Jailbait Academy – Visitor’s Weekend – Friday

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Jailbait Academy – Visitor’s Weekend – Friday

By voodoojoe

“Ah, good old Jailbait Academy,” Jeff Smith said, spreading his arms and turning around in a circle to take in his old stomping grounds.

“I still don’t believe this place is nearly as debaucherous as you make it sound,” Nina Dobrev, Jeff’s girlfriend of the past year, said as she watched him act like an idiot.

They were there for the annual unofficial Visitor’s Weekend, where past students made a pilgrimage of sorts back to the school. No one remembered exactly when it had started, but it had begun when recent graduates had started coming back to see old friends that were still in school there. Then word had gotten out and before long alums of all ages were making the trek. Some came to see the school, some for old friends, and some to ogle the new crop of jailbait. Some even came back simply because they knew they’d get laid.

“I’m telling you, at any given time there are probably at least ten people having sex, sometimes all with each other,” Jeff said, underselling the school, if possible.

“No way, that only happens in movies, or those porn stories you find online,” Nina said, rolling her eyes.

“Not only does it happen here, I lived it,” Jeff insisted. “I lost my virginity at a party as a freshman to a senior girl that thought I was cute and wanted to make her ex jealous. So she just jumped into my lap and started making out with me. Over the next four years I was knee deep in pussy and sometimes that pussy was knee deep in pussy. I can’t even begin to count the number of threesomes, foursomes, or even fivesomes, I got into in this place.”

“You’re full of shit,” Nina said, grinning. “There’s no way you were that wild in high school. That kind of stuff didn’t even happen in college.”

“I got a lot of that out of my system here,” Jeff countered. “Besides, I had a girlfriend for much of college and I’m a faithful guy.”

Jeff had gotten together with on of his best friends, Jordan Hinson, at the end of his senior year and then the relationship had continued when they’d gone to the same college. During their junior year cracks in the relationship had started to form and by the end of the year it had been little more than an empty shell that both had been hesitant to let go of. By the start of senior year they’d pretty much given up pretenses though and managed to stay really close friends.

Nina and Jeff had met in college when he was a sophomore and she’d been a junior. She’d been a friend of one of his teammates on the football team and ran in some of the same circles. Nothing had come of it though until after he’d graduated and happened to get hired by the same company she worked for. That had led to some light flirting before he’d finally asked her out.

Now, a little over a year later, he was bringing her along to show her the place she refused to believe existed. He knew that with her around he wouldn’t be able to do all the stuff he’d gotten into when he was there the first time around, but he wouldn’t have done that stuff without her either. He was head over heels for Nina, and even if he wasn’t that serious he still wasn’t the type of guy that made a commitment unless he fully intended to keep it. If he ever got to the point where he wanted to fuck other girls, it was usually because the relationship had deteriorated to the point it was better just to let it go cleanly than create animosity by cheating.

“Come on, I want to show you my old room,” Jeff said, taking Nina’s hand and leading her across a campus he hadn’t set foot on in probably five years and yet still knew like the back of his hand.

*  *  *  *  *

“So, is your sister coming this weekend?” Sammi Hanratty asked Stella Hudgens, her roommate slash best friend slash more than occasional lover.

“Yeah, I talked her into coming just like you wanted,” Stella said, stretching her legs out as she sat naked on her bed.

“I can’t wait,” Sammi said, grinning as she slid the harness up her legs.

“And what do you think you’re going to do with that?” Stella asked coyly as she watched Sammi adjust the fake cock that was sticking out from her body.

“I was going to fuck the shit out of you, but if you’re too busy I’m sure I could go see if Bella or Stefanie would like an orgasm or two instead,” Sammi said, knowing that you just had to know how to phrase stuff to Stella.

“Get over here,” Stella said, grinning as she beckoned Sammi to her with her index finger.

“You know, I always thought it’d be hot to see you and your sister together,” Sammi said as she crawled onto Stella’s bed.

“You’ve got a dirty mind, you know that?” Stella asked, giggling as she spread her legs for her friend.

“You’re the one that corrupted me, so it’s all your fault,” Sammi said, taking her place between Stella’s spread legs.

“Did I tell you about the time Vanessa and her friend, Aly, took turns fucking my ass until I couldn’t take any more?” Stella asked, knowing that stories that were about her and her sister never failed to make Sammi hotter than a firecracker on the fourth of July.

“Probably, but tell me again, just in case,” Sammi purred as she aimed the dildo at the entrance to Stella’s pussy.

“Mmm, Aly invited us to her parents beach house and oooohhh,” Stella moaned, her story interrupted as Sammi lunged forward, burying the toy eight inches deep inside her tight pussy. “Aly woke me up by licking my pussy, took like thirty seconds to make me come like I’d never come before. Then she lifted up and I saw the strap on she was wearing.”

“How big was it?” Sammi asked, using Stella’s flexibility to her advantage by pushing her legs so far apart they were almost touching the bed on either side.

“Ohh, fuck that feels good,” Stella grunted as Sammi drove every inch of the toy into her over and over. “Uhh, it was huge, biggest I’d ever seen. I was a little scared, but she kissed me and got me totally relaxed before she started to push it into me. My eyes rolled back in my head and when I came I screamed so loud Vanessa came running in thinking I was being murdered or something.”

“I bet that was a fun sight for her, seeing her friend fucking your slutty pussy,” Sammi said, picturing what it must have looked like for Vanessa. Stella on her back getting fucked and loving every second of it.

“We’d kissed before but when Aly finally pulled out Vanessa couldn’t help but dive in there and eat my pussy to a couple more orgasms,” Stella said, humping her hips to meet Sammi’s thrusts. “I think I came even harder because it was my sister down there licking me.”

“What about the anal?” Sammi asked, wanting to get to the main event.

“After Vanessa had eaten my pussy Aly had me roll over,” Stella said, recognizing the look on Sammi’s face. “I thought she was just going to fuck me doggy style, but then I felt a tongue on my asshole and my brain stopped working. God it felt so good having my ass licked like that. Before I knew it I was actually begging Aly to fuck my ass.”

“So hot,” Sammi said, increasing the pace of her thrusts in hopes of pushing Stella to orgasm.

“Fuck me, Sammi, fuck me,” Stella demanded, feeling the need build up in her own body as well. “After Aly fucked my ass for a bit she pulled out. But before I could relax I felt another, smaller cock being shoved into my ass. I think I actually squirted when I looked back and saw Vanessa fucking my ass.”

“I’m really close,” Sammi warned, Stella’s story taking a real toll on her stamina.

“Me too,” Stella said, reaching down to strum on her own clit in hopes of getting there at the same time as Sammi. “Aly and Vanessa spent at least a couple hours fucking my ass that day. Over and over, back and forth. By the end of the weekend I could barely walk. Told my mom I pulled a muscle surfing or something, but it was the most amazing weekend ever.”

“Not as amazing as this weekend is going to be,” Sammi hissed, trying to hold back her orgasm until Stella could get there as well.

“You just want to fuck a pair of hot sisters,” Stella said, feeling her climax just out of reach.

“No, I want a pair of hot sisters to fuck me,” Sammi said, grinning as Stella arched her back and let out a low scream of ecstasy.

With Stella in the early throes of orgasm Sammi gave her two more quick thrusts before burying the toy as deep inside Stella as she could and let go. Every muscle in Sammi’s body tensed up and she felt a wave of euphoria hit her as images of Stella and Vanessa teaming up to do anything and everything they could think of to her.

“We should probably get cleaned before my sister gets here,” Stella said, brushing sweat soaked hair out of Sammi’s eyes as her friend rested on top of her.

“Why can’t she just find us like this and join in?” Sammi suggested, pushing herself up enough to look at Stella.

“Because I haven’t seen my sister in a couple weeks and I’d like to catch up a little, maybe get something to eat first. Besides, would you rather have her here or in a nice hotel room?” Stella countered as Sammi finally slid off of her.

“Both,” Sammi said, grinning as she shimmied her way out of the harness and handed the dildo over to Stella.

“Mmm, tasty,” Stella said, licking her own juices off the toy.

“You coming, or what?” Sammi asked as she wrapped a towel around her body for the walk to the shower room.

*  *  *  *  *

“Can I help you?” a male voice asked out of nowhere, causing Jeff and Nina to spin around and find a baby faced guy regarding them suspiciously.

“This is Nina, a prospective exchange student from Bulgaria,” Jeff said, deciding to have a little fun. “I’m just showing her around campus.”

“I wasn’t told anything about this,” the guy said, clearly checking out Nina.

“Miss Portman sent out the memo on Wednesday,” Jeff said, using the name of the teacher in charge of such things.

“Nice try, but Miss Portman got married last year,” the guy said. “Now she goes by Mrs. Laroe.”

“Damn, I really should read the newsletter more closely,” Jeff said, cursing his slip up as he held out his hand. “I’m Jeff Smith, class of oh-eight. I was just showing my girlfriend around since this is the first time she’s been here.”

“George Goldman, dorm adviser,” George said, shaking hands with Jeff and Nina. “Wait, THE Jeff Smith?”

“I guess, though I’m not sure why you’d be emphasizing ‘the’ like that,” Jeff said.

“We used to watch your games every week,” George explained. “Apparently one of the girls had a huge crush on you and she always made sure the tv in the lounge was on your games when you were playing. I don’t remember her name, but she was a cute Latina, S-something.”

“Selena?” Jeff asked, already knowing the answer.

“That’s it. She was a couple years ahead of me so I never really talked to her much, but she was one of the more popular girls in school and if she wanted something, she usually got it,” George answered.

“You don’t mind if we look around, do you? I just want to show her a few of the highlights,” Jeff asked.

“Go right ahead, just come find me if you need anything,” George said, waving as they headed off.

“Selena? Another one of your girlfriends?” Nina teased.

“Not really,” Jeff said. When Nina raised an eyebrow in question, Jeff shrugged his shoulders. “I was kind of her first.”

Kind of her first?” Nina asked, shaking her head.

“It just kind of happened,” Jeff said. “There was another girl that really liked me and seemed to think she owned me even though I didn’t really like her that much.”

“You still fucked her though, didn’t you?” Nina asked, knowing her boyfriend well enough to know the answer.

“She was cute, she was just a bit of a cunt,” Jeff said, shrugging his shoulders. “But I was flirting with Selena when I saw the other girl coming so I grabbed Selena and we ducked into a janitor’s closet to hide. Next thing I know I’m popping Selena’s cherry.”

“You took her virginity in a janitor’s closet, while hiding from a girl you fucked and then ignored? I guess it really is a good thing I didn’t meet you until college,” Nina said, laughing.

“It might sound bad, but Selena and I actually became pretty good friends,” Jeff said, defending himself. “We hooked up a few more times when I was between relationships, but she and Jordan hung out all the time before we graduated.”

“I have no idea how you do it, but you do seem to manage to convince women to stay friends with you even after you’ve broken their hearts,” Nina said, slipping her hand into his. “Just know that will never happen with me, so if you ever fuck around on me, I’m gone forever.”

“Even if I was that kind of guy, I’d like to think I’d know when I’ve got it good,” Jeff said, squeezing her hand. “Gorgeous girlfriend that likes sex and doesn’t mind taking it in the-.”

“Jeff!” Nina barked, cutting him off before he could complete his sentence in public with people milling around.

“I just mean that you’re pretty much everything I could want,” Jeff said, laughing as her caramel skin turned pink. “Though if you wanted to bring another girl into the bedroom once in a while, I wouldn’t complain, but all I need is you.”

“I haven’t been with a girl since college,” Nina sighed, remembering some of her own wild times. “It’s hard enough to be taken seriously as a woman in the business world without people thinking you’re a giant slut party girl.”

“The only one that thinks you’re a giant slut is me, and that’s only because you beg me to fuck your ass a couple times a week,” Jeff said, lowering his voice so only she could hear.

“I never even liked it until you convinced me to give another try,” Nina admitted, blushing even deeper.

“That’s because I have the magic cock,” Jeff said, grinning as he repeated what she’d said to him after the first time they’d slept together.

Nina’s previous boyfriends had been okay in bed; good enough to keep her interested but not the mind-blowing experience she’d heard about from friends. Then she’d started dating Jeff and by the end of their third date her eyes had been rolled up in the back of her head begging god to never let it end. Fourth date he’d been fucking her from behind when he leaned forward and informed her he was going to fuck her ass whether she liked it or not. She’d been so far gone in pleasure that she hadn’t even contemplated putting up a fight and the forceful tone in his voice had only spurred her on as she went off like a keg of black powder with his cock buried up her ass.

“I never thought your head could get any bigger, but ever since I said that you’ve become insufferable,” Nina said, rolling her eyes even though she’d meant it and it had been reinforced over and over in the last year.

“There’s a difference between being good and knowing it, and just thinking you’re good when you’re really not. I happen to be very good,” Jeff said, grinning. “Come on, I want to show you the lounge.”

*  *  *  *  *

“Holy crap, look at her,” Andrew Denison said as he watched about the most gorgeous woman he’d ever seen walk by. He’d actually stopped and watched her walk by with his jaw scraping the ground.

“If you’re not careful someone is going to slip in that puddle of drool you just left on the ground,” Ariel Winter said, tapping Andrew on the chin to get him to close his mouth.

The two sophomores had just finished up their final class and were headed to the library to study when the hot redhead had walked by and taken away Andrew’s ability to do even the simplest of tasks. Normally Ariel would’ve given him a smack upside the head but he was right. Whoever she was was absolutely immaculate. Ariel had been very blessed with curves in all the places, but even she’d felt a sense of envy as the redhead had walked by.

“She must be one of the former students visiting this weekend,” Andrew said, hoping he’d get to see her again later. He also had a hope that he might stand even a shred of a chance of seeing her naked, but he wasn’t going to hold out hope.

“Don’t even think of turning around and following her,” Ariel said, tapping her foot impatiently.

“Fine, library it is,” Andrew sighed, finally turning his head away from the already out of sight redhead.

*  *  *  *  *

“Right here is where I lost my virginity,” Jeff announced to Nina as he held out his arms towards a couch in the lounge of the boys dorm. “Actually, I think it was on that couch over there, but it was right here when it happened.”

“So the couch is a sacred relic or something?” Nina asked, giving him a bad time.

“We could make this one sacred too,” Jeff suggested, sitting down on the new couch and pulling his girlfriend down onto his lap.

“Think again, Buster,” Nina said, nevertheless giggling as Jeff leaned her back and kissed her. “So why is your sacred couch not in its sacred spot?”

“Well, after hundreds of students sit and eat and do god knows what on it every day, after a while they get a little nasty. So every so often the school replaces one of the couches and then rotates the older ones into lower traffic areas to wait until it’s their turn to be replaced.”

“We are not taking your couch when it gets replaced,” Nina said, answering the question she knew was in his brain.

“You know, it’s a tradition that the first couple to have sex on the brand new couch mark it with their names for posterity,” Jeff said idly as he reached into the couch looking for a tag. “Hmm, Stella Hudgens and Sammi Hanratty. Either Sammi is a girl and the lesbians got this one or this Sammi guy really needs to think about just going by Sam. Wait, Hudgens? I wonder if she’s related to Vanessa.”

“Another former conquest? Did you screw this one in the dining area in the middle of lunch?” Nina asked.

