Lezzing and Punching

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Lezzing and Punching

by RandyPan
Story Codes: FF, oral, anal, mas, cons, viol, drugs
Celebs: Maggie Gyllenhaal, Madeline Zima
This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.

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Maggie was recently cast as the lead in a Death Wish style revenge movie.  Not long after, Madeline Zima was cast as basically her sidekick, so Maggie decided to go hang out with her.

The movie was filming in Boston’s North End, so the two went bar-hopping, dressed as bifauxnen as possible.  They stumbled out of one bar, quite plastered.  Walking down the street, Madeline suddenly slurred, “So, you know the scene where you beat the information out of that one guy?”

“Uh, which one?  There’s a few.”

“Uh…Well, anyway, I wanna see you throw a punch.”

“Oh, c’mon, you’ve seen me throw a punch before.  You saw Cecil B Demented, right?”

“Yeah, I just…look, let’s go into this alleyway here, and show me what you got.”

The two stood in the alleyway, with Maddy holding up her hands, and Maggie with her dukes up.  Maggie punched Maddy’s left hand. “C’mon, harder!” Maggie punched the right. “Harder!” Maggie hit Maddy’s hands rapidly like a punching bag. “Okay, put your hands up.”

Maddy punched Maggie’s hands a few times.  On one swing, though, she missed, and accidentally whacked Maggie on the chin.

“Oh, shit, I’m sorry!” Maddy laughed nervously, “Are you okay?”

“Oh, I’ll show you how okay I am!” Maggie laughed and punched Maddy square on the jaw.  The two traded blows for a minute, until Maddy punched Maggie on the boob. “AH!”

“Oh, shit, I really am sorry this time, I didn’t mean to—“

“AAAHH!!” Maggie yelled and tackled Maddy to the ground.

In a weird turn of events, on hitting the ground, the two started making out, almost like their aggression turned to affection on a dime.  As the two tongue-kissed on the ground, Maggie’s hand made its way down the front and inside of Maddy’s jeans.  Maggie fingered Maddy’s pussy fiercely, causing Maddy to cum pretty quickly.

Both catching their breath, Maggie said, “Maybe we should go back to my room.”

“Yeah,” Maddy concurred, “and take a shower.”

An hour later, Maggie and Maddy were in the shower, slightly bruised, embracing and kissing.

Moments later, the two were on the bed, still wet.  Maddy had her tongue buried in Maggie’s cunt, when she started fingering her asshole.  Maggie clawed at her tits, grimacing, as Maddy alternated between this and eating out her ass while fingering her twat. “Ohh, fuck!” Maggie groaned, as Maddy started fingering both holes furiously.  When she came, she actually doubled over, clutching Maddy’s head.

In a moment, Maddy sat on Maggie’s face.  Maggie tongue-fucked Maddy’s ass, and fingered her snatch, while Maddy worked her own clit with one hand, and roughly squeezed her tit with the other. “Oh, fu…fuck!” Maddy’s legs almost gave out when she came.

Both still unbearably horny, Maggie got on top of Maddy, and they rubbed their pussies together, while two-fingering each other’s assholes.  When they both came, their screams made the window rattle.

Now sweaty, exhausted, and still very drunk, the two made out intensely, before falling asleep in each other’s arms.

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