XXX-mas 4 – Christmas Night Prowler

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XXX-mas 4 – Christmas Night Prowler

By voodoojoe

If You Want Cum (You’ve Got It)

From an outside perspective, one might think it could get old having an endless supply of teenage girls wanting you to do filthy stuff to them. Those people would be wrong of course, but if they wanted to believe such nonsense, then Santa Claus wasn’t about to deprive them of their belief. Such was the thought running through Santa’s head as he stepped out of the chimney to find an absurdly pretty blonde fixing him with a look of unadulterated lust.

“Hello, Peyton,” Santa said, smiling at the sixteen year-old in front of him.

“Hi,” Peyton List said, a bubbly tone masking the nervousness she felt at finally meeting the legend.

“This is where I say ‘shouldn’t you be in bed?’ And then you make up some excuse,” Santa Claus said, sizing her up.

“I couldn’t sleep,” Peyton said, shrugging her shoulders.

“I can help with that,” Santa said, grinning lasciviously as he ran through just how many ways he could help.

“Oh good,” Peyton said, smirking. “I’d hate to be up all night instead of being in bed.”

“I’ve heard that a belly full of cum can put a girl right to sleep,” Santa suggested.

“I guess I better try it then,” Peyton said, reaching out and taking hold of Santa’s pants.

“Not quite yet,” Santa said as Peyton pulled down his pants. He definitely wanted to shoot his wad down Peyton’s gullet, but as he looked her over in her babydoll nightgown, he definitely wanted to do a couple other things to her before he got to that point.

Putting a hand on Peyton’s shoulder Santa pushed until she got the hint and leaned back. As she reclined back on her elbows, Santa grabbed Peyton’s legs behind the knees and pulled, sliding her closer and causing her nightgown to bunch up underneath her and expose her emerald green panties to his lecherous gaze.

Licking his lips, Santa reached out and hooked his fingers in the waistband of Peyton’s panties. Tugging on them, he watched as she showed her eagerness by lifting her ass off the ground so he could pull them down her long, slim legs.

As Peyton spread her legs to show off her freshly shaven pussy and perfectly pink labia, Santa quickly pushed down his boxers. His rock hard cock sprang free, making the horny teen’s pussy spasm at the thought of feeling it inside her.

Putting his left hand on Peyton’s knee, Santa moved between Peyton’s legs. Grabbing hold of his cock with the other hand he aimed it at her pussy. Slotting the tip of his cock at her entrance, he eased forward, feeling her tight pussy slowly open up and wrap itself around him as she accepted him into her.

“Ohhhh,” Peyton moaned as she was slowly filled to the brim with cock. It was easily the biggest cock she’d ever had, though granted, at sixteen, she was hardly the most experienced girl in the world.

“So tight,” Santa grunted when he’d finally buried every inch inside the petite blonde.

“So big,” Peyton sighed, her brain being overloaded by the way her pussy was being stretched.

Grabbing Peyton’s legs Santa slowly started to slide out, watching her pussy lips cling to his shaft before begrudgingly letting go. When he had half of his cock outside of Peyton’s snatch he reversed course and pushed back in, a bit faster than the initial penetration but still not particularly fast.

Pulling back again, Santa let his eyes wander up Peyton’s body. With the nightgown on there wasn’t a whole lot to see, but there was a delicious bit of cleavage and pale skin of Peyton’s upper chest before reaching her neck and jawline. Then as he pushed into Peyton’s tight little cunt with the most force yet, Santa delighted at seeing her eyes flutter shut and her bottom lip curl over her teeth so she could softly bite it.

“Damn, you’re cute,” Santa observed, working up a nice middling pace. Fast enough to make Peyton moan and grunt each time he bottomed out inside her but still slow enough that he was able to keep his composure.

“Uhhh, thanks,” Peyton said, blushing at the compliment, not to mention the pleasure he was bringing to her.

Lifting Peyton’s feet off the ground Santa hooked them around his waist. Clutching her thighs he felt her start to loosen up a bit as she got used to having his thick cock pumping into her crevasse. With each thrust Peyton got more into it and used her legs to pull Santa in even deeper.

“Fuck me, Santa,” Peyton grunted, working herself against him.

“Say it again,” Santa hissed, putting his hands on the floor on either side of Peyton and ramping up the speed of his stroking.

