“Richard’s Collection part 1” feat. DEMI LOVATO

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“Richard’s Collection part 1” feat. DEMI LOVATO (Codes: MF, Celeb, NC, Cons, MC, Oral,)

Author: LazyNinjas

Codes: MF, Celeb, NC, Cons, MC, Oral,)

Celebs: Demi Lovato

Disclaimer: This story is fictitious, none of this ever happened or will happen.

Doctor Richard Parks had shown his mental capabilities ever since he was a child. Doctors had run evaluations on Richard. Doctors had found that Richard’s IQ and learning abilities were far greater than someone else Richard’s age. Richard did not have a normal childhood any means. His father was an abusive alcoholic, and his mother was too scared to leave. Richard and his mother were constantly beaten by Richard’s father until Richard’s mother finally left him when Richard was eleven.

Due to his constant beatings, Richard had become isolated from the world, where he would throw himself into his work. Richard had tried to be social during his time in school, but he was only mocked and ridiculed by his fellow peers. By the time Richard was 18, he had already graduated from Harvard University. In order to support himself and his mother, Richard had taken a job at a scientific laboratory that was working on higher brain function and worked there for 30 years until he was 48. Richard had gained a lot of fame and money for his work. While working on a trauma patient, this is where Richard started to develop his idea for a machine that could send and redirect signals in a test subject’s brain, which could help the body repair itself.

Shortly after forming this idea, Richard’s mom had passed away. Richard went into a downward spiral. He stopped showing up for work, and then stopped showing up anywhere. Richard had locked himself away in his mansion, only being kept company by his loyal butler, Daniel. Richard’s heart had grown cold in confinement. Instead of using his machine for its original purpose, Richard was now going to use it for power and total control over the people that had tormented him for years. He just needed a test subject.

The Incident

“Hey Roy, how long until we arrive at the show?” an eager Demi Lovato asked.

“It shouldn’t be too long now Miss Lovato” he responded. “We’ll be there a lot faster by going the back way instead of through traffic.”

Demi then looked down at her phone and hoped she wouldn’t be late for a charity event she was scheduled to appear at. Demi was scrolling through her Twitter feed when she heard a giant popping noise. The car then slowly started to slow down until it had come to a complete stop on the side of the road.

“Is there something wrong?” Demi asked her driver.

“Yes, something did go wrong. One of our tires popped and I don’t have a spare,” he replied.

“Should I call roadside assistance or something?” Demi asked.

“Yeah, there’s no way we can drive with the tire in that condition.”

So Demi pulled out her phone and tried calling for help. She tried to call, but she couldn’t get a signal. Demi then opened the door of the car and raised her phone in the air to try and get a signal. After trying for almost 10 minutes, Demi eventually gave up.

“It looks like we’re going to have to hitchhike,” Demi said as she stood by the road with her hand in the air.

It had almost been an hour before Demi and the driver finally saw a pickup truck. They waved their arms and caught the attention of the driver, who pulled over right next to them.

The man lowered his window as Demi approached the door.

“Hello there. My name is Demi and this is my driver, Roy. We were on our way to a charity event when one of our tires popped. Could you help us?”

“Of course I can help you. Why don’t I take you my master’s house? It isn’t far from here,” the man answered.

Demi and Roy had no choice but to go with the man. As they got in the truck and started driving, they started a conversation with the man.

“Thank you for helping us… ah… I’m sorry, I don’t think we got your name,” Demi said to the driver.

The driver replied, “Where are my manners? My name is Daniel, and don’t worry about it. I bet you would help me if I was in your situation.”

Demi quickly responded, “Nice to meet you, Daniel.”

After a couple moments of silence, Demi asked, “Where did you say you were taking us?”

“I’m taking you to my master’s house, it shouldn’t be too far from here,” Daniel replied.

“You said master, right? Does that mean you’re a butler or something?” Demi asked.

“That is correct, I am a butler.  It isn’t very glamourous, but it pays the bills,” Daniel replied

Demi quickly followed up with another question.

“So, who is your master?”

“My master’s name is Doctor Richard Parks. He is a brilliant man. In fact, you can see for yourself.”

Daniel then pulled into the driveway of the Parks mansion. Demi had seen many mansions before, but she had never seen any like this before. Daniel then pulled up to the front door and escorted Demi and Roy out of the vehicle. As Demi and Roy jumped out of the vehicle, Daniel handed the keys to another servant.

As they approached the door, Daniel rang the doorbell. Another servant came and opened the door. Daniel then led Demi and Roy into the main living room, where they were greeted by Mr. Parks themselves. Demi was surprised to see the man before her. He was a very young man who was around 5 foot 10 with hair that was slowly turning grey. He was overweight, but he wasn’t in shape. Demi also noticed his thick, brown mustache and dark brown eyes that were hiding behind a nerdy pair of glasses. Richard then spoke to Daniel.

“Oh Daniel, I see you’ve brought guests! What’s the special occasion?” Richard asked.

“I found these two lovely people on the side of the road, they needed a lift here so they can call for help,” Daniel replied.

“Ok. I will call someone to come out here to help. Why don’t we all sit down and enjoy the meal the cooks made while we wait. Does that sound good to you two?” Richard said as he directed his attention to Demi and Roy.

“Of course! I’m starving!” Demi replied as she rubbed her stomach.

“Ok then. I will get a servant to show you to the dining room while I talk to Daniel here.”

Demi and Roy were then shown to the dining room while Richard and Daniel stayed behind.

“These are the two I want,” Richard told Daniel.

“Are you sure master?”