“I wish,” Jeff responded, chuckling. “Vanessa was a year ahead and pretty much every guy that ever laid eyes on her wanted her badly. I’m pretty sure she played for the other team though.”

“Why, because she never let you and your magic cock have your way with her?” Nina asked.

“Well, she’d have to be a hardcore lesbian to never even give this a second glance,” Jeff joked, motioning with his hand along his body. “But she never seemed to give any guys a second glance. For the most part we just stopped trying, other than the occasional guy deciding she had been waiting just for him or some nonsense that gave him the courage. She was always very nice and polite and never once cruelly crushed us like some girls, but there was a giant no-fly zone around her. She was a local girl, so she’ll probably be here this weekend if you wanted to take a run at her.”

“You wouldn’t mind me having sex with someone else?” Nina asked him, a little surprised.

“As long as it isn’t another man, I think it’d be hot,” Jeff said, grinning. “Watching you munch on another girl’s carpet or I’m sure it wouldn’t be hard to find a strap on in this place if one of you wanted to use it on the other.”

“You must really like that because you’re poking me,” Nina said, grinding her ass against his erection for emphasis.

“Oh, thoughts of you and another woman will always get a reaction out of me,” Jeff said, leaning in to nibble on her ear.

“Just because you’d let me fuck other women doesn’t mean I would do the same,” Nina reminded him.

“Never even entered my mind,” Jeff said. “I just want to be able to watch, and possibly fuck you when I can’t take it any more.”

“You’d seriously let me fuck another woman and just sit there and watch without wanting to join in?” Nina asked, wondering if he was telling the truth. Jeff was normally a very straight shooter, but she found it very hard to believe that a man would hold himself back if he had two naked women having sex in front of him.

“If you don’t think I could do it, grab the next girl you see and take her back to her room,” Jeff suggested with a huge grin.

“You’d love that, wouldn’t you?” Nina said, playfully smacking Jeff in the chest. “Speaking of the room, we should probably check into the hotel soon.”

“Okay, but one more stop before we leave,” Jeff sighed, holding onto Nina as he stood up.

“Where to this time? The janitor’s closet?” Nina asked, raising an eyebrow.

“We have to find George because we’re probably going to need him to let me into my old room,” Jeff responded, leading her away.

*  *  *  *  *

Alumni had been filtering into and through the school for most of the day, stopping to take in the sights of glories past. For Debby Ryan, though, she was on a mission. While she might grin inwardly as she saw a head swivel to take in the sight of her in a tight dress that hugged every curve in her body, she had one goal, and one goal only for the weekend. If she didn’t accomplish it, her entire weekend would be an utter failure.

Somehow Debby had managed to make it out Jefferson Academy with her innocence intact. While everyone around her was having sex with pretty much everyone else, Debby had hung onto her virginity. Partly because she’d been a bit of a late bloomer that no one really paid much attention to until she’d been a senior, partly because she’d been so focused on school that she’d just never gone in for a lot of the wild behavior that most others took part in.

Then when she’d gotten to college guys had started to notice her, but they’d tended to have two reactions when they found out she was still a virgin. They either ran away like they thought she was going to turn into a stage 5 clinger on whatever guy took her cherry, or they started acting like skeezy perverts that cared more about busting her hymen than about her. So she’d continued to be a virgin, unable to find a guy she liked that also seemed like they might be interested in sticking around after the deed had been done.

Originally she hadn’t planned on coming to Visitor’s Weekend, but while talking a few of her old friends she’d discovered that Pete Merrick, one of her best friends and secret crush back in high school, was going to attend. At this point he was really the only person she trusted enough to take her virginity, so she’d hatched her plan to do whatever it took to get him into bed.

Opening the doors of the cafeteria, Debby saw Pete standing there talking to Miss Cuthbert, the teacher that had inspired Debby’s love of writing. That didn’t stop her from feeling momentary pangs of jealousy though as she watched the guy she was determined to seduce talking to the blonde teacher every guy in the school had wanted to fuck.

“Miss Cuthbert?” Debby asked, coming to stand next to her favorite teacher.

“Yes?” Elisha asked, turning around. At first she didn’t recognize the beautiful young woman standing in front of her, but then it hit her and she beamed when she realized who it was. “Debby? Wow, look at you.”

“Wow is right,” Pete said, staring wide eyed at the girl that had once been his best friend.

In high school Debby had been pretty, but she’d always covered up, almost to a paranoid degree. As if a guy seeing that she had a nice set of tits would have been worst thing in the world. Pete, being a close friend, had seen her in pretty much every manner of dress in high school, but never in such a tight dress looking to impress.

“I just wanted to thank you for, well, being a great teacher,” Debby said nervously. While Miss Cuthbert had never been a stern taskmaster, she was still intimidatingly gorgeous.

“It’s easy to be a good teacher when you have kids like you two in your class,” Elisha said, grabbing Debby and pulling her into a friendly hug.

While Debby would never have considered herself a lesbian, or even curious, she had to admit that the smell of Miss Cuthbert’s perfume was more than a little intoxicating. Combined with the feeling of Miss Cuthbert’s boobs pressed against her and Debby could completely understand the fixation so many male students had on her.

“Well, I should be getting back to my classroom to get things ready for Monday,” Elisha announced when she’d released Debby from the hug. “If either of you wants to talk some more, feel free to drop by if you still remember how to get there.”

“I don’t know if I’ll make it this afternoon, but I’d love to talk some more while I’m here this weekend,” Debby said.

“Give me your phone then,” Elisha said, holding out her hand. When Debby handed it over she quickly inputted her number and handed it back. “Be careful who you give that to, some of my students would pay a fortune for it.”

“Don’t worry, I won’t share it,” Debby promised.

“I don’t care if you share it, but try to keep it away from current students that might want to harass their old maid teacher or something,” Elisha joked.

“You’re not old,” Debby said instinctively.

“I knew I liked you for a reason,” Elisha said, laughing. “Anyway, feel free to call me to set something up while you’re in town. You too, Pete.”

“She totally wants you,” Pete told Debby as they watched Miss Cuthbert walk away.

“Really? I didn’t get that at all,” Debby said, shrugging her shoulders. After Pete pointed it out she could kinda see it, but she had a hard time wrapping her head around the idea. The idea of being with a woman was foreign enough without it also being one of her former teachers.

*  *  *  *  *

As the door swung open the memories came flooding back for Jeff. Of course, each one of them was also accompanied by a small pinprick of pain that one by one wasn’t much, but in such a flood was damn near crippling. In his mind’s eye he could picture his old roommate and close friend, Fred, sitting on his bed playing video games with Jordan or buzzing around the room after his first date with Emma Watson.

“It’s okay,” Nina said, squeezing Jeff’s hand when she saw the tear roll down his cheek. “I’m here if you need me.”

“I know, I just wasn’t expecting quite that much,” Jeff said, finally finding his voice.

During his sophomore year at Arizona State Fred had been running out to his car to get something. He’d been leaning into his car digging for whatever it was he’d been searching for when a drunk driver came careening around the corner. The driver plowed into Fred’s car, crushing him between them.

Jeff had been walking up to Jordan’s door when he’d gotten the news from Fred’s mom. When Jordan opened the door he’d been white as a ghost and shaking uncontrollably, unable to speak until she’d finally managed to calm him down enough to tell her.

As Fred’s closest friends from high school, both of them had hopped on the next plane, blowing off school for a week to be with Fred’s family. It wasn’t until after the funeral that Jordan had finally been able to convince Jeff to go back to school where they really needed to be.

“I never met him, but the way you and Jordan talk about him, he must have been a great guy,” Nina said, trying to comfort him.

Not meeting him until college, Nina really hadn’t met any of his high school friends outside of Jordan. But she’d heard enough stories about Fred from the both of them that at times it felt like she knew him as well. So while she wasn’t feeling nearly as emotional as Jeff, she was able to at least empathize.

“He was,” Jeff sighed. “The best friend I ever had, present company excluded.”

“Come on, lets go check into the hotel,” Nina said, giving Jeff a hug. “You’ll feel better after some nice yoga.”

“How about you do yoga and I go find the hotel gym?” Jeff asked, slipping his arm around her waist and leading her out of the room.

“Come on, you know you like yoga,” Nina said, pulling the door shut behind them.

“Actually, I hate it,” Jeff said, shaking his head. “I did it in college because it helped with my flexibility and I’m sure it saved me from more than one injury, but I’m just too big to be bending myself into a pretzel.”

“I seem to recall running into you in a yoga class more than once after you graduated,” Nina pointed out.

“That’s because I was trying to impress you,” Jeff said, shrugging his shoulders. “But, I figure at this point you’re probably hooked enough that I can stop pretending to like it. If not, then I guess I’ll say ‘just kidding’ and spend a lifetime in the Firefly Pose.”

“I don’t care if you do it or not, I just kinda liked spending that extra time with you,” Nina said.

“Then how about we take one class a week or something together? That would give us something to do together, and I’m sure I’ll like it more if I don’t have to do it every day,” Jeff suggested as they headed down the hall.

“That sounds like a good compromise,” Nina said. “As long as I don’t have to watch football with you every Saturday.”

“What? I thought you liked football,” Jeff said, shocked. “You were watching it all the time back in college.”

“You’re not the only one that can do something they don’t really like to get the attention of someone,” Nina said, laughing.

*  *  *  *  *

“Stella!” Vanessa Hudgens screeched when she saw her baby sister.

“Vanessa!” Stella Hudgens screeched back as the two sisters embraced.

“Hey, what about me?” Sammi Hanratty groused as she was left out of the sister hugging.

“Get in here,” Vanessa said, dragging Sammi into a three way hug.

Since Stella was from the area and Sammi wasn’t, often it was easier for the pair to spend weekends and some of the more minor holidays with Stella’s family. Stella’s mom often remarked that it was like she had three daughters when Stella and Sammi would be raiding her fridge on a Saturday afternoon.

“So, where are we going for dinner?” Vanessa asked the teenagers.

“I know what I want,” Sammi said, whispering to Stella as she made a show of looking Vanessa up and down in her tank top and cut off denim shorts.

“What was that?” Vanessa asked, not catching Sammi’s words.

“Sammi wants pizza, but I want sushi, so you get to break the tie,” Stella said, shooting Sammi a look.

“Both sound good, so how about we hop in the car and stop at the first place that looks good?” Vanessa suggested.

*  *  *  *  *

“Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck,” Bella Thorne chanted as the tongue buried in her pussy dragged her screaming towards a massive orgasm.

Her face was as red as her hair from the exertion as her eyes threatened to roll up in the back of her head. She’d been horny and gone looking for some satisfaction when she’d run into Chloe Moretz. Her first choice had been Stella and Sammi, but they’d already finished up and were on their way to the showers so they could meet Stella’s sister. The next stop had been her close friend, Zendaya Coleman, but she hadn’t been in her room.

So she’d started back towards her room seemingly destined for a date with her fingers. But on the way she’d bumped into Chloe, who had been on a similar hunt of her own. Not wanting to question things, they made a beeline for Chloe’s room.

The two had been together before so they’d skipped most of the foreplay aimed at familiarizing themselves with the others body. Instead fingers had gone to buttons and hands had clawed at material the moment the door had closed behind them in an effort to get naked as quickly as possible.

Being the older, more aggressive, of the pair, Chloe had shoved Bella onto her back and wasted no time in feasting on the firecrotch laid out before her. She’d expertly worked Bella’s clit with her tongue before slipping two fingers into the redhead’s cunt. Then just as Bella had started getting used to the combination Chloe had switched and strummed on her clit with a thumb while digging her tongue into Bella’s pussy.

“Oh my fucking god, don’t fucking stop,” Bella hissed, planting her feet on the edge of the bed and lifting her ass off the bed to hump her crotch against Chloe’s face.

Dragging her tongue back up to Bella’s clit, Chloe began to tap out “come for me” in Morse Code against Bella’s clit with her tongue. It seemed to work as by Chloe’s third time through the pattern Bella’s knees snapped shut around Chloe’s head. Bella’s hands grabbed Chloe’s hair and roughly yanked the older girl harder against her pussy as a loud growl came rumbling out of her throat.

“Holy fucking fuck,” Bella grunted as every muscle in her body spasmed, loosening and tightening at random intervals while her orgasm raged inside her.

Just as Chloe was starting to feel the pain of having her hair pulled and her neck being wrenched from side to side by a pair of strong thighs, Bella’s body went limp. A low moan of contentment escaped her throat though so Chloe wasn’t too worried about her. In fact, she took it as a compliment that she’d managed to wipe Bella out like that.

“Oh my god,” Bella sighed as she started to become coherent again.

“I take it you liked it?” Chloe asked as she moved up the bed to hover over Bella.

“We should do that more often,” Bella said, panting for air.

“No time like the present,” Chloe said, glancing down between them.

“You like toys, don’t you?” Bella asked, remembering the last time they’d hooked up a few weeks ago. It had wound up with Chloe on her hands and knees while Bella knelt behind her fucking her with a vibrator.

“Top drawer,” Chloe said as she settled down on the bed next to Bella.

Opening the drawer Bella saw a the purple vibrator she’d used on Chloe the last time they’d been together. Right next to it was a much smaller pocket rocket vibrator that was clearly designed purely for clitoral stimulation rather than penetration. As Bella reached for the bigger vibrator a third toy caught her eye and she couldn’t help but lift it from the drawer.

“What’s this?” Bella asked, running her fingers over the surface of the toy.

“It’s a butt plug,” Chloe said, blushing at having been caught with such a naughty thing.

What really had Chloe blushing though was because of why she had such a naughty thing. When Bella had been thrusting the vibrator in and out of Chloe’s cunt she’d also bent down and licked her asshole. Having never experienced such a thing Chloe had tried to resist at first but before long she’d exploded while begging Bella to eat her ass.

It had kind of set off an anal curiosity inside Chloe. She’d watched some videos and every porn where the girl enjoyed it had her itching to try it, and every movie where the girl was clearly in pain made her completely nervous. So she’d figured some kind of toy would be a nice compromise and help her decide whether she wanted to move on to the next step and let someone else fuck her back there.

“So you haven’t even used it?” Bella asked when Chloe had finished filling her in on how it had only arrived a couple days ago.

“I was kinda hoping to find some time this weekend while Stefanie is out with her boyfriend,” Chloe sighed, referring to her roommate.

“You sure you want to wait that long?” Bella asked, hopeful. When she saw the look of desire on Chloe’s face, she made one last push to close the deal. “I could lick your ass to help get you ready.”

“Ohhh,” Chloe moaned, remembering how much she’d enjoyed it.

As Chloe rolled over and pushed herself up onto all fours, Bella grabbed the bottle of lube out of the drawer. Then on impulse she also reached in and grabbed the small rocket vibrator before closing the drawer and turning her attention to Chloe.

Grinning at Chloe’s eagerness Bella reached out and ran her hands over the taut cheeks of Chloe’s ass. Palming the cheeks Bella squeezed and pull them apart to expose Chloe’s asshole as well as her glistening pussy looking so tasty between her thighs.