“Fuck me, Santa,” Peyton repeated, loving the way it rolled off her tongue almost as much as he did. It just felt so naughty, even beyond the bad words and sexy talk. There was something specifically erotic for her about begging Santa Claus to fuck her.

“Again,” Santa demanded as he sought to match her increasing desire with harder thrusts.

“Fuck me, ohhhh, Santa,” Peyton gasped, feeling herself gradually being driven mad with pleasure.

Feeling the sweat beading on his brow Santa cursed, not for the first time, that he’d forgotten to take off his heavy jacket before engaging in his very favorite kind of exercise. But to take it off at this point would have meant stopping and that wasn’t an option, for either of them. His cock was going to leave her snug little snatch when he was ready to burst and not one moment sooner.

Ignoring the sweat Santa kept making her grunt with each thrust he made into her, occasionally swiveling his hips at the end and upping her grunt an octave. Her already pretty face only got more gorgeous as it contorted in pleasure.

“Ohhh, harder,” Peyton hissed, hunching her hips to meet Santa’s thrusts.

“Like this?” Santa asked, plunging his cock into her with enough force to take her breath away.

“Yeahh,” Peyton gasped, writhing underneath him as he savaged her. “Fuck me just like that.”

“Say my name,” Santa grunted, his lips curling up into a snarl as he pounded her for all he was worth.

“Fuck me, Santa,” Peyton pleaded, digging her heels into his ass and pulling him deep inside her with each stroke.

“You want to come, don’t you?” Santa asked, recognizing the signs.

“Yeahhh,” Peyton mewed, clinging to his arms as she was pushed towards climax.

“Beg me,” Santa said, grinding against her on his in-stroke.

“Please? So close,” Peyton pleaded, biting her lower lip adorably.

Grinning, Santa straightened up over her. Slipping his hands underneath Peyton, he grabbed her firm ass in both hands. Using his new grip to lift her butt off the floor he proceeded to slam into her with abandon.

“Ohh ohhhh,” Peyton hissed as she hovered near the precipice.

Still palming Peyton’s taut butt, Santa let a finger drift into the valley between her cheeks. Peyton’s face scrunched up when she felt the tip of his finger slide over the surface of her asshole. Her eyes shot open wide when she felt the finger start to push inside her tight little anus. Her body instinctively tried to clamp up and keep out the intruder but her rear entrance was coated with juices leaking out of her pussy and his finger pushed into her easily.

“Fuuuuuuckkkkkk,” Peyton squealed as Santa sank his finger into her asshole up to the first knuckle, pushing her over the edge.

Feeling her pussy clamp down on his cock even tighter, Santa gave her one last pump before grabbing his cock by the base and yanking it out of her snatch. Slipping his finger out of her spasming asshole Santa moved up Peyton’s body.

Straddling Peyton’s shoulders, Santa dangled his cock over her mouth. When Peyton opened wide, Santa aimed his cock and plunged into her warm inviting mouth. As her lips wrapped around the head of his cock he pushed in deeper.

“Uh, yeah, hot little mouth,” Santa grunted, thrusting in and out of her mouth.

Feeling Santa start to build towards his orgasm, Peyton used her to tongue to swipe the head and then caress the shaft as he drove back into her mouth. Sucking hard she sought to draw out his orgasm so she could swallow his load like she promised.

“Here it comes,” Santa snarled, the jizz racing up his urethra.

Pushing into Peyton’s mouth until he bumped up against the back of her throat, Santa growled as the first rope of cum erupted from the end of his cock. As more and more of his seed poured into her mouth Peyton worked hard to swallow as much as she could, but being on the inexperienced side when it came to swallowing, she didn’t quite swallow fast enough.

“You missed a little,” Santa said, scooping up a bit of his goo that had escaped out of the corner of her mouth.

“Mmm,” Peyton purred, sucking on his finger, not noticing it was the same one that had been in her ass a moment earlier.

“You better be getting to bed or I might have to rethink your spot on the nice list,” Santa said, standing up.

“Wouldn’t want that,” Peyton said, giggling as she sat up. Rolling over, she got up onto her hands and knees and reached for her panties. Opening her mouth to say something else, she was shocked to see that Santa had already disappeared.

