Hazy Night with… (Part 14)

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Title: Hazy Night with… (Part 14)

Author: TheBigLove126

Celebs: Taylor Swift, Carrie Underwood, Ashley Tisdale, Ariana Grande, Demi Lovato, Lucy Hale, Emma Stone

Codes: MF, MFF, MF+, F+, oral, anal, toys, drugs

Summary: The birthday party concludes

Disclaimer: The following story is in no way real, unless you have taken a ton of drugs and have no concept on what “real” means anymore.

If you have any questions, comments, story requests or other feedback to this or any of my other stories; feel free to contact me at – [email protected] or chat with me on YIM, I am almost always online.

I took a deep breath before pushing open the pink door and leading myself into the bedroom where Taylor Swift and Carrie Underwood were waiting. Even with the two orgasms I had already had today, I was very ready for this. This was something I have been waiting for for months.

Looking in, there was nobody on the bed, no one standing in front of me…the room seemed empty until Carrie walked out of the bathroom.

“Ready?” she asked as her beautiful nude form approached me and gave me a quick kiss.

“You know I am,” I responded as she pulled my over to the bed.

“You have no idea how much I wanted to jump on you and fuck your brains out the second you walked into the house,” she explained. “And after you left each room, I wanted to tackle you swallow that beautiful cock of yours,” she said as she lay down on the bed and spread her legs wide. “Even last night when I licked your cum off of the floor, I wanted to shove Demi out of that room, lock the door and spend the whole night with you. Stop waiting and fuck me right now!”

She placed her ankles onto my shoulder as I moved close to her. With no hesitation, I slammed all eight inches of my still-slick cock into her wonderfully tight, warm pussy. It had been months since the last time I fucked her but she still felt as tight and perfect as ever. She kept her eyes wide open and locked onto mine as I violently thrusted in and out of her. She arched her back and moaned loudly each time I lunged forward.

“I fucking love you,” she said while panting.

“I love you too,” I responded.

“Not as much as me I hope,” a voice came from behind me.

I looked over my shoulder and saw Taylor walking towards me. She was stroking her long, straight, blonde hair as she sensually strolled up to me. She wrapped her arms around my neck and gave me a kiss before quietly watching as I fucked Carrie.

“Her boobs look so nice when they’re bouncing around so much,” she whispered into my ear before giving Carrie’s foot a quick kiss. “I know you’ve been waiting a long time for her.”

“Being with both of you is the best possible way to spend a birthday,” I said back, slightly slowing down my pace.

“Why do you think I saved us for the main event,” she said, slapping my ass lightly. “I know what you like.”

For another minute, I fucked Carrie while Taylor rested her head on my shoulder. I could feel the heat from her pussy pressing against my thigh, which only made me want to fuck her more (if that was even possible). Suddenly, Taylor moved away from me and crawled onto the bed. She stayed on her hands and knees as she positioned herself next to Carrie.

“Carrie, crawl under me and fuck my pussy while Dan takes my ass,” she instructed.

“Fuck your pussy with what?” Carrie asked.

Suddenly, Demi Lovato walked into my line of sight holding the same strap-on that she had used with Lucy and Ashley earlier.

“With this, sweetheart,” she said as she wrapped the toy around Carrie’s fit waist.

I looked behind me and saw Lucy, Ashley, Emma and Ariana sitting on the floor against the wall. Each girl had their hands viciously rubbing their pussies as they watched Carrie shimmy under Taylor and position the large rubber cock against her waiting pussy. Demi rejoined the girls against the wall as the three of us on the bed positioned ourselves to give them a show. Once Taylor’s pussy swallowed up the black toy, I pressed my glistening wet cock against my beautiful songbird’s asshole.

“Give it to her Dan!” Ashley yelled out.

With one hard thrust, I split the cute little cheeks of Taylor’s ass and was deep inside her. Instantly, she let out a loud scream as both of her holes were filled and stretched. It took a few seconds before Carrie and I got our rhythm down but once we did, we put Taylor in a heavenly bliss. Constantly having something thrusted into her was the greatest feeling she could ever wish for.  Hearing her and Carrie both moan was music to my ears. Over my shoulder, I could hear the other five girls all moan as they rubbed themselves to the performance which was happening in front of them.

