The Break

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The Break

By voodoojoe

“I miss you already,” Selena Gomez pouted as she talked to her boyfriend, Dan, on the phone.

“You could come and visit,” Daniel Eastman said. “Then I’d actually be able to sleep.”

As part of his job Dan had been sent to New York. Sure he got to spend several days in the best city in the world, and he didn’t have anything scheduled until tomorrow, but given the choice, he still would’ve chosen to be at home with his girlfriend.

“I wish I could, but my schedule is pretty packed,” Selena sighed. “But it’s only for a few days.”

“At least send me a picture of your boobs to remind me what I’m missing?” Dan asked, hopeful.

“I’ll see what I can do,” Selena said, laughing. “Oh, and I’m supposed to tell you ‘heads up.’”

“Okay, I know everyone thinks I can read your mind and all that, but could you elaborate a little?” Dan asked, scratching his head.

“You’ll find out soon,” Selena said, the smirk in her voice coming through loud and clear.

“Okay, what did you do?” Dan asked, sensing a set up.

“I didn’t do anything,” Selena insisted, a little too innocently. Before he could press the issue though, there was a knock on the door.

“There’s someone at the door,” Dan said.

“Maybe it’s the hooker I got you,” Selena said, giggling. “I’ll let you go have fun, babe.”

“Seriously, what did you do?” Dan groaned, knowing that it wasn’t a hooker but Selena definitely knew more than she was telling.

“Go, have fun,” Selena said, seriously. “I love you. Call me later, okay?”

“Love you too, Bug,” Dan sighed. “But I’m not calling you until I get that picture of your boobs.”

“I’ll send you something later,” Selena said. “Now, go open the door.”

“Bye, Bug,” Dan said, still unsure what she had up her sleeve, but he was pretty sure it would be fun.

“Bye, babe,” Selena said before the line went dead.

As the knock came again, Dan set his phone down and headed for the door. As he opened the door he barely had time to recognize the red hair as the woman hurried through the door. In shock, Dan paused long enough for Emma Stone to push the door shut behind her.

“Is something wro-,” Dan started to ask before Emma cut him off by grabbing the back of his head and pulling down into a kiss.

As Emma’s tongue slipped into his mouth the pieces started to fall into place. They didn’t stay there long though because as Emma spun him around to press him against the door his brain started to give way to primal instincts.

Hands going for his belt, Emma made her intentions crystal clear and Dan wasn’t going to stop her. Even though he hadn’t been with Emma since his and Selena’s housewarming party, Selena had made it clear that Emma was on the list. Plus, Selena obviously knew about it since she’d made a point of telling him to answer the door.

While Emma pushed his pants down Dan decided to join the party by reaching out and grabbing hold of Emma’s ass. Pulling her tight against him, Dan let Emma feel his rapidly stiffening cock pressed against her stomach.

Moaning into his mouth Emma slipped her hand between them. Reaching through the hole in his boxers she wrapped her hand around his cock, softly stroking it as she broke the kiss.

“I want you to fuck me,” Emma hissed breathlessly, her chest heaving underneath her blouse.

“What about the boyfriend?” Dan asked, lifting up her skirt to hook his fingers in her panties nevertheless.

“Talk later, fuck now,” Emma demanded as he pushed her panties down her legs. She’d tell him later but at the moment she really needed to feel him inside her.

Giving in to her demands, not to mention his desires, Dan lifted her off the ground. As her legs wrapped around his waist, Dan slid a hand down to grab his cock. Aiming at the moist heat of her pussy he slowly eased her onto his manhood.

“Ohhhhh,” Emma moaned as she was filled up.

“Is this what you want?” Dan asked when he was balls deep in Emma’s pussy.

“Yeah,” Emma sighed, putting her hands on his shoulders and lifting up a couple inches before letting herself drop back down.

“So, how much did Selena promise you?” Dan asked, hunching his hips and gently fucking her with a little less than half of his cock while they stood in the middle of the room.

“She said you, ohhh, do whatever I wanted,” Emma responded, meeting his thrusts with her own.

“That’s a pretty long list if I remember correctly,” Dan said, grinning as her cute mouth opened in an O thanks to a nicely timed thrust.

“Maybe start with the, uhhh, highlights then move to the other stuff if we, ahhh, get time,” Emma said, her eyelids drooping as the slow fucking started getting to her.

“Then we better get started,” Dan said, taking a couple steps across the room until he reached the couch.

Setting her down on the back, it put her at just the right height. He had to bend his knees slightly but that allowed him to get a little more power in his thrusts, something Emma was highly grateful for as he upped the pace seemingly a hundredfold.

“Oh fuck,” Emma gasped as his hips became a blur, driving his hard cock into her pussy faster than she would’ve thought possible if he hadn’t already done the same thing to her a couple times before.

Marshaling his other senses Dan focused on Emma and processed the information she was giving him. He could hear the urgency in her moans and combined with slight tremors going through her, he could tell that she wasn’t far off.

Slowly down slightly, Dan surprised Emma a bit when he leaned in and kissed her. Continuing to drive his cock into her, Dan plunged his tongue into Emma’s mouth. She moaned as his tongue caressed hers, the affection helping to push her along.

“Oh, fuck me, Dan,” Emma demanded, her voice taking on a frantic edge.

“I’m fucking you,” Dan grunted. “And when you come, I’m going to keep fucking you.”

“Ohhh,” Emma moaned, feeling herself so close.

“Come for me, Emma,” Dan whispered, nibbling on her earlobe. “Come all over my cock.”

“Sooo close,” Emma moaned, shuddering as she hovered right on the edge.

“The sooner you come, the sooner I can get to work making you come again,” Dan promised, grabbing her ass with both hands and holding her in place as he went back to hyper speed.

“Shitttttt,” Emma gasped as she made it maybe a half-dozen more strokes before a loud scream announced her orgasm.

As Emma came, Dan continued to fuck her. He slowed down to a bit more sedate pace due to the tight grip of her spasming pussy, but his cock still pistoned in and out of her through her climax. When she came down from her orgasm Dan finally stopped, letting his cock rest a bit inside her as she caught her breath.

“I really needed that,” Emma sighed, nuzzling her face in Dan’s neck.

“I really hope you don’t think you’re done,” Dan said, flexing his PC muscle and causing his cock to move inside her.

“Selena’s a lucky girl,” Emma said, grinning as she realized he hadn’t come yet.

“I tell her that all the time,” Dan said, smiling as he brought his hands up to start unbuttoning her blouse.

“Rip it,” Emma said as he took his time with the buttons.

“You sure?” Dan asked, taking hold of her blouse. When she nodded, he pulled, ripping the buttons from the garment and sending them spraying all over.

Pushing the now useless blouse off her shoulders Dan pushed it down her arms. As Emma grabbed the cuffs and finished pulling the blouse off Dan’s hands went for the hook on her bra, actually disengaging it rather than destroying it like the blouse.

Pulling the cups away from Emma’s breasts, Dan bent down and clamped his lips around one of her nipples. Moaning, Emma bowed her back, pushing her chest out against his mouth. While he suckled one nipple, Dan cupped her other tit, gently tweaking the nipple between his fingers.

“Ready to fuck me some more, big boy?” Emma asked, feeling the fire igniting inside her again.

“Normally I’d be stubborn and tell you to wait, but Selena’s the boss and she put you in charge,” Dan said, hooking his arms underneath Emma’s legs.

“And don’t forget it,” Emma said, her eyes rolling back in her head momentarily as Dan gave her a sharp thrust in her still sensitive pussy before settling into a soft rhythm.

“Since you’re in charge, how do you want to get fucked?” Dan asked, watching the look on Emma’s face to make sure she was enjoying it completely.

“Just like this,” Emma sighed as he took his time while she was still feeling the effects of her orgasm.

“Sure you don’t want it a little harder?” Dan asked, speeding up just a bit.

“Ohh, that feels good,” Emma grunted, her body responding to him. “Fuck being in charge, you’re the boss now.”

“I sense a sexual harassment complaint in my future if I’m your boss,” Dan joked as he worked up to a medium pace inside her.

“I promise not to sue if you keep fucking me,” Emma sighed, pushing back against his thrusts.

