Siblings Part 1

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Title: Siblings Part 1

Author: The Chemist

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction and didn’t actually occur. Mature themes so must be older than 18

Celebs: Alison Brie, Emma Stone, Kate Upton

Codes: MF, MFF, Anal, Oral, Snowball

Notes: This is part 1 of a trilogy revolving around Alison Brie. It’s a large story so thought I’d break it apart. Enjoy!

“Hey bro, it’s me again…calling for the 4th fucking time! Pick up your phone you no-good punch-drunk fucker or else I’m telling mom the next chance I get.”

Alison Brie pulled the cell phone away from her ear and pecked her finger at the touch screen over and over until her phone call ended. She had arrived in New York over an hour ago and yet her older brother was still nowhere to be seen. Normally the passive, pixie-like girl wouldn’t have minded his slip of the mind, but autumn in the North East was particularly chilly this year. It seemed that her anger level rose with each new goosebump that appeared on her milky white legs, which was numerous given her choice of wearing a mid-thigh length skirt.

Though quite small, 5’2 and 110 pounds, and seemingly mild mannered, Alison had a hot streak and right now it was in full flow. Her brother Darren was over an hour late now to picking her up and she was only growing angrier by the passing minutes. Sick of waiting for him, Alison lugged her bags back inside and found a row of large lockers. Now without any heavy baggage, the brunette walked out of the airport and began the 45 minute walk to the house her brother lived in.

As she exited the large revolving doors of the picturesque airport, many cab drivers offered her ride. No doubt they all saw her as potential fare and means to make some money. However, she would have had to have been either blind or clueless to not notice the long, creepy gazes the men were giving her.

Grabbing the attention of men was something Alison Brie was all too familiar with. Puberty may not have given her a big growth spurt height-wise, however it did wonders to endower her with heavy assets in the front of her chest that left her well renowned. The brunette’s body type was a mix between slim and curvy; no one confused her for being a stick figure as she had some healthy meat on her bones yet she still very much had a petite feel about her.

In addition to Alison’s head-turning C-cups and her altogether amazing body is her gorgeous face. Her big blue eyes could hold men’s attention after they were done scoping out her cleavage while her sweet smile also had a hint that there may be something naughty under her innocent beauty. She may not have initially screamed that she was a highly sexual creature given her cute appearance, but there was very much more lurking beyond her surface.


“Don’t trouble yourself Adam, I’ll get you,” Darren said to his roommate who barely registered the comment.

Darren wasn’t expecting since his girlfriend was already at the house. He didn’t think either of his roommates had a girl coming over nor had he thought that they invited a friend over to chill. As he approached the front door he hoped against everything that it wasn’t another of those religious folks trying to get him to find Jesus.

“Hello,” Darren greeted as he opened the door. “Oh hey Alison!”

“Hey Alison? That’s all I get you piece of crap,” the tiny brunette nearly screamed as she let fly a right jab that collided with her older brother’s shoulder.

“Ouch! What the hell baby sister,” he whined, immediately rubbing the area.

The commotion at the front door had gotten the attention of everyone inside the spacious 3 room house. Soon the foray was filled with Tom, Adam and Darren’s girlfriend Emma.

“I feel like an introduction is in order buddy,” one of the guys standing behind her brother said.

“Right. Everyone this is my little sister Alison. Watch out, she has a mean cross,” Darren began.

“Jab. Still see you haven’t learnt your punches. Now it’s 45 degrees out here so are you gonna invite me in or not,” the irritated girl pressed.

“Oh right, come in,” Darren replied but not quick enough as Alison had already barged her way through. “Anyway, Ali the tall guy is my roommate Tom whose in real estate. Adam is our other housemate and he’s into renovations. And this tall cup of water is my girl, Emma.”

“Hi Ali. Heard a lot about you,” the gravelly voiced Emma Stone added.

“And I can see why my brother likes you so much. Your face is so damn beautiful that its making me slowly forget why I’m so made at him,” Alison remarked.

“Not that I mind the drop-in visit and being assaulted by my little sis, but seriously, why are you here?”

“My God, you really forgot…again? I reminded you over and over again that I was coming to stay with you as I came to the city for my job interview,” the brunette told him.

“Oh shit! I completely forgot baby sister. That’s my bad,” he apologized. “So how long you in town for again?”

“The weekend. And if things go well then longer than that,” she replied, her tone softening.

“You’re an awfully light packer there Ali. Where are your bags,” Tom, the taller of the two roommates asked.

“Well Tom, thank you for asking. Since my dickhead of a brother forget to get me at your lovely airport I had to stash my bags in a locker as I walked here,” Alison answered, her rage still at the surface.

“Why didn’t you just take a cab? I’d have paid for it,” Darren asked.

“Because if I had gotten here any sooner than I would have made myself an only child,” she spat.

“Listen, that reminds me. Not to feed into the saying ‘when it rains it pours’ but I won’t be around this weekend. See, me and Stoner here are going on a trip down to Atlantic City for a romantic getaway. We leave in…5 minutes ago,” Darren revealed, flexing his arm in case his sister let loose another punch in his direction.

“Perfect. So much for you and your promise of showing me the city,” Alison shouted, a hint of a tear beginning to form in her large eyes.

“If it’s not too forward of me, I could be your tour guide for the next couple of days,” the shorter but more muscular guy said.

Alison flashed him a smile that was welcoming and let him know that she’d take him up on his generous offer. However, while Alison was impressed by the act of kindness, it made Darren go on alert. Adam was a pro athlete and had their typical work ethic; huge effort during games and practice but most other times they were lazy pieces of crap that tended to lay low on their down time.

“And I can drive you to get your luggage. The airport is only like a 15 minute drive so it’d be no trouble at all,” Tom offered.

“Wow! How you two nice, sweet guys are friends with my no good brother is astonishing,” the brunette gushed.

“Hey Tom and Adam, can you guys help me bring our bags to the car,” Darren asked.

His two friends agreed and the trio walked back to the foray to each pick up a suitcase that laid on the floor. As the men exited out the front door, Emma escorted the shorter girl further inside towards the living room.

“It was only 2 suitcases and a travel bag Darren. You getting weak on us,” Adam joked as the put the luggage into the trunk.

“Actually I just wanted to have a word with you two. It’s pretty simple so get this through your thick skulls. Don’t even think of touching my sister while I’m away. I don’t want to hear anything other than you two saying you accept this condition,” Darren warned.

“Listen bud…”

“No, no. No excuses or anything. You guys are great guys and all but it’s my baby sister. Keep your dick out of her ass Tom because I know our an ass man. And you are not subjecting her to any of your weird sexual fetishes Adam, you hear me,” he added.

“Come on…we have ethics, we would never,” Tom tried to reason.

Darren ignored his plea. “Besides, you don’t want to get involved with her if you can help it. She’s my family but the girl is nuts. I mean possessed by a chaos demon nuts. She thrives on causing ruining so it would do you both well to steer clear of that shit storm.”

The men agreed not to lay a finger on or a cock in their buddy’s sibling, which brought a smile to Darren’s face. With their word, he was now feeling a little better about leaving Alison alone for the weekend with his two roommates as he and Emma went for essentially a 48 hour sex-fest down in Atlantic City.

“Okay so Ali you can sleep in my bed, it’s no problem. I have an on-suite and you can have anything in the fridge. One of these two can give you the grand tour…”

“I’ve been here before dork,” the spunky brunette cut him off.

“Oh…right. Well Emma and I really have to be leaving. Sorry again for the mix up. Promise I’ll make it up to you!”

“You for sure will,” Ali replied.

“I have money in my sock drawer. Use what you want. Sorry again,” Darren said as he crossed the threshold of the doorway.

“Nice meeting you,” Emma Stone smiled before closing the door behind her.

“Well that was a complete shit storm,” Alison commented, bringing a chuckle out of both men.

“No kidding,” Tom said as the three of them continued to stand in the middle of the front foray. “Listen, can I get you a drink or anything?”

“Yeah sure that’d be great. How about a gin and tonic with another gin to wash it down,” the girl replied without batting an eyelash. “I’m sure I don’t need to explain to you guys how my brother will drive you to drink.”

“We’re well aware,” Adam commented. “Here come to the kitchen and grab a seat.”

“Actually was hoping to take it to go. Tom right? That offer of going with me to retrieve my bags still on the table,” Alison asked.

