Young Temptations III

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Young Temptations III

by tevok

Celebrities: Dakota Fanning, Emily Osment

Content Codes: MFF, cons, oral, anal, spank, rom

Note: Third part of my series. It can be read individually, after all this is a sex story; but from a storyline perspective, it is better to read the first two before. Comments and feedback are welcome and appreciated; you can reach me through my email: [email protected]

Disclaimer: No, this is not a true story. None of the celebrities featured here ever partook on such acts, nor are they likely to act like this. This is purely fiction. Likewise, minors shouldn’t read this. English is not my first language, so forgive any minor problems.


If a couple months ago someone had told me everything that was going to happen to me, I would have thought them crazy. Just one thing, anything, of the many things that happened; I wouldn’t be able to believe.

That I would get to attend a young actress, Elle Fanning, and then go out with her. And then I would have sex with her, then with her sister Dakota. Or that, a week later, I would have sex with both again in the bathroom during a gala party. And right after, in that same bathroom, I would get to have sex with Saoirse Ronan as well, and then spend a couple days hanging out—and having sex, that is kinda implicit—with my celebrity crush.

Or, even better, that I would be now in Hollywood. More specifically, at the premiere of Elle Fanning’s newest film, ‘Maleficent’; once again wearing formal clothes and looking for the young sisters.

It took some time, but I finally found one of them. Wearing a white dress, almost the same color of her skin; the dress was long enough to pool a bit around her feet, but upwards it had a deep V cut that would have left a big amount of cleavage showing—her petit frame allowing her to wear it while keeping classy.

“Hey, Dakota?”

As I approached her, the blonde interrupted her conversation to look at me. As soon as she saw me her face turned into a smile and she greeted me, my face equally happy.

“Richard!” She exclaimed, moving to me. We hugged, a smile in both our faces; just seeing her again after all these months making me feel as if a weight had been lifted from me. “I didn’t think you would come.”

“I did, didn’t I?” I answered her, maintaining our hug. I felt her give a quick kiss on my cheek, discreetly so no one noticed; I smiled a bit more.

When we finally broke apart, the smile kept in our faces. She then blinked, as if breaking from a trance, before remembering the girl she had been talking to before I came in.

“Oh, sorry. Emily, this is Richard; a dear friend of Elle’s, and mine as well. Richard, this is Emily.”

The other blonde, who had been looking at us with a raised eyebrow and amused expression, greeted me. She had a black dress, differing from Dakota’s in that it only went down to her knees—and the fact that her chest was bigger, leaving a nice amount of her nicely sized breasts on the open.

“Have you talked with Elle already?” Dakota asked me.

“No. I haven’t even seen her yet.”

“Then we are two. She is one of the stars of the event, so we might not get to her tonight. I don’t think she even knows I’m here, since I am supposed to be in New York in a couple days for another premiere.” Dakota said.

I nodded my understanding, spirits slightly dampened. My eyes strayed to Emily, who rather than irritated by me having hijacked the conversation seemed to be amused at something or another.

“Hey, Dakota?” She called, having the paler blonde look at her. “I think I will be leaving you two to talk, it seems you have a lot of catching up to do.”

“You sure, Em?” Dakota asked, her face in a slight apologetic look. “You don’t need to worry about Richard here.”

“Yeah, I have to look for a person as well.” She said, and the two girls traded kisses on the cheek. Can’t say my mind was entirely clean with that…

“See you later as well, Richard. Take care of Dakota here!”

As she went off, leaving Dakota and me by ourselves. I had to keep calm, remind myself that we were in a crowded place; my desire was to hold and kiss her right there and, maybe, even fuck her right there.

“Hey? Are you there?”

I blinked out of my daydreaming state as Dakota giggled softly. “So, what did you think?”

“About what?” I asked back.

“About Emily, of course.” She answered with a mischievous smirk.

“I dunno. Is she an actress as well?”

“Yep, Emily Osment.” The name didn’t really mean anything to me, and Dakota noticed. “She is mostly on television. You know, ‘Hannah Montana’? She used to co-star with Miley Cyrus.”

“Don’t think I ever watched that show.” I answered. “She seems nice enough.”

“Just nice?” She said, and suddenly I started feeling uncomfortable with her smirk. “I doubt you didn’t take a good look at her. You seem to prefer blondes, after all.”

“I think I had something better to look at.” I answered, trying to give a charming smile and moving her hair behind her ear. Dakota chuckled.

