Inner Black Swan Part 4

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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. I do not know or own Mila Kunis, Natalie Portman, Hayden Panettiere, Kristen Bell or Laura Prepon. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Codes: Anal, DP, FF, Oral, Rim, Toys

Inner Black Swan Part 4

by MTL ([email protected])

Kristen Bell had been staring at one particular name on her phone for what felt like hours now. She had pretty much made up her mind already, but actually verbally committing to it was still difficult, because once she did there would be no backing out. Or at least once Mila Kunis inevitably lived up to her side of the bargain there would be no take-backs, and even then Mila were probably talk her into living up to her word. And after everyhing she had done to Mila there was no way Kristen could feel right about going back on her word, or even not offering this deal.

After what felt like an eternity Kristen finally rang her friend, Mila picking up almost immediately with a sultry purr, “Hey Kristen, what can I do for you?”

Briefly pausing to bite her lip Kristen then murmured, “Still want me to bottom for you.”

Kristen could practically sense Mila’s smile through the phone, “What do you think?”

“Well…” Kristen said, reconsidering it one more time before still offering, “If you let me do whatever I want to your bitch for a night, I’ll let you do whatever you want to me. On another night that is, and Laura never hears about it.”

There were sounds from the other end of the line and then Mila said, “Laura sees me top you, or no deal.”

Even though she bit her lip again it had been the response Kristen had been expecting, “Fine, but I don’t want to be the one who tells her.”

“Oh don’t worry, I’ll be happy to do it for you.” Mila beamed, “I’ll be happy to tell Laura all about how I’m going to fuck your tight little ass hard and deep and turn you into my bitch in exchange for just one measly night with Natalie.”

Kristen blushed, “I’m, I’m only agreeing to be your bitch for one night.”

“I know. But I’m going to fuck that little ass of yours so good you’ll never want to top again.” Mila bragged, “Mmmmm Kristen, I’m going to strap on the same dick I used to butt fuck your little girlfriend, lube it up real good and then shove every single inch of it up your tight little ass. But don’t worry, I’ll make sure to go nice and slow so you can have plenty of time to relax, and I can really enjoy watching your ass hole stretching for my dick. Then, when I have you begging me to fuck you, I’m going to slam fuck your tiny little butt hole harder than it’s ever been fucked before until you’re squealing that you’re my new bitch. That I can even have your precious Hayden. That I can have both of you as my submissive little bitches, mine to fuck however, wherever, and whenever I want.”

Kristen gulped. Mila seemed so confident, so determined, so virtually unrecognisable from the girl she had seduced and then relentlessly sodomised on the set of Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Honestly, it was fucking hot, Kristen almost so lost in submissive feelings that she begged Mila to come right over and take revenge by bending her over and giving her the type of hard ass fucking she was promising.

Instead Kristen took a deep breath and then asked, “So… do we have a deal?”

“Maybe… I just want to make sure you know what you’re in for.” Mila said, “I mean, if you agree then this could be your very last night as a top before I ass fuck you into total submission. Oh, but don’t worry, it won’t be all anal, at least not your first night as my bitch. I’ll totally spank you first, maybe make you eat my pussy. Hey, how do you feel about me sitting on your face?”

“Looking forward to it.” Kristen said, trying and failing to keep the enthusiasm out of her voice, “But, I’m mostly a top, I just like to bottom sometimes, so I can only really agree to be your bitch for a night. As long as you understand that’s what I’m agreeing to, we have a deal.”

“Ok, but first… I want you to repeat after me.” Mila ordered, “You can do whatever you want to me.”

“You can do whatever you want to me.” Kristen obediently parroted.

“You can have my ass.” Mila said.

“You can have my ass.” Kristen said.

“I’m going to be your bitch.” Mila said.

Kristen briefly gulped but still parroted, “I’m going to be your bitch.”

“Good, then we have a deal.” Mila beamed, “Natalie and I will be over shortly. Call Laura and tell her to come over. Mmmmm, this should be fun.”

After that the line went dead, leaving Kristen to make the appropriate arrangements. Of course throughout the conversation Hayden had been on her knees licking her pussy, both blondes as naked as the days they were born. After one more orgasm Kristen textened Laura, who quickly responded ‘sure be right there, and the two blondes then waiting for their friends to arrive. They weren’t waiting long, Hayden only pulling on a robe to first let Laura and then Mila and Natalie into their home and guide them to the bedroom.

As soon as she arrived Mila looked at Kristen and asked, “We still have a deal?”

Yet another chance to back out, this one probably her last, and yet Kristen just nodded her consent, and not simply because she was in far too deep at this point, but because she was aching to have her way with Natalie Portman, so much so that she almost wasn’t thinking about submitting to Mila. Almost.

Mila beamed, then she gestured at Natalie while adding, “In that case, claim your prize.”

Not needing to be told twice Kristen slowly walked over to the clearly nervous Natalie and tried to relax her by gently pulling her into her arms and pressing her lips to hers for a soft, tender kiss. It worked like a charm, Natalie melting into her embrace and even opening her mouth shortly afterwards in a sign she was ready to welcome Kristen’s tongue into her mouth. And welcome it she did, Kristen still being cautious when it came to inserting it but once Natalie started eagerly massaging it she relaxed and stopped holding back.

Slowly, gradually the gentle kiss turned rough and needy until oxygen became an issue and Kristen was forced to pull away, a huge smile crossing her face once she got some breath back, “Strip for me.”

Natalie seemed to briefly glance at Mila, who politely nodded, then she began to obediently take off her clothes. At first she just pulled off her top and undid her bra quickly and with little showmanship, then a brief glance from Mila had her slowly taking off her high heels then turning around and slowly pulling off her jeans, showing the other girls her thong clad ass. She then slowly pull that down, giving Kristen an excellent look at the cute little butt she would soon be fucking, and just underneath that hole was an equally delicious looking treat the blonde was determined to sample.

Once the other girl was completely naked Kristen pulled her into her arms for another kiss, except this time it was pretty much rough and needy from the get go although it was brief as Kristen guided Natalie to the bed, gently laid her down on top of it while placing herself on top of her and then broke the lip lock so she could kiss her way down Natalie’s neck to her perky little boobs. Then, as she settled into moving her mouth from one boob to the other, Kristen noticed her already naked girlfriend hovering above Natalie’s head.