“Deal,” Dan said, picking up the pace once more when he sensed she was ready for it.

“Oh yeah,” Emma moaned as Dan leaned in to kiss her neck and shoulder.

“I’m getting close to the neighborhood,” Dan said, feeling his orgasm appear on the horizon. It wasn’t imminent, but it wasn’t exactly far away either. “Think I can get one more out of you before then?”

“Probably,” Emma moaned, knowing what Dan was capable of.

Maintaining his medium pace Dan bent down and went back to her tits. They weren’t huge by any stretch, but for the most part he’d always preferred smaller breasts, so they were pretty much perfect to him. Big boobs were fun to play with, and a good tit fuck was hard to beat, but Dan subscribed to the theory that more than a handful was a bit of a waste.

Besides, from Dan’s experience, smaller boobs were more sensitive. And from the way Emma was reacting to the way he was massaging the stiff pink nub between his lips, he knew that hers were at least a little sensitive.

As Dan switched between nipples, he continued to fuck Emma with enough variety to keep her on her toes. Just before she got used to a certain rhythm or angle of penetration he altered it. And before long she felt another orgasm starting to build inside her, even bigger than the last one.

Even before Emma could let him know, Dan already sensed it. He was in tune with her and had enough experience with her body, though not particularly recent, to have an idea of the individual quirks and habits it had.

“Want me to come inside you, or should I pull out?” Dan asked, making sure to get the answer while he was still clear headed enough to follow through.

“You’re the boss, remember?” Emma grunted, her body slick with sweat as she felt her second orgasm approaching rapidly.

“Indeed I am,” Dan said, grinning as he kissed Emma’s throat, forcing her to tilt her head back and to the side while he worked his way up to her chin.

“Fuck me, Dan,” Emma moaned, both of them frantically trying to time their orgasms so they could come together, or at least close enough for it not to matter much.

As Dan ramped up the pace of his fucking to near full speed he figured Emma was close enough that even if he got there first, the feeling of his cum spouting off inside her would be enough to trigger her own release. That didn’t mean he wasn’t going to make every effort to push her over the edge first though. He still had an ego to protect and coming first was not something he wanted either Emma or Selena to be able to hold over him.

Gritting his teeth Dan tried to focus on things other than the heavenly pussy he was slamming into with reckless abandon. Trying to stave off his orgasm he tried to think unsexy thoughts, but each time he tried to picture a fat guy in his underwear Emma moaned and brought him back to reality.

Realizing that Emma wasn’t going to allow him to hold out gracefully, he knew he going to have push her instead. Palming one of her breasts in his hand he kissed her and let his tongue dart into her mouth. Then as she was dealing with those stimulations, he slipped a finger between the cheeks of her ass and rubbed against her asshole.

She should’ve known it was coming, yet when she felt Dan’s finger push into her ass it still caught Emma by surprise. Throwing her head back Emma squealed with delight as she was pushed over the edge, both of her holes clamping down on the appendages as waves of pleasure battered her from all directions.

Being extremely close himself already, feeling Emma’s already tight pussy clench his cock in a stranglehold was more than enough to trigger his orgasm. With a grunt he buried himself as deeply into her cunt as he could and let go.

“Ohhhhh,” Emma moaned, the feel of his scalding hot cum splashing against the walls of her pussy extending and elevating her climax.

“Fuck,” Dan grunted, resting his forehead on her shoulder when he’d finished painting her womb with his jizz.

“Mmmm,” Emma murmured contentedly as she basked in the afterglow of the sex. It started to turn to a whimper when felt him start to soften inside her. “I better grab a towel.”

“Okay,” Dan said, regretfully pulling his cock out of her pussy.

As Emma carefully made her way to the bathroom to clean up, Dan heard his phone beeping. Once Emma had disappeared from his sight, he finally managed to pry his eyes off her ass and walked around the couch. Picking up his phone he was greeted by a picture of Selena’s boobs filling up the screen.

“Hey baby,” Selena’s voice said cheerily when she picked up the phone. “I take it you got the picture?”

“Got it and stared at it for an hour before remembering I promised to call,” Dan said.

“Did you figure out the message yet?” Selena asked, giggling.

“It took a while, but when Emma shoved her tongue down my throat, I started to get the picture,” Dan said, tapping the side of his head.

“My mom always said I was dating a genius,” Selena said, laughing. “So, where is she?”

“She went to the bathroom,” Dan said. “I kinda made a mess.”

“I wish I was there to help her clean up,” Selena sighed as she thought of all that cum going to waste.

“Me too, Bug,” Dan said.

“Is that Selena?” Emma asked, emerging from the bathroom wearing a bathrobe.

“No, it’s my other girlfriend, Aneles,” Dan said, grinning.

“Let me talk,” Emma said, grabbing his phone before he could respond.

“Here’s Emma to tell you all about it,” Dan said, handing over his phone.

“Okay, start at the beginning,” Selena said.

“He opened the door and I pounced,” Emma said giddily. “I shoved my tongue down his throat and went for his belt.”

“Sounds hot,” Selena said, picturing the scene.

“It was,” Emma sighed. “He picked me up, impaled me on his cock, and then set me on the back of the couch to fuck me.”

“Did he fuck your ass?” Selena asked.

“Not yet,” Emma said, blushing.

“Must have been good,” Dan said, noticing the deep red creeping into Emma’s cheeks.

“She asked if you fucked my ass,” Emma said.

“Not yet, huh? I like that answer,” Dan said, grinning. “It means you’re going to let me at some point.”

“Give me back to Danny,” Selena said.

“Here,” Emma said, handing Dan his phone back to him. “The Boss wants to talk to you.”

“You mean I actually get to talk to my girlfriend on my own phone?” Dan sarcastically asked as he brought the phone to his ear.

“I can go back to talking to Emma if you want,” Selena said dryly.

“No you won’t,” Dan snarled. “You’re mine and I’m not letting you go.”

“Good boy,” Selena said. “But I’m giving you to Emma while you’re in New York. Just make sure she doesn’t wear you down so much that you don’t have anything left for me when you get home.”

“Part of me wants to object to being given to another woman for a couple days,” Dan said as Emma leaned against his shoulder and stretched out on the couch. “But the other ninety percent wants to gag and tie up that part so it can never speak again.”

“How about when you get back I keep you all to myself for a while?” Selena asked.

“Even the ten percent that just got gagged and stuffed into a closet thinks that’s a great idea,” Dan said.

“Then have fun with Emma and when you get home you can spend a few days trying to peel me off you,” Selena said. “I gotta go, but I love you.”

“Love you too, Bug,” Dan said before the line went dead.

“You two are cute, you know that?” Emma said, snuggling up against his side.

“Most people say obnoxious, but it means the same thing,” Dan said, grinning. “So what happened to being faithful to the boyfriend?”

“We broke up,” Emma sighed, not bothering to look at him.

“Say what now?” Dan asked, shocked. “When did that happen?”

“About a week ago,” Emma said calmly.

“And you didn’t tell me?” Dan asked.

“We didn’t tell anyone,” Emma said, finally lifting her head to look at him.

“You obviously told Selena,” Dan pointed out.

“Yeah, a half hour before I knocked on your door,” Emma said, rolling her eyes. “Taylor told me you were in town, so I called Selena to tell her I was going to borrow her boyfriend for a couple hours. I just needed a little rebound fling and you were perfect since there’s no chance of it being anything more than just pure sex.”

“You want to talk about it?” Dan asked.

“We had a big fight that spiraled into several different fights,” Emma said, shrugging her shoulders. “We’re just in different places and want some different things. We’ve talked a couple times since and there’s a good chance we’ll get back together, so maybe it’s more of a break than a break up. But we agreed to see other people.”

“That sucks,” Dan said. “Well, not for me because, duh. But for you guys…”

“Enough of that,” Emma announced, slipping off the couch to kneel in front of him. “Do you have plans for the night?”

“I have to work in the morning, but until then nothing,” Dan said, smirking. “Why do you ask?”

“No reason,” Emma said, grabbing hold of his cock and giving it a couple strokes with her hand. “But Selena did promise me six orgasms.”

