Random Sex V – More Jailbait Academy

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Celebs of choice in this story are Sammi Hanratty, Stella Hudgens, Debby Ryan, Alyson Michalka, Dakota Fanning, Chloe Moretz, Bella Thorne, Dani Thorne, and Peyton Roi List. The codes are (MF, FF, cons, oral, anal, toys). Go fuck yourself and go read something else if you dislike those codes or want something more. Or better yet, write it yourself.

Random Sex  V- More Jailbait Academy

By voodoojoe

Sammi w/ Stella

Groaning in his sleep Jeff Smith’s brain slowly started to emerge from the fog of sleep. As it did he gradually became aware of a tongue swirling around the head of his cock before it was engulfed in the warm, moist environs of a mouth. Keeping his eyes closed Jeff tried to decipher which of the sexy teens he’d gone to sleep with belonged to the mouth but then realized he didn’t have enough of a point of reference for either of them to guess.

Finally opening his eyes he lifted his head and was mildly surprised to see Sammi Hanratty’s face glancing up at him and grinning around his cock. Surprised because he would’ve figured Stella Hudgens would’ve been the one unwilling to wait for him to wake up before getting some more, but only mildly so because after Sammi had warmed up to him she’d been almost as insatiable as Stella.

After filling the condom while fucking Sammi, Stella had demanded another turn. So after she’d sucked him back to full hardness he’d planted her on her back and bent her legs back until her ankles were practically behind her ears. He’d fucked her to a pair of orgasms before grabbing Sammi and repeating the process with her until he’d pulled out, ripped off the condom, and spunked on Sammi’s cute little face.

He’d finished the night by rolling a third condom onto his cock and spending a solid hour sodomizing the hell out of Stella. She’d screamed and clawed at the bed while begging him to fuck her ass harder. She’d lost count of the number of times she’d come before she’d felt his cock start to throb inside her and she’d collapsed onto the bed in sheer exhaustion.

“Morning,” Jeff said, glancing around and not seeing Stella.

“Mownin’,” Sammi said, unable to enunciate properly with her mouth stretched around his cock.

“Where’s Stella?” Jeff asked, letting her continue to play as he finished waking up.

“I think she said something about coffee,” Sammi said, pulling her mouth off his cock so she could answer.

“Come here,” Jeff said, reaching over to grab another condom off the table next to the bed.

As Sammi climbed onto the bed, Jeff ripped open the package and rolled the condom onto his cock. Grabbing hold of the petite girl he pulled her down onto the bed and rolled on top of her. When she spread her legs he aimed his cock at her waiting hole and eased forward.

“Fuck you’re tight,” Jeff gasped as he slowly pushed into Sammi’s pussy.

“Fuck you’re big,” Sammi gasped at the same time.

Having already fucked her a couple times Jeff had a pretty good idea what Sammi liked. He’d been trained to pay attention to the little things and as such his brain had stored away quite a bit of information. So rather than take it slow and easy he immediately started to give it to her hard and fast.

“Oh ohh ohhhh,” Sammi grunted as his cock pummeled away at her petite body.

Straightening up he reached under her and grabbed hold of her ass. Holding those tight globes in his hands he lifted her lower half off the bed and drove her straight to the edge of bliss, then took her right over the edge.

And in the middle of screaming out her climax was how Stella found them as she walked through the door holding a cardboard tray with three cups of hot coffee. Sammi had been screaming so loudly that Stella’s first thought was that she was being murdered until she recognized Sammi’s sex scream.

“Geez, Sammi, you’re going to wake up the whole hotel,” Stella said, grinning as she watched her friend writhe in ecstasy.

“You’re next if you want it,” Jeff said, turning to look at Stella as he continued to pound into Sammi.

“Oh god, maybe later,” Stella grunted, using her free hand to rub her ass. “I’m still worn out from last night. But before I left to get coffee Sammi was saying how she hoped you’d fuck her ass like you fucked mine.”

“Oh really?” Jeff asked, grinning as he looked down at Sammi. “You want me to fuck that tight little ass of yours?

“Ohhh, yessss,” Sammi groaned, nodding her head vigorously.

Only two people had fucked Sammi in the ass, Stella and her ex-boyfriend that she’d broken up with months earlier. The ex hadn’t been very good at it, he’d barely lasted thirty seconds inside the tight confines of her asshole before creaming inside her. But after watching Jeff stuff Stella’s ass she was confident that wasn’t going to happen with him.

Slipping his cock from Sammi’s pussy Jeff sat back on his heels. His latex covered cock was sticking straight out from his body as he watched Sammi roll over. Glancing over at Stella he pointed towards the bottle of lube on the table next to the bed where they’d left it after he’d fucked Stella’s ass the night before.

Picking up the bottle Stella handed it to Jeff. Then unable to help herself she bent down and engulfed his cock in her mouth. She could taste Sammi’s pussy on it and even though she wasn’t a big fan of the taste of latex, it was totally worth it to suck Sammi’s juices off his cock.

While Stella gave him a quickie blowjob, Jeff made sure to grease up Sammi’s back passage. He worked a couple fingers into her ass  and twisted them around to open her up before trying to stuff her full of dick.

Finally moving behind Sammi Jeff took hold of his cock. When Stella grabbed Sammi’s ass and pulled her friend’s cheeks apart Jeff pressed the head of his cock against Sammi’s asshole. Feeling Sammi relax he pushed forward.

“Oh fuuuuckkk,” Sammi gasped when Jeff’s cock popped past her sphincter and she felt her asshole stretch further than it had stretched before.

“You’re doing great,” Jeff said, stroking Sammi’s lower back with his free hand.

When Sammi started to relax again Jeff gently eased forward, causing Sammi to groan as her tailpipe was forced open. Even though Jeff had come four times in less than twenty-four hours, he was still thankful for the condom. Being a tiny girl, Sammi’s ass was quite possibly the tightest thing he’d felt and he wasn’t sure how long he would’ve been able to last bareback.

“Holy-,” Sammi grunted when Jeff finally came to a stop with every inch of his cock buried deep inside her ass.

“Wow,” Stella said, staring down at where her best friend’s ass was splayed wide open by a monster cock.

Stella had never watched someone get fucked in the ass like that before. Every time she and Sammi did anal she either was doing the fucking or she was the one with the asshole stuffed with cock. But this time she was neither and it was mind bogglingly hot to watch the shaft of Jeff’s cock slowly slide out of Sammi’s snug little anus before he suddenly thrust forward and in the blink of an eye it was gone again.

Still staring at the cock slamming in and out of Sammi’s ass Stella slipped a hand underneath her friend. Finding Sammi’s pussy Stella dragged her middle finger along the length of the slit. Stella rubbed circles around Sammi’s clit before moving her finger back along Sammi’s labia and plunging a finger into Sammi’s hole.

