Selena & Debby: Rape of the Starlets: Part 2

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Title: Selena & Debby: Rape of the Starlets: Part 2
By: Vile8r
Story Codes: M+F; nc; rape; anal; drugs; oral; first; viol
Celebs: Selena Gomez and Debby Ryan

WARNING!    You must be 18 or over to read these stories of rape and non-consensual sex.  If you do not like such stories, please stop reading. This story is all fiction.  If you do not understand the difference between reality and fantasy, read no more. Rape is a heinous crime and the penalty is many years in prison. The people who commit rape are despised everywhere. No one is being hurt, and this is pure fantasy. Any similarities to real people, places or situations are purely coincidental and not intended!
This story is a work of fantasy fiction concerning the gang rape of two very popular Hollywood starlets, Selena Gomez and Debby Ryan. I hope you all enjoy it. As I said, it is a work of fiction. Any resemblances to real people, places or situations are purely coincidental. In no way do I condone the actual rape or sexual molestation of any Hollywood celebrity in real life.

Manny walked over to Debby and untied the ring gag from around her head. He pulled it out of her mouth. Debby looked up at Manny, her chin glistening with slobber.
“Th-thank you,” she managed to say.
“Oh, don’t thank me yet,” Manny sneered. “I got lots more planned for you, girlie!”
He walked around to the other end of the table and began to undo his pants. He motioned to Robbie and Vicente to hold her legs apart.

“It’s my turn to fuck you now!” he said as he dropped his pants, his ten-inch erection popping out. Debby couldn’t see what was happening behind her, but as soon as she heard Manny’s pants hitting the floor, she felt the fear building inside her. She knew she had had his large cock in her mouth not too long ago, but the thought of it pounding into her body was frightening. She let out a small whimper as she felt Manny’s hands on her thighs.
“What’s the matter little white bitch? You scared of Manny’s big Latino cock?” he asked. “You know what? That turns me on!”
He lined his cock up with her pussy entrance and thrust his hips forward, the large head spreading Debby’s battered pussy lips apart and driving up into her.

“AAAAAAIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!” she shrieked as Manny’s fuck tool invaded her. Manny grabbed her hips and pulled her towards him, impaling her on his thick shaft.
“Now you find out what it’s like to get really fucked!” he growled as he pulled his hips back. He drove into her again, his legs banging against the edge of the table. Debby’s body was forced forward but with her arms secured to the table legs, she couldn’t go very far.
Manny snarled like an animal as he slammed into her with powerful force each time. The table groaned under the stress. Debby’s mouth hung open, painful groans escaping from her throat as Manny fucked her mercilessly.  “UUUUNNNNGGGHHHH! UUUUNNNGGHHH! UUUNNNGGGHHH!”
He grabbed her long hair with both fists like he was riding a horse.

On the floor, Devon was giving Selena’s cunt a solid pounding. Todd was kneeling behind her. He had pulled her up so her upper body was resting on his lap and he was squeezing and pinching her gorgeous nipples, making her squeal and cry. Her body rocked back and forth as Devon’s cock hammered away at her.
Devon clamped his mouth down on hers, forcing his slimy tongue between her lips. He pushed his tongue as far as he could into her warm mouth. Tears poured from her eyes with disgust.
As Devon prepared to cum, he laid the weight of his body onto her. Selena cringed as she felt his hot sweaty body press down against her. With a couple hard thrusts, Devon’s cock convulsed inside her, his warm semen jetting from the head of his cock. He pulled his mouth off hers and kissed her on the cheek.

“That was awesome, baby. Everything I ever imagined it would be and then some!” he whispered in her ear.
“You’re a pig!” she hissed back at him.
Devon just laughed as he got up off her, his cock making a slurping sound as it slipped free of her sopping cunt.

Manny drilled in and out of Debby, his body slapping loudly against her. He was in ecstasy as he felt the sides of her pussy wrapped around his long shaft. He was making long powerful strokes, pulling back and then driving his entire length inside her. He could tell he was hurting her and it just made him harder.
Manny let go of her hair and dug his hands into her ass cheeks. He squeezed them hard as he felt himself building to a powerful orgasm. Sweat ran down his face and his mouth hung open. His buttocks clenched together as he rammed the entire ten inches of his cock into Debby. Cum jetted into her as Manny’s whole body shuddered.

“That’s right!” he panted. “You take it all, little Hollywood bitch!”
Manny gave her a couple hard slaps across the butt as he pulled out of her. He wiped his cock across her ass and pulled his pants up.
“Goddam, boys,” Manny said. “That was one fuck of a workout. I think we’ve all earned a beer!”
Vicente opened the fridge and handed out cold beers to all the guys.
“So what do we do with these bitches now?” asked Todd.
“I think we’ll give them a little rest,” said Manny. “It’s been a long night. We’ll throw them in the shower, wash them up a bit. Tomorrow, I got more plans for them.”
“I can’t wait,” said Rodrigo.