“Nice save.” I almost sighed in relief.

We walked around a bit, her greeting other people and occasionally presenting me. It was nice, a far call from our previous event ‘together’ where I had to fend off for myself.

“So, was it Elle or you who set me up for this event?” I asked her as we walked around, following the crowd. “Seeing as how busy Elle is, and how you aren’t even supposed to be here, I have a feeling it was you. Am I right?”

“Wow. We spent so little time together, and you already know me that well?”

“You too are little mischievous devils. I got that the first night.” I leaned down towards her to whisper that last part, seeing her milky skin shiver a bit as my breath tickled her ear. She looked back at me, smirking.

“I was going to make a surprise for little Elle. You saw how taken she is to you.”

“Not just her.”

She winked at me and suddenly moved towards the side, grabbing my hand and making me follow. At this I noticed the crowd was moving towards the theater where the premiere was going to take place.

Soon I noticed she had taken me to an isolated hall.

“I know how these premieres, especially the very overhyped ones, tend to go.” She moved up to whisper in my ear. “No one leaves the screening before the end, no matter how bad the movie is.”

I felt my heart race as I understood where this was going. As she entered one room, a bathroom, to check if there was anyone inside, I immediately followed her as soon as she signaled for me.

My mouth immediately latched onto hers as I embraced her, a passionate but soft kiss full of longing rather than pure lust. Her answer was on the same vein, her hands reaching around me and moving softly on my body as her lips opened, her tongue caressing mine.

“You can’t imagine how I missed this.” I whispered to her between kisses. “And how difficult it was for me not to jump you when I saw you back there.”

“I do, actually.” She moaned out, her mouth open as I dove further down and started trailing my lips down her neck; her hands moving to the back of my head to pull me in even further as she cooed. “Oh, fuck… I’ve missed this so much…”

As I continued feasting upon her neck, nibbling and licking all over it, I reached down and grabbed her butt; she responded with a squeal and moan, and I couldn’t help smiling against her neck at her cute reaction. Grabbing and yanking her up by it, I lifted her until she helped and wrapped her legs around my waist. With the pretty little blonde in my arms, I moved to the sink counter and sat her down before pulling away to look at her.

“You look gorgeous.”

“Thanks.” She said, out of breath and a hint of a blush on her face. Amidst all the usual sex compliments one could have used, calling her ‘gorgeous’ was flat-out unexpected.

My hands moved towards her pretty, flushed face, moving her falling locks out of it. She reacted with an innocent smile, closing her eyes and leaning on my hand; as my thumb caressed her face softly, she seemed to purr like a kitty as she continued to lean against my touch.

It would seem like a perfectly innocent, romantic scene… If not for the fact I was still standing between her legs, the two appendages wrapped around my waist to keep me from going away—as if I wished too.

“I remember Elle was the romantic, cuddly one.” I told her, smiling. Her eyes opened, smirking back. “Weren’t you the more mischievous, straight-to-sex little devil?”

“I like romance once in a while too.” She answered, before immediately contradicting herself: as my thumb veered a bit closer, she opened her mouth and licked it, guiding it to her so she could suck on it.

The action caught me off-guard so much I could do nothing but comply. Her lips started sucking my thumb erotically, as if mimicking a blowjob; I instinctively moved my finger a little, back and forward as her eyes half-lidded in lust and her tongue swirled in her mouth as if teasing a cock’s head.

“Though if you want to move faster, I won’t complain.” She said when she stopped the erotic teasing, then immediately returning to it by letting her tongue out to flick against the thumb’s end—the though of her doing it to my dick bringing further pleasure.

Finally, enough was enough.

“As you wish, princess.”

I moved my hand—including my spit-covered thumb—to the back of her head, pulling her forward as I kissed her hard on the mouth again. While the tenderness and care was still there, this time the kiss was firmer and with more hunger; she showed no signs of complaint, as her legs tightened around my waist and her hands went around my back, both pulling my body closer until I was flat against her and her hard nipples poked me through our clothes.

Amidst our make-out my other hand went to her shoulders and moved her dress’ strap, making it fall on one side and reveal one breast. As I managed to fight off her hold to put some distance between us, I gave a brief look to her freshly exposed body and dove in, taking the small tit into my mouth as one hand went to push the other strap off as well.

With her upper body exposed now, my hands went straight to work tweaking and groping her small mounds. I briefly mused that they felt a bit bigger than before, not by much but I could still feel my mouth a bit more full as I worked on them, sucking the whole mound in and letting my tongue move all over it—with special attention to the hard nipple, which I occasionally let my teeth graze.

