Regretting Her Words

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Title: Regretting Her Words

Author: TheBigLove126

Celebs: Anna Kendrick

Codes: MF, rape, oral

Summary: Anna Kendrick made a promise in high school but regrets it twelve years later

Disclaimer: The following story is fiction and is in no way a recollection of real events. This is also a rape story, so if you are not into that kind of thing then you should probably stop reading now.

If you have any questions, comments, story requests or other feedback to this or any of my other stories; feel free to contact me at – [email protected] or chat with me on YIM, I am almost always online.

It had been a long night for Anna Kendrick. She had just gotten home from her ten year high school reunion. The Deering High School Class of 2003 had gathered in the auditorium of the Portland, Maine school in a record turnout. Over ninety percent of the graduating class was present on this night but none more notable than Anna.

The ‘Pitch Perfect’ actress felt like she had taken pictures with every single person in the building over the last few hours. Ex-boyfriends, former best friends, complete strangers…they all wanted to be seen with her. She was without a doubt the biggest name ever to come out of the school.

After the exhausting night, she was just glad to be back at the home she grew up in. While her parents had moved outside of the area, she was quick to purchase her childhood home. It gave her a place to stay when visiting friends or on a break from filming while also keeping every bit of her past that she could.

Anna quickly ran upstairs and quickly changed out of the tight purple dress she had been in for most of the day. She was not a huge fan of dressing fancy; only doing so when required. The down-to-earth actress was happier in just a pair of sweatpants and an oversized t-shirt. Tonight, she went with a pair of red shorts and a white tank top. Off came the dress, off came the white bra and off came the matching panties. ‘No underwear while sleeping’ was a necessity for her.

As she walked back downstairs to watch some television before bed, a knock came to her front door. Not expecting any company, Anna was confused as she walked to the door and opened it up.

“Hi Anna! Remember me?” a very tall man said.

“I don…wait a minute, Keith? Keith Nolan?” she asked as a small smile came to her face.

Keith Nolan was a kid she went to high school with who, to say the very least, was in love with her. While she never shared the same romantic feelings that he had, she did appreciate having him around her. They were decent friends all throughout school.

“The one and only,” he said. “I showed up late to the reunion and saw you leaving. I didn’t want to go without seeing you so…and this is gonna sound creepier than I intended…but I followed you. “

“Oh,” she said, looking somewhat confused. “That’s okay I guess.”

“I just really missed you and I saw all the success you’ve been having. I was hoping we could kinda, you know, catch up a little.”

“Um, sure. Come on in,” she said, stepping aside. “I’m sorry I’m dressed down but I really wasn’t expecting company.”

“I’m sorry about that but you definitely don’t have to apologize for your looks,” he said with a wink. “You never did”

“Ok, now you’re fading into creepy,” she said. “Creepy Keith, living up to his name.”

Keith smirked before following her into the kitchen. Anna grabbed two beers before walking into the living room. They drank and made small talk for about a half hour before the subject of their sophomore year came up.

“You know the best time in school for me was?” Keith asked.

“When you lost your virginity?” Anna asked mockingly, knowing that he was a virgin at graduation.

“Fuck you, and no,” he laughed. “It was sophomore year.”

“Why is that?” Anna asked as she opened another Sam Adams beer.

“You don’t remember? That was when I first asked you out and you shut me down,” he explained.

“I remember that but why is that your ‘best time’?” she asked. “I broke your heart and you were really crushed. I thought you wouldn’t talk to me again.”

“It did hurt but do you remember what happened on June 3rd?” he asked, finishing his second beer. Anna was unsure what he meant. “It was the day after the MTV Movie Awards and I told you that one day, you would be up there accepting an award.”

“Oh yeah, I remember that,” she said. “And I did, you were right on that one.”

“Yes!” he yelled. “And remember that I said you would even get a song in the Top 100 chart too and you called my insane?”

“Yes I do and again, you were right on that one,” she said, smiling.

“Exactly. And do you remember what you said after you called me crazy?” he asked.

“Honestly, I don’t Keith,” Anna said after thinking for a few seconds. “What, do I owe you a million dollars or something,” she said with a laugh.

“You said, and I quote “If I win an MTV Movie Award and a get a Top 100 song, then I will let you fuck my brains out. Promise,” he said as his smile got bigger.

The look on Anna’s face slowly went from happy and laughing to confused and afraid.

“Oh…I did say that didn’t I?” she asked as she put her beer down.

“Yes you did,” he said as he too put his beer down. “And, you know, we’re both here…maybe you can make good on your promise?”

Anna stared at him for a few seconds before standing up. She looked flustered as she walked up to him and softly spoke.

“Keith, I think you should leave,” she said, nervously pointing towards the front door.

“What?” he asked as his smile faded away.

“Please leave. If you came here thinking I would do…that, then you’re crazy,” she said sternly.

“But Anna, you promised me…” he said, looking upset.

“That was twelve years ago, things change. Get out now!” she yelled as her voice cracked.

Keith turned around and started towards the door. As he opened it, he looked back at his former friend and shook his head.

“Who knew fame could turn someone into such a cunt,” he said before slamming the door.

Anna stared nervously as he locked the door and started walking towards her again.

“Keith?” she started to shake as he approached her.

“I hoped it wouldn’t come to this.”

Keith reached forward and grabbed her by the neck, pushing her back until she fell over the coffee table. Before she could get up, he was standing over her and stood on her hair to prevent her from going anywhere. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a knife. Anna froze in place as soon as she saw the blade shine above her.

