Raped on Set – Part 1: Dove Cameron

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Raped on Set – Part 1: Dove Cameron


“This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.”

March 2014

” See you guys tomorrow,” Dove Cameron say to the crew of Liv & Maddie as she heads back to her dressing room after another day of taping. After about 2 hours of relaxing she removes her clothes and heads to her shower. By this time everybody but one guard had left. His name is Joe and unbeknownst to Dove he has entered her dressing room with the intention to rape her. Joe is 25 years old 5′ 10″ tall and 250 pounds but is not muscular. He also brought a bag of toys to use on Dove most of which will only be used if she tries to fight him.

20 minutes later she heads back out of the washroom clad in only her favorite baby blue robe. When she realizes Joe is in her room she starts to scream but Joe slaps her across the face hard enough to send her sprawling to the ground. Then he start to beat her prone body until she pleads for him to stop. He tells her to get up and he sees that tears are streaming own her face.

“Are you going to do what i say?” Joe asks. Dove answers

“If it means you will stop hurting me, I will do what you want.”

“Good girl. Ditch the robe,” he says. Dove starts to hesitate but remembers the beating he gave her and disrobes exposing her perfect B tits to Joe. She thought about covering her tits but realized he might beat her again if she did that. “Nice tits. Now turn around”. She turns around without hesitating giving Joe a great view of her ass

“Even better than I imagined. Now spread your legs, bend over and stay there until I tell you to move”. Even though Dove realized what Joe would be able to see she did what he instructed which gave him a perfect view of her 18 year old pussy. What had not registered in Dove’s mind this whole time was that he had a camera out and was taking pictures of her naked body.

When Joe finished taking the pictures he pulls a modified dog collar, leash and 2 locks from the bag of toys. He attaches the collar to her neck and locks it in place to keep her from being able to remove it until Joe allows it. Finally he attaches the leash to the collar and tells her to get on her hands and knees . It is at this point that Dove finally realizes that Joe has been taking pictures of her and she starts to softly cry but she does what he says. “Now I am going for a walk while you crawl behind me like the dog that you are”.

Joe grabs his bag of toys and leads Dove out of her dressing room and down the hall to Liv and Maddie’s bedroom set. Joe had previously set up the cameras in the building to record to his computer and the security cameras to record an empty hallway. The only thing that is heard is Dove’s crying. Once they get to the bedroom set reality starts to set in for Dove and she starts to cry even harder. ” STOP CRYING,” Joe yells and Dove’s crying subsides after a few minutes.

“Now suck my dick. If you bite I will beat you even worse than before”. Dove does not even hesitates and unzips Joe’s pants and pulls out his already hard 10″ dick and puts it in her mouth as she starts to bob her head up and down on his dick making Joe moan ”

I always knew you were a total slut.” These words degrades Dove but she did not dare stop pleasuring him. She then takes it out her mouth and licks up and down the shaft and massages his balls before going back to sucking him off. After a few minutes of this Joe than grabs the back of her head and starts to forcibly fuck her mouth making her gag.

After a few minutes of face fucking Dove he stops and lets her go at her own pace again. Joe realizes that he is going to cum and says “Drink up slut”. With that he lets loose a major of stream of cum into the Disney starlets mouth but to her credit she handles it like a pro and when he tells her to open her mouth and show him the results she does just that. A nice sized stream of cum had dribbled out onto her chin. and her tits “You can swallow now”. Joe tells Dove and she does just that. Joe uses the leash to pull her up from her knees.

“Please let me go and i won’t tell anybody what happened,” She pleads. ” I am not a slut. I have only ever sucked off the producers of this show and no one has ever got my pussy or ass”.

Joe replys “i always planned on raping your pussy and as but your declaration only make this even sweeter since i get to pop your cheery”.

When Joe says this instincts set in for Dove and she kicks him in the nuts causing him to fall to his knees and let go of the leash. Dove starts to run back to her dressing room to get her keys. While she searches for her purse Joe starts to recover and realizes where Dove is heading so he sets of for to find her. She would figure out how to get the collar off once she gets home. Just as she gets her purse Joe catches up to her and punches her in the solar plexus knocking the wind out of her.

“YOU STUPID CUNT. YOU ARE REALLY GONNA GET IT KNOW. GET BACK ON YOUR FUCKING HANDS AND KNEES” Joe yells. Dove realizes the mistake she made and does not fight him as he leads her back to the bedroom set. When the get back to the set Joe notices Maddies desk and gets an idea on how to rape Dove’s ass. Dove realizes where he is looking and sees his mischievous smile so she has an idea of what he plans to do next.