“Oooohhh…” Dakota moaned and cooed above me, her hands caressing my hair as she held me close to her bosom. As I traded breasts and repeated the feasting over her other little mound—sucking, licking, biting softly all over it—I looked up a bit, my eyes meeting hers and making me smile teasingly as I tortured her by blowing and licking around her areola.

“How long have you gone without this, Dakota?” I asked when I finished my work, moving down to kiss under her breasts and continuing to trail downwards, moving her dress down as I went.

“Hhhmmm… Months…” She said dreamily, her eyes closed as I softly kissed her belly.

“Months? Are you really telling me you haven’t had anyone since we last did it?” I asked her, playing with her belly button in a way I elicited giggles from her. “Just a week and you were already jumping me; there’s no way you could have gone that long without someone doing this.” I reinforced my point by letting my hands move upwards and pinch her saliva-covered titties, earning a yelp from her.

I pulled up, moving back to her face and touching our foreheads as I looked into her pleasure-filled eyes. “Tell me, how long?”

“I’ve only fooled around with Elle.” She said, almost defensively. Then she leaned forward and starting making out with me again.

I realized she may have thought I was accusing her of cheating me or something like that… Which brought a strange feeling inside me. For her to be cheating we would have to be a couple, which we definitely were not; that she would, even subconsciously, think like we were, brought a sense of ‘dream coming true’ to me. I mean, it is Dakota Fanning, a freaking Hollywood actress and celebrity!

…But it brought also no small sense of uncertainty.

Still, letting the lust and the moment take my mind off it for a while, I gave her a brief kiss before continuing our tryst. Moving back, I finished pulling her dress down until it was off her body—the dress ending up on the floor, though neither of us cared—and quickly crouched down, placing her legs over my shoulders.

I went back up a bit, enough so Dakota was forced into laying on her back at the counter and her pussy and ass was on the air. With my face between her legs, dangerously close to her snatch, I went to work on her.

“Hhhmmm… Damn, you teasing bastard…!” She moaned out as my tongue initially made contact with the inside of her thighs, licking my way to her pussy. I gave a gentle lick at the slit, closing my mouth against her lower lips as if kissing it.

I had to use my hands to keep her legs from closing down on my head as I started penetrating her with my tongue, flicking and toying with her clit at the same time I explored her inside. I could hear her moaning her lungs out, her body spasming as her hands come to join me.

“Damnit!! Ugh… Stop teasing me all the time, Richard!” She gasped out as I continued to eat her out, delighted to hear her pleasured moans.

I had to stop when she gripped my hair and yanked at it, forcing me away from her pussy and up her body again. As soon as her grip slackened, I was met with the sight of her flushed, glaring face.

“I had forgotten-” I said. “-how impatient you are.”

“Then don’t keep me waiting.” She said; her voice surprisingly soft, betraying her glaring poise.

I could have taken her right there, but there was still the inconvenience of my clothes on the way. Regretfully, I had to pull back to take off them off; but once they were off…


“Oh, goddamn! You weren’t lying, you feel even tighter than before!”

Dakota sat up on the counter, placing her arms around my body and holding me close as my penis pushed her inner walls apart. It was very tight, but I managed to put it all in; giving a moment for her to adjust to it, I started thrusting my hips slowly before starting to pick up a pace.

The whole scenario felt just like our last tryst in the bathroom, all those months before. She, hoisted up on the sink counter, her butt almost off the counter as I rammed into her; except this time Elle was not there masturbating at the sight, nor was Saoirse hiding in one of the stalls.

But then again, as always when it comes to me and the Fanning sisters, I’m never able to fuck one of them without someone else butting in.

“Oh, shit.”

With my cock firmly sheathed inside the blonde’s little pussy, we both turned our lustful gazes to the bathroom’s door. There stood an astonished Emily Osment, looking at our lewd scene with her mouth hanging open.

“Well…” I couldn’t find anything to say.

“Don’t worry, I’m used to it. In truth, I’ve walked in on worse situations.” Said the blonde, apparently not minding the sight and nonchalantly walking past us towards the sinks.

Later on I would wonder what that ‘worse situations’ were, then remember Dakota told me she had worked on some show with Miley Cyrus. Maybe that girl’s crazy antics weren’t so recent?