Manny and Todd ripped away the duct tape holding Debby’s arms to the table legs and pulled her off the table. She needed help to walk. Vicente and Rodrigo hoisted Selena off the floor and then both girls were hauled down the hallway to Vicente’s bathroom. Both girls were allowed to use the toilet and then thrown in the bathtub as Manny turned on the shower.
He and Todd supervised them as they washed the filth and slime from their bodies. The warm water felt good after the night’s ordeals. Todd and Manny towelled them off and then they were taken back down to the basement. They were put back in the bedroom where they had been kept earlier.

Selena and Debby were made to lie with their backs to each other. Then the men tied their arms and legs together so that each girl was tied to the other. Using Debby’s ripped skirt lying on the floor of the room, they tore strips of cloth from it and used them to tie gags on the girls’ mouths. Finally as a last measure, Vicente produced a long length of chain that was wound around the girl’s ankles and padlocked together.
Manny looked down at the trussed-up honeys on the bed.
“You bitches ain’t going nowhere now!” he laughed. “Have a good sleep. Tomorrow…you gonna need it!”
They shut off the light and closed the door, leaving Selena and Debby alone in the darkness to ponder the hopelessness of their situation.

The men partied upstairs for the rest of the night, celebrating the sexual conquests of the young celebrities.
“Man, oh, man! That was awesome!” gushed Todd. “Imagine, we fucked Selena Gomez and Debby Ryan tonight!”
“Yeah, that felt damn good when I busted her tight little cherry,” said Manny. “One of the best I’ve ever had!”
“Just like old times again with the gang,” said Luis. “I ain’t banged some sweet young ones like that in a long time!”
“Well it ain’t over yet,” Manny said to his old friend. “They’re gonna get more fuckin’ before we’re done!”
“I’ll drink to that!” yelled Rodrigo.

The men slept until almost noon the next day. When they woke up, Luis and Devon were sent out to get some food. Manny and Todd headed down to the basement to check on their guests. Both girls jumped as the men entered the room.
“What’s the matter?” asked Manny. “You girls seem like you’re a little nervous.”
He and Todd untied them and removed the chain from their ankles and also removed their gags. They took the frightened girls upstairs and let them use the bathroom. Then the men led them back into the living room and they were made to sit side by side on the couch.
Luis and Devon had returned with some bags of McDonald’s food.

“Here girls, you better have something to eat,” said Luis as he handed them each a cheeseburger.
They ate ravenously. Both Selena and Debby were terribly hungry. They ate their burgers, then each ate another one.
Rodrigo turned on the television. It seemed like every channel was carrying a news story about the disappearance of the two Hollywood starlets. It had become a huge international story.
“You girls are big news!” said Rodrigo. “Doesn’t that make you feel important?”
“It’d make even bigger news if we sent out a press release saying what little whores you are!” said Todd, laughing. “I can just see the headline now. ‘Selena Gomez and Debby Ryan Love Big Cocks!’

“You animals are not going to get away with this, you know,” said Debby.
“Yeah, the police are gonna find us eventually!” Selena cried.
Rodrigo laughed.
“Well, the way I look at it, we have already gotten away with it! Don’t matter if the cops come through that door right now. We already fucked you!”
“And we’re gonna be famous after this, Selena. The guys who banged Selena Gomez and Debby Ryan!” snickered Devon.

While everyone was eating, Manny and Vicente had disappeared. When they came back they were carrying a couple items. Manny had what looked like a video camera and Vicente was carrying a tripod.
Selena and Debby looked at them nervously.
“What….what the hell is that for?” asked Selena, pointing at the camera.
“What do you think video cameras are for?” asked Manny sarcastically. “Making videos! Now, everybody downstairs!”
Todd and Rodrigo grabbed Debby and Selena and pulled them along as they all headed down the stairs to the basement. The men were excited that the party was beginning again.

In the bedroom, Manny and Vicente set up the camera and tripod.
“I’m glad you still had this video camera we stole out of that guy’s car,” said Manny to Vicente.
“Well I was gonna fence it,” said Vicente. “But you know, video cameras can come in handy, so I kept it.”
“This is gonna be perfect!” said Manny with an evil grin. “And it’s digital too, so we don’t gotta worry about running out of film.”
The girls were brought into the bedroom and pushed down onto the bed. They looked apprehensively at the camera set-up.
“Wh-what are you going to d-do to us?” asked Selena.

Manny laughed out loud.
“That seems like a pretty stupid question, Selena,” he chortled. “By now you should have realized, we are doing anything we want to you girls! And we shall continue to do so. The question you should be asking, is what can you do for us?”
“I-I don’t know what you mean,” said Selena, fear creeping into her voice.
“Well, you and Debby are actresses, right? And actresses make movies. So what you and little sweet-cunt Debby are gonna do is make a movie for us!”
Debby began shaking her head as she protested.

