Kate Upton Gets Spanked

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Story Title: Kate Upton Gets Spanked
Author’s Name: Brother Antroz
Content Codes: Exh (?), Nc/cons (no sex in the story, just sexual activity), Spank
Celebs: Kate Upton
Disclaimer: This is fiction, it did NOT happen (although Kate Upton most assuredly does deserve a spanking or two). Fantasy is legal.

You’ve been hired as Kate Upton’s personal trainer. Your first session is at a gym in the L.A area. You assign her some toe taps and dumbbell squats, after nearly being slapped by her upon demonstrating just how big her bottom is getting by grabbing it firmly and shaking it.

You notice a young boy admiring her and silently compliment him on his good taste. You’d be doing the same if you  weren’t trying to maintain your professionalism. He seems like an ass-man in development: first he stares at Kate’s butt, then he looks around the room at the other women as if comparing them.
As she begins the squats, he musters up the courage to talk to her. “Ma’am, why does your butt move like that?” She stops instantly and stares at him. “It…does that when you get older.” she says quietly, looking abashed.
“But Miss Vanessa over there looks older than you and she’s not as jiggly.” he says, pointing at her.
“Well, p…people are different okay?” she replies, shifting from one foot to another uncomfortably.

“I know that! But don’t you think you could do something about it?” Her eyes widen and she stares at him.
“What did you say??”
“If you keep doing those down stretches, you can get it nice and firm instead of all bouncy!” he says innocently. She sighs in irritation and tries to go back to her squats, but he seems to have been watching your meeting with her earlier. He stands up on his tiptoes and pokes her buttocks with a finger. She grits her teeth and continues ignoring him, which does not seem to please him. He tries doing what you did earlier, but as he holds his hand up to her butt, it barely covers one cheek. He frowns and gives it a good shake anyway.

She drops the dumbbells immediately and whirls to face him. “Leave my ass alone, you little brat!” she says, bending down to face him. He takes a step back and his eyes slip down to her mountainous cleavage, which she unwittingly revealed for him.

At this point, you have to step out of the building to take a call. Your knowledge of the events afterwards comes straight from Kate. (You made it very clear what would happen if she was found to be lying.)

The boy’s father runs over from across the room. “What did you call my son?” he demands. Kate straightens up and with her hands on her hips, she says for all the room to hear, “I called him a brat! Did you SEE what he did to me??”
“That doesn’t give you the right to insult him like that young lady! I’d like an apology!”
“For what? For telling the truth??”
“He was telling the truth to you and being perfectly polite about it!”
“He was lying! It does NOT jiggle!”
“Really now?” He grabs her by the wrist and tugs her closer.
“What are you…Let go!” He ignores her and takes a seat on the exercise chair, pulling her down and onto his lap.
“I will not have you insult my son like that!” he yells, as he raises his hand up high. She squirms madly but he pins an arm behind her back and  gives her upturned ass a good slap.
“Oh my god! Stop it!” she gasps, kicking her feet and trying to wriggle away. He responds by starting a lecture as people come over to see what the commotion is about.
“Just because *slap* you’re famous for *slap* something *slap* or another *slap* does not give you the right *slap* to talk back to me that way! *slap*” Kate yelps louder and louder as more people arrive.
“I don’t know *slap* who you are *slap*, but you’re no athlete! *slap*” A few people in the audience chuckle in agreement, being in a prime position to see the reaction the punishment is having on her bottom. It’s a bright red now and bouncing after each spank.
At this point, you reenter the room and, finding Kate nowhere in sight and a sizable group gathered around something in the middle of the room making loud yelling noises, your mind leaps to the inevitable conclusion. You push your way through and find Kate Upton draped over a middle-aged man’s knee, with her bottom up in the air. “What the hell is going on??” you demand.
The father, whose name is Jeff, lowers his hand mid-spank and looks mildly abashed. “I’m just teaching her some manners. She called my son a liar and a brat and wouldn’t stop giving me sass about it!”
“Is this true Kate?” you ask, crouching down beside her. She sniffs, and nods, looking at you desperately with her green eyes. You pretend to mull it over for a moment before you stand up. “I think you’ll get through to her more if she’s not wearing pants.” The crowd cheers and Jeff looks surprised for a moment. Luckily, she’s too stunned to protest as he tugs her spandex shorts and panties down and resumes the spanking. There’s nothing holding her butt back now; just look at it go!
As the father continues his lecture, you stand at the head of the crowd, watching the proceedings approvingly. Maybe if she doesn’t take this to heart, you’ll get the chance to do this yourself one day.
“Now then, Kate. Is my son a liar?”
“N…no sir.”
“So what does that mean?” A brief pause as Kate turns bright red and hangs her head. “I can’t hear you, young lady!” Before he has a chance to spank her again, she cries out, “I have a big butt, sir!” The crowd applauds and she blushes furiously.