Forbidden Love At First Feel

“Oh fuck,” Kendall Jenner grunted as the tongue tapped at her back door. “Lick my ass. Lick your fucking sister’s ass.”

“Such a yummy little ass,” Kylie Jenner hissed, squeezing and pulling apart Kendall’s cheeks before attacking the tight little rosebud winking at her from between them.

Kendall had been laying on the floor of her apartment reading a fashion magazine when Kylie had wandered in. The sight had sparked Kylie’s sizable naughty streak and before Kendall knew what was afoot, Kylie had pounced. Not that Kendall would have put up much fight, but Kylie had grabbed a string of garland that had been decorating the apartment and used it to tie her sister’s hands behind her back.

With Kendall’s hands taken care of, it was easy for Kylie to strip her big sister of her shorts. She’d originally planned on eating Kendall’s pussy, but when she’d rolled Kendall over onto her stomach to tie her up, it had put Kendall’s ass in the line of fire instead. And since Kylie knew from past experience that Kendall enjoyed a little anilingus, not to mention that Kylie liked to give it as well, and it was a foregone conclusion which hole her tongue would wind up in.

Softly running her tongue around the edges of Kendall’s asshole, Kylie savored the taste. It had a metallic tang that some might have found a bit off putting but Kylie actually liked a lot. It wasn’t too strong, more of a subtle flavor that perfectly accentuated the kinkiness of tossing her sister’s salad.

Feeling Kylie’s tongue stiffen and poke against the center of her anus, Kendall moaned and pushed her ass back against the invading tongue. As her asshole slowly opened up, Kendall whimpered and wiggled her wrists against the makeshift rope binding them. She didn’t want to get away, though it would’ve been nice to be able to play with her pussy or grab Kylie’s head and pull it even tighter against her ass.

Sensing that Kendall needed a little something else, Kylie moving one hand from Kendall’s ass. Still rimming her sister’s asshole, Kylie dragged the index finger through Kendall’s labia before easing it into Kendall’s pussy.

“Ohhh,” Kendall moaned as Kylie played with both of her holes at the same time.

Wiggling the finger in Kendall’s pussy, Kylie used her thumb to blindly search for Kendall’s clit. Between knowledge of her own body and experience with her sister’s, it didn’t take the younger girl long to locate what she was looking for. Strumming it with her thumb, Kylie grinned into Kendall’s ass as she felt Kendall buck against the touch to her sensitive bud.

“Yeah, eat my ass,” Kendall hissed, futilely trying to extend her arms to push Kylie’s tongue deeper inside her.

Flicking her tongue against the tight ring of Kendall’s asshole, Kylie pulled her finger out far enough to slide a second digit into Kendall’s pussy. She could feel Kendall’s soft, smooth vaginal walls gripping and milking her fingers as she pumped her fingers in and out of Kendall’s cunt.

“Come on, Ky, fuck me,” Kendall pleaded, humping back against Kylie’s fingers and tongue.

“Want me to get the dildo?” Kylie asked, reluctantly pulling away from Kendall’s ass momentarily.

“Later,” Kendall grunted, wanting to finish what they’d already started, and then paying Kylie back in a big way. “Finger my ass first.”

“Like this?” Kylie asked, licking her lips as she slid her fingers out of Kendall’s pussy and adjusted her aim slightly north.

“Fuck, yeahhh,” Kendall moaned as she felt Kylie’s middle finger part her asshole and start to worm its way into her ass.

“Want another?” Kylie asked, pulling her finger almost all the way out of Kendall’s butt.

“Uh huh,” Kendall said, nodding.

Pairing her index finger with the middle one, Kylie pushed forward, feeling Kendall’s asshole give way under the pressure. It squeezed them together and not for the first time Kylie kinda wished she had a cock so she could feel what it would be like to have it buried up her sister’s ass.

Feeling naughty, Kylie decided to give Kendall even more. On the out stroke, she paused and let a nice big glob of saliva drip out of her mouth to where her fingers were joined with Kendall’s ass. Adding a third finger to the group, she pushed forward, making Kendall groan as her asshole was spread lewdly.

“Gawwwwwd,” Kendall drawled as Kylie started pumping her ass with the three fingers. The most fingers Kylie had ever used before was two, so they were already in a bit of unexplored territory, yet it kinda made her want to try more. “One more. Give me one more.”

