The Collector Strikes!

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Title: The Collector Strikes!

Author: Attila

Contains: Beast, FBeast, NC, FF, Bondage, Degradation, Strap-on, Rape, Dildo, Dildo Machine, Exhibition, Oral, Anal, Vore, Snuff, Tentacle

Starring: Pauley Perrette, Cote de Pablo, Emma Watson, Bonnie Wright, Evanna Lynch, Liv Tyler, Cate Blanchett, Miranda Otto, Emily Deschanel, Michaela Conlin, Tamara Taylor, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Michelle Trachtenberg, Allyson Hannigan, Cassandra Peterson, Kate Beckinsale, Keira Knightley, Lynda Carter, Mia Wasikowska, Helena Bonham Carter, Anne Hathaway, Jennifer Aniston, Courtney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez

Disclaimer: The actions and opinions depicted in this story are merely fantasy. I don’t know the celebrities depicted in this story, but I’m pretty damn sure they do not engage in this kind of behavior. I do not condone this behavior in real life, and if you do, might I suggest that you immediately seek help. Once again, for those out there who fail to distinguish fantasy from reality, this is not real! This is merely fiction!

The naked bulb’s light was the first thing to greet Sarah Michelle Gellar’s eyes as she blinked twice, then widened her eyes when she realized that she was naked, bound, and in an unfamiliar location. Panic gripped her heart and mind as she thrashed about and shouted for help, hoping that someone would hear her cries and rescue her. “Help me! PLEASE!” she shrieked over and over again, her eyes brimming with tears and her voice echoing off of the walls, making her feel more isolated than she had ever been in her entire life. She then heard the sound of chains scraping against the concrete floor, and, hoping it would be a rescuer, Sarah called out again.

Suddenly, another light bulb flickered on, and Sarah found herself filled with a mixture of arousal, disappointment, and fear when she saw that the sound of scraping chains came from the struggles of a familiar face to Sarah: Michelle Trachtenberg. “Michelle? What the fuck are you doing here?” Sarah called as Michelle turned her head, and, as the tears fell, told Sarah that both of them had been abducted by a man only known as the Collector, and that he had already “collected” their other co-star from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Allyson Hannigan. Just as Michelle finished saying those words, both actresses heard a man’s harsh voice come in over the intercom in their room, saying “Welcome to the Sex Zoo of the Collector! Now that Willow Rosenberg has been ‘Collected’, might I extend a warm greeting to both Buffy Summers and Dawn Summers? Your old lives are nothing, and here, in my Sex Zoo, you are your roles. Collector out!”

“What does he mean, ‘you are your roles’ here?” Sarah asked as Michelle thrust her chest out, allowing Sarah to see the collar clamped on her neck, with a nametag that read “Dawn Summers” hanging from it. Michelle then told Sarah to look down, and, much to her horror, Sarah saw that she had one too, with her character’s name from Buffy engraved on the name tag. “Michelle, are we the only ones here?” she asked as Michelle turned to face her. Just as Michelle was about to speak, however, the door to the room opened and a trio of naked “Amazon” women marched into the room, with one of them carrying a squirming naked Allyson Hannigan over her shoulders.

Throwing Allyson on the ground, the trio of Amazons lined up behind the three former Buffy stars, fastened their strap-ons, and grabbed an actress each. “Watch the screen, little whore, or you will end up the same way!” growled the Amazon who grabbed Sarah, and as each actress stared at the screen, each Amazon lined her strap-on with the actress’ assholes. The screen then turned on, displaying a video of Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez screaming and crying for mercy as they were tossed into a glass pit. As the two actresses banged on the walls, a door behind them opened and out slithered a massive python, its tongue flickering the air as it caught the smell of the terrified and naked actresses in its den. Screaming in unison, both Miley and Selena increased the amount of their struggles, but it was all in vain when the python wrapped its mighty coils around Miley’s naked body.

Pulling the former Hannah Montana star away, from the wall, the python began squeezing tightly around Miley’s slender frame, prompting the singer to scream at the top of her lungs, all the while Selena was being squeezed by another python, producing similar to results to Miley’s situation.  Both singers continued to scream bloody murder until their heads were inside both pythons’ mouths, which was followed by their screams being muffled as their naked and squirming bodies were slowly swallowed by the great snakes before the beasts returned to their den.  While all three actresses were still in shock at the execution they were forced to witness, the voice of the Collector came in the intercom again, this time saying “Those two sluts forgot to obey the rules, and thus they were fed to Snuggles and Mr. Bobo. If you use any names besides your roles’ names, you will be next! Collector out!”

