Stiff Competition 4 – Oscar Night

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The following is completely fictional. Any resemblance to reality is entirely coincidental. Contents of this story are merely creative license, not unlike a TV show or movie that uses real people in fictional settings and situations. However, if you do have video or pictures of events similar to the ones described below, feel free to forward them to me for closer examination. Feedback, comments, praise, criticism, death threats, nude photos, etc. can be sent to voodoojoe2000 at yahoo dot com (come on, you can assemble that into an actual e-mail address).

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Celebs of choice in this story are Emma Watson, Jennifer Lawrence, Taylor Swift, Anna Kendrick, Emmy Rossum, Kate Beckinsale, Sarah Hyland, Debby Ryan, Selena Gomez, and Vanessa Hudgens. The codes are (FF, cons, oral, anal, toys). Go fuck yourself and go read something else if you dislike those codes or want something more. Or better yet, write it yourself.

Stiff Competition 4 – Oscar Night

By voodoojoe

“Okay lovers,” Vanessa Hudgens said, addressing her legion of contestants. “Tonight is Oscar Night and you know what that means. No challenges, just a bonus point bonanza. Rules are simple. Have sex with as many of your fellow contestants as you can. Do it without getting caught and you get bonus points but if you get caught by a non-contestant you get nothing. So go forth and fuck like rabbits. And, as always, Vanessa’s Boys will be watching to make sure everyone stays honest.”

* * * * *

“Bathrooms,” Emmy Rossum said, directing her soon-to-be lover, Kate Beckinsale, towards the back of large room filled with people.

“Naughty naughty girl, wanting to fuck in the toilet,” Kate said, sounding incredibly sexy with her British accent.

“I’ll show you how naughty I am,” Emmy promised, pushing open the bathroom door and being greeted the sounds of moaning.

“Oh fuck, eat my arse,” Emma Watson hissed as she leaned forward against the bathroom wall. “Yeah, stick your fucking tongue up my arse.”

For ninety-nine percent of the world, the sight of prim and proper little Emma Watson with her dress bunched up around her waist and her ass sticking out while begging to have her asshole licked would be the biggest shock in the world. But for Kate and Emmy, it barely warranted batting an eye. Even looking down seeing that the one on her knees behind Emma with her tongue expertly tossing Emma’s exquisite salad was Jennifer Lawrence barely fazed them. It was just another day in the competition, especially Oscar Night.

“Should we stay, or give them some privacy?” Emmy asked Kate, her eyes glued to Emma’s ass as Jennifer pulled the cheeks apart to get at the prized starfish between them.

“Privacy,” Kate said. “But Emma, make sure to return the favor when Jen’s finished.”

Emma started to respond but just as she opened her mouth Jennifer pressed her tongue against the center of Emma’s asshole and the Brit’s comment turned into a cry of pleasure. Her hands clawing at the tile Emma pushed her ass back, desperately trying to get more of Jennifer’s tongue up her backside.

In the back of her lust filled mind Emma realized that they probably should’ve locked the door. But at least they got lucky and the people to walk in on them were also contestants so they could still get bonus points for this little encounter.

And yet, even after Emmy and Kate had gone, neither Emma or Jennifer made any attempt to lock the door. Jennifer was having too much fun with Emma’s ass, and Emma was having too much fun with Jennifer’s tongue, to stop and do anything about it.

Spreading her legs wider Emma bent further forward and humped back against Jennifer’s penetrating tongue. Having her ass licked was one of Emma’s favorite things and Jennifer was one of the best at it she’d ever had. Every lick sent amazing sensations shooting through her and her world shrank down to her ass and Jennifer’s tongue.

Hands palming the firm yet meaty cheeks of Emma’s ass Jennifer could tell Emma was getting close to coming. Fingers digging into the supple skin of Emma buns, Jennifer went after her tight little asshole with even more vigor.

Unfortunately, their good luck wasn’t to last. On the verge of exploding, Emma tensed up but just as she was begging for Jennifer to make her come, the door opened. A loud gasped echoed through the bathroom a moment before it was drowned out by Emma’s scream of ecstasy.

“Holy fuck,” Alexandra Daddario hissed, stopping in her tracks at the sight of the Oscar winner with her face buried between the nether cheeks of Hermione Granger.

“Fuck,” Jennifer hissed, knowing that they’d been caught. Though, despite losing her bonus points, it was hard to be too broken up over having to eat Emma Watson’s ass for free.

* * * * *

“Kitchen?” Kate Beckinsale suggested as she pulled Emmy Rossum away from the bathroom.