“Yeah of course. Lemme go grab my keys and your drink and I’ll be right back,” he replied before running off.

Tom returned not long later with somewhat labored breathing after retrieving the items as quickly as possible. He didn’t know what it was about Darren’s sister, maybe it was the fact she was smoking hot and also forbidden fruit, but he didn’t want to leave Adam the chance to swoop in and get first crack with her.

“Here you go,” Tom said as he handed her the shot glass of the clear liquid and also a travel container holding her specified drink of choice.

Alison accepted each of the vessels in a hand and gave the handsome man a smile as a thank you. Without hesitation the travel tired girl tossed back the shot and swallowed down the dry gin in one shot. She let out an audible ‘whoa’ before placing the now-empty glass down with enthusiasm on the wooden bureau beside the front door. Adam gave the pair a goodbye before he watched his roommate and best friend’s sister exit the house.

“Damn. That’s gonna be one hard promise not to break.”

*          *          *

“You know, I really appreciate all your help,” Alison said again to her knight in shinning armor.

“No worries,” Tom said, shooing away her thanks. “I’d have been a jerk if I didn’t offer to help a damsel in duress.”

“Damsel? Haven’t heard anyone use that word in at least 2 decades,” the brunette laughed.

Since her brother’s abrupt departure from his house with his very good looking girlfriend, which Alison was still unsure how he was able to land such a catch, the visiting sister had calmed down significantly. The alcoholic drink that she and the two roommates had shared helped cheer her up, and now that her luggage was safely back in her possession also went a long way.

However, more than the drink and the favor, what went the firthest way to changing her mood around were the two men that shared the nice house with her asshole of a brother. Tom and Adam, although quite different, were both funny and charming in their own way. Tom was more of the classically good looking sort, with a very handsome face and a long, athletic build. Adam was more rugged, as illustrated by his passion for ice hockey and the fact that he grew up in the brutal cold of Northern Canada.

“So what are your plans while you’re here in the greatest city in America,” Tom asked while navigating the streets back to his house.

“Well I have my big interview tomorrow down by midtown but other than that I’m fairly free. I had planned on doing some sightseeing with my jackass of a sibling, but that fell through,” the pretty girl said from the passenger seat.

After a couple more minutes of conversation and the last few turns, the pair had arrived back at their destination. The round trip had taken just over an hour and when they re-entered the lavish house they were surprised to see that Adam was no longer taking up residence on the sofa playing his video games. A quick scan by Tom revealed that his roommate wasn’t even in the house any longer, leaving the pair alone.

“So no Adam,” Alison asked from the high bar stool she found herself on in the kitchen.

“Apparently not. Knowing him he’s likely out at a practice right now,” Tom concluded. “Drink?”

“Hard to turn that offer down. So does he play down at the local rink or something? I’m not too sure how that sport works exactly other than you need a stick and an ice patch,” the brunette conversed.

“Actually he plays pro…kind of anyway. He’s in the minor league, just waiting for his break to make it into the pros,” he said, mixing the vodka and cranberry juice.

“Wow. A real life pro athlete lives in our house,” she said, accepting the tall, thin glass filled of the faded red liquid.

“Semi-pro,” Tom replied sharply, leaning over on the marble breakfast bar opposite the pretty girl.

“Do I detect a hint of jealousy from you,” Alison asked in a flirty tone.

Tom watched as she smiled brightly at him and couldn’t help thinking how beautiful she truly was. Not only did the petite girl have a great body but she had a very gorgeous face.

“Of course not. I’m just a stickler for the details,” he replied as she finished her first drink of the night.

Alison swallowed down the last mouthful of her sweet-tasting beverage then placed the glass back on the hard countertop. She would have been blind if she hadn’t noticed how handsome Tom was, and how into her he was acting. He was being very flirty but not too pushy about it, giving Alison the impression he had a very smooth game when it came to picking up women. However, she also sensed that something was off about him and that his heart wasn’t fully in it, but for that she had a good guess why.

Ever since she was younger her brother had been protective of her. Growing up with a father who cared much more about his bottle of booze than his children, Darren had taken on the role of protector of his baby sister. Alison had grown to appreciate that he cared that much, but it got old quickly. From the time she started dating he would threaten her boyfriends to the point where most guys became afraid to talk alone with her, much less take her to dinner.

“So how about a tour of this place,” Alison finally spoke, breaking the silence.

“Yeah of course. Just give me one second to go grab my tour guide hat and flag so you can find me if you get lost in the crowd,” Tom joked, drawing a loud laugh from his guest.

Tom started on the main floor but that was brief given how she was already familiar with the kitchen, living space and powder room. Next stop was a walk down the steps into the basement to show her their source of pride within the house; the man-cave. The walls here were furnished with movie posters and sports memorabilia while inside the large rec area were plush leather seats, a projector and white screen that was well over 100-inches.

“Very impressive,” Alison told her host. “Is that…”

“Yup. Over here in the games section of the room we have some arcade versions of pinball and Mrs. Pac-man,” Tom answered before she could get the words out.

“Amazing,” the brunette said.

Alison seemed to have drifted unconsciously towards her favorite video game as a child. Tom watched on as she played a solo game and did quite well, playing for well over 25 minutes before finally succumbing to the dreaded game over.

“You did really well,” Tom said, clapping at her accomplishment.

“Only 4th placed good. Not even a medal spot,” Alison frowned. “Whose this TBL ass clown that has the top 3 spots.”

“That ass clown, as you so elegantly put it is Thomas B. Lowe for your information and he is awesome at Mrs. Pac-man,” he said proudly.

“B? What’s that stand for?”

“Would love to tell you but a man needs to keep some mystery about himself,” he laughed. “Now even though you were insulting and didn’t make the top spots, I’ll still give you the reward of finishing up the house tour.”

“Oh what a gracious winner you are…dick,” Alison insulted while smiling warmly.

The pair shared another laugh then moved away from the source of their competitive friction. Before leaving the man cave for good, Tom pointed out the bedroom in the basement, which was where Adam called home. They next ascended the stairs back to the main floor, went to the kitchen to have another nightcap then climbed the last set of stairs to the topmost floor.

“And lastly this is my bedroom,” Tom said from the open doorway.

Darren’s words about not touching his sister were still fresh in his mind so Tom didn’t know how to proceed. Darren was a good friend, albeit an ass at times, and so he didn’t want to do anything to wreck their friendship. On the other hand, Alison was insanely hot with qualities that made her have youthful cuteness and more adult sexiness.

“Mind if I take a look around,” she asked.

The smiling girl didn’t wait for an answer from her gracious host and instead walked straight inside. The room was nothing special. It had gray carpeting, a nice shade of blue decorating the walls and a large window, which was currently allowing a vast amount of moonrays into the space.

“It’s been a long day, mind if lay down as we chat,” Alison said.

The adorable brunette stared at the awkward man who still hung around in the doorframe with her big blue eyes as she got onto of his forest-green colored blanket and rest her head on one of the pillows. Tom slowly wandered into his room and walked around the queen-sized bed so that he was facing the girl once more. Still unsure of how to handle the situation he sat tentatively half way up the bed with his bed twisted in an unnatural angle in order to look at her beautiful face.

Alison saw this and patted the bed beside her, adding in, “Come on, I won’t bite.”

Tom flashed her another toothy smile then swung his legs onto the bed. He leaned back until the back of his head landed on the other soft pillow at the head of the mattress then rolled his lanky body over so he was resting on his right shoulder. Placing his hand on the side of his head, Tom propped himself up so he was now slightly looking down on Alison.

“Comfortable,” he asked.

Alison didn’t respond right away. Instead she wiggled her body towards the much taller man until her body was up against his strong chest. She noted the look of slight apprehension on his face but chose to ignore it as she rubbed her large breasts against his muscular pecs. She couldn’t help but give him another of her beaming smiles when she felt the bulge in his pants poke out and touch the naked skin of her inner thigh.

“Now I think we’re both more comfortable,” she finally answered, their faces inches from one another. Tom swallowed deeply then was about to say something but Alison cut him off before any words came out. “I’m going to kiss you now.”

Tom’s conscience was clear given the fact that it was all Alison who was doing the pursuing. With the moral weight off his shoulders that he was a bad friend, the tall man nodded his head at the brunette’s demand. She reached around his head with her free hand and lightly clutched him here and used it to bring him in to plant a kiss on his lips.