Leaning down Bella started at the top of Chloe’s slit and dragged her tongue upwards. Chloe moaned but the volume went up a notch when Bella’s tongue landed on her asshole. Then when Bella started to poke the tip of her tongue against the center the moans got loud enough that Chloe felt the need to bury her face in a pillow to muffle them.

“You really like this, don’t you?” Bella asked before going back to lapping away at Chloe’s anus.

“So good, so hot,” Chloe moaned, her body quivering as the sensations washed over her.

“Spread your cheeks for me,” Bella said, letting go of Chloe’s ass so she could pick up the abandoned lube.

As Chloe reached back to pull her butt cheeks apart Bella continued to rim the tight little asshole in front of her. Popping the cap on the lube Bella blindly pressed the nozzle against tip of her finger and squeezed until she felt a stream of lube coat her finger.

“Uhhh,” Chloe grunted when Bella’s tongue left her asshole.

Grinning at Chloe’s frustration Bella brought the freshly lubed finger up and ran it down Chloe’s butt crack. When she reached the tight little rosebud of Chloe’s anus Bella lightly circled it, spreading lube around the edge before gently pressing against the center.

“Ohhh,” Chloe moaned as her asshole started to part around Bella’s finger.

Pushing the finger into Chloe’s ass Bella stopped when she got to the second knuckle. Sliding it out she started to slowly pump her finger in and out of Chloe’s ass, making the older girl moan and squirm under her ministrations.

“Want to try another finger?” Bella asked, finding it incredibly arousing to finger fuck another girl’s ass.

“Yeah, give me another,” Chloe groaned, practically swooning at what Bella was doing to her.

Pulling the finger out until just the very tip was still holding Chloe’s anus open, Bella pressed a second finger right up against it and started to push both of them into Chloe’s asshole. It was an even tighter fit, which was saying something considering how tight Chloe’s O-ring had clenched around the first finger, but with care she soon found herself pumping two fingers into Chloe’s ass.

While continuing to stretch Chloe’s ass with two fingers Bella used her free hand to drizzle lube over the tip of the butt plug. She figured she was making an absolute mess of Chloe’s sheets, but decided the lube was more important.

Before sticking a finger up Chloe’s ass Bella had never actually done anything more than toss a little salad so she wasn’t entirely sure what to do. She had watched Stella and Sammi engage in anal sex though, so she at least had a pretty good idea. And the one piece of advice Stella had imparted was that there was no such thing as too much lube.

So as Bella smeared lube around the toy she kept that advice in mind. And when she thought she had enough of the slippery stuff on it, especially around the thicker portion near the base, she added even more until it was literally dripping off.

“Nooo,” Chloe groaned when Bella suddenly slid the fingers out of her ass.

Looking back at Bella Chloe nearly came when she saw the redhead lifting the butt plug to aim it at her asshole. Suddenly nervous Chloe closed her fists around the sheets and steeled herself as she felt the tip of the plug press against her anus.

“Oooh,” Chloe moaned as the tip pushed into her asshole.

Taking note of Chloe’s moan Bella pushed forward until it started to taper out and get thicker. As Chloe’s ass stretched to accommodate it Bella slowed down and when Chloe hissed and groaned she even stopped for a moment to let her get used to it.

“Keep going,” Chloe grunted when Bella’s forward progress halted.

“You sure?” Bella asked, putting some pressure on the toy and getting a reaction from Chloe.

“Unless I tell you to stop, keep shoving that thing up my ass,” Chloe demanded, pushing back against the plug in response.

With that in mind, Bella pushed forward, watching Chloe’s ass stretch wider and wider to accept the increasingly bigger toy. Then suddenly it was all the way in and Chloe’s anus closed around it and held it inside her with the base pressed firmly against the cheeks of her ass.

“Fuck,” Chloe grunted as she felt her anal chute conform itself around the toy.

“Does it hurt?” Bella asked.

“A little, but now that it’s in it feels really good,” Chloe answered, biting her lower lip.

Wanting to experiment a little Bella grabbed the base of the plug. Gently pulling on it she watched Chloe’s ass start to open up and the main part of the toy started to appear. This got a moan from Chloe so Bella pushed the toy back in before pulling on it again.

“Oh god,” Chloe grunted as Bella fucked her ass with maybe an inch of the plug. It was just enough to let her feel the stretching over and over and it was driving fucking wild.

Remembering that she’d grabbed the vibrator as well, Bella searched for a minute until she found it. With one hand still moving the plug inside Chloe’s ass Bella slipped her other hand under Chloe. Without warning she twisted the base to turn it on and pressed it to Chloe’s clit.

“Oh holy fu-,” Chloe hissed, her body jerking as the unexpected sensations hit her like a ton of bricks.

Buzzing the vibrator against Chloe’s clit Bella pulled plug out, this time past the flared end until the main part started to emerge. Chloe had already been enjoying the anal play but the introduction of the vibrator was quickly sending her through the roof. And as Bella started to fuck her ass with more of the butt plug she could feel a massive orgasm building up inside her.

“Oh shit, oh fuck,” Chloe gasped, her muscles spasming of their own accord as she was assaulted by intense stimulation from all sides.

“Such a dirty girl getting off from having a toy in your ass,” Bella said, leaning forward to whisper into Chloe’s ear.

“So naughty,” Chloe murmured, closing her eyes and pushing back against Bella.

“You want to come, don’t you? Come from being fucked in the ass,” Bella said, spurring Chloe on with her dirty talk.

“Yeahhh,” Chloe mewled. “Make me come.”

“I’ll make you come, but you have to do something for me,” Bella said, deciding to see if she could work the situation even more to her favor. “I want to watch you get fucked in the ass this weekend.”

“Anything,” Chloe grunted, desperate to come.

“Maybe we can find a guy and have some fun and he can fuck this tight little ass of yours,” Bella said, sliding the butt plug in and out of Chloe’s ass a little faster and a little harder as she got used to it.

“Ohhhh,” Chloe moaned as thoughts of feeling a flesh and blood cock buried in her ass filled her thoughts.

“If it looks fun enough, I might even try it too,” Bella announced. She’d never had anything more than a finger in her ass, but the way Chloe was clearly getting off on what they were doing was making Bella more than a little curious.

Chloe had already been right on the verge of coming, but when thoughts of Bella bent over with her tiny little asshole stretched around a bit cock entered her brain it was enough to send her into overload. With a loud scream that she’d barely managed to cut off by burying her face in a pillow, Chloe went off into the biggest orgasm of her young life. Her asshole slammed down on the butt plug, clutching it in a death grip and only intensifying the sensations further.

As Chloe was wracked by orgasm Bella forgot about the butt plug for the time being. It was locked in place and the only way to move it would be to hurt Chloe, and she wasn’t about to do that. So instead she moved the vibrator in small circles around Chloe’s clit, extending her orgasm until Chloe couldn’t take any more and collapsed forward onto her stomach.

“Wow, that was hot,” Bella said, turning off the vibrator.

“Oh god,” Chloe groaned, completely worn out from her monster climax.

“Lift up a bit,” Bella said, trying to take the plug out of Chloe’s ass.

When Chloe lifted her ass off the bed Bella grasped the base of the toy and gently pulled. With Chloe’s muscles still loose on the heels of her orgasm the toy slipped out no problem, leaving Chloe’s anus wide open before it gradually started to close up.

“I need a shower,” Chloe said, reaching back and feeling the mess of lube and her own fluids all over her ass and thighs. “Here, give me the plug and I’ll clean it off while I’m there.”

“Or I could do it,” Bella said, shocking Chloe when she lifted the toy to her mouth and started licking the shaft.

“What the- ohhhhh,” Chloe started to ask before the sheer kinkiness of what Bella was doing hit her.

After watching Sammi fuck Stella in the ass, the two girls had convinced Bella to try ass-to-mouth. At first she’d been repulsed, but after Stella gave Sammi’s toy a couple licks to show her it wasn’t bad, Bella had relented and given it a try. Almost immediately she’d seen how awesome it could be and spent the next several minutes with Sammi fucking her mouth while she sucked Stella’s ass off the toy.

Then Chloe had mentioned cleaning the plug and Bella knew what she had to do. And as much as Bella like licking Chloe’s ass, it tasted even better on the surface of the toy. It was just so much dirtier than the already nasty act of analingus and she soon had licked every inch of Chloe’s butt plug two or three times to make sure she’d gotten it all.

“Wow,” Chloe said, unable to form actual words through her shock and arousal.

“Sorry, did you want some?” Bella asked, holding out the clean toy. “That’s okay, you can try it when you get your ass fucked this weekend.”

“I, uh,” Chloe stammered.

“Trust me, you’ll love it,” Bella assured it. “Now, how about we find a shower? And I’m really horny right now so maybe if there’s no one else in there you can eat me again?”

“Bring the vibrator,” Chloe said, grinning as she grabbed a couple towels.

*  *  *  *  *

“So is Sammi in for this weekend?” Vanessa Hudgens asked her sister, Stella, as they waited for the waitress to bring back Vanessa’s credit card after dinner. They’d settled on sushi for dinner and after finishing up Sammi had headed for the bathroom.

“I think I talked her into it,” Stella said, nodding. In a plot that would’ve made Machiavelli proud, Stella had not only convinced Vanessa and Sammi to have a threesome, but she’d convinced both of them that it was their idea. “This afternoon I was telling her the story about Aly inviting us to her beach house.”

“That was a great weekend,” Vanessa sighed, remembering the weekend.

“You don’t have to tell me, I was there,” Stella said, grinning. “But before we hit the showers Sammi said she wants to get fucked by a pair of hot sisters. So unless she’s got another pair of hot sisters in mind, we’re going to blow her mind.”

“I taught you well, you know that?” Vanessa asked, laughing as the waitress returned with her credit card and a copy of the bill.

“Come on, girls, lets go find some trouble,” Sammi suggested, literally bouncing as she came back to the table.

“I’d like to explore the campus a bit if you guys don’t mind,” Vanessa suggested, putting her wallet back in her purse.

“I don’t mind, do you, Sammi?” Stella asked her friend.

“Not at all,” Sammi answered, hooking one arm with Stella and the other with Vanessa. “We’ve got a whole weekend to do whatever we want.”

“Then lets get to the fun as soon as possible,” Vanessa said as they headed for the exit.

*  *  *  *  *

“You look like you had a good workout,” Nina Dobrev said when Jeff walked through the door of their hotel room with his shirt dripping with sweat.

“I need to stay strong enough to throw you over my shoulder and drag you to bed,” Jeff said, pulling off his shirt.

“Whew, you smell like you had a good workout too,” Nina said, waving hand in front of her face as he came near.

“You don’t exactly smell like a fresh picked daisy yourself,” Jeff said, noting the sweat glistening on her skin as she stood there in a tank top and yoga pants.

“I still smell better than you,” Nina said, grinning as she backed away from him slightly.

“That’s not saying much,” Jeff said, smirking as he stalked her. “So either kiss me or give me the first shower.”

“What if I don’t want to do either?” Nina asked, her eyes darting to the bathroom door.

“If you think you’re faster than me, go ahead,” Jeff said, picking up on her eye movement and nodding towards the door. “But you know, there is a solution to this stalemate.”

“And what would that be?” Nina asked.

“The shower is big enough for both of us,” Jeff answered. “Neither of us would have to let the other have the first shower while we sit out here stewing in our own filth.”

“Plus we’d conserve water,” Nina said, nodding in approval.

“Come on then,” Jeff said, darting forward with speed Nina hadn’t expected and in one move bent forward and threw her over his shoulder.

“At least let me get undressed first,” Nina said, giggling as Jeff carried her into the bathroom.

“We can wash our clothes while we wash ourselves,” Jeff said, still holding onto her as he reached in to turn on the shower.

*  *  *  *  *

The moment the door closed behind them Sammi was all over Vanessa. Lips met lips and hands went for clothing in a whirlwind of flailing limbs. Watching from behind them Stella could only make out who owned what body parts because of the different skin tones of the combatants. Vanessa had the darker skin tone as a legacy of their mother’s Asian blood.

While Vanessa and Stella had hooked up several times, and Stella and Sammi rarely went more than a few days without fucking, somehow Sammi and Vanessa had never been together. The timing had just never worked out.

Vanessa was enough older than Stella that by the time Stella had started fooling around with her friends Vanessa had been off at college. And when all three of them were together there always seemed to be other people, namely Vanessa and Stella’s parents, that kept Vanessa from putting the moves on her baby sister’s cute friend.

Stella had been the first to notice the way Sammi drooled every time Vanessa was around. And since they were about to graduate and head off to different universities, this was possibly the last chance, not only for Sammi to finally satisfy some of her lust for Vanessa, but also for Stella to get her best friend and her sister into the same bed.

By the time Vanessa and Sammi separated enough to be more than a tangle mass of limbs Vanessa was down to her bra and panties and Sammi only had a thong keeping her from being fully naked. Taking a moment to let her gaze travel up and down Sammi’s body, with an extended stop on Sammi’s smallish, but still mouth watering, breasts.

“What do you want first, Samantha Lynne?” Vanessa asked, using Sammi’s full name to give her a little extra authority as she pushed the younger girl down on the nearest bed.

“For you to fuck me,” Sammi answered, shivering a little at the use of her middle name.

“I know that, and I’m going do everything you could want and then some, but what do you want first?” Vanessa said, grinning.

“Stella says you’re pretty good with your tongue,” Sammi said.

“You don’t mind watching for a minute, do you Stell?” Vanessa asked her sister as she started peeling down Sammi’s thong.

“As long as I don’t have to wait forever,” Stella said, enjoying watching her sister and best friend finally hooking up.

With Stella’s assent, Vanessa leaned in and planted a kiss on the inside of Sammi’s thigh just above the knee. Moving a couple inches higher Vanessa planted another kiss. When Vanessa kissed a spot another couple inches higher Sammi moaned in anticipation. But just as Vanessa was getting close enough that she could’ve rubbed Sammi’s labia with her nose she suddenly pulled back and moved to repeat the process on Sammi’s other thigh.

“Uhhh,” Sammi grunted in frustration.

Rather than inch her way up like the first thigh though, Vanessa took Sammi by surprised by jumping from mid-thigh right to her labia. When Sammi gasped and hunched her hips towards Vanessa’s tongue, Vanessa just as quickly went back to kissing her way up the inside of Sammi’s thigh.

“Please, ‘Nessa,” Sammi groaned at the teasing.

Taking pity on Sammi, Vanessa took a long lick along Sammi’s labia starting at the edge of her perineum and not stopping until she’d flicked Sammi’s clit. Then before Sammi even had a chance to moan her approval Vanessa dove in. There was going to be plenty of time for showing Sammi the whole bag of trick but at the moment Sammi tasted way too good and the lure of some jailbait pussy cream was just too strong for Vanessa to consider taking her time and spending an hour languidly licking pussy like she did for her girlfriends.

“Oh fucking shit,” Sammi hissed.

Vanessa’s tongue was moving so fast on Sammi’s pussy that it almost felt like she’d somehow grown a second tongue or something and was using it as well. Sammi even turned her head to make sure Stella was sitting on her own bed watching instead of down there helping her sister. It was probably the single most amazing thing Sammi had ever felt and she was pretty sure from the stories Stella had told her that Vanessa still had so much more to show her.

