Siblings Part 3

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Title: Siblings Part 3

Author: The Chemist

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction and didn’t actually occur. Mature themes so must be older than 18

Celebs: Alison Brie, Emma Stone

Codes: MF, MMF, Anal, DP, Oral, Toy

Notes: This is the third and final part of the trilogy revolving around Alison Brie. Hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it

Emma had snuck out of the room earlier in the morning knowing that the alarm on her cell phone had zero chance of waking Darren. Sure enough she was right and had slipped out of bed without the handsome man ever knowing. She wanted to hit this great salon her friend had told her about, but liked Darren enough to not bring him to the place.

Her appointment took a long time, but she was still confident that Darren would be passed out in the bed in the exact way he was when she left him earlier. Sure enough, upon her return to the room his slim yet muscular frame was still flat on his back with his left arm overhanging the bed.

Then Emma got a wicked idea. As she glanced him, she couldn’t help but gravitate towards the tenting of the white hotel bed sheet over his crotch. She moved closer and pulled the thin layer back until his cock was now exposed to her. Despite having some great vacation sex that was more a celebration of his winning at the Roulette table, he still had a raging hard-on no more than 6 hours later.

“I could have some fun waking him up,” the devious girl thought.

Emma set down her purse on the hotel chair in the corner of the room then slowly and stealthily climbed onto the bed. Resting on her knees at the level of his pole, she sank down deeper until her mouth hovered above him. Taking him now lightly in her palm, which drew a gasp from the blonde man, she proceeded to gingerly stroke his length.

He groaned again but still stayed dead asleep. A smile crept over Emma’s face before widening her mouth in a perfect O and taking him into her mouth. The combo of wet and warm enveloped the head of his cock, but besides from drawing yet another moan from him, Darren remained sleeping. With her lips still wrapped around his head, Emma pushed down further until the first 4 inches were occupying her mouth.

“Ugh…oh baby,” Darren grunted.

Darren’s body was moving on instincts at this point and his hand moved to cup the back of Emma’s head. By the time her plump lips reached his tip again Darren’s arm flexed and applied force to push her back down. Emma had no intention of only giving him a quick suck so she went with his pressure and descended back down on his meat pole.

Up and down her head went, spreading saliva on over half his dick that made it past her lips. She wasn’t able to deep throat but that didn’t stop the eager girl from taking him as deep as she could until her throat closed off. Holding him there fore seconds at a time, she was eventually cough up more spit onto his shaft, making for a better and wetter blowjob full of kinky noises. She’d done this technique since the age of 15 when she started pleasuring men with her mouth, which explained her characteristic raspy voice.

With her mouth being used to stroke off his cock, her hands were still free. Shifting her weight so that it was mostly on her left arm, grateful for the pilates classes she did twice a week, her right was now free. Reaching out she took his full balls into her hand and lightly began to roll them on her fingers.

“Whoa…hey…stop. What are you doing. I have a girlfriend,” Darren exclaimed as he finally came to.

He tried to push the very blonde woman who was blowing him away from his lap but she was being stubborn about it. Instead of pull off of his dick, the strange girl pushed her head back down to take him inside her mouth once again.

Darren grunted and groaned as her warm mouth sucked on his sensitive member. He then took stock of the situation. The woman was slim yet not too skinny, having meat on her bones without being anywhere near the obese category. She wore a very fitted pink dress, and from the side he could tell her breasts were around a B cup. Her legs were pale and toned, strengthened through squats and lunges no doubt. She had a body which could have been the twin to his girlfriend’s, yet the blonde hair was a dead giveaway that it wasn’t her.

He protested again and this time he thought she was stopping. Merely a trick though, as the second her mouth pulled away from her dick she threw herself down lower so that her head was buried between his legs. Just as Darren was about to push her away he was surprised to feel Emma’s tongue tickling his balls.

“Holy fuck,” he swore, clamping his eyes shut.

As Emma’s lips encased one of his nuts and sucked gently yet firmly, the rest of Darren’s resistance melted away. Having his balls licked and sucked and tongued was his ultimate weakness so he was in it for the remainder of the blonde’s intentions.

Of course Emma knew this was his Achilles heel and smiled internally when she noticed his arms go slack and his fight all but evaporated. This time when her lips returned to Darren’s tool she quickened the pace that her head bobbed up and down. She was now back to taking all of his manhood into her mouth that she could handle with each thrust downward.

With each new movement she introduced, Darren couldn’t get enough of. When she swirled her tongue around the cock in her mouth he did a primal grunt that Emma half expected cum to immediately start filling her mouth. Alas, no jizz hit her tongue so the girl with the adorable face slammed her head back down and began to suck his dick hard again.

The former redhead worked her mouth and hand in perfect synchronicity so that Darren simultaneously received a world class hummer and handjob at the same time. Of course having a girl like Emma Stone polishing his shaft could only be handled for so long, especially when not fully conscience.

“Getting close,” Darren warned the mystery girl, having enough courtesy to tell her as much.

“Gllphff…gluckll…cum in my mouth,” she said in her throaty, sexy voice in between choking on his shaft.

Emma knew his tell so when his hand on the back of her head tightened and balled some of her newly dyed blonde hair into a fist, she knew what was coming. She didn’t stop her rapid pace and kept bobbing on his dick although she kept migrating up until she was only gyrating on his knob.

“Ugghh…awhhh…fuck,” he cried in pure pleasure.

“Yeah…come on…do it,” Emma encouraged, her words coming fast so she didn’t miss her just rewards.

Emma felt his cock began to pulsate against her pouty lips just as Darren started to experience his balls churning. One or two more expert bobs by the talented raspy voiced girl was all that was needed. The first jet of cum was quickly followed by 4 more pulses of salty liquid as her boyfriend came into her mouth.

The adorable girl collected every last drop of his semen and continued to suck him dry until satisfied she had received it all. Knowing that Darren loved when she swallowed, she did just that. Making a production of it so that he knew exactly what she was doing, Emma Stone made an exaggerated gulping action as she took his population pudding down her throat.

Moments of silence followed as Emma held him in her mouth until she felt him start to wilt. Straightening up, she smoothed out her form-fitting dress and got to her feet beside the bed. Finally Darren came to and opened his eyes to look at the mystery girl that gave him a familiar yet still world-class blowjob.

“Emma! Your hair,” Darren nearly screamed.

“What do you think,” she asked.

Her hair still was very much the same length, roughly halfway down her mid-back, and was straightened like always. However, that is where the similarities ended. She now had bangs that covered her forward. It was a tough look for most girls to pull off but for Emma it simply accented her beautiful face. Then of course there was the obvious change of her natural red hair color being replaced by the bright platinum blonde.

“Hell yeah it does. I’m getting hard just looking at you,” he exclaimed.

Sure enough when Emma looked down she did see his spit-covered dick hardening just by the sight of her.

“Well let’s rain check that sailor. Check out is in 10 minutes so pack up your shit and let’s go.”

The minutes leading up to 11 a.m. were a whirlwind inside the pair’s Atlantic City hotel room. Emma took the lead in helping to gather up her boyfriend’s clothing from the drawers and closet since he needed to wait for his raging hard-on to dissipate. Eventually the swelling decreased and he got dressed before throwing the clothes laying on the bed into his suitcase.