Anyway, as much as I felt freaked out at being caught, my body didn’t seem to feel the same. On the contrary: having a good-looking, even hot, girl right there watching me like this seemed to further turn me on; so much, after a moment of indecision I couldn’t help but turn back to Dakota and start thrusting again into her.

“Ohmygod, ohmygod!” Dakota moaned even louder, pulling herself up to hug my body and keep me as close as possible. The feel of her perky boobs pressing against my chest, her legs trying to pull me in, her hips trying to move in rhythm with mine, her open mouth moaning and gasping against my ear…

“That is it, fuck me harder!” She ordered me, pretty much screaming right in my ear. She took the chance to close her mouth on my ear, biting and sucking on it to drown her moans.

My thrusts became erratic, slower but harder as I attempted to keep a hold of myself. Unable to, I warned her of my imminent release; as she showed no signs of complaint—on the contrary, she only pulled me closer—I let myself go.

“Fuck it then!” I exclaimed, burying myself to the hilt and shooting inside her; her high-pitched scream showing she was feeling the same as me, her juices flowing to meet mines as her constricting walls helped empty my load into her.

“Oh, damn.” I gasped, feeling the high from the orgasm start to subside.

Dakota seemed to recover first as she was the first of us to move again. She nuzzled her face against mine, making me chuckle; as I turned my face to look at her, she did the same and caught my lips in a gentle kiss. I kissed back with the same gentleness, holding her body close as she sighed in my mouth.

“You two make a great couple.”

We broke the kiss to look at Emily, who was still there by the sink watching us. She had a smile on her face, enjoying the scene.

“Jealous, Em?” Dakota asked, and I saw from the corner of my eye she was grinning smugly as she turned to kiss my cheek.

“Maybe a bit…”

As she answered that I noticed her eyes seemed to be focusing more downwards, not at me and Dakota but at my cock, still slightly hard and barely visible between Dakota’s thighs. In turn, I couldn’t help look down at her dress; at how deep her dress cut was, and how her breasts looked good in it…

I couldn’t help feel my cock twitch at this, and from the slight movement of her body Dakota felt it too. As I looked at her, she gave me a wink and a brief nod of her head; we didn’t need words, she knew exactly what I was ‘asking’ for. I gave her a peck on the lips before pulling back, always from the grasp of her legs.

Looking at the other blonde in the room I reached out and hastily grabbed her by the arm, pulling her towards me and almost making the girl fall forwards with the force of the pull.

“Hey, what are yo-Mmmpphh!”

As soon as Emily opened her mouth I immediately shut her up by kissing her hard on the lips. The surprised girl tried to push me off but I held her arms as I pressed her body harder against me; after some more time roughing her up, I felt her finally give in and move against my lips, opening her mouth and wrestling my tongue with hers. Her hands, closed in fists as she attempted to fight me off, opened and she let the palms rest against my chest.

I took my time kissing the bustier blonde, the kiss much more aggressive and hungry than mine with Dakota. I let my hands off her arms as she accepted my control and instead placed a hand to the back of her head, pulling her even more into the kiss. My other hand moved to her waist, also pulling her closer and making my already hard—and still wet—cock poke against her dress.

“Hhhmm… What… What are you doing…?” She asked in a soft whisper, almost a sigh, as my mouth left hers and trailed down to her neck.

“When you said you walked in on others before-” Emily must have been as surprised as me to hear Dakota speak. “-did you ever join? Did you, Em?”

“I…” Emily’s answer turned into a moan when I bit on the junction between her neck and shoulder, before sucking roughly on it. “Yes… I did once…”

“Was it this good?” Dakota asked again, and I had to admit their conversation was further turning me on.

I pulled back, away from her. Emily looked at me with a confused expression, as I glared back; finally I smirked at her, reaching my hands to the straps of her dress and pulling it down her arms. She helped me, letting the dress fall down and reveal the girl’s body—all naked except for some panties.

While Emily didn’t have the most beautiful face in the world, her body was absolutely amazing. Her breasts were round and full, and managed to keep proportional to her body while still seeming quite big in her petit frame.

And the nipples were already perky.

“Now we are even.” I commented, before grabbing her and pulling her towards me again. This time she doesn’t resist; our bodies mash together, her bare breasts pressing against my chest, as I look her down in the eye.

I leaned down, kissing and licking her cheek. She made a small sound, like a mix of a moan and a coo. “You like this, don’t you?” I whispered to her ear. “You like being roughed up, don’t you?”