“Could be risky,” Emmy said, motioning for Kate to lead the way.

Pushing the door to the kitchen open Kate stuck her head inside. The place a mess of activity as people buzzed around creating food and plating dishes and taking them out to serve to the guests. But that mass of activity was what Kate was hoping would keep them from being discovered.

Pulling Emmy along behind her Kate slipped into the kitchen. As expected the catering staff was too busy with their own work to pay attention to the two beautiful women skulking around looking for some kind of nook or closet.

Finding a small pantry, Kate opened the door and gnashed her teeth when a pair of heads lifted up to look at the intruders. Another spot was in use by contestants attempting to score bonus points by having covert sex.

“Shut the door,” Taylor Swift snapped as she slammed her strap on into the woman in front of her.

“Forget about them and fuck me,” Anna Kendrick hissed, using her legs to pull Taylor deeper inside her.

Taylor was nearly a foot taller than Anna so to make up that difference Anna had sat on the edge of a stack of boxes that put her at just the right height. And Taylor had been doing a pretty good job of fucking Anna with the toy she’d smuggled into the party, at least until their unexpected guests had shown up.

The strap around Anna’s neck that was supposed to be holding up her dress had been undone. Thus the front of her dress had fallen down, exposing her ample tits to the air, and ogling eyes of the three girls in the room. And that was where Emmy’s eyes focused as Kate dragged her out of the room to give the other two some privacy.

“That was close,” Taylor said, all those dance classes she’d been taking coming in handy as her stronger legs allowed her to get extra power on her thrusts.

“Less talking, more fucking,” Anna said, thrusting her tits out in an effort to get Taylor’s attention back it belonged.

For such a small girl, Taylor couldn’t believe the rack Anna was carrying around. She wasn’t in Kate Upton territory by any stretch, but on her petite frame they were still something special, especially when shaking with each thrust Taylor made into her tight pussy.

“Harder,” Anna demanded, putting her hands behind her to brace her as she lifted her hips to meet Taylor’s thrusts.

As Anna arched her back it thrust her chest out even further. Unable to resist, Taylor bent her head down and took one of Anna’s nipples into her mouth. Reaching down Taylor grabbed hold of Anna’s ass with both hands and used the grip to help plunge her toy deep into the actresses sopping snatch.

“Oh yeah, just like that,” Anna hissed, grabbing onto a shelf to keep from falling over as she was put in a precarious position. “Fuck me just like that.”

With a mouth full of boob Taylor merely murmured something unintelligible in response. Squeezing Anna’s butt cheeks in her hands Taylor could Anna’s body starting to tense up with each thrust. She was getting close and to help nudge her along Taylor slipped the middle finger of her right hand into the valley between Anna’s butt cheeks.

“Oh fuck yes,” Anna gasped as she felt Taylor’s finger pressing against her asshole.

Like most girls in the competition, Anna was no stranger to anal penetration. With a cock it could be hit or miss depending on how big the guy was or how gentle he decided to be, but a finger was absolutely perfect. It was the perfect complement to a cock, fake or real, in her pussy and it never failed to make her pop like a balloon if she was even close to coming.

As Taylor’s finger wormed its way into ass Anna threw her head back. Cognizant of the people not far beyond the door Anna bit down on her lower lip to stifle her screams as she came all over Taylor’s strap on. Muscles clamping down Anna slammed herself against Taylor, impaling herself on toy and finger, and rode out the orgasm.

“Shh,” Taylor said as Anna’s noise level started to rise.

With her finger still in Anna’s asshole Taylor moved her left hand up to Anna’s face. Grabbing the back of Anna’s neck Taylor pulled her into a kiss, letting their tongues dance as Anna’s climax finally ran its course, leaving her a heaving, sweaty mess.

“Totally worth fucking up my makeup,” Anna said, using a hand to brush her hair out of her face.

“I’ll go first and then follow me a few seconds later?” Taylor asked, not even bothering to remove the strap on from her waist before lowering her dress back into place. If anything, that made her feel even naughtier to know that she might have her picture taken while still wearing it, with Anna’s juices still coating it.

“I’ll be right behind you,” Anna said, tucking her tits back into her dress and making herself as presentable as could be in a barely lit room.

When Taylor slipped out of the pantry without alarm being raised, Anna grinned. They’d managed to not get caught and on top of the great sex and thrill of fucking in public, they’d get bonus points. Not bad for spending some time perched uncomfortably on some boxes, she thought to herself as she slipped out of the pantry herself.