“Oh no! We are NOT making a movie for you sick fucks! That is just….just…it’s sick!”
“I don’t see you two having much of a choice in the matter,” Todd spoke up.
“And what are you gonna do with it?” asked Selena. “Put it on the internet?”
Manny gave a little frown. “Perhaps, perhaps not. It would certainly go viral in a matter of minutes, wouldn’t it? Can you imagine all the perverts out there who would pay money to see you two getting fucked? Hell, me and the boys, we’d become overnight millionaires!”
“You thought it was a bad deal for Vanessa Hudgens when those nude pics of her showed up on the web?” asked Todd. “Just wait until everyone sees you two getting banged!”

“PLEASE!” blurted Debby. “Don’t do that! Our careers would be destroyed!”
“We’ll….we’ll do wh-whatever you want us to do!” said Selena desperately. “We’ll suck your dicks for you, you can f-fuck us again!”
“Any position?” asked Todd.
“Yes!” answered Selena.
“Swallow our cum?” asked Rodrigo. “Lick our balls?”
Selena gulped nervously. “Yes! Even that! Just promise you w-won’t film it!”
“Suck each other’s pussies?” questioned Robert.

Both girls went quiet and looked at each other. Selena whispered something in Debby’s ear. Finally, Debby spoke.
“Y-y-yes, we’ll do that,” she said slowly.
“Fuckin’ excellent,” said Manny. “Now you girls ever heard of a show called “Candid Camera” ?”
“WHAT THE FUCK?” screeched Selena.
Vicente suddenly held up the small remote he had been using to operate the camera.
“I got it all, Manny!” he laughed.
“You bastards!” cried Selena. “You lied to us!”

She looked intently at the video camera and suddenly noticed the small red light on the front of the camera, indicating it was running, was covered with a piece of black tape.
Todd snickered. “Well, how stupid are you? You’re going to believe the word of a bunch of guys who just raped you? Give your head a shake!”
“We got you on tape now, saying you’ll fuck us and suck our dicks!” laughed Rodrigo.
“People will know you forced us!” yelled Debby defiantly.
“I have friends in the amateur porn business,” explained Manny. “Nowadays, a video can be edited to make it look and say anything you want it to! You girls should know that!”

Selena and Debby looked like they were going to puke. Manny was right. This was a nightmare even worse than being raped!
“So I suggest you two just get on with your little performance,” said Todd. “We can discuss the matter of what we’ll do with the video later.”
“Yes, get to work!” Manny ordered.

Neither Selena or Debby had ever done something like this. The two of them kneeled on the bed facing each other. Selena reached out and took Debby’s hands in hers. They leaned in closer to each other, their lips gently touching. Tentatively, they began kissing, their lips brushing together.
“Oh that’s hot!” exclaimed Devon, rubbing his crotch.
“Yeah, it is pretty hot,” said Manny sarcastically. “If you’re into watching your grandmother! Come on, you sluts! Use some tongue! I wanna see you fucking each other’s mouths with your tongues!”

Selena paused for a moment, then the men gathered around the bed saw her moist, pink tongue slide out from between her lips and push its way into Debby’s mouth.
“MMMMFFFFFF!” Debby squealed in shock as she felt Selena’s tongue enter her mouth.
She wrapped her own tongue around Selena’s and soon the two young beauties were locked in a passionate French kiss. Selena let go of Debby’s hands and her own hands moved up to begin massaging Debby’s ample tits. It was the first time she had ever touched another girl’s breasts. Debby arched her back.

“Look!” said Luis. “The whores are liking it!”
“I figured as much,” said Todd.
Debby also began stroking and caressing Selena’s tits. She marvelled at how silky and smooth they felt and blushed as she realized she may actually be enjoying this. Selena broke off the kiss and began kissing and licking down the side of Debby’s neck. Her hands moved down to Debby’s ass  and she cupped her ass cheeks. Debby let out a small moan.
She ran her tongue across Selena’s nipples, feeling them harden and stiffen.

“Ohhhhhh, Debby, don’t stop!” Selena suddenly gasped. She immediately blushed as she thought to herself, Another girl is sucking on my tits, and I’m liking it!
She hated these men for the way they were humiliating her and Debby and making their bodies betray them.
Manny stopped them.
“All right, now we want to see some real pussy action!” he said.
He ordered Selena to lie on her back and spread her legs. He made Debby climb on top of her with her legs straddling Selena’s face and her own face down between Selena’s silky thighs.

“Okay!” yelled Vicente excitedly. “A little 69 action! This is gonna be good!”
“Start sucking cunt!” ordered Manny. “The camera’s rolling!”
He had removed the camera off the tripod and held it down close to Selena’s moist slit, in order to get a close-up.
Debby closed her eyes in silent humiliation as she moved her face in closer to Selena’s pussy. Her female scent filled Debby’s nostrils. Todd pushed down on Debby’s ass to force her pussy down onto Selena’s mouth. The men began rubbing and stroking themselves at the incredibly sexy sight of the two young Hollywood tarts licking each other’s cunts.

