown out her scream.

“Do it, Sir-sha! Scream it out, cum for me!”

“Fuuuuuucck!!” Saoirse screamed out like she was ‘ordered’ to, her hips spasming as she didn’t have the control to keep pumping her finger. Her scream turned into a long whimper as she relished the warm feel of her pussy oozing out her girl-cum, the pleasurable feeling running with it as she enjoyed the high of her orgasm.

While doing so, Kristen turned her face over her shoulder and planted an uncharacteristically soft kiss on her lips. Saoirse kissed back drunkenly, still lost in her bliss as she turned her body around and slowly intertwined with Kristen…

Saoirse’s eyes slowly opened as she broke out of her reminiscing, smiling. She found herself lying on the shower floor, one finger still inside her pussy as the shower water fell like a waterfall over her. Her breathing was tired and her whole body felt like it was slowly cooling after being on fire.

She sat up against the wall. She brought her hand up and, still smiling, tentatively licked her fingers. She had picked this habit from Kristen, who always did so after fingering her.

“You taste great, you know that?” She had told her the first time. And Saoirse couldn’t help agreeing.

She stayed sitting there for some more moments as she recovered, her breathing picking up and her legs growing slightly steadier. With a smile still on her face, she finally picked herself up and began showering anew.


“Happy birthday, Saoirse!”

Saoirse Ronan almost fell backwards as her friend and lover, Kristen Stewart, tackled her as soon as she opened the door. She couldn’t help the smile that came to her face as she hugged her back, almost shivering as she felt Kristen nuzzle against her face.

“Thanks.” She broke off their embrace, as smirked at her. “Now, where is my present?”

Kristen smirked back before holding Saoirse’s face in her hands, leaning in and kissing her. The kiss began soft and rather loving, their lips softly molding together and opening for their tongues to lick over each other. Soon their kiss turned more passionate as their tongues wrestled and delved into the other’s mouth.

Surprisingly, it was Kristen that broke off their kiss when Saoirse pushed her against the door. She held the excited blonde at arm’s length, both panting slightly as they looked at each other.

“C’mon, Sir-sha. We will be late for the dinner.”

“Oh, there’s no need to.” Saoirse said, smiling cutely. “We can eat here, watch something…”

Kristen couldn’t help groaning a bit, especially seeing how cute Saoirse looked. “No, I got this dinner planned especially for you. After that, well… We can do whatever you want, Sir-sha.”

Later that night, both girls were sitting at their table at the restaurant. It was a nice restaurant, without all the exaggerated fancy and luxuriousness of those high-class restaurants but still a great place. In turn, there was no need for them to dress up too formally: Kristen Stewart was dressed in a slightly see-through white shirt with a black bra underneath and jeans, something similar to what she wore in a Comic-con a few years back, while Saoirse Ronan dressed in a blue skirt and a black dress top.

“Hhmm… The food here is great!” Saoirse exclaimed.

“Yeah, it is one of the reasons I brought you here.” Kristen smiled at her, eating her own dish.

“One of?” Saoirse asked, raising an eyebrow.

“Well, I also have a surprise for you in here.”

Before Saoirse could ask, a voice she recognized spoke behind her. “I guess that is my cue, right?”

Saoirse turned around, and her words got caught up in her throat. Standing behind her, smiling down with her gorgeous green eyes, was none other than Emma Stone.

“Well, surprise! Happy birthday, Saoirse!”

Seer-sha. That was how her name sounded coming from the redhead, a rather spot-on pronunciation. Her eyes eventually pried away from Emma’s gorgeous face, taking notice of her short leather dress before she turned to Kristen, the brunette smirking mischievously at her.

“You planned this?” Was the unspoken question on Saoirse’s look, which made Kristen’s smirk widen with a barely held chuckle.

“I found out Emma was a fan of yours, Saoirse. After that, it didn’t take much convincing to bring her here.”

“Y-You are a fan of mine?” Saoirse spun around and looked at Emma in surprise.

“Of course! You are such a great actress; I just love how you do those accents… I’m a bit envious of your voice.” Emma said, chuckling and blushing a bit.