“Kristen… can I kiss her?” Hayden asked hopefully.

“Sure babe, go ahead.” Kristen said, removing her mouth from Natalie just long enough to say that before going right back to licking and sucking her tits.

Despite her main focus remaining Natalie’s tits Kristen couldn’t help but look up to watch Hayden make out with her little toy for the night, partly because it was so fucking hot and partly because she wanted to make sure her fellow blonde didn’t overwhelm the brunette by trying to sit on her face or something. Or more accurately try and sit on her face too soon as Kristen had already promised Hayden she could do that, but only when she settles into giving Natalie’s pussy a thorough licking out first. That way Natalie would be nice and relaxed, and more open to Hayden joining the fun, and even though she watched her girlfriend to make sure she behaved Kristen was confident that Hayden would wait. After all, this technique had worked with many, many girls before.

Natalie had been told in great detail about those conquests, Mila bragging about all the other celebrity sluts she and her friends had fucked. At first it had been hard to believe, even though it had been embarrassingly easy for Mila to turn Natalie from a shy prude to a deprived lesbian slut, but since Natalie had met Mila’s friends it had become more and more believable. Now she found herself being pleasured by Hayden Panettiere and Kristen Bell at the same time Natalie started to think about all those stories, actually finding it hard to believe she had doubted Mila’s words.

These two little blondes were just so sexy, effortlessly working together to drive Natalie crazy before either one of them even touched her pussy. Her favourite part was when Hayden broke the latest kiss between them to move down to join Kristen in licking and sucking her tits. Well, it was her favourite part of the foreplay, because as much as it was thrilling to look down to see two blonde girls worshipping her boobs it wasn’t quite the same as having a tongue inside her or anything like that. So needless to say, when Kristen started moving down the last thing on Natalie’s mind was complaining.

Of course the other girl couldn’t just go straight to eating her out. No, the little blonde bitch had to kiss her way as slowly as possible down her stomach and completely ignore her pussy in favour of kissing her way down one of her thighs and up the other, this extra bit of teasing making Natalie almost literally weep with frustration. She certainly let out something which was in between a cry and a growl, Natalie momentarily embarrassed about it until Kristen saw it as a cue to finally give what she wanted.

When she did then, when Kristen slid her wonderful little tongue over Natalie’s pussy lips, the brunette was immediately embarrassed for her anger towards the other girl. Of course she hadn’t insulted her out loud, but Natalie thought it was definitely wrong to think such ill of someone giving her so much wonderful pleasure. Luckily Natalie could think of a way she could make it up to the girl who was now lapping away at her pussy with long slow licks which was making her moan consistently.

“Ohhhhhhh Goooooooddddddd, that’s feels soooooooo goooooodddddddd mmmmmmmmm!” Natalie moaned, not having to fake her enthusiasm whatsoever, “Oooooooh God Kristen mmmmmm you’re so good at that. You’re so good at eating my pussy. Mmmmmm, Hayden is a lucky girl.”

“Damn right I am.” Hayden beamed, momentarily pulling away from Natalie’s nipples, “Mmmmmm, but you haven’t seen anything yet. Show her Kristen!”

While she didn’t like to be rushed or told what to do, especially by Hayden who could be such a bossy bottom sometimes, Kristen didn’t see any harm in a little example of what she could do. So Kristen strategically moved her mouth upwards to momentarily focus on Natalie’s clit, at first sliding her tongue around it and then taking the sensitive bundle of nerves into her mouth for a gentle sucking. Which of course had Natalie lifting her hips off the bed and shooting her head backwards so she could cry out in pleasure, Kristen briefly sliding her tongue around the other girl’s clit before she went right back to simple tongue lapping.

Part of Kristen wanted to make Natalie cum straightaway, and it did wonders for her ego that she knew she could pretty much do it if she wanted too. After all that foreplay, and no doubt thinking about what would happen the whole way here, Natalie was primed and ready, her body relaxed and her cunt cream flowing practically like a river, letting Kristen know that all it would take is a couple of fingers in the brunette’s love hole and some serious suction on her fellow actress’s clit and she could have a mouthful of girl cum in no time.

Girl cum had easily become Kristen’s favourite food, or at least her favourite drink, and considering how tasty Natalie’s regular pussy juice tasted she was looking forward to tasting Natalie’s cum even more than before, which was really saying something. However Kristen had paid a big price to be in between Natalie’s legs right now, and she had no intention whatsoever to rush having this seemingly prim and proper Oscar-winning actress spread out in front of her.

Besides, Hayden hadn’t parked her cute little butt on Natalie’s face yet, and there was no way Kristen was going to do anything other than slowly lick pussy until that happened. Sure, it was kind of surprising it hadn’t happened already given how forever eager Hayden was to get one of her slutty holes licked or fucked, but hey, Kristen wasn’t going to complain. Not when she was spooning mouthful after mouthful of yummy girl cream into her stomach via her greedy little tongue.

It was kind of torturous for Hayden to wait so long to really join the fun, but she knew from personal experience how overwhelming being gang banged could be, and she didn’t want to rob her girlfriend from having her way with Natalie by being mean and scaring their new friend away. Sure, Natalie had been fucked by multiple women before, but so far they had been nice enough to all take it in turns, or at least the women who weren’t Mila had, and Hayden wanted to ease Natalie into the idea of fucked at the same time by women who weren’t her girlfriend. Besides, Hayden was having a lot of fun licking and sucking Natalie’s tits, and of course every so often moving upward slightly so she could kiss the other girl.

Hayden was even nice enough to provide a little transition from that to the face sitting by crawling up Natalie’s body and pressing her own tits against the brunette’s mouth, a huge smile crossing her face as the other actress didn’t hesitate to wrap her lips around one of her nipples and start sucking. After enjoying that for a little while she moved to the right nipple, and then slightly to the left, and so on, making sure to give Natalie the chance to worship both of her already incredibly hard nipples.