With her orgasm building inside her so fast Sammi actually tried to pull away a bit but Vanessa grabbed onto her thighs and held her in place. Bucking her hips against Vanessa’s face, Sammi grunted and closed her eyes. When Vanessa’s tongue dipped down to poke at her asshole, Sammi went off like a firecracker.

“I told you she was good,” Stella said, suddenly appearing at Sammi’s side.

Stella loved watching Sammi come so to watch her writhing in ecstasy with Vanessa’s face between her legs was almost as good as making her friend come herself. Key word there was “almost” because as far as Stella was concerned there wasn’t much better in the world than fucking Sammi.

“Now that we got that one out of the way, we can really get down to business,” Vanessa said, grinning as she reached into her purse and pulled out her strap on.

“Ohhhh,” Sammi moaned, catching sight of the size of the dildo moments before Stella blocked her view by kissing her.

*  *  *  *  *

“Oh fuck, that’s it,” Nina Dobrev hissed as Jeff pumped his cock into her pussy.

Jeff had taken Nina’s shoes and socks off before depositing her in the shower. A moment later he’d stepped under the spray and then their clothes had immediately started heading in the other direction, being tossed out onto the tile floor when they were no longer needed.

Once they were both fully naked Jeff had lifted Nina up so she could wrap her legs around his waist. Pressing her back against the wall of the shower he’d let experience and feel guide him as blindly aimed his cock at her pussy. Finding the right angle he eased forward, slowly but insistently pushing his entire cock into Nina’s snatch in one thrust.

To combat the wet floor of the shower Jeff slid his foot back to the other side of the shower to brace himself against the opposite wall. Bending his lead leg at the knee he planted it and used it to drive up into Nina’s cunt with power.

“Fuck me, Jeff, oh god, come on,” Nina grunted, her arms around his neck, clinging to him desperately.

Not having a whole lot of time, partly because they didn’t want to turn into prunes under the rushing water, but also because Jeff wanted to be back at the school for some of the unofficial visitor’s weekend activities, Jeff tried to work quickly. So as he recognized that Nina was getting close, he let one hand trail down her body. While his right hand was against the wall to help steady them his left slid down to grab Nina’s ass.

“Come on, Nikolina, come for me,” Jeff demanded, using her full first name.

As a kid Nikolina had been a bit of a mouthful for her friends so somehow it had gotten shortened to Nina. And after a while everyone she knew other her parents had just called her Nina. Of course, Jeff, being different, had started using it on occasion even back in college long before they started dating when he’d found out. Maybe it was a sign that they were destined to be together because she let him get away with it when even her other boyfriends couldn’t.

“No, call me, uhh, Vanessa,” Nina grunted. “Pretend I’m that girl that never let you fuck her.”

“Kinky,” Jeff said, grinning at her roleplay idea. “You like my cock, don’t you, Vanessa?”

“So big,” Nina mewled, pressing her shoulders against the wall so she could hump her hips against him. “Fuck me, big boy.”

“Beg me to make you come, Vanessa,” Jeff said, kinda getting off on calling her by a different name. They weren’t strangers to roleplay in their sex lives, by any stretch, but normally it was more about the hero being thanked for saving the damsel in distress or the cop being talked into overlooking some crime type of roleplay rather than actively fantasizing about other people.

“Oh god, make me come, Jeff,” Nina begged, digging her heels into his ass and pulling him into deeper. “Make me come all over your big cock and make me sorry I didn’t fuck you back in high school.”

“You really should have,” Jeff hissed, sneaking a finger into the crack of her ass. “I could have fucked you so much better than all those girls with fake cocks around their waist.”

“So much better,” Nina grunted, her eyes opening wide when she felt Jeff’s finger press against her asshole.

“Come for me, Vanessa,” Jeff demanded. “Come all over my cock so I can come inside you.”

“Yeah, come inside my pussy,” Nina moaned. “Ohhh, so fucking close.”

Wiggling the finger in her ass Jeff leaned in kissed her hard. With his cock still pumping in and out of her cunt she closed her eyes and moaned around the tongue invading her mouth. Pushing away from the wall she pressed her chest to his and finally hit her peak.

Breaking the kiss Nina leaned her head forward until her forehead was resting on Jeff’s shoulder as she shook through her orgasm. It wasn’t the strongest orgasm she’d ever had but it was definitely more than satisfying as Jeff buried his cock deep inside her one last time. Feeling his come explode inside her it drew out her orgasm and made it that much better.

“Mmm,” Nina sighed, nuzzling Jeff’s neck as he continued to hold her pinned to the wall.

“We should actually shower now,” Jeff said, kissing her neck as he slowly lowered her to the ground.

“That means you’ll have to behave,” Nina said, grinning as Jeff handed her a small bottle of body wash.

“You know that’s not going to happen,” Jeff said with a smirk as he stepped out of the shower so she could wash herself in peace.

*  *  *  *  *

“Holy fuck,” Sammi Hanratty gasped as Vanessa Hudgens buried the biggest dildo she’d ever seen deep in her cunt.

It had been slow going with Sammi’s tiny body thoroughly unused to such large objects but after a couple minutes of gradually working it in Vanessa had finally gotten as much into her sister’s best friend as she dared.

“This might be intense, so why don’t you keep her mouth busy so she doesn’t get too loud,” Vanessa suggested to Stella.

While watching the first show Stella had removed a couple items of clothing to make it easier to get to her pussy, but while Vanessa had been stuffing Sammi full of plastic cock she’d wasted no time in stripping away the rest of them. So with a grin she was ready and more than eager to do exactly what Vanessa wanted.

When Stella threw a leg over her to straddle her head, facing Vanessa, Sammi reached up and grabbed her friend’s thighs. As Stella lowered her pussy Sammi lifted her head and took a nice swipe at her friend’s pussy with her tongue.

With Sammi’s mouth occupied Vanessa started to slide out of her pussy. Sammi’s snatch was so tight around the toy that her labia clung to the shaft and didn’t want to let go as Vanessa started to slowly thrust in and out the tight little teen.

“Mmpphh,” Sammi moaned into Stella’s pussy as Vanessa pushed into her with a little extra power.

“Mmm, she’s even better with a strap on, isn’t she?” Stella asked Sammi.

“Mmhmm,” Sammi agreed as she focused as best she could on the tasty pussy hovering right over her face.

Feeling Sammi start to loosen up and get used to the girth of the dildo Vanessa picked up some speed on her thrusts. While not moving particularly fast, Vanessa quickly was gliding in and out of Sammi’s pussy smoothly and easily.

“Oooh,” Stella moaned as Sammi hit her clit with her tongue.

“I tell you what, Sammi,” Vanessa said, thrusting deep into Sammi’s cunt and then rotating her hips from side to side to move the head of the dildo so it rubbed against the inner walls rather than immediately pulling out. “Make my sister come and I’ll make you come.”

With Vanessa’s promise Sammi attacked Stella’s pussy with even more zeal. Of course, with Vanessa thrusting in and out of her every so often Sammi had to stop tonguing Stella’s clit so she could moan but Stella was hardly complaining as she watched her sister pump in and out of her friend’s cunt.

In fact, between her little bout of masturbation while watching Vanessa eat Sammi’s pussy and the licking she was currently receiving, Stella was already beginning to feel the effects. And watching Vanessa’s toy gliding in and out of Sammi certainly wasn’t helping calm her down.

“Fuck,” Stella hissed, leaning forward and putting her hands on Sammi’s stomach to brace herself as Sammi reached around to slip a finger into her pussy from behind.

Still holding Sammi’s hips as she fucked her, Vanessa leaned forward far enough to kiss Stella. It was probably a good thing Sammi couldn’t see due to Stella’s crotch in her face because the sight of Vanessa letting her tongue dart into her baby sister’s mouth might have made her come on the spot.

Even if she couldn’t see the kiss, Sammi still noticed when Stella’s moans were suddenly muffled. Then as she shifted some of her focus to listening she noticed the soft sounds of kissing and her mind was filled with images of the two sisters making out. And even though Sammi was sure the mental images didn’t do the actual sight justice, it was still an extreme turn on.

Sucking on Vanessa’s tongue Stella lifted her hands off Sammi’s stomach. Reaching out she put her hands on her big sister’s rib cage. Sliding them up Stella palmed Vanessa’s breasts and gently squeezed them in her hands.

“Mmm,” Vanessa sighed into Stella’s mouth as Stella kneaded her breasts.

Hearing the sister action and not being able to see it was torture for Sammi. Sure it was amazing torture that she’d sign up for again every day of the week, but it was still torture nonetheless. So Sammi decided that needed to change.

Latching her mouth onto Stella’s clit Sammi started sucking. The reaction was instantaneous as Stella bucked her hips and pushed her crotch tighter against Sammi’s face. With her finger still pumping in and out of Stella’s cunt Sammi quickly had Stella too preoccupied to do anything but press her forehead against Vanessa’s and whimper.

“Do it, Sammi, make Stella come,” Vanessa urged.

Slipping a second finger into Stella Sammi’s hand became a blur thrusting in and out of her friend’s pussy. Between the fingering and Sammi’s continued sucking on Stella’s clit, Stella was on the verge of coming in no time.

“Come on, Stell, I want to watch come,” Vanessa sexily whispered into her sister’s ear as she slid a hand up Stella’s body.

“Ohhhhhh,” Stella moaned, her body being wracked with pleasure but not quite getting over the hump.

“Come on, Stell, come for your big sis,” Vanessa urged, tweaking one of Stella’s nipples with her fingers as she continued to slowly thrust her toy into Sammi.

“Oh fu- uhhh,” Stella grunted, her body shaking with need as she dangled right on the edge.

“Look at me,” Vanessa said, tilting Stella’s head up. When Stella opened her eyes to make eye contact with her sister, Vanessa leaned in and kissed her again.

With a moan of approval Stella finally came like a freight train. She’d been right there for so long that when she finally went over it was like lights exploding behind her eyes. Every muscle cried out in release as the pleasure shot through her.

As Stella finally came Sammi slowed down her ministrations but didn’t stop. At least not until Stella came down from her climax and fell off to the side with a contented sigh. That just left Vanessa to make good on her promise to get Sammi off.

“Ready to really get fucked?” Vanessa asked Sammi with an evil grin.

“Yeah,” Sammi moaned, nodding her head.

Planting her hands on the mattress on either side of Sammi’s shoulders Vanessa started to really drive her strap on into Sammi’s waiting cunt. Without have to worry about Stella or being gentle or anything, Vanessa was able to summon all the power she could from her powerful dancers body and years of experience.

“Fuck,” Sammi gasped, her eyes rolling up in her head as Vanessa used long, powerful strokes to melt her brain.

“That’s what I’m doing,” Vanessa snarled, increasing the speed on her thrusts.

“Urgghhh,” Sammi mumbled, arching her back as Vanessa pushed her to her limits.

“You’re my little fuck toy, aren’t you, Sammi?” Vanessa demanded, shifting her hips and altering the angle of penetration just enough to hit a new spot inside Sammi’s pussy. “Any time I want this pussy, it’s mine.”

“Any time,” Sammi moaned, a little surprised she was able to form actual words.

“Good, then later tonight I can take your ass too,” Vanessa hissed. “Fuck every fucking hole you’ve got until you can’t think of anything but spreading your legs for me on command.”

“Oh god, oh fuck,” Sammi said, Vanessa’s dirty talk driving her on almost as much as the large dildo repeatedly splitting her clam.

“Come for me and become my little fuck toy,” Vanessa urged Sammi. “You’re already Stella’s plaything, now you’ll belong to both of us. You want that, don’t you? To have two sexy sisters fuck you silly whenever they want?”

“Yeah, I want both of you to fuck me,” Sammi begged. “I want to have both of you fuck me together.”

“Oh, we’re both going to fuck you,” Vanessa said, leaning down so she could whisper into Sammi’s ear. “Sometime this weekend you’re going to get fucked by both of us at the same time. You’re going to get one fake cock in your pussy and one in your ass and we’re going to fuck you until you can’t take any more.”

“Ohhhhh,” Sammi screamed, the mental images too much for her.

Feeling Sammi come underneath her didn’t stop Vanessa. It barely slowed her down as she continued to use Sammi’s body for her own pleasure. She was having too much fun watching Sammi shake with each new thrust to just stop.

“Oh god, please, no more,” Sammi pleaded as Vanessa sought to wring every drop of pleasure out of her.

With a satisfied grin Vanessa stopped with the toy buried deep inside Sammi. After keeping it there a moment Vanessa slowly slipped it out of the nearly unconscious teen. Seeing Stella starting to come around Vanessa moved over and presented her toy to Stella to be sucked clean.

*  *  *  *  *

“If you’re trying to get an encore, you’re on the right track,” Jeff said, emerging from the bathroom with a towel around his waist to find Nina bent over in bra and panties digging through a suitcase. He’d let Nina finish her shower in peace and then while she’d dried her hair and started getting dressed he’d taken his shower.

“Someone sure seemed to enjoy the fantasy of having sex with your old friend,” Nina said, grinning as she sat down on the bed to put on makeup.

“I know, you really got off on it, didn’t you?” Jeff said, smirking as he put on some boxers.

“I meant you, idiot,” Nina said, grinning as she rolled her eyes. “But I still find it hard to believe you’d just let me have sex with other people like that.”

“Other women,” Jeff stressed. “I’d let you have sex with other women. If another man touches you there would be hell to pay, but I think it’d be hot to watch you with another woman.”

“So if I saw a woman I thought was cute and wanted to do stuff with, you really wouldn’t mind?’ Nina asked, stopping with the mascara brush halfway to her eyes.

“I might ask for pictures or video, but I’d settle for a vivid recounting of the events,” Jeff said, digging through his own suitcase for clothes.

“What if I wanted to watch you and her together?” Nina asked quietly, shocking Jeff so much that he stopped dead in his tracks.

“Say what now?” Jeff asked, lifting his head to look at her.

“I’m not saying I would, but what if I wanted to watch you fuck another woman?” Nina asked a little more confidently, though still nervous.

“Well I’d have to be an idiot to say no, but I’m telling you, I don’t care,” Jeff said, shrugging his shoulders as he resumed getting dressed. “I’ve got all I could want in you.”

“You’re full of shit, you know that?” Nina asked, laughing as the tension broke.

“I guess if you wanted to go a little wild, doing it while out of town and surrounded by strangers you could very easily avoid ever seeing again would be the way to go,” Jeff said. “So if you want to take part in all of the festivities this weekend, I’ll be there with you.”

“We should have some ground rules then,” Nina said, sighing in relief that he hadn’t taken it wrong.

“I only have one, no men,” Jeff said firmly. “You can fuck all the women you want, and they can shove all kinds of toys into any and all holes they want, but I’m the only man that gets to touch you.”

“I can only think of two right off,” Nina said as he sat on the bed next to her. “First is that it’s just this weekend. This isn’t a green light for you to fuck whoever you want for the rest of eternity. When we hop on the plane to go home we go back to normal and I’m the only one or I cut your balls off.”

“Well that’s just a given,” Jeff said, grinning at her seriousness.

“The second is that you wear a condom at all times,” Nina said. “You can either wear a condom this weekend or wear one for the next several months until I’m sure you didn’t catch anything.”

“Condom it is,” Jeff said, leaning in to kiss her.

