Water Works, Part 1

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Water Works, Part 1
by RandyPan
Story Codes: FF, oral, anal, ws, con
Celebs: Natalie Portman, Lea Michele
This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.

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Note: This is a spin-off of my Porno Chic series.  Picture this in the style of one of those porno compilations.

We fade in on Natalie and Lea sitting on the edge of a bathtub, naked, with a large glass bowl on the floor between them.

“God,” Lea says, “I can’t believe I’m really going to do this.”

“Well, you’re not weaseling out of it.”

“I never said I was gonna try to get out of it.  I’m still nervous, though.”

“Did you drink enough water?”

“Oh, God, yeah.  My back teeth are floating, whatever that means.”

“Okay, you go first, then.” Natalie pushes the bowl between Lea’s feet.

Lea then leans forward, so the bowl is directly under her.  We see in a close-up as a small trickle turns into a violent stream, and we see the bowl fill up almost completely with yellow liquid.

Once she stops, Lea picks up the bowl, “Ooh, it’s sweating,” then hands it to Natalie.  Natalie holds it over her head, then, after a few deep breaths, eyes closed and face tilted up, Natalie tips the bowl over, and slowly dumps it on herself, drenching her hair, some of it landing in her mouth, which she quickly spits out, and just generally soaking her.

After she finishes, Natalie blinks repeatedly and spits out what urine drips into her mouth. “Wow,” she says, “Well, I’ve done that, now.” Lea starts laughing. “You realize it’s your turn now, right?”

“I know.”

Natalie places the bowl between her feet, and like Lea leans forward.  Again, we see the bowl quickly fill up, as Natalie’s stream is so powerful, some of it actually splashes on her legs.

When she finishes, she hands the bowl to Lea. “Okay, here you go.” Lea similarly points her face up at it, as she starts to pour it.  Again, the piss completely soaks her.

Spitting and blinking, Lea says, “You know that ice bucket challenge people were doing?  I think this should be the next big thing.” Natalie laughs.

It cuts to a close-up of Natalie’s pussy, as Lea’s tongue probes its folds. “Sshh-aahh…” Natalie sighs and moans as Lea eats her out.  A shot of Natalie shows her grimacing, while pinching and pulling on her nipples, as she cums. “Oh, God, yes!”

Now, we see Lea clutching at her tits, as Natalie eats her out.  We get a close-up of Natalie’s tongue sliding in and out of Lea’s piss-damp twat. “Oh, God, you’re gonna make me cum!” When she does, Lea’s face screws up.

We now see Lea on her hands and knees, and we cut between a close-up of Natalie licking and fingering her ass. “Oh, God, I can’t believe how good that feels!”

Natalie is now bent over the side of the tub, and we again cut between Lea tonguing and fingering her asshole, and her face screwing up. “Oh, wow.  Wow, that feels awesome.”

The two now lie on the bathroom floor, tongue-kissing. “Well,” Natalie says, as they both look right at the camera, “now, we need a shower.” Lea laughs at this, and they both wave at the camera and say, “Bye.”

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