“Made it, all with 2 minutes to spare,” Darren chuckled.

Emma was used to having to move quickly in the morning as she was the type to wake up as late as possible. On the other hand, Darren would set his alarm a good half hour earlier than needed, snooze through his alarm once or twice then actually get up. It still afforded him the time to sleep walk around the house to get ready, but the slow pace drove Emma nuts.

“Good. Just need to freshen up, so why don’t a meet you down at the front desk,” Emma Stone suggested.

“Great. I’ll grab us a couple cups of java for the drive too,” he said.

Darren grabbed up his bags then walked to the front door where he stooped down and picked up his girlfriend’s luggage as well. He looked back at her to see a big smile on the pretty girl’s face due to his act of chivalry. Just as he opened the door and walked through, he caught a glimpse of Emma grabbing a small pink bag before heading to the in-room washroom.

He thought nothing of it and left the room. After 10 minutes of waiting in the queue, Darren had them checked out, bags loaded in the SUV and had the vehicle pulled up to the front door. Emma promptly met him out there and after a quick kiss the pair were off.

*          *          *

Alison Brie had only been in New York for a total of 36 hours but she’d done so much in that time. She’d fucked three different men plus one amazingly beautiful girl and was now waking up in someone else’s bed for the second night in a row.

After returning from hanging out with Lawrence and Anna Kendrick, Alison and Adam split a taxi ride home. Of course, they hooked up in the back seat as both were still horny as hell. What started out as finger banging his roommate’s sister soon turned into him getting blown by the adorable but sexy brunette. He came in her mouth 5 minutes before they arrived back at his place, which was enough time for him to recover so they could fuck for an hour in his room before they both passed out.

Normally after only getting to bed around 4 in the morning would cause Alison to sleep into the early afternoon. However, at just past 11a.m. her cell phone buzzed from within her bag beside her head. Without opening her tired eyes, the large chested girl reached over and grabbed the phone.

“Hel…hello,” she answered, obviously tired.

“Hey babe sis. Trying to sleep the day away I see,” her brother’s chipper voice said from the other end.

“Fuck you asshole,” Alison replied. “I can hear from here that you did some fucking this morning.”

“You were always the smart one. Listen, I’m just calling to say that I’ll be home in an hour. Sorry for not being around much but maybe we can do lunch before you fly back out.”

Alison mumbled her answer, which Darren thought was a yes. They said goodbye as Alison could hear someone asking her brother if he wished to check out. She put her phone away and considered getting another hour’s sleep until he got home, then a wicked idea hit her.

She was still pissed that her brother not only left her at the airport in the unseasonably cold weather, but that he forgot she was coming and made plans for her entire trip. Alison was originally content with fucking both of Darren’s friends and roommates, but now she’d thought of another way to turn the screw to him further.

“Who was that,” Adam asked from beside her.

“No one,” Alison said with more energy than before. “Listen lover, I’m gonna go make us some breakfast. Why don’t you meet me in the kitchen in like 15 minutes.”

“How very Stafford Wife of you,” he smiled.

Alison tossed the blankets off her, revealing her very naked body. She sprang from the comfortable Queen-sized bed, standing perpendicular to Adam’s gaze so that when she reached back to stretch, the hockey player could simultaneously watch as her heaving breast and plump ass were accentuated.

Alison left the room with a swagger so that her nice ass cheeks swayed and clapped together. The tiny show was for Adam’s benefit of course, as she wanted him good and horny and willing to push on from their fun last night.

She left Adam’s bedroom and went straight for her brother’s room where her luggage was being kept. She knew what she wanted to wear but Alison hadn’t packed it, but her brother seemed to be serious with that girl he introduced her to on Friday, Emma Stone or something like that.

Since they seemed to be a steady item, Alison was betting that Emma was storing some clothes at the house. Going to the large wooden wardrobe she opened the chest doors idea and looked inside. Sadly, the entrance to Narnia wasn’t inside but there was girl clothes so she snooped through.

“Bingo,” Alison smiled.

Taking it off the hanger, Alison quickly got dressed then hurried towards the stairs. Before descending, she had one last stop to make. Knowing which was his room from her first night, Alison lightly opened the door to Tom’s room and looked into the darkened space. She was just about to reach out and gently wake the sleeping figure in the bed when the heavy-chested woman released that it was a fellow female laying in the bed.

“This must be Kristen Bell that Adam mentioned yesterday,” the brunette assumed.

Alison backed out of the room and headed to the kitchen. She walked lightly so she didn’t make much noise, the last thing she wanted was for her to wake the slumbering blonde upstairs. When she turned the corner, Alison found where Tom had gotten to and smiled at her fortune.

“Hey lover,” the brunette said in a sultry voice.

“Hi Al…oh my God! You look great,” he replied.

Alison had appeared in his line of vision from his seat on the sofa and Tom could feel himself growing hard already. The short but curvy girl was standing mere feet away from him dressed in only a short, black silk nightgown and a pair of matching high heels. True to her sexual demeanor, the gown only covered just below her thick ass, showing off plenty of her strong legs that glistened in the midmorning sun from the oil she used on them.

“Oh this old thing,” Alison said with a light tone.

Tom couldn’t take his eyes off of the radiant girl in front of him. Alison tossed her shiny brown hair over her shoulder before rubbing her small hands down her amazing body, up and over her large melons until her hands found the silk tie that held the flaps of her robe together.

It was in that moment, seeing Alison throwing herself not so subtly at him that Tom thought about how the hell she and her brother were related. Though not in the habit of judging men especially with a horny woman in front of him, Tom thought about how his friend was decent looking with good physique. But his sister was on a different playing field. Not only did she have a beautiful face with large eyes that he enjoyed on a woman, but she had a hell of a body to go with it, her best asset being her very real, large and hot breasts that were currently straining to be released from the silk garment she wore.

Alison had Tom right where she wanted him. His girlfriend was up in his bed, easily within earshot yet the tall and handsome man didn’t spare a single thought towards the slumbering blonde. Instead his eyes and mind were only for her and Alison planned on keeping his attention.

The horny brunette began to sway her hips to music that wasn’t playing. She twisted and rocked, occasionally shaking and bouncing so that the male could watch her large tits move under the gown. She did this all while teasing Tom, hinting at removing the tie that bound her robe together but never actually doing so. Finally after a few more minutes she stopped her seductive dance and strutted her tight body over to the stud.

“Hello again,” he said when she stopped just in front of him.

This time Alison did untie her string, pulling on one end of the fabric until the loose knot in the front undid. The silken rope fell harmlessly to the ground by her feet as the robe lightly opened, but all that could be seen was a large section of her ample cleavage and the smooth, hairless pussy that tasted as good as it looked.

Tom’s arms instinctively came out so that his hands could corral her perfect tits but the girl had other ideas. She gently swatted away his approach and stepped closer to him until she could crawl onto his lap, her legs on either side of his body. His arms closed in around her to bring her into a hug while at the same time their mouths found each other. The pair acted like long lost lovers reunited, or like horny college kids after a night out at the bar as they hungrily mashed their lips together.

“You get me so hot,” Alison groaned as he planted kisses down her feminine neck.

“Well if you’re hot you won’t be needing this.”