“Ohhhh,” Sammi moaned as Stella’s finger worked her pussy.

With Sammi pushing back against him Jeff increased his speed. She was too tight to go anywhere near as fast as he had been going in her pussy, but he was still fucking her ass hard enough to draw low grunts from Sammi each time he bottomed out.

“Fuck her ass just like that,” Stella demanded, positioning her hand so the inside of her finger rubbed against Sammi’s clit each time she plunged it into Sammi’s cunt.

“Uh uhhh uhhhhhhh,” Sammi whimpered as Jeff and Stella fucked her holes.

“Yeah, Jeff, make her come,” Stella hissed, feeling like she could come on her own just from watching. In fact, if Sammi had been of clear enough mind to simply reach out and touch Stella it probably would’ve been enough to set her off.

With his marching orders in hand Jeff used his strong arms to pull on Sammi’s hips and pull her back onto his cock as the same time he drove forward with power. His pelvis collided with the cheeks of Sammi’s so hard it sounded almost like thunder claps inside the room and caused Sammi’s eyes to roll up in her head.

“Oh shit,” Sammi moaned as she felt helpless under his anal assault.

“Almost,” Stella said, amazed at the power in his thrusts.

Stella had been on the receiving end of an amazing ass fucking the previous night, but it hadn’t been like what he was giving Sammi. He was being absolutely relentless and barely giving Sammi time to breathe before once again drilling into her ass hard enough to take her breath away.

“Ohhh GAAWWDD,” Sammi screamed, her palm slapping the mattress as she was hit by one of the biggest orgasms of her young life.

Feeling Sammi’s asshole clamp down on his cock Jeff tried to power through it but it was no use. The vise grip was just too tight and after a couple thrusts into her tight channel he felt himself being pushed past the point of no return.

Yanking his cock out of Sammi’s ass he was about to rip off the latex sheath so he shoot his load on Sammi’s ass and lower back, but Stella stopped him. Grabbing the base of his still condom-covered cock she wrapped her lips around the head and sucked.

Working more of Jeff’s cock into her mouth Stella swirled her tongue along the shaft, collecting Sammi’s ass juices as she went. When she’d gone as far as she could without gagging, Stella started pulling back, stroking his shaft with her hand until she had just the head still in her mouth.

“Gonna come,” Jeff grunted.

At his warning, Stella hooked her fingers in the ring at the base of the condom. Pulling the latex up the shaft she ripped it off and sank her mouth back down on his newly uncovered cock. Feeling him start to pulse in her mouth, Stella moaned and sucked harder.

“Fuck,” Jeff grunted as Stella set out to suck the cum right out of his balls.

“Mmm,” Stella moaned, smacking her lips as she swallowed Jeff’s cum.

“You two are going to kill me,” Jeff said as Stella started idly stroking his shaft.

“Too bad we don’t have more time,” Stella pouted, wishing she could have one more ride before she had to give him back to his girlfriend.

Debby Ryan

Feeling a hand slide up her stomach to cup on of her breasts, Debby Ryan moaned. After losing her virginity in a far better fashion than she could’ve imagined, she’d curled up with her best friend, Pete, to fall asleep. And as she came awake she was becoming more and more aware of his hands on her body, not to mention the rock hard cock pressed up against her ass.

When Pete moved and pulled her tighter to him Debby grinned stupidly. This was the first time she’d spent the night with a guy and feeling his strong arms holding her felt better than pretty much anything she’d experienced before, not counting anything after he’d pulled down her panties and attacked her pussy.

“Morning,” Pete said, waking up as Debby squirmed against him.

“Mmm, morning,” Debby sighed, grabbing his arms and not letting him pull away quite yet.

“Have a good night?” Pete asked, nuzzling the back of her neck.

“The best,” Debby responded. “Though I was kinda hoping the morning would be even better.”

“I think we can at least give it the old college try,” Pete said, using the hand on her breast to squeeze and knead it.

“Mmm, anything you had in mind?” Debby asked, moaning as his other hand slipped down to stroke the bare skin of her shaved mons.

“Well, I’m guessing after the way you reacted to having your pussy eaten you wouldn’t mind doing that one again,” Pete said, kissing the back of her neck

“Oh god yes,” Debby hissed, shivering at the memory.

“Then there’s no point in waiting, is there?” Pete asked as he rolled Debby over onto her stomach with him on top of her.

With his arms still underneath her Pete put his weight on his elbows so he could extract them. Arms free he straddled her ass and sat up. Grabbing the hem of her shirt, or his shirt that she was wearing, he pushed it upwards until it moved past her tits.

Leaning down Pete softly planted a kiss on her spine right between her shoulder blades. Shifting down an inch or two Pete gave her another kiss and continued like that down her back until he reached the small of her back.

Debby wasn’t quite sure what exactly he was doing to her, but it felt really good. And after his performance last night she wasn’t about to question him so she just lay there relaxing as she felt his fingers tug on the waist of the boxers she’d put on before bed.

“Up,” Pete said, giving her ass a light swat as he tugged her shorts down. When she started to get up on hands and knees he leaned forward and put a hand on her back and gently pressed down. “Just your knees for the moment.”

Giving him the benefit of the doubt Debby put her head and chest back on the bed as she got her knees underneath her. When he had her boxers completely off she felt the bed shift behind her followed by a hand moving to rest on each butt cheek.

Pete had always been a bit of a butt man and Debby’s was a work of art as far as he was concerned. He’d been drooling over since the tenth grade but never really thought he’d actually get the chance to feel her tight cheeks in his hands like this.

Softly kneading Debby’s cheeks Pete bent down and leaned in so he could drag his tongue along the length of of Debby’s labia. Her loud moan was a clear sign of her approval as he lazily licked up some of the juices leaking out of her. There was a chance it would be the last time he got to taste her pussy, at least for a couple hours, so he wanted to make it count.

“Oh yeah,” Debby moaned when Pete’s tongue strayed down far enough to swirl around her clit.

“You wanted to try new things, right?” Pete asked before flicking her clit with his tongue.

“Everything,” Debby groaned, luxuriating in the still new feeling of having a tongue working its magic on her.

“Then we have to try this,” Pete said before letting his tongue dart out to lash against the puckered starfish of her anus.

“Ohhhhh,” Debby moaned, a pronounced shudder going through her body as a completely new sensation washed over her.

While her reaction was pretty much undeniable, Pete still wasn’t sure whether she’d let him keep going. So rather than pause and give her an opening, he keep right on going. He worked his tongue all over the outside of her asshole, aggressively rimming her as she groaned and pushed back against him.

“You like that?” Pete asked, finally stopping to ask when he was sure he knew the answer.

“Uhh, yeahhh,” Debby said, nodding her head.