His first thought was how soft and plump her lips were, like small wet pillows. As they continued to kiss they opened their mouths and tangling their tongues with one another’s. This dance of tongue rubbing and lip smacking went on for minutes as they were both caught moaning at times throughout their make-out session.

Tom gained control of their kissing as his tongue was now slid inside Alison’s warm mouth. She moaned as his powerful oral muscle licked her own tongue and inner flesh and moaned again as his hand landed on her skirt-covered hip.

His left hand roamed up the side of her body as they continued to kiss. As he passed up her ribs and over the bare skin of her arm their tongues moved back into the middle zone that their pressed lips had made. By the time he was running his long fingers through her thick brown hair Alison’s tongue was the one now exploring his mouth.

Eventually Alison broke the kiss and opened her wide eyes to stare at him. Tom noted that her skin seemed to be glowing in the moonlight, making her look somehow even more attractive than normal. Their kissing had caused the much shorter girl to begin to pant in order to catch her breath.

“I think we should release this Krakon from his tight prison,” she said.

Tom, who still had his hand holding her head, tugged her closer to him and kissed her once more. By the time their lips were planted on each other’s, Alison’s hands were reaching down and in the process of undoing his pants. Within seconds the petite girl had unhooked the belt, undone the button and unzipped his jeans with little issue.

With the pants less of an obstacle now, the adorable brunette reached her hand into his jeans and fished out his very erect cock. Placing her hand lightly around its base, Alison disengaged from the kiss so she could look down at the fleshy member. She was very pleased to find that her kissing partner had a serious piece of pipe. Much like him, Tom’s dick was long, measuring somewhere in the neighborhood of 10 inches plus had a good amount of girth as her thumb and middle finger could barely wrap around and touch each other.

With her head diverted downward to scope out his junk, Tom wasn’t going to just seat back and do nothing. He lowered his head down so that he could kiss gently down the milky skin of her neck. Alison most have liked his attention given the purring that was emitted from her mouth with each and every kiss.

Tom’s hands descended down from her luscious locks and down her body, all while the talented girl lightly stroked the length of his impressive tool. By the time his strong fingers had hooked the hem of her white sweater, Alison had managed to completely remove his pants from his lower body, leaving him nude below the waist.

He desperately wanted to even the scales and get them back onto neutral territory in terms of clothing so he acted decisively. Grabbing hold of both sweater and underlying shirt, Tom pulled both upwards until he could see her flat stomach and the underside of her purple bra. Unfortunately to go any further required Alison to release his cock, which she did at both of their disappointments. Moving even faster now, Tom finished yanking her sweater overhead followed swiftly by easily unhooking her bra to release her breasts.

All of his processing went into staring at her recently freed tits now. Tom watched the perfectly spherical globes as they hung directly in front of her chest as if held by an invisible support. He still couldn’t believe that the girl that was so petite could have such large and perky boobs, yet the evidence was right in front of him.

“Don’t mean to tell you how to do your job but you just going to glare at them all night or you gonna do something about them,” Alison mused.

Tom gave a half-smile and his face reddened slightly at being caught in a juvenile moment but quickly righted himself. Leaning back down he captured the brunette’s lips with his own and kissed her for a few passionate seconds then broke it off in order to run his tongue and lips down her sensitive neck.

As the tall man kissed his way down towards her chest, Alison wasn’t exactly rolling over and being lazy. Still propped up on her left side, the large-breasted woman re-took his hardened dick in her tiny hand. Unlike last time, this time when she began stroking his manhood she had more pace and purpose about it.

By the time Tom reached the uppermost portion of Alison’s right tit, her hand had found his member again. He had managed to slip her small, bright pink nipple into his mouth and apply suction when her arm really started to jerk him off. He moaned unconsciously against her sensitive flesh, the vibration of which making the gorgeous brunette coo as well.

Tom was reluctant to shift their positioning at all as everything they were doing felt so good. He had moved down to giving her other perfect boob some oral attention while Alison had changed to doing short strokes around the head and smooth portion of skin just beneath his crown. However, he wanted to move on from hand action, but first thing he had to do was make her lose more clothing.

Moving his hand from cupping her free globe, Tom moved it further up onto the smooth skin of her upper arm. Sliding down he didn’t stop his progress until his palm was against the meaty part of her surprisingly thick ass, another pleasant asset given her tiny stature. After a hearty squeeze, which brought a soft moan from the beautiful woman, Tom’s hand found the waistband of her purple skirt. Using his considerable strength he rolled her until she was flat on her back then used his arm to wank the clothing down her smooth legs and then tossed it somewhere behind him.

“Matching panties,” he smiled before removing them much in the same fashion as he had done to her skirt.

This time around Tom would be more aware of his actions when taking in more of her naked form. Looking down at the heavy-chested woman, he was pleased to find that she prioritized grooming habits fairly highly. Where she should have had brown pubic hair above her bright pink (and glistening from horniness) pussy, instead was more milky white skin.

“I much prefer the clean, hairless look,” Alison commented as if she’d read his mind, all while she ran a hand along her pubic area.

“Ditto for me,” Tom agreed. “Now you’ve had a long day so why don’t you lay back and enjoy.”

However, just as Tom was getting his lanky frame down to nestle between her thighs he found that the brunette was on the move. Quick as a rabbit, Alison pushed off the bed and sat upright so that she was eye-level with the descending man. Clutching his right bicep and pulling him towards her, Tom allowed the tiny girl to move him as she desired. This meant that he ended up with the back of his head resting on the pillows and she the one kneeling between his long legs.

“Actually I’ve caught my second wind,” she replied with a cheeky wink.

Tom knew better to argue with a girl who wanted nothing more than to blow his dick. He reached up to cup the back of her skull with one large hand and pulled her in for another tongue-filled kiss then released her. As he settled back in to laying on the comfortable back-supported mattress, Alison her rocked her body backwards so she was nearly sitting on her heels while kneeling.

Her hand had found his lengthy shaft once again and was effortlessly stroking his entire member smoothly. Alison sank down further to bring her head closer to his lap and opened her mouth wide to accept his above-average sized girth. Tom noted that her long straight hair may be in the way so he extended a long arm to coral her mid-back lengthed hair to keep it out of her face. With that last issue no longer an annoyance, Alison descended her head the last few inches and placed his entire cockhead in her mouth. She could hear him moan in pleasure with simply her lips touching the sensitive skin, then when she applied suction and began tracing circles around his pee slit he gripped the sheets violently.

“Mmhm yes,” Tom grunted as he squeezed harder on her hair.

Encouraged by the obvious pleasure she was eliciting for him, Alison pushed forward and took more of his lengthy member into her mouth. Once his tip tapped against the back of her throat she held him with half his length swallowed in her mouth. While she sucked on the top portion, her hand was clutched firmly yet still softly around the bottom half and was stroking the remaining flesh with her smooth hand. She let him savor the moist warmth of the inside of her mouth before slowly dragging her wet lips along his cock until only the every end of his tip was left.

Alison had hit her stride and was now rapidly bobbing her brunette head up down the tall man’s dick. She worked her body in perfect rhythm as her mouth continued to occupy the top half while she maintained stroking his portion unable to fit between her plump lips.

Tom knew very little about his roommate’s sister since he had only met her that day, however he picked up the odd tidbit. One was how amazing of a cocksucker she was. Graced with seemingly boundless energy and had skills no doubt honed threw practice, the petite girl slurped and sucked his member continuously. Two was that she must do a lot of endurance work, likely swimming if he was a betting man. He assumed this fact because in the 10 minutes she had been blowing his fleshy pole, Alison hadn’t surfaced for air nor lost any of her frantic pace.

As much as Tom was enjoying Alison’s well-versed fellatio ability, his resistance to spooing a healthy amount of jizz down her throat was ebbing away. Nowhere near done with her for the night, he knew that he had to break the perky brunette’s skilled oral attack. Acting quickly before his mind got washed away in the pleasure the tiny girl was doling out, he rolled to the side just enough so his dick popped free of her talented mouth.

“What the…”

Alison started to say before she was cut off by the brother’s roommate hasty and decisive movement. Flexing forward as if doing one of his daily sit-ups, the tall man hooked his hands under Alison’s arms, feeling her bouncy tits against his palms in the process, then pulled her up the bed. He placed her face in the pillows beside him then shuffled quickly down the bed so that he was now between her prone legs.

