Four rooms, six girls

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Story Title: Four rooms, six girls

Author’s name: Greg Nails

Codes: MF, reluc, celeb, spank, oral, F/F, anal

Celebs: Shakira, Ariana Grande, Nicki Minaj, Rihanna, Avril Lavigne, Lzzy Hale

Description: Unexpected party with six sexy celebs.

Disclaimer: The following is a fictional story. It’s not based on the real actions and any resemblance to the actual persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

I’m still rookie when it some to writing such stories, I’d be grateful for any feedback, feel free to send your opinions at [email protected]

Shakira wasn’t sure what happened. Her mind was cloudy and she had problems with telling difference between reality and fiction. Was it because too much alcohol? Or maybe something more? She was on her knees, dressed in her scanty, white lingerie and high heels only. Around her stood few guys and one by one they were making her suck their cocks. She was doing what she was told, polishing her large cocks with her watering mouth, closing her lips and sliding up and down the shafts, giving head like a good slut. She used her hands to make others ready for another round. Some of the used her long, blonde hair to jerk. Drops of cum dripped from her chin and cheeks. Sexy latina was sure that something is very wrong here, but she couldn’t tell what exactly. After all, she was too busy with sucking dicks to think more about anything else. Another guy couldn’t wait anymore and shot his load right into her hair, stuffing her ear with his semen too. She gulped another mouthful of cum and gasped for air, but very soon her mouth was full again. She was looking at men around with some glossy stupidity in her eyes. Another portion of semen landed on her left cheek. Some of her hair were already sticky and messy because of the spunk. But she cared a little about it. All she needed was to suck dicks. Her pussy was all already moist and there was dark stain on the front of her white panties. Guys caressed her a lot, groping her round ass and shapely tits. But their primer target was her mouth. She already swallowed enough cum to fill few entire bottles. But she had to accept more of it. On the doors to the room someone wrote „Blowjob room“ with big letters and „Feed the bitch!“ with smaller ones.

On the other side of the wall Ariana Grande was in more complicated situation. Stripped naked, safe to the back high heels, young songtress was on the big bed with two big guys fucking her pussy and mouth at once. Her hands were tied behind her back, but she could barely struggle because constant fuck made her weak and obedient. She lost her count after eight man fucking her pussy. Somebody used her own lipstick to write „Whore“ above her ass and „Slut“ on her forehead. Two big cocks were fucking her like a hammers, pumping in and out of her tight, sloppy holes. Ariana would cry or beg for mercy if she could, but for the most time her mouth was gagged with a dick. Her tits waved as her body has to move in the rhythm of sex. She knew that none of men cared about protection, so she will surly get pregnant after that night. Her body was so hot and aroused that even if they’d untie her, she wouldn’t struggle. She couldn’t see that before each blowjob, guys poured some aphrodisiac on their dicks, so she get more and more of that stuff with each giving head. Big amount of orgasms she experienced made her even hornier and wild. But they kept her hands tied, it was making whole scene more „rape-like“. Some even liked to slap her face with their dicks or give her round ass few solid spanks. Doors that lead to her room had „Double the trouble room“ written on, and „Nail the bitch!“ below.

Rihanna and Nicki Minaj were in the next room. Both buxom chicks were tied to the table and forced to lean against it, with their legs spread wide and asses on full display. Each of them ass ballgag in her mouth, while long trails of saliva run down on the table, forming sticky puddles right below their heads. They had long, black boots and nothing more. On the table beside them was big collection of belts, whips, canes and other „discipline“ stuff. sounds of smacks and whips echoed in the room, as two guys punished their asses without any mercy. Nicki’s ass was already cherry red and Rihanna’s booty had thin, red lines all over. They’d both beg for mercy, but gags prevented them to. Nicki had arrow written on her back, pointing down with words „Punish this naughty ass“ written above. Rihanna has „Spank“ on the left buttock and „me“ on the right“. Sperm dripped from the assholes, since after each spanking session guys loved to fuck their asses too. There was already long line of guys who wanted to have some fun with those two bootylicious pop stars. Rihanna was furious, she would kill them if she could, while Nicki would do anything to stop her torment. Little they know what was about to happened. Two guys finished spanking and nailed their asses. In the same time doors went open and someone brought water filled vase along with two enemas. Guys in the room grinned, looking at the new tools to torment their victims. Doors went closed. There was „Booty room“ written on them and „Make them regret!“ below.

Avril Lavigne knelt on the floor. She had leather collar on her neck with leash attached. Tight corset kept her bare tits high. She also has crotchless panties and nothing more to cover her body. Beside her was Lzzy Hale – on her fours, in leather, knee length boots and similar collar. There was also leather belt around her naked waist. Both rock singers had their faces buried between other girl’s legs, licking and slurping vigorously. Room was filled with stench of sex, alcohol and ciggarets. Lot of women, mostly leather clad dykes, enjoyed the party, while Avril and Lzzy were still on the floor, serving them with their skilled mouth. Both were pretty good at singing, but their new mistresses quickly found better use of their mouths. Occasionally they fucked with with strap-ons, but they proffered to make them lick their pussies. Avril’s face was all smeared with pussy juices. Her ass was bit red thanks to occasional slaps. She just finished another pussy licking session and was pushed away by her mistress. Another girl grabbed Lzzy and Avril by their hair and pushed their faces close against each other, telling them to kiss. Both singers grimaced, but few more slaps helped them to discover their inner lesbians and very soon they were sharing long, French kisses in the center of the room. But after few more kisses they were separated once again. Lizzy had to lean against the stool as her pussy had close encounter with another strap-on, while Avril had to kneel down and lick boots of someone else. Room had „69 Room“ written on the doors, with „Suffering Sapho!“ below.

In the small room below sit Jennifer Lopez. Thanks to the hidden cameras she watched entire show, enjoying the girls being fucked roughly. It was her idea to invite them at the party and drug their drinks. None of them even noticed when they became dizzy. Jennifer hired some guys and girls to give those cunts hard time. With every minute recorded, she had enough blackmail material to make sure than none of them will ever try to compete with her in record sales, live shows and popularity. She just planned her spectacular comeback and made sure that she’ll numer one at all charts.

„Suckira, Blowiana, Rapehanna, Licki, Analvil and Lezzy“, she smiled, speaking their changed names, „Say goodbye to show-business, cunts. But I’m sure that porn business will welcome you with an open hands“.

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