Peyton Roi’s Lists Ordeals Part 2

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Peyton Roi’s Lists Ordeals Part 2

By Shadow Marshal

Anal, piss, humiliation

Debby Ryan and Peyton Roi List

None of this happened in real life, all of the words below are pure fiction and nothing more. If you have any questions, requests or general comments feel free to email me at [email protected]


Peyton was taken to the car and Debby drove off. She looked at Peyton and saw how mad she was, “Don’t be so mad Peyton, you’ll have fun this weekend.”

“Yeah I look forward to being raped, humiliated and defiled, sounds like a blast.”

“That’s the spirit.”

Debby parked in front of a warehouse and inside, the first floor was completely empty. On the second floor was everything you expect a professional photographer to have.

A man walked out of a room and saw a friend, “Debby, it’s so good to see you.”

Debby hugs the man, “Virgil, it feels like forever since we last saw each other.”

“I know, so I see you finally brought cute Peyton around for her first shoot.”

Debby looked at Peyton, “I did so I was thinking the usual package but with a thirty percent extra payout.”

Virgil looked at Peyton and pondered Debby’s proposal. “I can do that.”

Debby tells Virgil about what Peyton went through last night. “Now, what are you thinking?”

“Here’s what I’m thinking, you’re a doctor and Peyton comes in to you see because she’s complaining of soreness in her ass from the gangbang she endured last night.”

“I like it, let’s do it.”

“Alright, Peyton follow me.”

Peyton followed Virgil into a room and the room looked exactly like a doctor’s office and it even has a Gynaecologist table.

“Now, strip and lay in the table and then the doctor will be in to see you shortly.”

Virgil pulled out his video camera and aimed it at Peyton as she striped. A few seconds and the door opened with Debby walking in wearing a pair of black heels with a three-inch stiletto heel. On each of Debby’s legs were black, knee high stockings with a black lace floral trim. The last thing she had on was a lab coat that was left unbuttoned show casing her nakedness and her hair was in a bun with glasses that matched her hair.

“Hi doctor.”

Debby took a seat in and sets her clipboard down, “Hi Miss List, now I see you came in for a usual check up so let’s…”

“Actually I lied to the receptionist so I wouldn’t have to tell her about why I really wanted to come in.”

“Then why did you want to come in?”

“Well my…my ass is a little sore.”

Debby took a pen out of her coat, “Do you know why your anus is sore?”

“Well last night I experienced a gang bang from a group of guys.”

Debby jots that down, “And how old are you?”


“And the men who fucked you, they were the same age as you?”

“No, some were late thirties and others were forty to fifty years old.”

Debby writes all of that down, “Okay and did you enjoy their cocks?”

Peyton’s silent for a few seconds and says, “Yes.”

Debby jots that down and sets the pen down. “Okay let me go and get my equipment and I’ll be right back.”  Debby walked across the room and wheeled a cart next to Peyton. She pulled her stool in front of Peyton and slipped on surgical gloves, “Well you’re asshole is still gaping a little bit, I’ll have to examine it more thoroughly.”

Debby took off the cart a speculum and Peyton saw the intimidating instrument. “Ah doctor, do you think that’ll fit inside me?”

“Why do you say that? It’s only seventeen inches long; I know you can handle it.”

Chills raced through Peyton’s spine as the icy cold metal blades pierced her rectum and dwelled deeper and deeper. Her eyes bulge out of her head and squealed to her guts getting stuffed. The coldness dissipates once her warm rectum heats the blades and soon the full instrument is inside her. She squirmed to her rectum being stretched out.

Debby continued to crank the bolt, “Boy Peyton, your ass is really stretchy.”

Peyton’s eyes closed and she whimpered. Her ass is on fire as its being ripped apart, “Debby please, my asshole’s not meant to stretch this far.”

Debby cranked the bolt one last time, “Done Peyton and congratulations, your ass was able to stretch out to four-inches.”

“How does it look?”

Debby shined a light inside Peyton’s gaping asshole, “Well I can see spots of cum and it smells of sex and sweat, like you didn’t bother cleaning it after you got fucked but to truly see if anything is wrong, I’ll have to do a test-” Debby lifted her lab coat, “-I have to piss in your asshole and pull out the speculum and see how long you can keep it inside you.” Debby unloads her bladder into Peyton’s filthy asshole and stops at the sight of Peyton about to overflow. She closed the speculum and slid it out, holding a bowl underneath Peyton.

Peyton clenched her asshole shut but had difficulty keeping her ass shut and soon, her ass squirted out the piss into the bowl.

“Well, that wasn’t very long and that means that you’ve been stretched too far but now because of that I have to check your pussy for the same damage.” Debby’s about to pierce Peyton’s cunt but she saw something, “Did you get excited from me peeing inside your ass?”

