“The Harem”: Part 2 feat. Demi Lovato

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“The Harem”: Part 2 feat. Demi Lovato


(Codes: MF,Celeb, NC, Cons, MC, Oral, Anal)

Disclaimer: This story is fictitious, none of this ever happened or will happen.

As Demi walked down the hallway of the mansion, she was prayed that someone would find her and save her from this monster she was forced to call master. Getting lost in her thoughts, Demi didn’t realized she had found what her master had called her “room”.

It was barely considered a room by jail standards. The room was very small. There was only a bed and a door. Sitting in that room felt more like a solitary confinement chamber for a prisoner. Demi realized that this was going to be her new home until she could be rescued, so she might as well try and get comfortable. She tried to lay down on the bed, but all she felt was the cold mattress. She tried to cover her naked body with the blanket, but it only went up half of her body, leaving her uncovered from the waist down. She kept alternating between keeping her chest and legs warm, but it proved to be a struggle. Demi eventually found some rest, but it wouldn’t last very long.

Richard was ecstatic. After all of those years of people ridiculing him and telling him that he was crazy, he had finally proven them wrong. Wanting to celebrate this special occasion, he immediately called over Daniel.
“Daniel!” he cried to his loyal and faithful servant.

“Did you need me master?” Daniel said eagerly to his Master.

“Yes I did. Can you get the most expensive champagne we have? I want to celebrate this wonder accomplishment.”

“I will go and get that ready for you immediately sir,” Daniel said as he scurried out of the room.

As Daniel went into the kitchen to get the bottle of champagne, he was interrupted by another servant who had important news.

“Daniel, are you in there? I have some very important news for the master,” the woman said as she peered into the kitchen.

“What is this important news?” he quickly asked the woman.

“You know that man that was with the master’s slave when she arrived?”

Daniel racked his brain for the man’s name and responded, “Yes I do. I think the gentleman’s names was Roy if I’m not mistaken.”

“Well, Roy has seemed to awaken from the experiment,” the woman said.

Daniel was thrilled by the news and took the champagne back to his master to tell him the great news.

As Daniel entered the room with the champagne, Richard said, “My god Daniel! Where have you been? I only sent you to get that champagne twenty minutes ago. What took you so long?”

“I’m sorry master, but I received some great news while I was getting the bottle,”

Richard became intrigued as he asked, “What kind of great news?”

“Well sir, it seems that the man we had experimented on earlier has finally awaken,” Daniel told his master as he poured the champagne.

“That is some really good news! Did they see if the experiment worked on him as well?” Richard asked very nervously.

Daniel responded, “The doctors did get a look at his brainwave activity, and it does appear that the experiment was also successful on him.”

“What do you mean by appears successful?” Richard asked his servant.

“They told me that that mind control device works differently on men. For some weird reason, the hold over his brain isn’t as strong as it was on the women’s. You will still have control over them, but it will not be as easy to keep him under your control as it will be to keep her under your control,” Daniel explained.

He looked down at his drink. The information that was passed on to him was very intriguing to say the least.

He then looked back up at Daniel and asked, “Is the male strong enough to move yet?”

“No sir. I’m sorry to tell you but it make take him longer to recover from the experiment than she did,” Daniel responded.

“So have both of my slaves ready in the morning I will have a lot in store for them tomorrow. I think I’m going to call it a night,” Richard then gave his glass back to Daniel and headed off to bed.

“Goodnight sir,” Daniel responded as he left to return the champagne bottle.

The next morning

Demi had finally fallen asleep and was trying to just dream about anything other than what was happening to her. She immediately was woken up by a command given mentally by Richard. She rose out of bed.

“What are your orders master?” Demi involuntarily said to her master.

He handed her a costume and said, “Once you are done putting on this outfit, you are to wait until I call you upstairs.” he said as he dropped the costume on the floor as he closed the door and went upstairs.

Demi then walked over and held up the parts of the costume. She looked at the underwear and immediately noticed it was a very revealing thong that left very little to the imagination. She started with the underwear, if she could even call them that. She stepped her legs through the leg holes of the underwear and pulled them up to her waist.

Demi could feel the fabric of the thong slide up in between her butt cheeks. It felt incredibly tight on her and it created some camel toe. The next part of the outfit was a little see-through bra.   She slid it the bra over her 32B sized breasts and positioned it in place. The last thing master had ordered for her to wear were 4 in black high heels. Slipping her feet into them, she looked at herself in the mirror. She looked like a complete slut. Richard then commanded her to leave her room and go to his location.

Demi’s door opened and Demi left her room. She didn’t know where Richard could possibly be in this huge mansion, but her mind just seemed to know where to go. Walking in such high heels made Demi walk a little slower, but she eventually found where she was supposed to be.

Tears started to roll down her face when she saw the Roy standing across the room from her. Demi looked at Roy in complete shock. He had a blank expression on his face. It looked like Roy was just an empty shell of himself, almost like he wasn’t even in his own body.  She started to run over to Roy before Richard made her stop dead in her tracks.

“Not so fast my dear. You’ll get your time with Roy in just a moment,” Richard said as Daniel finished setting up several cameras.

“What’s going on? Why is he setting up cameras?” Demi asked as she felt like something bad was about to happen.