Methodically Tom’s hands moved up her back and around her shoulders until he was able to slip them inside the thin robe. Carefully he slide the silk material backwards until seeing her heavy boobs come into sight finally. Just like two nights ago they remained perfectly suspended in front of her body, capped by pink nipples the size of a buffalo nickel. At this point he stopped caring about removing it altogether and instead focused his attention on wrapping his lips around her breast and sucking for all his worth.

“Mhmm…yes,” Alison moaned, conscious to keep her excitement to a low volume.

So wrapped up in their own affairs, neither part heard the slight creaking of the stairs as someone descended. Luckily for the pair on the couch, that someone wasn’t Tom’s girlfriend, but was instead Adam. Having rolled out of bed and partaking in a quick shower, the hockey player had come down expecting Alison to be in the kitchen, instead he was greeted to the sight of her bare back while his friend was evidently motor boating her fine tits.

“Oh shit…I see this is a bad time,” Adam said, having entered the living room and seeing his roommate and his conquest of last night on the sofa together.

“Not at all,” Alison replied, turning over her shoulder to address him. “In fact, this is beyond perfect timing.”

“What do you mean,” the horny man beside her questioned.

“I know that time is sensitive right now so I’ll say it straight and not beat around the bush,” the brunette started in a rushed tone. “I’ve been with both of you separately but now I want to be with you both at the same time. You in?”

Alison was nervous about the boys replies and for good reason. Both men had already fucked her silly on multiple occasions so the novelty of getting inside her was gone. Then there was the fact one of their girlfriends was 10 feet above them and could come down at any time.

She didn’t have to wait long for their answers. She felt her tits get squeeze tightly then had a mouth clamp around her erect nipple. As Tom resumed motorboating the young brunette, Adam stalked closer to her, brushed the hair away from one side and began kissing her sensitive neck.

“Mhmmm…I take that it’s a yes,” she commented.

Alison arched her back and neck so that her body was almost resting perfectly flat on Tom’s thighs. In her new position she had no problems pulling down the hockey player’s pajama pants even while upside down. His cock sprang free a flopped semi-hard onto her pretty face, bringing a giggle from the dick-slapped girl.

The horny brunette focused back to the task at hand while Tom swapped sucking on her right breast for the left. Opening her mouth she pulled Adam forward with her arms until half of his partial floppy dick entered inside her warm hole. By the time Alison bobbed her head twice over that length the burly man had grown rock hard and to its full upright and locked position while in her mouth.

“Such a talented mouth,” Adam groaned.

The hockey player had to help the horny girl get more cock into her mouth, a task he was very much happy to help with. He placed his hands on his hips and rocked his lap towards her pretty face and instantly another 3 inches of his powerful rod was gobbled up. He settled into a rhythm of thrusting half his length between Alison’s red lips, holding for a second before withdrawing until only the head remained. All this was taking place while his friend continued to suck on the brunette’s impeccable tits all while Adam’s sack lightly thudded on Alison’s forehead.

“Gllk guullkkk,” Alison gurgled as Adam’s cock repeatedly went to the back of her throat.

Tom realized just how close his head was to where his roommate was face-fucking the girl they were sharing. This would be his first threesome where it was two guys double teaming a girl so he was still getting use to the arrangement.

From his standing position overtop of Alison, Adam could see that Tom’s head finally left the chiasm between the brunette’s mountainous boobs. The hockey player didn’t hesitate as he bent over at the hips so that he was in better standing to reach down and take hold of the dirty pillows. He pawed at the supple flesh and twisted her nipples, which were still slippery from Tom’s spit.

The dirty blonde-haired boy was now seated more upright and had ditched his shirt. He then reached down between Alison’s spread legs and managed to pull down his track pants, rendering the male naked. Alison was very perceptive despite having a cock repeatedly shoved into her mouth, and had Adam pull out from between her soft lips.

“You’re turn Tommy boy,” she said with a wink.

“Well it just so happens that I have a big hard cock for you,” he replied.

Alison used her strong core muscles to pull herself back to an upright position directly on Tom’s naked lap. She gave the man a quick kiss before pushing off his tall frame and getting to her feet. She tugged on Adam’s cock before releasing her hold on him and knelt on the sofa.

Tom had also gotten to his feet and kicked the pants off that were hanging around his knees. Now free of all clothes he watched Alison climb on the couch and an idea hit him. He wasn’t overly thrilled of the thought of sitting on the same furniture as another dude railed a chick so Tom went to the other side of the sofa. He was just tall enough that the back of the couch came up to his mid thigh so his pecker was resting right on the top of it.

“There’s my cock,” the dick hungry girl commented.

Settling in to resting her knees on the cushions, Alison leaned forward until her heavenly tits were pressed tightly against the backseat of the sofa. Her hands immediately found Tom’s lengthy cock and began stroking him off all while her tongue darted out to lap at the very tip of his tool.

“Its all yours,” Tom stated as he tipped his head back and just enjoyed her services.

Alison didn’t want to tease him too long with just a handjob and licking to tip. She removed one hand so that she still had one stroking the bottom few inches of his pipe while opening her mouth up and taking about half his length, the second cock she’d sucked on that day in the span of a few minutes.

Adam watched on as the girl that he’d been fucking all night was now blowing his roommate directly in front of him. He understood the situation and allowed the slut to find her rhythm, but he was primed to go and wasn’t going to wait all morning. He waited for her to blow Tom for a couple of minutes before making his move.

The hockey player approached her from behind, where her generous curvy caboose was sticking back out to him. Adam only had one thought on his dirty mind and he was currently staring right at it. He had nothing to really complain about with his time with Alison last night as he got his dick wet often in her pussy, but he was mildly disappointed that he didn’t get a chance to fuck her in her poop chute like she said Tom had done before him.

And now presented in front of Adam was the perfect scenario. First of all, Alison was positioned in the best way with her plump ass set up exactly how he needed it to have easy access to her backdoor. He didn’t have lube with him but his cock was drenched in her spit, thanks to her sloppy blowjob earlier. So he clutched his tool at the base and took a few small steps so that he was directly behind her, then rubbed his cock head in her ass crack but never diverting too far from her crinkled starfish.

“Do it,” she answered his wordless question.

With his tip already stationed against her anus, Adam didn’t wait longer. With a combination of pulling her hips back and forcing his hips forward, it only took a second before his head popped into her anal passage. Of course, Alison was an expert when it came to sodomy so she had employed her relaxation technique, not to mention brought a hand down between her legs and used it to rub her clit aggressively.

“Such a bum slut,” Tom commented, as his bird’s eye view position allowed him to watch his roommate’s cock effortless push all the way inside her ass.

“Mmhmm…such an anal whore,” she agreed about herself.

Adam hadn’t fucked many girls in the butt but he could tell that Alison was on a whole different playing ground than most others. After the initial insertion, he kept pushing until his neatly trimmed pubes were pressed against Alison’s curvy backside. He pulled all the way out slowly again and looked down to admire his handiwork of the large gaping asshole he left in his wake. After a few second he separated the pretty girl’s cheeks with his one hand again before pushing back into her bowels.

“How you like my big dick in her ass,” Adam asked, giving her some faster thrusts using only a third of his good-sized tool.

“Feels right at home,” she replied, giving Tom a wink afterwards. Before putting his big cock back in her mouth, the moaning brunette added, “Now really fuck my ass Adam!”