“A big butt, that’s right.” He pats said rear approvingly. “A very big butt for such a young girl! All right son. Come over here; I think it’s only fair that you get to end this.” Jeff’s son, who has been watching with RAPT attention, comes over. “Lay your hand out flat…”, which he does, “and bring it right down on this girl’s big bottom.” He does so with vigor, and the young model jumps in shock. “That’s how it’s done. One more on the other side.” The boy grins and hits the other one even harder.
“OWWWW!” she wails, as Jeff lets go of her arm and takes hold of both cheeks. “You have a big, jiggly ass and now everyone here knows it!” he says and shakes it mightily, much to her displeasure. The crowd applauds as she climbs off his lap, unable to pull her pants back up without bending over. Several of the eager young men add love-taps of their own, and one pushes her head back down, posing next to her rosy red rump with two thumbs-up for his buddy to take a picture. She comes over to you, still blushing bright red and with a single small tear sliding down her face.
“I hope you’ve learned a lesson from this Kate.” you say with your arms folded. She nods, refusing to meet your eyes. Without saying a word, she makes her way to the exit, one hand rubbing her ass gingerly. You follow a few minutes later, after exchanging words and phone numbers with Jeff and the young man who took the picture.

On the drive back to her apartment, you get the whole story out of her, with promises of an additional spanking if she was discovered to have lied. She leaves the door wide open and you take that as an invitation to follow her in. She disappears into the bathroom for a few minutes and you make yourself comfortable on the couch. Soon enough, Kate’s back out with a bottle of cream.

“Can you…” She stops, unable to finish the sentence without blushing again.

“You want me to help ease the stinging?” She nods, and looks pleadingly at you. “Let’s get it over with…” You feign irritation as she drapes herself over your lap. “You know I have to take these off again, right?” She closes her eyes and nods briskly. “So long as we’re clear that’s the only reason I’m doing it.” you say, and hook your fingers into the waistband of her shorts. Two quick tugs later and her bottom is bared again.

“If he hadn’t done that to you, I woul’dve. Your attitude was completely unprofessional in there!” You start lecturing her again as you apply a generous amount of the lotion all over her tush. “And now people have seen Kate Upton, Sports Illustrated cover model, getting spanked on her big bare bottom for mouthing back to a little kid. You’re lucky I convinced them not to publish those pictures or you’d never hear the end of it!” She looks at you shocked. She hadn’t even seen the camera! “I also had a talk with Jeff, the man who disciplined you? Yes, that’s his name. We worked out a deal. Every time you start slacking off on those glute exercises, I’m allowed to bring his son over here and have him give you a spanking..” She seems utterly baffled. “He’s rather young, but a very eager learner!” you say, rubbing the cream into her skin with your fingertips.

“Why would you do that??” Kate asks, shaking a little in surprise.

“Why? Because, Miss Upton, you have a big ass!” You punctuate this remark with a slap. “And the sooner you get it under control, the better!”