Then finally she moved upwards so she was hovering over Natalie’s face and then slowly as she possibly could lowered herself down until her pussy was pressing against the brunette’s mouth. Again Natalie didn’t hesitate, Hayden moaning loudly as a knowing little tongue started rapidly lapping at her horny cunt. She then tried to stop herself from saying anything too dirty too soon and keep her weight on her knees, but it felt like no time at all until she was grinding her pussy against Natalie’s pretty face and blathering all sorts of nasty things.

“Mmmmmm, lick me! Lick my pussy! Oooooooohhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeesssssssss, mmmmmmm, that feels sooooooooo goooooooodddddddddd, mmmmmmm, Mila taught you so well Natalie. Oh fuck, your little girlfriend did such a good job of teaching you how to eat pussy. Mmmmmmm, you’re a little dyke now Natalie. Natalie Portman is a slutty little dyke just like me and my girlfriend, oooooooooh yeah, my girlfriend who is currently tonguing your nasty little queer cunt right now and making you feel soooooooo goooooooooodddddddddd, mmmmmmmm, just like you’re making me feel by eating my gay pussy, aaaaaaahhhhhhh fuck, oh yesssssssss, me and Kristen fucking you at the same time like the lesbian slut you are, mmmmmmmmm, me with my pussy and Kristen with her mouth, ohhhhhhhh Gooooooodddddddd, yes take it Natalie! Take it like the lezzie whore you are, ooooooohhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkk!” Hayden cried out deliriously as she continued to ride Natalie’s face.

Honestly Hayden really wasn’t paying much attention to what she was saying or doing, she was just lost in the pleasure she was feeling. It only got worse, or better depending how you looked at it, when Natalie shoved her tongue inside her pussy and literally began to fuck her with it. Well, the grinding certainly got more frantic, but on the bright side Hayden was pretty sure the only thing falling out of her mouth now was complete jargon as she rushed towards the edge of orgasm, an extra deafening scream of pleasure signifying her going over that edge.

Natalie let out a long moan as the greatest flavour in the world hit her taste buds. Because pussy cream was fantastic, but it couldn’t compare to the pure heaven that was girl cum, Natalie quickly beginning to swallow as much of that precious liquid as she could but it was no use. She just couldn’t get all of it. Partly because there was just so much of it, and partly because Hayden started grinding down on her face like crazy, pressing Natalie’s head back into the bed sheets and nearly suffocating her with that cream squirting cunt.

While Natalie struggled for survival and perhaps more importantly to her at that moment to swallow Hayden’s cum Kristen shoved two fingers inside Natalie none to gently and started immediately pumping them in and out of her. At the same time Kristen’s mouth latched onto Natalie’s clit, sucking it almost as hard as she was now finger fucking the other actress’s pussy. This combined with constantly having a mouth and a face full of cum meant that Natalie soon reached an orgasm of her own which was easily as powerful as Hayden’s, if not more so, but this wasn’t the first time Natalie had gone through something like this.

Being in a 69 with Mila was now a very regular thing for Natalie, and a few other things where she was expected to continue ‘working’ while being fucked, so for once Natalie wasn’t completely overwhelmed. Besides Hayden’s cum was just so yummy that Natalie was sure that even if she had no experience she would have continued swallowing the other girl’s cum and ultimately return to tongue fucking her to another climax when Hayden’s first orgasm ran out of steam, Kristen returning the favour so that both Hayden and Natalie were constantly cumming.

Ever since Natalie had first been seduced by Mila she had felt like she was living in a lesbian paradise, and surely this had to be the literal definition of the term. After all she was being tongue and finger fucked by one girl while another was riding her face. The only way it could possibly be better was if Natalie could just get her fingers into Hayden, switching between that and tongue fucking just like Kristen was now doing to her. Oh Natalie knew from experience how fantastic that was. Hell, she was experiencing it now. But even though she couldn’t shout out it didn’t stop her from feeling like she was in a pure heaven right now, Natalie never wanting it to end.

Unfortunately for her Kristen loved swallowing girl cum, but she loved fucking girl butt even more, so after a handful of orgasms for Natalie and her girlfriend Kristen pulled away and firmly ordered, “Mmmmmm, that was so great, your bitch’s pussy is sooooooooo yummy Mila… but it’s ass fucking time. Hayden, get off Natalie’s face and then give her a nice long rim job. I want her butt hole nice and sloppy wet for my strap on. Natalie, stick that cute dyke ass up in the air so my girlfriend can lick it, and I can fuck it!”

Hayden let out a groan of disappointment, but didn’t even think about hesitating for a second. There was no way she was going to embarrass Kristen, especially not after her girlfriend had let her ride Natalie Portman’s movie star face and cover it with her cum. So even though she was reluctant to get off she did so, Hayden cheekily leaning down to shove her tongue down Natalie’s throat so she could taste her own cum and pussy cream on the other girl’s lips and tongue, but then she moved away so Natalie could turn over onto her stomach and then push her ass upwards as instructed.

This of course had Hayden grinning, especially when she got into position behind Natalie and got a good look at that tight yet well rounded ass. It looked really yummy, and Hayden opened her mouth to say just that, but because that would be just stating the obvious she instead pressed her lips to Natalie’s ass cheeks a couple of times and then spread those cute little globes of flesh so she could slide her tongue over the other girl’s butt hole.

Over and over Hayden repeated the process, hungrily lapping away at the brunette’s back hole with the same enthusiasm she showed her front hole. Of course Natalie’s ass hole wasn’t quite as tasty as pussy, but Hayden really got off on rimming other girls so that the perverseness of the situation made up for the switch to the less tasty hole. Plus she soon had Natalie moaning loudly in pleasure for her, or those nights of eating Kristen’s ass and the asses of all the many, many girls she and Kristen had fucked together over the years meaning that Hayden was now a butt licking expert, the blonde using all her expertise to make the brunette quiver and cry out for her.

Very soon it all became too much for Natalie who whimpered, “Oooooooohhhhhhhh myyyyyyyy Gawwwwwwwwd, mmmmmmm Hayden, that feels so good! Your tongue feels sooooooooo gooooooooooddddddddd in my ass, oh tongue fuck me! Tongue fuck my slutty little ass, ohhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkk!”