In truth Peyton got off from the medical instrument pushing her ass to its limits but if she plays along maybe Debby might take it easy on her. “Yes, at the feeling of your warm piss filling my bouls just overwhelmed me.”

Debby pressed the instrument against Peyton’s pussy and it gets swallowed up quickly, taking inch after inch. “Well you’re going to love this even more.”

Peyton felt the tip of the speculum pressing against her cervix, “Please doctor, you have to stop, you’re about to open my cervix!!”

Debby pushed the instrument deeper, stretching apart Peyton’s cervix and violating her womb. Peyton saw Debby grip the hand bolt and she pleaded with Debby not to continue. Debby cranked the blades apart an inch, “But Peyton sweetie, I’m your doctor I’m looking out for you.”

Peyton whimpered to her pussy getting stretched apart. “Please Debby!!”

Debby cranked it apart another inch, “I don’t get the big deal, I mean I’m only stretching your worthless, whored out pussy just so I can see if your healthy.”

Peyton screeched, “DEBBY!!”

Debby cranked it apart a third-inch, “I mean I wouldn’t be doing this if it wasn’t for your own good.”

Peyton cried to her pussy getting ripped apart.

Debby cranked the blades apart the final inch and stood up licking up the right side of Peyton’s face and then down the left side of Peyton’s face. “Your tears taste so good.”  She then shined a light inside Peyton. She slid her entire forearm into Peyton’s cunt, feeling around in Peyton’s womb, “Well I fell nothing wrong but you definitely need a cleaning.”

Peyton already had an idea of what her pussy was going to be cleaned out with but she might as well ask. “What’s that?”

Debby lifts her lab coat, “Well seeing how I never finished peeing, I’ll clean you out with that.”

Peyton felt the warm piss fill her pussy and womb up. The medical instrument closed and left her cunt. The piss quickly leaked out emptying into the bowl.

Debby stood next to Peyton with a filled bowl, “You know Peyton, it would be a shame if all of this went to waste, wouldn’t you agree?”


“Glade you agree, now are you parched?”

“A little bit.”

“Then open your mouth.” Peyton slowly opened her mouth and Debby poured the bowl around Peyton’s face and then the rest in her mouth. Debby watched Peyton swallow every drop and steps back. “Next I’ll need a pee sample.”

“But I don’t have to pee.”

Debby takes off the table a forcep and attached it to Peyton’s right nipple and repeats it to her left nipple. “Either pee or I’ll have cane every inch of your worthless body.” Debby picks up the bowl and holds it near her sore pussy. “Now pee!”

Peyton pushed but she just can’t, “Please don’t cane me, I just can’t pee.”

Debby taped Peyton’s labia’s to her inner thighs, “Well I guess I’ll have to make you pee then.”

Peyton got really nervous, “How?”

Debby took her middle finger and pressed it against Peyton’s urethral and once the tip of her finger was inside, Debby twirled it around and around with Peyton squirming and whimpering. “You know I can feel a little bit of piss, is this helping?”

“Please, I don’t have to pee right now.”

Debby continued twirling, “Well I ca feel you about to pee.” Debby pulled her finger out and a stream of piss flowed into the bowl. Peyton stopped and Debby stood up, drinking Peyton’s piss. “Well I don’t taste anything wrong wit but now it’s time we start something new.”

Debby left the forceps on and dragged Peyton by her hair out of the room and to another staging area. She zip tied Peyton’s wrists behind her back and opened a trunk. “What are you going to do to me?”

Debby removed her lab coat and pulled out of the trunk a thin piece of bamboo with a rubber grip. “I’m going to cane you.”

“But you said you wouldn’t if I peed.”

Debby struck the top of Peyton’s tiny breasts, “No, I said I would cane every inch of your body-” She struck the tender underside of Peyton’s breasts, “-I’m only going to cane your breasts, thighs, pussy and ass.”

Peyton screamed and Debby kicked apart Peyton’s legs. She backhands and forehands Peyton’s inner thighs. “Please stop Debby!!”

Debby cackled as she struck Peyton’s pussy and clit over and over. “Why? I’m having so much fun.”

Peyton Screeched and pleaded with Debby to stop but all Debby did was roll Peyton onto her stomach and caned the jailbaits ass. Peyton rolled around but all that did was give Debby access to cane Peyton’s thighs, pussy and breasts again and again.

Debby stared at Peyton’s bamboo imprinted body and looked at the camera, “Did you like me caning this little bitch? You did, well you’re going to love what I’m going to do next time you see me.”