It didn’t take a rocket scientist to realize the position that Tom wanted her in. Grinning because of his take-charge attitude, Alison planted her palms against the soft mattress and pressed herself up. This move rewarded the tall man with the brunette’s little bubble butt being drawn up to be almost directly in front of his smiling face.

Fuck subtlety,” Tom thought to himself.

Not holding back at all, Tom bent forward and his tongue instantly contacted her pink folds that his fingers had already plunged the depths of. Licking up from her nub, the successful man dragged his tongue skyward until reaching her tight hole. Pushing his head even further against her, Tom felt her ass cheeks against his closed eye sockets as his tongue buried deep in her twat.

“Oh God yes,” Alison shouted uninhibitedly.

Tom decided to do something that was likely to scare the lovely girl out of bed. Normally he wouldn’t be so bold on a first encounter, but he was thinking if Alison was offended and ran out of bed then it would be for the better. The brunette leaving him alone would be a good thing for several reason, foremost amongst them being the promise he made the extremely beautiful girl’s brother.

“So you still want to give me a proper thank you,” Tom asked in between licks of her delicious-tasting pussy.

“But of course my hero,” Alison replied through a moan. “Say the word and let me know what’s on that perverted mind of yours.”

Rather than tell the gorgeous girl what he was thinking he decided to show her in an action. With his hands still clutching her bubble butt, he pulled the cheeks apart further which brought her light pink colored asshole more into view. If Alison was confused as to Tom’s motives at this point then he put her wonder to rest when he dipped his head towards her once again but this time his tongue met a different target.

“Whoa…mhmm,” Alison squalled in a mix of surprise and pleasure.

At this point of his life, Tom had fully embraced that he was an ass man. He loved a juicy tush more than anything when it came to a woman’s assets. He still needed the girl to be pretty and possess a decent body and at least some amount of boob, but those were simply add-ons. Ex-girlfriends of his had suggested his love of sodomy to be his lust to degrade women or cause them pain in his pursuit of pleasure, but he didn’t really care. All he knew is that he loved getting his cock squeezed by a woman’s tight butthole.

“I’m into anal,” Tom said before using the flat surface of his tongue to lap at her puckered hole again.

“Mmhmm…yes…awwhhh…I can…ughh…see that,” the brunette replied between moans.

“Of course I’d understand if you’re not,” he added, giving his roommate’s sister the out if she wanted it.

“I’ve been known to take a stiff cock up my ass from time to time,” the petite girl said while looking back over her shoulder. “In fact in college they called me anal girl! I even dressed up as my nickname for Halloween senior year.”

Tom could barely register what his ears were trying to compute to his higher brain centers. He stared into space, his eyes on her but not focused on her in any way and tried to overcome what she had said. It was possibly the sexy sentences a girl had ever spoken and he was doing his best not to jizz on the spot.

“You? You tiny little girl take anal,” the boy asked in shock.

“What can I say, I’m a butt slut,” she replied with a grin. “To be 100% honest, at this point I almost prefer a stiff cock up my ass then in my pussy.”

“Seriously,” he couldn’t help but ask again.

“For sure. The orgasm is just so much more intense.”


“Now seriously…are we just gonna talk about getting that dick in my ass or are you actually going to do it,” the saucy little woman commented.

“Okay just give me a minute to run down to Adam’s room and grab some lube,” he told the horny girl.

“No need. I drooled all over your cock and it’ll have more than enough for plowing my bum,” Alison replied.

Tom merely smiled brightly, leaning over the smaller girl to kiss her on the mouth once again. Alison kissed him back then felt his strong hands on her body, exciting her even more. Not solely touching her for the sake of it, Tom manhandled the sister of his friend so that he rolled them onto their sides, her back pressing against his muscular chest, her plump ass nestled in his lap.

Behind her, she could feel Tom’s hand that was on her shoulder move down to grab his cock. He moved around to get his hips lined up perfectly so that his dick was slightly lower then his target; her clenched asshole. His top arm still rested across their hips, holding her still. She knew it was time to go when the familiar feel of a cock head pressed against her backdoor and came to a rest.

“Time to fuck me in the ass,” Alison asked sweetly but rhetorically, looking back over her shoulder.

Words once again could not explain how horny the girl he had just met was making him. She completed her tease by wiggling her hips, simultaneously sensually rubbing his tip with her crinkled entrance while leaning back against his spear to add pressure.

Tom snapped out of the lust spell that the little brunette had placed him under and finally reacted. Squeezing her womanly hips with more intensity, he pulled her backwards while also pressing his hips in towards her. He didn’t want to be too forceful to start so it took a good 10 seconds until he felt Alison’s forbidden hole yield, accepting the first inch of his cock in the process.

“Mhmm…ughh,” Alison gasped with mouth wide.

Tom also groaned, but he made a conscious effort to temper the volume of his, not wanting the experienced girl to think it was first time penetrating an asshole before. In reality, Tom had fucked every girlfriend he every had up the ass since being a sophomore in high school, with the notable exception of 1 that is.

Being on their sides was perfect for the pair. In the beginning it allowed for the horny man to be in control while also allowing him to feel her smooth curvy butt cheeks on his hips and lower leg, not to mention the access to her tits. Tom would have preferred greatly to be seeing her large globes bouncing around freely in front of Alison while he continuously worked his most of his pecker into her rump, but he’d have to be satisfied at the moment for merely groping them.

The position was also useful for Alison as well. Being on their side, which they had now been in for the over 10 minutes, give him control but also tempered as deep he could go unless she wanted more. This time though, that wasn’t an issue as Tom was proving himself to be an excellent anal lover, both gentle and considerate while also firm and enjoyable. She continued to encourage his thrusting deep into her bowels by rocking her hips back at him as he thrust his cock forward, causing her shapely ass to jiggle on contact.

“Go on your back,” Alison ordered, her words stopping her steady stream of moans.

“I’m just finding my stride though,” Tom replied, his hips smacking her ass cheeks 3 times while he spoke the short sentence as he continued to fuck the beautiful girl.

“A hot girl who is letting you drill her in the ass gives you an order and you argue,” the brunette said.

Tom couldn’t argue with that rationale. Doing as he was told by the shorter woman, Tom pulled out of the warm and tight confides of her anus, much to his chagrin. Alison had moved over as soon as she felt his cock, which had been occupying her bowels for the better part of the last quarter hour, pull free. This left the space open for the tall man to go supine onto his bed, his legs and arms slightly spread making him look like an elongated star.

Alison crawled over to him and threw her short leg over his lean body to straddle his waist. Reaching back between her legs, the brunette gave his erect tool a stroke before holding it sturdy at the base. Moving quickly as she didn’t want her anus to have crinkled back up, Alison sat down and took half of his member back into her ass in one shot.

“Shit! You’re so damn tight,” Tom moaned with eyes closed.

Alison was standing with her feet planted on the soft mattress on either side of Tom’s toned body. Pushing down into the bed, the tiny brunette rose up on his dick until only the tip remained inside of her then let the tone go in her leg muscles so she sank back down. After 2 or 3 more times Alison was back to taking all of Tom’s member go in and out of her tightest of holes.

“And these tits,” he groaned, both hands shutting up to knead the bouncing globes in front of him.

Alison smirked at his remark, happy in the knowledge that the lucky man was as big of a fan of her glorious boobs as she was of them. The thought didn’t distract her from continuing to bounce her small body up and down his rock hard dick, skewering herself in the ass each time she descended on his tool.

Tom couldn’t believe how extraordinary this woman was. She had the face of an innocent angel yet she was taking his dick in her ass with ease and loving every minute of it, if her chorus of moans were anything to go by anyway. Over and over she rose up only to swiftly fall back down his veiny member, eliciting primal grunts from them both.

He was completely unaware of time as he merely focused on the sensitization of her tight anal ring squeezing tightly yet comfortably against him, the sight of her bouncing perfectly shaped tits and the feel of her small but well formed bubble butt. The red digital display of his clock at the side of his bed eventually caught the attention out of the corner of his eye. At this point he was welcoming a distraction for the intense pleasure the sister of his roommate was giving out so he took his time performing the deduction in his head, which revealed that Alison had been getting impaled in the ass for the past 23 minutes straight.