She knew she shouldn’t like it, it was just so nasty and dirty. But that was actually one of the big reasons why it was affecting her so much. It felt very different, in a good way, but the sheer depravity of having someone lick her ass was off-the-charts hot.

“Want to try some more?” Pete asked her, rubbing his thumb around the outside of her anus.

“Uhhhh,” Debby hesitated, tensing up at his question.

“You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to,” Pete assured her. “But you said you wanted to try everything. We can start with a finger and if you like that we can go from there.”

“Okay,” Debby relented, feeling a nervous excitement as Pete continued to rub circles around her asshole with his thumb.

Even with her permission Pete didn’t want to move too fast for her. Replacing his thumb with his tongue, he moved his thumb down to caress her labia while he rimmed her ass. When Debby moaned Pete stiffened his tongue and poked it against the center.

“Ohhhh,” Debby moaned as she felt the pressure on her asshole.

One of Pete’s girlfriends last year had really had a thing for anal play. And since Pete had a thing for asses, their proclivities had lined up quite well. Unfortunately, their personalities hadn’t lined up quite so well, though occasionally she still stopped by to let him toss her salad or fuck her ass when she felt the desire.

At the moment Debby was on the receiving end of all that experience. Soft licks followed by rougher ones with the occasional poke mixed in kept Debby off balance. It all felt so good, especially in conjunction with his thumb idly stroking her pussy.

Wanting to take the next step Pete pulled his tongue away from Debby’s anus. When she groaned in protest at the loss of his tongue Pete grinned while he moved his thumb back up to her asshole. Pressing against the middle of her asshole he pushed just until it started to give way and then stopped with just the very tip inside her.

“Uhhhohhh,” Debby grunted, her heart beating like a jackhammer as she was given a choice.

Debby knew she could say no and Pete would probably just go back to focusing on her pussy, but for some reason she really didn’t want to. What he was doing to her felt really good and while the thumb just barely inserted in her ass wasn’t the most comfortable thing in the world, it wasn’t exactly hurting her.

Feeling Debby push back against him gave Pete all the information he needed to know about where she stood. With her tacit permission Pete pushed the thumb deeper into her ass, marveling at how tightly her sphincter gripped his thumb.

When he got his thumb into her to the first knuckle he moved his tongue back to her pussy. Her moan as he lapped up the copious juices dripping out of her was loud and clear. There wasn’t any doubt she was enjoying herself.

“Ready for more?” Pete asked, using his free hand to push his boxers down.

“Uhhh,” Debby said, unsure how to answer.

“Don’t worry, I’m not going there quite yet,” Pete assured her as he took his cock in hand and guided it towards her pussy.

“Ohhh yessss,” Debby moaned as Pete eased his cock into her from behind.

As Pete slowly fucked her from behind Debby alternated between forgetting all about the thumb up her butt and being completely unable to think of anything else. After a bit the thumb was just sorta there, at least until their combined movements caused it to shift and suddenly she became extremely aware of how big it felt inside her.

“Oh god, don’t stop,” Debby moaned, pushing back to meet his thrusts.

“Wasn’t going to, Debs,” Pete said, using his left hand to grip her hip and pull her back as he thrust into her.

Then just as Debby was starting to get used to the thumb up her ass, Pete started to gently move it in and out of her ass. At first she wasn’t sure about it but as he sawed in and out of her holes with cock and thumb, she started to completely see the appeal. Each time he thrust into her pussy Debby moaned and her asshole clenched around the thumb, only for him to move the finger and rub against all those sensitive nerve endings in her anus and send sparks throughout her midsection.

“Oh fuck, so close,” Debby grunted. She couldn’t believe how fast she was coming, but Pete had just gotten her so worked up with his tongue that she was already on the verge.

“Want something bigger in your ass?” Pete asked her, suddenly pushing his thumb all the way into her ass.

“Ohhhhh,” Debby shuddered, the sudden penetration pushing her over the edge.

As Debby came, her eyes rolled back in her head. Her pussy clamped down on Pete’s cock and her asshole rhythmically squeezed his thumb as she buried her face in the bedsheets to keep from screaming out in ecstasy.

Pete didn’t slow down his thrusting into her almost painfully snug cunt though. In fact, he actually sped up, drawing out Debby’s climax with each thrust into her. Then just as Debby thought she might be reaching the end he wiggled his thumb in her ass and sent her to another level.

Finally slowing down Pete gave Debby a couple slow, leisurely thrusts until her orgasm finally ran its course and she went limp. Taking the opportunity he withdrew his thumb from her ass and slipped his cock from her pussy. Adjusting his aim he pressed it against her asshole and paused, waiting to see if she’d tell him to stop.

When she just grunted he slowly pushed forward, her muscles presenting little obstacle as they were still pretty lax in the aftermath of her climax. Debby gasped and her muscles started to contract when the head popped past her sphincter, but it was too late.

“Holy fuck,” Debby grunted as Pete slowly pushed more of his cock into her asshole.

It hurt, but not nearly as much she would’ve thought it would, probably because the penetration had come on the heels of her orgasm. And as Pete slowly worked his way into her ass the pain became more of a slight discomfort, a bit like his thumb had at first.

“Want me to stop?” Pete asked her. He really wanted her to enjoy as much as possible and if she wasn’t enjoying herself then it wasn’t worth it.

“Not yet,” Debby hissed, eyes closed tightly as she tried to get used to having a cock up her ass.

Debby wasn’t sure whether she liked it or not, but she’d told him she wanted to experience as much as possible and anal was definitely something a lot of women her age had at least tried. She remembered her roommate junior year, AnnaSophia, breaking up with her boyfriend because he tried to stick it in her ass. Then later in the year AnnaSophia had gotten just tipsy enough to let her new boyfriend try it and had spent the last month of the school year raving about it.

Of course, that was in stark contrast to some of the horror stories Debby had heard. One of her friends freshman year of college had told her a story about an insensitive jerk just ramming it in her asshole and plugging away until he came, not caring at all about how badly it hurt.

And while the bad accounts had outnumbered the good, Debby trusted Pete to not be an insensitive jerk. As long as Debby had gone this far, she figured she should at least give it enough time to see if it was as horrific as some girls made it seem, or if it was as awesome as AnnaSophia had said, or just somewhere in between.

“Reach underneath you and play with your clit,” Pete suggested, sensing that Debby was teetering right on the edge between liking what he was doing and disliking it.

Taking Pete’s suggestion Debby slipped a hand underneath her body. Finding her pussy she extended her middle finger and pressed it against the nub of her clit. The feeling was electric as her finger rubbed her still sensitive clit.

“Ohhhhh,” Debby moaned, her finger softly rubbing small circles around her clit.

With Debby distracted a bit by the sensations emanating from her clit, Pete felt her asshole start to relax just a tad. Taking the opportunity, Pete gripped her hips and started slowly pumping in and out of Debby’s tight asshole.