“Whoa,” Kylie said, more than a little surprised by what Kendall was asking for.

Drooling more saliva into Kendall’s ass crack, Kylie plunged her fingers into Kendall almost all the way and turning her hand so she could use her thumb to spread the saliva around. Spreading her fingers apart, Kylie used them to stretch Kendall’s ass even more to prep her for the fourth finger she apparently wanted.

“Fuuuuuuckkkkkk,” Kendall gasped as Kylie finally added the fourth finger to the mix.

“Fuuuuuuckkkkkk is right,” Kylie said, a tremor of arousal running through her as she watched almost her whole hand disappear into her sister’s tight ass.

As Kylie slowly worked the four fingers in and out of Kendall’s ass, she gradually pushed them further and further inside. In no time she had them pumping into Kendall almost to the knuckles. She had them going so deep that if she just folded her thumb and brought it into her palm, she probably could have gotten her entire fist into Kendall’s backside.

And suddenly the thought was in Kylie’s head and wouldn’t go away. They’d already come this far, what was one tiny extra little finger? She felt her thumb twitch, eager to get in on the action but still she hesitated. Kendall’s ass called to her though and she decided to at least test the waters.

Pulling her hand out, she brought her thumb in towards her palm. As a way of warning Kendall, she ran the tip of her thumb along the rim of Kendall’s anus. When Kendall didn’t object, and actually moaned and made an effort to raise her hips and push against her, Kylie had answer.

“Uhhhhh,” Kendall grunted as Kylie started pushing her entire hand up her ass.

Her ass being stretched so far, Kendall’s head spun. She couldn’t believe how much she’d taken and each thrust Kylie made seemed to push just a little bit more into her. It was the weirdest, yet most amazing thing she’d ever felt and she wanted more.

“You look so hot like this,” Kylie said, pushing in until she reached the broadest part of her hand. “Does it feel good?”

“So good,” Kendall murmured, feeling like she could feel Kylie’s hand tickling her tonsils from behind.

Making small thrusts into Kendall’s ass with her hand, Kylie slipped her other hand underneath Kendall. Finding her older sister’s clit, she brushed against it and immediately felt the strong muscle of Kendall’s sphincter clench tightly around her hand as Kendall moaned loudly.

Tapping on Kendall’s clit, Kylie watched in rapt attention as Kendall bucked and spasmed in response. She’d seen her sister come a bunch of times, but as she worked Kendall’s nub Kylie could tell she was working up a real head of steam.

“OHHHHHH FUUUUUUCKKKKKK MMMMMEEEEEEEEE,” Kendall screamed as easily the biggest orgasm she’d ever experienced hit her like a freight train.

In the throes of ecstasy, Kendall lost control of her body and she jerked around so hard that the garland tying her wrists together snapped. She buried her face in the carpet, muffling her screams somewhat as Kylie drew out her climax even further by continuing to manipulate her clit.

Finally stopping what she was doing, Kylie pulled her hand away from Kendall’s pussy. A few moments later Kendall collapsed to the carpet, her body going limp enough for Kylie to extract her hand from Kendall’s asshole, leaving it gaping like the Grand Canyon.

“Holy shit,” Kylie gasped, looking back and forth between her slimy hand and Kendall’s limp body. She thought momentarily about trying to move her sister to the bedroom but decided it would be easier to move the bedroom to her.

Scampering off, Kylie grabbed blankets and pillows off Kendall’s bed. Coming back to find that Kendall snoring peacefully, she draped the blankets over Kendall’s body. Tucking a pillow under Kendall’s head, Kylie slipped under the blanket herself and moved in to press against Kendall to sleep.

Dirty Doves Done Dirt Cheap

“Wait,” Dove Cameron said as Santa turned to reenter the fireplace.

“Yes?” Santa asked, turning to face the cute blonde.

“There’s nothing for me,” Dove said, looking at the tags on the presents Santa had just left.

“That’s because you landed on the naughty list,” Santa said, shrugging his shoulders. “Those pictures were definitely naughty list material.”

“Oh,” Dove said, her mood crashing as she was reminded of her naked pictures being leaked.

“But I’m sure I could be talked into moving you to the nice list, on a provisional basis,” Santa said.

“How?” Dove asked, perking up.

“One particular picture comes to mind,” Santa said, grinning at the petite girl.