Taylor dropped her head down to embrace Carrie in a loving kiss. Carrie’s hands slid from her chest slowly down until she grabbed her hips. I placed my hands over her and interlaced our fingers while keeping a tight grip on the younger blonde’s body. After the girls broke their kiss, they kept their eyes locked on each other.

“This is awesome,” Taylor whispered.

“Not as awesome as this,” Carrie responded before pulling out of Taylor and sliding out from under her.

I also pulled out from inside Taylor and let Carrie direct traffic. She knelt on the bed and pulled Taylor’s face towards her shiny, slick toy. Taylor immediately swallowed the large member and tasted her own sweet juices. Carrie pulled her in as tight as possible and forced the entire length of it down her waiting throat. Before letting her go, she pointed down at Taylor’s red swamp of a pussy and gave me a smile. It did not take a genius to know what she wanted, so I got behind Taylor and slowly slid my cock into her.

While the beautiful young woman had Carrie’s toy jammed into her throat, she had a massive orgasm the very second my cock split between her lips. Carrie giggled as she saw her struggle in ecstasy below her. She could see in the glassy, bloodshot eyes that she was enjoying herself more than ever before.

After she finally let Taylor breath, Carrie leaned back and spit a large wad onto her sweat-and-slobber-covered face. At first, she looked disgusted as she felt her warm spit spray all over her but quickly giggled and smiled before dropping her head to the mattress and focusing her entire attention to the rough assault I was now giving her pussy.

My hands were gripped hard into her hips while my own hips were getting an intense workout. Never before had I thrusted into a woman so hard during sex. I did not know whether I was going so hard just because it was her, myself and Carrie together again or if it was because the three of us were putting on a show in front of the other five girls, who all had their eyes focused on the bed while their hands went a mile a minute over their moist, red pussies. Either way, I was enjoying every second of this session with these two perfect blondes.

A few minutes later, I knew that I was very close to finishing off with Taylor. I could feel the cum begin to rise from within my body. I could no longer hold on. I pulled myself out of Taylor and roughly flipped her onto her back. I aimed my cock at her beautiful chest and exploded in a massive, messy orgasm. My thick white cream painted her lightly tanned breasts as I came for what felt like an hour, but in reality was only about six seconds. As the last few drops fell from my cock, I looked up at Carrie who had just removed the strap-on from her slender waist and saw her smiling, hungry face.

Carrie hoped off the bed and walked around, grabbing me by the cock and pulling me away from Taylor. She dropped to her knees and hungrily sucked every bit of the sweet mixture of my male seed and Taylor’s succulent juices. While she cleaned me off, the other five girls, all of which had had an orgasm while watching mine, ran over to Taylor and crawled onto the bed. Lucy, Emma, Ashley, Ariana and Demi all attacked the host’s chest, licking and sucking every last little sperm that I had left on her.

“Isn’t this the best birthday present ever?” Carrie asked as she rubbed my cock against her cheeks.

“For sure,” I responded while my eyes remained locked to the six-girl swarm on the bed.

“I can’t wait ‘till you make me cum,” she said.

I sat down on a chair while Carrie continued cleaning my cock. Even after I was fully clean, her lips remained tightly wrapped around my withering cock. As she kept sucking me, I looked over on the bed and saw Demi kneeling on the bed over Taylor’s face. The look on her face made it clear what was going on. Emma and Ariana lay next to them with Taylor slamming a hand into each of their worn out cunts. Ashley and Lucy were each cuddled between her legs, their tongues wildly flicking at her swollen clit.

The girls remained locked in these positions for a long while until Demi, Emma, Ariana and Taylor all experienced yet another orgasm. All the while, Carrie never removed her mouth from my cock. It had been about fifteen minutes since I had came but thanks to her oral care, I was rock hard again.

“I think you’re ready for the finale,” she said, loud enough for the other girls to hear.

All seven girls stood up and surrounded me. Carrie and Emma picked me up and led me to the bed, laying me down. Ariana picked the strap-on up from the bed and crawled down to my lower body. She fastened the toy around my waist about four inches above my cock.

“I’ve been waiting for this part all day,” Ashley said as she adjusted it, grabbing both the toy and my cock.

Once they were spaced out properly, Lucy climbed onto the bed and crawled over me. She turned away and gave me a beautiful view of her ass. Taylor crawled on the bed as well and placed her crotch above my face. She lowered herself down and was immediately met by my tongue. She leaned forward and gave the rubber cock and quick blowjob to slicken it up for Lucy’s tight asshole.

