Mistress Helena

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Mistress Helena
by RandyPan
Story Codes: FF, oral, ws, anal, BDSM, tort, mc, viol
Celebs: Helena Bonham Carter, Lily Collins, Emily Browning, Hayden Panettiere, Emma Roberts
This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.

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Mistress Helena woke up in her huge bed.  She yawned, stretched, then got up.  Naked, she walked downstairs, where her playthings already waited, also naked, kneeling submissively.

Having just woken up, Helena had to pee badly.  She went to the table, and picked up a brass pitcher.  Holding it under herself, Helena began to pee.  By the time she finished, the pitcher was nearly full. “Lily.” Lily stood up, stepped up to her mistress, kneeled again, then opened her mouth wide.

Helena started to pour her urine into Lily’s mouth.  She poured slowly enough that Lily could swallow it all, and none would spill.  Once the pitcher was empty, the mistress excused Lily, who went back to her position.

The mistress sat down. “Emily.” Emily stood up, and, at Helena’s urging, kneeled before her, and started to eat her out. “Hayden.” Hayden stood up, walked over, and the mistress turned her around.  She then picked up a golden rod off the table, spit on it, and inserted it in Hayden’s asshole.

Hayden struggled not to buckle, as the rod moved in and out of her ass.  Unseen by the mistress, her brow furrowed, and she bit her lip.  When she felt the orgasm approach, Hayden stifled a cry.

Meanwhile, Emily dutifully pleasured her mistress’ cunt, massaging every inch of it with her expert tongue.  Helena’s playthings had gotten very good at orally pleasuring her.

Helena came, but had one more thing to do, to feel truly satisfied.

“Emma.” Emma stood up, knowing what was coming.  She and the other playthings wore bracelets, which could be attached to a hook hanging from the ceiling.  Emma stood under the hook, and the mistress guided her arms up, and hung her from the ceiling.  Helena then reached over to the table, and picked up a leather belt.  Emma gritted her teeth, for the impending strike.  When the belt hit her back, Emma winced, and held in a scream.  Emma knew what really got the mistress off was to hear her playthings scream, but never to start screaming right away, as the mistress liked to savor breaking them.  Emma felt the belt whip her back again, and once again held the scream in.  After a few lashes, her eyes were tearing up.  Finally, she couldn’t hold it in anymore.

“AAAGH!” The first scream escaped painfully from Emma’s lungs.  The belt struck her again. “GAAAH!” After several strikes, Emma was getting hoarse, and her back felt like it was on fire.  Finally, she heard the mistress drop the belt.  Mistress Helena came over, put her arms around Emma, and kissed her neck.  Emma smiled weakly, having satisfied her mistress immensely.

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