Zendaya and the Producer

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Title:  Zendaya and the Producer

Author:  Tori

Codes:  Mf, CONS, ANAL

Subject:  Zendaya Coleman

Disclaimer:  This is fiction, it did NOT happen.  The story is purely fantasy and fantasy is legal.

Zendaya Coleman slipped her panties off and got on the bed.  She looked up at the 62 year old producer and spread her long, thin legs.  Zendaya has been in show business since she was 12 and knew the drill.  She also knew that if she wanted to get the part she’d have to let this old fuck drill her.  She’d fucked and sucked her way to many a part and this time was no different.

The producer dropped his trousers and pulled out his 10 inch cock.  He stroked it and told the pretty teen to play with herself while he took off the rest of his clothes.  Zendaya slipped a couple of fingers into her tight wet pussy and fucked herself.  The man climbed into bed with the teen and offered her his cock.  She wrapped her pink lips around the massive shaft and sucked him.  He replaced her fingers with his and continued to play with her pussy.

The old man grabbed the back of her head with his free hand and pushed his cock deep down her throat making her gag.  She quickly recovered and took him in and out of her throat like the skilled cocksucker she had become.  He fucked her face mercilessly for several minutes and then pulled out of her mouth, letting her catch her breathe.  He lay down next to her and told her to get on top.  She swung her legs over him and took him inside of her.  Her pussy accepted his girth with ease.  She was no stranger to having her pussy filled with big cocks and this was no exception.  The pretty teen rode the massive cock like it was a wild stallion, slamming her pussy up and down.  She came several times and then felt him fill her hole with cum.  He pushed her off his cock and she took him in her mouth again, milking him for every last dropped.

The producer flipped her over on her stomach and grabbed some lube from the nightstand.  He squeezed the warm liquid into her asscrack and inserted a finger into her tight little brown hole.  She moaned as he lubed her up.  She laid flat on the bed and reached both hands back and spread her cheeks for him, gaping her butthole.  He slid two and then three fingers into her and stroked his cock until he was hard again.  He spread her legs with his and then drove his cock ball’s deep into the little teen’s asshole.  She cried out like an animal and screamed for him to fuck her harder.  She screamed it over and over again as he power fucked her butt.  He placed both hands on her shoulders holding her down while he fucked the shit out of the little bitch.  She came over and over again taking his cock deep into her bowels.  He slammed into her rectum several times very hard and then came.  He was still shooting his hot load when he pulled out and covered her ass and back with his spunk.

Zendaya lay there for several minutes feeling the warm cum run out of the well fucked asshole.  She ran her fingers across her ass and brought them to her mouth, licking and tasting both her ass and his cum.  She loved the taste of cum and many a show biz executive will attest to that.

The producer got up and got dressed looking down at the pretty teen starlet and told her she got the part.  She turned on her side and smiled at him.  He opened the door to the hotel room and let his two assistants enter.  He told them to explain the part to her and left.  Zendaya lay back down and spread her legs again and motioned for them to join her.  She knew that she was in for a very long night of auditioning.

The End.

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