Selena tried to breath through her nose as her tongue moved across Debby’s moist cunt lips. It was a most unique taste. Salty, yet almost sweet. Selena felt her heart pounding as she pressed her tongue right inside Debby’s silky depths.
Debby squirmed and moaned as she felt Selena’s undulating tongue move inside her. A wave of warmth swept through her body. She too began attacking Selena’s sweet cunt more vigorously, licking and nibbling. She thrust her tongue into Selena, causing the dark-haired girl to buck her hips. Debby found herself wrapping her hands around Selena’s thighs, pulling her in closer. Her entire face was buried between Selena’s thighs, as she made hungry slurping and slobbering sounds. She had never tasted a girl’s vagina before, but she had to admit, it wasn’t half bad!

Both girls could feel their bodies shaking and quivering, drenched in sweat. Selena’s nipples were rock hard as Debby’s tight firm body pressed down onto her. Debby could feel the juices oozing out of her and soaking her inner thighs.
“This is gonna make us a million bucks!” shouted Manny. He panned the camera back and forth from one girl to the other, trying to catch as much of the erotic action as he could. His cock was ready to burst out of his pants.
Selena paused for a second to catch her breath. Her chin glistened with Debby’s cunt juices.

“I think we’re ready for the finale,” said Manny.
“Okay, I got it right here!” said Vicente as he produced a large black strap-on dildo. It must have been at least a foot in length and about 3 inches in circumference. Manny instructed the girls to stop. Todd and Rodrigo grabbed Debby and pulled her off top of Selena. As Debby saw the grotesque thing in Vicente’s hands, she let out a startled shriek.
“Wh-what the fuck is that th-thing?”

“That is what you’re going to use to fuck your friend with!” stated Manny.
Robert and Devon had took hold of Selena and they flipped her onto her stomach. They each held one of her arms. Selena was trying to look over her shoulder to see what was going on behind her. Her eyes grew big as she saw the large strap-on.
Todd and Rodrigo held onto the struggling girl as Vicente wrapped the straps for the dildo around Debby. A wide strap went around her waist and buckled behind her back. Two smaller straps went around her thighs. The strap-on harness was securely fastened to her body, the hard, black dildo jutting out in front of her.

“GET THIS THING OFF ME!” cried Debby.
“Not until you fuck Selena,” said Manny. His face was close to Debby.
“Think about it! Haven’t you always wanted to fuck her? Hmmmm? Put this uppity cunt in her place?”
Debby shook her head, tears running down her cheeks.
“Oh sure you have,” Manny continued. “You might think you are friends, but if it really comes down to it, I’ll bet she would screw you right over to get a juicy role. Selena Gomez thinks of one person and one person only. Herself!”

“That’s not true!” protested Selena. “I would never do anything to hurt Debby!”
“Then how come in your new movie, you have top billing over her? I’ll bet you’re getting paid more, and you have more lines. And you get all the best scenes!”
“It’s not that way at all,” said Debby. But Debby secretly knew it was true. Her agent had even told her Selena was getting ten grand more than her. And Selena had vetoed one scene where Debby was supposed to come down some stairs wearing a very sexy prom dress. The dress had been considerably more impressive than the one Selena was wearing and she had made the producers tone it down a bit. Debby was very close friends with Selena, but she knew that Selena could be very selfish and self-centred.

“So here is your chance for a little payback, Debby,” said Manny with a sly grin. “Drill the bitch right up her cunt! Make her scream!”
Debby could see what Manny was trying to do. He was trying to pull them apart, get them to work against each other. She was determined that wasn’t going to happen.
“NO!” she said firmly. “I don’t care what you do to me, I am NOT hurting Selena!”
“So perhaps you want Selena to get really hurt then!” said Manny.
“Wh-what do you mean,” asked Debby. She did not like the sinister tone of Manny’s voice.

He traced a finger across her cheek. He spoke slowly, his mouth close to her ear.
“I have some other friends. Friends who enjoy hurting young women like you and Selena. I will get them to come here and they will do things to Selena that you could only imagine in your darkest nightmares. They would make the things we have done to you look like playtime in the kindergarten. And you would be made to watch. And after there is nothing left of Selena, they will be set loose on you!”

“What d-do you mean, wh-when there is nothing l-left of…..Selena?” asked Debby, her voice quavering.
“Just what I said,” snapped Manny. “What part of nothing don’t you understand?”
“Just do it, Debby!” yelled Selena. “Do as they say! I’ll be all right. If it is what you have to do, then do it!”
Debby looked down at Selena, her eyes full of tears.
“Okay, okay, Manny! I’ll do it,” she finally said.