“Uhhhh,” Debby grunted as it started to feel really good.

Debby wasn’t sure why, but each time Pete thrust into her ass she felt the impact against the cheeks of her ass and it sent shock waves through her nether regions. Pushing back against Pete’s thrusts Debby moaned as nerve endings she didn’t even know she had exploded with pleasure.

“You like it?” Pete asked even though he had a pretty good of her answer.

“A little,” Debby answered, her finger still circling her clit.

“Want me to fuck your ass harder?” Pete asked, putting a little extra into his next thrust.

“Oh shit,” Debby hissed, her body alive in ways she never would’ve imagined possible.

“Tell me you want it,” Pete said, pulling on her hips as he slammed forward.

“Oh god, ohhhh, fuck me,” Debby hissed. “Fuck my ass.”

Debby couldn’t believe what she was saying, but then even though she’d been there every step of the way, she was finding it hard to believe what she was doing. Twenty-four hours ago she’d been a twenty-one year old virgin going to college in San Diego getting ready to head back to LA to see some old friends. Since then she’d given a blow job in a movie theater to the guy she’d had a huge crush on in high school, and then gone back to his hotel room and literally thrown herself at him in hopes he’d pop her cherry.

And yet she’d completely expected all, or at least most of that. While she might not have woken up yesterday thinking she’d be giving head in a movie theater, Debby had certainly been hoping that Pete would take her virginity before the weekend was out. Having him shove his cock up her ass, and for her to go fucking nuts over it, had been far less expected, and possibly even more satisfying because of it.

Grinning at Debby’s eagerness, Pete decided to see what she could handle. Holding her in place Pete thrust forward, burying his cock into Debby’s asshole with enough power to push her body forward on the bed. When she groaned and lifted her hips to give him an even target he put even more power into his next couple thrusts.

“Ohhh yeahhh,” Debby hissed, her finger picking up speed on her clit to match Pete’s thrusts.

Each time Debby moaned Pete slammed into her ass harder, and each time he fucked her harder Debby seemed to moan louder. With her upper body resting on the bed each thrust pushed her forward on the bed a little at a time until with one hard thrust Debby felt her knees slide out from underneath her and she collapsed onto her stomach.

Not letting the sudden position change stop him, Pete just pressed his palms into the bed and used his knees to nudge her legs a little further apart. After a moment to adjust Pete went back to thrusting into her ass, even harder as she raised her ass to meet his thrusts.

“Want to know what your next lesson is?” Pete hissed as he felt the extreme tightness of her asshole start to take its toll on him.

“Uhhh, yeah,” Debby mewled, the finger on her clit pushing her towards climax.

“Well, first you’re going to come from having your ass fucked,” Pete snarled, hoping he could make it that long. “Then you’re going to try ass-to-mouth.”

“Ass, uhh, to mouth?” Debby asked, her brain not quite working at full strength.

“After you come, I’m going to take my cock out of your ass and put it in your mouth,” Pete responded without missing a beat in his fucking.

As an ass man, and one that loved fucking women in the ass, ass-to-mouth was one of his favorite things. He really hadn’t even given it much thought until the first time his ex had pulled his cock out of her ass, turned around and cleaned him off with her tongue. It had been the single hottest thing he’d ever seen and he really wanted to see whether Debby would open herself up enough to give it a fair shot.

“Ohhhh,” Debby moaned.

She wanted to say no but she also remembered that she was supposed to be experiencing new things, being pushed out of her comfort zone. Ultimately she decided that she trusted Pete and if she didn’t like she just wouldn’t do it again.

“Do it,” Debby grunted, closing her eyes and focusing on closing that last little distance to her orgasm.

“You like getting your ass fucked, don’t you?” Pete asked, hoping the dirty talk might help her.

“Yeah,” Debby moaned, so close.

“We’re going to have a lot of fun this weekend,” Pete said, grinning as he realized that he should get at least one more shot at her tight little asshole, if not more. “I’m going to fuck you every which way until you can barely walk.”

“Fuck me,” Debby demanded, feeling the first tremors of orgasm start hitting her.

“Come for me, Debs,” Pete grunted through gritted teeth as he sought to hold out.

“Ohhhh fucckkkkkk,” Debby howled as her orgasm hit her full force.

Feeling her asshole clamp down Pete was faced with a choice. He could either thrust deep inside her ass and spill his seed there, or he could pull out and let her try ass-to-mouth while shooting his load down her throat. Both were highly appealing options but one held his fancy more than the other

He knew there was always a chance she wouldn’t like the taste and/or kinkiness of sucking his dirty cock, but worst case was that he had to pull out of her mouth and come on her face instead. But since facials were also quite hot, and there was plenty of time to be coming inside her, it made the choice obvious.

Grabbing the base of his cock he pulled it out of Debby’s asshole. With her still in the middle of her climax Pete walked on his knees up the bed until he was next to her shoulders. Reaching down he rolled her over onto her back and moved to straddle her head.

When she opened her mouth to moan Pete took the opportunity to press the head of his cock between her lips. The moment of truth was upon him and he waited for Debby to react as he felt her tongue swirl around the head.

Sucking on the tip Debby’s first reaction was to be appalled by the taste but once she put aside her natural bias she realized that it really wasn’t that bad. In fact, once she factored in the perverse kinkiness of what she was doing, it made it really hot. And once she’d decided she liked it she lifted her head to take more of his cock into her mouth.

Feeling Debby actively sucking his cock Pete grabbed the back of her head and started to fuck her mouth. He could feel the come welling up in his balls and he bit his lower lip to try to hold off just a little longer. Finally unable to stop himself he held his hips still for a moment before the flood gates opened.

With his cock pulsing in her mouth Debby had a split second to prepare before the first spurt of jizz erupted against the roof of her mouth. This time she was more prepared than she had been last night in the theater and managed to swallow as much as she could without choking.

His balls drained for the time being Pete took an extra moment to feel her mouth wrapped around the head of his cock and her tongue licking him before pulling out. Looking down he saw her beautiful face smiling at him and without thinking he bent down to kiss her.

“Wait, what about?” Debby asked, realizing that she had his come on her breath.

“I know, but I don’t care,” Pete said before giving Debby a tender kiss that threatened to overwhelm her. “Now I figure we have a couple choices.”

“Such as?” Debby asked, unable to stop smiling as she felt his fingers softly stroke her arm.

“We can go find something for breakfast or we can order room service and see what else we can think of to do,” Pete answered.

“As long as it doesn’t involve large objects being shoved up my butt, I’m fine with either option,” Debby said, grimacing as the endorphins started to wear off and her ass started to feel sore.

“How about you call Miss Cuthbert and see if you can’t set something up with her while I go grab coffee and muffins or something for breakfast?” Pete suggested, remembering that Debby and their former teacher had exchanged texts last night about getting together to talk but hadn’t nailed anything down definitively.