“I do…” She gasped, as I licked my way back to her face. Stopping for a moment to look at her eyes, I let the lust take over before once again clashing our lips in a hard kiss; she fully submitted to me as I explored her wet cave, as if trying to gag her on my tongue.

My hands moved down her back towards her ass, which I grabbed and pulled on. As nice as her breasts were, her ass was the true star of her body: big, round like a peach, firm yet soft.

“Ain’t you a little slut, Em?” Dakota asked, her voice sounding surprisingly close. I looked at her to find her still on the counter, but leaning close towards me and Emily in a way that made her look like she was crawling. “You are loving being handled like that, aren’t you?”

“Uughh… Yes…!” She moaned loudly.

Leaving the two for their dirty talking, I moved down Emily’s body licking, biting and kissing until I reached my target. I grabbed both her heaving tits, earning a sharp gasp from the girl, groping them for a bit before diving down.

“Those tits look real nice. Just ripe for sucking.” Dakota commented as I licked and nibbled all over the boob but making sure not to touch the areola or the nipple. “Don’t you think so, Em? Wouldn’t you want him to just take it in his mouth and milk you?”

“Ooh, yes…” Emily commented amidst moans, arching her back to push her tits on my face. She tried to guide my head with her hand, to make me stop torturing her, but I held my on; I moved downwards, pushing my face against the underside of her breast and biting softly on it. “Please…”

“Please what?” I asked, squeezing her breasts roughly and pushing them together. “What is it you want, hm?”

As I push my face against her tits, moving my head in a motorboating-like movement and sucking on the inner side of her tit, she finally begged me.

“Please, milk me!” She begged, her voice wavering. “Suck on my breasts, please!”

“You want me to suck on your tits?” I asked her, looking up as I trailed my mouth teasingly towards the nipple and blew on it. “And what about Dakota? Will she just stand there and watch, or will she join too?”

“She… Hmm… She can! She can join too, but please suck my tits now!”

I grinned before squeezing one of her breasts, lightly flicking the nipple with my tongue. I turned us so she had her butt against the counter, almost sitting on it—giving the chance for Dakota to come closer and play with the closest breast, at the same time I finally engulf the teat in my mouth.

If they felt good in my hands, they felt even better in my mouth. The thin layer of perspiration only added to the great feeling as I suckled like a little baby on the soft tit, making extra care to have my tongue move against the nipple and around the areola.


As I kept devouring the little bag of flesh, and Dakota started doing the same at my side, I let a hand start to trail down Emily’s body until I reached her panties. Not hearing any complaints from her—as if—I reached inside and, after the initial surprise of finding some hair in there, I started teasing her already wet slit.

“OH MY GOD!” Emily Osment bellowed over me, her body jerking at the feeling of my fingers pressing against her.

“What is the matter?” I asked, letting her soft tit out of my mouth with a wet pop. “Those tits are amazing, but did you think I would content myself just with it?”

I emphasized my point by plunging my fingers into her pussy, earning a sharp shout of ‘fuck’ from her. Dakota meanwhile, was watching us with a smirk as she caressed the older blonde’s chest; she suddenly pulled me closer and whispered a suggestion on my ear.

I looked at her with a smirk, seeing she was still the same horny little devil I remembered her for. I nodded at her before turning back to Emily, biting on her breast for a moment before grabbing her by the hair. I made her stand up in front of me; as she looked up, I gave her another hard, deep kiss before forcing her down on her knees.

“She likes it.” Dakota commented, sitting straight on the counter beside me.

“I do too.” I replied, pulling her closer and initiating a soft kiss with the younger blonde. “You really sure of this, Dakota?”

“Trust me, this will be hot.” She returned to kiss me, before we both turned to the kneeling girl.

While me and Dakota had our little romantic moment, Emily had her eyes locked in my obscenely hard cock. It was pointing straight at her face, and I could see her lick her lips as she seemed entranced by it.

Seeing as she didn’t look like she would act on her own, I grabbed her hair—far less roughly than usually—and forced her face closer.

“Suck it, Em. Show how much of a slut you are.”

Dakota’s goading seemed to work as Emily opened her mouth and tentatively licked the head. Like with Saoirse months before, I gave her time and let her get comfortable with the act; unlike Saoirse, Emily seemed to already have experience as she was soon licking along the shaft and bringing her hand together to massage my balls.

“That’s nice, keep like that…” I directed her, seeing her open her eyes and look straight at me as her face moved around my crotch; licking all over the hard pole, making it twitch every time she let her teeth scrap around it. I felt my breath get cut short when she used her hand to aim my cock upwards and placed her mouth on the testicles, sucking a ball in her mouth and licking around the sack.