The rest of Adam’s trepidation evaporated with the pretty girl’s last demand. He grabbed tightly onto her shapely hips until the whites of his knuckles were showing and reared his pelvis back. Hovering just outside her muscular ring, Adam summoned every iota of strength he possessed and slammed his cock as deep and powerful into the younger girl’s rectum.

“Ughh…ughhh,” Adam grunted through gritted teeth as he pounded into Alison’s backdoor.

“Awhh…awhhh…ye…es…,” Alison moaned and groaned.

Though he didn’t have the same heights of an anal fetish like his roommate, Adam enjoyed a good ass fucking just like the next guy and this morning with Alison was no exception. Despite the ease he was able to penetrate her, her sphincter was the perfect combination of being tight enough to derive every ounce of pleasure while having enough give to allow his spit-drenched cock to slid effortlessly inside.

Meanwhile, Tom was able to watch his roommate pump his dick into the horny brunette’s rump at top while she somehow maintained concentration to continue doling out a top notch blowjob. Her oral sex skills were right up there with the best he’d ever received, with her only lost marks being her inability to deep throat. She glossed over that flaw with sheer willingness to please.

Alison had directed Tom’s hands onto the sides and back of her head then let them rest there. He flashed her a look down and the pair made eye contact. It was an extremely sexy sight to look down and see the beautiful girl bobbing her face on his dick while she stared up at him, all while in his peripheral vision he caught flashes of a cock pounding into her rump, making the skin ripple with contact.

“I think she wants you to fuck her face as I fuck her ass bro,” Adam suggested.

“Like a good old fashioned pig roast,” Tom laughed.

Alison managed to smile with her eyes while keeping her mouth maintained in a perfect O shape. She felt the set of hands on her head tighten as Tom began to take control of her. She sensed his arms began to flex then had Tom pull her face suddenly towards his lap with such force that his cockhead likely bruised the back of her throat.

“GGLLLAAHHH,” Alison gagged as she felt her eyes well up in tears.

Tom looked down again to see if that was too forceful but the brunette returned his gaze and wordlessly encouraged more. Her body and tits were jiggling from the contact at her back end, but now as Tom reared back and delivered another powerful thrust into her mouth, she was getting it hard at both ends…and loving every second.

“Oh fuck that feels great,” the two men seemed to groan in unison.

Over and over they both continued to piledrive their cocks into the curvy brunette. To her credit, not only was Alison up to the challenge, she seemed to be thriving on being filled with two slabs of meat. She was able to rock her plump ass back into Adam’s hips to meet his pumps forward, taking him harder and deeper while humming and using her tongue expertly to give Tom an unforgettable blowjob.

“Time to pass that ass buddy,” Tom stated to his sodomizing friend.

“Under normal conditions there is no chance in hell I’d willingly leave this great caboose but I need a break in the worse way,” Adam stated. “Don’t want to blow too soon.”

For the first time in 10 minutes, Adam pulled his ass-tinted cock from Alison’s asshole. This time her gaping hole remained open for a lot more than a second and the hockey player tilted his head down to admire his hard work.

“Have a seat stud,” Alison told Tom. “You may be second to fucking my tight little ass but at least I’ll do all the work.”

Tom couldn’t argue with that offer. The tall blonde male walked around the room so that he could slump his body down onto the sofa right beside the large-breasted girl. Alison craned her neck and brought the lucky man in for a passionate kiss before she broke the lip lock. In a rather acrobatic move, Alison rotated her body backwards and somehow ended up sitting in Tom’s lap with her back to him. It meant that her bouncy tits and beautiful face were out of view, but getting to stare at her jiggling cheeks as he fucked her bum was quie a consolation.

“Fuck me,” Tom said as she sat her asshole down on his cock. “This is a truly great ass.”

Alison descended her body all the way down onto his lap until no more of his lengthy shaft could be inserted into her bowels. Now she was able to plant her two feet on either side of him and use her strong legs to drive herself up his pole to the top then collapse back down and make his dick disappear back inside her. Her seemingly near endless energy made her ideal for the reverse cowgirl position and Tom was more than willing to sit back and let her do all the work.

Adam allowed his friend to get ridden for another few minutes, knowing how good her ass was to fuck, before he joined in on the fun. He now felt rested and confident he wouldn’t cream inside her pussy within the first 30 seconds.

The hockey player stepped really close to Alison now and gently pushing her body back down towards Tom until her back was pressed against Tom’s sweaty chest. The blonde-haired man was still buried fully in her ass as the girl, now covered in a light layer of sweat, opened her legs wide to accept Adam into her at the same time as Tom.

“Wait…your dick is coming straight from my ass and you want to put it in my vag now,” she said to Adam, stopping him right before he did just that.

“Well…um…I was planning on fucking you. And it was your idea to get double fucked,” Adam replied to the girl who was bouncing on Tom’s stiff cock in her backdoor.

“It’s very unhygienic,” the brunette lectured. “So come over here so I can clean it up first.”

Adam couldn’t believe his ears. His eyes felt like they were bulging from his head from what she had said. His gaze must have drifted to make eye contact with his roommate, who returned the look by conveying to him that it was just a little something special that Alison did.

Walking back around to Alison’s face, Adam’s cock dangled right in front of the large-eyed girl. The brunette licked her lips to get them wet than reached out her hand to stroke his length. Adam didn’t know how she maintained her focus while simultaneously going for a ride on another man’s meatpole, but it barely fazed her.

“Mmm,” the brunette hummed around his cock. She started with just the tip as she sucked any traces of her asshole from his head. Once satisfied she sucked that part of him dry, Alison took more into her talented mouth which was jerking from the energetic ride she was giving Adam’s roommate. “My dumper tastes so good.”

“You ready baby,” Adam asked, giving her one last chance to back out.

“Get both your cocks in me right now,” she confidently demanded.

With her answer, both men worked as a team. From beneath her Tom stopped thrusting skyward into her well used backdoor to help steady her while Adam used a hand to go to Alison’s hips to push and keep her down.

“Feels so good having a cock so far up my ass,” Alison squalled in delight. “And it’s only going to get better.”

Alison’s pussy was drenched to the core as she was really getting off on being sodomized in a threeway. Being as wet as it was, Adam found his thicker cock slid in with ease despite another dick occupying her just an inch below him.

Adam took care to slowly ease himself into her wet passage, only finally managing to work his entire length inside her after close to 10 small thrusts when he normally accomplished that feat in one. Both the roommates thought she might need a minute to adapt but Alison immediately pushed down and forward back into both their meat poles and started fucking them.

“So good…awhhh…yess…ummm…so full,” she loudly moaned

Alison’s noise level was concerning for Tom since his girlfriend was sleeping 10 feet directly above them. However, every time a new jolt of pleasure raked the younger girl’s body caused her muscular sphincter to spasm around his dick and he forgot all about Kristen Bell upstairs.

With Tom now thrusting back into her tight ass and Adam using his fat tool to repeatedly pummel her pussy from on top of her, Alison Brie was in heaven. She felt so full and tight, the only way she could describe the sensation was when a diver’s suit compressed around you when wet…but all that was focused around the pleasure centers in the body.

