Ms. Grande’s Misery

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Ms. Grande’s Misery

By LazyNinjas

Codes: (MF, NC, Rape, Oral)

Celebs: Ariana Grande

Disclaimer: This story is purely fictional. This story has never happened and it never will happen.

“Wow. Someone abducted Demi Lovato and Taylor Swift? He must be one ballsy bastard.” I thought to myself as I watched the report of Demi and Taylor’s kidnapping on the TV. I couldn’t believe my luck. As soon I as I plan to abduct one celebrity, another guy goes and kidnaps two. I tried to convince myself that it was too dangerous now, but I decided to go ahead with my plan. I am going to kidnap Ariana Grande.

I have been a huge Ariana Grande fan since she first started showing up in the music industry and having planning to abduct her for about six months now. I just had the idea to kidnap and rape her when I saw her most recent music video. From that point on, I thought of a plan to kidnap and rape her. I mean just look at her. That sweet innocent face, those long smooth legs, and that adorable tight ass. I needed to know what it felt like insider her ass.

My plan to kidnap Ariana went something like this. I would dress myself up as a limousine driver, beat the shit out of her limousine driver, and take his place. I would use his badge to get into the restricted area of the arena. I’d find Ariana and lead her to my limousine, where I would lean in and introduce her face to a rag of chloroform. Then I could make my getaway. So I started to plan out my kidnap attempt.

With the release of her newest album “My Everything”, I knew that she would go on tour to promote the album. While waiting for the announcement of where she would be performing, I spent my time building my basement into the ultimate sex dungeon. I made the room completely sound proof. I also placed all of my new “toys” in my new basement so Ariana could see what would be in store for her.

After placing the final touches on my new sex dungeon, Ariana’s tour stops were announced by her management team. I got online and looked for the closest concert. I found the nearest concert to my home was about two hours away. That was fine, but the only thing I didn’t expect was the date. I expected it to be a couple of months away, but it was one week from now. Now I needed to hurry my plan up a bit. I quickly met with my drug guy, since I would need to keep her sedated a good amount of time.

“Shaw, I hope you appreciate my getting you these bottles of chloroform and sleeping pills on moment’s notice,” Sal, my dealer, told me as he handed me what I wanted.

I reach out to take the items from him, but he pulls them back and out of my reach.

“What’s the problem?” I ask.

“Since I got these nearly two months ahead of when you wanted them, I think I deserve some extra compensation,” he replied.

“How much more do you want then?” I told him as I pulled another band of bills out of my pocket.

“I don’t want any more money. You know what I want. I want a piece of that ass too. I want at least two sessions with her that I can videotape. That’s my first and final offer,” he replied.

I thought long and hard before I finally agreed to his deal. He handed me the chloroform and sleeping pills and I went back to my place.

A week later, the day had finally come. The day where I would make Ariana Grande my personal slut.  I got into my costume, got into my limousine, and drove the two hour trip. During that two hour ride, I felt a rush of adrenaline got through as I fantasized about Ariana sucking my cock. It took two hours, but I was finally at the arena. I drove around until I saw Ariana’s private limo in the back. I spot her limo driver and park my limousine in a really big alley. I got out and walked over to her limo. I knock on the window and he rolls down the window.

“Can I help you?” he asks me.

“Yeah. I’m a limo driver too. Mine broke down over there and I don’t know what’s wrong. Could you come take a look?” I ask.

He opens the door and we walk over to my limo and he starts looking at the front of the car. He wants to check the hood and bends down to open the hood of the limo. I grabbed his head and pushed it into the hood as hard as I could. He was instantly knocked out as he fell to the ground. I go over to him and take his keys and access card, before I place his unconscious body near the dumpster.

I walk back to the arena. I approach the door and scan my access card. I hear a ding noise and the door unlocks, allowing my access to the building. I walk around until I find Ariana Grande’s dressing room. I knock on the door and ask if anyone’s in there. I hear the locks unlocking and the doors opens. I take in Ariana’s beauty as she is just standing there in her performing outfit.

“Hello there. Are you here to pick me up? Cause you’re not my usual driver,” she says as she packs her little bag.

“Yes, I’m here to pick you up. Your normal driver had an emergency, so I volunteered to fill in for him.” I answered.

She puts her hand out to shake mine.

“Okay. It’s very nice to meet you, umm… I’m sorry, I don’t think I got your name.” she says before she realized she never got my name.

“My name is Shaw. Shaw Crawford.” I say to her as I put out my hand and shake hers.

“It’s very nice to meet you Shaw. I’m ready to go when you are,” She says grabs her bag and puts on her blue hoodie.

“Sounds great. The limousine is right out back Miss Grande.” I say as I grab her other bags and head out of her dressing room.

Ariana leads the way to the limousine while I’m walking right behind her. I watch as her barely covered ass jiggles with every step she takes in her silver high heels. It completely hypnotizes me as we make our way out to the limousine. I unlocked it so Ariana could get in the back. As I put her things in the trunk, I can’t believe how my plan has gone off without a hitch.

Putting the last of her things into the trunk. I grab the rag and completely douse it with chloroform. I walk over to Ariana’s door and open it. I quickly get in and shut the door. Before Ariana can even react, I force her head into the rag. She starts to try and fight back, but she quickly passes out from the chloroform. I placed her body on her seat so it looks like she’s sleeping before I exit the back of the limo. I get into the driver’s seat and start the two hour drive back to my place.

“What’s going on? Where am I?” Ariana says as she slowly regains consciousness.

Ariana slowly opens her eyes and is horrified by everything she sees. She’s laying on a cold black surface, almost like a weird torture device. Her hands and feet were tied so she could barely move. She also notices that her clothes were removed, leaving her completely uncovered.  She looks across the room and sees various sex toys. There were various dildos, vibrators, and other dangerous looking sex toys everywhere.

“Oh, I see you’re finally awake,” I told her as I came down the stairs.

“Where am I?” Ariana asked as she started to tear up.

“Isn’t it obvious Ariana? This is my sex dungeon. You are going to spend a lot of time down here,” I said to her as approach her.

“No please don’t. I’ll give you whatever you want. Just please let me go,” she cries as get closer to her.

“I am getting what I want. The only thing I want is you Ariana,” I say as I pull out a large butcher’s knife.

“Now, if you ever want to use that lovely singing voice, I suggest you do everything that I say,” I told Ariana as I held the knife to her throat.

“Please just leave me alone.” Ariana begged as I unzipped my pants and pulled out my cock.

“Open wide, slut!” I say as I forcefully insert my penis into her open mouth.

Ariana starts to choke on my cock as it enters her mouth. She coughs as I pull it back out only to thrust it back in again. I can feel the head of my penis touching the back of her throat. Her tongue licks my cock as she tries to clear room for her to breathe. I push my cock in and out of her mouth harder and harder until I busted my load in her mouth. I put my hand on her mouth and command her to swallow it all. Tears are running down her faces as I watch her swallow all of my sperm.

After she’s done with the sperm in her mouth, I command her to clean off my cock. Ariana continues to cry as she licks my penis clean. I walk over to my clothes and put them on. I’m about to walk back upstairs before Ariana says something.

“Where are you going? You can’t just leave me here!” She cries out to me.

“Don’t worry. I’ll be back soon, I just need to return a favor.” I tell her as I walk up the stairs. I go over to my phone and dial Sal.

“Sal, It’s Shaw. Come over to my place. I’m ready to fulfill my end of the bargain.”

To be continued.

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