All the while keeping her eyes directed upwards, looking innocently at my eyes as she continued pleasuring me like a pro.

“Oh, I bet that is amazing.” Dakota continued to comment on the action. “But I’m feeling left out over here…”

I broke eye contact with Emily to turn towards Dakota, leaning in to kiss the little vixen. Motioning for Emily to stop, I turned my body towards Dakota on the counter; spreading the younger girl’s legs, I repeated my actions from some minutes ago and plunged inside the elder Fanning’s sweet pussy.

“Oooohhh… You fill me up so much…” Dakota moaned out, thrusting her hips in turn with mine as we fucked on the counter once again.

After some long and hard thrusts, I kissed her deeply before pulling out. I turned to look back at the still kneeling Emily Osment, who seemed to paralyzed in shock at what just occurred.

“Now she has your spit inside her.” I commented, the fuller blonde still looking dumbfounded at me—or, more precisely, at my cock. “It’s only fair you reciprocate, don’t you think?”

She showed no reaction except for a small smile, so I reached forward and grabbed her hair. As I pulled her head closer her mouth opened a bit, just as my wet cock touched her lips. It was a hot sight as she moved her lips around it, almost nuzzling against my cock, before she let it into her mouth.

“It’s official: you really are a slut Em.” Dakota commented, watching the spectacle while moving her fingers against her own pussy. “How does my cum taste, slut?”

“Mmmphh.” Emily’s attempt to answer was muffled by my cock, but the vibration provoked by it ran through increasing the pleasure.

As she sucked diligently on my cock, the pleasure was soon going beyond what I could resist. Grabbing her head I thrust my hips against her face, burying my entire member deep inside her throat; she immediately let out a muffled sound of surprise and her hands attempted to push me off, but I held firm and forced her to deep-throat me for a while more.

I threw my head back and grunted loudly as I held her there, feeling her mouth start to fill with her excessive saliva and drown my cock. As the blonde’s resistance slowly ceased, and I felt her whimper on my cock, I finally pulled her face away.

“Wow.” She managed to say, taking a deep breath. Her spit was drooling from her mouth as she attempted to regain her composure. “You almost choked me on your cock!”

I didn’t even comment as I turned back to Dakota and plunged back into her pussy, much to Emily’s amazement. After some more thrusts I pulled out and plunged back into Emily’s mouth; this time the girl was more than ready to deep-throat me, and I took the chance to move my hips and fuck her pretty face.

It kept like this for some while, the bathroom filling with the guttural and quasi-animalistic sounds of moaning and grunting as I alternated between fucking Dakota’s pussy and Emily’s face, my cock covered in a wet mix of cum and saliva and passing it between the two girls’ caves.

Dakota, on the counter, kept smiling like a little loon all the time; I couldn’t tell what she liked more, when I fucked her or when she watched me fuck her friend’s mouth. Emily, meanwhile, was totally disheveled; her face was red and her make-up was running down her cheeks, her hair a mess as I constantly gripped and pulled at it, and the drool/cum mix was already reaching her neck and breasts.

“Do you like this, Emily?” I asked as I stuffed my cock into her mouth again. “You like having my cock up your throat?”

“MMMPHH!” She mumbled, unable to speak properly and causing some more spit to drool from the corner of her mouth.

“Well, any other holes you want to me to fill for you?”

“Can I give an idea?” Dakota asked, crawling along the counter to lean on me. “You have already fucked my pussy, so how about using her butt now?”

I felt my cock throb in Emily’s mouth at the suggestion, and the girl attempt to say something. Turning my face to the side, towards Dakota, I smiled at her.

“That is an excellent suggestion, Kota.” I complimented her, using Elle’s nickname for her. She giggled at this and leaned forward, biting my lip before giving me a gentle kiss. It felt out of place, considering the scene, but nonetheless I couldn’t help being romantic to her.

“Get up Emily.” I said, pulling my cock out of her mouth and holding her by the arm to help her up. As she did so I had a good look at her, resisting my urge to just pounce her like that; instead, I turned her to the counter and bended her over it, her amazing ass up against my crotch.

This time I didn’t resist the urge as I watched her greatest asset in all its glory, and gave a firm and hard slap against her round rump.

“Ouch!” She yelped, turning her face to look over her shoulder at me. “What did you do that for?”