As his cock responded, Emma smiled at him. Leaning forward Emma ran her tongue along the underside of his cock, making Dan groan. Reaching the head she parted her lips and took the head into her mouth. She could taste herself on his cock and she moaned at the reminder of what they’d already done.

+ * + * +

“Oh oh oh oh,” Emma panted in short bursts as Dan slammed into her from behind.

After sucking his cock back to full hardness, and then a bit more just make absolute certain, Dan had pulled Emma to her feet. With his cock pointing the way he’d led her into the bedroom where he’d planted her on the bed and climbed on board.

He’d stuffed his cock into her pussy and ridden her hard to a third orgasm before pulling out. While she was still a bit groggy he’d flipped her over onto her hands and knees and started fucking her from behind. His hands palming the pale cheeks of her ass, Dan fucked her with a somewhat leisurely pace, occasionally giving her a sharp thrust that made her head droop in pleasure.

“Come on, Emma, you can do it,” Dan hissed as he felt number four coming.

“Ohhh, fuck, uh, me,” Emma demanded, eyes shut as the pleasure threatened to overwhelm her.

Extending his reach, Dan cupped her tits in hands. Catching the nipples between middle and rings fingers he gently tweaked them while he ramped up his fucking with short, rapid thrusts. The combination seemed to work as Emma shrieked and went rigid like an ironing board.

“That’s it, Emma,” Dan purred as he felt her snatch bite down on his cock for a fourth time.

When Emma’s orgasm finished running its course her elbows turned to jelly and she probably would’ve collapsed onto her face if Dan hadn’t been holding up by her tits. Slowly easing her down onto her stomach Dan felt himself trapped in a bit of no man’s land.

If he kept fucking hard and steady he could probably reach his own orgasm in a couple minutes. But if he stopped and took a bit of a rest while she recovered a bit he could probably last for a while longer, if the blue balls didn’t get him first.

Taking a deep breath, Dan slid his cock completely out of Emma and rolled off her. She groaned at the sudden empty feeling and rolled over onto her back. Seeing his cock still sticking out in front of him like an iron bar her eyes lit up and with speed he didn’t think she had, she sat up and grabbed hold of his cock.

“Fuck,” Dan gasped as Emma latched onto his manhood with her mouth.

Any thoughts of trying to hold out disappeared from Dan’s head the moment Emma started sucking his cock. While Emma wasn’t as knowledgeable about his cock or have the motivation that made Selena the star cocksucker as far as he was concerned, Emma still had quite the talented mouth.

After he’d brought her so much pleasure, Emma wanted nothing more than to return the favor a bit. So as she bobbed her head up and down on his pole she let her tongue swirl around the shaft. With one hand stroking the base of his cock Emma put her other hand on his leg and felt the muscles start to contract.

“Almost there,” Dan grunted in warning.

Emma wasn’t the cum fiend that Selena was, but she still really enjoyed making a man come with her mouth. While Selena loved the taste, Emma was more about how it felt. She loved the way the whole organ throbbed and pulsed just before it exploded, gushing hot, salty goo that splashed against the inside her mouth. It was sensory overload and Emma loved every bit of it.

As Dan’s cock started to throb, Emma pulled back until just the head was still in her mouth. Dragging her tongue along the ridge of the crown, she applied as much suction as she could. Finally she was rewarded as Dan grabbed the back of her head to hold her in place and erupted, splattering the roof of her mouth with creamy jizz.

“Mmm,” Emma moaned around Dan’s cock as she sucked him dry.

“Yeah, something like that,” Dan said, flopping down on the bed to avoid having his shaky knees give out on him. “Want to take a shower? I still owe you two more.”

“I didn’t say you had to do it all at once,” Emma said, taking his hand. “But I’m not going to say no.”

+ * + * +

“You really know how to wear a girl out,” Emma sighed as she sprawled naked across the bed.

“I’ve been trained by the best,” Dan said, leaning back against the headboard with his legs stretched out in front of him.

After the shower Dan had dragged Emma back to the bed. Laying her down, he spread her legs and spent a half hour lazily lapping away at her pussy. Neither were in any hurry, and Emma wasn’t about to object to having her pussy eaten, so she let him have his fun.

He teased her, pushing her towards her orgasm and then easing up, letting her pull back from the brink. After being yanked back a handful of times, Emma started to complain though. Balling up her fists in his hair she shoved his face into her pussy, humping against it as she neared her climax once more.

This time though, Dan went in for the kill. Covering his teeth with his lips he found the little nub of her clit. Trapping it between his lips he kneaded it with his lips while plunging two fingers into Emma’s cunt.

Arching her back Emma let out a low keening sound as number five finally overtook her. Her eyes slammed shut and Dan had trouble keeping her from dislodging him as her hips bucked against his face. One hand clawed at the bedding at her side while the other tightened its grip on Dan’s hair while he continued to eat her pussy.

Sitting up as Emma slumped to the bed, Dan grinned at the look of exhaustion mixed with pure bliss on Emma’s face. It was the look of a job well done, even though he technically still owed her one more orgasm. He wasn’t going to push her though, they still had plenty of time for him to finish paying off Selena’s promise.

“And Selena gets this every night?” Emma asked, one hand resting on her stomach and the other stretched out above her head.

“Maybe not the whole nine yards, but some version of it,” Dan said.

“God, no wonder she can’t keep her hands off you,” Emma sighed, her body still tingling from the blitzkrieg that had just been laid upon her. She’d seen him in action, and even had a one-on-one with him before he started dating Selena, but as good as that had been, it was nothing compared to the current version.

“Since I’m still in charge, I say we order room service and then watch a little tv before bed,” Dan suggested.

“After that performance, I don’t even care what you want to do, I’m in,” Emma sighed, finally sitting up.

“So if I stopped by an adult bookstore and picked up a dildo, you’d let me stuff it in your pussy while I fucked your ass?” Dan asked, testing her boundaries.

“I don’t know about that, but I could probably be talked into it,” Emma said, feeling a little thrill of excitement shoot through at the thought of having both her holes filled at the same time.

“Definitely filing that one away for later,” Dan said, grinning as he reached for the room service menu on the bedside table. “But first, I’m hungry.”

+ * + * +

“Oh, uhh, yeah, just like that,” Emma Stone grunted as Dan came through the door of his hotel room.

After dinner they’d both been tired enough that they just watched a little tv and then turned in. Dan had woken up a couple times in the night to the feel of his hand cupping Emma’s tit and his hard cock pressed into her ass, but with her sleeping soundly he’d just put his head back down and enjoyed the closeness while he waited for sleep to reclaim him.

Then when they woke up he ordered breakfast while she took a shower. It arrived about the time she was finishing up in the shower, so they talked about life while they ate. When they were done, on his way to the shower, Dan let her dig through his suitcase for a t-shirt to wear in place of the blouse he’d destroyed the night before.

On his way to his first interview, Dan called Selena and caught her up on everything. She seemed as intrigued as he was by Emma’s seeming openness to the DP. But they really couldn’t do much besides talk in hushed tones in the back of a taxi.

But knowing Selena, he wasn’t surprised when he entered his hotel room and heard Emma moaning. Pushing open the door to the bedroom a rather glorious sight greeted his eye. On her back was a naked Emma. Further down the bed was the naked ass of Taylor Swift waving in the air while she busily feasted on Emma’s cunt.

“Now that’s how to greet a man when he gets home from work,” Dan said as his eyes darted back and forth between Taylor’s butt and Emma’s face with a pit stop in the middle on Emma’s tits.

“We tried to wait, but we couldn’t,” Emma said, a big smile on her face as Taylor ate her pussy.

“Does it count if Taylor makes you come?” Dan asked, kicking off his shoes.

“Not towards your total,” Emma said, wriggling her ass against the bed with Taylor’s ministrations.

“Speaking of, Selena says you owe me some as well,” Taylor said, pulling her head out of Emma’s crotch long enough to speak before Emma pushed her back down.

“It’s a tough job, but somebody’s gotta do it,” Dan said, grinning as he unbuttoned his shirt.

As Dan got undressed he watched Taylor drive Emma closer and closer to orgasm. Kicking off the last of his clothes he stayed on the sidelines even though Taylor’s pussy was clearly calling his name. Taylor’s knees were spread slightly, exposing her labia to his view, drawing his attention.