“As if. I mean, just hear yourself! Your voice is amazing, every time I see a movie of yours… God, how I love hearing it!” Saoirse said excitedly, before blushing as well as she rethought her own words.

“Way to break the ice…” Kristen said, all three chuckling as Emma sat down with them and ordered some food as well.

The three went on, more talking than eating. Emma and Saoirse hit it off easily, becoming fast friends as the dinner went on; as it was obvious, they were fans of each other.

Kristen, for her part, kept a smirk on her face for most of the evening; had Saoirse noticed, she would immediately know someone was ‘wrong’. She had known for a long while now that the blonde had a crush on Emma, it being one of the reasons she got the redhead to come. And, as the two talked and got along, she couldn’t help notice the look on Emma’s eyes mirrored in some aspects those of Saoirse’s.

“So, Emma…” Kristen began with a smile, after Saoirse got up to go to the bathroom. “There’s something I wanted to talk to you about…”


By the time she was finished on her bathroom obligations and washing her hands, her friend joined Saoirse Ronan in the bathroom. Kinda lost in her thoughts, she didn’t notice it until Emma was right by her side, washing her hands on the neighbor sink.

A somewhat awkward silence followed as Saoirse didn’t know what to say, a bit of her first shyness coming back. Drying her hands, she was about to leave the bathroom when Emma finally spoke up.

“Can I make you a personal question, Saoirse?”

Saoirse stopped, fighting down the goosebumps as she heard the sound of her name coming from the redhead’s naturally husky voice. “Huh, sure?”

“Are you and Kristen together?” Emma asked, turning to face her.

Saoirse nearly choked on air at the question, stammering slightly. “W-Well, it’s not…”

“It’s just that, well, you two seemed so cute together…” Emma bit her bottom lip, a sight that made Saoirse part her own lips. She barely noticed Emma moving closer. “Kristen said you two were very… close. And…”

By now Emma was right on Saoirse’s face. Being the same height, Saoirse just looked straight ahead to look into Emma’s eyes; blue clashed with green, as both women stood still.

“I have to admit, I’ve had a crush on you for the longest time now…”

As soon as those words were out of Emma Stone’s mouth, Saoirse moved without thinking and immediately moved forward, locking her lips with hers in a soft kiss. Emma’s eyes closed immediately as she kissed back, their lips molding softly against each other as both girls melted into the kiss, parting after a while but keeping their foreheads touching as they slowly opened their eyes and smiled.

“I’ve got a crush on you too.” Saoirse said, grinning. “I just loved seeing you get slutty in ‘Easy A’.” She giggled slightly.

Emma chuckled back, wrapping her arms around Saoirse and pulling her close, having the blonde put her arms around her shoulders. “I know, Seer-sha. Kristen told me that.”

“She did?” Saoirse asked, surprised.

Emma nodded. “Just now. She told me to come to the bathroom, to ‘surprise’ you.”

“That sounds like her.” Saoirse chuckled before leaning forward, kissing Emma again. This time the two pressed their lips together with more passion, beginning to open up as their kiss intensified. It wasn’t just the soft touching of lips anymore, but a real kiss, their tongues running over each other’s lips and teasing the other’s tongue as well.

“Hhhmm…” Emma moaned into Saoirse’s mouth, the two continuing to give small pecks as their kiss broke off. “You’ve always looked so innocent in your movies, I never thought you would be like that…”

“Trust me, even when we began she wasn’t very innocent.”

Saoirse shivered before she felt a second pair of hands on her body, this one reaching from behind her and resting on her chest. She didn’t need to turn around to know to whom it, and the pair of lips that now kissed and nibbled her neck, belonged to.


“Happy birthday, Sir-sha.” Kristen whispered as Saoirse turned her face to hers, their tongues meeting and licking at it other before they kissed over her shoulder. Theirs was immediately passionate, more intimate and hungry.

Still holding Saoirse close, and enjoying the spectacle unfolding right in her face, Emma grinned before diving forward and attacking Saoirse’s neck with her mouth, taking hold of the milky white skin with her lips as she kissed and nibbled on it.