“Good, now tell me more about the kind of stuff that happens at these visitor’s weekends,” Nina said, continuing to get ready now that everything had been settled.

Not expecting to do more than some of the more organized events Jeff hadn’t told her about some of the crazier stuff. She’d heard enough stories about the every day crazy for her to have some general idea of what might be in store, but she still kinda wanted to hear more.

“Well, visitor’s weekend freshman year I wound up hooking with a gorgeous redheaded sophomore while her boyfriend had sex with a former student,” Jeff said. “I actually wound up dating the redhead for quite a while, but it was weird banging someone else’s girlfriend while they were a few feet away plowing away on some woman in her late twenties.”

“What else?” Nina asked, pulling on a little sun dress.

“Junior year I had a threesome with one of the graduating seniors and her mom,” Jeff said. “Fucked the mom’s virgin ass while the daughter ate her pussy.”

“Wow,” Nina said, once again unsure whether he was telling her the truth. She’d never questioned his truthiness in anything else, but some of his stories about the school were just so out there.

“Come on, lets go get some dinner and then we can go from there,” Jeff suggested.

“Sounds good, I’m famished,” Nina said, slipping on some sandals.

*  *  *  *  *

“Holy shit,” Vanessa Hudgens gasped when she saw the goddess in a knee length yellow sun dress.

“Wow, she’s pretty,” Sammi Hanratty said, following Vanessa’s gaze as the trio walked across campus.

“So is the guy she’s with,” Stella said, trying not to drool over the large, well put together man next to the girl.

“I know him,” Vanessa said, trying to remember his name. “J something. He dated Alexa for a couple months.”

“He dated one of your best friends and you don’t remember his name?” Sammi asked, knowing that Vanessa was talking about Alexa Nikolas, Vanessa’s roommate for a couple years in college.

“If Vanessa even remembers that much about a guy then he obviously made a big impression,” Stella pointed out.

While both sisters considered themselves bisexual, Vanessa was more of a lesbian that occasionally liked to feel a nice hard cock filling her up. Stella, on the other hand, tended to prefer guys and outside of Sammi, girls were more of a stopgap when she couldn’t find a man.

“Why don’t you go talk to her and see if she wants to come back to our room?” Sammi suggested.

“I don’t know, she seems pretty cozy with what’s-his-name,” Vanessa said, shocked that she’d feel so nervous about talking to a woman, even one as beautiful as the girl in the sun dress.

“Fine, I’ll do it,” Stella said, breaking away from her sister before Vanessa could stop her.

If she’d been sitting down Vanessa would’ve been on the edge of her seat as she watched Stella engage the couple. When Stella pointed back at her and Sammi the guy turned his head and smiled as he recognized Vanessa. She returned his wave and then eagerly waited as Stella made her way back, returning much slower than when she’d headed over.

“Well?” Vanessa asked, unable to tell from Stella’s facial expression.

“I just told them that my sister knew him from way back and suggested maybe we all go out for dinner or something,” Stella said. “His name is Jeff, by the way, and she’s Nina.”

“And?” Vanessa asked as Stella kept her waiting.

“They were going to get some dinner if we wanted to join them,” Stella answered. “Or maybe we could meet them at the movie in an hour if that’s better.”

“I hope you girls want to pull double time at the gym tomorrow because we’re having dinner again,” Vanessa said, hooking an arm in each of theirs and following after Jeff and Nina.

*  *  *  *  *

“Remember that time we spent all night studying in my room?” Pete Merrick asked Debby Ryan as they talked about old times over dinner.

“The dorm adviser caught me sneaking out of your room in the morning and was going to write us up but after checking your room and seeing books and papers strewn all over the place he figured we were telling the truth and let us off with a warning,” Debby said, laughing.

“No, he thought we spent the night having sex,” Pete said, smirking. “I tried to tell him we were just studying, but he kept doing that ‘uh huh’ winking thing. I mean, we spent so much time together the whole school already thought we were a couple. So when you spent the night in my room he seemed to think we’d finally gone all the way.”

“I actually thought it might happen that night,” Debby said. “I’d been dying to get you to ask me out for months and then you wanted to study in your room. But then you really did just want to study and I felt like an idiot thinking you might be interested in me.”

“You should’ve said something,” Pete said. “I was crazy about you but I didn’t want to screw up the closest friendship I had at the school. So I never asked you out for fear it would make things weird between us if you said no.”

“No, you were pretty much the only guy I had any interest in dating,” Debby sighed. “But you never asked me out so I just focused on school work instead.”

“It’s a few years too late, but would you like to go on a date with me, maybe catch a movie?” Pete asked.

“If I’d known this was going to be a date, I would’ve ordered something more expensive than a salad,” Debby joked.

“I’ll buy you Sno-Caps at the theater,” Pete offered as he motioned for the check.

“You remembered,” Debby said, a little shocked.

“You only got them every time,” Pete said, dropping some money on the table for a tip. “I’d have to be an idiot not to know you liked them.”

“Still, I’m impressed that you remembered,” Debby said, smiling.

“Shall we?” Pete asked, holding out his arm for her to take.

*  *  *  *  *

“This movie really sucks,” Vanessa Hudgens groused to her sister as they sat watching some comedy that wasn’t particularly funny. “I forgot how bad the movies can be here.”

After joining Jeff and Nina for dinner, the whole group had headed to the on-campus theater to catch a movie. Unfortunately, the movies it showed were always a couple months old and rarely had good stuff like nudity or violence in them.

That didn’t mean it didn’t have its upside though. It still was a couple hours of mostly darkness with a movie that most students had either already seen or wasn’t worth paying attention to in the first place. So it often became a place for people to fool around a bit. School employees wandered through occasionally so fucking was generally out of the question, but making out and hand action was definitely a regular sight if one were voyeuristically inclined.

“Then watch something else,” Stella said, nodding her head toward where Stefanie Scott was clearly jerking off her boyfriend.

“I’d rather stare at her,” Vanessa said, turning to look at Nina.

“The seat on the other side of her is open if you want to move,” Stella suggested.

“Good idea,” Vanessa said, getting up.

Crouching down so as not to block the view of people of behind her Vanessa moved down the row until she reached the aisle. Scurrying up the aisle until she reached the back of the theater she moved behind the last row of seats, only stopping to look down as she passed a pair of teenage girls diddling each other.

Hurrying back down the aisle on the side of the theater Vanessa found the right row and moved along until she slipped into the seat next to Nina. When the pretty girl turned her head Vanessa smiled before turning to look at the movie screen.

“Is that blond over there doing what I think she is?” Nina asked Vanessa, nodding her head towards the same couple Stella had been spying on a minute earlier.

“There are a couple girls in the back playing with each other as well,” Vanessa said, nodding her head.

“I never really believed most of the stuff Jeff said about this school, but I’m starting to think he might be underselling it,” Nina said, trying not to stare.

“You should see the library,” Vanessa said with a smirk that Nina barely saw in the dark. “First time I ever had a girl go down on me was in the reference section. And I’m pretty sure some guy was getting head in the next aisle at the same time.”

“First girl, huh?” Nina asked, not particularly surprised.

During dinner Vanessa hadn’t outright hit on Nina, but she’d certainly given off some major vibes that she was interested. Of course, her little sister had been far less subtle about her interest in Jeff. Stella probably would’ve climbed into Jeff’s lap to fuck his cock right there at the table if Nina had given the go ahead.

“Actually, no, just the first one that went down on me,” Vanessa said, grinning.

“I bet you’ve had lots of experience since then,” Nina said, making it about as obvious as she could.

While on the way to the theater when Vanessa and the girls were out of ear shot Nina had gushed over how hot Vanessa was. Combined with the conversation earlier Jeff had assumed that meant she was asking for permission to hook up with Vanessa. So he’d told her to go for it if the opportunity came up, which it apparently was.

“I’ve had my share,” Vanessa said, resting her hand on Nina’s knee as she picked up Nina’s hints. “What about you?”

“A couple times back in college,” Nina said, feeling the butterflies in her stomach as Vanessa’s hand started moving up her thigh.

“That’s way too long,” Vanessa said, pressing up against Nina’s arm.

“What about Jeff?” Nina asked.

“If you’re worried about what he’ll think, you can make an excuse to duck out and be back before the movie ends,” Vanessa suggested.

“No no, we already talked before the movie and he said I could if I wanted, but I don’t want him to feel left out,” Nina responded.

“Don’t worry about him,” Vanessa said. Leaning across Nina she tried to get Sammi’s attention. “Sammi, switch places with Jeff.”

Before Jeff could react Sammi was already sliding over into his lap. His choices were pretty much to either move to claim the seat she’d just vacated, or to remain where he was and let the nubile teenager sit in his lap. Glancing over at Nina he saw his girlfriend give him a little nod so he moved over to let the teens bracket him.

Barely even settled into his seat Jeff nearly jumped out of it when he felt a hand grab his crotch. Looking down he saw a hand and turned his head and followed the arm until he saw the smiling face of Stella looking like she was about ready to jump his bones whether he wanted her to or not.

“How about you come back to my place with me?” Vanessa proposed to Nina. “Jeff can take Stella and Sammi back to your hotel for the night and then we can all meet up for breakfast or something.”

“You’d trust Jeff with your sister?” Nina asked, a little surprised.

“Stella’s a big girl,” Vanessa said, shrugging her shoulders. “Besides, I’ll have his girlfriend if he tries anything they don’t like.”

“Sounds good to me,” Nina said, her horny brain not finding anything wrong with her suggestion.

“Okay, lets go,” Vanessa said, tapping out a text to Stella.

A moment later there was a buzz from a couple seats down followed by the illumination of a cell phone. Then a small squeal as Stella was given the green light to do whatever she wanted with Jeff. Shortly after that if one had been paying close attention they might have heard the sound of a zipper being pulled down.

*  *  *  *  *

“Wow, is that Stella?” Debby asked Pete as she let her eyes roam over the audience.

It was an old habit she’d picked up in high school. If the movie wasn’t enough to hold her attention, and it often wasn’t, she liked to watch other couples deal with a boring movie by whatever means necessary. And at the moment she was watching a pair of girls alternate giving head to a lucky guy in the row in front of them.

“Which would mean the other one is Sammi,” Pete said, obviously watching as well.

They couldn’t really see much since they were off to one side and had the seats and bodies blocking their view. But there was no mistaking what they were doing. One of the girls would disappear with her head in the guy’s lap for a couple minutes before reappearing just in time for the other one to take her turn while the first played lookout.

“Did you ever do anything like that in here?” Debby asked Pete as she watched Sammi’s head bob up and down in the guy’s lap.

“Once, when I was dating Molly,” Pete responded, wondering if she was trying to tell him something. “She got me unzipped and started sucking but I kept worrying that we’d get caught and couldn’t really enjoy it. What about you?”

“No, nothing like that,” Debby said, blushing slightly in the darkness.

“But you always wanted to, didn’t you?” Pete asked, hoping he sounded casual enough to not be creepy.

“Maybe,” Debby said, wanting to reach out and undo his pants but not sure if she should.

“You know, if we got caught doing something like that now, they’d probably just kick us out,” Pete said, ninety-nine percent sure she was hinting that she wanted to give him head.

“Certainly wouldn’t have to worry about getting detention,” Debby said, reaching for his zipper.

When Pete didn’t push her hand away Debby slowly pulled it down. Reaching into his pants she extracted the semi-erect cock cocooned within. Still not being stopped, Debby gave the cock a couple strokes until it started to harden in her hand.

“Uhhhh,”Pete grunted as Debby leaned down and engulfed the head of his cock in her mouth.

Even though she was a virgin, it wasn’t like Debby had never sucked cock before. She’d had boyfriends and had actually liked giving head. She just didn’t get as many chances as she might want because the whole virgin thing always seemed to get in the way.

Trying to stay inconspicuous Pete clenched his jaw to keep his mouth shut. Gripping the arm rests tightly Pete tried to focus on the screen rather than the red head slowly bobbing up and down in his lap. It wasn’t quite working though because every time he started getting used to the sensations Debby swirled her tongue around the head and he just about ripped the arm rests off the seats trying to keep from groaning loud enough for the whole theater to hear over the movie.

After a couple minutes of Debby giving him the best blow job he’d ever had he noticed the trio in the row in front of them start to get up. He wanted to tell Debby to take a break but he didn’t trust himself to open his mouth without moaning so he just tried to sit still and stare at the screen in hopes it wouldn’t draw attention.

It didn’t quite work though as one of the girls nudged the other and pointed at Debby’s head as they walked by. After some whispering the guy looked and gave Pete a grin and thumbs up as he pushed the girls forward rather than let them stand there and watch.

Rather than let Debby know that she’d been the center of attention for a moment, Pete let her continue to work. Sinking a little further down in his seat he put a hand on the back of Debby’s head but didn’t put any pressure on it. Mostly he just relaxed and let it sink in that his best friend, and major crush, from high school was sucking him off.

Feeling Pete start to lift his hips to thrust into her mouth Debby sensed he might be getting close and knew she had a choice to make. She could either pull away  and stop before he reached the point of no return or she could keep going and make him right then and there.

As a naughty thrill went through her Debby not only kept going but increased the pace she was using to stroke his shaft. Sucking as hard as she could she started to slowly lift her head until just the head was still in her mouth. Hearing Pete gasp and feeling his grip on her head tighten she suddenly plunged down until she had gobbled up half of his cock.

Eyes rolling back in his head Pete tried to warn her he was about to come but when he opened his mouth his voice was barely a squeak. He wasn’t sure whether his words got lost in the sound coming out of the speakers or Debby ignored him. Either way she was still sucking his cock when the first blast erupted into her mouth.

Showing her inexperience a bit, Debby had heard Pete’s attempted warning, but was still taken by surprise. Being in public she couldn’t just let him shoot off into the air or her face, so she’d known that she was going to have to let him come in her mouth, but rather than pulling back until was sucking on just the head, he’d been practically bumping against the back of her mouth when the first spurt hit her uvula and incited her gag reflex a bit.

Sputtering and coughing Debby pulled off Pete’s cock, only to be hit right under the nose with the next volley of jizz. Reeling back from the unexpected strike Debby felt the warm cum oozing down his cock over her hand that was still holding it.

“Napkin?” Debby asked when the cock in her hand had stopped spewing baby gravy.

“Yeah, sure,” Pete said, grabbing a couple of the napkins he’d grabbed to wipe up butter from the popcorn.

“Thanks,” Debby said, embarrassed as she wiped off her face and then wiping off the front of his pants as best she could in the flickering light of the movie.

“So, uh, that was fun,” Pete said, unsure how to proceed as he tucked himself back in and zipped up.

“It was until the end there,” Debby said, blushing enough that Pete could even see it in the dark.

“Happens to everyone,” Pete said as she moved to sit up. “Well, maybe not everyone, but I’m sure a lot of people.”

“The movie’s almost over if you want to get out of here,” Debby suggested, feeling all kinds of nervous just saying it.

“Lets go,” Pete said, grabbing the remaining popcorn.

*  *  *  *  *

“Oh yeah, oh fuck,” Nina Dobrev hissed as Vanessa’s tongue drove her crazy.