He wasn’t waiting long though because a couple minutes later Emma clamped her thighs around Taylor’s head and came hard. Taylor rode out Emma’s orgasm and the moment she free of the grip of Emma’s thighs, she wheeled around and focused on Dan with laser-like precision.

“When I heard you were coming to town, I hoped we might get together,” Taylor said as she advanced on Dan, looking like sex on wheels. “But then I find out that Emma beat me to it? I guess I understand because she really needed it, but now it’s my turn.”

“Indeed it is,” Dan said as Taylor stopped in front of him and looked him up and down, as if inspecting the merchandise.

“You know what I really want?” Taylor asked, her confidence starting to wane just a little as she was faced with the prospect of asking for something. In public and with her career Taylor was fearless but in private, especially in the bedroom, she was far more hesitant and at times had trouble asking for what she wanted.

“Knowing you, probably to have your pussy eaten, then fucked to a couple orgasms,” Dan said, grinning.

“Well, yeah,” Taylor said, blushing. “But at some point I want you in my ass.”

“Ah, yes,” Dan said, his cock giving a bit of a lurch at her admission. “Selena’s my cum slut and you’re my little butt slut.”

“What about me?” Emma asked from the bed.

“I haven’t forgotten about your little ‘not yet’ either,” Dan said, grinning at Emma. “I’m not sleeping until both of you have gotten fucked in the ass.”

“Now, about that other thing,” Taylor said, biting her lower lip innocently.

“After standing here for the last few minutes staring at your pussy my natural instinct is to throw you down on the bed and fuck you silly for teasing me,” Dan said, wrapping his arms around her and lifting. “But Selena would be mad if I didn’t fulfill the first part of my promise.”

“I won’t tell if you don’t,” Taylor said, giggling as Dan carried her to the bed.

“I think we both know Selena will know just by looking at me,” Dan said, shaking his head as he set her down. “The girl can smell a secret on me a mile away.”

And with that he kissed her. But before she could really get into it, he broke the kiss and kissed her chin, then down to her neck. As he moved down to her shoulder and collarbone, each kiss was slightly different. Some were little more than pecks while others had a little suction attached to them, and still others had his teeth grazing or even softly biting her tender flesh.

“Ohhh,” Taylor moaned as Dan reached her breasts. He nibbled and licked around the small orb, purposely avoiding the little pink pencil eraser in the center.

“You’re a tease, you know that?” Emma asked, having rolled onto her side and propped her head up on hand to watch.

“I told you, I learned from the best,” Dan said before switching over to Taylor’s other tit. “But if you think you can do better.”

“Ooh, yeah, both of you lick me,” Taylor moaned at the thought.

With Taylor’s request, Emma slid down the bed to where Dan was still teasing Taylor. While Dan was busy with Taylor’s upper half, Emma went to work on her lower half. Pushing open Taylor’s legs, Emma dove in, lapping up the drops of Taylor’s fluids that were already leaking out.

“Mmm,” Taylor moaned as Emma’s tongue went to work.

Finishing with Taylor’s chest Dan started to work his way down her stomach. Reaching her belly button he gave it a little flick with his tongue, making her giggle a moment before Emma made her squeal with a similar flick to her clit.

When Dan finally got down to Taylor’s pussy he found Emma well established. He could’ve muscled her out of position easily, but he settled for an up close view of Emma’s tongue working on Taylor. It was doing such a good job that Taylor squirmed, twisting her lower half slightly, showing her ass to Dan.

Seeing Taylor’s ass, Dan got an idea that he was shocked hadn’t occurred to him already. Pushing Taylor back onto her side he grabbed a cheek in each hand. Pulling them apart he leaned in and lightly traced around the edges of her crinkled asshole with his tongue.

“Ohhhhh,” Taylor moaned, pushing her ass back against Dan’s tongue.

Then as Taylor was trying to get Dan’s tongue deeper in her ass, Emma slipped a finger into Taylor’s pussy and Taylor hunched her hips forward. And back and forth it went as the two of them dueled for Taylor’s affections, with Taylor as the big winner.

“Switch?” Dan asked as he got a hankering for pussy.

“Oh yeah,” Emma said, getting a similar hankering for a little salad.

Without bothering to ask Taylor, Dan rolled her over onto her other side so she was facing him with her ass in Emma’s face. Not that Taylor would’ve complained. She was really enjoying having two tongues attacking her holes and as long as they kept on going she didn’t really care which one was licking which hole.

While Emma had refrained from taking Selena up on her offers to spend a few hours getting naked and sweaty with Dan, her fidelity really didn’t stretch to girls. She didn’t sleep with every girl that crossed her path, but she certainly wasn’t averse to hooking up if an opportunity arose, especially after Dan and Selena’s housewarming party had shown her just how much fun girls could truly be.

Since then she’d been with Taylor a bunch of times when they were in the same city, even a couple times with Selena when they were both in New York. She’d also noticed her old friend, Aly Michalka, covertly checking her out at some party, and before the night was over she’d found herself in a coat closet with her face buried between Aly’s tits and a hand up Aly’s dress fingering her pussy.

The real fun had been a couple weeks later when she’d shown up at Aly’s and found her sister, AJ, there as well. The three of them had spent the night fucking up a storm, and if there was anything hotter than watching a pair of gorgeous sisters in a sixty-nine, it was watching one sister fuck the other up the ass with a strap on. Though sucking the toy clean after it came out of AJ’s ass was right up there.

But when it came to guys, Emma had tried to remain faithful. Sure there had been the slip that Halloween when she’d had a big fight with her boyfriend and Dan had been the one to listen, and then spent a couple hours making her feel so wonderful. Then again at their housewarming party when she’d tried to stick to just the girls but had been tempted to again give Dan an all-access pass to every hole in her body.

Now, however, Emma was free to do anything and everything she wanted. And she wanted to fuck. Last night was an amazing warm up, but tonight she wanted more. She’d been a good girl way too long and as long as Dan was in town, she was going to let him go wild on her ass, or pussy, or whatever he wanted.

“Oh god, yeah,” Taylor moaned as the two tongues continued to tag team her.

Taylor’s story was very similar to Emma’s, except without the boyfriend for the most part. There had been a couple guys, but nothing serious. Though since moving to New York she’d had an awful lot of hot female celeb friends cycle through her bedroom.

Karlie had fucked her on a pool table, Cara introduced her to a bit of bondage, Hailee had lost her anal virginity at the hands of Taylor’s strap on while screaming for more. It had been a veritable smorgasbord of pussy and a huge awakening for her, and her libido.

But she always came back to Dan and Selena. They were the ones that made her feel safest and who she had the strongest connection with. The others were fun, but there was a reason Dan was still the only guy to fuck her ass despite the fact that she completely adored the act.

Anal required a metric ton of trust and while Taylor had let a couple of her girlfriends take her ass, Dan was the only man she trusted nearly enough for such an activity. Done wrong anal hurt like hell, especially the first time, and it was scary if you didn’t know for certain that your lover would be gentle and put your feelings first. And Dan, right from the start, was the only man that fit that criteria.

That first night had been magical. He’d swept her off her feet, treating her with respect, yet never putting her on a pedestal simply because she was famous. It was a fine line, one that few men since had been able to walk properly. They seemed to either think of her as a trophy to be shown off or tried to play stupid mind games with her, or both.

But Dan had been completely open every step of the way, and she’d broken so many of her own rules that night. She’d been so smitten it had freaked her out, a lot. Happiness was an artist’s enemy. Songs were born from pain, even the love songs, and for a long time she’d been scared shitless that if she truly opened herself up to Dan she’d be happy personally but it would kill her career.

Then by the time her friends, largely Emma, had convinced her it was horseshit, she’d hesitated long enough for Selena steal him out from under her. But even when she was lonely and wishing she had someone she could spend the rest of her life with, she had to admit that Dan and Selena belonged together. At least Selena let her borrow Dan when she got into those moods and needed cheering up.

“Ohhh, fuck me,” Taylor screamed as Dan’s mouth sucking her clit snapped back to the present. “Fuck me now, please.”