Happy to oblige Hayden slid her tongue around Natalie’s butt hole then pushed forwards as forcefully as she could. No doubt thanks to countless butt fuckings from Mila that little back door gave way under the force of that soft wet muscle, allowing Hayden to thoroughly lube the first inch or so of Natalie Portman’s back passage with her saliva. Meanwhile she could just about hear her girlfriend moving around and softly communicating with Mila and Laura, Hayden having no doubt whatsoever that Kristen now have a large strap on dildo round her waist covered in some kind of lubricant.

Then, after allowing Hayden to indulge in her love for eating ass for quite a while, Kristen called out, “Hayden, back off so I can butt fuck this hot bitch. Natalie, spread your cheeks and beg me to fuck your cute little dyke butt.”

Immediately Hayden removed her tongue from the brunette’s ass hole, leaving Natalie to reach back and exposed the now very wet back door waiting to be invaded, the respected actress blushing again as she was forced to expose herself in this way while saying such filthy things this, “Please Kristen, fuck me. Fuck my cute little dyke butt. My butt is gay and slutty Kristen, and it wants to be fucked by you. I want you to fuck me up the ass like a total anal slut while my girlfriend watches. Please take my dyke ass! Take it! Please take my dyke ass hole while my girlfriend and your friends watch. I want them all to see what a butt slut I am.”

Hearing enough Kristen pressed her strap on against the cute little puckered hole in front of her and watched with glee as it slowly opened once she applied gentle but firm pressure. Kristen did her best to take her time and savour the moment, but in what felt like only a second after she started pushing her dildo forward it slid past the brunette’s tight anal ring and into Natalie’s butt. She was inside Natalie Portman’s butt. She had anally invaded Natalie Portman, her cock skewering the seemingly innocent actress’s most private of holes and stretching it wide open, Kristen lost in the sight of the head of her strap on buried in between this Oscar-winner’s butt cheeks.

Then Kristen let go of her dildo so she could grab Natalie’s waist with both hands and then push forcefully forward, skilfully sliding another inch or two of strap on cock up the other girl’s butt before giving her a few long seconds to relax and then repeating the process. Again in what felt like no time at all her thighs were pressed against Natalie’s ass cheeks, announcing every inch of her dildo was deep inside the other actress’s rectum, Kristen again savouring the moment before she began pumping the strap on back and forth and thus officially beginning the butt fucking.

She was officially butt fucking Natalie Portman. Fucking Natalie Portman up the ass. Sodomising a woman she had bumped into in countless parties, Kristen remembering all the times she had sneaked a peek at Natalie’s cute little bubble butt and thought about how much fun it would be to fuck it. As always with these kind of things the reality was far superior to the fantasy, the fact that Natalie was still spreading her own ass cheeks providing Kristen with a perfect view of her dildo sliding in and out of that cute little anal ring a testament to her total dominance over the other actress which only heightened this wonderful reality.

Another benefit was Natalie’s constant moans, groans, whimpers and cries of pure pleasure as Kristen ass fucked her. Even during the initial anal penetration and butt stuffing Natalie’s cries had been almost of pure pleasure, that and how easily the brunette’s butt accommodated the dildo a testament to either how much of an ass whore Natalie Portman was or how frequently Mila sodomised her bitch. Most likely it was both. After all, Kristen had her own experience with an insatiable butt slut with a perfect ass which was impossible to stay away from.

That insatiable butt slut a.k.a. her girlfriend Hayden was quick to offer up some encouragement, “Fuck her! Mmmmm, fuck that slutty little ass of hers. Ass fuck Natalie Portman! Fuck her up her Oscar-winning ass! Mmmmmm, think about it Kristen, she must think she’s so high and mighty, better than all of us and what we do, but it’s her slutty little ass hole stretching for your big dick right now. Whatever happens later, whatever awards and big movie roles she gets, right now she’s your bitch, just like me. Our asses belong to you and you can use them however you want. Mmmmm, go ahead and use Natalie Portman’s ass hole the same way you do mine baby, mmmmmm, fucking destroy it! Mmmmmm, it’s so hot, you’re so hot, mmmmmmm, I love watching you butt fuck her Kristen. I love watching my girlfriend fucking Natalie Portman’s Oscar-winning ass!”

“Yeahhhhhhhh, fuck that ass!” Laura chimed in, “Get it nice and loose for when I inevitably get a shot at pounding that sweet little butt.”

“You really want it? You know how to get it.” Mila reminded her ex-girlfriend before turning her attention back to Kristen, “Although I definitely think you should pound that ass Kristen. Mmmmmm you should know by now I’ve made Natalie Portman love it up the ass, so go ahead and give it to her. Fuck that dyke ass nice and hard and make my little bitch cum, just like you’re going to cum when I get my dick up your tight little ass. Ohhhhhhh Kristen, your ass look so hot pumping back and forth as you ass fuck my girlfriend mmmmmmm I can’t wait to show you what ass fucking is all about when it’s your turn to take a dick in your ass. I swear Kristen, you’re going to cum so hard!”

Those last few words hung in the air for a moment, Kristen blushing fiercely as the image of Mila fucking her up the ass echoed through her mind in vivid detail, then to re-establish her dominance Kristen cried out, “Take your hands off your cheeks and start bouncing back against me Natalie! Mmmmmm yeahhhhh, give me that sexy dyke ass! Show everyone, including your girlfriend, just how much you love this big dick of mine fucking your queer little ass hole like the ass slut you are.”

Grateful for the opportunity Natalie finally let go of her butt cheeks, lifted herself up onto all fours and started hammering herself back against the massive poll invading her bottom, the once super shy brunette only blushing a little as she began anally riding Kristen’s cock like a shameless anal whore. Yet despite the levels of depravity she had sunk too part of Natalie still did feel shame, although in truth it mostly just added to her enjoyment of the perverted acts she performed as Mila’s bitch. Especially when it came to butt sex.

