Porno Chic: Water Works

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Porno Chic: Water Works
by RandyPan
Story Codes: F+, ws, oral, anal, mas
Celebs: Jena Malone, Camilla Belle, Olivia Thirlby, Hayden Panettiere, Kristen Stewart
This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.

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Note: This is basically a series where we see what it would look like if famous actresses did porn.

The five sit on and around a leather couch, naked, gabbing about their day, ie. who they saw, where they went, etc, all while drinking bottled water.

Suddenly, it cuts to Jena, who slowly rubs her groin, and says, “Wow, guys, I think I’m ready.  Anyone wanna start with me?”

Kristen, who’s sitting on the floor at Jena’s feet, raises her hand and says, “Me!” She then leans in, and starts licking Jena’s pussy.

We get a close-up of Kristen eating Jena out, and hear Hayden remark, “Wow, look at her go!”, as Kristen slides her tongue between the folds of Jena’s twat.  We also see Jena’s face, brow furrowed and mouth wide open, and hear her gasp and moan.

“Oh, God, here it comes!” Kristen sits back, and Jena stands up, and then starts peeing on her; all over Kristen’s face and chest, in her mouth, and in her hair.  When Jena stops, Kristen rubs all over her piss-soaked body, runs her fingers through her piss-soaked hair, and licks some of it off her lips and fingers, all while moaning orgasmically.

“God, I think she liked that!” Olivia says.  She then starts rubbing herself down there, and declares, “Mm, I think I’m ready to go now.” Hayden kneels in front of Olivia, and holds her head up and her mouth open, as Olivia scoots forward on the couch.  Olivia starts peeing, landing on Hayden’s face and especially in her mouth, some of which she has to spit out.

When Olivia finishes, Hayden leans in and eats out her pee-soaked vaj.  We see in close as Hayden’s tongue probes Olivia’s cunt. “Oh!  Oh, fuck!” Olivia tilts her head back, biting her lip, as Hayden licks her.

Jena now lays back on the couch, as Camilla kneels, straddling her face.  We see a close-up shot, as Camilla starts to pee directly into Jena’s open mouth, and we hear Jena swallowing periodically, but her mouth still fills up quickly, forcing her to spit most of it out.  When Camilla stops, Jena gets up on her elbows, and we see another close-up as she eats Camilla out.

Olivia now lies on the floor, as Kristen stands at her feet.  Kristen starts peeing, then uses her fingers to control the arc, thoroughly soaking Olivia from head to toe.  When she stops, Olivia spits out what landed in her mouth, laughing a little.

Camilla sits at the foot of the couch, as Hayden stands over her.  Hayden starts peeing directly into Camilla’s mouth, as Camilla swallows what she can.  Hayden then directs her flow downward, hitting Camilla’s snatch, which Camilla rubs furiously, moaning loudly.

Now the girls are all thoroughly soaked, Hayden lies on the floor, as Jena eats her pussy, while double-fingering her asshole.  Clutching her tits, Hayden grimaces, and squeals shrilly.

Meanwhile, Camilla also lies on the floor, as Kristen eats her dripping twat.  While she does this, Olivia kneels behind Kristen, licking and fingering her ass.  Kristen responds to this by moaning into Camilla’s pussy.

We now cut to Jena and Kristen both bent over, being fucked in the ass with strap-on dildos by Camilla and Hayden.  Both of them groan and grimace in a manner that says, “This hurts, but I love this.”

Olivia sits in front of them on the couch, furiously working her clit.  Breathing hard, she cums, then immediately starts peeing again, which sprays all over Jena and Kristen, some of it even landing in their mouths.

Olivia now lies back on the couch, as Jena fucks her ass with one of the strap-ons.  Camilla, meanwhile, straddles her head, like she did with Jena, and starts peeing directly into Olivia’s mouth.  When Olivia cries out from the dildo, the piss lands all over her face.

Now, we see Camilla bent over the couch, as Kristen fucks her ass with the strap-on, slapping her asscheeks and doing her trademark grin.

Meanwhile, Hayden is on her back, being sodomized with the other strap-on by Olivia, doing her trademark toothy grin, while Jena pees all over her.

Afterward, the five lie around, exhausted and soaked with urine. “Okay,” Jena sighs, “we all need a shower now.” The others laugh at this.

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