The next thing that the three actresses knew, the Amazons had begun to thrust into each actress’ asses roughly, making Sarah, Michelle, and Allyson scream in pain as loudly as Miley and Selena did when the pythons had squeezed them. While they were being anally raped, the actresses were subjected an even greater shock than the execution video, for the Amazon sodomizing Allyson pressed a button on a remote control, and when she did, the darkness of the room vanished, revealing that what the actresses thought was a room was really a glass-fronted enclosure, and that they were far from alone in the Collector’s “zoo”. Looking to her left, Allyson saw that in the enclosure next to them, three more Amazons were gangbanging a dark haired woman in her mid 40’s whose face, when it was briefly visible, seemed familiar to Allyson. As she continued to watch the gangbang, she happened to look slightly down, where she saw a brass name plate that said “Selene, Queen of the Vampires. Grade A Lesbian Slut” in big letters.

“Beg for it, slut! BEG!” one of the women fucking Kate Beckinsale snarled as Kate suppressed a sob, and then said “P-p-please mistress. Please fuck my slutty vampire holes.” Without hesitation, the woman who snarled at Kate Beckinsale thrust with all her might into the English actress’ vagina, causing Kate to scream at the top of her lungs as another woman gagged her with her strap-on. This spectacle caused Michelle to wince, and as she turned her head away, she was greeted with a sight that caused her, as well as Sarah and Allyson, to break down into hysterical sobbing. What the actresses witnessed was nothing more than exhibit after exhibit of naked actresses being sexually humiliated, raped, or sobbing from the endless orgasms.

In one cage, Helena Bonham Carter, Anne Hathaway, and Mia Wasikowska were forced to fuck each other while an Amazon whipped them for slowing down. Tears rolled down Mia’s face as Anne, who was also crying around her ballgag, was forced to fuck her pussy and ass doggy style, while at the same time being fucked by Helena, who cried for mercy. “Silence, Red Queen! Fuck the White Queen and Alice, or no food this week!” the voice of the Collector roared as Helena resumed sobbing and continued to fuck Anne without mercy. In the exhibit directly across from the Alice in Wonderland stars, Emma Watson groaned as her vagina was invaded by a massive dildo from the dildo machine placed in her cage. As Emma was wracked by orgasm after orgasm, she saw that her Harry Potter co-stars, each forced to wear a collar with their character’s name on it, were helplessly orgasming as well. “Mommy, help meeeee!” Evanna Lynch screamed as the dildo machine pounded her previously virgin ass without mercy, blood dripping down the dildo as Evanna watched Bonnie Wright crying for help as the dildos ravaged her holes.

The interior of each exhibit was designed like part of the set from each inhabitant’s film sets, so the exhibit holding the Harry Potter stars resembled the Gryffindor Common Room from the Harry Potter movies. Emma’s screams were echoed by the screams issuing from the throats of Cate Blanchett, Liv Tyler, and Miranda Otto, all of whom were squirming and screaming as their pussies were fucked mercilessly by horses. Mascara ran down Liv’s face in her tears as her horse fucked her again and again and again, pumping her pussy full of cum and making it impossible for her to catch her breath. Miranda, on the other hand, was having trouble breathing due to the horse cock thrusting in and out of her mouth at a rapid pace, while Cate’s screams were muffled due to the horse cocks in both her mouth and pussy.

All three Lord of the Rings stars were unable to think of anything besides pleasing the horses fucking them, and that they were to respond to the names Eowyn, Arwen, and Gladriel. Witnessing the actresses and their bestiality was Cassandra Peterson, made up to look like her role as Elvira while a large and horny pig sodomized her roughly. “OWWWW! OWIE! OWIE!” screamed Cassandra as the pig paid her no heed, and, much to her horror, increased the tempo of his thrusts to match the intensity of the actress’ horrified screams and struggles. When the pig eventually came, Cassandra thought that her cervix would explode from the sheer amount of cum that was fired into it, yet it did not burst, and when the pig was finished, an Amazon entered the room with a whip and told Cassandra to lick up all the cum or be punished.

