Party of Five

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Title:  Party of Five

Author:  Tori


Subject:  Emily Osment, Kristen Stewart, Olivia Holt, Sarah Hyland, Ariel Winter

Disclaimer:  This is fiction, it did NOT happen.  The story is purely fantasy and fantasy is legal.

Emily Osment had no idea how she ended up in an upstairs bedroom surrounded by ten huge cocks, but she knew she was in for a long night.  The pretty blonde was pushed to her knees and told to open her mouth.  One by one she sucked and swallowed cock after cock.  It didn’t take the men long to pull her clothes from her tight little body.  She felt their rough hands pawing at her and rubbing her holes.  She was already dripping wet when she felt the first guy behind her slide his cock into her pussy.  He wasn’t gentle about it either and rammed his cock deep inside her.  Just as he did, the guy in her mouth shot his load.  She swallowed it all down like a good little whore and took the next guy into her throat.  The guy pounding her pussy pulled out, stood up, and shot his cum all over her hair.  His cock was quickly replaced by another.  She was pulled on top of him and her legs were spread wide.  They picked her up off of the cock and spun her around so that she was riding him.  Another cock found its way into her waiting mouth and then she felt her ass cheeks being spread apart.  She knew what was coming next as another guy filled her asshole with his man meat.   The gorgeous blonde starlet was airtight and moaning like a ten dollar whore as the cocks destroyed her holes.

Several doors down in another bedroom, Olivia Holt was being DP’d by two huge black cocks.  The tiny blonde had never had a cock up her ass before and it hurt like hell.  She was screaming for them to stop but they just laughed and continued their assault on the pretty actress.  She had come upstairs to use the bathroom and was dragged into this room by the two men.  She had come out with some of her friends and ended up coming to this house where a party was taking place.  She knew she’d made a mistake as soon as the first cock was shoved down her throat.  She was still screaming when the door opened and two more black men walked in.  They quickly undressed and both shoved their cocks into her mouth.  Her cheeks were spread to the limit and her asshole felt like it was on fire.  Tears were running down her face when one of the guys pulled out of her mouth and covered her face with cum.  The other guy grabbed her head and began to throat fuck her, making her gag and blow snot out of her nose.  The two cocks in her pussy and ass came at the same time and when they finished, they rolled her off onto the floor and left, leaving her there with cum dripping from her holes.  The last man jerked off and shot his hot load all over her pert little tits and then left as well.  Several minutes later, five more men came in and it started all over again for her.

Down in the living room, Sarah Hyland was on her knees surrounded by a dozen men.  She was getting throat fucked and had her hands full of cocks, jerking them off.  As soon as one man came, another filled her mouth.  She swallowed load after load of cum.  Sometime after the fifth or sixth load, she leaned over and puked on the floor.  One of the guys grabbed her by the hair and pulled her back up and shoved his cock down her sore throat.  She glanced over and saw her costar Ariel Winter bent over a chair and taking a big cock up her ass.  Another guy was in front face fucking her while she got sodomized.  Two of the men grabbed Sarah and stood her up.  Her clothes were ripped from her body and when she was completely naked, they pushed her onto her hands and knees.  Her mouth was filled with yet another cock and as she sucked on it, she felt the guy behind her take her in the ass.  She was no stranger to anal but it was always with a boyfriend who was gentle but this guy was anything but gentle.  She watched her young friend getting brutalized at the same time but there was nothing she could do about it.

Out in the kitchen, Kristen Stewart was taking her third cock up her ass.  She was bent over the kitchen table, her wrists and ankles tied to the legs as the men gang fucked her.  The men were taking turns fucking her mouth and her ass.  One would pull out of her ass and then take her mouth while anther cock replaced his in her butthole.  They assault was non-stop and she had no idea just how many men had defiled her.  She felt like it was never going to end.  Cock after cock filled her holes and every few minutes she felt their hot cum cover her back or her hair.  She was covered in their spunk and her sweat and she moaning and grunting like a whore.  One of the guys had written the work “PIG” on her forehead with a magic marker.  She thought it couldn’t get any worse when one of the men pissed in her mouth and all over her face.  The men just laughed and continued fucking the pretty redhead.

Upstairs, Olivia was busy sucking on another cock and getting her asshole fist fucked.  The man had his fist buried deep in her ass up to his wrist.  She screamed out but with the cock in her mouth, her muffled cries were ignored by the men.  She felt another guy shove his fist into her pussy and that was when she passed out.  Down the hall, Emily Osment was getting double fucked in her ass by two twelve inch cocks.  Her asshole was stretched to the limit by the two huge cocks.  When they pulled out of her, she lost all control and felt her rectum relax and empty onto the floor.  The men all laughed while the pretty girl shit all over herself.  They then started to piss all over her.  One man grabbed her by the hair and told her to open her mouth, forcing her to drink the vile liquid.  She tried to swallow but there was simply too much for her to handle.

Sometime around 3am, the police were called to the house by neighbors complaining of loud music.  One of the callers swore they heard a young girl screaming.  When they cops arrived, they walked into the living room and found two young women getting gang fucked by a large group of men.   One of the cops went out to the kitchen and found another girl tied to the kitchen table, also getting fucked in her ass by a group of men.  The sergeant sent several other officers upstairs to check it out.  There they found two young blondes being savagely gang fucked by almost twenty men.  One of the girls told them she was only 16 and that the men had repeated ignored her pleas to stop.  The police arrested every man in the house and charged them with rape and sodomy.  The five young actresses were taken to the hospital and examined.  Evidence was collected and statements were taken.  They admitted Olivia, who had to have emergency surgery to repair her destroyed asshole.

The actresses recovered from their injuries and all testified at the men’s trials.  None of them ever spoke about it to each other again.

The End.

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