Sadie becomes our Dynasty

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Sadie becomes our Dynasty by BIGKEV1980s

Celebrity: Sadie Robertson

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Disclaimer: The following story is fantasy, not believed to be true in any way.

It was a hot humid April Day. My wife and I had planned a vacation to West Monroe, Louisiana to visit Duck Commander and some of the sites made famous on the A&E show Duck Dynasty. We were hoping to catch a glimpse of some the stars. On Wednesday we went by Duck Commander and had our picture made under the famous Duck Commander/Buck Commander sign. We went and had some donuts at the donut shop where Si,Jase,Godwinn, and Martin went to and then we went to our motel room. I just laid there wondering how cool it would be just to run into one of the guys from the show. Hopefully get an autograph or a picture.

The next morning we awoke and had breakfast at a local McDonalds. Then we continued our site seeing. We went by the Excalibur Family fun Center where Si won a Gorilla on the show. We played a few games and ate some pizza for lunch. Then we went to play a game of bowling at a local bowling alley. After about 3 games we turned around and saw Sadie Robertson walk in.  My wife and I both had the hots for Miss Sadie and many nights we’d role play pretending we were fucking this southern belle. She was wearing Some tight spandex pants and a red t shirt that came down just below her ass. She turned and looked at us and smiled. We went up to her and said hey and asked for a photo and an autograph. She was very kind and took pictures with her. I placed my hand around her waist and instantly got hard. My wife put her arms around her and got a hug in her picture. We then left and got in our car. My wife told me that she was turned on and I told her I was too. We played with each other for about 30 minutes until we both came.

I then looked over beside us and noticed a black car. Then I saw Sadie walk out of the bowling alley and get into the Black car. She cranked up the car and left. My wife then suggested we should follow Sadie so we could probably meet the other stars of the show. I told her that was not a bad idea. We got behind Sadie and followed her down this old country road. About 3 miles into the drive we saw Sadie pull over to the side of the road and turned her caution lights on. We pulled up behind her and asked what was wrong. She recognized us and told us that her car started dying. I had some booster cables and offered to help her. She was very happy and agreed to let us help her.

I hooked up the jumper cables and after a few seconds Sadie’s car crunk up. “ Oh my goodness I don’t know how I could ever repay you” She said. I looked at my wife and I could tell she was thinking the same thing I was. This little girl had been a tease  for way too long. We both wanted to fuck this girl really bad. I made up a lie and told her that our kids were big fans of hers and would like to meet her. She agreed to meet them. We told her they were at our hotel and she said she’d follow us to the building to meet them. What she didn’t know is we had no children. We headed toward our hotel with Sadie behind us. When we arrived we all got out of our vehicles and headed to the room. “ Why aren’t your kids with y’all?” she asked “ Oh they wanted to stay behind and play their Xbox” I answered.

We reached our room and I unlocked it. We opened the door and I let Sadie and my wife go in. “ Where’s your kids?” Sadie asked “ Oh that’s strange they must have went out for a little bit. But they’ll be back.” My wife answered. Sadie looked confused and said she probably should go. I told her our kids would be back shortly. She was okay with that answer. We all sat on the edge of our bed when I saw Sadie starring in the floor. When I looked I saw a condom I had used the night before. I apologized and threw the condom away. I looked down and saw the pussy outline on Sadie’s spandex pants and instantly got hard. My wife grabbed some sodas and offered one to Sadie. We all drank our sodas when Sadie asked to use our restroom.

When Sadie closed the door my wife told me she had put some alcohol in Sadie’s soda. When Sadie returned she appeared alittle dizzy. I asked if she wanted something else to drink and she said yeah. My wife gave her another drink. Sadie started saying she felt funny. Then she laid down. I looked at her and asked if she was alright and she said yes just dizzy. I had my hand on her thigh rubbing it when I looked at her. She looked at me and smile. I then got brave and leaned down and kissed her. She pushed me off and asked what I was doing. I apologized and said I just got caught up in the moment. She got mad and said she had to go. About this time I stood up and told her no.