She climbed onto the bed and Rodrigo and Todd pulled Selena’s legs apart. They stuffed a couple pillows under her hips to lift her up a bit. Debby maneuvered the large dildo around between Selena’s thighs. It was awkward and unwieldy.
Todd took the head of the dildo and positioned it at the entrance to Selena’s pussy. Manny had the camera up close.
“All right! Fuck her!” he ordered.
“I-I-I’m sorry, Selena!” sobbed Debby, as she moved her body forward and watched the thick rubber phallus push into Selena.
The dark-haired cutie let out a loud gasp as the dildo penetrated her.

Debby pushed it about halfway in and then began stroking in and out with it, her hands on Selena’s hips for leverage.
“No, no, no, no!” snarled Manny. “I said FUCK HER! What is that? You barely have it in her!”
“I’m….I’m sorry!” blurted Debby. “It doesn’t slide in easy.”
“Then you fucking make it slide in! Ram her cunt! HARD!”
Debby pulled back and drove in with all her force. She felt the dildo bottom out.

“AAAAAIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEE!” squealed Selena throwing her head back. Devon and Robert held her down firmly.
“Again!” yelled Manny. “And this time I want to hear you say, ‘Take it, bitch! Take my cock!’ “
Debby pulled back partway and slammed into Selena again.
“Take it b-bitch! Take my….my cock!” she said loudly.
“That’s it!” cheered Manny. “Now do her!”
Debby began to pump slowly back and forth. She looked down to see the large black shaft disappearing into Selena, her pussy lips wrapped tightly around it.

Then she felt something on the bed behind her. Suddenly strong hands gripped her by the hips. She shrieked in pain as something drove up into her from behind. Hot breath was on the back of her neck. She heard a voice.
“I’m gonna have to help you!”
It was Todd! He had climbed onto the bed behind her and rammed his thick cock into her.
“Fuck, Debby! You feel like heaven the second time around!” he said as he began pumping into her hard. As he fucked her, it forced her to drive the dildo hard in and out of Selena.

AAAHHHHHHH!” Selena groaned painfully as the dildo rammed in and out of her.
Debby also let out painful gasps as Todd pounded her tight cunt with his fuckmeat. The sight of her large tits as they bounced up and down, drove Todd wild. He reached up and wrapped his hands around her tits, his fingers digging into the soft flesh. Debby no longer had control over the dildo. It was ramming in and out of Selena at the same tempo she was being fucked by Todd.
“STOP! STOP!” pleaded Selena, her fingers digging into the mattress.
“I-I can’t!” Debby sobbed.

Todd’s hips were a blur of motion as he finally came, shooting his wad of cum up into Debby. He pushed on her ass, making the dildo sink into Selena up to the hilt. She cried out in pain.
Todd pulled out of Debby, his cock making a wet SLLLUURRPP! At the same time Debby was able to pull out of Selena, noticing some small streaks of blood on the thick head of the dildo. She felt sick to her stomach for what these vile men had just forced her to do to her friend.
Todd held her as Vicente unstrapped the dildo and took it off her. Vicente held the dildo up to Debby’s face.
“Clean it off bitch! I can’t put it away all dirty like this!”
‘Oh God!’ Debby thought. ‘He wants me to clean it off with my mouth!’

It made her stomach churn but Debby took her tongue and licked the dildo along it’s length until it was clean. Vicente looked at it approvingly.
“Good job, my little Hollywood whore! I can’t wait until you lick my cock like that!”
Debby cringed at the idea of having the large Latino man’s cock in her mouth again. She still had vivid memories of the previous day’s ordeal.
“We got us some good, good video, boys,” said Manny.
“What are we doing next?“ asked Robert impatiently. The men were getting antsy. While watching the two young hotties go at it, they all had pulled their pants off.  Their cocks were rock-hard and ready for action.   “How about I film some good mouth action?” asked Manny.
“That would be excellente!” said Rodrigo.

The girls were taken out into the basement where there was more room. They were made to kneel with their backs to each other. Rodrigo came around to Selena.
“So, little whore. You said you would suck our dicks and lick our balls and drink our cum. Time to make good on that promise!”
Selena looked up at the large hulking man standing over her. His big cock glistened with pre-cum. She was now regretting what she had said earlier.
“I plan on fucking that pretty little mouth hard,” he said as he grabbed a handful of Selena’s hair and yanked her head back.
Selena tried to scream but it was cut short as Rodrigo began to feed the swollen head of his cock between her soft lips. “NOOOAAAAUUUURRRRGGGGGGGHHHHH!”

Selena’s eyes bulged in their sockets. She began squirming and twisting, as Rodrigo planted his feet firmly, his large thighs on either side of her head. He grabbed his meat with one hand and a fistful of her hair with the other.
Rodrigo jammed himself into her mouth, forcing his way back to the entrance of her throat. Her body stiffened and she gagged as he held the hair on either side of her head and jerked her forward and back, moving her mouth up and down the length of his shaft, cramming himself into her over and over.
“Urrggg … urr … urr … uuurrrrgggggg!” She gagged on the invader in her
mouth as tears traced paths down her cheeks. She felt her stomach churn and fought down the urge to vomit.

