I Am Not Crazy (Part 1)

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Title: I Am Not Crazy (Part 1)

Author: TheBigLove126

Celebs: Anna Kendrick, Katy Perry

Codes: FF, rape, oral, anal, toys, tort, viol, ws, drugs

Summary: Anna Kendrick goes more than “fan-girl” on Katy Perry

Disclaimer: The following story is not real in any way. It is inspired by an interview Anna Kendrick did on the episode of ‘Conan’ that aired on Tuesday, January 28, 2014. Check the story codes before continuing and…what’s the word I’m looking for…starts with an ‘E’…oh yeah, enjoy!

If you have any questions, comments, story requests or other feedback to this or any of my other stories; feel free to contact me at – [email protected] or chat with me on YIM, I am almost always online.

It all started at the Grammy Awards on January 26, 2014. As Anna Kendrick had described in an interview with Conan O’Brien two days later, she had experience an awkward yet sexy moment with the beautiful Katy Perry.

“Katy Perry finger-banged my cleavage…it was a weird night…she’s very mature!” she told on national television. “She’s aggressive…I like it.”

As the TBS audience watched, they laughed at awkwardly sexy joke she made. Little did the crowd know, this was not the entire story. What Anna did not say would have turned this from an “awkwardly sexy joke” into an “awkwardly sexy crime”.

Anna left the studio at the conclusion of the taping and raced her way back to her southern California home. She sped her 2012 Audi A6 through the busy streets of Burbank and quickly arrived home. She parked the car in the garage and literally ran through the door. She was extremely giddy as she walked to the basement door and headed downstairs. She was squealing in enjoyment as she flipped on the light switch and saw what she was looking for. In front of Anna, locked in a medium sized cage, was the very frightened and very naked Katy Perry.

“Hi Katy!” Anna squealed as she pulled a chair up to cage and sat down, crossing her legs and leaning forward while staring with wide eyes at her prisoner. “Miss me?”

“Please Anna,” Katy begged. “You have to let me go.”

“Come on Katy, I have so many plans for us,” she replied, staring at her with a huge smile. “We can go on vacation to Italy or the beaches of St. Croix or…oh oh, we can visit the pyramids in Egypt, wouldn’t that be fun Katy!?” Katy looked frightened as Anna spoke very quickly without ever letting her smile fade an inch or blinking even once. “I’m so glad you feel the same. Maybe we should buy the tickets now. When do you want to go?”

“I…,” Katy said before being cut off.

“For Valentine’s Day? That’s what I was thinking too,” Anna said as she jumped up and knelt down next to the cage. “I so can’t wait to spend Valentine’s Day with you. Aren’t you excited too, Katy!?”

“Anna, you need to calm down,” she responded. “You’re acting crazy!”

Suddenly Anna’s smile went away and she started to look sad.

“Crazy?” she said as she stuck her lower lip out and started to cry. “You think I’m crazy?”

“I…,” Katy was again cut off.

“I can’t believe you would say that!” Anna yelled.  “I do all these nice things for you and this is how you treat me!”

“You have me locked in a cage, how is that nice?” Katy asked.

“It happens to be a very nice cage, I spent $5 renting it from the animal shelter and they cleaned almost all the dog shit out of it,” she said as tears streamed down her face.

“That’s what that smell was,” Katy thought to herself.

“I got you the most expensive can of Manwich to eat and nice, fresh Los Angeles city water to drink,” she said as she pulled the hamster water bottle off of the cage. “And I took all your clothes off when I was carrying your unconscious body down here so you wouldn’t be hot in this basement…you should be thanking me!”

“Let me out, you crazy bitch!” Katy screamed.

Anna stared at her for a few seconds before becoming very angry and shaking the cage. Katy recoiled in fear as her captor spit and screamed as she violently shook the cage. She had never thought in a million years that innocent, funny little Anna Kendrick had such a violent side to her.

“I….am…not…crazy!” Anna screamed. “And how DARE you call me a bitch!”

Anna stood up and started pacing around the basement, breathing heavy and staring angrily at Katy. She walked over to the corner of the room and rummaged through a box, pulling out a large knife. She slowly approached the cage with a scary look in her grey eyes. She once again knelt down next to the cage and pointed the blade at her pet.