I forced Sadie back onto the bed and laid on top of her while she tried to work her way free. My Started rubbing my dick on her pussy dry humping her and could tell she was getting aroused. “ Please stop let me go” she screamed. I told her I just could not do that. “You slut have teased us way too long, I’m tired of role playing, it’s time I really get a piece of your pussy” I told her. She was crying and I felt my wife pulling Sadie’s spandex pants down. She was wearing a pair of pink panties. I then ripped open her shirt and saw she had a matching bra. My dick was hard as a rock. I placed my hand over Sadie’s panty covered pussy and felt the wetness. “ Feels like someone wants some dick” I said “ No…. I’m a Christian and a virgin this is wrong.” Sadie muffled. I could tell her body of defiling her. I then kissed on Sadie’s tits. My wife had taken her clothes off at this point and climbed on to the bed.

I took Sadie’s Bra off and started sucking on her nipples when I heard Sadie moan. I looked down and my wife had removed Sadie’s panties and was eating out her pussy. I noticed Sadie was not crying anymore. I looked at her and asked what was wrong. She stayed quiet and bit her lip. I then stood up and removed my clothes. My wife was finger fucking Sadie and I saw Sadie tense up and Scream. “Awwwwwww” Sadie screamed. She was having a orgasm. She finally broke her silence and said it felt so good. I pulled my dick ut and Sadie’s eyes drew big. I asked her if she wanted to suck my dick and she said yes. She got off the bed and came to me. My dick touched her wet pussy and I about passed out. Sadie fell to her knees and took my dick in her mouth. It was warm and tingled. She was doing a great job to be a virgin. My wife got under her and started eating her pussy again. Sadie was moaning. I looked over and saw a duck call we had bought and gave it to my wife. She started fucking Sadie with the duck call. “ Awwww…ohhhhhh yeah uh AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!! Sadie came again. I picked her up and looked at her. “ What’s wrong sweetheart” I asked. “I’ve never felt this way it feels awesome”She said.

I looked at my wife. It was time for Sadie to get her first dick. “ Sadie are you ready to be fucked?” I asked “Yes sir” I laid Sadie on the bed and put my dick at her pussy entrance. I about came right there as I felt the wet pussy juices of the Christian 17 year old girl from West Monroe. I was about to bob this nice piece of ass’s cherry and she was enjoying it. I pushed my dick in slowly and her tight pussy wrapped around it. I pushed further and then she screamed in pin. I had just claimed this chick’s virginity. My wife was fingering herself. I slowly started fucking Sadie and she eased up. Before long she was meeting my thrush. “ Oh yeah Oh” She screamed. “fuck yeah”. “Now Sadie that ain’t a nice word” I said. This is fucking awesome I don’t care” She said. “Oh aww yeah fuck AWWWWWWW” Sadie kept screaming.

My wife climbed up. I told Sadie she was about to taste some pussy and she smiled. I turned her over and started fucking her like a dog. Oh this was fucking awesome. Never in a million years had I thought I’d be fucking this hot southern girl from the Duck Dynasty show much less being the first to do it. My wife climbed up and Sadie started eating her pussy. My wife was enjoying this as we screamed. Sadie had another orgasm and then I felt my ball get huge. “Sadie I’m about to cum” I said. “Keep fucking me and cum in me” She said. “Awwwwwwww” my balls emptied all inside Miss Robertson and I fell to the side. Sadie and my wife took turns cleaning my dick off with their mouths. “That was great” Sadie said “ I have never felt that I will have to tell people about yall” She said. “ Don’t tell your dad,grandpa and brothers they’ll kill us” I said. Oh I won’t she said about that time a knock on our door. I looked out to see Koree Robertson. “ Sadie it’s your mom” I said. “Oh no she must have tracked my phone” She said

To be continued……… If you like

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