“I can’t ignore such a polite request,” Dan said, grinning as he pulled away from Taylor’s pussy. “You don’t mind, do you, Em?”

“As long as I get next,” Emma said, pulling back from Taylor’s asshole.

“Don’t worry about that, your ass has been calling my name since last night, there’s no way it’s getting out of this room without being stretched around my cock,” Dan said, grinning as he into place between Taylor’s legs.

“Mine too,” Taylor said, looking at him pleadingly as she took hold of his cock and aimed it at her pussy.

“Butt sex for everyone,” Dan said, laughing before taking Taylor by surprise by slamming his entire cock into her snatch in one hard thrust.

“Ohhhhh,” Taylor moaned, her eyes rolling up in her head as she was filled so suddenly.

Having more than enough experience with Taylor’s body, Dan knew what she liked, what she didn’t, and what she was willing to put up with for the sake of the person she was with. Luckily, most of his favorites were in the first category and didn’t even have to venture in the third category very often.

Taylor being more than a little warmed up already, Dan didn’t bother easing her into things. Moments after his pelvis hit hers he was already pulling the length of his cock out of her, pausing a beat with the head of his cock just barely inside her before ramming it back into her heat.

“Fuck me, Danny,” Taylor hissed, using the form of his name only a very select group of people got use.

And he did. Placing her legs against his chest Dan drilled into her pussy with abandon. After the work he and Emma had put into tonguing her pussy and ass, he knew Taylor wasn’t far off. He was more than confident that he could drive her to her first orgasm, at least since he’d arrived, long before he even approached the danger zone.

As Taylor’s mouth twitched between biting her lip and hanging open in pleasure, Dan put her recent ballet training to the test. Pushing her legs back until her knees were practically against her shoulders, Dan put his hands on the bed and made long, powerful strokes into Taylor’s pussy, driving so deep he could feel the head of his cock touch her cervix with each thrust.

“So deep,” Taylor groaned as he bottomed out each he drove into her.

“Come for me, Tay,” Dan hissed, recognizing the signs of her imminent climax. “Show Emma how hot you look when you come.”

“Ohhhhh gawd,” Taylor moaned, her muscles starting to tighten up as she got ready to explode. “Ohhh fuck, I’m, uhhhh, I’m coooooming.”

Slowing down his thrusting, Dan unlimbered Taylor long legs, letting her hook them around his waist. Stroking her thighs he bent down and gave her a soft kiss as she came down from the high peak of her orgasm.

“Mmmm,” Taylor moaned at the kiss. As much as she loved what Dan could to her when he was in sex-machine mode, what really kept her coming back was the sensual side that let her know it was more than pure sex.

“I think Emma’s feeling a little left out,” Dan said, turning his head to look at where Emma was idly playing with herself.

“She does,” Taylor agreed, moaning as Dan continued to give her slow strokes. “I brought some lube in my purse. Why don’t you get it while I make her feel less lonely?”

“Okay,” Dan said even though cell in his body started objecting to the idea of pulling out of Taylor’s cunt.

Slowly sliding out of Taylor Dan sat up on his knees. Before he could move though Emma licked her lips and moved like a cat. Grabbing hold of his cock she took him into her mouth, slurping Taylor’s juices off his shaft.

“Okay, now you can go,” Emma said, grinning as Dan stood rooted to the spot.

Blinking his eyes as he was dismissed, Dan slipped off the bed. Grabbing Taylor’s purse he turned around to hand it to her but instead was hypnotized by the sight Taylor’s ass waving in the air as she once more buried her face between Emma’s thighs.

“Here’s your purse,” Dan said, holding it out.

“Lube me up,” Taylor said, sticking her ass out and shaking it invitingly.

“I’m not digging through your purse,” Dan said. He didn’t even like opening Selena’s purse when she told him she needed something out of it. There was no way he was going to get into Taylor’s.

“Don’t worry,” Taylor said, remembering Selena telling her that his mom had drilled it into his head pretty much from birth that a woman’s purse is sacred ground and was no place for snooping. “When Emma called, I just tossed some cash and a couple things I might need into an empty purse.”

“Oh,” Dan said, still warily opening the purse.

Peering inside he found that there wasn’t much inside. There was a bit of money, though where he might consider a couple twenties as emergency funds, Taylor had a few hundreds. What really intrigued him though was the harness and dildo nestled in the purse next to the thing of lube.

“Someone really came prepared,” Dan said, grinning as he held up the strap on.

“Just in case you needed a break,” Taylor said, smirking as he caught her good natured teasing.

“I’ll show you who needs a fucking break,” Dan said, squirting a healthy dollop of lube into Taylor’s butt crack.

“Shit,” Taylor squealed as the cold liquid caused her to arch her back in shock.

“Poor baby, let me make it up to you,” Dan said, using his fingers to rub the lube around the outside of her anus before easing a finger into her ass.

“Mmmm,” Taylor moaned into Emma’s pussy as her asshole wrapped itself around his finger like a second skin.

After working a couple fingers into Taylor’s ass to stretch her out a bit, Dan pulled his fingers out and moved in behind her. He took a moment to look at her sexy ass, light glistening in the lube all around the slightly gaped brown eye of her asshole.

“Ohhhh,” Taylor groaned as she felt Dan start to push into her ass.

No matter how times Taylor let Dan sodomize her, the sight of her asshole opening up to accept his cock never got old. Watching his tool slowly engulfed by Taylor’s tight ass was always one of life’s great pleasures. And of course, feeling the vise-like grip of her back door squeezing and clutching his member wasn’t exactly unpleasant either.

“Ohhh fuck,” Taylor moaned when Dan paused with his cock buried to the root up her ass.

“Wait, wait,” Emma said, pulling away from Taylor’s ministrations.

Turning around, Emma slithered on her back until she was underneath Taylor. When she was in a sixty-nine position, Emma grabbed hold of Taylor’s ass and nodded for Dan to continue. With a front row seat, Emma shivered in pleasure as she watched Dan’s cock slowly slide out of her friend’s asshole.

“If all those fanboys could see you now,” Emma told Taylor, giggling as Dan thrust forward, driving himself back into Taylor’s ass.

“Don’t forget, you’re next,” Dan said, feeling Emma’s tongue flick at his scrotum on one of his in-strokes.

“Can’t wait,” Emma said, eyes glued to where Taylor and Dan were merged.

“Good, because my staying power is going to be much better after I blow my load up Taylor’s ass,” Dan said, grinning as he worked up a good head of steam inside Taylor.

“Uhh, yeah, come in my ass,” Taylor grunted as she tried to multitask between munching on Emma’s shaved pussy and pushing back to meet Dan’s thrusts into her butt.

Gripping Taylor’s hips Dan pulled her back onto his cock and then pushed her forward as he slid out. His cock was like a steel rod plunging to her ass, making Taylor grunt each time he thrust forward into her heavenly asshole.

“Ugghhh, fuck my slutty ass, Danny,” Taylor demanded as Emma ate her pussy in time with Dan’s thrusts.

And Taylor’s ass was most definitely slutty. She loved having her ass fucked, to the point that a tryst with Dan wasn’t complete until he’d stuffed her ass full of wonderful cock. After a glass of wine or two just a couple weeks ago, she’d even told Selena about a porn video she’d watched where a girl took two cocks in her ass at once. Before she knew it Taylor was sandwiched between Dan and Selena while they went double anal on her, making her scream bloody murder as she came over and over. It wasn’t until she’d gone completely limp between them that they stopped and Selena finished Dan off to give Taylor a break.

“You don’t get to come quite yet,” Dan said, recognizing the tone in Taylor’s voice.

“Nooo,” Taylor grunted as Dan suddenly pulled out of her asshole.

“Open up,” Dan informed Emma as he changed his aim and plunged into Emma’s mouth.

“Mmhmm,” Emma moaned as she tasted Taylor’s fresh ass juices on his cock.

After a couple thrusts into Emma’s mouth Dan slid out and pressed himself back into Taylor’s ass. It accomplished a few things. It was really hot to watch Emma clean Taylor’s ass off of his cock, but also occupied both of Taylor’s main sources of stimulation and helped pull her back before she came a little too early. Besides, again, it was really hot to watch Emma clean Taylor’s ass of his cock with her mouth.