* * * * *

“There,” Emmy Rossum said, spotting a door to a storage room that was tucked out of the way.

“Looks good,” Kate Beckinsale said, hoping it was free.

Opening the door Emmy poked her head inside. Finding the room empty Emmy celebrated a bit as she pulled Kate in with her. Before Emmy could turn around though Kate grabbed her and pushed her forward until she was leaning against the wall with her back to Kate.

“Whoa,” Emmy said as Kate wasted no time in pulling up her dress.

They’d been searching high and low for a place and both had gotten rather horny in the waiting. Finding other hot girls already in the middle of hot lesbian loving had only increased their arousal and need further. By the time they’d found the empty closet Kate had been ready to forget the points and just throw Emmy down on a table and fuck the shit out of her with everyone looking on.

“Where’s the strap on?” Kate asked, remembering that Emmy had told her she had brought one.

“Purse,” Emmy said, reaching back and handing her purse to Kate.

Taking the bag Kate opened it up and extracted the harness. Reaching down she shimmied her tight dress up her legs until Emmy could see that Kate had gone commando underneath. Stepping into the harness Kate shimmied again, this time pulling the strap on up her legs and adjusted it once it was in place around her waist.

“You going to fuck my pussy with that?” Emmy asked seductively, looking over her shoulder at Kate.

“Not quite,” Kate said, pulling a bottle of lube out of her own purse.

“Ooooohhh,” Emmy moaned as she felt Kate smearing lube into her asshole.

Since it was harder to get away with in public, Vanessa had ruled a couple years ago that anal counted double. But even without the double points, Kate had been staring at Emmy’s ass all night and sometime after watching Jennifer Lawrence shoving her tongue up Emma Watson’s ass she’d decided that Emmy needed to have her ass fucked.

Slathering lube onto the fake cock Kate pushed between Emmy’s shoulders, bending her over onto a stack of folding chairs. As Emmy reached back to spread her cheeks Kate guided the toy towards the glistening target between them. Pressing the strap on against Emmy’s winking rosebud Kate pushed forward, feeling Emmy tighten up instinctively before willing herself to relax.

“Ohhhhh,” Emmy moaned as Kate firmly pushed several inches of fake cock up her shit chute.

While Emmy had brought the strap on hoping to use it on some other lucky girl, it wasn’t the first time she’d be on the receiving end of it either. It just seemed to be the perfect size; big enough to give her a nice sense of fullness but without being too big. And at the moment she was being very thankful for the not-too-big part as Kate gave her a sharp thrust, burying the last couple inches deep inside Emmy’s ass.

“Fuck that’s good,” Emmy grunted, feeling Kate’s pelvis slam into her butt cheeks.

“You like that?” Kate asked as she slowly started to pull out of Emmy’s ass.

“Mmm, yeah,” Emmy answered, moaning as Kate pushed forward and buried the fake cock up her backside once more. “I love getting fucked in the ass.”

“Beg for it,” Kate said, picking up a little pace as Emmy’s ass got used to the toy and loosened up.

“Ohhh, fuck my ass,” Emmy pleaded, playing along as Kate fell into a rhythm.

“Say ‘fuck my tight arse’,” Kate hissed, tugging on Emmy’s hips to pull her back onto Kate’s cock.

“Fuck my tight ass,” Emmy moaned, her hand slipping down to play with her clit.

“Arse, beg me to fuck your arse,” Kate insisted, watching Emmy’s mouth fall open as she slammed into her ass.

“Oh god, ohhh, fuck my arse,” Emmy grunted, feeling a perfect mix of pleasure and pain shooting through her as Kate drilled her ass.

“Five? You want five chairs?” a male voice said from outside the room, causing Emmy and Kate to stop and stare at the door as it started to open.

“Shit,” Emmy hissed as the face of a very stunned maintenance man appeared in the doorway.

“Oh shit, I, um, sorry,” the man said, covering his eyes and turning around at the sight of the two women in the middle their business.

“You can’t tell anyone,” Emmy said, her oncoming orgasm almost completely forgotten in the wake of their discovery.

Hank wasn’t about to tell anyone, the building made a ton of money every year on the Oscar party and demanded a certain level of secrecy and confidentiality from its employees. Besides he was merely a maintenance guy, who would believe him if he said he saw a couple hot women playing hide the plastic salami in a storage room?

“I won’t, but I need those chairs,” Hank said, motioning over his shoulder at the stack of chairs that Emmy was still leaning on.

“Promise him a BJ,” Kate suggested, realizing that the mood had been killed.