As Cassandra tearfully licked up the pig’s cum, in another exhibit, Keira Knightly was enduring what felt like her thousandth orgasm as tentacle after tentacle wrapped around her, choked her, and entered her holes. Her eyes bugged out of her head as a tentacle began choking her tight, making her arms and legs flail around in an attempt to get air, but exposing her ass to three more tentacles, which entered it and made the actress emit a strangled quack. When the tentacles let her go, she flopped to the floor gasping for breath, only to begin screaming and crying when the tentacles returned to tie her up and invade her holes once more.

“Monsters!” thought Jennifer Aniston before her mind began focusing on the Amazon eating her pussy. The former Friends star wobbled her breasts some, then moaned slightly before having her mouth plugged by an Amazon with a strap-on dildo. Looking to her left, Jennifer witnessed Lisa Kudrow being forced to perform a 69 with Courtney Cox, both actress’ faces being coated in tears and cum as a pair of Amazons fucked each actress’ asses while hooting and spanking them.  “Oh Rachel” sang the Amazon eating Jennifer’s pussy, “Time for you to amuse us!” “Mistress, please!” screeched Jennifer as the Amazons grabbed by the hair, threw her to the floor, and then spit-roasted her as she screamed in terror.

Pauley Perrette and Cote de Pablo thrashed against their restraints as their pussies were stretched to the point of bursting by the stallions fucking them. Pauley’s pigtails flopped forwards and backwards from the momentum of the horse, and the actress’ Goth-style makeup became smeared from tears and sweat, which, accompanied with the drool pouring off of Pauley’s ballgag, made her a truly pathetic sight to behold. Cote was no better to witness, for her long hair clung to her face, her eyes bugged out of her head, and, like Pauley, drool flowed off of her ballgag while her muffled screams filled the air. “NN NGG! PLSSSS!” both actresses screamed into their gags as hour after hour of their horse rape was inflicted on their sore pussies and asses. “Ziva, Abby, how many times do I have to tell you? You brought this upon yourselves! Now be grateful I didn’t feed you to the snakes!” the Collector’s voice growled over the intercom in the exhibit, prompting a fresh wave of tears from both NCIS stars.

The same feeling of terror, arousal, and helplessness was felt in Emily Deschanel as she was forced to kneel on the floor of her exhibit. As she knelt, she felt the familiar soft yet stiff sensation of a dildo entering her ass, causing her to give a slight yelp before a ballgag was forced into her mouth by Michaela Conlin, who was already gagged. Thrusting into Emily’s ass, Michaela heard her Bones co-star gasp in shock, and then scream when Tamara Taylor, who was being goaded on by an Amazon, slid her strap-on into Emily’s dripping pussy. Emily’s moans and screams continued as her co-stars fucked her, despite the tears pouring down all three of their gagged faces, much to the arousal and amusement of the Amazons monitoring them. A very similar situation took place across the row from the Bones stars, where Lynda Carter was forced into the headband and earrings from her role on Wonder Woman, and then made to twerk and arouse her Amazon captors.

As Lynda was twerking amid her sobs, an Amazon slid up behind her and began to sodomize the 63-year-old actress without mercy. When the dildo entered Lynda’s ass, her eyes widened and bugged out of her head, and her screams filled the air along with her pleas for mercy. Ignoring her, the Amazon pulled out a belt and began to choke Lynda with it, making the actresses’ screams turn into strangled quacks and gasps before she quieted down. Once weakened, Lynda was unable to resist her captors as they invaded her mouth and pussy with more dildos, forcing endless orgasms out of the Wonder Woman star.

Back in the exhibit holding the Buffy stars, the sodomy session had finally achieved the goal that the Amazons and the Collector had wanted: the mental collapse of any resistance in the actresses within. In Sarah’s broken mind, all that she knew was that she was to respond to the name Buffy Summers if she wanted to be fed and to live, and that her holes were no longer her property anymore. She, like the other two actresses in the exhibit, had been broken to the will of the Collector, and that there was no return from where she had gone. Sarah’s stay in the Collector’s Sex Zoo was permanent, and she was merely a fuckdoll now and forever.

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