It wasn’t that long ago that Natalie couldn’t have imagined herself engaging in such a forbidden act, yet now she adored butt sex. She craved getting fucked in the butt, Natalie even admitting to Mila and these other women that nothing got her off like a strap on dildo pounding her lezzie ass. Which sometimes made her wonder if she’d enjoy getting ass fucked by a man as much as she did when it was a woman sodomising her, but she’d rather not find out. No, she’d rather stay in this lesbian paradise with her mistress and her mistress’s friends, taking butt fucking after butt fucking from strap on wielding women like Kristen Bell, Laura Prepon and most importantly Mila Kunis.

There was nothing quite like being butt fucked by Mila Kunis, although apparently Kristen Bell was just a skilled with a strap on as she had seemed when pounding Hayden’s ass, effortlessly loosening Natalie’s shit pipe and turning it into an eager fuck passage. Granted Mila’s constant anal assaults had done a good job of loosening Natalie’s back hole and turning it into a fuck hole, but there was something to be said for Kristen’s slow but steady thrusts, the blonde’s skills without a shadow of a doubt helping Natalie’s forbidden hole to accept this latest abuse.

So by the time Natalie found herself in charge of the speed and the force of the anal sex she found herself ravenous for a hard butt pounding, and that was exactly what she gave herself. As much as she could in that position, Natalie soon wishing she was on top and properly riding Kristen’s dildo as from this angle she could pound herself back and forth but she couldn’t quite seem to do it fast enough to make herself cum. She just didn’t have the leverage she wanted, or needed as was increasingly the case. Luckily she would have her chance.

“You know what Natalie, let’s switch positions.” Kristen said almost as if it was a suggestion as she grabbed firmly onto Natalie’s waist again and rolled them backwards so that the tiny blonde ended up sitting on her butt with the equally small brunette on her lap, “There, now you can really show me how much you love it up the ass. Go on then, ride me. Bounce that cute little butt up and down. Mmmmmm yeah, that’s it, bounce that cute little booty. Bounce it! Mmmmmm, come on you little slut, ride my girl cock with your little dyke ass hole!”

Only too happy to oblige Natalie quickly gained her balance and started bouncing up and down on the dick, much to the delight of everyone around her who offered plenty of encouragement. However honestly, Natalie didn’t hear a word any of them said. Not because she was purposely trying to block them out, she was done trying to do that sort of thing. No, she was just too overwhelmed by the pleasure which originated from the deepest part of her butt and shot up to her brain like an electric shock.

It was so astounding to the Harvard graduate that she couldn’t believe she could feel such incredible pleasure from a dildo sliding through her back passage, that huge piece of man-made meat touching places inside her which made her whole body tingle. It was so, so good, and from this position she was in charge of how much of it she got, which at first wasn’t much as she was trying to get used to it from this position. Then she got greedy.

Reaching behind her Natalie grabbed onto the bed sheets either side of Kristen, stuck her feet either side of the blonde’s legs and started jack-hammering her butt up and down at an increasingly brutal speed and force until she was brutalising her own rectum. Soon after that she was cumming oh so wonderfully hard, her cum shooting out of her like a fountain as she trembled wildly and called on every ounce of her training to push herself to continue this heavenly butt fucking. She succeeded, but possibly at the cost of her own sanity. Not that Natalie really cared right now.

Suddenly a voice broke through Natalie’s squeals of pleasure, “Hayden, are you really going to let all that yummy girl cum go to waste?”

For a moment Natalie was confused, then she suddenly saw Hayden crawling onto the bed, in between her legs and then the wonderful little blonde began licking her. It wasn’t much, just gentle laps of her tongue, but they were directly on Natalie’s clit, and the combination of clitoral and anal stimulation was out of this world, the Oscar-winning actress perhaps cumming harder than she had ever cum before, her cream directly hitting Hayden in the face as the tiny blonde fought to at least try to swallow a little bit of the precious liquid gushing out of the now hysterical brunette before her.

As Natalie became lost in squeezing as many orgasms out of herself as possible Kristen was desperately trying not to cum, which wasn’t easy considering the stimulator inside the harness was constantly being bashed against her clit and this just so happened to be one of Kristen’s favourite positions. It was after all beyond thrilling to not only get to sodomise another woman but to feed that woman’s cum to her slutty girlfriend at the same time she was making another girl destroy her own butt hole. Adding Hayden into the mix enhanced the experience for everyone but the obvious downside was it was over much quicker, little Natalie collapsing down on top of her and gasping for breath.

As always Kristen was nice enough to give her lover a quick break before rolling them onto their sides so she could continue the butt fucking with gentle thrusts of her hips. Hayden showed no such mercy, her tongue ravenously licking up any remaining girl cum she could find once she had swallowed the last of the juices which had been squirted directly into her mouth. At least she didn’t restart the tongue fucking until Natalie was on her side, although Kristen didn’t really count that as a mercy considering Natalie was whimpering the entire time.

Those whimpers slowly turned to moans of pleasure after a few minutes of gentle anal love-making and pussy licking. Then Kristen rolled them over gently so that Natalie was sitting on Hayden’s pretty face with Kristen squatting on top of her, Natalie’s moans then quickly turning to screams of ecstasy as Hayden viciously slammed her tongue into the cunt pressed against her face and Kristen started to jack-hammer the dildo around her waist in and out of the wonderful little butt hole in front of her.

Finally becoming lost in her own desires Kristen called out, “Ooooooooohhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkk, aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh shit, I love this ass! I love Natalie Portman’s tight little dyke ass! Mmmmmmm, I love fucking it, and I haven’t even really started yet. Oooooooooh yeahhhhhhhh, you just wait Mila, because I’m about to destroy your favourite fuck hole! You hear me Natalie? I’m going to wreck your fucking lezzie ass! Ohhhhhhhhh fuck, get ready girl, because it’s time for me to give you a real butt pounding!”

Kristen didn’t start out rough. No, once she was pumping her strap on into Natalie’s ass hole from behind she built up the pace slowly and gently, constantly listening out for any sign of discomfort. But all she heard was sounds of pleasure so Kristen didn’t stop increasing the pace, not until she was using every ounce of strength to almost literally wreck Natalie’s rectum, in the end that dildo hammering the brunette’s butt hole with what seemed like lightning speed and the sound of her thighs smacking into the other actress’s ass cheeks echoed throughout the room.