“I’m going to step aside and you are going to stand up,” he commanded. “You run, you scream, you do anything…I’ll ram this knife into your fucking throat. Understand?”

Anna, still shaking in fear, nodded as he stepped aside to let her stand. She slowly stood up, not taking her eyes off of the knife.

“Why are you doing this?” she quietly asked.

“You’re doing this to yourself!” he yelled. “Now pull your shorts down to your knees.”

Anna swallowed hard before slowly following his orders. Her red shorts slid down her thighs, exposing her unshaven pussy. Keith reached forward and grabbed onto her pubic hair, roughly tugging at it. She had never felt so humiliated in her life.

“I always imagined that you were too high-maintenance to leave your cunt like this,” he mockingly said. “It’s like you knew I was coming. I love a hairy cunt.”

“What do you want me to do now?” she asked as a single tear rolled down her cheek.

“How about you shut up and let me make the rules!” he yelled as he pulled hard on her pubic hair, ripping out a chunk and causing her to cry out. He instantly held the knife against her throat. “Did you not hear me say ‘shut up’!?” Anna looked at him and sniffled. “Now turn around, bend over and spread your legs.”

Anna, still with the blade pressed against her neck, obeyed her captor and turned around. She bent forwards and spread her legs enough to give him a clear view of her pussy form behind. She cringed as she heard his jeans unzip and hit the floor. The young actress closed her eyes and prayed as she felt his cold hands grasp both sides of her ass.

Without any warning, Keith placed his thick six-inch cock against her dry pussy lips and thrusted forward. Anna kept her mouth shut and silently sobbed as her former friend began to rape her in her own home. He easily fit his cock inside her unprepared pussy with no pain…for him at least. The girl he supposedly loved was in the worst pain of her life, both physically and emotionally.

Keith slapped her ass cheeks with each thrust. It did not take long for Anna’s body to react naturally. Her pussy started to moisten up which, while embarrassing for her to feel any pleasure from this man, relieved most of the pain from the penetration. He grabbed onto her hair and roughly dragged her head up to his. He whispered in her ear as he raped her.

“This could’ve been so much better if you kept your promise,” he said while laughing. “We could be up in your bedroom. You’d be in your usual position, on your back, and I’d be on top of you thrusting in and out while you beg for more.” Suddenly he stopped. “I like that idea.”

Keith pulled his cock out of Anna and shoved her down to the ground. He grabbed her by the arm and flipped her on to her back. She tried to fight him off until he grabbed hold of the knife once again. He held it to the neck as he slid his cock back into her wet pussy. He continued to rape her at the same vicious pace as before.

“Tell me you love this Anna,” he said, staring at her. “Look at me and tell me you love this.”

Anna sighed before she opened her eyes and looked him directly in his.

“I love this,” she said in a defeated tone.

“What?” he asked.

“I fucking love this!” she yelled angrily.

“Of course you do, I can tell by who wet you are.”

Keith reached down and rubbed her clit, causing her to unwillingly moan. He held his wet finger against her mouth and demanded that she lick it clean, which she refused to do. He held the knife above his head and made it look like he would slam it down on her chest when she quickly grabbed his hand and sucked his finger hard. He slammed the knife down on her hair, cutting it into the carpet below. She screamed as she saw the blade come down.

Anna was now openly crying as Keith pinned her hands above her head and put all of his weight into her pelvis. She was also crying because, not only had her friend betrayed her, but her body was starting to do the same. She hated Keith, she hated that she was having sex against her will with Keith…but worst of all, she hated that this rape was about to give her an orgasm to Keith.

The young brunette fought as hard as she could to keep her body from reaching an orgasm and giving Keith everything he wanted. This orgasm would be the worst possible thing in her mind. Unfortunately, all the fighting was for nothing.

“No! No! No!” she screamed as her lower muscles tightened up and her body convulsed in orgasm.

Anna’s body bucked violently against her rapist’s as he laughed.

“You little slut, I knew you were getting off to this,” he laughed. “You wanted me all along.”

Keith kept fucking her for a few minutes as she lay perfectly still. Once her body betrayed her, she gave up completely. She stared at the ceiling and was limp from head to toe. She had become Keith’s personal sexual ragdoll at this point.

Suddenly, Keith pulled out of her and stood above her. Her grabbed her by the hair and roughly dragged her head up to his cock, leaving a chunk of her hair under the knife in the carpet. He pulled her lips open and slipped his cock between them. Grabbing onto the sides of her head, he raped her mouth just as hard as her raped her pussy.

After just a few seconds, he held her nose up to his pubes and shot his massive load directly down her throat. She choked and struggled with each shot, trying to free herself from his grip with no luck. She felt as if she would pass out until he pulled himself out and shoved her back to the ground.

While Anna lay on the ground crying loudly, Keith pulled his pants up while laughing. He stood over her and reached for her clothes. He pulled her shorts all the way off and shoved them in his pocket. He also wrestled her shirt off and pocketed it as well. He had accomplished his last bit of humiliation. The man stood over his victim, laughing as she lay there completely naked with his semen dripping out of her mouth and her own cum on the floor under her.

“Next time, keep your promises you little cunt,” he said as he walked towards the front door. He turned around and looked at her one last time. “I see any cops here; I’m coming back and cutting your fucking throat the shreds.”

Keith went through her purse, which was sitting on a table near the door, and swiped a few hundred dollar bills before exiting the house.

Anna Kendrick lay on the floor all night; never got up to clean herself, never covered her body, never washed his semen from her mouth…she did not care about anything anymore. She rolled under the coffee table and cried herself to sleep.

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