“Ready, set, go!” Taylor yelled out as Lucy lowered herself down, taking the toy in her ass while my cock slipped between her puffy pussy lips.

The ‘Pretty Little Liars’ star rode the double-penetration set up like an experienced cowgirl. She jumped up and down wildly, feeling every inch of both cocks fill her up. She moaned and cooed as she happily bounced up and down while Taylor ran her hands all over her body. I was only assuming this of course as Taylor’s ass was blocking my view while my tongue was busy massaging the inner walls of her beautiful pussy.

A minute after she started, Lucy hoped off of my cock contraption while Taylor also got off of me. Emma was next to climb on to my cock while Carrie took her turn on my face. Emma rode reverse to the way Lucy did, taking the toy in her pussy and my throbbing red cock into her tight ass. Again the girls kept their position for about a minute.

Taylor and Carrie alternated on my face while the other five girls each got two turns on the cocks. Once Ariana took her last ride, the two hosts of the party jumped to my lower body. Taylor slid the strap-on up my body a few inches before throwing her leg over my body and holding herself above it. Carrie, facing the opposite direction, hovered over my cock. The girls pressed their sweaty backs against each other and slowly lowered themselves down, each moaning as their pussies swallowed up their respective cock.

While the two blondes rode me, Ashley and Ariana knelt over my face and began to sensually kiss each other. Demi was behind Ashley and Lucy behind Ariana, reaching around and lightly grabbing and groping their sexy little nipples. I was too focused on them to see Emma grabbing at Taylor and Carrie’s breasts, pinching each nipple hard and causing both girls to scream. I felt Carrie orgasm around me, giving her the orgasm she had been waiting for. Even though she came while sitting outside the pink door, she wanted to receive one from me and I gave her what she wanted.

I was in heaven as I was at the bottom of this eight-person mountain of moaning, groaning people. The sounds of splashing pussy liquid between flesh was very loud, enough to smack over each grunt. Not one of use was silent as the orgy continued. Nobody changed position until I was ready to have my final orgasm of this, my greatest birthday ever.

“I think I’m ready,” I said loudly, making sure all seven girls could hear me.

All the girls crawled off of the bed and knelt down on the floor. They all lined up with their faces pressed tightly against each other, forming a line. From left to right sat Emma, Ashley, Demi, Taylor, Carrie, Ariana and Lucy. I knelt down on the bed, stroking my cock over the edge pointed directly at Taylor. I closed my eyes and felt my cum shoot from within. I spread the seed all over each girl’s face. By the time the last drop fell, each girl had their forehead’s covered by droplets of my cum, which undoubtedly was not as thick or potent as earlier. Four massive orgasms over the last few hours were enough to dilute my seed.

I sat back down on the bed and caught my breath as the girls slowly joined me. They sat in a circle around me, all smiling as my cum dripped down from their foreheads. Carrie, who had a large drip hanging from her nose, was the first to speak.

“We’ve been planning this for months,” she said as she ran her hand through Demi’s hair while the brunette blinked a drop of cum off of her eyelash.

“I hope it lived up to the hype,” Taylor said as she slid her hand up and down Ashley’s thigh.

“You girls are awesome,” I said, staring at Taylor’s beautiful smiling face. “This has been the best day of my life.”

“Happy birthday, Dan!” Emma yelled out while Ariana and Lucy rested their heads on her shoulders, letting the cum on their faces drip onto the redhead’s body.

“Happy birthday!” the other girls shouted.

I smiled and lay down on the bed, exhausted. Carrie snuggled up to my left side while Taylor did the same on the right. Demi wrapped her arm around Taylor’s waist while Ariana held onto to Carrie. Ashley and Lucy rested their heads on my thighs, their hair brushing against my sensitive scrotum. Emma lay on her back between them, sliding her arms between their legs and hugging them close while holding a joint in one hand and a lighter in the other.

This massive mound of humans quickly passed around the thick joint until there was nothing left of it. One by one each of the girls fell asleep until it was just myself, Taylor and Carrie awake.

“I love you,” we all said twice before the girls nuzzled their noses against my ears and we fell asleep.

The greatest birthday party ever, at least the sexual part, was over and I was in heaven. I could not wait to see where my life would go next and if it was even possible to get better.

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