“You want to see my boobs?” Dove asked, weighing whether she should actually do it.

“Well, yes, but not quite,” Santa said. “I was talking about the other picture.”

“The other.. ohhhh,” Dove said, catching on.

“If you wanted to recreate that one, and then what you were obviously doing, I’m sure I could find a present or two for you in my bag,” Santa said.

“What I was doing?” Dove asked.

“You had your hand in your panties and you were clearly playing with yourself,” Santa clarified.

“So you want me to play with myself?” Dove asked, feeling butterflies in her stomach as she contemplated actually putting on a show for him.

“If you don’t want to, that’s fine,” Santa said, slowly backing towards the fireplace.

Her first reaction was to say no way. She made more than enough money to afford whatever he might leave without needing to diddle herself while he watched. And yet for some reason the thought kinda turned her on.

“Wait,” Dove said, just as Santa was starting to stuff his bag up the chimney.

Setting his sack down, Santa turned around in time to see Dove pulling her shirt off over her head. Taking a deep breath Dove reached behind her and unhooked her bra. She could feel Santa’s gaze as she slid the straps down her arms before finally pulling the cups away from her chest.

Biting her lower lip Dove discarded the bra before hooking her fingers in the waist of the pajama pants she was wearing. Pausing a moment, Dove finally pushed them down her legs, stepping out of them to stand in front of Santa wearing nothing but a pair of pink panties.

“These too?” Dove asked, pointing at her panties.

“I’ll leave that up to you,” Santa said, watching as Dove sat down on the couch.

Bringing her hand to her mouth Dove sucked on her middle finger. Pulling it out of her mouth, a strand of saliva bridged the gap between finger and lips for a moment before the distance became too great and broke.

Resting her hand on her stomach, Dove slid it down her body, finally slipping her fingers under the waistband of her panties. Gliding over the smooth skin of her freshly shaven mons, Dove quickly found the lips of her pussy. Dragging her finger over her labia, she shivered at the soft touch before reaching her clit.

“Mmm,” Dove moaned as the tip of her finger made a slow circle around her clit.

“That’s it,” Santa said, watching Dove’s panties tent around her hand as she trailed her finger back down to her hole to get a bit more lubrication.

Letting her legs loll open, Dove let her mind drift off to fantasyland. Normally she might have been expected to fantasize about her boyfriend, or even Santa over there, but one of her little guilty pleasures was to think about girls while she was masturbating. She loved her boyfriend and considered herself entirely straight, so it wasn’t something she would do anything about, but it was still something she was curious about.

So as Dove closed her eyes, a blonde head filled her mind’s eye. She had a few girls that she liked to rotate through her fantasies, but Olivia Holt seemed to pop up a bit more than the others. Sometimes in those fantasies Dove went down on Olivia, sometimes Olivia went down on Dove. Tonight, as her middle finger stroked her little pearl, Dove was definitely going to be on the receiving end.

“Uhh,” Dove groaned, her ass squirming into the couch as she imagined Olivia kneeling between her legs.

With one hand busy in her panties Dove brought her other up to her chest. Cupping her nearest breast, she used her thumb to tweak her nipple. Biting her lower lip she moaned as she imagined Olivia’s tongue darting out to drag through her labia.

Getting more into her little fantasy, Dove let her finger move faster on her clit. She mashed her button as urgency built inside her. Even the idea of being watched as she indulged in such a private thing turned her on and increased her desire.

“Mmm,” Dove sighed, dipping her middle and ring fingers into her pussy while rubbing the inside of her knuckles against her clit.

Pinching her nipple between her fingers, Dove plunged her two fingers into her pussy a couple times before moving them back to her clit. Chest heaving as her breathing got shallower, she arched her back and pushed her flat stomach out. With the pleasure building inside her she concentrated on her clit as she entered the home stretch.

As Olivia clamped her lips around her little pleasure center in her fantasy, Dove’s finger was a blur on her clit. Her panties were now a bit of a hindrance but she wasn’t about to stop and take them off, so instead she moved her hand from her chest to pull the fabric aside and fully expose her actions to her audience.

“Ohh ohhh ohh,” Dove murmured to herself as she pushed herself right up to the edge of orgasm.