“What? This?” I asked ‘innocently’, before giving her another slap and earning another yelp. “I thought you liked this?”

“Who told you that?” She asked again, though a smirk was forming in her face. I smirked back and slapped her again. “Hhmm… Can you do that a little harder?”


With this I slapped her ass again, and again and again as we continued our dirty talk. After abusing her ass until both cheeks were red, I told her to reach back and pull her ass cheeks apart. As she did so I caught a view of her little puckered asshole, before I put my hands on her hips and let my cock rest between the cheeks, enough so she could let go of them.

“God, Em. You are looking just like a whore!”

Dakota had sat again, now in the edge of the counter. She had moved so she was in front of Emily, her legs wide open with the soon-to-be ass fucked girl between them; this way, the two were almost in an embrace at the edge of the counter as I teased the older blonde’s asshole with my cock’s head.

“Hhhmm… If I’m a whore, what are you? A pimp?” Emily asked cheekily as Dakota moved her face closer to the older girl’s.

Finally giving up on the teasing, I grabbed her hips firmly and pushed in. The combination of Dakota’s cum and Emily’s spit, as well as my own pre-cum, that covered my cock worked amazingly as a lube and allowed me to push without much trouble inside her ass.


Emily threw her head upwards as she let out a scream at the invasion, but Dakota quickly shut her up with a deep kiss, drinking in the girl’s shriek. Emily didn’t even seen surprised at this as she immediately hugged the younger girl against her, and straight away returned and intensified the kiss with the younger girl.

“Ooooh fuck…” She whimpered as their lips disconnected for an instant before immediately latching together, their tongues fighting and licking each other’s as Emily’s hands moved up to grab and pull Dakota’s face closer.

“That is so fucking hot…” I commented as I went rough on Emily’s ass, not caring to ease at first and instead going directly to pounding that rump with everything I had. The result was that the girl alternated between whimpering and moaning, her body rocking against Dakota’s as the two continued their lip-lock.

Her ass was tight, but not impossibly so. Maybe it was the extreme lubrication, or maybe she had experience back there. Either way…

“Fuck… What an amazing ass that is!” I commented, slowing down on my thrusts and moving one hand from her hip to grab a handful of her ass cheek. “And it’s so tight… Tell me, do you ever get fucked here?”

Emily turned her head slightly to the side so she could look at me from the corner of her eyes, while Dakota proceeded to kiss and lick her face. “Everyone always wants to…”

“And with good reason!” I gave a slap on her ass to emphasize my point, watching the globe jiggle a bit. “But there is an even better way to fuck this…”

Without taking myself off from her, I walked backwards a bit and pulled her hair roughly to have her follow me. As she whimpered—whether from the rough treatment or from being pulled away from Dakota I don’t know—I then forced her down on her knees, on all fours; in this new position, pretty much mounting her ass like a horse, I started railing into her once again.

In this new position my cock’s reach was much better, and I could feel her ass muscles constrict every time I thrust forward/downwards into her. I did my best to keep control and not cum straight away at her tightness, pulling myself till almost all of my cock was out before diving in back with all my strength.

Without Dakota there to keep her mouth silent, Emily was now moaning like crazy as she attempted to keep her hands supporting herself—so much I couldn’t help but reach forward and grab her hair, using it to cock her head back and ride her like an animal.

At some point the moaning/screaming/whispering sounds that filled the room went down, and I raised my head to see why. Right there, while I kept ramming into her ass, Emily’s mouth was munching down on a nice, wet pussy. Dakota’s pussy, as the little devilish blonde had gotten back to the floor and placed her crotch at Emily’s face.

“Fuck yes!” I exclaimed animatedly at the sight, hardening my thrusts.

“Hhhmm… That’s it, slut. Take his cum on your ass, and lick his cum out from my pussy too.” Dakota said, almost dreamily, as her hand joined mine at Emily’s hair.

I ceded control of Emily’s head to her, as she grabbed a fistful of it to maneuver the older blonde’s face against her pussy. Keeping my eyes on the mouth-watering sight before me, I crouched down a bit more to find another place to grab onto while fucking Emily’s ass.

Going around her, my hands found the perfect ‘handlebar’ for me to hold. Emily’s breasts.

If Dakota’s increased moans were any indication, my groping of her breasts seemed to further spur Emily on. It certainly spurred me on, as soon enough I was plowing into her ass without holding back.