“Oh, fuck! Oh, shit this feels so good!” he moaned in pleasure. The warm
wetness of the teen girl’s mouth, her soft moist lips sliding up and down his cock. Heavenly!
“Mmmuurrrr … uurrr … uurrgghhh … uurrgghhh!”
Selena’s gagging and choking as he slammed his throbbing meat into her excited him still further. Rodrigo moaned deep in his throat as he felt his balls start to tighten. He grabbed her by the back of the head and pulled her to him, crushing her face against his sweaty stomach as he pistoned his hips, brutally fucking her mouth.
“Mmmuurrrr … mmmuurrrr … MMMUURRR!” she screamed around the thick, throbbing member that filled her mouth.

Debby was going through much the same situation with Todd. He had hooked his thumbs in the corners of her mouth and forced it open as he pushed his eight and a half inch rape-rod into her warm mouth. Todd had dreamed of this moment for a long time. Ever since he had first saw her on TV, he had been in love with her pouty lips and had fantasized about what it would be like to have them wrapped around his cock. Now he was finally finding out!
She twisted her body and arched her back as he forced his meat deeper into
her. He grunted, pressed harder, and finally forced his way into her
throat. Debby felt panic rising in her as she realized she couldn’t breathe.

Todd’s dick in her throat was suffocating her. Her body jerked and bounced as she tried to pull back from him. Debby’s fists pounded against his legs. Her struggles were a turn-on to him. Especially exciting was the feeling of her throat constricting around his cock every time she gagged. It felt as if she were milking him.
Todd forced his way deeper into Debby, pushing until her luscious full lips were at the base of his cock and he was completely buried inside her. Her lungs fought in vain to draw in air around the swollen piece of meat that filled her throat. She was gagging and choking as her body tried to expel the invader. Todd was holding himself inside her, letting the constrictions of her throat work on him.

“Oh shit!” he groaned as he looked down at her head between his thighs.
Todd held her face pressed tightly against him as she fought to free herself.
His breathing was rapid and shallow as his excitement grew. His hips pumped back and forth. This wasn’t a blowjob! It was just a fierce face-fuck!
Debby’s lungs were burning now and she could hear the blood pounding in her ears. She felt light-headed from lack of oxygen. She felt herself drifting away.
“RRRRRGGGGGGGG!” she retched and her body stiffened as Todd suddenly filled her throat with thick, hot cum.

Debby felt as if she were drowning. Over and over he shot his foul fluids straight down her throat, forcing her to swallow them, until at last his balls were drained.
Pulling out of her mouth, Todd watched her as she greedily sucked air into her tortured lungs. Panting and sobbing, she slowly recovered from her ordeal.
“God,” he moaned, “that was fantastic.”

He could not believe he had just dumped a load of cum down the throat of a Hollywood actress!
Debby could not believe what she was hearing. Fantastic? He had nearly killed her! What kind of animal was he?

Rodrigo had his fingers entangled in Selena’s hair, her face mashed against him as he pumped his cock in and out of her mouth. Her eyes were clenched shut as she fought to breathe through her nose. Rodrigo’s big cock completely filled her mouth. His balls were ready to burst.
“AAAAAAHHHHHHHH FUUUUCCKKKKK!” he moaned as he spilled his cum into the pretty starlet’s mouth. It was like paradise! Selena almost puked from the sheer volume of spunk shot into her throat but she managed to swallow most of it.

As Rodrigo pulled out of her mouth, Luis was waiting for his turn. His cock jutted out grotesquely from between his legs. Wrapping his left hand in her hair, Luis fed his cock into her mouth with his other hand. Selena’s eyes rolled back as his hard shaft slid past her lips.
Using her hair like a handle, Luis began ramming her head back and forth on his cock.
Selena made loud gurgling sounds as his saliva-coated dick drove in and out.

Devon was now in front of Debby. He looked down at her as he rubbed his cock head across her lips.
Debby looked up at Devon and smiled weakly. She had a plan. She knew it was going to be very humiliating and degrading but she had decided if these men were going to force them to do such perverted things, maybe she should go along with it somewhat. She couldn’t stand the thought of being face-raped again like what Todd had just done to her.
Debby had sucked cock before. And she actually considered herself quite good at it.
“Devon, if-if you will be gentle w-with me, I will suck your cock really nice. I’ll do it re-really, really g-good.”
“Okay, bitch,” said Devon. “You fuckin’ well do a great job then!”

Debby took a deep breath and began running her tongue along the length of his shaft. She took his cock in one hand and stroked him as her tongue played across the head of his cock.
Although she had been a virgin, Debby was no stranger to giving blowjobs. On the set of the “Suite Life On Deck” sitcom, Debby would sneak into the dressing rooms of her co-stars, Dylan and Cole Sprouse, during breaks. And there was the time in the limo with that Disney studio executive. Yeah, he was old enough to be her father, but like he had told her, he had made Vanessa Hudgen’s and Ashley Tisdale’s careers. If Debby did him just one little favour, he would make her a star too!
Now she would have to put all her oral skills to use to satisfy Devon too.