With her panties out of the way, Dove slipped her left hand down to the opening of her pussy. Pushing two fingers into her cunt, she threw her head back as she was thrust over the edge. Letting out a strangled cry, she gave herself to the pleasure and felt her mind and body being washed away on a wave of ecstasy.

Feeling her body spasming in climax, Dove sighed and opened her eyes. A smile spread across her face as she basked in the afterglow of her orgasm, but her brow soon furrowed when she found the room completely empty. Where her audience had been, there was nothing except a small note sitting on the table in front of her.

“I can make it happen if you’re a good girl next year,” the note said, written in a stylish flourish.

Mistress For (Mrs.) Christmas

Sitting on the edge of the couch, Kelli Berglund waited patiently for the visitor she hoped would be coming down the chimney at any time. She’d taken her panties off before coming downstairs and with every second that ticked off, her pussy got wetter with anticipation.

Finally after what felt like an eternity, but was probably more like an hour, Kelli heard bells followed by the stomping of hooves on the roof. Feeling her heart beat a mile a minute, Kelli looked at the fireplace and bit her lip as she saw snow and ash dislodged and fall down into the fireplace with movement.

Then as if out of nowhere, a figure in red appeared in the opening. Stepping out, the figure lifted up and brushed itself off, knocking off soot from the finely tailored red suit. Cleaned up, the figure turned and, seeing Kelli, smiled and removed the hat to reveal the long blonde hair.

“I see you’ve been waiting for me,” Anna Claus said, smiling.

“Just like you told me,” Kelli said, Mrs. Claus’s smile almost hypnotic.

After her encounter with Mrs. Claus last year, Kelli had spent months thinking about it. Every day she’d remembered how it had felt to feel the candy cane in her ass. Then one day, out of the blue, she’d found a piece of paper with Anna’s e-mail address on it. She wasn’t sure where it had come from, but that hadn’t stopped her from e-mailing Mrs. Claus.

The e-mails had quickly gotten rather dirty, including more than one admission from Kelli that she wanted to get fucked in the ass. So Mrs. Claus had told Kelli to sit on the edge of the couch and wait for her on Christmas Eve. If she did that, then maybe Kelli would get her wish.

“You know, not wearing panties is a naughty thing to do,” Mrs. Claus said, grinning as Kelli spread her legs just enough to expose herself to view under her nightgown. “Lucky for you, I’m willing to overlook such a thing.”

“Goodie,” Kelli said, clapping.

“Now be a good girl and open this present for me,” Mrs. Claus said, reaching into her red velvet bag up to her shoulder until her fingers closed upon a box. “Ah, here we are.”

With a smile, Mrs. Claus withdrew the box from the bag and extended it towards Kelli. Taking it from the deceptively young looking brunette in front of her, Kelli slipped the ribbon off the box and lifted the lid. Seeing the contents, Kelli half gasped, half moaned.

“You said you wanted to get fucked in the ass,” Mrs. Claus said as Kelli lifted a strap on out of the box. “Now you’re going to get fucked in the ass.”

“Ohhh,” Kelli moaned as she felt an echo of the candy cane in her ass from a year ago and imagined it as the strap on in her hand.

“Turn around and take off that nightgown,” Mrs. Claus said, pointing her index finger down and moving it in a small circle.

Doing as she was told, Kelli sat up and turned around on her knees and lifted her nightgown off over her head. Leaning against the back of the couch Kelli turned her head to look back at Mrs. Claus just as she was lifting the skirt of her outfit. The harness of the strap on was around mid-thigh on Mrs. Claus and Kelli got a nice view of Mrs. Claus’s bald pussy for a moment before she pulled the harness the rest of the way up her legs.

Reaching back into the bag, Mrs. Claus narrowed one eye in concentration until her hand finally found what it was looking for. Removing her hand from the back, Mrs. Claus held up the bottle of lube triumphantly as if she’d just pulled Excalibur from the stone.

Popping the cap on the bottle, Mrs. Claus squirted some lube onto the tips of her fingers, rubbing them together to help warm up the cold viscous liquid. Moving in behind Kelli, Mrs. Claus reached out and ran a hand over one of the firm globes of Kelli’s ass. Squeezing it, Mrs. Claus pulled the cheeks apart and pushed her lubed finger against the puckered hole between them.

“Ohhhh,” Kelli gasped as she felt the finger penetrate her asshole to the first knuckle.