Nina was Vanessa’s second pussy of the day and as sweet as Sammi’s had been, Nina’s was even better. Vanessa had a feeling she could spend hours munching on Nina’s cute little pussy and still not get tired of it. It was just perfect, both in terms of it being a gorgeous little pussy, but also because it was so responsive to her every move.

Nina had come within a couple minutes of Vanessa getting her naked, largely from the sheer excitement of letting such a stunningly beautiful woman pick her up. Then Vanessa had really gone to work and showed her the expertise she’d racked up. The result had been two more orgasms with Vanessa showing no signs of stopping as she used her fingers and tongue in concert to play Nina’s body like a symphony.

“Oh fuck me, Vanessa,” Nina screamed, making Vanessa glad her upstairs neighbor had moved out a couple weeks prior and the apartment was still empty.

After leaving the theater Vanessa had practically raced them back to her apartment, not wanting Nina to have time to rethink herself. Then before she’d even gotten the door closed behind them Vanessa had started pawing at buttons and tugging at zippers to get both of them naked as quickly as possible.

“Such a yummy pussy,” Vanessa murmured as Nina started to spasm in yet another orgasm.

“OhhhhhHHHHH,” Nina shrieked, her moans turning to a wail of ecstasy.

“Mmm,” Vanessa moaned contentedly as she lapped up Nina’s orgasmic fluids.

“Stop stop,” Nina managed to get out, pushing Vanessa’s head away.

“Too much?” Vanessa asked, smirking.

“Oh god,” Nina sighed, finally able to breathe.

“And we’re just getting started,” Vanessa said, her smirk turning into an evil grin.

“Let me taste you first,” Nina said, hoping to at least stall Vanessa long enough to allow her to recover a bit before the next assault on her sanity.

“Ooh, yeah,” Vanessa said, trying to decide how she wanted to do it.

“We could sixty-nine,” Nina suggested, reading Vanessa’s thoughts.

“Mmm,” Vanessa moaned as she shifted around to straddle Nina’s pretty face.

As Vanessa’s pussy was lowered to her face Nina looked at it nervously. It wasn’t the first one she’d seen up close and personal, but it was the first one in several years. She thought she’d given it up but then Jeff’s stories had gotten her kind of hot, and then Vanessa had lit a fire in her panties at dinner.

Grabbing Vanessa’s ass with both hands Nina squeezed it and was amazed at how firm it was. After a moment or two Nina remembered the pussy hovering right in front of her face and lifted her head so she could get a taste of it.

“Ohhh,” Vanessa mewled as Nina started lapping away at her pussy.

As Nina went to work in earnest on Vanessa’s pussy, Vanessa went at a slower pace on Nina’s. Nina was still a little sensitive after the first round so Vanessa gave her just enough to keep her purring but not enough to overwhelm her.

“Just like, uhhh, riding a bike, huh?” Vanessa asked Nina as her new friend knocked some of the rust off her carpet munching skills.

“Mmhmm,” Nina agreed, not taking her focus off the pussy dripping onto her tongue.

Getting into the swing of things Nina flattened her tongue against Vanessa’s clit and let Vanessa swivel her hips and grind her pussy against her. As Vanessa’s movements got wider and more elaborate Nina kept catching glimpses of Vanessa’s tight little puckered asshole and started to get an idea.

Nina had never licked an asshole before, though she certainly didn’t mind whenever Jeff got in the mood to toss her salad a bit. It just felt so nasty and incredibly arousing to have his tongue poking around back there and suddenly Nina had the urge to see if being on the giving end was as much fun.

So as Vanessa moved to push her hips down and put her asshole in range Nina struck. Pulling Vanessa’s tight ass cheeks apart Nina didn’t even think twice as she let her tongue dart out to flick Vanessa’s asshole. When Vanessa tensed up Nina wondered if she’d made a mistake but almost immediately Vanessa moaned and pressed back against Nina’s tongue.

“Oh yeah, lick my ass, baby,” Vanessa demanded, squirming as Nina tongued her bung.

While she hadn’t been expecting Nina to rim her asshole, Vanessa certainly wasn’t complaining. Anal was one of her favorites, both giving and receiving, and there wasn’t much better than a nice rim job beforehand. Though as much as Nina’s tongue was getting her in the mood to be fucked in the ass, it was putting her in the mood for something else as well.

“Such a naughty girl, licking a stranger’s ass, and, ohhhh, doing it so well,” Vanessa grunted as Nina made small circles around the puckered starfish with her tongue.

With her hands squeezing and pulling apart Vanessa’s butt cheeks Nina folded her tongue in half and poked it against the center of Vanessa’s anus. The aggressive Nina got with Vanessa’s ass, the more both of them enjoyed it. For Nina it was almost as hot to lick Vanessa’s ass as it was to have her own asshole rimmed. For Vanessa, she was really getting off on having such a beautiful woman doing such a nasty, naughty thing.

“Uhhh, yeah, shove your tongue up my tight little ass,” Vanessa groaned, sitting up as Nina’s tongue dug into her ass.

Sensing that Vanessa wasn’t that far from coming, Nina moved a hand off Vanessa’s butt. Slipping it around to Vanessa’s front, she found Vanessa’s clit and stroked it with her finger. The reaction was immediate as Vanessa moaned and pushed down against Nina’s tongue.

“Ohhhh ohh oh,” Vanessa panted as Nina made her feel oh so good.

Between the tongue on her ass and the finger on her clit Vanessa was on cloud nine. She could feel an orgasm building inside her and knew it was going to be a good one. Closing her eyes and biting her lower lip Vanessa bucked her hips insistently against Nina’s face.

“Oh fucking eat my fucking ass,” Vanessa screeched as she felt the first wave of her climax hit her.

With her body spasming in orgasm, Vanessa leaned forward and put her hands on Nina’s lower stomach. When Nina shifted her tongue down to lap up the juices that were gushing out of her pussy, Vanessa groaned and her body jerked involuntarily.

“Mmm,” Vanessa moaned, her body collapsing on top of Nina when her orgasm had run its course.

“That was fun,” Nina said, her hands stroking the soft skin of Vanessa’s hips and thighs.

“Very,” Vanessa said, rolling off Nina. “Though there’s one more thing.”

“And what would that be?” Nina asked.

“I haven’t gotten to fuck anyone in the ass in days,” Vanessa said, getting off the bed. “I was going take Sammi’s ass, but then plans changed. And after that little performance, I’m guessing you’re no stranger to anal.”

“You want to fuck my ass?” Nina asked, really turned on by the idea.

“There’s no want to it, I’m going fuck it so hard you’re going to have trouble walking in the morning,” Vanessa said, digging her spare strap on out of her dresser. She’d left her main harness in Stella’s room, but that was probably for the best. That one was way too big for ass fucking unless she was sure the girl could handle it, and she wasn’t sure about Nina quite yet.

“Ohhh,” Nina moaned at the thought as she watched Vanessa fit the harness around her waist.

*  *  *  *  *

Barely paying attention to what he was doing because of the redhead shoving her tongue down his throat, Pete stuck the key card into the lock. When it beeped he turned the knob and pushed the door open. Without even breaking the kiss he pushed Debby through the door and into the room.

After leaving the theater they’d hopped into his rental car. Not wanting to assume someone was going to happen he’d asked her where to take her. When she’d told him to his hotel room, he’d stomped on the gas and somehow managed to avoid being pulled over as he’d broken numerous traffic laws to get there as fast as possible.

Reaching around behind Debby Pete found the zipper for her dress and started to pull it down. When he had drawn it all the way down Pete’s hands went to the straps and, with trembling hands, slowly pulled them down off her shoulders.

“Wait, I’m a virgin,” Debby blurted out as his hands slid around her to reach for the clasp of her bra.

At her words Pete instinctively broke the kiss and backed away. Immediately he realized it was a mistake and the look on Debby’s face confirmed it as she stared at him with a look of hurt and confusion at his actions. It was just the last thing he’d been expecting to hear and it took him by surprise.

She’d quite literally thrown herself at him and while at her most vulnerable he’d rejected her. Suddenly she wanted to be anywhere but in his hotel room. She didn’t even think about the fact that her dress was around her waist and only her bra was keeping her entire upper half from being exposed to his view.

“I should go,” Debby said, finally pulling her dress up.

“No wait, stay,” Pete insisted, though he made only minimal effort to block her way. “You just caught me by surprise is all.”

“Don’t worry about it, this was all a mistake,” Debby sighed, trying not to cry. “So you don’t want to have sex with me, that’s fine.”

“Are you kidding?” Pete asked. “I’ve been thinking about this since sophomore year. But your first time? Like this, with me, in a hotel room?”

“You were the one I wanted to be my first in high school and then the longer I went the harder it became to find someone I trusted as much as you,” Debby sighed. “I’m just sick of being the one that guys either avoid because they know I won’t put out or draw attention from the wrong types of guys.”

“So you chose me?” Pete asked, filling in the blanks a bit.

“I wanted to spend the weekend doing anything and everything,” Debby said. “Most girls my age lost their virginities years ago and I want to make up for some lost time.”

“Sounds like you’ve put some thought into this,” Pete said. “But I have one question for you.”

“Shoot,” Debby said.

“If I say no, are you going to go out and find some random guy to pop your cherry? Because I really don’t want that to happen,” Pete said. “Your first time should really be with someone you care about, so if you’re not going to wait for someone you love, then it should be someone you know is going to be gentle and not go too fast.”

“So you’ll do it?” Debby asked, hopeful.

Rather than answer Pete reached out and slipped an arm around her waist to pull her to him. Pressing his lips to hers, he gave her the kind of kiss he’d wanted to give her ever since she was fifteen and he started to notice that she was filling out.

When Debby moaned and returned the kiss Pete grabbed the straps of her dress and the pulled them back. Rather than stop halfway though, he kept pushing until her dress fell into a pool of fabric at her feet. Breaking the kiss he reached around to unhook her bra.

As Pete pulled her bra off Debby instinctively moved her hands in front of her breasts. Pete wasn’t the first man to see them, and she’d known that he’d see her naked at some point, but it still felt kinda weird to be topless in front of him.

“Since you’re the one that try new things, why don’t you tell me what you have done,” Pete suggested, hoping it might put her at a bit more ease.

“Obviously I’ve sucked cock before,” Debby said, blushing as she thought back to the theater. “And I’ve had a couple guys suck on my boobs and one got his hand in my pants and got me off with his fingers. But the asshole broke up with me when I didn’t immediately pull down my pants let him fuck me.”

“That sucks, so no one has gone down on you?” Pete asked, putting his hands on her hips and absently running his fingers over the waistband of her thong.

“No,” Debby sighed, finally pulling her hands away from her chest to give him an unobstructed view of her marvelous tits.

She’d asked a couple of her ex-boyfriends but they either thought it wasn’t manly or they refused to do it unless they were going to get laid a few minutes later. Needless to say, they hadn’t lasted long and after a while she’d stopped even asking.

“Then I think I know where we need to start,” Pete said, hooking his fingers in her thong and pushing it down.

When he had the thong down past her ass he pushed her to sit on the edge of the bed. Kneeling in front of her Pete pulled the thong the rest of the way down Debby’s legs, lifting each in turn so he could remove the garment completely.

“You’re going to-?” Debby asked nervously.

“I was going to, but if you don’t want me to, I won’t,” Pete said, his hands on her knees.

“No, I want you to,” Debby insisted, nodding her head as he pushed her knees apart and took in the sight of the closely trimmed patch of red hair above her pussy.

When Pete turned his head and placed a soft kiss on the inside of her thigh just above the knee Debby shivered in anticipation. She could feel him alternate between kisses and licks as he worked his way up her thigh and the closer he got to her pussy the more turned on she became.

Approaching Debby’s pussy Pete was close enough to smell Debby’s arousal. But since it was her first time, for a lot of things, he didn’t want her to simply be aroused. He wanted her to remember her first time for a good long time and hopefully maybe want a second or third time with him.

“Nooo,” Debby moaned when Pete suddenly skipped her pussy and instead moved to the inside of her other thigh headed away from her pussy.

“I’ll come back to it,” Pete promised, putting a hand on her stomach and urging her to lay on her back.

As Pete kissed his way around Debby’s thighs he let his hands wander over Debby’s flat stomach. In college he’d had a girlfriend that was a firm believer in erogenous zones and had insisted he do more than just “find clit, lick clit” as she called it. Sometimes if she just wanted to come she turned him loose, but often he’d spent quite a bit of time with his hands and mouth wandering her body looking for any place that was sensitive to elicit a reaction.

Since then he’d tried it on other women and found that while his findings might have been specific to one girl, most of it transferred relatively well to others. Some women were more sensitive in certain spots than the next woman and less sensitive in others, but the key was the explore and find out.

And at the moment Pete was in the feeling out process, literally. His fingers were expertly tweaking and caressing Debby’s body, yet consciously staying away from her pussy and breasts. It was simultaneously the most amazing and most frustrating thing she’d ever been through.

When Debby let out a quiet whimper Pete decided she’d had enough for the moment. The idea was to increase arousal and intimacy rather than making significant progress towards orgasm. That prolonged pleasure can have even more of an impact than just trying to get a woman off as quickly as possible.

Giving in for the moment Pete finally leaned in and dragged his tongue along the length of Debby’s labia. But he still steered well clear of her clit as he collected some of the juices already started to drip out of her. He was taking the next step towards a more specific erogenous zone but making sure she was really primed before going all in.

“Ohhh Pete,” Debby moaned as she was assaulted by things she’d never felt before.

She’d masturbated before, and had a couple boyfriends rub her through her clothing, but none of that even remotely compared to what Pete was doing to her. His tongue caressing her labia and even poking at her hole was doing more for her than even her fingers could normally muster on her clit.

Taking another half step Pete extended his hands until he reached her chest. Cupping her breasts he blindly kneaded them while continuing to lap up the gradually increasing river of juices leaking out of her pussy.

“So good, so ohhh,” Debby murmured, her brain slowly losing control of her body as the pleasure built up inside her.

Sensing it was about time to take Debby to the final step, Pete finally dragged his tongue up to flick her clit. The effect was instantaneous as Debby’s hips bucked like she’d stuck her finger in a light socket, followed by a loud guttural moan. The second flick produced more of the same and when he unleashed a flurry of taps to her sensitive bud it was more than Debby could take.

“Oh ohhhhhh ohh ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,” Debby groaned, her thighs clamping onto Pete’s head as by far the best orgasm of her life erupted inside her.

But when she came Pete didn’t let up. Instead he kept right on going, dragging her orgasm out longer than she would’ve thought possible until she finally could take any more. Pushing his head away Debby had finally been allowed to come back down to earth after her mind-blowing orgasm.

“Wow,” Debby muttered, eyes still closed as her brain tried to put itself back together enough to put together coherent thoughts.

“I take it you liked it?” Pete asked, grinning as she laid on the bed completely relaxed and out of it.

“So much,” Debby said, finally opening her eyes and giving him an almost drunken smile.

“Are you ready for the next step?” Pete asked, not wanting to rush her.

He was hoping that she hadn’t changed her mind about letting pop her cherry now that she’d had an orgasm, but he didn’t need to worry. The oral treatment he’d given her had done nothing to diminish her desires, and if anything strengthened as they showed her that she really could trust him to do what was best for her rather than himself.