“You want me to suck him off?” Emmy asked as Kate started to pull out of her ass. “Why don’t you do it?”

“I can’t, I’m married,” Kate said, pushing the harness down her legs. “I don’t think my husband would approve.”

As they bickered back and forth a bit Hank was torn. On the one hand, a blow job from either of them would rank pretty much at the top of the list of things that ever happened to him. On the other, he didn’t want them to feel like they had to buy his silence or anything.

“You don’t have to do anything,” Hank insisted. “But I really need those chairs.”

“Don’t worry, she wants to do it,” Kate said, giving Hank a kiss on the cheek as she reached for the doorknob. “Oh, and Emmy, don’t forget to clean up your strap on.”

* * * * *

Scanning the crowd, Jason saw Sarah Hyland and Debby Ryan look around before ducking under the stage. As one of Vanessa’s Boys it was his job to watch and document, but not interfere unless the situation warranted. Kinda like those Watcher dudes on that old show about immortals beheading each other. Except he was observing hot celebrities having sex in weird places and not dudes with swords.

Moving closer to the stage Jason took up a position that allowed him to listen to make sure no one caught them. Pulling out his phone he zipped off a status report to Vanessa that she likely wouldn’t read until morning, or at least until after the party. With Vanessa apprised of Sarah and Debby’s attempt, Jason went back to trying to look casual while still focusing his attention on the goings on under the stage.

“Please?” Debby whined as Sarah slipped a hand under Debby’s dress.

“Wait for it,” Sarah said, softly running her finger along the outside of Debby’s panties.

Just as Debby was starting to get impatient at the teasing, the sound of people moving around on the stage above them filtered through. A moment later music started playing and Sarah grinned as the band gave them plenty of noise to cover up any noise they themselves might make.

Dropping to knees in front of Debby, Sarah gathered up Debby’s long black skirt and ducked her head underneath it. Letting the skirt drop down her back so she was completely under it, Sarah grabbed hold of Debby’s panties. Feeling a little impatient herself, Sarah didn’t even bother to pull down Debby’s underwear. Instead she yanked on the straps until they snapped and fell away in shreds.

Debby started to get mad about having her only pair of panties ruined and being forced to go commando the rest of the night, but realized that maybe that wasn’t such a bad thing. Knowing that she would be naked under her skirt, giving easy access to anyone that wanted it was a real turn on for someone that had been brought up to be so good and pure.

In fact, that was one of the reasons why she’d joined the competition in the first place. She’d been a virgin until a couple months before she turned eighteen, and had never even contemplated being with a girl until Ashley Tisdale had seduced her and in turn introduced her to the competition as a way to be so very naughty in ways Debby never would’ve even thought of without it. Like having another girl eat her pussy underneath a stage, while people performed on it and hundreds of people gathered around it.

“Oh yeah,” Debby moaned, barely audible over the sounds above them, as Sarah lashed her tongue against Debby’s clit.

Hooking one of Debby’s legs over her shoulder Sarah delved between the redhead’s labia. Despite the lack of light under Debby’s dress, Sarah had more than enough experience to know where everything was without seeing it.

No longer able to hear the couple thanks to the band, Jason casually slipped under the stage as well. Seeing Debby, Jason was momentarily confused when he didn’t see Sarah. But as his eyes adjusted to the dim light he noticed the movement under Debby’s dress and put two and two together.

“Yeah, eat my pussy,” Debby moaned, her hand pushing Sarah’s head against her pussy.

Unaware of Jason’s presence, though she probably would’ve guessed if she’d bothered to think about it, Debby used her other hand to pull down her blouse to expose her breasts to the air. As Sarah’s tongue deftly manipulated her labia Debby cupped one of her tits, pinching the nipple between her finger and thumb.

With her tongue tattooing Debby’s clit with flick after flick Sarah brought her hand into play. Pressing a finger against Debby’s opening she pushed forward, causing Debby’s hand to tighten its grip on Sarah’s hair as much as it could through the dress.

“Fuck me,” Debby moaned, humping her hips against Sarah’s tongue and finger.

Lurking in the darkness Jason managed to drag his eyes off of Debby’s tits long enough to make a scan of the area to make sure there wasn’t someone else watching as well. Satisfied that he was the only pervert enjoying the action, he went back to ogling those marvelous melons as Debby thrust them out proudly.

Unable to hear much of what Debby was saying, Sarah was having to rely on her other senses to tell how close Debby was to coming. Fortunately Sarah could feel Debby’s pussy start to tighten up around her finger and her movements were becoming more erratic.