It was a very, very impressive performance, but honestly Mila would have been offended if Kristen had done anything less. Her own butt hole had been gaped wide as a result of Kristen’s anal lust, the tiny blonde possessing an impressive amount of strength and stamina for someone her size. Mila’s entire body quivered at the memory, watching Kristen in action making her memories of her many nights of being Veronica Mars’s anal whore so incredibly vivid. Of course those submissive thoughts weren’t affecting her as much as they normally did when she was around Kristen because Mila knew it was now only a matter of time before she would get to turn the tables.

Kristen Bell’s ass belonged to Mila Kunis. Kristen might not know it yet but Mila was going to fuck that cute little ass of hers so good she was going to make it hers forever. Then whatever belonged to Kristen would belong to Mila, meaning she would go from having one bitch to three, formerly submissive little Mila Kunis with her very own Harem of beautiful celebrity sluts just waiting to do her bidding. Oh yes, Kristen Bell, Hayden Panettiere AND Natalie Portman were all going to be hers, and then, Laura Prepon would be next.

Mila was broken from this train of thought by Kristen suddenly pulling out of Natalie’s butt and collapsing down onto her back beside her girlfriend and new lover. This gave Mila a chance to admire Kristen’s handiwork, the cheeks of Natalie’s ass bruised and battered and the hole so beautifully stretched open with no sign of fixing itself any time soon. Although for once Mila’s attention was quickly draw downwards where Hayden was still thrusting her tongue in and out of Natalie’s pussy, the exhausted Oscar winner practically crying as she was forced to cum in Hayden’s mouth again.

“Hayden, cut that out and let Natalie rest a little.” Mila ordered sternly, then grinning happily as she saw that she now had so much clout as a top that Hayden would reluctantly do as she said without question, even if her orders were to stop eating pussy. She then gave her girlfriend about a minute to recover before ordering, “Natalie, don’t embarrass me by acting all lazy and shit, crawl over to Kristen and clean her cock with your slutty little mouth. You know it’s the right thing to do after getting it all dirty with your dyke ass juices, so be a good girl and go suck them off that dick.”

It took a second or two for Natalie to do as she was told but as she was clearly exhausted Laura had no grounds to criticise her on, and even if it had taken longer Mila would have understood, regardless of what Laura said. Of course such thoughts were forgotten about when Natalie wrapped her lips around Kristen’s strap on, the submissive brunette moaning happily as she tasted the deepest part of her ass on that fake cock. She then began bobbing her head up and down, Natalie eventually taking the full length of the dildo into her mouth and down her throat just like Mila had taught her.

Just as Mila was about to praise her bitch for her obedience Laura interrupted, “Hey Mila, can I fuck Hayden’s ass now?”

Her ears perking up Hayden looked hopefully at Mila, “Can she? Oh please Mila, let her do it. I want my ass fucked.”

Grinning at Hayden’s whining Mila said, “Ok Hayden, you can get ass fucked. But you have to be the one to do it.”

Hayden frowned, “Huh?”

“She means you have to ride me moron.” Laura grumbled as she quickly stripped off her clothes and equipped herself with a strap on, then glaring at her ex as she added, “That is what you meant, right?”

“Yeah, and make sure it’s face to face. I don’t want Laura staring at your cute little butt when she’s supposed to be concentrating on me fucking my bitch’s ass.” Mila told Hayden who was already climbing up and heading over to the redhead.

“That’s fine, her pretty little titties can entertain me.” Laura quipped as she held her strap on firmly by the base to make the penetration easier on Hayden.

For her part Hayden ignored the squabbling and concentrated on getting into position, namely squatting over Laura with her butt hole pressed against the lovely hunk of rubber strapped around the redhead’s waist. Hayden then let out a long moan of relief as she slowly lowered her slutty little ass hole downwards, not only swallowing the head of the dildo with these but working her way down the shaft until she was sitting on Laura’s lap. Then with the full length of the cock stuffing her rectum she began eagerly bouncing up and down on the girl dick, moaning joyfully with every self-inflicted thrust.

Earlier Kristen had attempted to placate her with a little anal fisting, but her girlfriend had a dainty little hand and it had barely lasted an hour before Kristen had decided to call their friends. Before then Kristen had given her a long rim job and anal fingering, and had promised to give her some deep strap on butt love after they finished anally gang banging Natalie, but that didn’t stop Hayden from being really jealous of not being the centre of the anal attention. She was the biggest ass whore around here, not Natalie Portman, and Hayden was only too eager to prove that.

As she got down to some serious bouncing Hayden began to moan, “Oooooooooohhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeessssssss, oooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh Gawwwwwwwwd I love big dick in my ass! It feels soooooooooo gooooooooodddddddddd in my lezzie ass, oooooooooohhhhhhhhh Laura fuck me! Fuck my lezzie ass like the anal whore I am! Please? Please, please, please, please, pleaseeeeeeeee aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh shit, fuck me! Mmmmmmmm, fuck me up my dyke butt, wreck my rectum, destroy my anal honeypot, ooooooooohhhhhhhh fuck me like a total slut! Fuck me like the total anal slut I am!”

Her words and actions succeeded in captivating Laura’s attention briefly, the redhead predictably paying a lot of attention to her bouncing boobs, but it wasn’t enough. Inevitably Laura looked over at her ex-girlfriend, and while Hayden had expected it due to the fact that the two were the middle of a rivalry she didn’t think it was too much to ask that the girl who was fucking her ass pay attention to her. Then again Laura wasn’t technically fucking her ass, which was at least partly the problem. Luckily it was a problem Hayden could solve.

“Oh Laura, mmmmmm, fuck me! Fuck me with your big cock!” Hayden begged the redhead, “Fuck my slutty little ass hole with your big fake cock! Ooooooooh, fuck my whore ass! Fuck it! Take it, fuck it, destroy it! Destroy my fucking ass hole! Ohhhhhhh, wreck it soooooooo goooooooddddddddd, mmmmmmmm fuck! Fuck me! Fuck me in the ass like a little bitch. I’m your bitch right now Laura, Pound my ass and show me I’m your bitch. Show me you’re an Alpha female, and I’m just a little bitch who loves taking it up the ass! Oooooooooohhhhhhhhhh Gawwwwwwwwd Laura, fuck me, mmmmmmmmmm, fuck me like only you can! Show me you’re better than Kristen and Mila combined by completely wrecking my fucking lezzie ass!”