“Good idea,” Debby said, starting to roll away from Pete to grab for her phone. But before she could he put a hand on her cheek and bent down to kiss her again.

“Want to grab you something to help with the pain in your ass while I’m out?” Pete asked when he finally got up so he could get dressed.

“No, I think I can handle him,” Debby said, smirking as she retrieved her phone. “Oh, you meant the literal pain in my ass. If it gets to be too bad we can get something this afternoon. But right now I want you to hurry back.”

“Coffee and muffins coming right up,” Pete said, zipping up his pants on his way  to the door.

Aly & Dakota

“Oh fuck,” Dakota Fanning grunted as Alyson Michalka slammed the large strap on dildo into her tight pussy from behind.

As an innocent freshman Dakota had been seduced by Aly’s sister, AJ over Christmas break. Having never done anything more than a chaste kiss here or there, it had been a massive shock for Dakota when AJ had pulled down her panties and made her feel things she hadn’t even known existed.

A couple days later AJ had talked her into letting AJ’s boyfriend, Chris Kramer, pop her cherry. After that they’d become a nearly inseparable threesome, doing everything together. Between Chris and AJ, they introduced Dakota to pretty every kind of sex, delighting in the petite blonde’s eagerness.

Then during the summer AJ had invited Dakota to her family’s lake house. That was when Dakota was introduced to Aly and let in on the big secret. While Chris fucked her, she’d watched with rapt attention as Aly and AJ crawled into an incestuous sixty-nine and the four of them spent a week fucking the shit out of each other.

After AJ graduated she and Chris continued to date, but there wasn’t nearly as much for Dakota. That was okay though because she still got the occasional visit from both Aly and AJ, plus a couple nights a week with Chris. Enough to keep her satisfied without having to deal with the whole boyfriend thing that sapped so much time and energy away from things like school and friends.

“Who owns this pussy?” Aly demanded as she buried eight inches of plastic cock into Dakota’s tiny body.

“Ohhh, you do,” Dakota gasped, her mouth hanging open as Aly immediately pulled out about six inches of dildo.

“Say my name,” Aly hissed, tugging on Dakota’s hips to impale her again.

“Aly,” Dakota grunted, clawing at the bed as her pussy was hammered repeatedly. “Aly owns my pussy.”

“Louder,” Aly snarled, loving watching her little plaything submit to her will.

“ALY OWNS MY PUSSY,” Dakota yelled loud enough for the people in the next room to pound on their wall.

“There we go,” Aly said, grinning as she pushed Dakota flat on her stomach and slammed into her with reckless abandon.

“Oh god, oh Aly, make me come,” Dakota pleaded, slipping a hand underneath her body to find her clit.

“Do it, come for me,” Aly demanded, making short, quick thrusts into Dakota’s cunt as she felt Dakota start to quake underneath her.

“Oh, fuck me Aly,” Dakota pleaded as she felt her orgasm hit her.

As Dakota came, Aly continued to fuck her, albeit a bit slower thanks to the tightened grip Dakota’s snatch had on the toy. With each thrust it extended and even heightened Dakota’s orgasm, but after a few strokes Dakota’s climax ran its course and she started to come down from her high regardless of what Aly did.

“Are two done yet?” AJ whined, sticking her head through the door that separated their hotel rooms. “We’re supposed to meet Chris for lunch.”

“Keep your pants on,” Aly snorted at her impatient sister. “Or better yet, take them off and join us.”

“We’re supposed to be there in an hour,” AJ said, stamping her foot.

“Relax, we just need to hop in the shower and get dressed,” Aly said, stepping out of the strap on and handing it to Dakota to clean up. “And we can save time by showering together.”

“That never saves time,” AJ whined. “You shower while Dakota sucks your toy clean, then she can shower while you get dressed.”

“Geez, who made you the boss,” Aly pouted as she strutted naked towards the bathroom.

Chloe w/ Bella

“I was beginning to think you weren’t going to make it,” Chloe Moretz said, opening the door to let in Bella Thorne.

“Sorry, my sister showed up and I had to catch up with her. Couldn’t really tell her I-,” Bella said, stopping in her tracks when she saw the guy in his underwear. “Brian?”

“Hi,” Brian Holland said nervously as he stood next to Chloe’s bed.

Brian had been Bella’s lab partner all year, silently lusting after her only to watch her flirt with guys like Vincent Wilson. Douchebags that didn’t deserve her attention, but got it because they were douchebags. In fact, Brian was mildly surprised to know that Bella even knew his name.

“Brian here volunteered to help us out today,” Chloe said, smirking at Bella’s surprise. “Didn’t you Brian?”

“I guess, I uh,” Brian said, suddenly self-conscious standing in front of two very pretty girls wearing only a rapidly tenting pair of boxers.

“You got Brian?” Bella hissed, pulling Chloe to the side.

“You like him, he likes you, and look at the way his boxers are sticking out,” Chloe said, leering at Brian’s crotch. “If you don’t want me fucking him, that’s okay, I can go find a second guy. But you’ve been flirting with Vincent for months to make Brian jealous enough to ask you out and it hasn’t worked so I thought I’d give you a little push.”

“No, that’s okay,” Bella said, not sure whether she actually believed it or not.

“Good, then who’s first?” Chloe asked, rubbing her hands together.

“So you guys really want me to, you know, in the ass?” Brian asked, afraid it was some kind of cruel joke.

“Why don’t I get Brian ready while you get me ready?” Chloe suggested, grabbing the hem of her shirt and lifting it up.

“Okay,” Bella said, unbuttoning Chloe’s shorts.

“Have you done this before?” Chloe asked Brian as she and Bella made short work of her clothes.

“Sex? Or, um, anal?” Brian asked as Chloe slipped a hand through the flap in his boxers.

“I know you fucked Ariel, unless she was lying,” Chloe said, squeezing his cock. “But she said you have a big cock and she was right about that.”

“No, she wasn’t lying,” Brian said, his eyelids fluttering as Chloe stroked him.

“Good, now lets get you lubed up so you can fuck my ass,” Chloe said, almost giddy with anticipation. After feeling how good it felt to have a butt plug inside her, she was really excited to try it with a cock.

Grabbing the lube out of Chloe’s toy drawer, Bella squirted a healthy dollop onto her fingers. Passing it to Chloe she pushed her friend forward and dragged the slick fingers between the cheeks of Chloe’s ass. Finding the tight starfish, Bella pressed her finger against the center and delighted at the sight of Chloe’s asshole opening up to let her finger penetrate her.

“Fuck,” Chloe moaned as Bella worked the finger around, spreading the lube before adding a second finger.