Adding a second finger to Debby’s pussy Sarah started sawing them in and out. As Debby increased the pace of the movements of her hips Sarah wrapped her lips around Debby’s clit and sucked, getting the reaction she was hoping for as Debby’s pussy clamped down on her fingers.

“Oh god, I’m coming,” Debby hissed even though no one could hear her.

Putting her free head on her forehead Debby’s eyes rolled back in her head as she came. Her muscles contracted and her body shook as all sorts of nice little chemicals were released into her system. Also released was a nice flood of Debby’s juices all over Sarah’s fingers and tongue.

When Debby had stopped coming, Sarah slid her fingers out Debby’s pussy. Sliding out from under Debby’s dress Sarah licked her lips when she saw Debby’s tits out in the open. Standing up Sarah brought her soaked fingers up and moved in close to Debby. Looking her new friend in the face Sarah made a show of licking Debby’s cream off her digits.

“Mmm, that was amazing,” Debby said, pulling up her blouse to cover her tits.

“I’m not done with you,” Sarah said loud enough to be heard only by Debby, grabbing Debby’s hand. “You’re coming back to my place so you can return the favor, and then some.”

After watching Debby come, Jason scanned the area once more. When he was once more satisfied that no one else had seen the show, he slipped out the way he’d come in. Once he was out from under the stage he zipped off a quick text to Vanessa to let her know that Debby and Sarah had completed successfully.

* * * * *

“Find us a seat and I’ll be right back,” Vanessa Hudgens said, giving Selena Gomez a little pinch on the butt. “Make sure it’s in a corner or something to give us privacy.”

Waving at people as she made her way across the room Selena located the perfect spot. It was a padded bench in a corner like Vanessa wanted, but it also had a  table in front of it to help give some concealment. With a little hop in her step Selena quickened her pace and claimed the spot before anyone else could.

A couple minutes later Vanessa came bounding back. Dropping into the seat beside Selena Vanessa grinned broadly and made Selena’s eyes open wide when she set a golden statue of a man holding a sword to his chest on the table in front of them.

“Where did you get that?” Selena gasped, gawking at the prestigious award Vanessa had somehow managed to come away with.

“One of the effects guys let me borrow it for a few minutes,” Vanessa said, giggling. “I was just thinking that I never got to Oscar anyone.”

“And you want to fuck me with that thing?” Selena asked, not sure whether she should be scared or turned on. Fortunately, her pussy knew exactly what it wanted and made sure to let Selena know.

“Just a little,” Vanessa said, holding her hand up with thumb and index finger a couple inches apart. “Come on, Sel. How many women can say they’ve been Oscar’d? At an Oscar party no less.”

“Okay, but warm the big guy up first,” Selena said, stroking the cold metal of the statue and shivering at thought of having him inside her.

“Hmm,” Vanessa said, grabbing a cloth napkin off of the table.

As Selena reached under her dress to remove her panties, Vanessa wrapped the napkin around the statue. Tucking it under her legs to transfer some of her body heat to the statue and warm it up Vanessa leaned in and kissed Selena, wanting to keep her warmed up as well.

“Ready?” Vanessa asked when she was getting antsy to get on with it.

“I think so,” Selena said, taking a deep breath as she spread her legs.

As Vanessa pressed the head of the statue against her pussy Selena shivered, both from excitement and from the still cold metal. Vanessa dragged the tip through Selena’s folds to gather moisture and help lube it up before easing it into Selena.

“Ohhh,” Selena gasped as she felt the cold, rigid trophy start to enter her.

Grasping the Oscar around the figure’s legs just above the base Vanessa gently pushed further. Vanessa could feel her own pussy getting moist as she watched Selena’s pussy stretch to accommodate the shoulders of the figure.

“How does it feel?” Vanessa asked, pausing with a couple inches of Oscar in Selena’s cunt.

“Weird,” Selena said, trying to think of a different way to answer but coming up empty.

“Good-weird or bad-weird?” Vanessa asked, twisting the statue inside Selena and getting a hearty moan.

“Weird-weird, but in a good way,” Selena said, hunching her hips slightly as a signal for Vanessa to continue.

As Vanessa pushed more of the impromptu sex toy into Selena, it became a little easier as the figure tapered inward. Once she had six or seven inches of it inside Selena’s snatch Vanessa eased it back out until just before the shoulders passed through the entrance.

“Uhhh,” Selena moaned as Vanessa pushed the Oscar back into her pussy, feeling it fill her up.