“Whenever you are,” Debby said, butterflies appearing in her stomach as Pete stood up to start taking off his clothes.

*  *  *  *  *

“You sure you two don’t want me to take you back to the school?” Jeff asked Stella and Sammi as he opened the door to his hotel room.

“Vanessa said we’re yours for the night,” Stella said. “She said your girlfriend didn’t want you to feel left out, so you get to do anything you want to us while Nessa does anything she wants to Nina.”

“Anything thing I want, you say?” Jeff asked, letting his eyes travel up and down Stella’s tight little body in her shorts and tank top before movie over to repeat the process with Sammi.

Stella was on the short side, and compared to Jeff she was tiny, but Sammi was practically elfin. Sammi was several inches shorter than Stella and was a bit more compact in her build, to the point that Jeff was mildly worried that he might break her. Stella was built to fuck, and could take just about anything he dished out, there was no doubt about that, but Sammi had a certain fragility to her that was both distressing as well as really hot.

“Vanessa said anything, so until breakfast in the morning, we’re yours to do with as you will,” Stella said, slowly unbuttoning her shorts.

“What about you, you’re okay with being given to a complete stranger to use for his own perverted desires?” Jeff asked Sammi as she looked on.

“If Vanessa trusts you, then I trust you,” Sammi said nervously.

“You are just too adorable,” Jeff said. “I almost feel bad that I have to spend the night fucking the shit out of you.”

“Key word is ‘almost’ though, right?” Stella asked, wanting to watch her best friend get fucked by Jeff’s large cock.

“Why don’t I start with you so she can see I’m not going to hurt either of you,” Jeff told Stella.

“Goodie,” Stella squealed, wiggling out of her shorts.

“But as part of my deal with Nina, I have to wear a condom,” Jeff said, pulling out the box of condoms he’d picked up earlier after his little talk with Nina.

“That’s fine,” Stella said, hurriedly removing her clothes before going after his.

Stella had been drooling over him from when she’d first laid eyes on him, and then her desire had only spiked after she’d gotten a look at his equipment. While she and Sammi had been taking turns sucking his cock in the theater she’d desperately wanted to climb into his lap and just fuck him right there. But they’d been in public so she’d waited patiently for more private surroundings.

But Stella was done being patient. When she had Jeff naked she shoved him down on the bed and only wasted enough time to unroll a condom onto his cock before climbing on top of him. Hovering over him she grabbed his cock and lined it up with her pussy before easing down onto it.

“Ohhhhh,” Stella moaned as her pussy stretched so deliciously to accept Jeff’s cock.

It had been almost two weeks since Stella had felt a real live cock inside her and that one was nowhere near the specimen that Jeff’s was. It wasn’t quite as big as the one Vanessa had used on Sammi earlier, but it wasn’t far off. It just seemed to hit all the right spots inside her as she sank down on it.

And while Stella would’ve preferred to feel the heat and contours of his cock without them being dulled by the latex sheath, she wasn’t going to complain about it as she lifted up and felt his cock sliding out of her. Putting her hands on Jeff’s chest Stella slowly started to rise and fall, moaning each time she sank down to let his cock fill her up again.

While Jeff normally hated wearing a condom, he was actually a little glad that Nina was making him wear one. Stella’s teen snatch was gripping him tightly enough that without the extra layer he was sure it would’ve been challenging his resolve.

As it was, between the condom and having already come once from fucking Nina, Jeff was more than willing to settle in and let Stella do the work for a bit. So putting his hands under his head he laid there and watched Stella move her hips with the experience of someone that had ridden a few cocks before. Yet there was still enough room for improvement to remind him that she was definitely an eighteen year-old girl still learning the craft.

“Ohhh, you really need to try this, Sammi,” Stella moaned as she settled into a nice rhythm.

“Ready to give it up so quickly?” Jeff asked Stella, surprising her by lifting up to meet her as she dropped back down on his cock.

“Uhhh, fuck no,” Stella gasped before going back to her nice, steady pace.

“Good to know you’re not getting bored after just a few minutes,” Jeff said, giving a couple more thrusts up into her pussy as she picked up a little more speed. “Though if you want me to take over a bit, I can.”

“Not yet,” Stella hissed, adding more power to her downward thrusts and causing the sound of flesh smacking together to echo through the room.

While Stella was busy fucking herself with his cock Jeff glanced over at Sammi. She was standing there idly fingering the hem of her top as if trying to decide whether she wanted to take it off or not. But her eyes were glued to where Stella’s pussy was gliding up and down his cock, so he figured she wasn’t likely to run away.

“So fucking good,” Stella moaned, her hips moving in circles as she bounced on Jeff’s cock.

“My turn,” Jeff said, grabbing Stella’s waist.

Holding Stella steady Jeff started lifting his hips to drive his cock into her. With as much power as he could muster he drilled into her cunt, drawing a long string of moans as Stella was overwhelmed. She’d already gotten herself most of the way to her climax while he was just laying there so to have him so actively participating was rapidly pushing her the rest of the way there.

“I want you to come for Sammi,” Jeff demanded as he plowed into Stella. “Show Sammi how much you’re enjoying yourself.”

“Oh god, so close,” Stella muttered between loud moans.

“She likes having her ass played with,” Sammi said, moving closer but staying just out of reach.

“Why don’t you do it?” Jeff suggested, hoping it might get Sammi involved.

“Yeah, do it,” Stella hissed. “You know what I like, Sammi.”

When Sammi reached out to grab Stella’s ass Jeff expected her to rub a finger around the outside of Stella’s anus, maybe even insert a finger. But when Sammi leaned in and flicked her tongue against Stella’s asshole he’d been so shocked that he’d actually stopped thrusting for a moment until Stella groaned and brought him back to the matter at hand.

“Oh yeah,” Stella moaned as Jeff and Sammi attacked her holes in tandem.

Feeling Stella on the verge of coming Jeff reached inside and summoned a burst of energy he kept in reserve for such situations. Slamming into Stella with a mix of speed and power she’d never felt before, he not only pushed her to the edge, he threw her off the cliff screaming and crying out in release.

“Ohhhhh,” Stella moaned, collapsing on top of Jeff as he slowed down his thrusting to let her come down from peak.

“Want some more, or is it Sammi’s turn?” Jeff asked Stella as she started to move on top of him again.

“Do you want some, Sammi, or do I get to be selfish?” Stella asked, sitting up but not pulling off his still hard cock. “God I wish I was Nina. Having this thing around all the time would be amazing.”

Taking his eyes off the cutie on top of him Jeff turned his attention to the other cutie in the room. That was when he realized that Sammi had obviously made up her mind because she’d already taken off her top and was busy sliding her denim skirt down her legs.

“I think that’s your answer,” Jeff said, nodding his head to where Sammi was standing in bra and panties.

“Awww,” Stella said, pretending to be upset that Sammi was going to take her place.

As Sammi finished undressing Stella finally lifted all the way off Jeff’s cock. Settling at his side she looked longingly at her friend as Sammi nervously approached the bed. Deciding to take command a little Jeff sat up.

“Lets do this,” Jeff said, taking hold of Stella.

He positioned Stella on her back before holding out his hand to Sammi. He didn’t want to be as aggressive with her as he had been with Stella so he let her take his hand and show that she was interested. When she did he lifted her up and set her down on her hands and knees on the edge of the bed in between Stella’s legs.

Grinning, Stella lifted her hips and reached down to spread her labia to show Sammi how wet she was. Forgetting for a moment about the hulk of a guy and the huge cock hovering behind her, Sammi buried her face in Stella’s cunt, eagerly lapping up the fluids that Jeff had forced out of her.

Moving in behind Sammi Jeff moved slowly. He wanted to make sure she didn’t spook and run away. She seemed to follow Stella’s lead so the odds of her freaking out were probably low, but she’d been cautious enough that he didn’t want to take that chance if he could avoid it.

Reaching out he put a hand on the small of Sammi’s back. When she didn’t try to pull away he followed it by taking hold of her waist with the other one. Settling in behind her Jeff nudged his cock against the opening of her pussy and slowly pushed forward.

“Ohhhhh,” Sammi moaned as inch after inch of cock was jammed into her pussy.

Sammi had obviously enjoyed watching Jeff and Stella because even though neither of them had done much of anything to Sammi, she was dripping wet. After watching her best friend get stuffed and come all over Jeff’s cock Sammi had decided that there was no way she wasn’t going to get at least a little of the same treatment.

When Jeff had finally reached the end and had the whole thing nestled deep in Sammi’s channel he took a moment to let both of them luxuriate in the penetration. Finally gripping her hips with both hands he pulled half of his cock out before suddenly lunging forward and slamming it home.

“Uhhhh,” Sammi gasped into Stella’s pussy as her cunt tingled from the fucking.

“Eat my fucking pussy, Sammi,” Stella demanded, holding Sammi’s head between her legs.

Behind Sammi Jeff was using slow but powerful thrusts to keep Sammi moaning happily into Stella’s pussy. Between fucking Stella and Sammi’s insanely tight snatch he was being pushed to the limits. It was all he could do to keep his instincts in check and keep from going into hummingbird mode and just humping into Sammi as fast as he could until came.

Luckily he’d been trained by some of the best back in high school. Then Jordan Hinson had been a very stern taskmaster honing that training into a lethal weapon in college. And Sammi was receiving the benefit of every lesson as he calmly changed up speeds and angles every couple thrusts to keep her guessing.

“Fuck me,” Sammi hissed, too far gone to really even focus on Stella as Jeff toyed with her.

Not that Stella minded much. Sure she would’ve liked to feel Sammi’s tongue on her pussy but it was also fun to watch the show as Jeff fucked her friend, if not senseless then something beginning to resemble senseless.

“Please,” Sammi begged as Jeff brought her to the edge before slowing down and letting her ease back from the brink.

Feeling his own need start to outstrip his training Jeff decided to give in. Pulling on Sammi’s hips Jeff picked up speed until his hips were a blur. Sammi’s eyes shot open before rolling back in her head as she was fucked into submission.

“Holy fucking shit,” Sammi gasped as she was overcome by the deluge Jeff was igniting inside her.

“Come for me,” Stella said, recognizing the signs of Sammi’s impending explosion. “I want to watch you come from being fucked by that monster cock.”

While Stella and Sammi had done just about everything together, watching each other have sex with a guy was actually a first. They’d had threesomes before, just always with girls, and neither of them were virgins in any sense of the word, but they’d never had sex with a guy while the other was in the room. So watching Sammi on the verge of coming while a guy fucked her was new, and extremely hot, territory.

Sitting up Stella moved so she was face to face with Sammi. She could see the pleasure and need etched into every pore on Sammi’s face and decided to do something about it.

Cupping her friend’s cheeks Stella leaned in and softly kissed Sammi. While Sammi was busy moaning into the kiss Stella slid a hand underneath her body and tweaked one of Sammi’s nipples. The combination seemed to do the trick as Sammi squealed into Stella’s mouth and went rigid with ecstasy.

Already getting close, feeling Sammi’s pussy clamp down even tighter finally did Jeff in. Unable to hold back any longer he thrust as deep into Sammi as he could. His lips curled into a snarl as his cock swelled and started spitting his seed into the safety of the condom.

“That was so fucking hot,” Stella cooed as Jeff slipped his cock out of Sammi.

*  *  *  *  *

“Spread your cheeks,” Vanessa demanded as she moved in behind Nina.

Goosebumps popped up on Nina’s arms as she reached back to spread her butt cheeks for Vanessa. While she certainly wasn’t an anal virgin, she’d never let a woman fuck her ass before. But Vanessa had made her come so hard while eating her pussy that Vanessa probably could’ve done just about to her and Nina wouldn’t have objected.

After Vanessa had fitted the toy around her waist she’d had Nina roll onto her stomach. Then she’d spent a good deal of time licking and fingering Nina’s sexy little ass under the guise of prepping it for what was to come. But as much as she’d enjoyed rimming Nina’s ass, Vanessa wanted to get her strap on in there even more.

Gripping the base of her toy Vanessa guided it towards Nina’s asshole. Pressing the tip against the center of the winking rosebud Vanessa pushed gently but firmly until she felt Nina start to relax and her anus started to open up to accept the toy.

“Ohhhhhh,” Nina moaned as Vanessa paused with an inch of fake cock inserted in her ass.

Vanessa’s toy wasn’t as thick as what Nina was used to so it didn’t take her long to adjust and push back against Vanessa. Gripping Nina’s hips Vanessa pushed forward, nudging deeper into Nina’s bowels with her toy. Every inch or so Vanessa pulled back before thrusting forward and forcing more of her toy into Nina’s ass.

“Uhhhh,” Nina groaned when Vanessa finally had the entire toy lodged in her backside.

“Such a hot little ass,” Vanessa observed, her eyes glued to where Nina’s anus was wrapped tightly around the base of her strap on.

“Fuck my ass, Vanessa,” Nina moaned as Vanessa slid about half of the toy out of her asshole.

As Vanessa started to fuck her ass with slow strokes Nina found herself pushing back against her. No longer needing to hold her ass open Nina slipped one hand underneath her to gently stroke her clit.

“Want me to fuck your ass harder?” Vanessa asked, pulling on Nina’s hips and driving into her with extra force.

“Yeah, fuck me harder,” Nina grunted, her fingers moving faster to match the increase in Vanessa’s thrusts.

“Beg me to fuck your ass,” Vanessa demanded as she slammed into Nina’s ass with smooth, powerful strokes.

“Uhhh, please fuck my ass,” Nina pleaded, loving the feel of Vanessa’s strap on plowing into her ass.

“Louder,” Vanessa hissed. “I want to hear you.”

“Fuck my ass, Vanessa, fuck it so hard,” Nina screamed, willing to do pretty much anything Vanessa wanted at the moment.

“That’s what I want to hear,” Vanessa snarled, drilling Nina’s ass with enough power to make them both delirious with desire.

Between the sounds of Vanessa’s bed creaking under the stress, Nina’s moans, and the sounds of skin slapping skin with each thrust, the room was full of the sounds of sex. Vanessa was sure she was going to have noise complaints from her neighbors in the morning, but that was in the morning. Right then the only thing that mattered to Vanessa was the incredibly gorgeous woman with the insanely tight asshole stretched around her toy.

“So fucking close,” Nina hissed, already on the verge of coming from Vanessa’s strap on fucking her ass.

“Come for me,” Vanessa urged Nina. “Come from having my cock up your ass.”

Fingers a blur on her clit Nina felt the climax building rapidly inside her. Vanessa’s strap on felt so good in her ass. Like Jeff she was experienced enough to know how to make it amazing but they had small differences in technique that set each of them apart.

“Oh yeah, make me come while having my ass fucked,” Nina moaned, pushing back to meet Vanessa’s thrusts.

“Come for me you little fucking anal slut,” Vanessa grunted, feeling everything starting to take its toll on her as well.

She’d taken a complete stranger, one of the most beautiful women she’d ever met, and girlfriend of someone she’d gone to school with, and was fucking the shit out of her. If that wasn’t enough for a mental rush to end all mental rushes, she wasn’t sure what was. She had a feeling in a few months she’d be able to make herself come just from the memory.

“Oh god, I really am,” Nina gasped. “Fuck my ass, Nessa.”