“Almost there,” Tom grunted through gritted teeth, trying to hold out for as long as he could.

“Cum for me baby,” Alison cooed, seemingly to thrust herself down even harder on his erection.

“You haven’t cum yet though,” he replied while straining, edging closer to sweet release.

“This was your…uggh…reward stud for being my…mhmm yes…knight,” she moaned her response. “So cum for me!”

Tom’s resistance seemed to have severely broken with her last comments. The constant desirable friction of her sphincter against his shaft was proving to be too great a feat to hold back from any further.

If his words seconds earlier weren’t a big enough tip-off, then seeing Tom’s face contort in a way that Alison knew only happened when a man was either dying painful or about to have an amazing orgasm. It was also a good sign when she felt one of the hands he was resting on her bubble butt move up swiftly to grope her tit. Squeezing with equal intensity, the large man gripped tightly, yet not to the point of pain, on both the large breast in his palm and the ass cheek in the other.

“Oh fuck! Here it comes,” Tom warned with urgency. “UGGHHH!”

No sooner had the words been out of Tom’s mouth before Alison felt the first squirt of hot jizz shoot deep into her bowels, coating them. The tall man continued to erratically thrust his hip upwards into her now still body as stream after stream of his thick fluid came flowing out into anal canal.

Eventually Alison knew that Tom was completely spent. His facial expression relaxed into one of serenity, his iron-like grip on her various curvy body parts relented and his hip thrusting stopped, replaced with the mere light twitching of his sensitive dick still invested in the comfortable clamp she called a rectum. Using her legs one last time, the innocent-faced brunette lifted herself off the bed before lowering her stomach back down on the soft mattress beside the exhausted man.

“You really surprised me,” Tom eventually said to her as they both lay panting in the bed right after their epic romp.

“What can I say, I like to push boundaries,” the brunette replied with a smile. “When I was a freshman in high school I was a nerdy girl but wanted to be popular. Combine that with my craze for boys and it was a dangerous mix. At first I started giving blowjobs to the guys in our year, then when I was a sophomore I was getting laid by upper years. When I got to being a junior and senior they had a thing for anal so I still wanted to stay popular.”

“You are one really interesting girl,” he finally said after a pause.

“I know,” Alison said as she rolled over and landed on her feet. “I still feel kinda cold from that long walk earlier so I think I’m gonna go grab a shower…care to join?”

The sultry look on her sweet face that she gave him as she walked naked towards the bathroom would have been able to sway any negative notion he had, which he didn’t anyway. Tom smiled brightly and practically jumped out of bed, running after the short brunette. She gave a cute giggle when his long arm embraced her from behind, feeling his semi-erect cock against the curve of her low back.

“You fucking know it.”

*          *          *

As Tom and Alison headed into the shower to fuck each other’s brains out for a second time in their short time of knowing each other, the brunette’s brother was hoping that his roommates heeded his warning. However, the short trip from New York City to Atlantic City was just finishing up so he quickly snapped his attention back to the present.

“I love this place,” an excited Emma Stone exclaimed from beside him.

“Yeah it’s pretty awesome,” Darren replied, also feeling the excitement of their vacation washing over him.

“Oh turn left up at the lights there,” the gravelly voiced beauty instructed.

Emma continued to give directions to assist her man as they navigated their way through the streets. Along the drive they saw as the skies steadily darkened into night and the big, bright lights of the gambling haven take over their vision, exciting them even more for their romantic getaway.

“And this is it,” Emma said as Darren turned into the driveway of their lavish hotel. “This place looks beautiful babe!”

The hotel was one of many on the busy main street of the popular city, however to Emma, who had planned out most of the trip for the couple, it was the most stunning. The large central tower had enough architectural detail in it to help distinguish it from the others in the vicinity, while the amenities it offered appeared second to known.

Once they parked and brought their luggage up to the room, Darren thought they would throw down on the bed right away from some glorious vacation sex. The concept of vacation sex was a custom in their young relationship; with every overnight trip they went on it seemed that they either tried a new sexual act or at very least fucked liked rabbits in any secluded spot of the hotel or city for that matter. He couldn’t help but wonder what they’d end up doing with this trip.

But before he could get his hands on the redhead she had already gotten to the in-room phone and had the receiver to her ear. After a short conversation she hung up with a large smile on her face.

“Perfect! Okay first we have a relaxing couples massage after our long drive then we hit your favorite casino. After that we have dinner reservations at the best, little known steakhouse in the city at 7 before our comedy show starts at 9,” Emma informed him.

“But I was hoping for a little…us time,” he said.

Having walked over to her while she was dictating the plans, Darren pressed his lips against hers and kissed her. Emma liked how his lips felt against hers and he was a very good kisser, but once she felt his lips part she pushed him back. The redhead suppressed a giggle seeing him there with his tongue partially out of his mouth.

“Keep it in your pants Brie. You have just enough time to change and pee then our asses are out that door.”

*          *          *

“That was a great day babe,” Darren hold his girlfriend, fitting the card key into the slot of their room.

The day was jam packed with activities, but each one seemed more enjoyable than the last. They ended the night laughing harder than either of them thought possible, sitting 7 rows back from the stage as their favorite comedian put on an unbelievable performance. Afterwards, the pair walked home hand-in-hand, stealing kisses from one another until they arrived back at their suite.

“And more’s still to come,” Emma said with a glint in her eye.

Darren had turned around just in time to have his caring girlfriend wrap him up in her arms and bring him in for a passionate kiss. He had to crouch down slightly to allow their lips to press together, even though the redhead was in heels he still had a couple inches on the girl.

Darren allowed the smaller girl to back him further into the room until finally the back of his legs contacted something sturdy. His brain was able to override his reflexes and allowed himself to relax as his body slowly descended down to the king-sized bed, having Emma follow him down to rest on strong chest.

Darren seemed to be a mixture in terms of body size of his two roommates. He was slightly shorter than Tom, measuring a very respectable 6’1, but had more muscle on his frame than the skinner man (who unknowing to him was currently balls-deep in his sister’s asshole).  He wasn’t quite as muscular as Adam, the semi-professional hockey player, but Darren also worked out most days of the week to keep a strong base.

Their lips parted and allowed their tongues to come forward, finding each other easily and twirling against one another. Emma’s hands were running through his medium length sandy-brown hair, every now and then giving it a light tug that forced Darren to smile while still kissing the redhead.

Meanwhile Darren was using once of his strong arms to wrap around her slim body, his forearm pressed against her back between her shoulder blades to hold her comfortably against him with the hand resting in her own long red hair. He was by far no expert in women products, but whatever Emma used in her hair was clearly working as her locks always seemed to be shining and so smooth to both look at and touch.

His other hand was gliding down her toned body, starting just under her arm where his palm got a partial feel of her B-cup right breast. Her brought it downward, passing over the satin material of her stunning red dress. Emma may not have had the biggest boobs in the world, but she had very feminine curves with his waist tapering in at the waist before expanding back out at the hips to give her a classic hourglass figure. Currently his hand was riding over lovely hip to come to land on her fleshy rump, an underrated feature of the redhead since she was constantly wearing sun dresses that hid on of her better features.


“Let’s ignore it,” Darren said in between kisses.

“Trust me, you should get that,” her raspy voice replied, rolling off her man after one last kiss.

Darren gave the redhead a questioning look that portrayed pure curiosity. Pushing himself back off the bed he had just settled on, the handsome man adjusted his pants enough to conceal his partial erection then headed towards the entrance. He put his eye to the look-through and was surprised by the figure on the other end of the glass. He had been expecting a bell hop or maybe some room service delivering a bottle of wine, but not a beautiful blonde girl on the other side.

“What’s this about Em,” he asked, looking back at her.

“Just open and find out,” she replied, looking at him from her side lying position on the bed, propped up by her elbow.

Darren quickly ran his hand through his hair to fix it before grabbing the handle, giving it a twist and smoothly opening the large wooden door. The distorted image he had once seen through the eye piece was now standing very clear in front of him. Now having the full sight of the woman, Darren felt like a cartoon as his jaw went slack and his tongue came rolling out.

“Hi, I’m Kate,” the girl said to the awe-struck man.

The girl, apparently named Kate, was like no other woman that Darren had seen before, and he lives in a city of over 8 million people. Kate was about the same height as he was but in heels, making him guess she was around 5’10. Her long, bouncy blonde hair cascade down past her shoulders, framing her supermodel like face that had their good looks accentuated by a beauty mark above her right lip.