Debby rolled Peyton on her stomach and kneeled, ushering the camera closer to Peyton’s ass.  Debby dug her nails into Peyton’s sore ass cheeks and spreads them apart, exposing her gaping asshole. “You see this filthy ass, well follow me.” The camera followed Debby over to the trunk and holds in front of the camera a black, eight, inch, fifteen-inch wide dildo that’s outlined with thick veins. “Well the next time you see us this will be going into her ass.”

Virgil turned off the camera and looked at Debby, “That was amazing.” Virgil walked away and came back with a bag of money. “So when are you going to return?”

Debby looked inside the bag, “Later on today.”

Virgil looked shock, “You’re kidding?”

Debby tossed Peyton a sundress to wear, “Nope, I will take her ass past her limits to the point where she’ll break and beg to have her ass stretched more and more, so you ready to leave my pet?”

Peyton stood up, shaking, “I guess so.”

They left and drove to a supermarket. They walked inside and walked down the soda aisle. “Shove this up your ass.”

Peyton’s handed a 1.25 liter of soda, “I can’t, not here, we could get caught.”

“Look, shove that up your ass or I strip you and leave you here.”

Peyton looked around and lifts her dress with her one hand and pressed the tip of the bottle against her asshole. She squealed as her ass opened and it went deeper and deeper. At the sight of someone coming down the aisle she shoved it all the way in.

They walked past them and headed down the next aisle. “Let’s go somewhere more private.” Peyton gulps at Debby picking up a two liter bottle of soda. They walked into the bathroom and Debby looked at Peyton. “Push out that the bottle.”

“Can I do it in the stall?”

“Only if you let me film it.”


They walked into the handicap stall and Debby pulled out her phone. “Okay, before I start filming get naked.” Quickly Peyton takes off her dress, “Good, now bend over the toilet and look at me.” Debby said filming.

Peyton did and looked over her shoulder, “Now what?”

“Tell me what’s going to happen.”

Peyton grabs her ass cheeks and spread them apart. She started pushing the bottle out, “Well first, this bottle is going to come out-” Peyton pushed really hard and the bottle pops out of her ass, falling to the floor and picked up the two liter soda bottle, “-and then I’m going to shove this up my ass.”

Peyton wiggled the tip of the bottle against her gaping asshole and it took it almost like its nothing. She squealed and stomped her foot as her ass stretched more and more. It’s half way in her rectum and with one big push Peyton’s rectum swallowed the bottle.

“Good, now I want it back.”

Peyton pushed and pushed until with one final push the bottle popped out of her ass and she kept pushing until a rosebud showed off.

Peyton looked at Debby, “I have a feeling that toy you showed me was a joke, there’s no way anybody’s rectum can stretch fifteen inches wide.”

Debby smirked and sends the video to Virgil, “If I can prove you wrong, than you have to be a human urinal tomorrow for two hours.”

“Doesn’t sound bad.”

“And it’s going to be recorded.”

“And if you can’t prove it?”

“I’ll be the human urinal.”

“Fine, prove it.”

Debby reached into her purse and pulled the monster dildo. She took lifted her purple mid thigh dress. Debby got on her knees and leans forward with her ass in the air. “You see Peyton while I was being raped, they really paid attention to my ass, said it needed to be trained to take anything.”

Debby pressed the tip against her asshole and it gapes quickly, taking inch after inch.

“So they fucked me for a whole weekend in my ass, filling my rectum with cum.” The toy was halfway inside her ass and she moaned to as it goes deeper. “Then the next weekend they fisted my ass all day long.” The final few inches slipped into her ass and she twirled it around looking at Peyton. “And the third weekend they fucked me with sex toys that got bigger and bigger until my ass took this toy.”

Peyton’s eyes can’t believe what they were seeing. Debby’s rectum is stretched out fifteen inches wide. “So it took you three weeks to take that toy and you’re…”

Debby stood up,, “Forcing your anus to take it in a day.”

“Is that a good idea?”

“Maybe not but I don’t care, now let’s go.” Peyton got dressed and Debby drover back to Virgil’s place. “Virgil, did you get my video?”

“I did and do you think our star is ready?”

Debby lifted her dress and pushed out the dildo. “We’ll find out.”

Peyton got naked and bent over the couch and squealed to the dildo penetrating her rectum and whimpered to her ass stretching and stretching. “Please Debby, my ass can’t handle no more, my ass isn’t ready!!” Peyton shrieked as her rectum walls were being torn in half. “For the love of God STOP!!

Debby kept pushing and pushing until the final inch is in her ass and Debby twirled it around and around while looking at the camera. “If you think that was the end of the Peyton sex tape, you’d be wrong, we’ll be back shortly.” The last thing the camera saw was Debby licking up Peyton’s tears.

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