This succeeded in getting the other girl’s attention, Laura grinning at her in a way which reminded Hayden that even though she could be mean Laura could be fun. As if to prove that Laura grabbed Hayden’s hips with those two hands which had been laying idly by her sides and used them for leverage, pulling the blonde down while thrusting upwards into her slutty little butt, making Hayden cry out hysterically. Kristen had ass fucked her with a strap on before lunch but that now felt like a lifetime ago to the anal loving blonde submissive, Hayden forgetting all about begging for more in favour of concentrating on helping Laura wreck her rectum good and hard.

While Hayden was mounting Laura Mila was busy removing her clothes and strapping on a cock, the whole time admiring Kristen’s handiwork. She had seen Hayden’s ass hole gaping plenty of times, and her own for that matter, after Kristen was finished fucking it but Natalie’s back hole seemed particularly open, Mila able to see deep into her girlfriend’s bowels via her gaping little butt hole. Which was exactly the way it should be after a submissive little bitch was butt fucked. However Mila was in no mood to praise her friend for her abilities as a top. No, she wanted to provoke submissive feelings in Kristen so she kept her mouth shut.

She also kneeled behind her girlfriend and without any verbal warning pushed her strap on into Natalie’s loosened butt hole, grinning wickedly at Kristen the entire time. Of course Mila gave Natalie a little time to relax, using Hayden as an indicator because she couldn’t see a clock from where she was. So when Hayden was really pounding her ass up and down the dildo anally penetrating her, and Laura had begun pounding upwards into that cute little butt, Mila made her move, hammering her strap on into Natalie’s gaping ass in one easy thrust.

Natalie just moaned in pleasure around Kristen’s cock, which was currently stuffing her throat, the Oscar-winner barely stopping the blow job as she was double stuffed for the first time ever. Of course this was just spit-roasting, Mila had something much more pleasant in mind she was planning to introduce Natalie too in the very near future. For now she just focused on the now very familiar joy of Natalie’s ass cheeks jiggling against her thighs, the surprising tightness of her girlfriend’s rear fuck hole and perhaps most importantly of all Kristen’s face as Mila began to butt fuck Natalie in front of her.

Unsurprisingly Kristen tried to keep her attention on Hayden’s cute little butt as it bounced up and down Laura’s dildo, Mila having to admit it was a mighty distracting sight, but it was hard to ignore the brunette sandwiched in between them. It was harder for Mila as watching butt sex was fun but it didn’t compare to having it, and she was kind of in love with Natalie, so she only occasionally glanced at Hayden. As for Kristen, try as she might she couldn’t keep her eyes off the girl deep throating her dildo, or the girl who would be soon butt fucking her.

When their eyes met Kristen let out a soft gulp. Only moments ago she had been overwhelmed with dominant feelings as she pounded Natalie’s ass. Now however as much as she tried she couldn’t imagine herself in Mila’s place, only Natalie’s. Well, she had just about managed to picture herself butt fucking Hayden, if for no other reason than the fact Kristen had spent more time playing with Hayden’s butt then anything else. Ever. But now she was looking Mila in the eyes she was imagining her own back hole stretching wide for strap on cock, and despite herself it made Kristen incredibly wet.

Just when she thought she was going to get lost in those thoughts completely Mila of all people offered her a lifeline, “You like that Natalie? You like getting double stuffed? You like having your slutty little dyke ass AND your dirty little whore mouth getting stuffed with girl cocks at the same time? Me and Kristen spit roasting you like a little piggy? Mmmmmm, you love it, don’t you? I told you taking two cocks at once was awesome. Mmmmm, mmmmm, mmmmm, Laura and Kristen used to DP me all the time, just like this, and it always made me feel like such a naughty slut. But while this is still technically double penetration, we all know that there is a much more fun way, don’t we? Ohhhhhhh yeahhhhhhh bitch, it’s time for you to find out how good it can feel to have a dick in your pussy while another dick pounds your ass! Oh Natalie, you’re in for a real treat. I always came so fucking hard when Kristen and Laura did that to me. Ooooooooh yeah, soon you’ll know what it’s like. Mmmmmm, and so will they.”

Those words made Kristen blush, then when Mila paused she asked, “Soooooooo, do you wanna pull out so Natalie can hop on my cock?”

“Na, I don’t want to take my dick out of this tight little dyke hole for a single second.” Mila grinned wickedly at Kristen, “Besides, out of the two of us who do you think is in charge here? The girl who’s about to get ass fucked, or the girl who is about to fuck the other girl’s ass?”

Blushing furiously at that comment Kristen chose to ignore it and obey. After all, she was eager to get back into a dominant position. So Kristen scooted her way down the bed, Natalie helpfully moving her arms when necessary so the star of Veronica Mars could position herself underneath the two stars of Black Swan. Once she was in position the two brunettes lifted themselves up slightly so they could line up Kristen’s dick with Natalie’s pussy and then the blonde pushed her pelvis upwards while the other girls pushed themselves downwards, that dildo sliding into Natalie’s welcoming fuck hole with ease.

The look on Natalie’s face was priceless, this prim and proper girl obviously not sure what to make of being double penetrated at first, but thanks to Kristen thoroughly stretching out her ass that unsure look was replaced with pure bliss shortly after both dildos were completely buried in her pussy and ass respectively. Then Mila started gently pumping Natalie’s butt, the thrusts causing the Oscar winner to bounce up and down ever so slightly on Kristen’s cock so that both of her holes were technically fucked at the same time.

It was incredibly tempting to Kristen to thrust upwards so she could really feel part of the fun, but she didn’t want to overwhelm Natalie. Besides, Mila’s thrusts were causing Natalie to push down on Kristen’s dildo which in turn made the end rub against her clit, the blonde blushing as she realised that in a way Mila was using Natalie, and their toys, to fuck her. Once that thought popped into her head it just wouldn’t leave, Kristen constantly trying to concentrate on the fact that they were sandwiching this beautiful girl between them, double penetrating another actress, fucking Natalie Portman’s pussy and ass at the same time, but however she tried to think of it didn’t matter, because there was now only one thing on Kristen’s mind, and from the way she was smiling at her she was pretty sure Mila knew it.