“Ooohh…” Saoirse moaned on Kristen’s mouth, eyes closed and mouth open as Kristen licked and kissed her unresponsive lips, too taken by the pleasure of having the two women working on her to act.

As Saoirse eventually turned her face forward again, the roles reversed: Emma let go of her neck in favor of making out with the blonde, while Kristen leaned down and began sucking and nibbling on the junction of Saoirse’s neck and shoulder.

To further overwhelm the blonde, Kristen’s idle hands began working on her breasts, groping and kneading them roughly, feeling the nipple over her shirt and rubbing it with her fingers and palm; at the same time, Emma was also nearly humping her lower body with Saoirse’s as she pushed forward against the younger girl.

“Are you going to come, Sir-sha?” Kristen asked, nibbling and sucking on her earlobe. “Are you going to come just from being kissed and having your tits played with?”

Saoirse whimpered slightly, breaking her kiss with Emma and leaning her head back with her eyes closed. The redhead returned to her neck, having a lot more access like this; at the same time, her hands moved down Saoirse’s hips and pulled her skirt up a bit, snaking inside…

“OOOOHH!” Saoirse moaned louder as Emma’s fingers found her snatch over her panties, the redhead snickering before starting to rub her over the damp undergarment. Saoirse soon was panting as the girls double-teamed her, kissing her neck while their hands played with her more sensitive spots.

“Cum for us, Seer-sha…” Emma said sultrily, kissing up her neck to her chin and along her jawline.

“There’s no need to hold it in…” Kristen continued in tandem, biting her earlobe slightly before trailing down her jawline.

“Hhmm…” Saoirse opened her eyes in time to see the faces of both women close in and their mouths collide, kissing hotly right over her shoulder; so close, she could join by leaning down a bit.

The mere sight—no, the mere notion—of her lover Kristen Stewart and her crush Emma Stone together like that, making out while pleasuring her… That was enough to overwhelm the blonde and throw her over the edge.

She threw her head back and moaned out her orgasm, her body shaking and her pussy gushing out her juices into her panties. She felt Kristen’s hands let go of her breasts to hold her, keeping her from falling when her legs wavered from weakness; she slowly slid down to the floor, eyes still closed, looking disheveled and panting from the blissful pleasure.

“God, you really came…”

Kristen opened her eyes slowly, only to find Emma’s gorgeous face looking straight at her with a cute—almost sexily so—smile. She smiled back at the redhead, only to widen it as a hand came up and moved her hair out of her face. She turned her face around, to find Kristen smiling at her; she then noticed she was pretty much sitting on Kristen’s lap, her body leaning back against the brunette’s as she held her dearly.

“Thanks, Kristen.” Saoirse said, smiling.

“What for?”

“For this ‘present’.” Saoirse closed her eyes. “That’s the best birthday ever.”

“Believe me.” Kristen leaned down and kissed her cheek, making her look at her again. “This is only starting.”

Before she could question it, Saoirse turned forward again as she heard the sound of something being thrown away; indeed, it was Emma’s leather dress as the redhead sat down again, now completely naked.

“She looks hot.” Kristen whispered on her ear. “Why don’t we show her we are, too?”

Being made to sit up fully, Saoirse was promptly met by Emma’s lips as the redhead leaned forward and kissed her again, this time harder. As their tongues wrestled, Emma’s hands met Saoirse’s and helped pulling her shirt up, their kiss breaking to undress the blonde before they threw themselves together again.

This time the kiss was short lived, however, as Emma pushed Saoirse back a bit and began kissing down her neck and to her chest, taking her time on the collarbone as she unclasped the last garment and then finally placing her lips on Saoirse’s small but perky breasts.

“Ooohhh…” Saoirse cooed as Emma began playing around. It was a different feeling having Emma do it: whereas Kristen was rough and torturous, liking to hear her whimper, Emma was already showing to be far more lovable, using her tongue rather than her teeth as she licked around the areola and suckled like a baby on her nipple.