While Bella was fingering her ass, Chloe was busy making sure Brian was nice and greased up as well. With a nice palm full of lube Chloe stroked Brian’s cock, and then stroked it some more just to be sure. Finally satisfied she let go and used an old towel to wipe off her hands.

“Ready?” Bella asked as she back away from Chloe’s ass to make room for Brian.

“You bet,” Chloe said, wagging her ass as she felt the bed shift under Brian’s weight.

In front of him was the most erotic sight Brian had ever seen. Chloe Moretz was on her hands and knees not only waiting for him to fuck her, but waving her ass in his face to entice him. The only way it could have gotten was if it was Bella, and if Chloe hadn’t been shitting him, then he might very well get to such that sight as well.

“Let me,” Bella said, finding an excuse to take hold of Brian’s cock and guide it into place.

As Bella pressed the tip of his cock against Chloe’s asshole, he pushed gently. At first there was resistance and he repelled but when Chloe took a deep breath she started to relax. Pushing again Chloe moaned as her anus caved and the head of his cock plunged into her ass.

“Oh shit,” Chloe grunted as her ass was suddenly penetrated. There was a bit of pain as she was stretched further than even the plug, but it didn’t compare to the thrill that came with the knowledge that she had a real cock lodged in her backside.

“Fuck that’s hot,” Bella gasped as she stared at sight of her friend’s anus wrapped around Brian’s cock. She was still a little nervous about going through with it, but it looked super fucking amazing.

“Keep going,” Chloe said, urging on Brian as he paused to let both of them adjust to the unbelievable tightness of her virgin ass.

Taking Chloe at her word Brian gripped her hips and pushed. He’d never fucked a girl in the ass before, but he’d seen quite a bit of porn and read some sex stories so he had some idea what he should do. But while he was thinking he should go slow and easy with short strokes, Chloe was pushing back at him to get him to go faster and trying to impale herself on his cock as quickly as possible.

“Come on,” Chloe begged, loving the way Brian’s cock felt in her ass. It wasn’t that much bigger than the bulbous portion of the butt plug, but it was so much longer and the plug didn’t move like Brian did with his short strokes working a little more into her each time he pushed inward.

“This what you want?” Brian asked, giving in and shoving the last couple inches into Chloe’s ass with one strong lunge that took the brunette’s breath away.

“Oh shit,” Chloe gasped as she was suddenly filled with a whole bunch of cock.

“How is it?” Bella asked, reaching out her hand to stroke Chloe’s side and lower back.

“Awesome,” Chloe said, smiling as she felt Brian start to withdraw.

“Pretty amazing on this end too,” Brian said, slowly sliding half of his cock out of Chloe’s ass before gently pushing back in.

Chloe had been a little nervous about actually getting fucked in the ass, but after letting Bella use the butt plug on her she was far too excited to let nerves stop her. And now that she had a cock up her ass, slowly sliding in and out, she couldn’t even remember why she’d been nervous in the first place. It felt amazing with her nerve endings exploding with sensations and even the slight burning sensation from having her asshole stretched out added to the experience rather than detracting from it.

But as great as it felt to have Brian fucking her ass, Chloe wanted more. She wanted him to let go and really ravage her instead of going slow. She’d always liked sex a little rougher and that was carrying over to her first anal experience. She wanted Brian to just fuck the shit out of her and not worry about hurting her or even if she enjoyed it.

“Harder,” Chloe said, pushing back to meet Brian’s thrusts.

“But I won’t last if I fuck you harder,” Brian said, giving her long, slow strokes.

“Don’t care, really fuck me,” Chloe hissed, looking back at him over her shoulder.

“Like this?” Brian asked, quickening his pace a bit.

“Uhh, harder,” Chloe demanded, her body starting to come alive as Brian slammed into her ass.

Deciding that giving a woman what she wants was the most important thing, Brian threw everything else out the window. Tightly gripping Chloe’s hips he began to drive into her tight ass as hard as he could. Without waiting he immediately pulled back until half of his cock was outside of her before drilling back into her hard enough to make the room echo with the sound of his pelvis smacking the cheeks of her ass.

“Fuck me,” Chloe hissed, her pussy on fire as each thrust sent shock waves through her body, detonating each nerve ending they hit on the way.

“You really like this, don’t you?” Bella asked, amazed at how Chloe was reacting.

“Oh god, fuck my ass,” Chloe moaned, feeling an orgasm building inside her.

As Bella watched Brian’s cock pumping in and out of Chloe’s ass she couldn’t decide whether it was making her more nervous or more excited than she already had been. Chloe was obviously enjoying it the way she kept moaning and biting her lip, but Bella wasn’t sure if she could handle the same kind of punishment like Chloe.

“Uhh, pull my hair,” Chloe snapped, taking both Bella and Brian by surprise.

Doing as he was asked, Brian paused long enough to reach forward and collect Chloe’s hair in his hand. With one hand on her hip and the other holding her hair Brian used both handholds to pull her back onto his cock. When she half-moaned, half-growled in response, he pulled harder on her hair the next thrust, making her head snap up as he skewered her ass.

“Just like that,” Chloe grunted, feeling the perfect balance of pleasure and pain.

“Not going to last much longer,” Brian warned as Chloe’s ass took a toll on his stamina.

“Almost,” Chloe moaned, leaning her head forward and pulling her hair even tighter.

Realizing that Chloe was almost there, Bella slipped a hand underneath her friend. Normally she would’ve let her hand go towards Chloe’s crotch to frig her clit, but the way things were playing out she decided on a different course.

Moving her hand in the other direction Bella cupped Chloe’s nearest tit in her hand. Finding the nipple with her thumb and index finger Bella pinched it. As Chloe moaned Bella pinched it harder and even twisted it, sending a jolt of pain/pleasure through Chloe’s body that was just enough.

With a wail of pleasure that she cut off by biting her lower lip, Chloe came, hard. Her asshole clamped down on Brian’s cock as her body was wracked with pleasure. She bucked against Brian as he neared the finish line himself.

“Pull out,” Bella said, noticing the look on Brian’s face.

“Huh?” Brian asked, the thought of pulling out of Chloe’s vise-like asshole completely foreign to him.

“Pull out,” Bella said, putting a hand on Brian’s chest and pushing him backward.

When his cock popped free of Chloe’s snug anus Bella pounced. Grabbing his shaft she wasted no time in lowering her head to take him into her mouth. Between her newly discovered love of ass-to-mouth and her crush on Brian, there was no way Bella wasn’t going to suck it clean.

Having not been let in on Bella’s craving, Brian was shocked as he watched Bella hoover his cock with exuberance. Before it had even really registered Bella had already been bobbing her head up and down on his prick, desperate to taste Chloe’s ass.

“Fuck,” Brian gasped as Bella’s tongue swirled around the head of his cock.