Natalie was blissfully unaware of Kristen’s inner turmoil. Hell, she barely acknowledged the blonde beneath her as her whole world revolved around the dildos inside her, those two massive fake cocks running against each other through the thin wall flesh separating her front and back passage. Of course she had no idea how thin it was until now, or that rubbing that wall at the same time could be so amazingly pleasurable, Natalie overwhelmed by how wonderfully full she suddenly felt.

Perhaps the best, most intense and humiliating part was how much of a slut she felt. Sure, she had been shared before, in a way even getting used to having two or more women fucking her at the same time, but this, this was like nothing she’d ever experienced before. Even anal sex wasn’t this intense, and to her shame Natalie had become a total anal whore thanks to Mila’s insistence on butt fucking her. Although with this maybe Mila wouldn’t have too push her. Maybe Natalie could finally grow out of her now ridiculous shyness and embrace her inner shameless slut, because oh how she wanted to be able to beg Mila to DP her all the time from now on, share her with each and every woman willing until she was the biggest lesbian slut in Hollywood.


Natalie’s eyes rolled in the back of her head when Mila finally gave her what she wanted, at least in the here and now, that big beautiful dick moving faster and harder inside her rectum which in turn caused her to slam harder up and down Kristen’s cock. Then Kristen started thrusting upwards and Natalie came almost instantly, the poor brunette becoming an incoherent mess as she squealed with pure joy.

For Natalie almost everything faded away. The tiresome feud between Mila and Laura, Mila’s pursuit of Kristen, Hayden’s almost just as loud screams of pleasure, every worry and insecurity she had, it was all forgotten. All that left was two big dildos pounding away at her fuck holes and the beautiful women attached to them who were sandwiching her between them, Natalie eternally grateful to both of them for introducing her to the joys of being double penetrated, especially her girlfriend who was responsible for her covering one strap-on in her girl cum while another relentlessly pounded her ass.

A short distance away Hayden was cumming too, her cream squirting all over Laura’s belly as the submissive little blonde frantically hammered herself up and down the giant shaft stuffing her rectum. Laura also experienced a couple of orgasms, but they were nowhere near as powerful as Hayden’s, or as satisfying as the ones Mila was obviously receiving.

That was the thing, normally if Laura was butt fucking another girl she couldn’t take her eyes off that girl no matter what position they were in, but now she couldn’t stop staring past Hayden to where her ex-girlfriend was relentlessly pounding Natalie Portman’s butt. Mila looked so beautiful when she came, Laura had always thought that. Of course when she made Mila cum her That 70s Show co-star was a lot more vocal about it, but while it was perhaps more understated than ever before Laura recognised that look she must have seen a thousand times, and despite herself she couldn’t help be a little jealous.

Kristen might have disappointed her by proving she was no top, but there was no way Laura was ever going to let Mila dominate her. No, instead she was going to find a way to remind Mila of her proper place, then things would go back to the way they should be in this little group and she would have Natalie Portman as a bonus. Oh yes, all four of them would be her bitches again soon enough, and this time Kristen wouldn’t be allowed to top Hayden. No, Laura was going to make sure all her bitches were pure bottoms, just like cute little Hayden Panettiere.

Grinning wickedly Laura finally turned her attention back to Hayden, then she grabbed onto the blonde’s waist and started pounding upwards into her welcoming booty. This unsurprisingly had Hayden screaming extra loudly and cumming extra frequently/roughly, then after a few super intense minutes of real passionate bowel wrecking Hayden’s sweaty body collapsed on top of her, the exhausted blonde gasping for breath. Looking over at the other girls Laura could see they were much in the same shape, exhausted and lying in heaps and eventually untangling themselves essentially by rolling to one side, the dildos exiting Natalie’s well fucked holes with a wet popping sound.

“Suck our cocks Natalie!” Mila ordered firmly, even though her voice was dripping with exhaustion.

Laura experienced the same problem when she called out, “You too Hayden! Mmmmmmm, clean my cock you dirty little bitch! Clean it like the nasty little ass to mouth whore you are!”

As she had more experience, and maybe because she’s been fucked by only one cock, Hayden was the first to recover and was pushing Laura’s dildo into her throat by the time Natalie managed to crawl in between Mila’s legs and take the head of the cock which had just plundered the deepest part of her butt into her mouth. It was like Hayden was trying to show her up. However it wasn’t Natalie’s placed to complain, and besides she was too exhausted from all the fucking, her throat was too raw from all the screaming and most importantly Mila had given her a job to do and it was Natalie’s privilege to obey.

Luckily for the respected actress tasting first her ass then her pussy on those dildos reinvigorated her and she was soon going back and forth between those strap on cocks and sucking them with the exact same amount of shameless passion that Hayden was showing. Ok, so maybe she wasn’t taking them as deep into her throat, but she still got them pretty far down her gullet and whatever she didn’t take into her mouth she gave a thorough licking too.

Unsurprisingly this earned her praise from Kristen and Mila, especially the latter who lovingly caressed her hair in a way which made Natalie’s heart flutter. Although she was a bit too wrapped up in cleaning her own fuck hole cream off of both of those cocks to really pay much attention to what they were actually saying, but a few strategic glances upward told Natalie that the discussion quickly turned into what the future had in store for Kristen.

Deciding to listen in a little Natalie heard Mila tell Kristen with a huge grin on her face, “Enjoy my bitch tonight Kristen, because tomorrow you’re mine. Mmmmmm, I’m gonna fuck that tight little ass of yours sooooo gooooooddddddd that your hole will be gaping twice as wide as Hayden’s and Natalie’s butts are gaping right now!”

Considering how open her own butt hole felt, and how a glance behind her told Natalie just how stretched Hayden was back there, what Mila was promising should be really something. And, thanks to Mila’s lesbian training, the respected actress couldn’t wait to see it. But first she had the rest of the day of being Kristen’s dyke slut to look forward too. Oh, it was so tough being her.

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