The three bodies continued to bounce and grind as one unit as the men double penetrated the insanely hot girl. Both of the roommates wanted to simply fuck Alison’s brains out and they were doing their damnedest to accomplish that feat. The friction created by their pistoning cocks into her holes against the thin membrane between her pussy and anus was driving Alison wild with joy. She wasn’t the only one enjoying that, as both men had to admit that the extra grinding was a real turn on for them too.

Both Adam and Tom lost track of time as they were solely concentrating on fucking the hell out of their other roommate’s beautiful sister. They were doing a hell of a job by all accounts, at least if you went by the sheer number of times Alison cried out in pleasure or spurred them one with comments.

“Keep going,” she encouraged while managing to squirm her small hand down the front of her body to rub her clit. “So close to cumming.”

“Me too,” Adam grunted from on top of the big chested woman.

“Fuck it,” Tom groaned, dick still bouncing in and out of her ass. “I’m gonna blow now.”

“Wait…ughhh…just a…awwhhh yesss…nother sec…OOHHHHH…UGGHHHHH,” Alison began to say before her orgasm cut her off.

Like a wave in the middle of the ocean, her climax washed over her entire body, sending tingles and shocks across every nerve as she creamed herself like never before. She normally would have flipped over and gone to bed after an energy drain such like that, but she wanted to take care of the two guys who had literally being trying to fuck her in half for the past half hour.

Alison’s large bouncy tits jiggle twice more but more erractically then before as Tom gave her a few final plunges into her rectum. She only had a second to act so she pushed Adam off of her with hands to his powerful chest. Luckily for her the hockey player allowed her to move him away, allowing Alison to stand up off of Tom. It felt weird for both Alison and Tom to no longer be inside her ass, as he’d been taking up occupancy in her backdoor for a long time now.

“Give me that cum baby,” Alison said from her knees in front of the seated male.

Tom had sat up enough in the chair so that his dick was leveled at the girl with the impossibly beautiful face with large doe eyes. He barely needed to pump his cock at all, not once Alison’s hand went to fondle his full ball sack, so he aimed and watched through almost shot eyes as the jizz began erupting from his head towards her waiting mouth.

“Ugghhh sshhit,” the lanky man groaned.

Alison had just enough time to close her gorgeous eyes as the warm fluid plastered her in the face, landing on the upper part of her forehead and streaking down obliquely across the bridge of her nose, over her right eye and finishing on her cheek. The second and third spurts were aimed at her heaving chest as the white goo blended in well with the pale complexion of the skin of her huge tits. With a good amount of surface area covered on her chest, Tom directed the last few smaller gushes back at Alison’s beautiful face, coating the other cheek and some of her lips as well.

“Yum,” Alison commented as she licked up and swallowed the cum that had made it into her mouth or close enough for her tongue to lap up.

The bombshell’s duties weren’t quite over yet though. The man behind her was also ready to explode having feverishly fucked her pussy the last 30 minutes then using his hand to finish himself off while watching Alison swallow down more of his friend’s spunk. The girl was a pro though and turned around once she had given Tom some post-sex head, taking his dick into her mouth no more than 15 seconds after it had been plunging into her poophole.

“Here it comes,” Adam grunted.

Alison had time to square her body to his and so when his cock erupted with semen, her face was perfectly positioned to take the second and final load of the night onto it. He pasted her skin with several thick strands of cum, landing on various parts of her, mixing with the salty sperm already on her forehead cheeks and chin. By his third and few final squirts, the brunette had managed to direct his shooting into her mouth to swallow down but this was all while cum ran down her face and dribbled onto her perky tits.

At that moment, Alison heard a door opening and thanked her lucky stars. The whole reason she initiated the threesome in the first place was so that her brother got home in time to see his baby sister taking a cock in both her pussy and asshole. Her timing was a little off but him getting to see her with cum all over her face and boobs would be an acceptable alternative.

“Hey bro…”

Alison cut herself off after turning towards the door but not seeing it swinging open. Instead, the small flap a foot off the ground in the wooden door had pushed itself open on well used hinges so that a small dog could walk through.

“Alison that was serious…wow,” Adam said, finding a spot on the sofa to sit down on.

“Yeah…you said it bro,” Tom agreed. “I better get back up to see Kristen though.”

“Anytime boys,” Alison replied with a smile. “Now I’m gonna go wash up. What a surprise that mother fucker was late,” she added the last part under her breath.

*          *          *

Emma Stone and Darren had been on the road for over an hour, listening to the radio and chatting. They had recapped some of their favorite moments from their weekend trip, both laughing and reminiscing. Emma put on a station that played only 90s pop then serenaded Darren in an upbeat raspy voice, much to his enjoyment.

“Beautiful and talented I see,” Darren complimented.

“So kind…especially when most men with a tool like yours can be assholes and still get tail,” Emma replied.

With her words, the new blonde reached her hand over the space between them and firmly gripped his cock. She couldn’t help but chuckle when Darren swirved the car by a few inches before calming himself and righting himself. She gave him another squeeze then used her delicate fingers to trace out his hardening cock through his pants. Through all of this he only grunted while keeping the car straight, which pleased Emma since she had more in store for her man.

Darren dared a quick glance over at his date and saw the look of pure desire draped all over her gorgeous face. Knowing that there was nothing he could do to stop if, even if he wanted to, the lucky man simple re-adjusted himself in the driver’s seat so that his waist was further away from the steering wheel to allow Emma easier access to his groin.

Emma had no problems taking advantage of the new situation. She used her hands to undo his belt buckle, button and zipper then had her boyfriend hike his hips in order to pull his pants down. When they were low enough his dick came flopping out, thudding against Emma’s wrist with a slap.

“There’s my favorite toy,” the sexy voiced girl exclaimed.

Emma’s hand was close by so she wrapped her small fingers around his freed member and lightly began to run up and down his length. She used her thumb to rub over the tip of his cock each time she circled back to the top, until her thumb came away the last time sticky. Looking down, the blonde-haired girl noticed that her boyfriend began leaking pre-cum.

“Fuck me,” Darren gasped as Emma’s mouth descended back on his dick, the second time that morning. “I’ll never tire of that.”

The former redhead had to hope that her boyfriend was a good driver while getting blown because there was no way she could wear a seatbelt and bend that far down. Removing her belt, Emma shoved her thick ass to the edge of the seat so it was pushed against the side of the door. It gave her enough space so she could bend over enough to have her face in line with his very erect cock.

With a grin on her face, Emma tugged on his pole one last time before holding him around the base of his thick cock and opened her mouth in a big O. Lowering her head even more, the sexy girl clamped her plush lips down on his shaft, and applied suction. Whatever early droplets of cum that didn’t shoot into her mouth then were collected by her swiriling tongue around his head, lingering around his piss slit.

She pulled off his dick so that she could rest her tongue on the side of his pole and lick her way down one side, cross over the underside of his member then rub her skilled tongue up the other side. This brought yet another moan from her man, and then elicited a firther one when she clamped her lips around him and bobbed her head slowly but always making progress downwards so more of his shaft entered her. Whatever couldn’t get inside her mouth she was gently yet firmly stroking with her hand in perfect rhythm with her bobbing head.

Darren didn’t have much experience about driving while being blown, but maybe this was a topic driving schools could soon start teaching. The road he was driving on was fairly straight, and though there were many cars around them he never felt out of control. However, after another 5 minutes of another of Emma’s great blowjobs she withdrew her mouth from him altogether.