With Dan’s cock back where it belonged, Taylor buried her face in Emma’s pussy. Every thrust he made into her set off sparks inside her that were slightly different than the ones a cock in her pussy ignited. While the ones in her ass weren’t quite as prolific but at times they were even more intense with the knowledge that she was being sodomized.

“Oh god, fuck my ass, fuck it so hard,” Taylor hissed through gritted teeth as her body trembled under the might of his and Emma’s combined treatments.

Feeling his own orgasm creeping up, Dan went into overdrive. As Dan hammered away at her ass Taylor’s mind spun. Her eyes rolled up in her head as her ass was fucked for everything it was worth, and then some. She knew she’d be sore in the morning, but it was totally worth it as she felt the growing ball of energy inside her explode into a supernova of ecstasy.

“Fuuuuuckkkk,” Taylor screeched as every pore in her body erupted in pleasure.

With Taylor in the throes of orgasm, Dan thrust forward, lodging his cock as deep in her pulsing asshole as he could. Growling out his own pleasure, Dan let loose, unleashing a torrent of cum and flooding Taylor’s anal cavity with his gravy.

“Ohhhhh,” Taylor moaned, her body still quivering as she felt his hot cum basting her intestines.

“Do you mind?” Emma asked politely as she pulled Dan’s cock from Taylor’s ass.

First Emma pulled his cock down to her mouth. Lifting her head she took him into her mouth and gave him a few sucks, mostly just to clean up the mess rather than try to keep him hard. She could do that later, and much better, when she didn’t have Taylor on top of her.

Once Emma had cleaned up Dan’s cock, she turned her attention to the other mess. White drops were already leaking out of Taylor’s ass and hitting Emma in the forehead so she pushed Taylor forward far enough for her to latch her mouth to Taylor’s asshole.

“If there’s a hotter sight than that, I haven’t seen it,” Dan said as he watched Emma slurp his cum out of Taylor’s asshole.

“Mmhmm,” Taylor murmured as she felt Emma’s tongue working its way an inch or two into her gaping asshole to coax as much out as she could.

“I think I’m going to take a shower,” Dan announced as he realized that Taylor and Emma had retreated into their own little sixty-nine without him. “Either of you want to join me, feel free.”

+ * + * +

Ducking his head under the spray of the shower to rinse away the shampoo, Dan felt an arm wrap around him from behind. Without even turning his head he knew it was Emma when she pressed her breasts into his back several inches below where Taylor’s would’ve been. His hunch was confirmed seconds later when another body pressed against his side, this time matching Taylor’s height.

“Hello girls,” Dan said as Emma’s hands caressed his chest while Taylor’s worked a little lower.

“You know, you still owe me one,” Emma said, lifting up onto her tiptoes to get close to his ear.

“I hate to be in debt,” Dan said, turning around. “Any ideas on how we could settle it?”

“I think he has an idea or two,” Emma said, wrapping her hand around his hardening cock.

“First, I think I’m going to press you against the glass wall and fuck you until we’re even,” Dan said, backing Emma up against the glass. “Then Taylor’s going to put on her little strap on and if you’re a good girl we’re going to DP you until we all pass out.”

“Ohhhh,” Emma moaned as he laid it all out there for her.

“Does that sound good to you, Tay?” Dan asked as he grabbed Emma’s ass with both hands.

“Oh yeah,” Taylor said, nodding as Dan lifted Emma off the ground.

Pressing her shoulders against the glass Emma hooked her legs around Dan’s waist. As Taylor grabbed Dan’s cock and aimed it at her friend’s pussy, Dan slowly eased Emma down onto his manhood until he had every inch inside her.

Where last night Dan had been fast and aggressive, effectively declaring war on Emma’s body as he assaulted her from all sides and never let her get her bearings before launching another attack, tonight he was soft and gentle. He made slow strokes into Emma’s pussy, gradually ratcheting up the passion until it matched the hot and steamy atmosphere of the shower around them.

While Dan was working up Emma further and further, Taylor leaned in and kissed her friend. Sticking her tongue in Emma’s mouth, Taylor let her hands roam Emma’s body. She cupped Emma’s breasts, tweaking the nipple with her thumb as Emma moaned into her mouth.

Gripping Emma’s ass in his hands, Dan watched the women make out. Leaning in, Dan kissed Emma’s neck. When she moaned he gently grazed the sensitive flesh of her throat with his teeth, making her shudder in pleasure.

Between Dan and Taylor, Emma could feel the orgasm welling up inside her. With the slow pace it was being allowed to grow beyond what it would’ve been if she’d been driven to it quicker. Instead Emma knew it was going to be a doozy, easily one of the biggest she’d ever had, and tried to prepare herself for it.

“Here comes number six,” Dan whispered into Emma’s ear as he noticed her breathing getting ragged and her muscles starting to contract.

Breaking the kiss with Taylor, Emma found herself unable to do more than squeak as she nodded her head. Her mouth hung open as she expected the orgasm to hit, but instead it just seemed to grow even more until finally, almost out of nowhere, hit Emma like a ton of bricks and everything went black.

+ * + * +

Waking up in bed, Emma had no idea how long she’d been asleep. In fact, she didn’t even falling asleep. She remembered being in the shower with Dan and Taylor, and then nothing. But as she focused her brain, she remembered the orgasm, or at least the fact that it was going to happen and that it was going to be big.

As she slipped out of bed she realized it must have been because she didn’t remember anything after that. She didn’t remember getting out of the shower or drying off, or even being put to bed. And her legs were still a bit unsteady as she grabbed a robe to put on as she went looking for Dan and Taylor.

“Well if it isn’t Sleeping Beauty,” Dan said as he and Taylor sat around the table wearing robes as well. “We ordered you some dinner and were just about come get you.”

“It smells good,” Emma said, feeling her stomach rumble a bit.

“Sorry about frying your brain like that,” Dan said, making Emma laugh. He gave her the biggest and best orgasm ever and he was legitimately sorry about it.

“Did I pass out or something? Because I don’t remember anything after the first wave hit me,” Emma said, lifting a bite of risotto to her mouth.

While Emma had felt her stomach rumble a bit, she hadn’t realized how hungry she was until that first bite hit her tongue. Suddenly she was reminded just how much of an appetite she’d worked up and the meal hit just the right spot.

As they ate Dan and Taylor filled her in a bit on what happened after her orgasm. Dan insisted she hadn’t passed out, but she was definitely out on her feet. So they’d helped her out of the shower, dried her off and then put her to bed, where she’d been for about a half hour while they ordered room service.

Of course, Emma had blacked out before Dan could finish, so after making sure Emma got to bed, Taylor pulled him out to the main part of the suite and proceeded to make sure he didn’t get blue balls. Pushing him down on the couch she’d climbed into his lap and ridden him hard until they’d both come, Dan hosing down Taylor’s cervix while he had two fingers up Taylor’s ass.

“So that’s two that Taylor’s gotten and none for me?” Emma asked, narrowing her eyes and pursing her lips as she stared at Dan.

“I’m pretty sure I can be talked into one more,” Dan said, smirking as Emma pouted.

“Good, because I seem to remember being told ‘I won’t sleep until I’ve fucked you both in the ass’ and one of us is still waiting,” Emma said, the look on her face somewhere between a glare and a smirk.

“Oh, it’s gonna happen,” Dan said, smirking as he turned his head to look at Taylor. When Taylor stood up and pulled open her robe to show Emma that she was already wearing her strap on, Emma felt her pussy spasm as she remembered Dan’s promise of both of them fucking her at the same time.

Emma had seen Dan and Selena double team Dianna, and Taylor had told her about how she’d been riding Dan when she’d felt Selena rubbing lube into her asshole. Before she could even process what was happening Selena had pressed a dildo against her anus and started to push inside. It had been a small dildo, little more than a warm up for Selena’s strap on, but Taylor loved every bit of it.

So Emma was well aware of it, and had been more than a little intrigued by the prospect even before Dan had started teasing her with the prospect last night. But to idly wonder about it and have it presented to you were completely different animals and Emma suddenly found herself very nervous.