Sliding the finger in and out of Kelli’s asshole, a grin spread across Mrs. Claus’s face. She wasn’t the out-of-control horndog that her husband could be at times, but that didn’t mean she couldn’t enjoy the sight of a horny teenage girl bent over a couch getting ready to have her ass fucked. Especially when she was the one about to do the fucking.

Slipping her finger from Kelli’s ass, Mrs. Claus grabbed the base of the strap on. Grabbing the bottle of lube, she squirted a nice ribbon along the length of the shaft before using her free hand to smear it around, getting it nice and slick for the work at hand.

“Spread your cheeks,” Mrs. Claus commanded as she moved in behind Kelli.

Hearing the authority in Mrs. Claus’s voice, Kelli snapped to do as she was told. She would’ve done whatever Mrs. Claus wanted anyway, but it actually felt kinda hot to be told what to do. Kelli had never really been submissive before, and wasn’t sure she’d want to be later, but at the moment bowing to Mrs. Claus’s whim was really turning her on.

As Kelli spread her ass and leaned forward against the back of the couch, Mrs. Claus aimed the strap on at the tiny little rosebud between her cheeks. Pushing forward, Mrs. Claus felt Kelli tense up against the pressure to her asshole.

“Relax,” Mrs. Claus barked, pausing momentarily.

Doing as Mrs. Claus wanted, Kelli took a deep breath and concentrated on relaxing her muscles. Feeling the pressure against her asshole again, Kelli gasped and her eyes shot open as her anus gave way and what felt like a foot of fake cock, though it was probably more like an inch or two, pushed into her ass.

“God, that’s hot,” Mrs. Claus groaned, pausing a moment to look at Kelli’s asshole wrapped tight around her strap on.

“Fuck,” Kelli grunted, feeling like she was going to be ripped in half. She’d thought the candy cane had felt big in her ass last year, but it was nothing compared to the dildo currently being pushed into her.

Gripping the back of the couch tight enough for her knuckles to turn white, Kelli braced herself as Mrs. Claus pushed another inch into her ass. Taking a labored breath, Kelli pushed back, encouraging Mrs. Claus to keep going.

“How are you doing?” Mrs. Claus asked Kelli, pausing with about half of the eight inch strap on buried in Kelli’s ass.

“Fine,” Kelli squeaked, trying hard not to be overwhelmed by the pain she was feeling.

“Are you sure?” Mrs. Claus asked, reaching a hand up to stroke Kelli’s back.

“Yeah,” Kelli insisted, looking over her shoulder and nodding for Mrs. Claus to continue.

“Okay,” Mrs. Claus said, taking care to be extra gentle as she eased another inch of fake cock up Kelli’s backside.

“Uhhh-hhh,” Kelli hissed, her breath catching in her throat as a sliver of pleasure started to break through the pain.

Reaching her hand around to Kelli’s front, Mrs. Claus found her brunette lover’s pussy. Extending her middle finger, Mrs. Claus pressed it against Kelli’s clit, causing the younger girl’s body to spasm. Using the pleasure shooting through Kelli’s body as cover fire, Mrs. Claus pushed another inch and a half into Kelli’s ass.

“Such a tight little ass,” Mrs. Claus grunted, desperately trying to refrain from giving in and slamming the last inch or two of her dildo into Kelli’s ass in one hard thrust.

“So tight,” Kelli agreed, barely audible as Mrs. Claus slid the strap on out of her ass ever so slightly. Her asshole was on fire, but as she felt the toy move through area that had already been stretched, the pleasant sensations firing through the nerve endings in her anus didn’t have to fight through nearly as much pain to be interpreted by her brain.

Making small movements inside Kelli’s ass, Mrs. Claus made small circles around Kelli’s clit with her finger. When Kelli moaned, Mrs. Claus finally pushed the last little bit into Kelli’s ass, feeling her pelvis pressed tightly to the firm cheeks of Kelli’s butt.

“Fuck,” Kelli groaned, feeling equal parts pleasure and pain at having every last inch of the strap on buried in her asshole. Considering the way it had started, even that much was a bit of a shock for Kelli.

“Now the fun really begins,” Mrs. Claus promised, more than a little mischief in her voice.