“Are you going swallow, or should I?” Chloe asked, recovering from her orgasm enough to roll over and watch Bella go to town.

“Mmm,” Bella murmured as she worked her way back down Brian’s cock.

“Gonna, uh, gonna come,” Brian warned, hips bucking involuntarily as he felt himself nearing the point of no return.

With the warning Bella pulled back until just the head was still in her mouth. Sucking on the head she stroked the shaft with her hand. Feeling Brian’s cock start to pulse Bella moaned as the first shot erupted into her mouth. Each spurt after splattered against the inside her mouth like fiery lava.

When Brian was sucked dry Bella finally let him slip from her mouth. Sitting up she opened her mouth to show him the pool of white liquid on the pink surface of her tongue before bending down. Grabbing Chloe she kissed her, pushing the white cum into her friend’s mouth.

“Wow,” Brian said, eyes wide as he watched Bella and Chloe snowball his cum between them.

“Now it’s your turn,” Chloe told, finally breaking the kiss.

“I, uh,” Bella stammered, suddenly nervous.

“That was our deal, we both do it, remember?” Chloe said. “Unless you’d rather your first time with Brian be a little more special.”

“Well, maybe,” Bella said, blushing.

“That’s what I thought,” Chloe said, grinning. “Too bad that means you won’t let me borrow him any more, huh?”

“Do I get a say in any of this?” Brian asked, collecting his clothes.

“You get to ask Bella out, but after that, not really,” Chloe said, shrugging her shoulders.

“Just making sure,” Brian said, pulling up his pants. “So, want to go out tonight?”

“Yes,” Bella said, nodding her head vigorously.

“Movie? Seven?” Brian asked, pulling on his shirt.

“I’ll meet you there,” Bella said, smiling as Brian opened the door.

“Is it weird that he fucked one of us and got a date with the other?” Chloe asked, grinning.

Peyton & Dani

After leaving Chloe’s room Bella Thorne was practically walking on air as she made her way back to her room. She’d watched her friend get fucked in the ass, tried ass-to-mouth with a real cock, and gotten a date with the boy she’d been crushing on for the last couple months. Combined with her sister being in town for a visit, it had been a great day so far.

Reaching her door Bella stopped just before she reached out to grab the doorknob. There was a ribbon tied to the knob as a signal that Peyton must have picked someone up on her little hike. Bella thought about going and grabbing some lunch but her purse was in the room, and it wasn’t like Bella and Peyton hadn’t seen each other naked before or anything.

“Uhh uhhh uhh,” Peyton moaned as Bella opened the door.

Poking her head through the door Bella grinned as she saw her roommate engaged in a 69. What was mildly shocking was the fact that the girl on the bottom was clearly another girl as Bella could see between her legs at the pink pussy, glistening with saliva and arousal. But when Bella saw the small patch of red pubic hair adorning the pussy Peyton was attending it, the pieces started to come together.

“Dani!” Bella gasped, realizing she’d walked in on her roommate fucking her sister.

“Oh shit,” Dani said, throwing Peyton off of her so she could cover herself up.

“What? How?” Bella asked, unable to think as the image of her sister’s naked body seared into her brain.

“We got talking while hiking, I suggested she come back here to clean up, but she kissed me and then you walked in,” Peyton said, giving Bella the bare minimum details.

“But in our room?” Bella asked, desperately trying to look anywhere but at Dani’s barely covered tits.

“Where else were we supposed to do it?,” Peyton asked, putting on her robe. “I put a ribbon on the doorknob so you wouldn’t come barging in on us.”

“It’s my sister,” Bella said, closing her eyes as she realized she could still see Dani’s cunt beneath the blanket she was using to cover herself.

“She’s really hot,” Peyton sighed. “I spent the whole hike walking behind her as I could stare at her ass.”

“Really? Wow,” Dani said, smiling at the compliment.

“Okay, I’m going to go get lunch,” Bella said, images of Dani’s ass popping into her mind whether she wanted them or not. “You two do whatever, I don’t care.”

“I should go,” Dani said as the door closed behind Bella.

“But we barely got started,” Peyton whined.

“Mood’s kinda broken,” Dani sighed, sitting on the edge of the bed as she picked up her underwear.

“You sure?” Peyton asked seductively as she pushed her robe off her shoulders and let it drop to the floor.

As Peyton’s body was unveiled once more, Dani let her eyes drift down over Peyton’s smallish but mouth watering tits and smooth stomach. By the time she got to Peyton’s shaved pussy Dani had almost forgotten that Bella had just been in the room.

“Well, we’re already in trouble, she can’t get any madder,” Dani said, pulling Peyton down onto the bed with her.

*  *  *  *  *

“You are like a drug, you know that?” Dani Thorne said as her sister’s roommate, Peyton List, panted for air next to her on the bed.

After watching Bella storm out Dani had pulled Peyton on top of her. Crawling up the bed, Peyton had thrown a leg over Dani’s head and settled down onto her face and gone for a nice long ride on the older girl’s tongue.

Peyton’s first orgasm had come pretty quickly as she’d already gotten halfway there before the interruption. But when she’d just leaned forward to put her hands on the bed to support herself rather than rolling off, Dani had kept right on going. She’d licked up Peyton’s cum as it poured out of her, and then as the blonde recovered Dani had slipped a couple fingers into her snatch and gone to work on number two.

When Dani had rubbed a finger around the outside of Peyton’s asshole, it had been enough to send the young blonde into her second orgasm. This time though as her body had wracked by waves of pleasure she’d been unable to remain astride Dani’s face and wound up in the fetal position quaking in ecstasy.

“Does that mean you want to do it again?” Peyton asked, already gearing up for the next round.

“You’re trouble, but that’s okay because I always liked trouble,” Dani said, grinning as she watched the gorgeous blonde sit up on her knees with her feet tucked underneath her. “You wouldn’t happen to have any toys in here, would you?”

“A couple,” Peyton said, blushing as she crawled over Dani to get to the drawer where she kept her good stuff. “I have a small vibrator and a dildo. Bella has a couple in her stuff.”

“Do you and Bella play together?” Dani asked, unable to quell her curiosity.

“Sometimes,” Peyton said, blushing cutely.

“Come here,” Dani said, taking the vibrator that Peyton held up.

As Peyton lay down on the bed, Dani pushed her legs open. Moving between them Dani spread her legs as well. Hooking one leg over Peyton’s Dani slipped the other one underneath Peyton’s and slid her butt closer until her crotch was pressed against Peyton.

“Ooh,”  Peyton moaned as felt Dani’s pussy press against her own.

“Work yourself against me,” Dani said, slowly rubbing her pussy against Peyton’s.

Following suit, Peyton groaned as a feeling completely different from anything she’d felt, yet still somewhat familiar, hit her. Undulating her hips Peyton mashed her pussy against Dani’s, feeling jolts of pleasure shoot through her with the contact.