“Come here,” Dan said, pulling Emma into his lap.

Caressing her cheek with thumb and the heel of his hand Dan pulled her in for a kiss. He could see the nerves on her face but as she responded to the kiss he could feel her start to relax. So much, in fact, that she stood up and threw one leg across his lap to straddle him.

Hands going for the sash of Emma’s robe Dan untied it, letting the robe fall open. With the gate open, Dan’s hands slid into her robe, one going for her tits the other slipping around to grab her ass and pull her tight against him, their crotches separated by only the robes.

“Mmm,” Emma purred, grinding her pussy against his hard cock.

Emma couldn’t believe how insatiable she was being. She’d damn near lost track of how many times she’d come since she’d set foot in this den of debauchery, and yet here she was, making out with Dan and grinding against him. But she couldn’t help it, she’d come here to get her brains fucked out and she wasn’t leaving until she either couldn’t remember her own name or she was told to go home. Nothing else would get her to leave.

Sensing her need growing again, Dan moved his hands up to her shoulders. Pushing the robe down her arms, he lifted her up just enough to let the robe fall to the ground before he pulled her back into his lap.

With one robe out of the way, it was Emma’s turn to undo the sash on Dan’s robe. Lifting up once more, Emma pulled open Dan’s robe, but rather than take it completely off, she let it fall open far enough to expose his cock to her view.

Grabbing Dan’s cock, Emma aimed it at her pussy and dropped down on it, moaning as she was filled yet again. Putting her hands on Dan’s shoulders Emma lifted up about halfway and paused before taking him back into her pussy.

“I gotta have Selena let me borrow you more often,” Emma moaned as she started rising and falling on top of Dan.

“Selena has to have her fun as well,” Dan pointed out, grabbing Emma’s ass to help lift her up and then pull her back onto his cock.

“For more of this, she could arrange a massive gangbang if she wanted,” Emma sighed, only partially kidding.

“I wouldn’t tell her that or she just might,” Dan said, chuckling as he pictured a long line of women waiting for a chance at Emma with him having to go last. “Though I wouldn’t mind seeing it.”

“Yeah?” Emma asked, picking up a little speed as she rode him. “You want to see a bunch of guys fucking me one or even two at a time?”

“Actually, I was thinking a bunch of girls, but if you want guys, I can make a few calls,” Dan said, grinning as she actually seemed to contemplate it.

“Maybe we should see if I like two cocks first,” Emma suggested, turning her head to look at where Taylor was openly watching them.

“That would be a good place to start,” Dan said, stopping Emma and lifting her off of him. “Why don’t we go into the bedroom and get started?”

“Okay,” Emma said, sliding off his lap.

As Emma headed for the bedroom Dan watched her tight little ass sway with every step. A step behind her was Taylor, letting the robe drop from her shoulders to show the strap on still sticking out in front of her. With shit eating grin plastered to his face, Dan followed behind them.

+ * + * +

“Hurry up,” Emma whined as Dan moved in behind her.

Emma was on her hands and knees, asshole lubed up, and getting impatient as she waited. Taylor was also starting to get a little antsy as she knelt in front of Emma, dildo waving in her face. But as Dan finally pressed his cock against Emma’s asshole, Emma moaned and opened herself up to him.

Feeling Emma’s asshole relax, Dan eased forward, pausing when the head of his cock slipped through her anus. Emma was well-versed in anal so Dan didn’t need to wait long for her to adjust, but he still gave her a moment or two more than she really needed before he resumed pushing into the redhead.

“Ohhhh,” Emma moaned when he bottomed out, her asshole deliciously full of hard cock.

Grinding his pelvis against the cheeks of her ass, Dan gripped her hips before slowly withdrawing. He watched her anus contract and clutch at his tool in an effort to keep him inside her until he was halfway out. With just enough pause to warn her, Dan pushed forward, burying his cock in Emma’s ass once more.

“Fuck,” Emma grunted, the nerve endings in her asshole alive with pleasure as Dan slid his cock in and out of her tightest hole.

As Dan set a nice slow pace fucking Emma’s ass, Taylor presented her strap on to Emma. Opening her mouth, Emma took the toy between her lips and felt a tremor of sheer pleasure go through her as Taylor started to gently thrust into her mouth. Emma was being fucked from both ends and it was really turning her on, even more than the already high levels she’d already been experiencing.

“Uhh, fuh meh,” Emma moaned around Taylor’s toy as Dan switched things up with a couple hard thrusts that pushed her forward, shoving even more of Taylor’s dildo into her mouth.

“Feel like switching?” Dan asked Taylor as he pushed all the way into Emma’s ass and held himself there an extra moment.

“Uh huh,” Taylor said, nodding eagerly.

As Dan pulled his cock from Emma’s asshole, Taylor did the same with Emma’s mouth. When both of them were free, Dan grabbed Emma’s waist and had her spin around until she was facing him with Taylor behind her.

With Dan’s filthy cock in her face, Emma wasted no time in engulfing it in her mouth. It was just so nasty to suck a cock, real or fake, straight out of her ass, even more so when it came straight out of another girl’s ass, and Emma loved it.

Emma also loved having a cock in her ass, so as Taylor started feeding the strap on into her ass Emma felt herself start to swoon. Being able to experience both kinks at once was like a wet dream. She could suck on Dan’s cock, tasting her ass juices, while Taylor ass fucked her, it was completely amazing.

Putting his hands on the back of Emma’s head Dan held her in place as he started to fuck her mouth. He timed it so that when Taylor started to pull out of Emma’s ass he was pushing into her mouth. It put Emma completely at their mercy and while Emma had never really thought of herself as submissive, it was hotter than hell to give up control to two people she completely trusted.

“Switch?” Dan asked, already sliding his cock out of Emma’s mouth.

Spinning her once more, Dan guided his cock back into Emma’s ass, nudging the head into her gaping hole before pushing hard, burying himself completely in her back door. Emma’s loud moan was quickly muffled by Taylor stuffing her strap on into Emma’s mouth so she could taste herself again.

The switching, the ass fucking, the ass-to-mouth, it was getting to be too much for Emma, in a most amazing way. They were being just rough enough to make her feel alive but gentle enough that she never felt in danger. And as Dan took advantage of her stretched out asshole to really slam into her, Emma felt her orgasm racing up to greet her.

Slipping a hand underneath Emma, Dan found her clit with his middle finger. At the mere touch of her sensitive nub, Emma bucked and slammed back against him, skewering her ass on his cock even more. Forgetting about the dildo in her mouth, or at least as much as she could forget about it, Emma moaned and focused on the short, quick strokes Dan was making into her asshole while he circled her clit with his finger.

“Fuh meh, Dahhy,” Emma demanded around the toy in her mouth. “Fuh muh ahp.”

Extending his middle finger further, Dan eased it into her pussy to the second knuckle. As Emma started to shake, Dan started to finger her, making sure to press against her clit each time. In no time, Emma bellowed a muffled cry as she exploded, coming as she was spit roasted.

Burying himself in her ass all the way, Dan felt her clamp down tightly on his cock. He was thankful he’d already spent a couple loads because if he hadn’t, he surely would’ve lost it as Emma’s bowels rippled in pleasure, trying to draw out his own climax. But as much as he wanted to paint Emma’s rectum white, there was still more that Dan wanted to do to Emma and he couldn’t do both.

Still holding his cock deep in Emma’s ass as she started coming down from her high, Dan eased her down onto her stomach. Putting his hands on the bed he hovered over Emma for a moment before rolling onto his side, pulling Emma along with him until her back was pressed against his chest.

“Ready for the main event?” Dan whispered into Emma’s ear as Taylor moved into place in front of Emma.

“Yeah,” Emma sighed, still buzzing from her orgasm.

Putting one hand on Emma’s stomach, Dan cupped one of her breasts with the other. When he tweaked her nipple, Emma moaned and wiggled back against him, taking him even deeper in her ass.

Taking hold of her strap on, Taylor aimed it at Emma’s pussy. With the toy poised at Emma’s entrance, Taylor paused and looked at Emma to make sure she was ready. When Emma nodded, Taylor nudged forward, pushing into Emma’s pussy.