However, her true distinctive feature was her voluptuous build, more specifically her amazing breasts. Darren had seen enough tits in his life to estimate size fairly accurately and the way that her heavy globes sat in the low-cut black dress she wore made him guess that they were easily a DD cup. More so than their impressive size, they seemed to bounce as though in an anti-gravity environment, jiggling with the slightest rocking back and forth Kate did in the doorway.

“Hi Kate. I’m Emma, the one who talked to your pim…employer on the phone,” the sexy redhead said, coming into view.

“Good I was hoping I had the right room,” the curvy girl said as she stepped inside.

Darren and Emma both noticed the young and almost immature way that the girl spoke. The handsome man estimated she couldn’t have been much more than in her early twenties. Emma, who had gotten the prostitute’s information from a friend who frequently visited Atlantic City, knew that she was actually 20 years old.

“Still need some clarifying here,” Darren eventually said after checking out Kate’s ass as she walked by him.

“Mhh you’re handsome,” Kate said, running her hand along his jawline, feeling the stubble of his 5 o’clock shadow. “I heard it was a good looking couple I’d be with tonight but I didn’t know you’d be this attractive.”

“Thank you,” he said, blushing and mesmerized by her piercing blue eyes.

“And you are just…stunning,” Kate said, now turning her attention over to Emma. “The red hair suits you perfectly. And your face is flawless,” running her hand through her silky hair, which made Emma slightly apprehensive.

“Emma, seriously what’s going on,” he asked, snapping back into reality.

“Well as an early birthday gift to you I sort of, kind of rented Kate here for the night…for you,” the redhead stuttered.

“Are you saying what I think you’re saying,” Darren gasped, still in complete shock.

“Yeah,” Emma said with a smile. “I bought you…well I guess us…an escort for the night.”

Holy shit! A whore this gorgeous for the evening must have cost her an arm and a leg. This is one high class hooker,” Darren thought to himself before asking his girlfriend a question. “Your Christmas bonus? This is how you paid for this…her…isn’t it.”

“Kind of yeah. But the promotion and added bonus from the new job means I didn’t have to break the bank,” she answered, the couple sharing their financial situation with the prostitute in the room.

“You’re the fucking best,” he replied, rushing over to her and kissing her hard on the lips.

The gorgeous Kate Upton simply stood nearby as she watched the couple, who were clearly very much in love, kiss passionately. From only a few feet away, the tall blonde could hear their lips smacking and see their tongues mingling as the handsome man and smaller redhead made out.

“So how does this work,” Darren asked his girlfriend, unsure of what limitations there would be.

“You get to do whatever you want to both of us,” Emma replied. “I bought her for you to have sex with, just make sure you don’t forget about little old me.”

“I couldn’t ever ignore you love,” the sweet man replied, bringing about a smile to her face. “So I can kiss her then?”

“Go right ahead,” Emma replied.

The red-haired girl watched on as her boyfriend spun slowly around 180 degrees to face the attractive prostitute. Kate gave him a warm inviting smile, essentially giving him permission to touch her. Emma saw her man bring his hand up to the back of her head to wrap in her lush long locks then turned back to get her approval before he kissed the other woman.

“It’s fine baby,” the gravel-voiced girl answered.

Turning his attention back to Kate, Darren lowered his head towards her until he could feel her plush lips against his. Her lips were soft, like little pillows, and the lip gloss she wore tasted like cherries. He started slow but when he felt Kate’s arms wrap around his back they began to kiss harder, mouths now opening and their tongues meeting in the space between their lips.

Emma watched as her devoted boyfriend intensely kissed another woman and started to feel the hint of jealousy. She knew that this was an absurd emotion to have since it was her idea alone to buy a hooker for the tonight and have the woman service him.

However, before she could get lost in the dark sensation, Darren broke off the kiss with the model-esque woman and returned to Emma’s side. The red-haired girl was more than willing to get embraced by her strong man as they kissed once again, noting how his lips now how the taste of some type of summer berry.

“Now why don’t you too kiss,” Darren said, a noticeable bulge already formed in his pants.

“Oh that’s okay,” Emma stuttered. “It’s your gift anyway.”

Darren was about to say something to his apprehensive girlfriend but he didn’t get the chance. Kate had walked over to them but completely ignored the man she was just with moments before. This time she had eyes only for the beautiful redhead woman. Emma was paralyzed in a mix of fear and confusion, a delay that the high-priced escort used to her advantage.

As their lips touched, Darren watched on. He noticed that initially Emma was as stiff as a board, looking rather uncomfortable as Kate kissed her. However, with each passing second he noted that his girlfriend was relaxing, getting more into the kiss. After 10 seconds the initial guarded posture was no more and Darren had his unblinking eyes focused on the pair of sexy ladies in the middle of the hotel room in a full fledge make out session.

As the two gorgeous yet contrasting women continued to kiss each other, the lone man in the room began to undress. In his excitement Darren nearly rip the nice clothes he was wearing off his body, his piercing eyes never leaving the pair 6 feet away from him. Next was getting the two girls out of their dresses as well.

Figuring it was only common decency to start with his devoted girlfriend, Darren circled the pair to now stand behind the redheaded beauty. Darren leaned in and kissed Emma’s back, causing the smaller girl to arch her back under his contact and elicit a moan into Kate’s mouth. The taller blonde used the chance to insert her tongue even further into Emma’s mouth, gaining control in the wrestling match between their mouths.

“Get this dress off of me,” she cooed, lusting over the dual attention.

“No problem,” he replied.

His fingers easily found the small zipper hidden well within the forming fitting dress. With the pull of his arm the metallic rolling was barely heard over the lip smacking between the two women. Once fully loosened, the red dress fell elegantly to the hotel room floor beneath her feet. Her bra quickly followed the dress, joining it on the ground to leave the redhead standing with her small, yet perky tits out with the only clothing remaining being a black thong, wedged perfectly between her rounded ass cheeks.

“So firm,” Kate commented, her hands caressing the newly freed breasts.

“Mhmm,” Emma moaned in satisfaction as the taller girl leaned down, sucking on one of her excited nipples.

“Your turn,” Darren said to Kate as he moved around them in only his tented boxer shorts.

Darren once again had no trouble finding the zipper on the little black dress that the large-chested woman was wearing. Down he pulled the device until it hit the end, at which point Kate squatted down a little lower and arched her back. The new position of the woman allowed Darren to easily pull down her dress while still allowing the blonde to keep sucking on Emma’s perky twin mountains.

“No underwear,” he mentioned, seeing her bare ass after the black dress was pulled off of her.

“They just get in the way,” Kate replied, taking a break from her groping and licking.

“Sweet mother of God,” Emma exclaimed as she saw the voluptuous tits of the younger girl.

Despite the fact that Kate’s dress left little to the imagination given how tight it was and the low neckline shoed ample amounts of cleavage, the couple were still shocked seeing the huge globes. Much like he originally guessed they appeared to be easily DD sized, but that was only the beginning. Due to their massive size and natural weight the hung down her chest slightly, yet stayed quite perky due to her tender age of 20. She had large, but not too large bright pink nipples in the center, and they seemed to bounce at the slightest movement of her heavy breathing alone.

“Those are…” Darren stammered, unable to find the words.

“Now I get why you were so much,” Emma remarked, eyes still fixated on the huge tits which were now in her hand.

Like a moth drawn to the flame, both Emma and Darren reached an arm towards the naked woman while also bending forward. The horny boy was on the right, his hand cupping the massive jug from underneath and brought it towards his mouth to suck on the perky nipple. Meanwhile the awestruck girl did the same to the left breast, first bouncing the globe in her hand in amazement before she too lower her mouth and began licking the supple skin.

“Ughh…yes,” the girl with body of a Greek goddess moaned under the double stimulation.

Kate was a professional and even under the pleasure from the couple, she never lost track of her true objective. Knowing that Emma and Darren would never willingly free there mouths from her tits, she had to make the decision for them. She took another few seconds to appreciate their tongues moving in tandem on her sensitive nipples before dropping to her knees.