With Peyton working herself against her, Dani really got into the new position. She’d seen it in a porn once when she’d been a student and tried it a couple times with her roommate, but never with anyone else until now. She wasn’t even sure why she’d thought to try it again with Peyton, it just seemed like something to share with new lover.

“Wow, Dani, this feel so good,” Peyton moaned as she felt the smooth skin of Dani’s pussy rubbing against her and stimulating her clit.

“So, what kind of stuff do you and my sister do?” Dani asked, her eyes roving Peyton’s body as they scissored.

“We eat each other out sometimes,” Peyton said, feeling simultaneously weird and turned on at telling Dani some of the naughty stuff she did with Dani’s sister.

“Is that it?” Dani asked, moving a little faster as she thought about Peyton going down on her baby sister.

“We use toys,” Peyton responded. “Mmm, and Bella licked my ass last week.”

“Really?” Dani asked, damn near coming from that little bombshell alone. The thought of her sister eating Peyton’s ass was one of the hottest things she’d ever heard.

“Yeah,” Peyton moaned, getting off on telling Dani her dirty secrets. “She was licking my pussy and then just flipped me over and started licking my asshole. God, it was so hot I could barely stand it.”

“Did you do it to her?” Dani asked, so aroused that she was nearly shaking.

“Uh, no,” Peyton answered, watching Dani’s chest rise and fall with each movement. “I was going to, but we didn’t have time.”

“Too bad, I bet she would’ve liked it,” Dani said, picturing Peyton’s pretty face buried between Bella’s butt cheeks and shivering in pleasure.

“You like that, don’t you?” Peyton asked, catching on to Dani’s arousal.

“Yeah,” Dani admitted, getting a bit more aggressive in her movements.

“You want to watch me fuck Bella, don’t you?” Peyton asked, grinning. “Or maybe you want to join in?”

“Ohhh,” Dani moaned as she realized that Peyton was right. She wanted to watch Peyton and Bella together, and she also wanted to fuck her own sister.

“Oh god, that would be hot,” Peyton hissed, grinding her pussy against Dani’s even harder.

“So hot,” Dani agreed, finally remembering the vibrator laying next to her leg.

Grabbing Peyton’s vibrator Dani turned the dial on the base to turn it on. Lifting it up she eased herself back away from Peyton just a bit. As Peyton bemoaned the pause, Dani pressed the vibrator against the blonde’s clit and then thrust her own crotch back into place, sandwiching the vibrator between them.

“Oh fuck,” Peyton gasped as suddenly the vibrator was added to the mix. Not only did she have Dani’s cunt rubbing against her to stimulate her, but now she had the vibrator pressed right against her clit, shooting pleasure into her body through her sensitive nub.

“You want to come, don’t you?” Dani asked, feeling her own orgasm reaching out for her.

“Yeah,” Peyton said, nodding her pretty little head. “Make me come just like you want to make Bella come.”

“Fuck,” Dani grunted as she felt a little jolt shoot through her with the mention of her sister.

Wanting to make Peyton come, Dani mashed her pussy against Peyton’s even harder. The increased contact with the vibrator helped Peyton in her journey, but it was a little something that slipped out of Dani’s mouth that ultimately pushed the young blonde over the edge.

“Come for me and I’ll lick your ass just like my sister did,” Dani promised, sending Peyton into orbit.

“Ohhhhhhh,” Peyton moaned, arching her back as she came.

Being on the verge herself, watching Peyton come was enough to push Dani over the edge as well. With a loud groan Dani let herself go, shaking in pleasure as she continued to grind against Peyton. As the two of them came it seemed to feed both of them, dragging out their peaks just a bit longer until they couldn’t take any more.

*  *  *  *  *

“Wow, that was hot,” Peyton List said as she and Dani Thorne cuddled after their orgasms.

“Yeah it was,” Dani agreed. “You don’t think the stuff about Bella was weird or anything, do you?”

“Remember how I told you I had a twin brother that goes here?” Peyton asked, eliciting a nod from Dani. “Well you have no idea how many times Bella has told me how hot he is, or even how many times she’s been a little horny and made a comment about inviting him back to our room for a threesome. Trust me, you having sex with your sister isn’t as weird as that.”

“Ooh, I bet your brother is hot,” Dani said, grinning as Peyton blushed guiltily. “Oh my god, you’ve thought about it, haven’t you? What I wouldn’t give to be here when you finally give in.”

“Just because a stray thought has gone through my mind when I’m horny doesn’t mean I’d actually do it,” Peyton insisted.

“Sure it doesn’t,” Dani said sarcastically. “Now I believe I promised you something.”

“Yes you did,” Peyton said giddily as she rolled over onto her stomach.

“God, is there anything on you that isn’t spectacular?” Dani asked as she noticed the perfect little bubble of Peyton’s butt as she lay on her stomach.

“Well, sometimes I wish my boobs were bigger,” Peyton said honestly.

“You don’t need ‘em,” Dani assured her. “Now up on your knees.”

“Mmm,” Peyton murmured as she got her knees underneath her, sticking her ass up in the air.

“This really is perfect,” Dani said, gripping Peyton’s butt cheeks in her hands and prying them apart to expose the puffy pussy lips and tight little asshole to her view.

“Than-ohhhhhh,” Peyton said, her response turning to a low moan as Dani leaned in and swiped her tongue across the teenager’s asshole.

Palming Peyton’s ass, Dani attacked the starfish in front of her. It had been a long time since she’d fucked a teenager, and Dani was enjoying every minute of it. Peyton was just so fresh and clean, even compared to the freshman girls Dani and her college friends had developed a predatory relationship towards, seducing them as sport.

As great as it had been for Peyton to have Bella licking her asshole, Dani was on a whole other level. Where Bella was sixteen and still learning, Dani was five years older with experience under her belt. She shifted from soft gentle licks to aggressively digging her tongue into the tight pucker and back at the drop of a hat and just when Peyton seemed to need it most.

“Oh fuck, Dani,” Peyton hissed as sensations assaulted her and threatened to overwhelm her.

As Peyton’s arousal shot up, it spurred Dani on further. Squeezing the firm cheeks of Peyton’s ass Dani let her tongue devour the feast before her. She’d always enjoyed a little analingus, but giving and receiving, and feeling Peyton hump her ass back against her probing tongue had her humming in happiness.

While Dani was impressed by Peyton’s eagerness and willingness to try new things, Peyton was blown away by the ability Dani had to play her body like a fiddle. Every step of the way Dani had used her experience and knowledge to run a masters class in lesbian sex on Peyton.

“Okay, now it’s your turn,” Dani said, suddenly pulling away from Peyton’s ass.

“But-,” Peyton started until she turned her head and saw Dani spinning around and pointing her ass at Peyton.

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