Slowly pulling back, Mrs. Claus kept her eyes glued to the clenching ring of Kelli’s anus as it clutched at the receding toy. When she was about halfway out of Kelli’s ass, Mrs. Claus paused before pushing back in, quicker than the initial penetration but still much slower than she normally would’ve liked.

“Uhhh,” Kelli grunted as she was filled up to near breaking once more.

“You like that?” Mrs. Claus asked, sensing that the pleasure was starting to overtake the pain in Kelli’s voice.

“Uhh, little,” Kelli hissed as Mrs. Claus made a slightly harder thrust into her bowels.

“Good,” Mrs. Claus said, smiling as she withdrew from Kelli’s ass.

Pushing about five inches into Kelli, Mrs. Claus started putting more power into her thrusts. At first Kelli grunted her way through it, but after a couple strokes she found herself actually starting to push back. The pleasure was finally starting to overpower the pain and she wanted more of it.

With Kelli really starting to get into it, Mrs. Claus stopped holding back. Each time Mrs. Claus hit bottom it sent jolts of pleasure through Kelli’s body and the power of the jolts increased in lockstep with the power of the thrusts into her ass.

“Oh god, ohhh,” Kelli gasped as Mrs. Claus grabbed her hips with both hands and really slammed the fake cock up her ass.

“You like getting fucked in the ass, don’t you, dearie?” Mrs. Claus asked, taking turns watching Kelli’s butt cheeks ripple with the force of her thrusts and watching Kelli’s mouth contort in pleasure as she turned her head to the side.

“Uhh, yeahhhh,” Kelli moaned, nodding her head.

As Kelli absorbed the power of Mrs. Claus’s thrusts, she remembered what Mrs. Claus had done to help get her into it. Moving one hand from the back of the couch, she slipped it down to her crotch. Finding her pussy, Kelli rubbed her clit, feeling the pleasure shooting through her intensify incredibly.

“Ohhh, fuck my ass,” Kelli hissed, bracketing her clit between middle and index fingers and squeezing.

Squeezing her clit between her fingers, Kelli moved her hand, stroking her pussy and stimulating her pussy at the same time. Combined with the feeling of the fat cock thrusting in and out of her asshole it was rapidly sending her soaring towards her climax.

“Fuck, uhh, me,” Kelli pleaded, nearly delirious as her pleasure center was attacked from all sides.

“Such a tight little ass,” Mrs. Claus grunted, punctuating each word with a thrust into Kelli’s ass.

“So close,” Kelli mewed, working her clit even faster as she sought release.

“Come for me,” Mrs. Claus urged, slipping a hand around to join Kelli’s in stroking the brunette’s clit.

“A-almost,” Kelli gasped, eyes clamping shut as she hovered momentarily on the edge.

Then suddenly, Kelli was there. Throwing her head back she let out a strangled cry. Her body quaked and her asshole clamped down so tightly that Mrs. Claus slammed the strap on deep into Kelli’s ass and then could barely move it.

“There we go,” Mrs. Claus whispered into Kelli’s ear, barely audible over Kelli’s howls of pleasure.

Putting her hands on Kelli’s stomach, Mrs. Claus pulled her tightly to her. When Kelli went limp, Mrs. Claus eased her down onto the couch. When Kelli was laying face down, Mrs. Claus moved her hands to the cheeks of Kelli’s ass and pulled them apart as she slowly withdrew the toy.

“Now for my present,” Mrs. Claus said, grinning evilly as she moved up the couch.

Kelli opened her eyes when she felt the tip of the toy pressing against her lips. For anyone else she might have put up a fight, but after what Mrs. Claus had just done for, or to, her, Kelli would’ve done anything. Besides, she’d sucked the candy cane last year right after it had been removed from her ass.

Opening her mouth, Kelli moaned as Mrs. Claus pushed the strap on into her oral cavity. She let her tongue caress the shaft as it was fed to her. Kelli eagerly sucked and cleaned off her own ass juices from the toy, making Mrs. Claus shiver with arousal at the sight.

“Such a good little slut,” Mrs. Claus grunted, pulling the toy out of Kelli’s mouth and letting the brunette clean parts of the toy she hadn’t been able to get to with it in her mouth.

“Same time next year?” Kelli asked, hopeful.

“For you? Any time,” Mrs. Claus sighed. “But first, I should probably be getting back to the North Pole to make sure I’ve got Santa’s dinner ready when he gets home.”

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