“Shh, act normal, here comes Sammy,” Vanessa said, spotting their mutual friend, Samantha Droke, approaching.

“Hey guys,” Samantha said perkily, waving at her friends.

“Hi,” Selena squeaked as Vanessa gave her a little thrust under the table with the statue.

“Something wrong, Sel?” Samantha asked, a look of concern on her face as she noticed the flush in Selena’s cheeks.

“She’s just really happy that Dallas Buyers Club did so well,” Vanessa said, stroking the trophy in and out of Selena’s pussy.

“Such a good movie,” Selena grunted, playing along.

“I guess,” Samantha said, moving around the table. She stopped in her tracks though when she got far enough to see what was really going on. “Oh my god, are you? Is that?”

“Shut up and sit down,” Vanessa snapped, barely pausing in her movements.

“Is this part of that thing you guys do?” Samantha asked, taking a seat next to Vanessa on the bench.

As a close friend of several girls in the competition Samantha was well aware of its existence even though she wasn’t actually part of it. Selena had been trying to convince her to join for a while but while Samantha enjoyed helping out on the occasional challenge, especially if meant she got laid, she’d never really wanted to actually participate. But as she watched Vanessa fuck Selena with a fucking Oscar, she started to see the attraction.

“Want to do us a favor?” Vanessa asked Samantha. “See that guy with the curly hair looking worried? Go stall him for me so he doesn’t come over here looking for his award until we’re done.”

“Stall him?” Samantha asked.

“I don’t care how you do it. Beg him to take you somewhere to fuck you or something if you want, doesn’t matter,” Vanessa hissed, feeling Selena’s hand grip her thigh as she continued to work the Oscar in and out. “Just keep him away until we’re done and it’ll count as your initiation into the competition.”

“Okie dokie,” Samantha said cheerily, hopping off the bench to do as she was told.

“I don’t know how long we have, so we’re going to need to speed this up,” Vanessa said under breath, bringing her other hand up to frig Selena’s clit.

“Oh fuck,” Selena gasped, her body twitching as Vanessa tweaked her button while continuing to pump her with the golden statue.

“You look so sexy when you’re about to come, you know that?” Vanessa whispered into Selena’s ear as she dragged her friend closer and closer to the brink.

“I’ve, uhh, been told,” Selena moaned, trying to remember they were in public and she shouldn’t get too obvious about what was happening.

“Come on, Sel, come for Oscar,” Vanessa said, her finger tweaking Selena’s clit in time with her thrusts into Selena’s cunt.

“Fuck me, ‘Nessa,” Selena hissed, feeling the first tremors of her climax starting up.

“Come for me,” Vanessa urged, trapping Selena’s clit between two fingers and squeezing just enough to send Selena into orbit.

Desperately trying to keep from screaming Selena bit her lower lip hard enough that she could taste blood. Her entire body went straight and rigid as it was wracked with pleasure. Selena’s pussy clamped down around Oscar hard enough that even Vanessa had wanted to remove it she wouldn’t have been able to.

“There we go,” Vanessa said when Selena’s muscle contractions had started to lessen and she started to go limp.

Glancing around to see if she’d attracted any attention, Vanessa saw a couple people glancing in their direction, but just mouthed “bad fish” and turned her attention back to Selena. Slipping the Oscar out of Selena Vanessa grinned when she saw Selena’s juices clinging to the surface of the statue.

“Can you imagine how valuable this thing would be if people knew it had been inside you?” Vanessa mused as she reached for the napkin.

“Millions,” Selena joked, feeling relaxed after her orgasm as she watched Vanessa wipe down Oscar with the napkin.

“Come on, we better find Sammy and give back our little toy,” Vanessa said, holding Oscar in one hand and grabbing Selena’s hand to pull her up with the other.

“Where’s my thong?” Selena asked, suddenly feeling a breeze as she tried to walk on still unsteady legs.

“Let some lucky guy from the clean up crew find it,” Vanessa said, grinning as she led Selena away from their bench.

“Eww, I don’t want some strange guy finding my underwear,” Selena insisted, turning to look back at where her thong likely resided. “I don’t even want to think about the nasty stuff he’d do with it.”

“It’s not like you wrote ‘Property of Selena Gomez’ on the tag or anything,” Vanessa said, rolling her eyes. “There’s no way they’ll know they’re yours. They’ll just think some hot girl had some fun, and they’ll be right.”

“You’re a bad influence on me, you know that?” Selena said, giving in and letting Vanessa lead the way.

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