“You think I’m crazy?” she asked, tilting her head to one side. “I am not crazy but I will show you what I am capable of. I’m going to let you out…if you run or fight me, I will cut those big ol’ knockers of yours to shreds. You’ll have to live life without two melons grabbing everyone’s attention…you know, covering for the fact that your voice sounds like cats being castrated.”

Anna held the knife in her mouth as she undid the many locks on the cage, humming her song ‘Cups’ as she did so. Once she freed the last lock, she roughly pulled the door open. Grabbing the knife in her hand, she backed up.

“Crawl out of the cage Katy, like the little dog you are!”

Katy, scared out of her mind, complied and slowly crawled out of the cage. Her eyes were locked onto the knife in Anna’s hand. She jumped when her captor stepped forward. She heard a laugh after the flinch and looked up at her, seeing her staring up at the ceiling while chuckling.

“Afraid of Mr. Knife?” Anna asked as she slowly pushed the knife towards Katy’s eyes. “Don’t worry, he doesn’t bite…but he will stab the fuck out of you if you annoy Ms. Kendrick, isn’t that right Mr. Knife?” Anna held the knife to her ear and started laughing again. “Yes sir, she is one of those whores that shaves their cunt smooth, wanna see?”

Anna kicked Katy over and jumped between her knees, kneeling down and holding the knife at the entrance to her pussy. The busty woman was horrified as she felt the cold tip of the blade touch her pussy lip.

“Please Anna, I’m sorry I called you crazy…don’t do anything you’ll regret,” she begged.

“Regret? What could I possibly regret?” Anna paused and looked at the knife. “Oh, you think I was going to fuck you with a knife? And you call ME crazy?”

Katy breathed a sigh of relief as Anna put the knife on a table and stood up over her. From the position she was in, Katy could see straight up Anna’s black dress and saw her pussy clearly. She was not surprised, due to the comment about her own clean-shaven crotch, that Anna had a patch of hair above her cunt.

“Like what you see?” Anna asked as she walked over Katy, giving her a better view. “Wanna give it a kiss?” She asked as her prisoner remained silent. “I asked you a question Katy…do you want to kiss my pussy?” Again, no answer. “You don’t want to kiss my lips? Okay then, I’ll have to do what I did to all those gay boys that didn’t want to kiss my mouth lips…I’ll have to spit in your face.”

Katy closed her eyes as she waited for a large loogie to be shot in her direction. Not hearing Anna sniff back confused her for a second. That is until she realized exactly what she meant. The lips on her mouth were not the ones to eject a disgusting liquid onto her frightened face.

Anna let out a deep sigh as a solid stream of dark yellow piss fell from between her legs and out from under her dress. She started to giggle as she heard Katy gag beneath her. She looked down and saw her superstar slave grimacing in disgust as she felt the warm waste cover her face. She stepped on her hand, causing her to scream and open her mouth, letting the last few drops drip directly into her throat.

While Katy lay on the floor, soaked in piss, Anna sat down on the floor cross-legged next to her. She ran her fingers through the piss-soaked black hair of her human plaything. She brought her fingers to her mouth and tasted her own golden gift.

“I love asparagus,” Anna said as she licked her fingers clean.

Once she was finished, she reached behind her back and pulled the zipper on her dress down. She pulled the dress forward and let her bra-less chest free. She rubbed her hard nipple and moaned as she stared down at Katy, who was groaning at the abuse she was suffering.

“Why are you doing this?” Katy whispered.

“Because rubbing my nipples feels good, duh,” she said, pinching her hard nubs. “Don’t tell me you haven’t played with those funbags before.”

“I meant the fucking kidnapping!” Katy yelled.

“You don’t have to curse at me,” Anna calmly said. “I didn’t ‘kidnap’ you, I invited you over for a good time and you inhaled the chloroform before you could answer…I took it as a yes. I asked if you wanted to stay in the cage and your head tilted forward…looked like a ‘yes’ to me.”

“How long did you plan this shit out?” Katy asked.

“Again with the language. I didn’t ‘plan’ anything out; you’re the one that touched my cleavage at the Grammys. If that doesn’t mean ‘I want to be your bestest friend of all-time’, I don’t know what does,” Anna explained as she rose to her knees.

“Anna…please let me go. I won’t tell anyone what you’ve done, just let me leave,” Katy pleaded.