“Yes, there two will be the perfect test subjects.”

Richard then pulled some odd looking pills out of his sleeve pocket and handed them to Daniel.

“Now take there tablets here and make sure it gets in their food.”

Daniel then took the pills into the kitchen, where he took them and crushed them into their food.

As Demi and Roy sat at the dinner table, Richard then joined them as the food was presented to them.

Demi and Roy were both very hungry, so they started to chow down. After getting halfway through the meal, Demi and Roy both started to feel weird. Both Demi and Roy both lost consciousness. Richard then ordered the servants to take their “guests” downstairs. Richard then went downstairs and waited for his test subjects to wake up.


After a couple hours of being unconscious, Demi was the first one to start waking up. As she slowly opened her eyes, she immediately began to feel panic. She looked around and saw what looked like a sex dungeon. She tried to move, but realized she was cuffed down to what looked like an operation table. She began to scream and kick, but she wasn’t going anywhere soon. That’s when Richard entered the room.

“You’re not going to break out of those you know,” he told her.

“What the hell are you doing? Let me go!” Demi screamed at her captor.

“I don’t think that’s going to happen. I need you and your companion here for a little experiment.”

Demi mind started to race in fear and panic when he said the word “experiment”.

“Experiment? What do you mean experiment?” Demi screamed.

“You and your friend Roy here are going to be the first people to be under my control.”

“Under your control? I will never be obedient to you.” Demi shouted as she tried even harder to break out of her chains.

“Of course you will. You won’t have a choice in the matter. You see, I have created a machine that will change and redirect your brain waves so they will force your body to do whatever I am thinking. To put it simply, I have created a mind control machine that will make you obedient to me.”

“You’re a fucking psychopath!” Demi screamed.

“We’ll see who the psychopath is when my machine is done with you”.

He then went over to the machine’s control and started the machine. As he pressed more buttons, the point of the ray on the machine had started to glow a bright red. Demi went into full on panic mode as she made one last desperate escape.

“Alright, he goes nothing!” the scientist said as he pulled the final lever of the machine.

The bright red light then shot out of the machine and hit Demi’s forehead. Demi felt a very violent and unbearable pain as the ray made contact with her head. Her body was moving uncontrollably as the pain became too much to bare. As Demi was about to pass out, the ray had stopped. Before Demi passed out from the pain, she heard Richard say, “Just wait until tomorrow. That’s when the fun really begins.” Demi then lost consciousness.

After being unconscious for almost 12 hours, Demi had finally started to awaken. She took a few seconds to try and regain her strength before she tried to get up and get out to get help. She tried to move her arms and her legs, but they just would not move.

“Come on! Why can’t I move?” Demi thought as she continued to struggle.

“You can’t move because I’m not allowing you to move.”

Demi was shocked by the voice that was talking to her. She looked up and saw Richard standing there.

“The operation was a complete success. I now am able to take control of your actions.”

He then took off Demi’s restraints and forced her to stand up. She tried to run away as soon as he released her, but her body wouldn’t respond.

“You are now my slave, you will call me master and do everything I command you to do. Is that clear slave?” he told his slave.

Demi wanted to tell this guy off but was surprised when she heard herself say, “Yes master. I am your slave, I will do anything you command me to do.”

Demi was completely terrified by the thought of this sick man being able to control everything she said or did.

Her master then looked at Demi and told her, “You know, I really had a female lover in a while, why don’t you take off those clothes?”

Demi screamed no in her head, but the only thing she said was, “Yes. I’ll do anything that you want master.”

Demi was forced to watch as her body slowly took off the silver heels she had been wearing. She tried with all of her might to break free of his control, but she couldn’t stop her body from undressing.

He now watched as the beautiful woman in front of him untied the back of her dress. Letting the dress fall to the floor, Richard saw the beautiful curves of the woman he now had control over. He then told Demi to strip off all of her clothes. Demi was forced to be a passenger in her own body as her hands now reached back and undid the straps of her bra. Richard now look at Demi’s plump B cup tits as they stood there in full view. Demi’s hands then reached to the side of her panties, where she slowly slid them off, giving Richard a nice view of her thick ass as she stepped out of them. Richard then commanded Demi to walk over to him.

He reached his hands out and started rubbing her breasts. He took Demi’s nipples and used his thumbs to start hardening her nipples. Demi felt embarrassed letting and old man fondle her out in the open, but she was more embarrassed by how wet her pussy was getting. Demi then went down to Richard’s crotch and started to unzip his pants. She then took his cock out of his pants. Demi then took a strong grip of his full erect cock.

Demi brought his cock up to her face and said, “Master, you have the most beautiful cock in the world, please let me suck it.”

Demi was disgusted by what this man was forcing her to say and was even more disgusted when she took his penis into her mouth, tasting the man’s penis as it slid back and forth in her throat. Demi’s hands then started to stroke his cock with one hand while the other played with his balls. As Demi sucked and tugged on his cock, she knew that she was about to blow his load. Her body then forced Richard’s penis out of her mouth. She then aimed his penis at her chest as she kept giving him a hand job. Richard then blew his load all over Demi’s chest, splashing on her face as he released his seed all over her.

Demi wanted to throw up as she was forced to collect all of the semen on her and licked it clean off of her fingers. Richard then told her she could go and wait in her room until he called for her. Demi didn’t know where her room was, but her body seem to know as she walked there completely naked. As she walked back she had completely forgotten about Roy. She hoped he was fine. As the man watched his sexy slave’s ass jiggle out of the room, he couldn’t till he had more slaves to join her.


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