Some months later…

Kate Upton was apparently not having a good day. Her fitness trainer, being rather displeased with her efforts lately, had brought in the boy that was largely responsible for her public bottom-warming a few months before. The boy’s name was Daniel and he was sitting on the couch in her living room, while she was being made to walk towards him in a slow catwalk manner, wearing nothing but very plain white cotton underwear.

“Mister Stephen says you haven’t been keeping up with your exercises lately!” Daniel said, trying very hard to conceal his glee.

“I have! It’s just…my butt doesn’t want to behave.” she said with her hands on her hips, trying to establish that she was not to be bullied like his father had done last time.

“So it doesn’t matter how many jumping jacks you do, it doesn’t stop bouncing?” he asked in mock innocence. Kate glared at him but said nothing. “Well, Mister Stephen says that as long as it keeps bouncing, I can come here and help!” She looked over at her trainer, who nodded in agreement.

“Does it HAVE to be spanking?” she asked, trying to work her voluptuous charms. “It’s so embarrassing!”
“That’s the point!” he said, folding his arms and glaring back. “Maybe this extracurricular activities are just the thing to help get your rear in gear!”

She sighed and turned back to Daniel. “Can you keep my panties on this time? It really hurt when your dad did it…”

“That’s not hard to remember!” he said. “Sure!”

Kate sighed again in relief. “Okay, let’s get it over with…” She climbed onto the little boy’s lap and obligingly lifted her hips up for him. He looked at the trainer for encouragement. “Go ahead, kid.” he said, nodding again. Daniel grinned and lifted his hand. She flinched in anticipation. “Why’d you do that? We haven’t started yet.”

Kate opened her eyes. “I just don’t like this, okay?” she said, looking up at him from the corner of her eyes.

“Well I do!” he responded and happily brought his palm crashing down on her proffered buttocks. She winced ever so slightlyand the boy gave her another. And another. “Mister Stephen, can you do that thing my dad did?”

Her trainer looked confused. “Isn’t that what you’re doing?”

“No, I mean talk mean to her!” he said as he slapped her again. “Talk about how her butt is all jiggly!”

“Oh! Uh, sure, kid.” Her trainer stood by the arm of the couch and cleared his throat. “Miss Upton, this is disgraceful! You haven’t done any of the stretches I assigned you! Just look at this!” he scolded, pulling the elastic of her underwear out and letting it snap back into place. As he expected, the affected cheek moved quite noticeably. “If this keeps up, Daniel is going to have to come back here every month!”
“It’s no problem, mister! I get to tell all the kids at school I got to spank a grown woman!” he laughed and promptly pulled her underwear down, baring her beautifully bouncing bottom to the breeze. “Oh my god! You said I could keep those on!” Kate yelped, trying to pull it back up.

“I changed my mind!” he said and continued to spank her. “Your butt is way too nice to be hidden like that, even if it does go boing-boing-boing!”

She fumed and looked away, only to whirl back as what he said sunk in. “You told people about this??”

“Sure! Only what you looked like though; I didn’t say your name!” Daniel seemed a little upset that he wasn’t getting more of a reaction out of his smacks. “You know what, kid, I think I came up with another wayto make her exercise!” Stephen said. He leaned down and unfastened her bra. “What the hell are you doing??” she demanded.

He gave her a spank for that. “Language!” he said.

“Ow! Give them back!” she cried as she tried to stand up.

“If you do your exercises after this, you can have them back.” he said, tucking them into his pockets. “Keep going Daniel; I don’t think she’s learning her lesson.”

“Sure thing mister Stephen!” Daniel replied. “But only if you keep talking!”

Her trainer sighed. “I’m running out of things to say.”

“All right, I’ll keep going and let you catch up!” The spanking resumed with gusto and Kate was soon unable to keep her squeaks of pain to herself. “Ow! Ouch! Ow ow ow ow ow! Owie! Owie! Owie! Ah-how!!”

“I think you were right to tell people about this!” Stephen declared as his pupil kicked her feet in protest. “It’s not everyday you get to spank a famous covergirl!”