“Oh, don’t worry about the cameras. You’re just going to make a little film with your friend Roy here.” He replied.

“No, please don’t. We’re friends. Please don’t make me do this. I’ll do whatever you want, but please let Roy go,” Demi begged as she pleaded for Roy’s freedom.

“I’m sorry my pet, he’s already under my control. I’m not letting him go. Now, time for the show!” Richard said as Daniel as the cameras rolled and began to film.

Demi and Roy suddenly ran towards each other and embraced in a long, passionate kiss. Demi wanted to pull away from Roy’s lips, but he only made her kiss him that much harder. Roy and Demi’s tongues collided with each other, messaging the other’s tongue with their own. As they continued to kiss, Roy’s hands started to wander down Demi’s semi-naked body.

Roy’s hands went to the back of Demi’s bra and unhooked the straps, freeing her breasts for everyone in the entire room to see. Demi tried to cover her breasts so the camera wouldn’t catch them, but Richard forced Demi to push her chest forward, giving everyone and the camera a great look at her already erect nipples. He commanded Roy to move Demi to the bed. Roy then grabbed Demi and dropped her on the bed.

Roy got on the bed and lowered himself down on to Demi’s breasts. He groped her left tit while he took her right tit in her mouth. As Roy swirled his tongue across Demi’s nipple, Richard made Demi speak.

“Oh yeah. That feels so good baby. Lick my fucking tits. You’re getting me so wet baby,” Demi said as Roy switched from her left breast to her right breast.

Demi was frustrated. She didn’t want to be having sex with one of her best guy friends, especially in front of some random people while also being filmed on camera. Demi wasn’t even really mad at that. The real thing that was bugging her was how much she was enjoying it. She hated how much pleasure she felt as Roy continued licking her tits.

Demi suddenly felt a powerful shock of pleasure pulse throughout her entire body. Demi then looked down in horror as she saw Roy’s fully erect penis started to slide into her. He started to slam himself into Demi’s pussy. Their skin started to smack together as he rammed himself in and out of her.

“Oh yeah baby! Give me that big fucking cock! Fuck me like the slut that you know I am!” Demi suddenly screamed out as Roy grabbed her hips and pulled her in closer. Demi continued to ride Roy’s cock until he said that he was ready to blow his load.

“Come for me baby, I want you to cum inside me. Fill me with your cum.” Demi screamed as Roy released his semen into her. Demi screamed in her head as she knew she wasn’t on birth control. Rope after rope of semen filled Demi’s pussy. Richard then made Demi remove her pussy from Roy’s cock.

Richard then gave her the mental command to clean off his cock with her mouth. Demi wanted to cry as her tongue left her mouth and licked off Roy’s semen like she was licking an ice cream cone.

“You love my jizz, don’t you bitch?” Roy said as he looked down at an embarrassed Demi.

“I love your jizz. It tastes so fucking good,” Demi said as she looked at the camera. Demi opened her mouth to reveal all of the semen she had collected off of Roy’s cock. She then closed her mouth and swallowed all of it. Demi wanted to vomit as she tasted the salty sperm slide down her throat, but Demi just licked her lips and said, “Oh. Yummy.”

While Demi was focused on showing the cameras the sperm she just swallowed, Richard commanded Roy to get hard again. After Roy’s cock was back to its full length. Roy then grabbed Demi’s hips and flipped her around, so her ass was facing him. Roy’s then rammed his 8 inch cock into Demi’s asshole. Demi wanted to scream out from all of the pain she was experiencing, but the only sounds that came out of her mouth were satisfied moans.

“Oh fuck yeah. Stick it in my ass. That feels so fucking good!” Demi said as Roy continued to fuck her tight asshole. Demi then felt her hand slide down to her pussy. Demi then inserted her fingers into her pussy. Her fingers went in and out in sync with Roy’s cock.

Richard then commanded both of his slaves to cum. Roy’s cum sprayed into Demi’s asshole while her own juices squirted all over the bed. The cameras caught Demi as cum leaked out of Demi’s holes.

Richard then looked over to Daniel and said, “That’s all we need with the cameras.”

“As you wish, sir,” Daniel said as he took the footage from the cameras and put it on a flash drive.

Richard then told his slaves they could rest until dinner. Demi and Roy immediately went back to their rooms until dinner time. Both of them came to the dining room completely naked. Richard began to speak.

“Good evening slaves, I hope you enjoyed your rest. Now I have an assignment for you two. You both are great. Don’t get me wrong, but I think we need some new friends for you to play with. So, I’m sending you both out to find my new slaves. You will have 24 hours to find some new slaves, or else I will release the little video we made today all over the internet. I can still control your minds, no matter how far you go. I see everything you see and listen to every thought you have, so don’t even think about trying to Do I make myself clear?”

Demi and Roy both nodded their heads in agreement.

“Good. Daniel, could you be a dear and give them some fancy clothes to put and drive them into town so they can complete their little deed?” Richard asked his servant.

“Of course sir,” Daniel said as he took Demi and Roy with him.

As they left the room, Richard just laughed menacingly, thinking about how much fun he was going to have with his new slaves.

To Be Continued…

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