Devon loved the feel of her soft hand wrapped around him. He wrapped his hands in her hair and pulled her closer to him.
“We got ourselves a good little cocksucker here!” Devon exclaimed.
Debby opened her mouth and Devon sucked in his breath as her lips tightened around him. Pushing on the back of her head, her mouth engulfed him, sliding along his shaft. Her head bobbed up and down, her mouth making wet sounds as she coated his cock with saliva.

Meanwhile, Luis continued his fierce face-fuck of Selena. He had pushed her onto her back and now kneeled over her, his knees on either side of her head. He lowered his hips forcing his cock in and out of her mouth. Selena tried to push on his stomach, struggling to get out from under him. Luis grabbed her wrists and pinned them down above her head.
This was one of Luis’ favourite positions. This way, he could fuck a girl’s mouth like it was a cunt. Which he began to do, pushing the head of his cock right into Selena’s throat with each thrust. He could hear her gagging and gurgling underneath him as she fought for breath with the large cock in her mouth. Luis would hold his cock in her throat until she was almost ready to pass out and then pull back out. He would pull back until his cock head was just at the edge of her lips, then plunge back in. He wiggled his hips, forcing his cock deeper in her throat.

The other men gathered around and cheered him on. Luis was in pure ecstasy. He had always dreamed about doing this to a Hollywood star but never in his wildest dreams, had he thought he would be actually doing it!
Luis’ thighs slapped against Selena’s face as his cock slid in and out of her mouth. Selena didn’t know how much more she could endure. Her jaws ached horribly and the back of her throat felt raw. Her lungs screamed for air as Luis’ cock blocked her airway.
Luis let go of her wrists and grabbed her by the hair. He slammed her mouth back and forth on his meat as he approached climax.

Selena’s face was turning a reddish-blue colour and her eyes began to roll back in her head. I’m dying! she thought as her vision began to go black.
Then mercifully, Luis came. A volley of cum spurted down Selena’s throat and she could feel Luis’ thighs quivering in the throes of his orgasm. Slowly he withdrew from Selena’s mouth and let her head fall to the floor.
She rolled over on her side, coughing and gasping for air.
Manny had had the video camera rolling the whole time.
“You da man,Luis!” he yelled. “Now that was a face-fuck!”
Manny looked down at Selena on the floor and chuckled. “This video could get you an Academy Award for that performance!”

Debby continued working her mouth up and down on Devon. She would suck on his cock for a little while, then take it from her mouth and run her tongue along the underside of the shaft while stroking it.
“Ohhhhhhhhh, yesssssss!” Devon said as he watched the hot brunette licking his cock. She put just the head of his dick inside her mouth and flicked her tongue around it in small circles. Devon’s knees almost buckled.
“Ohhhhhh baby girl! That is sooooo fuckin’ good!”
She stopped and looked up at him with her big blue eyes. Her chin glistened with slobber.

“Glad you like it, Devon,” cooed Debby.
She ran her tongue along the shaft slowly, then still staring up at Devon, slipped her mouth over the head. Holding onto Devon’s hips, Debby slid her lips slowly along the shaft. She felt the tip bump against the back of her throat.
Devon held her hair out of her face as she moved her head back and forth, her lips clamped tightly around him. Devon rocked his hips as he watched the pretty 18 year-old suck his cock. She did it slowly and methodically. Devon could feel himself losing control. He wanted to cum.
He began rocking his hips a little faster. The head of his cock drove against the back of her mouth. Debby fondled and massaged Devon’s balls as a large load of semen deposited itself in her throat. She held him in her mouth as she gulped and swallowed noisily. The feeling of her warm hands massaging his balls, milking out every drop of cum she could, was almost too much for him to bear.

Devon pulled his cock back, his whole body shaking with pleasure. Debby gently licked and cleaned the shaft and the head. She even ran her tongue around Devon’s pee-slit, cleaning all the cum from his cock.
She looked up at Devon, biting her lower lip. Debby could hear the commotion behind her as Luis finished up with his violent mouth-rape of Selena. She fought back a tear. She needed to stay strong.
“Did I do good?” she asked quietly.
“Oh shit!” gasped Devon, catching his breath. “That was one of the most awesome blowjobs I’ve ever fucking had!”

Manny had also taped much of Debby’s blowjob she had given to Devon.
“That was good, my little cock-whore,” he said. “For that, we’ll give you girls a little break.”
He put his mouth next to Debby’s ear. “But now that I see what you’re capable of, you’re gonna do that for me later. Just you and me. A little private session.”