At the same time as she feasted on the blonde’s breasts, Emma’s hand moved down their bodies and began pulling down Saoirse’s skirt and panties. Backing off—which made Saoirse whimper slightly—she finished pulling off Saoirse’s last clothes; she backed away for a moment, taking in the sight of the lovely blonde.

Her stare was so intense, for the first time in a while Saoirse began feeling self-conscious under Emma’s gaze.

She was about to try and move away, when Emma suddenly jumped over her again. Emma’s mouth messily, almost savagely kissed her chest and up her neck, searching for her mouth as they joined together and made out furiously. Under the surprise change in the redhead’s personality, Saoirse was immediately overwhelmed and dominated by her; before long, she found herself under Emma as she buckled their pelvises together, groaning and moaning between kisses.

For Kristen, who had already taken off her clothes but took a more spectator role for the time being, the sight was amazing. Emma Stone, apparently taken by lust, had pounced over Saoirse Ronan and intertwined their bodies. They now tribbed wildly while making out, the sound of flesh slapping against flesh and their lustful moaning and grunting echoing in the otherwise empty bathroom.

Deciding against joining in—for now—Kristen instead sat up on the sink, getting a good view of the action, and spread her legs. In no time her fingers were disappearing inside her pussy in tandem with the couple’s thrusting.

The two continued like that for a while, kissing messily while rubbing their bodies—and especially their pussies—together. After a while Emma sat up, grabbing one of Saoirse’s legs and lifting it; she hugged herself against the leg, looking like she was humping it but maneuvering her body so their legs were intertwined liked scissors, allowing her to ride blonde’s pussy as if she was fucking it.

“Oooohh yeah… I’m gonna cum like this, Seer-sha. I’m gonna fucking cum!”

Saoirse lifted herself on her elbows, continuing to moan as she lifted her own hips and thrust against Emma. Their pussies and clits rubbed and slapped together, and it didn’t take much for Emma, eyes closed and mouth open in an ‘O’, to begin shaking and reach her peak, her juices leaking against Saoirse’s pussy as her movements allowed it around her mound.

“Aaaahhh!!” Emma cried out, which prompted Saoirse to reach forward and pull the redhead back down. Emma fell over Saoirse, who hugged her and joined their lips, drinking in her orgasmic scream like Kristen always did with hers; their bodies draped together nicely, Emma continuing to hump madly before going still as her peak began to subside.

“That… That was amazing…” Emma said once they broke off, opening her eyes slowly and smiling at Saoirse. “Beautiful…”

“Thank-OOOHH FUCK!” Saoirse exclaimed midway, gasping as she threw her head back. Looking down their bodies, she couldn’t help smirking as she saw Kristen had joined in, holding her legs down and putting her mouth to work on her worked-up pussy.

“Forgot about me, love?” Kristen asked smirking as she leaned down again and playfully nibbled on the inside of Saoirse’s thigh.

“How do I taste, Kristen?” Emma asked, giggling. Kristen gave a lick around Saoirse’s pussy, licking up Emma’s cum that had spewed over it.

“You taste like pussy, Emma.” Kristen said with a chuckle, earning another from Saoirse and Emma. The two lovers soon returned their embrace and began kissing, though keeping the way open for Kristen to lie down and begin devouring Saoirse’s pussy.

In the middle of their excitement, it was almost lost to the trio that they were in the middle of a public bathroom. That someone could walk in anytime and be treated to the sight of Saoirse Ronan and Emma Stone, both naked, making out on the floor while an equally naked Kristen Stewart ate out the blonde’s pussy.

The thought they could be caught… Unconsciously, it brought great excitement for Saoirse as she and Kristen had never done that before.

“Ohmygod, ohmygod, ohmygod…” Saoirse repeated in her head like a mantra, her mouth too occupied with Emma’s to voice it. Had it not been for Kristen’s hands holding her legs down she would have clamped them around her head, so overwhelming was the pleasure she was feeling from the brunette sucking on her pussy like she was kissing it.