“Get up and bend over the desk. Make sure your legs are spread apart”. When Dove is bent over the desk Joe grabs a pair of manacles and attaches them to the side of the desk and puts her arms in them. He then grabs a leg spreader and attaches it to the feet of the desk and puts her legs in it. Finally he grabs a whip and comes to the front of the desk to shows it to Dove whose eyes go wide when she sees it. “This is just the first part of your punishment for kicking me.”

Joe heads to the other end of the desk but before he uses the whip he spends 2 minutes grabbing her ass. When he is done that he brings his arm back and very quickly brings the whip down on Dove’s ass. WHACK! Dove lets out a very loud scream. WHACK!WHACK!WHACK!WHACK!WHACK! Now Dove is begging him to stop as she is starting to cry controllably. Joe does not relent saying “I will stop when I am ready.” WHACK!WHACK!WHACK!WHACK!WHACK!WHACK! Her ass is starting to get red but Joe shows no sings of stopping. This continues until Doves ass is dark red and starts to bruise. “Hopefully that teaches you not to mess with me,” Joe says as he moves to the other side of the desk to look at Dove whose face is covered in tears.

He strips of his shirt, removes his pants and uses a towel from his bag to dry his dick off. Dove notices what he is doing and asks “why are you trying to dry your dick off.”

He replys “I am doing this because you do not deserve any lubrication when i rape your ass.” When Dove hears this she tries to struggle out of her bonds. Joe yells at her to stop struggling and even though she wants to escape she stops.

Joe heads back to the end of the desk. When he gets there he stops to admire the view of a naked Dove bent over the desk with her ass blood red from the whipping he gave her. He then pulls her ass cheeks apart, lines up his dick with her asshole and shoves it in. Dove lets out a blood curdling scream when she feels the dick get shoved in. “OOWWWWWWWW! ITS TOO BIG PULL IT OUT.” Instead of pulling out Joe shoves it in farther and starts thrusting in and out of her asshole. Dove’s eyes are totally bloodshot by this point.

After a few minutes of raping dove this way he pulls it out then shoves it back in and does it a few more times before going back to violently assraping the Disney starlet. A slow trickle of blood is leaking out of he ass by this time. This goes on for 20 more minutes before he blows his load in her ass. When he removes his dick he notices the blood,cum and shit on it.

Joe returns to the front of the desk where he notices Dove hanging her head in shame of what has happened to her already. He points his dick at her mouth and tells her to “Clean my dick you stupid cunt.” His calling her a cunt humiliates her even more but she takes the dick and starts sucking it. The blood and shit makes her want to gag but she forces it down.

After a few minutes Joe gets hard again and removes his dick from Doves mouth and heads to the other end of the desk again. Dove begs “Please my ass can’t take anymore.”

Joe starts laughing and says “I’m not here for your ass now.”

She realizes what he plans to do and begs “Please not that i will suck you off again and again but don’t stick it in my pussy.”

“Not gonna happen whore,” Joe says as he lines up his dick with her virgin pussy.

“Please no stick it in my ass again just not in my pussy,” Dove begs but to no avail as Joe rams his dick in her pussy.

“NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” Dove screams as she feels the Joe’s dick enter her virgin pussy and break her hymen. Joe could feel the blood from the broken hymen trickle around his cock but he did not care as he started to thrust in and out of her pussy. He pulls her head back hard causing her to scream and starts kissing her and forces his tongue down her throat as he starts to rapidly thrust in and out. After a few minutes of this he lets go of her head causing it to bounce of the desk. Dove already feeling excruciating pain from the rape starts deeply crying after her head bounces. Joe now starts to spank her ass while keeping up the face causing her to scream even louder.

After about 10 more minutes he feels his cock tensing up. “I’m about ready to cum”

Dove cries out “PULL IT OUT PULL IT OUT PULL IT OUT. DON’T CUM IN MY PUSSY, I’M NOT ON THE PILL. ” Joe keeps fucking her pussy and when he realizes he can’t hold it anymore he yells “Here it comes.” As his cock twitches and releases his cum into he pussy Dove cries out “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” When his cock finishes releasing his seed he pulls it out. Dove is crying uncontrollably as she continues to hang her head in shame. He now unlocks her arms and feet from the desk. Dove wants to curl up in a ball but gets back on her hands and knees so as to not piss Joe off.

Joe takes the leash and leads Dove to Liv’s bed and tells her to lie on the bed. Dove climbs on the bed and when she lies on her back Joe fastens the manacles to the feet of the bed. He climbs on top of her and starts to suck on her tits going form the left tit to the right and back again. He focuses his mouth on the left tit while squeezing and pinching the right tit. Dove screams and cries during all this. After a few minutes of molesting Dove’s tits he feels his cock rise up again so he says “Ready for round 2″ Dove shakes her head NO. Joe says “Well to bad as he rams his dick into her pussy for a second time. Dove starts crying loudly when he feels him start to rape her again.