The whore was now at face level with the blonde man’s healthy sized cock and with his girlfriend’s pussy, which was bald except for a slight strip of trimmed red hair. She was still relatively new in her line of work, but getting scheduled with these two was essentially hitting the jackpot. Not only were both good looking but Darren had a perfect dick as it was long but not too long and thick but not enough to cause any problems. Likewise, Emma had a beautiful pussy that was bright pink, surrounded by the whitest, purest skin she’d ever seen. The redhead was gaurenteed to have a tasty twat as well, as in her experience when it smelt like honey it was likely to have the same flavor.

Men were easier to distract so Kate knew exactly what to do. Reaching her dominant arm towards Darren, she circled his cock in a lightly formed fist and gave him a long slow stroke. The next time she stroked him, she had leaned her face over his shaft and gently spat down and quickly worked it over his tool. This time her hand easily slid over his pecker, causing the blonde man to groan and toss his head back.

If Emma had felt left out it was only for a moment. Kate was talented and a multi-tasker; as she rubbed Darren she maneuvered her body so that her face was between the redhead’s pale legs. Emma looked down at her with unsure eyes, a looked that made Kate deduce that this was her first time with another woman.

“Interesting,” Kate thought to herself. “I’ll make sure I give her a great time.”

From her new position, Kate extended out her tongue and used it to lap through Emma’s pink lips. Just like she imagined, the pretty red-haired woman tasted as sweet as she smelt. Emma was already quite wet, the thought of a threeway clearly having stimulated her a great deal.

As Kate worked her tongue deeper, she tapped the other girl’s leg on the thigh. Emma understood what she wanted and lifted her leg up until the back of her knee rested on the hooker’s shoulder and her slender calf was touching her bare back. Now Kate could really go to work.

“Umm…Awwhhhh,” Emma squaled in delight.

This new position allowed Kate to really get in at Emma’s snatch. Using her free hand, she slide the slippery lips apart then buried her tongue as deep into the redhead’s pussy as she could. Emma let out another moan as she felt the prostitute’s tongue licking her inner walls while her gorgeous face inadvertently rubbed through her folds.

Darren would normally have just kept his head tossed back and eyes shut as a girl stroked him off but this time it was different. His eyes remained wide open in order to take in the scene directly beside him. The gorgeous prostitute was now slowly working two fingers slowly and methodically into Emma’s snatch, all while her tongue whirled through her lips with particular focus on the redhead’s ultra-sensitive clit.

Darren could have sworn his eyes were only closed for a moment but in that time the scene had changedsignificantly. The talented hired girl was now using her incredibly huge tits to surround his rock-hard member with both hands pushing against the outside of her boobs to keep him in place.

As the energetic 20-year-old slid her spit-slickened massive globes up and down his dick, her mouth was buried in the girlfriend’s twat. Kate was arching her neck directly behind her with her head in between Emma’s milky white thighs. Darren’s vantage point allowed him to simultaneously watch as the blonde bombshell stroked him with her impeccable tits while she licked and probed his girlfriend’s folds and pink hole.

“Emma…open your eyes now,” Kate ordered, her body no longer contorted to be between her legs.

Emma felt embarrassed and her face reflected that, the normally pale skin flushing red. She had never been into girls sexually, though she was very aware of how beautiful a woman’s body and face were. But to go from 100% heterosexual to on the verge of cumming by another woman eating her out made her think about a few things.

Why Kate had wanted her to open her eyes was made apparent to Emma quickly. Once the two women had made eye contact, Kate maintained the gaze as she moved her face slowly towards Darren’s cock that she was stroking in her hand. She licked her lips in anticipation then leaned in and licked the bottom portion of his shaft from tip to base.

“Fuck,” Darren cursed as her wet tongue, which moments before was licking his girlfriend’s pussy, glided back to his tip.

The professional seemed to be unblinking as she opened her mouth and closed her lips but this time taking Darren’s head into her warm mouth. The blonde man let loose another grunt of satisfaction but neither woman paid it any mind. Kate opened her mouth just enough to let Emma watch from her peripheral vision as she danced and swirled her talented tongue around her boyfriend’s crown.

“Ugghhh,” Emma moaned, unconsciously having moved a hand between her thighs to rub her drenched mound.

Kate bobbed her head down onto his shaft, taking roughly half his length in the process. Emma watched on and masturbated as this stranger held her boyfriend’s dick in her mouth, yet she felt no jealous.

Kate and Emma’s movements seemed to be linked together. Whenever the tall blonde quickened the pace she blew Darren at, so to did the speed Emma pumped her twat with two fingers. Darren was simply along for the fantastic ride as the whore gave him the blowjob of a lifetime. Her technique was flawless, right down to the gurgling noises she made while taking him to the back of her accommodating throat.

“Now your turn,” Kate said to Emma, breaking her out of her trance.

Darren was surprised to see that his type A personality girlfriend was completely under direction from another person. Emma immediately withdrew her sticky fingers from her pussy and dropped to her knees beside Kate. The leggy blonde crawled enough out of the way so that the redhead was directly in front of her man.

That will never get old,” Darren thought in response to seeing the two women kiss again.

Emma moaned into the kiss but before long Kate had pulled her lips away from hers. Both the redhead and Darren longed for them to resume there brief make out session but the prostitute with the huge tits had other ideas. Kate used the hand that was rest on the back of Emma’s head and began to push her face towards her boyfriend’s cock.

“Mmmhm yes,” Darren grunted as lips wrapped back around his member.

Under the guidance of the large chested girl, Emma bobbed her head along the shaft of her boyfriend. Darren simply stood back and marveled at his good fortuned, but also got thinking about how different the two girls were at oral sex. Kate had excellent technique with the way she would swirl and stroke her hand along the portion of his dick not occupying her mouth. Emma, was different and not in a bad way what so ever. She kept her lips pressed tight to his manhood at all times so that he felt the plump wetness gliding along his length every second.

Darren had his head tossed back with eyes closed, but words spoken from beneath him made him snap his head down to watch and listen to the conversation. Emma was still blowing him expertly all while under the watchful gaze of Kate. The blonde was splitting her attention between helping control the tempo of Emma’s bobbing and kissing the redhead’s neck, drawing groans from the other girl.

“Would you like to taste my pussy now,” Kate asked seductively.

“I’m not into that,” Emma said, having to pull away from Darren’s cock to do so.

Darren was worried that the innocent suggestion by the professional escort would make Emma run straight out of the room and ruin the night, but it didn’t. Kate simply apologized for the idea and both girls moved on as though nothing had been said in the first place.

“Lay down Mr. Brie,” the blonde girl suggested.

With no lips on his pecker for the first time in 15 minutes, Darren was free to move about freely. Taking her statement and turning it into action he walked over the the knig-sized bed in the middle of the suite and climbed on.

Emma was instructed by the controlling blonde girl to climb onto her man so the second Darren’s head was on the pillows the redhead was straddling his waist. Darren looked up to see her nicely formed ass hovering closely above his lap, her long red hair flowing halfway down her back.

Emma and Kate locked eyes and when the blonde nodded her head, Darren felt his girlfriend crutch down further until his well lubricated dick slid effortlessly into her mound. Emma sank down until half his length was buried in her pink folds before reversing course until only his tip remained in her hole.

Darren resisted the urge to trust his hips skyward as he knew her extremely tight pussy needed a few moments to get use to his size again. He relaxed into the mattress and watched as Emma’s ass continued to rise and fall on his shaft until she was now taking his entire pecker into her snatch.

Emma was very much warmed up now, a fact Darren recognized as well. Clutching her hips, the blonde man helped buoy her up and down his pole with his strong arms while also thrusting up into her.

The couple had completely forgotten about Kate until she began switching between the two of them, making out with them. Darren enjoyed her kissing but when she flopped her huge tits into his face and allowed him to roam within her cleavage was when he really was overjoyed.

Darren didn’t know for how long he’d been licking and sucking on Kate’s boobs for but it had to have been awhile as his jaw was actually feeling sore. When she noticed his energy was weaning Kate pulled away and shifted back to Emma. Kissing the redhead on the lips again, Kate slipped her tongue into her inside and became re-introduced with her mouth once again.

“I’m going to see if your tits taste as yummy as they look,” Kate whispered into her ear.

Kate licked her lips in sight of Emma before leering at the red haired girl’s chest. Though not anywhere in the neighborhood of Kate’s breast size, Emma’s were small yet firm and fit her body size perfectly. She leaned in and took her right nipple into her talented mouth.