Shortening her strokes Vanessa plunged in and out of Nina’s ass with more speed than Nina would’ve thought possible. She was going so fast that it sounded like machine gun fire as Vanessa’s pelvis impacted the cheeks of Nina’s butt with loud smacks.

“Ohhhh fuck, I’m gonna come,” Nina screamed, her eyes rolling up in her head as her orgasm hit her full force.

Feeling Nina’s ass clamp down on her toy Vanessa luxuriated in the way the extra tightness pushed the base of the dildo against her own clit. It was just enough to push her over the edge as well after a couple more thrusts in Nina’s asshole.

“Me too,” Vanessa gasped, burying her strap on so deep in Nina’s ass as she came that if she was in a more stable state of mind she might have worried about how she was going to get it back out.

As Nina’s arm gave out she collapsed onto the bed on her stomach, her other hand trapped underneath her as her fingers continued to slowly trace circles around her clit. Moments later Vanessa followed suit, collapsing on top of Nina and pushing her deeper into the mattress.

“Mmm,” Nina moaned as Vanessa slowly slid the dildo out of her ass.

When the toy came free with a pop Vanessa couldn’t help herself. Putting a hand on each cheek she pulled Nina’s ass apart and watched as her gaping asshole slowly closed up. When it was just about back to the nice tight pucker it had been before they started Vanessa finally let go and stood up.

“Wait,” Nina said, grinning as Vanessa started to unbuckle the harness from around her waist.

If Vanessa hadn’t already just come, watching Nina slink like a cat over to her and then wrap her lips around the end of her dildo would’ve done it. Even so Vanessa still felt spasms in her pussy as she watched Nina make a show of sucking the filthy toy clean. Ass-to-mouth wasn’t a new subject for Vanessa, but she never would’ve expected such a wanton act from someone like Nina.

“God that’s hot,” Vanessa moaned, being blown away even further as Nina proceeded to take every inch of Vanessa’s toy into her mouth.

“Mmhmm,” Nina moaned around the toy as she let her tongue bathe every millimeter or fake cock in saliva and claim even the tiniest morsel of ass juices she could find.

ATM wasn’t even something Jeff had suggested, at least not seriously. Nina had wanted to watch a porn movie so they’d started watching one and even started trying to replicate it. Then when the guy had finished fucking the girl in the ass he’d pulled out and presented his cock for the girl to gobble up. Jeff had jokingly done the same, only to be surprised by Nina being too turned on to stop. She’d enjoyed the act so much that Jeff had long since stopped even asking if she wanted to do it, he just shoved his ass covered cock into her mouth and let her suck it clean for as long as she wanted.

“If you don’t stop soon, I’m going to have to go back for more,” Vanessa said as Nina continued to lavish oral attention on the plastic phallus.

“Maybe in the morning,” Nina sighed, finally pulling her mouth off Vanessa’s toy.

As great as it had felt to have Vanessa fuck her ass, Nina was tired and her ass was sore.  She was definitely done for the night, but with a few hours of sleep to rest and recover Nina figured she might be ready for some more.

*  *  *  *  *

As Debby scooted back on the bed Pete moved onto it. Putting his hands on Debby’s knees he pushed her legs apart. Moving between them he rested his hand on her upper thigh before dragging a finger through her cleft, feeling her wetness.

When moved to press the head of his cock against her pussy, Debby felt a wave of nerves assault her as everything became very real. But she wanted this, wanted him. She wanted to lose her virginity and she trusted Pete to do everything he could to make it the best experience he could.

Looking down at her Pete could see the look of apprehension on her face. But when she gave him a little nod he eased forward until he felt the obstruction of her hymen. Leaning down he pressed his lips to hers in a kiss with what he hopes was just the right mixture of passion and concern.

Taken by surprise a bit Debby moaned and accepted the kiss. And as she was distracted by the kiss Pete took the opportunity to lunge forward, busting her cherry and burying half of his cock inside her in one fell swoop.

Gasping, Debby went completely still as the pain shot through her. She gripped Pete’s arms as he paused to give her a chance to process the pain a bit. Rather than give her too much time to focus on the pain though Pete gave her another thrust and pushed until he had almost all of his cock inside her no-longer-virgin pussy.

“Ohhhh,” Debby moaned as the friction lit up previously untouched nerve endings inside her pussy and helped dull the pain.

As her pussy gripped and clutched at his cock Pete slowly pulled back until only a little more than the head was still seated inside her snatch. After pausing a moment he lunged forward, burying the rest of his cock inside Debby and feeling her pussy ripple and undulate around him as she tried to get the hang of how to use the previously unused muscles.

“Uhhhh,” Debby groaned as Pete started to very slowly slide his cock in and out of her.

As the pain receded further and further it was replaced by pleasure like she’d never felt. Each time he thrust into her, their pelvises mashing together, bolts of pleasure and excitement shot through her, jumping from nerve ending to nerve ending all the way up her body.

With Debby starting to respond Pete dropped down to his elbow. Pressing his chest to hers he wanted that extra skin-to-skin contact to add an extra element of intimacy. And on top of that he leaned his head down and softly kissed Debby while still slowly stroking in and out of her.

“Mmmm,” Debby moaned, wrapping her around Pete’s neck as she felt the tenderness and affection in kiss.

Softly rutting into her Pete felt her start to relax. As Debby started to lift her hips to meet his thrusts Pete responded by adding a little extra power to his inward plunges. With each thrust she gasped and moaned as a million different sensations hit her, some at the same time, some alternating with others, but all feeling amazing as she soaked them in.

Wanting to change things up a bit Pete brought his knees up on either side of her ass. She wanted to try new things so he slipped his hands underneath her. One slid up between her shoulder blades while the other slid down to the small of her back. Supporting her weight that way he slowly sat up, lifting her as her went until they were both sitting straight up with her in his lap.

“I want you to ride me,” Pete said, gripping the cheeks of her ass with both hands.

Folding her legs underneath her Debby started to lift up. Showing her inexperience she only trusted herself to lift halfway before sinking back down. When she reached bottom she moaned as gravity pushed Pete’s cock even deeper into pussy.

Relying heavily on instinct Debby started to rise and fall on Pete’s cock. Each ascent got a little smoother and each plunge brought a low moan as she felt herself filled in the most delicious way. By the time she’d made half a dozen bounces she’d gained confidence and was stroking the full length of his cock.

As Debby lifted up she arched her back and pushed her chest out, making already rather considerable tits look even bigger. Unable to resist, Pete leaned in his head down and flicked his tongue against one of her nipples. At the feel of his tongue Debby moaned and hesitated mid-thrust, giving him the opportunity to clamp his lips down on her nipple.

“Mmm,” Debby moaned, her hands grasping the back of Pete’s head and holding it tight to her chest.

Curling his lips over his teeth Pete softly nibbled on Debby’s nipple. When Debby responded by increasing the pace of her bounces a bit Pete swirled his tongue around the nipple. Not wanting her other tit to feel left out, he moved one hand off her ass and brought it up to cup her unattended boob.

“Ohhhh,” Debby moaned as her pace quickened further.

“You like have your nipples sucked?” Pete asked even though the evidence was obvious.

“Mmhmm,” Debby murmured in assent.

As Debby’s bounces got quicker and shorter Pete could tell she was starting to get close. When her breathing got erratic and came in gasps and heaves he knew she was almost there. But when she didn’t get there when he thought she should have, he decided he needed to be a bit more proactive about it.

Slipping hand back around her he clutched her to him as he shifted so he could plant on her back once more. This time though he didn’t pause or take it easy. He immediately began plunging his cock in and out of her as fast as her tightly clutching cunt would allow.

“Oh god, yeah,” Debby groaned as she was finally powered past the little plateau she’d found herself on.

Hooking his arms underneath her legs he pushed them back and apart as far as he could without risk of hurting her. With her wide open to him like that he was able to drill into her with impunity. It was only a matter of a few more minutes before Debby let out a small cry and arched her back, pressing her body into his as she came for the first time from intercourse.

Feeling Debby’s already incredibly snug snatch clamp down on his cock Pete knew he wasn’t going to be able to last much longer. Debby hadn’t told him in advance whether she was on the pill or if she even wanted him to come inside her, so as he made a couple more thrusts into her spasming body he finally pulled out.

Debby let out a low groan as she was suddenly left empty, but it was her heaving tits that drew Pete’s attention. Before she realized what was happening Pete had already crawled up the bed to straddle Debby’s chest.

“Ready to try tit fucking?” Pete asked her as he slapped his cock down in the valley between her tits.

“Ohhhhh,” Debby moaned as Pete put a hand on either side of her tits and pushed them together around his cock.

Staring down at her face Pete started to thrust in and out of the fleshy tunnel made by her tits. Oddly enough, as much as he’d fantasized about doing stuff to and with Debby in high school, fucking her tits wasn’t one of them. As amazing as it felt to have her knocked wrapped around his staff though, he couldn’t believe he’d made that kind of oversight.

His thrusts becoming more insistent Pete felt the cum starting to rise in his balls. Pushing forward until the head of his cock emerged on the other side of the tunnel of boob flesh Pete grunted and the first spurt of jizz erupted from his cock.

As the boiling hot liquid hit Debby’s neck just below her chin she moaned. The next spurt wasn’t quite as strong and barely made it past her collarbone. A few squirts later and Pete had finally exhausted himself and extricated his cock from between Debby’s tits to fall on the bed next to her.

“Wow,” Debby said, laying there with his stuff all over her neck and upper chest still trying to process all of what had happened.

“Here,” Pete said, offering her some tissues to wipe up with.

“Thanks,” Debby said, almost sad to be cleaning herself off.

“So, what now?” Pete asked as she tossed the tissues in the trash can.

“Don’t worry, I won’t get clingy and demand a relationship or anything,” Debby said, mistaking his question. “It was just a one time favor, nothing more.”

“Actually, I was just wondering if you wanted to stay the night or if I should drive you back to your hotel room,” Pete said. “But if you think I’d do this just to fuck you and never see you again, you really don’t know me as well I thought you did.”

“I’m sorry, I’m just used to guys freaking out when they find out I’m a virgin, or at least was,” Debby said, grinning and blushing at the same time. “I know you wouldn’t just blow me off, that’s why I picked you. And I’d love to spend the night, especially if means more lessons in the morning.”

“Well, we’ve done oral sex in both directions and outside of trying different positions there isn’t much left there,” Pete said, digging into his suitcase and pulling out a t-shirt and pair of sleep pants to change into. “There are still lots of things to explore if you want, you’d just to be willing to stretch a bit more than just one-on-one vanilla sex.”

“Such as?” Debby asked, not sure whether she wanted to know or not.

“Well, there’s more extreme like S&M, but I never got into that and you should probably experience a lot of other stuff before you head down that road,” Pete answered as he turned down the sheets. “We really don’t have the equipment to do bondage proper, though I’ve got a couple neckties in my suitcase if you wanted to start slow and have me tie you up.”

“I don’t think so,” Debby responded, suddenly feeling a nervous about not having any spare clothes to change into.

“But if you really wanted to try something a bit more advanced, anal would probably be easiest to do, though it hurts and enjoyment varies from woman to woman. Some women really like it once they get past the pain while others never get past that point,” Pete explained, recognizing the apprehension on her face and digging out a pair of boxers and a t-shirt and handing them to her. “There’s also girl-on-girl if you wanted to go that way.”

“I don’t know,” Debby said, feeling both nervous and incredibly turned on by both options.

“Or we could just spend the weekend doing whatever comes to mind in every position we can think of,” Pete suggested. “But I absolutely have to fuck you doggy style. Watching those tits sway underneath you while my cock saws in and out of you from behind is just too tempting to pass up.”

“Sounds like fun,” Debby said, her pussy already tingling at the thought.

“But I don’t have any condoms so we should probably wait until morning so I can buy some,” Pete said.

“Why? I’ve been on the pill since high school and even though I never found anybody worth doing it with until now, I always figured it wasn’t worth the hassle of going off and then having to go back on it again if I found a nice guy,” Debby said as she pulled on the t-shirt.

“Well then, that opens up a few possibilities,” Pete said, already thinking about the loads he’d be depositing inside her over the course of the weekend. “But you’re going to be a little sore when the endorphins wear off in a bit, so your next lessons should probably wait until morning anyway.”

“Okay, but I’ll be back in a minute,” Debby said, grabbing her phone. “Gotta use the bathroom and I just remembered I was supposed to call Miss Cuthbert to see if she wanted to have coffee or something this weekend.”

“It’s late, you should probably text her instead,” Pete suggested, slipping under the covers.

“You’re probably right,” Debby said, quickly composing a text to her former English teacher.

“Then hurry up in the bathroom or you’ll miss out on finding out what the big deal is with cuddling after sex,” Pete said, grinning as Debby took off like a shot for the bathroom.

*  *  *  *  *

“Mmm, what is it?” Dianna Agron asked, half asleep.

“I ran into one of my former students this afternoon and she just texted to see if I want to meet up this weekend,” Elisha Cuthbert said, sending a quick return text to Debby Ryan before setting the phone down and rolling back into the embrace of her girlfriend.

“Is she cute?” Dianna asked, knowing that few things got as big a rise out of Elisha as discussing the relative hotness of current or former students.

Dianna and Elisha had met not long after Dianna had taken the job as assistant secretary at Jefferson Academy. At first it just been a little flirting back and forth before Elisha had finally asked her out. A couple years, and a promotion to head secretary for Dianna, later and they were living together and occasionally bringing other women into their bed to share.

“Very,” Elisha said, filling Dianna in on Debby’s stats.

Dianna wasn’t surprised considering Elisha had long had a thing for redheads. So much so that Dianna had even dyed her hair red for Elisha’s last birthday. Elisha had liked it so much she’d been completely insatiable for days, dragging Dianna into empty rooms at school to have sex and even convinced Dianna to eat her pussy while she graded papers. Needless to say, her concentration wasn’t entirely up to snuff and her good mood had rubbed off in the form of better than usual grades for her students.

“Think she’d be interested?” Dianna asked, knowing that Elisha was already interested enough to be trying not to think about seducing Debby.

“I don’t know, maybe,” Elisha sighed. “There were a few vibes, but I think mostly she was trying to get into Pete’s pants.”

“Oooh, a guy too?” Dianna asked. “I haven’t had one of them in ages. Think we could get both of them?”

“Pete wouldn’t be a problem,” Elisha stated confidently. While she lived with a woman and for the most part was girls only, she would do anything for Dianna, even if meant bringing the occasional guy into their bedroom. “He did a good job of hiding his interest when I was talking to him earlier, but there were enough fleeting glances at my chest when he thought I wasn’t paying attention that he’d crawl on his hands and knees across broken glass for a chance with me.”

“So did you tell this Debby that you’d love to hook up with her?” Dianna asked, grinning.

“I told her to text me back with a time and place,” Elisha said, feeling her pussy tingle despite Dianna already having made her come twice before bed.

“Good, now can we go to sleep? Because we were shorthanded in the office this week and I have to put in a couple hours doing some filing no one else got to,” Dianna said.

“If things work out, you might come home to a surprise,” Elisha said, turning out the light. “If not, then you’ll just have to cheer up your disappointed girlfriend when you get home.”

“Sounds like I win no matter what happens,” Dianna said, already half asleep.

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