The man was going to protect but didn’t get the chance. Emma gave him a look that portrayed that she had other things going on inside that naughty mind of hers though. Slowly she sank back in her leather seat into the normal posture, then lowered the seat down so it was fully reclined. There was still a low-grade angle but the surface was nearly flat for whatever Emma planned to do.

“Whatcha doing,” he asked, risking a long glance over at her.

“Oh I just find it so hot in here,” the raspy voiced girl replied.

Spending almost equal time looking at the road and at his girlfriend, Darren watched as Emma put her right hand under her dress strap and pushed it off the milky white skin of her left shoulder. The recent blonde did likewise with the other shoulder then began to teasingly pull the form-fitting pink dress from her body.

“Mhmm…mmm…mmm. I love those little tits,” Darren grunted his approval as Emma’s B-cups came flopping out.

The former redhead turned the volume of radio up as some dance hall tune was playing. Emma slunk around on the seat in a seductive manner, using her hands to continuously squash her boobs together as she dangling them towards Darren’s face as often as she could.

Darren left only one hand on the wheel as he reached over and pawed at her dirty pillows. Emma loved his response to her sexual dance, moaning audibly when his fingers pinched her pink nipple, making it hard. He moved his hand to her other breast and did likewise until both nipples were erect.

“I love your feel,” Emma said to her man.

Emma used both hands to pull his arm off of her perky chest and up into the air. Pulling apart his fingers, the spunky girl isolated his middle finger so that she could put it in her mouth. With the digit resting on her warm, wet tongue the talented girl pressed her lips around him and began giving him a mock blow job.

“Loses some effectiveness when you just finished sucking on my actual cock,” he laughed.

“Actually I was getting you wet so you could do this…”

Emma took his wrist and brought it done towards her legs, which she was pulling apart. Sliding it under her skirt, the Redhead directed him until his finger was rummaging through her pink folds. He gave her a smile before plunging the wettened digit fully into her twat, drawing a low moan from the raspy voiced beauty.

Darren took to his task with pleasure and rapidly began to finger nag his attractive girlfriend. After a weekend of sex her pussy didn’t have the chance to tighten back up all the way so he quickly added a second and third finger into her box without losing any speed.

“You’re so wet,” Darren commented to the screaming girl.

Darren took a break from the relentless pumping and slowed down his approach. He pushed his fingers deeply into her wetness, going into the thin blonde as far as he could then curled his fingers to drag his fingerpads along her inner walls and over her G-spot. As he did so, he couldn’t help but think how much smaller her twat felt than normal and he had no idea why.

“Oh…mhmm…yes,” she screamed in response.

With fingers still buried inside her pussy, Emma hiked her hips up much like Darren did earlier. She moved her hands from holding his wrist between her legs so that she could bunch the bottom of her dress up past her rounded ass so that it nestled on her toned stomach.

Emma groaned in disapproval when Darren pulled his hand away sharply, but realized it was so that he could get it back on the wheel. Emma turned lemons into lemonade by licking her fingers to spread spit onto them then took up the vacated spot between her milky white thighs.

The former redhead was already warmed up so there was no need for her to be gentle. She pressed all four fingers together to furiously rub her entire folds, stimulating both her lips and clit all at the same time. She did it for some time, only becoming aware when her shoulder began to tire so she adapted to simply pumping two fingers into her twat, much like Darren was doing earlier.

“I really think we should find a place to pull over,” Emma suggested strongly.

The blonde girl still had her hand between her legs, clearly fingering herself by the way her hand constantly was pumping into herself.

“Baby we are in the middle of Jersey,” Darren reminded her. “As much as I’d love to pull over and fuck your brains out I have no idea where we could have a quickie in a black SUV in the middle of the day.”

Emma heard his resignation but didn’t like it one bit. That’s when the girl with the recently dyed hair decided to play her last card and really turn the proverbal screw.

The sexy woman moved around in the seat until she was able to press her thighs together. With legs straight out in front of her, locked at the knee, Emma lifted up the toned pegs so the soles of her shoes were touching the ceiling. The sight was sexy enough with her bright pink pussy visible between her meaty thighs, but Darren’s attention was drawn to something that caught his eye further south.

“What is that,” he asked excitedly.

Emma tilted her head so she could smile over at him. She threw her panties into the back seat then brought her fingers to the source of his interest. Her fingerpads rubbed lightly over her dampened pussy then continued down over the small patch of skin until she touched the green opal stone encased in a metal frame.

Waiting until they were stopped at a stop sign, Emma clutched the toy tightly and began to pull it out of her. Darren watched on with unbreaking focus as the metallic butt plug was slowly removed from Emma’s ass, watching the muscular ring stretch out due to its bulbous shape.


Realizing he’d been stopped at the sign for almost 30 seconds with no traffic coming the other way, Darren looked back at the road and drove off. Emma smiled and laughed at him but Darren drowned this out as he suddenly had a great idea. After a few minutes and turning into a subdivision, he finally found what he was looking for.

“You’re going to ass fuck me in the parking lot of elementary school,” Emma asked in a sultry voice.

“I’ll put it in your ass in front of grandmother on her death bed,” the horny man replied.

Darren ripped into the parking lot and began driving around the side of the building. He had to drive on the grass but he eventually made his way to the back of the building, which was perfectly out of view for anyone driving by.

“Amazing what the right motivation can achieve,” she said in her throaty, sexy voice.

Darren gave her a little chuckle before leaning over and bring his girlfriend in for a passion-filled kiss. He collided his lips with a great deal of force against Emma’s, but she didn’t pay it mind and simply returned his kissing with like desire.

“So what…when…how…”

Emma thought it was adorable hearing her man stammer on, clearly flustered by her sudden change in mindset. It wasn’t like she was adamant against anal sex like some women were, however she wasn’t going to volunteer to be sodomized either.

“Well watching you go to town on the prostitutes ass was…well you had this look of unconditional joy. I knew it wasn’t just because the girl was gorgeous, it was the act that made you that excited. So I decided I wanted to make you that happy,” she explained. “And I got this little fellow this morning after the salon.”

Darren found himself leaning back in and kissing his girlfriend deeply again. However, he couldn’t deny that his real motivation was to get his hands on the butt plug that was currently embedded deep in Emma’s rectum.

It then occurred to him that the small bag the new blonde had brought into the bathroom with her as he checked out of the hotel surely was this toy. So that meant she was walking around with the plug in her ass the whole day…sitting on it for the entire drive…for every bump and bounce in the car.

If Emma was being honest, having the toy in her ass for the past several hours was an interesting endeavor. Walking was the oddest sensation since it caused her backdoor to be in a constant state of puckering then relaxing, pucker and relax. It made her both horny and annoyed, but surprising not in pain. The drive and sitting in one spot was fine, until a pothole was hit or Darren had to swerve unexpectedly, then it would grind on her insides and make her suddenly aware of the inch-and-a-half metal tube that was keeping her anus gaped.

However, the pretty blonde couldn’t deny that having something buried deep in her ass was erotic. Even if she didn’t spend the last part of the drive diddling herself, her pussy would have been dripping wet and wanting a dick to feel her need. This was really weird for Emma, who not only was an anal virgin, but she’d never even had a finger inside or a tongue lap at her tiny starfish.