“Ooh! Stohop!”

“I know! My dad looked up some of her stuff when we got home after last time! He even showed me a video of her on something called a runway! She wasn’t wearing anything but her underwear!!”

“Well, it’s not really hers. She gets paid to wear it at events and photoshoots.” the trainer explained. Daniel paused, letting Kate sneak in a quick rub to her bottom. “You mean she gets money for taking her clothes off?” Stephen nodded his assent. “She’s a naughty girl!”
“I can’t find any fault in your argument, young man! Go forth and spank!” Daniel did just that, and she let out a gasp as he laid into her with twice the vigor.  “The guys at school would be so jealous if they knew I was doing this!”
“Maybe if she keeps this up…” The trainer was interrupted by a yelp as Daniel landed a particularly juicy blow. “Maybe if she keeps this up, you can bring some of your friends over…”
“NO!” she yelle, and Daniel gave her two slaps for interrupting.

“And they can take turns spanking this big round ass of hers” Stephen finished, glaring at her.

“Hey, that might be cool!” he said as he spanked her some more. “Maybe I could take her to the playground at recess and have her take her clothes off!”

“That might be going a bit too far…”  Stephen cautioned, but Daniel was on a roll.

“And then I can have them get in a line and charge them money! And they can each have one big SLAP!” Here he spanked her firmly for emphasis, and she yelpedobligingly. “I might even get some of the girls involved, so they can see what they shouldn’t grow up to be!”
“Daniel, just because Kate has a jiggly butt doesn’t mean she’s not beautiful. She’s VERY beautiful; she just needs to put in a little more work to be the best she can be!”

“She IS pretty…” he decided as the spanking drew to a close. “She just has…what did my dad say?”
“A big bottom?” the trainer offered.

“Yeah! She has a big bottom, and I want to hear her say it!” Daniel grabbed as much of her ass as he can and shook it to prompt her. Kate Upton gulped and recited in a slightly quavery voice, “I have…a big bottom.”

“Yay!” Daniel cheered. “And one more to grow on!” he says, giving her one last hearty spank.

“YEEOW!” She practically leapt up and stood with her hands on her head like Stephen had told her to. The trainer offered her a handheld mirror, which she took to survey the damage. Her eyes grew wide as she stared at her reflection.

“There. Your ass is nice and red to remind you to do your exercises.” her trainer lectured her. Kate sighed and puts the mirror down, then hoed her hand out. “Can I have my underwear back now?”

“I told you, do your exercises first and you’ll get them back!” She glared daggers at him, but he remained unmoved.

“Fine.” She lifted her hands above her head and started her jumping jacks. Daniel stared at her while she counted, mesmerized by the sight of her naked breasts bouncing. Stephen snuck a phone from his pocket and recorded her from behind. As Kate finished and moved onto her pushups, he put his cell away and nudged the boy. “If you play your cards right, you might get to touch those one day.”

Several minutes later, she stood up, bosom heaving in exhaustion. “How about now?” Her trainer dug around in his pockets and handed her bra and panties to her. She sighed in relief and began to put them on while Stephen escorted Daniel to the door. “Thanks again for coming Daniel. And…try to put those thoughts of her on the playground out of your head. I don’t think she’d be comfortable with that.”
“Okay mister! Bye!” he said, waving goodbye to Kate as well. She hurried to the door and waved back at him. Stephen closed the door and turned to face her. “How was it?” he asked. She frowned and rubbed her bottom thoughtfully.

“That kid can hit hard!”

“But…?” he prompted.

“I do kind of like it…”

“Even if you do have a big bottom?”

She pushed him playfully. “You’re the one who made me stop!”

“I thought letting him do it would round out the experience for him!” he said.
“I think you just wanted to see my butt again!” They laughed for a moment.

“Okay, break time’s over. I want you to go back to doing those on a daily basis.”
“Yes sir!” She snapped a salute, before turning smartly and walking into her bedroom, giving him a terrific view of her red red rump…

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