Emma broke off their kiss and moved back; however, before Saoirse could even whimper she moved forward again, now going lower and began working her mouth against Saoirse’s breasts. Saoirse moaned louder as the redhead licked up her small mounds until reaching her nipple, flicking it around for a moment before turning to suckle them.

Having two sets of mouths working her over, one on her breasts and one on her pussy, was making Saoirse go crazy. The fact those mouths belong to Kristen Stewart and Emma Stone, to two women she ‘loved’, in a public place, was even better.

Saoirse brought her arms up to cover her face, trying to drown both her cries and the tears that were falling from her eyes. The sight was not lost to her lovers, however; seeing Saoirse literally cry from pleasure encouraged Kristen further as she dipped her tongue further into her pussy, fucking her with it and occasionally coming back to bat her clit, using her attempts to jerk her legs to measure her reactions.

“I… I… I won’t hold much longer…!” Saoirse cried out, letting her arms leave her face in favor of bringing a hand over Emma’s head to pull her even closer, forcing her to take the entire tit in her mouth.

Her face scrunched up as she began bucking her hips against Kristen’s face, giving the brunette trouble to hold her down. “That’s it, Sir-sha! Come for me! Let me drink your cum!”


With a scream that was probably heard in the entire restaurant, Saoirse’s hips went out-of-control as she felt herself reach an orgasm for the second time that night, this time an even stronger one. She felt her pussy walls contract as they pumped out her cum straight into Kristen’s waiting mouth, the brunette continuing to lick around and stimulate her, further riding out her orgasm.

“No matter how many times I taste it, you are as delicious as the first time.”

Opening her eyes—she had barely noticed she had closed them, or that time had passed at all—she found Kristen right above her, hovering above her on her hands and knees. Saoirse smiled weakly as she was helped on her feet, Kristen holding her in an embrace before kissing her fully on her mouth.

Saoirse could taste herself in her mouth, and she didn’t mind. She was lost in the feeling of Kristen’s tongue moving around, spreading what was left of the girly cum in Saoirse’s mouth; her own tongue returned the gesture, and soon they were French kissing passionately and hard, swapping spit and cum between their mouths.

As they did so, Kristen’s hands drifted down Saoirse’s body and settled on holding her ass, pulling her pelvis against Kristen’s. This made Saoirse squeal in her mouth and lose their tongue war, which Kristen took advantage of.

“No fair.” Saoirse said once they broke off, earning a chuckle from Kristen as the brunette looked inside her striking blue eyes. Despite their nearly two years together, Kristen was always amazed at how innocent-looking the blonde could be at times.

“I never imagined you as the naughty type, Seer-sha.

Emma’s voice against her ear, and speaking her name like that, made Saoirse shiver. Before she knew it, Emma’s body was pressing against her backside, her hard nipples poking her back while the redhead gave small kisses on the back of her neck.

“You would be surprised.” Kristen said, making Emma look up and smile.

“Thank you, girls. That was the best birthday ever.” Saoirse said, with a smile.

“No problem, Sir-sha.”

“No problem, Seer-sha.”

Kristen and Emma spoke together, both leaning their faces close to Saoirse’s. The blonde had her face turned to the side, allowing them to connect their lips in a hot, steamy three-way kiss. Their lips and tongues went to work as the trio made out right there, naked in the middle of the bathroom.

Once they broke out, they all had stupid smiles on their faces as they looked between themselves; both Kristen and Emma crossing gazes for a while longer, before looking together at Saoirse.

“But you know, Seer-sha, the night is not over yet.”

“It isn’t?” Saoirse’s lips twitched, her eyes glinting with mischief at the words.

“No… And since we are already trying new things, we can go even further… Sir-sha…

She felt Kristen’s hands slap her ass before squeezing the cheeks, almost as if pulling them apart, and Emma began to slid down her body, her tongue and breasts sliding along her back as she went further…

It was the first time she and Kristen had done an all-female threesome, and also the first time they had done sex in ‘public’. And, by the looks of it, she was about to have other ‘first times’ as well. Unknown to her, Kristen knew the manager and had paid for their privacy, so they had the bathroom for themselves without risk of being found. They had an entire night’s worthy of things to show her…

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