Hanging With Jenny

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“Well, Bob, Jenny McCarthy has pitched an excellent game tonight, giving up only one run in six innings. That was
Elle MacPherson’s solo home run in the fourth. But it looks like Jenny might be getting herself into a little bit of
trouble here. She walked Kathy Ireland to start the inning, and Kate Moss hit a bloop single to shallow right, which
put Ireland in scoring position. That brings Niki Taylor to the plate. Niki’s a real home run threat, and that’s bad
news for Jenny.”

“That’s right, Frank. If Jenny allows Kate to score, it’ll push her ERA for this season over four-oh. This could be
the end of the line for
the former Playmate of the Year. This is a batting situation which Niki Taylor loves to be in:
she knows she can send this pitcher to the gallows with one good hit. That’s bound to make any pitcher nervous,
even one as cool and collected as Jenny McCarthy.”

“Sure enough, the Centerfolder’s pitching coach, Candy Loving, is going out to the mound to have a word with
Jenny. Alley Baggett runs up from behind home plate to join them.”

“While they confer, Frank, let’s talk about Jenny’s outfit. She wears less clothing than most pitchers do–just her
cleats and a black and white striped g-string.”

“She’s one of the most effective topless pitchers in the League, Bob. Jenny sports a pair of world-class breasts,
and that can be distracting for any batter. Pitching topless is especially effective against a team like the Runway
Girls, since quite a few of their players are confirmed lesbians.”

“Warming up in the Centerfolders bullpen are Cady Cantrell and Barbara Moore, but it looks like Jenny’s going to
stay in a bit longer.”

“Well, that surprises me, Bob. It looks to me like Jenny’s arm is pretty much worn out. Her fastball’s lost quite a bit
of its heat in the last inning or two, and she hasn’t had the precision she showed at the beginning of this game. I
don’t think anyone would hold it against her if she asked to be taken out at this point, especially since this is a
possible snuff situation.”

“That’s Jenny McCarthy for you, though, Frank. She’s a real trooper. Remember when she pitched game six of the
World Snuff Series against Hollywood last year? She had the bases loaded in the ninth, but she stayed in and
struck out, helping her team hold on to a two run lead and win the game.”

“Here’s the first pitch to Niki Taylor: a breaking ball inside. Niki has a piece of it…this ball is well hit to left field!

Back is Karin van Breeschooten. Karin is at the warning track…but this ball is out of here!”

“The crowd goes wild as Jenny McCarthy falls to her knees. She can’t believe it’s finally happened, but it has!”
“And they’re lowering the noose from the Goodyear Blimp. Alley Baggett runs onto the field to say goodbye to her
friend and help her get ready to hang. Alley has the cuffs on Jenny now. She has the noose around her neck. She
pulls Jenny’s hair free, tightens the rope. But before Alley gives the thumbs up, “A fan has run onto the field,
pushes the other playmates out of the way and takes the noose off Jenny’s neck. The umpire and the rest of the
fans are irate! This fan has saved Jenny’s life and nobody’s happy. Everyone wanted to see Jenny finally hung.”
The crazed fan wipes out a gun and begins firing shots protecting Jenny in every way he can. A helicopter flies by
close to the field and lowers down a harness. The fan uncuffs Jenny and puts her into the harness and climbs in
himself. As the helicopter flies away the fans boo. “THANK YOU!! OH GOD!! THANK YOU!!! YOU SAVED MY LIFE!!
I’LL DO ANYTHING YOU WANT!! ANYTHING!!” And that’s all her savior has to hear as he pulls off her shorts and his
pants and they begin to fuck each other in the harness forty feet into the air.

“Just look at that body, Frank. She is really something: sleek and blonde, tanned and toned, a real American
classic. You were speaking a moment ago about her breasts, and they truly are spectacular: large, round, firm,
just the sort of breasts you love to see on a woman. And it’s a real shame we couldn’t see her hang tonight”
“Well we got a full lineup of other breathtaking playmates we could see hang today.”

“Speaking of breathtaking, it looks like that fan is really doing a job on Jenny. She’s fucking him like crazy, kicking
and cumming for the crowd, but it looks to me like she’s starting to slow down.”

“Take a look at her face, Bob. That girl’s getting her brains fucked out, and she doesn’t mind showing it.”
The fan and Jenny continue to fuck above the field and crowd. Jenny’s screaming at the top of her lungs as she
feels an orgasm cumming on.

“Well, it looks like Jenny’s just about finished. Her blonde mane is swirling around her quivering, naked breasts. Her
legs are twitching, and yes, she’s done. They’re beginning their after sex kiss.”

“Barbara Moore comes out to warm up for the Centerfolders as Jenny McCarthy and her NEW boyfriend are hauled
up into the helicopter, and we’ll be right back after these messages.”

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