There was just something about the constant source of stimulation, even if it was a milder form than the type derived from her having her twat plugged. There was also the naughty sensation it gave her, knowing that the most taboo sexual act was being prepped.

“Did you want to…”

Emma was going to ask if her man wanted to play with the toy in her ass, but she stopped mid-sentence when his hand went to her soft inner thigh. His tongue was back in her mouth at the same time his fingers took a grip around the flat end of the butt plug. His palm grazed against her pink folds and he realized just how wet his girlfriend had made herself.

Though Darren’s eyes were mainly focused south of the border he still noticed Emma bite her lip as he started pulling the plug from her bum. It made him so hot to look down and see something deep inside her virgin asshole, but the sooner it came out meant the sooner his dick replaced it.

Savoring the sight for another long few moments, Darren moved until his 2 fingers were wedged between his girlfriend’s pleasantly plump cheeks and the metallic flat end. He flashed Emma a look portraying for her to remain calm and relaxed before the expansive bulbous portion of the plug began to move.

“Mmphhh,” Emma moaned as her man slowly began dragging the toy from her bowels.

Her tight sphincter had been holding the inch thick waist of the toy securely in place for the better part of 3 hours, so it naturally resisted the urge to yield to the much thicker flared part. But Darren’s determination was greater so he watched as her tight butt stretched to 2 full inches until the widest portion of the butt plug cleared her hole.

“Fuck that was sexy,” Darren said, holding the toy up in front of their faces.

The tool wasn’t very long, his guess was only 4 inches, but it was wider than a usual cock. He could see the sunlight glinting off its surface, showing the remains of the lubrication still coating it from its original passage into her rump.

Darren was unable to resist the urge. He lowered the toy back down until the tapered end was butted back against Emma Stone’s anus. The hole was still slightly red and gaped, so when he pushed slowly yet forcefully into her the plug disappeared fully back into her booty.

“Is it weird that it kinda feels good,” Emma asked, part curious but part impressed with herself.

Darren couldn’t take it any longer. He threw open his door and went to get out of the vehicle but in his haste forgot about the seat belt. Muttering a curse, which made Emma giggle, he unbuckled himself then nearly jogged to the other side of the truck. He opened her door then gently scooped up the sexy blonde into his arms and brought her to the more spacious backseat.

“We haven’t done it back here since we christened this beauty last year,” Darren commented while throwing off his shirt.

Since Emma had already done a great job in moving her tight, form-fitting dress off her tits and ass, with the clothing bunched around her mid-section, Darren only had to worry about undressing himself. Much like his shirt, he undid his pants in a similar hurry. It took him no time to have the pants pulled down around his knees with his stiff, 8 inch cock dangling straight out in front of him.

“Is all that for me…UGGHHH,” Emma began to say.

However, the vixen was cut off when Darren clutched his cock, took aim and slammed half his length into her sopping wet pussy. After a weekend of nothing but repeated sex her hole was loosened significantly, however, the fact that there was a toy up her bum it made the sensation feel completely different.

The butt plug made the horny blonde feel full already, but now that she was getting double penetrated along with her boyfriend’s huge cock filled her to the brim. As Darren began pulling in and out of her pink folds, Emma couldn’t help but loud moanly as she felt her man’s cock and the metallic toy in her ass rubbing together.

“Feel so good,” Darren raggedly commented.

Emma knew him well enough to know that he needed to slow down. He was treating the occasion like a quickie since he was so worked up seeing his lovely anal virgin of a girlfriend with a thick toy in her ass. Darren needed to slow down or else he wouldn’t last to the main event, something Emma was nervous for but she’d already worked up her courage to partake so didn’t want to back down now.

“Darren…slow down…pull out…”

Emma’s words not having any effect on him as he continued to rail his entire length into her well used twat. She had was half tempted to let him keep up his unsustainable pace until he made them both cum, probably in another few minutes, but she’d already decided today was the day she lost her ass cherry.

“Hoffenheim,” Emma blurted out.

This time Darren heard the word and stopped mid stroke. It may have seemed odd for any anyone who heard her say the small German town and had that affect on the strong man, however it was their safe word. Above all else, Darren respected the safe word and it accomplished the goal.

“Whoa…kinda lost myself there,” Darren apologized.

He realized his dick was still half within the near naked woman so he pulled out of his girlfriend to give her the break she needed. However, the vixen moved hastily to roll over from her back and got into position on her hands and knees.

“I know when you get in a trance and I didn’t want you to miss out on this,” she said from over her right shoulder, wiggling her plump ass back at him.

Normally Emma wasn’t the biggest fan of getting fucked doggy style. It was the opposite of intimate as it gave the girl the impression that she was so ugly to look at that they didn’t want to look at her. Not to mention some past experiences taught her that most men started pumping too hard and ended up blowing way too soon. However, with Darren it was different; he constantly told her how pretty she was plus her readings on anal sex told her that taking it on all fours was the best way.

“I might have some face cream we can use as lube in the trunk,” Darren said, eyes never leaving the green jewel-encrusted toy buried in his girlfriend’s back end.

Emma was all over that as well. She was always one to be prepared and losing her anal virginity was no difference. Reaching down to her purse, she rooted to the bottom then pulled out the new bottle of strawberry-scented lube she’d bought at the same time as the butt plug.

“A horny girl is always ready,” she humored, passing it back to him.

Emma waited for him to pop the top then heard the plastic being squeezed with its characteristic noise. She hung her head down between her legs and watched as the clear, thick liquid built up in his palm of his large hand. Once a significant mound of fluid was prepared, Darren closed the bottle and rubbed it around his shaft and tip, coating it with ample amounts.

“Ready baby girl,” he asked while smearing more of the lube around the edges of her asshole and the toy.

“As I’ll ever be,” she said, steeling her nerve. “Pull the plug out then get inside me as quick as you can. And babe…be gentle.”

Darren gave her a comforting look that portrayed that he’d never knowingly hurt her. It seemed to work as he noticed that the girl seemed to relax a little more, some of the muscle tension in her shoulders visibly reducing.

Now was the time and being fast was essential. Grabbing the toy once again, he slowly pulled it back until the thickest part of it was expanding her bumhole. He heard the redhead-turned-blonde grunt in discomfort as he held it there in place, allowing her asshole to loosen even further. Darren now rested his other hand on her heart-shaped ass as he slide the toy from her rectum altogether.

Just like they planned, Emma Stone’s arse stayed gaped long enough for Darren to aim his flesh rocket and bury his entire bulbous head in her backside. The gorgeous girl didn’t cry out at all so Darren grabbed both of her hips and slowly slide the next two inches of his excessively slick cock into her brown eye.

“Owww,” Emma groaned in more discomfort, now feeling the effect of her virgin asshole being fucked.

“I’m gonna wait here as you relax. When you’re calm again, push that great ass back to me,” he told her with a reassuring voice.

It took the beautiful a few long moments but she finally gave Darren the go ahead. Instead of rocking back against him, Emma swayed her hips side to side before bouncing up and down. Though more of his cock didn’t penetrate her lovely caboose, he was more than happy watching the girl with almost half his cock in her ass make her plump cheeks jiggle and ripple.

“I’ll take that as it’s good to proceed.”