“Don’t be silly K-Pear…that’s my new nickname for you by the way…you’re free to leave anytime,” she explained. “And Mr. Knife is free to stab you however many times he sees necessary to convince you otherwise.”

“You need help!”

“I know,” Anna said, shocking Katy. “My little boobs are too small for me to suck on.”

Before Katy could respond, Anna threw her chest down and forced her nipple between her piss-soaked lips. Anna immediately started moaning as she felt the warm tongue touch her sensitive bud. She grabbed onto her prisoner’s head and held her tight to her chest, not allowing a single molecule of air to slip into her mouth. Katy tried to push away but was unsuccessful.

The busty brunette kept her eyes shut as Anna switched breasts and fed her the left one. She was disgusted as the taste of piss was still present on her lips and were air-locked inside, meaning she unable to taste or smell anything but her intense  urine.

Anna kept Katy tight to her chest for a few minutes while biting on her lower lip and moaning as if she was orgasming. Suddenly, she threw Katy back down to the ground and crawled on top of her. She dropped her soaking wet pussy onto Katy’s face and put all of her weight down. Katy could not breathe or move too well but the gentle movements of her frantically desperate face against her ultra-sensitive pussy was the greatest feeling Anna had ever felt.

After a minute of suffocating Katy with her damp crotch, Anna started bouncing up and down hard on her face. Using her nose and lips as nothing more than sexual objects, Anna rode them like a bucking bronco.

“Yes, yes, yes. You are really good at this K-Pear!” Anna yelled.

Within a minute, Anna dropped back down hard onto Katy’s head and had one of, if not the most intense orgasm of her life. She gripped onto Katy’s head and thrusted forward with each jolt of pleasure that shot through her petite body. After relaxing, she slowly rolled off of her victim and looked down, laughing at the puddle of her feminine liquids that had formed in Katy’s mouth.

“You gonna swallow that?” she asked before crawling over to her face and sticking her tongue in her mouth, lapping up the cum and piss cocktail. “Yummy!”

“You are a fucking piece of shit,” Katy whispered out.

“Says the girl who let Russell Brand marry her,” Anna said as she stood up and zipped her dress back up. “What should we do now?”

“How about you go fuck yourself!?” Katy yelled out.

“Wow, your memory must suck. Do you not remember me JUST doing that?” Anna asked as she rummaged around the basement, all with a huge smile on her face. “My name is Anna by the way, in case you forgot that too.”

“I’m out of here,” Katy said as she got up to her feet and slowly headed for the door.

“Bad idea!” Anna yelled out.

“Mr. Knife isn’t stopping me,” Katy said as she reached for the doorknob.

“No, but this will,” she responded before cocking a shotgun and aiming it at Katy, who froze and slowly turned around. “Get back in the cage, Katy.”

“Anna…pu…put the gu…”

“Get in the fucking cage!” she yelled with fire in her eyes. “Do it or I’ll fucking kill you!”

Katy slowly made her way back to the cage and crawled in. She was scared more than ever now as Anna, who was no longer smiling, had the barrel of the shotgun a mere two inches from the cage pointed directly at her face. She forced Katy to lock the various locks on the cage and toss the keys away. Once she did, the smile came back to Anna’s face.

“I knew this gag gun would come in handy,” she cheerfully said as she fired the gun at a wall, spraying it with flour. “You sure enforce that ‘big tits, small brain’ theory, don’t ya?” Katy did nothing but sigh. “Oh lighten up K-Pear, I found something in that same box of props that I’m sure you will like.”

Anna walked back over to the box and pulled out a small whip. She cracked it several times before she approached the cage. Katy was shaking as she saw her walk towards her, cracking the whip like a pro.

“Put your ass against the cage,” Anna commanded.

Katy, defeated, obeyed her and pressed her bare ass and pussy against the cold steel of the cage. Anna giggled as she stepped back and took a shot with the whip, striking her directly in the ass hole. Katy shrieked as she felt the sharp strike in her sensitive area. She thought that it was the worst pain…until Anna took her second shot and was just as accurate. Katy felt like she was going to die as the whip hit her directly in the clit.

“Bulls eye!” Anna yelled out. “Does that hurt? I bet it hurts, does it hurt?”