Darren couldn’t see his girlfriend’s face, but he knew exactly the look she must have had as she only made those noises when in extreme ecstasy, usually in the minutes preceding an orgasm. Her eyes were closed tightly, her upper teeth visible as she bit down fairly hard on her meaty lower lip.

Darren’s eyes remained fixed on Emma’s shapely ass as the couple continued to fuck each other, however Kate was now kissing her way down the redhead’s body. Under the prostitute’s suggestion, Emma reclined back until her back was resting on her boyfriend’s chest. From this angle she wasn’t able to ride his cock any longer so Darren had to do all the work by pumping up inside her.

The new position did allow for Kate to continue kissing down over Emma’s shaven pussy until she found what she was looking for.

“OHHH…AWWHHHH,” Emma squalled in delight as a tongue flicked over her clit.

Kate was a pro so when her tongue slipped down lower down Emma’s fold and licked his shaft, Darren knew it was no accident. It was confirmed to him when her tongue licked down his pecker until her lips encased his full sac into her mouth and used her tongue to joggle each nut

“Oh fuck,” Darren swore as pleasure shot waves up his spine.

Unlike most girls he had ever been with, Kate was in no rush. The thought of having balls in her mouth didn’t turn her off, or if it did then she concealed it well. For the better part of a minute she licked and sucked his sack while using her fingers to rub through the girl’s labia.

However, Kate had finally decided it was time to get the red haired girl off. Slowly spitting the nuts one at a time from her mouth, she moved north until her mouth was back by Emma’s folds. Without another moment’s delay Kate leaned in and formed suction over the girlfriend’s clit, using her tongue to relentless lick the nerve-rich nub.

“I’M CUMMMINNGGGGGGG,” Emma screamed before her words eventually trailed off.

Darren had never heard his girlfriend scream louder of buck wilder then right at this time as she suffered her most intense orgasm of her life. Her bellowing eventually died down then stopped altogether right at the same time that her body went limp on his chest. He gave her another moment of rest before he gently moved her off his body and laid her down on the sprawling large bed.

“Still have enough energy for little old me,” Kate asked with mock wonder.

“All night long baby,” he smiled brightly, feeling his dick somehow grow harder.

Darren went to stand but a hand on his chest stopped all progress. Kate made him stop then she moved to the end of the bed and climbed up onto it. In a move that surprised Darren, the long-legged blonde crawled closer to her unconscious girlfriend until Kate had Emma’s head between her thighs, her ass pointed back at Darren.

“Come and get it big boy,” Kate begged.

Darren pounced up and situated himself behind her inviting curvy ass. He grabbed to meaty handfuls then lined his cock up with her wet pussy and pumped inside her in one easy swoop. He was surprised by her tightness but after working her over for 5 minutes she had loosened up, no doubt the occupation she had chosen having an effect on what should have been an incredible pussy.

“I have one last hole you’ve yet to experience,” Kate told him, as though reading his mind.

“I’m assuming you mean…” Darren asked as his index finger began to rub her puckered hole. “Giving it to you in that perfectly formed ass.”

By the time Kate had confirmed his assumption Darren already had his dick out of her pussy and rested the tip against her asshole. The blonde had experience with sodomy so she transferred a lot of spit to her fingers before reaching back and smearing it around his head and the outer ring of her anus.

“Oh God,” Kate grunted as her asshole was penetrated for the fifth night in a row.

Though Darren hadn’t had the pleasure of putting his dick in Emma’s asshole yet, he had done enough anal sex to know to take it slow. However, when he felt Kate push back towards him, taking half his cock into her anus in the process, he figured she was ready for more.

“Ughh…yes,” Darren groaned as he felt his dick buried inside her tight anal walls.

Once he had a taste so to speak of her asshole there was no way his urge could be satisfied. Blocking all other thought from his mind Darren relentlessly pounded into the professional’s backdoor. To Emma’s credit, she had selected a high caliber prostitute as Kate seemed to take the plowing and kept encouraging him to go harder and faster.

With Darren close to cumming and her still far away from an orgasm, Kate had giving up hope of cumming tonight. However, that changed completely when she unexpectantly felt a tongue splice through her labia and bury itself in her pussy.

“Holy shit,” Kate screamed in a mix of surprise and pleasure. “I thought you weren’t in to this type of thing.”

Emma ignored the comment and continued to lick the inner walls of Kate’s pussy. It was the first pussy besides her own that she had ever seen, let alone licked but she was finding the experience to be quite pleasant. The prostitute’s pussy tasted like fresh honeysuckle, a flavor that Emma had always enjoyed. What had originally made Emma want to stick her tongue out and lap through her folds even she did not know, it simply felt like the right thing to do.

“I’ve had a change of opinion once someone shaved the most beautiful twat in my sleeping face,” Emma responded before lapping her tongue up through her folds to flick her clit.

“Yes my clit! Lick my clit,” Kate instructed the new bisexual. “And you keep that dick deep in my ass.”

The couple listened to the prostitute’s orders and carried them out to the tee. Darren was pleased that the girl was close to cumming, which seemed to re-vitalize his fleeting energy to some degree. As he plowed the deeper reaches of her bowels, Emma copied Kate’s earlier oral work by clamping lips around the girls clit and combining motions of sucking and licking.

Kate’s fine ass was rippling with the force of Darren’s thrusts every time his cock disappeared past her muscular ring.

“Make me cum in your girlfriend’s mouth. So close,” Kate spewed at the man ass fucking her. “Go back to my pussy now.”

Emma listened to the more seasoned girl and quickly moved her lips off of her clit and back down to her hole. By the time she reached her tongue back inside, she tasted a completely different flavor. This time liquid seemed to pour down over her taste buds and into her mouth, and it tasted even sweeter than Kate normally was.

Kate gasped loudly then seemed to begin chanting some unintelligible babble as she came. Her juices flowed down right into Emma’s mouth, where the redhead seemed to greedily drink them down. However the moment wouldn’t last long as it was soon interrupted by the tiring man.

“Have to cum so fucking bad,” Darren screamed with a contorted face.

“My mouth,” Kate beaconed, recovering instantly from her orgasm. “Cum in my mouth.”

Darren didn’t know if he’d make it but somehow the curvy girl had moved at supersonic speeds. Her meaty lips were just barely pressing the tip of his cock with her skilled tongue sticking out allowing the further parts of his shaft to rest against its wet surface.


Darren was sure that he came harder then ever before in his life. He didn’t know how long or how much he had deposited in Kate’s waiting mouth, all the blonde man knew was that he had experienced one hell of an orgasm. With legs that didn’t want to support him any longer, Darren collapsed back on the bed, his head rolling to the side.

Even from his extreme supine position, both Emma and Kate were in his line of vision. Watching on, he focused on them or else he knew he’d pass out within seconds. And boy was he glad he kept his eyes on them. With that same cat-like reflexes she used seconds prior, Kate now found herself face level with the beautiful redhead.

“Oh hi,” Emma said out of shock.

The leggy prostitute seized the chance now that Emma’s mouth was open. Kate pressed forward until their lips were smacked against each other again. Emma was just as exhausted as her man, but the feel of the sexy girl on her lips again seemed to energize her once again. However, Kate wasn’t trying to get her going again.

Emma mimicked the heavy-chested girl’s action and parted her lips in synchronicity with Kate, but then received a surprised. Not only did the sexy blonde shove her tongue, ever so elegantly into her client’s mouth but along with it came the mouthful of jizz that Emma’s boyfriend had deposited in her seconds before.

“Mmhm…ughhh,” Emma grunted in surprise as the salty liquid was spat into her mouth.

Emma’s first reflex was to cough the thick fluid from her mouth, but she suppressed that urge. Instead, the beautiful redhead steadied herself then fixed her eyes over at her boyfriend. Darren was exhausted after being put through his paces by the two energetic lovers, but he still had his eyes open and was watching his girlfriend for her reaction.

“Yum,” Emma said after she swallowed down the mix of Darren’s cum and Kate’s spit.


“Incredible,” Emma finished off Darren’s tired sentence.

“It truly was. Anyway, our time is almost up so unless you want anything else I’ll clean up, get dressed and be off,” the matter-of-factly girl stated, climbing back to her feet.

“Maybe just to be tucked in,” Darren mused, but still thought it wasn’t a bad idea.

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