While raping her again Joe starts to play with her tits. He starts to kiss her on the lips while massaging the tits. When he starts to squeeze her tits he shoves his tongue down her throat. Eventually he pulls his tongue out of her mouth and starts licking and sucking her tits. While doing this he pulls his dick out of her pussy and rams it back in. He does this repeatedly causing Dove to scream. Eventually Dove feels his cock twitch in her pussy and realizing what is happening scream “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!”

As she screams his cock spews even more cum into her pussy. He rams it as far as he can until he finishes cumming. As Joe pulls out Dove’s instincts pick the wrong time to kick in again and she kicks her legs out hitting him in the stomach. The kick knocks him back a little and but does not stun him. When he gets back up he backhands her across the face and yells “YOU REALLY ARE A STUPID CUNT. YOU ARE GOING TO REALLY HURT NOW.”

Joe goes back to the desk and grabs the leg spreader and sets it up on the bed. Dove is kicking her legs when Joe yells “STOP KICKING OR I WILL KNOCK YOUR FUCKING TEETH IN.” When Dove stops kicking he sets her legs in the spreader.

He also grabs the whip and show it to Dove who asks “What are you going to do with that.” He answers her by swinging the whip and connecting with her tits. WHACK! Dove screams out in pain as her tits get hit. WHACK!WHACK!WHACK!WHACK! Dove begs him to stop but he refuses . WHACK!WHACK!WHACK!WHACK!WHACK!WHACK!WHACK!WHACK!

By this time her tits are getting red and she is crying her eyes out. He continues whipping her tits until they are the same color as her ass. When he stops whipping Dove he rams his dick back in her pussy. He starts grabbing her tits while rapidly fucking her pussy causing her to scream out. That goes on for a few minutes. he continues to rapidly thrust in and out of her pussy. By the time he cums in her pussy for a third times she is all but glassy eyed. When he pulls out the cum starts oozing out of he pussy onto the flower quilt. He than unhooks her from the bed taking the leg spreader off of her. He unhooks the manacles from her arms. He tells her to get off the bead. She does not hesitate and gets on her hands and knees.

Joe grabs the leash and and leads her back to Maddies desk. He takes a pair of cuffs out of his bag and cuffs her right arm to the leg of the desk. He tells Dove to get on her knees which she does without a fight. He then pulls out a ring gag that he modified for this purpose. Without even being told Dove opens her mouth so as to not get beat again. Joe fastened the gag and locks it into place.

After a few minutes his dick is full again but not with cum. He aims it at her face and lets loose a stream of piss most of it landing on her face with a little dribbling into her mouth. He stops for a minute than forces it it through the gag letting lose a stream into he belly. He pulls out of her mouth and sends the last stream straight at her tits with it streaking down her body.

With his cock now empty he kneels next to Dove and explains to her that he has been taping the whole thing. If she goes to the authorities he will leak the video and pictures to the media. He asks if she understands and she nods yes. His asks if she will be going to the authorities and she nods no. Joes has her hold her left hand out and gives her a key to the handcuffs.

He explains that he has hidden a set of keys for the collar in the bedroom set and another set of keys for the gag in her dressing room. He warns her that she has until 9:00 pm to remove the gag and collar before the security cameras turn back on and it records her naked body. Dove is also warned to not waste time looking for her clothes as he removed them while she was in the shower. With that he heads out the back door to his car.

Once Joe leaves Dove unlocks her right hand and starts looking for the keys to the collar. She tears apart the set looking for the keys before finding them in one of Maddie’s trophies. When she finds the keys she unlocks the collar. She takes the collar with her so she can dispose of it later. She then rushes to her dressing room to find the gag keys. She finds the keys to the gag in one of the makeup sets. She unlocks and removes the gag. She grabs her purse and drops both the gag and collar in it. She looks at her phone and notices that she only has two minutes to leave before the cameras turn back on.

She rushes out just leaving the studio before the cameras get back on. She finds a disposal unit just outside of the set and drops both the gag and collar in before heading to her car. Luckily nobody sees her naked body as she heads to her car. On her drive home the streets are deserted so nobody sees her. When she gets home she heads to the shower to clean herself off. After about an hour in the shower she realizes that the physical filth may be gone but she cannot stop feeling dirty. She dries of and gets her favorite nightgown on. When she leaves the bathroom Dove gets in bed, curls up into the fetal position and cries herself to sleep.

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