“Oh my god,” Emma groaned, panting as she was stretched beyond belief. For a moment she wondered what the hell she’d gotten herself into, but as Taylor inched more of the dildo into her pussy, Emma started to feel the wave of pleasure wash over her.

When Taylor finally pushed the last bit of strap on into Emma’s pussy, she saw the shifting emotions on Emma’s face and wondered if that was how she’d looked the first time she’d been in that position. Having gone through it herself, Taylor could see Emma alternately trying to cope with the sheer amount of cock inside her, and trying not to be overwhelmed by it all.

Putting her hand on Emma’s hip, Taylor started to pull back, making Emma groan as she felt the dildo rub against Dan’s cock through the thin membrane that separated her holes. Remembering what it was like, Taylor started really slow, giving Emma plenty of time to get used to enormous sensations coursing through her.

“Ohh oh ohhhhh,” Emma moaned, her eyes wide as she tried to take in everything that was happening to her.

As Emma started to hump her hips forward to meet Taylor’s thrusts, Dan decided it was time for him to join in. While Taylor was pushing into Emma’s pussy, Dan pulled back, withdrawing a couple inches of cock from Emma’s ass. Then as Taylor was sliding out, he pushed back into Emma’s asshole.

“Oh fuck,” Emma grunted as they both started to make slow strokes into her.

“Having fun?” Dan asked, nibbling on her neck as he gradually lengthened his strokes.

“Yeah,” Emma said, starting to get used to having two cocks inside her.

As Emma started to swivel her hips to meet their thrusts, Dan nodded at Taylor to pick up the pace a bit. Picking up speed to match Taylor, Dan cupped Emma’s tits, kneading them with his hands as he approached normal speeds.

“Oh god,” Emma hissed as her body suddenly seized up in an orgasm that took her completely by surprise. She’d been so focused on what Dan and Selena were doing to her that she hadn’t realized she was on the verge of coming until her muscles started to coil up in preparation.

When Emma came, her ass, already made even tighter by the presence of Taylor’s toy in her pussy, slammed down on Dan’s cock with a vengeance. Her sphincter gripped Dan’s cock so tightly that he couldn’t even move. All he could do was grit his teeth and hold still while she writhed in ecstasy in the middle of the sandwich.

After her orgasm Emma panted for air. And as her muscles loosened up, her asshole relinquished its death grip on Dan’s cock, allowing him to resume his thrusting. It felt so good to feel both Dan and Taylor thrusting into her, making love to her, maybe in a bit of an extreme way, but love nonetheless. She could feel the warmth and tenderness emanating from both of them, surrounding her in a cocoon of affection

“So tight,” Taylor moaned as the tightness of Emma’s pussy provided just enough resistance to mash the other end of the strap on against Taylor’s clit with each thrust.

“Tell me about it,” Dan grunted as Emma’s asshole started to take a toll on him. “I’m not going to last much longer.”

“Come in my ass,” Emma hissed, pushing her hips forward to meet Taylor’s thrust into her pussy and then  back to meet Dan’s thrust into her ass. “Come so far up my ass it’ll feel like it’s coming out of my mouth.”

“Fuck,” Dan groaned at her dirty talk and the imagery it invoked.

“Fuck my ass, Danny. Fuck it while Taylor fucks my pussy,” Emma demanded as she felt him start to speed up his thrusting. “I want to feel you coming in my ass.”

“Almost,” Dan snarled as fucked her as hard as he could given the situation.

“Come in my ass so Taylor can suck it out of me,” Emma said, feeling her own orgasm coming on.

“Arrrgghhh,” Dan growled as he hit the boiling point. Using his grip on Emma’s tits to hold her in place he slammed his cock as far into her ass as he could and set off a chain reaction.

“Unnnggghhh,” Emma squealed, her climax hitting her as she felt Dan’s cock throb and then explode, erupting hot cum into her anal cavity.

“Ahhhhh,” Taylor panted as the combination of stimulation on her own pussy and watching Dan and Emma get their cookies was enough to set her off as well.

The three of them continued to twitch and writhe as they fed off their mutual orgasms, each sending the others a bit higher. But as with all good things, it had to come to end, leaving the three of them panting and trying to regain control of their muscles.

“I think you said something about wanting Taylor to do something,” Dan reminded Emma as he felt his cock start to soften and her asshole both sought to keep it and expel it at the same time.

“Mmm, yeah,” Emma said, reluctantly pulling away from Dan’s chest to roll onto her stomach.

Grinning, Taylor moved down the bed. Reaching Emma’s waist, she grabbed the cheeks of Emma’s ass and pulled them apart. Leaning down she dragged her tongue along the crack of Emma’s ass until she reached the gaping hole that used to be Emma’s asshole.

“Ohhhh,” Emma moaned as Taylor’s tongue went to work sucking up a combination of Dan and Emma’s bodily fluids.

“While she’s cleaning you up, feel like cleaning me up?” Dan asked, watching as Emma lifted her hips to push her ass back against Taylor’s face and probing tongue.

“You have to ask?” Emma sighed. “Give me that cock.”

For the next several minutes Emma lovingly used her mouth and tongue to clean up every inch of Dan’s cock. While she was doing that Taylor similarly worked on Emma’s ass and pussy, greedily slurping up everything she could find. Emma managed to get Dan back to semi-hardness during her little blow job, but both of them had been sated enough that neither made the effort to really push it beyond that.

“God, I’m going to be sore tomorrow,” Emma sighed, finally letting Dan’s cock slip from her mouth. “But it was so worth it.”

“I’m too tired to even turn off the lights,” Taylor announced, climbing back up the bed to curl up next to Emma with Dan on the other side of her.

“I’ll get them,” Dan said, grinning as he slid out of bed.

As he crossed the room to flip off the lights he watched Taylor and Emma slip under the covers. By the time he got back to the bed and under the covers, he wasn’t surprised to find that both Taylor and Emma were dead to the world, having fallen asleep their moment their heads hit the pillow.

+ * + * +

Feeling a weight settle on top of him, Dan started to stir. Then a pair of lips pressed against his and felt the familiar jolt of electricity that accompanied the kiss.

“Hey Bug,” Dan said without opening his eyes.

“Can’t put anything by you, can I?” Selena Gomez asked, grinning as she looked down at her boyfriend.

“No more than I can get by you,” Dan said, putting his hands on her knees as she straddled him.

“And don’t you forget it,” Selena said, bending down to kiss him again. “I’d ask if you enjoyed yourself, but judging by the carnage, I’m betting you did.”

“It was missing someone very important, but otherwise it was great,” Dan said, smirking as he looked around and saw clothes strewn everywhere and dirty towels all over the place. And that wasn’t even including the strong smell of sex in the air and the two naked girls conked out next to him.

“Did you get Emma her six? Because I’d hate to think I over promised,” Selena said even though she knew that she could’ve set the bar at twenty and Danny would’ve done anything and everything to meet the quota.

“Actually, I think the count was more like nine by the time we got finished with the double penetration,” Dan said, nodding his head.

“Good,” Selena said, leaning forward and resting her head on his chest.

“Comfortable?” Dan asked as she stretched out on top of him.

“I haven’t had a good cuddle in weeks,” Selena whined, slipping her arms around him to hug her big old teddy bear.

“I’ve been gone two days,” Dan pointed out.

“Two days, two weeks, it all feels the same when I wake up alone,” Selena pouted.

“It might be more comfortable under the covers,” Dan said, patting the bed between him and Emma.

“Selena?” Emma asked sleepily as she opened her eyes.

“Did Danny do good?” Selena asked Emma as she slithered into the small space between her boyfriend and their redheaded friend.

“So good,” Emma sighed as Selena rolled onto her side, facing Emma. “Thanks for letting me borrow him.”

“Just remember that next time you’re in LA,” Selena said, squirming as Dan rolled into place behind her. When he put his hand on her stomach and pulled her tight against him, she sighed and settled down.

“I love you, Bug,” Dan said, nuzzling his face in her hair against the back of her neck.

“Ahem,” Emma said, grinning.

“You too, Em,” Dan said, chuckling. “And in case Taylor’s awake over there, her as well.”

“Love you too, Danny,” Selena said. “And Emma and Taylor too.”

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