Katy could not form words, she only responded with a painful whine. She dropped her head to the floor of the cage, forgetting what Anna had said about the dog shit and pressing her lips directly on a dried piece that had molded to the ground. She whined and moaned as the firey pain felt like death on her pussy.

Anna whipped her several more times, all leaving bright red welts on her ass cheeks and thighs. After her arm had gotten tired, she crawled down to the cage and slipped one end of the whip into the cage. She maneuvered it around until she had Katy tied to the cage around her thighs, leaving her ass and pussy fully to her control.

Anna skipped off to another box in the basement and searched around until she found what she was looking for…her two foot long, red double-sided dildo. She happily sucked on one end as she slowly sauntered over to her prisoner.

“Now the fun begins,” she said as she placed the dildo on the cage and unzipped her dress again, this time pulling it all the way down and stripping completely.

She grabbed the dildo again and sucked on the same end some more before pushing the dry end against Katy’s pussy. Slowly she slid a few inches in before dropping to her knees and backing up. She reached behind her and grabbed the wet end of the dildo, pushing it against her tight ass hole.

“I bought this thing thinking I’d use it on a singer…glad it turned out to be someone like you and wasn’t someone disgusting like Madonna or Britney,” she said aloud before allowing the toy to slide into her ass hole.

Anna pushed herself back, forcing more of the double-sided toy into herself and Katy. She moaned and groaned loudly as the toy stretched her ass hole to its limits. She looked behind her and saw Katy lying motionless while taking a good eight inches into her pussy with no struggle. Anna, being experienced when it came to dildos piercing through her ass, easily took nine and mocked Katy.

“I’m sure you can do better than that,” she said. “If Brittany Snow can take eleven inches, a mega-slut like you should easily be able to take fourteen. Brittany was more fun, at least she would talk and not just curse at me,” she said with a laugh.

Anna groped her own breasts with one hand while balancing herself with the other. Meanwhile, Katy never once moved. She could have been dead in the cage and Anna would have not only not noticed, but would not have cared. She was feeling a thick ten inches violating her ass and to her, nothing else matters. She did not even notice the orgasm and massive leakage coming from Katy’s pussy. Anna smiled and kept her eyes closed for a few more minutes.

After a good ten minutes of anal pleasure, Anna pulled the dildo out of her ass while letting the opposite end remain inside Katy’s pussy. She ran over to the other end of the cage and sat down, wrapping her legs around it and pushing her cunt against the bars.

“Make me cum, K-Pear,” she commanded.

Katy slowly raised her head and stared up at her. She moved her head forward until her mouth was inches from Anna’s cunt. She stuck her tongue out and slowly massaged the throbbing clit in front of her. Anna was so close to cumming from the toy that it only took a few seconds for her to squirt her second orgasm all over Katy’s face. The defeated prisoner just closed her eyes and hung her mouth open, catching as much as she could, not because she liked the taste or enjoyed the experience, but solely to keep her cage floor clean to sleep on.

Once she had recovered from the orgasm, Anna slowly stood up and crawled on top of the cage, lying flat on her stomach. She happily looked down at the wet mess that was Katy Perry lie motionless beneath her.

“This was awesome,” Anna said. “I’ll never forget this.”

Anna started twirling her hair around one finger as her pussy began to expel another load of urine onto Katy’s body. She started laughing as she watched it run down from her ass, which was still tied to the cage (and still had the dildo three inches into her pussy), down her back and into her hair.

After she was finished relieving herself, Anna hopped off of the cage and grabbed her dress off of the ground. She quickly put the dress back on and started up the stairs, flipping the light switch off before stopping, turning the light back on and walking back to the cage.

“I’m so sorry about that,” she said as she grabbed the water bottle from the ground and reattached it to the cage. “I’ll bring some Manwich down later, ‘Conan’ is airing on the east coast and I want to see how cute I looked in this dress.”

Anna again walked up the stairs and flipped off the light switch, this time walking out of the basement and closing the door. She went into the kitchen just in time for her phone to go off. She picked it up and saw a text alert from Beyonce.

“Hey Anna. Turns out I’m free tomorrow night, you and I can get that dinner you asked about. Just the two of us,” the text read.

Anna looked forward with the biggest smile of the night, seeing the bottle of chloroform sitting on the counter in front of her.

To be continued…

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