With a guttural grunt that sound more like an animal’s growling I gave my strongest thrust yet before I felt my cock spasm and start shooting deep into her ass. For a moment I felt like I had gone deaf and blind as everything disappeared, leaving only the orgasmic bliss and the feel of my cock being milked till it was dry by her ass muscles, rope after rope of cum lodging deep into Emily’s ass and bowels.

Once the feeling started to die down and I recovered my surroundings, I pulled out and sat on the floor.

As I recovered from the great fucking, I watched what was left of the show in front of me. Emily Osment on all fours, her ass still gleaming from some of my cum, eating out a domineering Dakota Fanning, who kept control of the act by pulling Em’s hair and maneuvering her head.

I crawled back to them and gave a hard slap against Emily’s ass again, making her body jerk. I moved closer to my little vixen, bringing myself level with her; her eyes found mine, a mischievous glim in them, as I kissed her deeply and passionately.

…And, without her noticing, moved my hand down her body and started fingering her pussy in tandem with Emily’s tongue.

“Ohmygod! Ooohhh, fuuuuuck!”

Being vocal as always, I had to once again cover her mouth with mine as Dakota voiced her orgasm, her body spasming and her hand closing in on Emily’s hair. Once it was done with and she let go, I saw Emily’s face was now drenched in her feminine juices to go along with the mess it had been before.

“Best. Fuck. Ever.” Dakota ‘proclaimed’, falling down tired to the floor. I followed her as we sat down, bringing her so we were sitting against the wall; her body draped against mine as I held her, the ‘little girl’ resting her head on my chest and cuddling against me.

“I’m starting to think you are the cuddly one, not Elle.” I told her, chuckling as she gave me a playful slap on the chest and mock-glared at me.

“You two are an amazing couple.”

I turned my head back up to look at Emily, who was lying tired on the floor. Saying she was a mess was an understatement; she looked like an actress in one of those hardcore porn films, after having been used and abused.

“Hey. Sorry if I went overboard there, Emily.” I apologized to her, making her sit up—with some difficulty—and turn to me.

“Are you kidding me? That was amazing. I loved being dominated like that.” She gave me a smile. “I love some romance, but rough once in a while is equally satisfying.”

“I agree.” Dakota butted in. “Why are you never that rough with me, Richard? ”

I looked down at her. Sure, I had some hardcore fantasies, but I always feared going too overboard. With Emily now, and with Saoirse all those months ago, I had been rough but always keeping control; yet…

With Elle and Dakota it was different. I couldn’t just bend them over and pound them till they couldn’t walk; as cliché as it may sound, with them it was more of a playful love-making than straight fucking. It felt… strange. And worrisome.

“Well, we can try next time then.” I said, leaning down to kiss her head.

I can deal with that later.

“Can I be there to watch too?” Emily asked, laughing a bit.

“Sure.” Dakota answered, and looked in surprise at mine and Emily’s ‘are you kidding?’ face. “What?”

“I thought it was just a spur of the moment thing!” Emily said, laughing. “Seriously, do you really have that much of an open relationship?”

I thought of saying we didn’t even have a relationship at all, but Dakota rescued me. “Yeah, you will be another addition to his harem.”

“Harem?” Emily and I asked at the same time.

“Oh, c’mon. You are pretty much making a harem of blondies. Me, Elle, Emily, Saoirse…”

“How do you know of Saoirse?” I blurted out as soon as I heard the name. I felt Dakota giggle.

“I wasn’t sure, but you just confirmed it.”

“Damnit.” I cursed myself, earning a chuckle from Dakota.

“So, Elle is on it too?” Asked Emily.

“Yeah. And before you ask, she doesn’t mind either.” Dakota answered. “In fact, if you do follow through with the harem idea I’m sure she might help adding other girls to the group.”

“Well, I’m in already!” Emily said, crawling in and lying by my side as well. She nestled her head against my shoulder, kissing my neck as her breast tickled my arm. I turned my head to look at her mischievous smile.

One woman was difficult enough, but a harem?! Besides, if every other girl was as crazy as these four…

I couldn’t help sighing at the thought, although I couldn’t help a smile either. I stayed there, sitting down with both blonde beauties resting against me and ‘making plans’ for the ‘harem’. Looking up at the clock on the bathroom—why was there a clock in the bathroom—we still had about 30 minutes before the film ended.

Looking down at both girls—Dakota Fanning draped over me, with her head on my chest, and Emily Osment resting against my arm, with her head on my shoulder—I decided we could spare five more minutes.

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