Darren resumed guiding his powerful tool into her slippery backdoor until he felt her hole clamp down on him with nearly 75% of his meat inside. He began the long and slow withdrawal from her rectum, all while palming two handfuls of her amazing ass. Her puckered hole was more accommodating of him pulling it so he retreated with ease until only his first inch remained in her bowels.

The next 5 minutes proceeded in much the same fashion. Emma’s virginal hole was being somewhat resistant to his wide tool so the pace was kept slow and the penetration was never more than just over half his length. But as time passed, the blonde’s constricted rosebud gradually loosened until Darren was finally able to glide his entire shaft deep into her booty.

“Shit Emma…Ahhh…so tight,” Darren grunted, face contorted while sweat built up on both their faces.

Emma was pleased with how everything was going, all things considered. The initial penetration hurt like a son of a bitch, but after that it toned down to simply a displeasing feeling. However, in the past few minutes even that discomfort was replaced by feelings resembling pleasure. Being stretched out and filled up in a new and exotic place was starting to turn the blonde on. In fact, as Darren slide his cock was more freedom into her asshole, Emma reached down between her legs and started to diddle her clit.

The spacious SUV was now filled with the noises of Darren’s grunts, Emma’s moans and the continuous rhythmic slapping of his full ball sack on her wet folds. The slapping had been getting more frequent with each passing minute as they kept fucking faster. And it wasn’t just Darren thrusting with more speed and power, but also Emma throwing her hips back to take more of him.

“Getting close,” he warned, knowing that with the tightness of her brown star he wouldn’t last much longer.

“Me…ohhh…awwhhh…too,” Emma groaned.

Emma Stone was desperate to cum while taking it in the ass for the very first time. Knowing that time was of the essence, she remembered back to how great it felt when she was double penetrated with the butt plug in her backdoor and Darren’s cock in her pussy. She stopped furiously rubbing her sensitive bean, she pressed three fingers together and rammed them deep inside her pussy. That alone almost made her cum, but that only started when she flattened her hand and pressed the palm of her hand against her aroused clitoris.

“Oh yes! AHHHHHHHH,” Emma screamed out in a chorus of loud moans as she came all over her digits deep within her twat.

If her screams of unadulterated pleasure weren’t a big enough tip off to Darren that he had made his girlfriend cum while plowing her ass, the fact that her sphincter was now constricting around his cock did. So close to his own orgasm, the boy knew that he couldn’t stop now so he slowly still forced his dick in and out of her vice-like toosh.

“About…to…cum…” he managed to choke out, eyes firmly pressed shut.

“Cum in me baby. Fill my ass up,” Emma begged.

Darren waited long enough until her brown eye relented in it’s crushing grip so that he was freely able to resume his original frantic pace. He kept up the ball slapping speed for little over a minute until he breach the point of no return. With two big handfuls of plump cheek, Darren thrust deeply into Emma’s cavernous rectum one last time. A loud primal grunt escaped his lips as he listened to her pleading and shot his load, coating her bowels with his warm seed.

Covered in sweat, the pair collapsed just as they were, with Emma lying flat on her stomach with Darren right on top of her. Of course his pecker was still buried in her once virgin ass, but neither seemed too concerned by this. However there rest was interrupted by the sounds of clapping from close to the vehicle.

“What the hell,” Darren said as he pulled out from Emma’s bum and stood outside the car.

Surrounding the side of the car were roughly 7 boys, all high school age. Apparently they’d been watching him sodomize the extremely pretty girl for some time, and now they were cheering for the recently finished couple. Darren could only smile and began to dress himself while inside the SUV, Emma’s face went the same color of red that her former hair was.

*          *          *

The rest of the drive was uneventful, especially compared to Emma’s frisky behavior at the beginning of their journey. None the less, after he took her anal virginity, Darren had the vehicle heading back to New York.

Much to her sister’s chagrin, her threeway with Darren’s two roommate had ended before he could walk in on them. The whole time they were fucking her, Alison was hoping that her brother would come inside his house arm-in-arm with his pretty girlfriend only to find his baby sister with a dick in her pussy and asshole at the same time.

Alas, the timing wasn’t perfect so instead of Darren walking through the door during her double penetration, or hell even Kristen Bell coming down the stairs and seeing her boyfriend fucking her ass, their tryst was private. When Darren and Emma eventually made it home, a good 20 minutes after their intended rendez vous time, Kristen and Tom were seated on one side of the coach while Adam sat on a love seat and Alison stood in the kitchen.

The happy pair came into the main living space and exchanged pleasantries with everyone. They answered questions about their vacation, for which there were many all while Darren noticed Alison acting distant. He supposed she was still pissed about the whole forgetting she was coming to New York thing.

“So how about grabbing some lunch Ali,” Darren invited.

“Thanks but I gotta head out. My trips over and need to get to the airport,” she replied.

“Okay well let me take a quick piss than I’ll drop you off.”

“I’ve already sent for the cab and he’s waiting out front now. But thanks for the awesome visit bro,” Alison snorted sarcastically.

“Anytime sis,” he bantered back, not missing a beat.

Everyone in the room was still full of smiles and getting along so Darren figured that his sister didn’t weave her web of dysfunction this time. He was almost right, after all the brunette bombshell was already past the threshold of the doorway and he was gripping the wooden door to close it swiftly behind her. Then she just had to turn around.

“Oh I almost forgot. Tom I think I left a pair of panties in your room from the other night but you can keep them, you earned them,” she said with a wink.

“I…ummm…” Tom stammered as he felt Kristen’s eyes, as well as everyone else’s shift onto him.

“And thanks for last night Adam. You were great and don’t let these guys tease you about crossing swords with some other dude,” Alison continued.

“It was only for like a second and it while we were tapping a hot chick,” he quickly justified.

Darren looked over and shot both roommates a murderous glance. They both diverted their eyes like a dog when it was shamed by its owner. But he knew his sister and he didn’t think she was done quite yet.

“Pleasure to meet you Emma, shame we couldn’t have spent more time together,” the brunette said the blonde girl.

Alison stepped back inside and opened her arms up wide to offer the gravel-voiced girl a hug. Emma was slightly taken aback but recovered in time for the two women to embrace each other. Alison gave a firm but tender squeeze then released her hold and began to pull away.

However, Alison backed up closely to the girl so that their cheeks brushed onto one another. When she was at the point that they were face to face the brunette tilted her head to the side and advanced on Emma. Their lips met in what was a surprise to the redhead since her eyes were closed from the hug. Alison had used the element of surprise to bypass any defenses the girlfriend of her brother may have put up.

After slipping her tongue into Emma’s mouth after 5 seconds or so of their lips being pressed together, Alison just as suddenly broke the kiss. With the lick of her lips she smiled brightly over at her brother before turning to leave once again. Darren was pissed once again at his sister for many things, including leaving a confused girlfriend for him to deal with.

“I’m totally telling mom,” Darren blurted out at the retreating girl.

“Go ahead, like they’d believe you against their darling angel,” she shot back.

Angrily, Darren slammed the door shut with a loud whack. His face was red and portrayed the anger and frustration he harbored not only to his sister but to his friends as well.

“I told you fuck-tards to do one thing. Not to touch my fucking sister. And you idiots couldn’t even do that,” he said before storming up the stairs. Right before he went into his room he shouted for them to hear. “I fucking chaos demon!”

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