Vicente and Robert had left for a short while. They now returned and walked up to Manny.
“Okay,” said Vicente. “Everything’s ready. We gonna do this?”
“Yes, but let’s take a break first. Have a couple beers then we’ll start the party again. Give the girls a rest and take them to the can.”
Selena and Debby were stood up on their feet and marched off to use the washroom. The men gathered in the upstairs living room once again, partaking in some cold beers and pot.
“You fuckin’ slammed Selena’s mouth!” said Todd to Luis. Luis gave a smug grin.
“Yeah, I taught that little slut what her mouth is truly for. Boy, it felt good!”

Devon was also gushing about the blowjob he had received from Debby.
“That girl should be a porno star!”
“What do you think I’m doing with the video I’m making?” asked Manny. “I got some prime stuff. That buddy of mine in Tijuana? Hector? I’m gonna give him a call. He runs an underground video business. He’ll pay top dollar for something like this!”

Debby and Selena were sitting in a corner of the living room. Todd had given them each a bottle of water to drink. Manny walked over to them.
“Well girls, break time is over!”
He grabbed Selena by the arm and pulled her to her feet. Todd grabbed Debby.
“What are you doing to us now?” asked Selena “You’ve done pretty well every sick thing there is in the book.”
“You must have a different book than we do then,” said Manny. “Because we are far from doing all the sick shit we can think of! You have no idea, my little bitch.”

The girls were taken back downstairs. They were taken to a different room this time in the opposite end of the basement. The room was bare except for two wooden sawhorses in the center of the floor. The sawhorses were about four feet high and three feet wide.
Terror coursed through Debby and Selena as they looked at the sawhorses.
“I don’t like the looks of this,” Selena whispered to Debby.
The girls were pulled over to the sawhorses and roughly pushed down so they were bent over them. While Manny held Selena, Vicente and Robert tied her wrists and ankles to the legs of the sawhorse with some lengths of rope. Rodrigo and Luis did the same to Debby. Soon both girls were immobilized in a bent-over position, their legs pulled wide apart and their asses in the air.
Selena began to freak out.

Manny walked around to stand in front of Selena. Vicente handed him something. It was a bright red ball gag. He yanked Selena’s head back by her hair and stuffed the gag in her mouth. He pulled the straps back around her head and tied them off. The same was done with Debby except she had a black ball gag.
The girls could make only muffled sounds now.  Manny pulled down his pants. His ten-inch cock stood straight out. He looked over at the video camera he had set up on the tripod and motioned for Vicente to turn it on.
“All right, boys,“ he said. “Time for us to bust some ass cherry!“
“Right on!“ yelled Todd, pumping his fist in the air.
“But Selena is going to get it first from me,“ he explained. “After I’m done, you guys can have your fun.“
He allowed his hands to play over the back of her legs, then
slowly ran them up across her beautiful round ass cheeks. He leaned forward and felt her tense as he placed a kiss at the base of her spine.

“I’ve wanted to fuck this sweet little ass ever since she got here,” said Manny.
He grabbed her ass cheeks and pulled them apart, exposing her tight little anus. Manny pressed the head of his dick against her rectum. He slowly forced her open and started to enter her.
“Nnuuhhh … nnuuhhh … uurrrruuuhhhh … nnuuhhh … nnuuhhh!”
Selena made sounds of agonized pain through the ball gag.
Manny felt her jerking and twisting beneath him each time he drove into her.
She pulled against the ropes binding her to the sawhorse as he fucked his way deeper into her with hard, vicious thrusts of his hips. Each pounding took him deeper into her. Each pounding tore another whine from her. Then, pulling back, he prepared to impale her with one final, massive thrust.
“MMMMMPPPPPPHHHHHHH!” Selena cried out and her head snapped back as he finally drove the entire length of his shaft into her bowels.
Her body went stiff and quivered at the horrendous invasion of her depths. Tears streamed from her eyes. The sawhorse shuddered and shook.
“Nnuuhhh … nnuuhhh … nnuuhhh … uuhh … uuhh … nnuuuhhhh!”

The sounds coming from Selena were inhuman as Manny mercilessly pounded his swollen, stiff cock repeatedly into her bowels. He was driving deeper into her than she would have believed possible. She felt as if she were on fire, as if he was ripping her insides.
“Oh, shit!” he groaned. “You’ve got a great ass! A really great
He continued with the vicious assault. Withdrawing
from her until only the head of his dick was still inside her, Manny would
then brutally drive back into her bowels with as much force as he could
muster. Over and over he pounded into her in this manner. Each time her
body would jerk and she would strain against the ropes as he rammed into

He was driving into her faster now. Faster and harder. Driving as deeply
into her as he could. He felt his balls tightening. Her body snapped taut as she felt him shoot a great wad of thick, hot cum deep into her bowels. She felt the heat spreading through her as he repeatedly sprayed her insides with his foul liquids while continuing to pound brutally into her.
“Oh fuck!” he groaned when his balls were finally drained. Manny couldn’t believe he had just fucked Selena Gomez up the ass! He had ass-raped a lot of women over the years, but this was the absolute best. And he had it all on video. Even better!
Manny looked down at Selena as he slipped his blood and slime-covered cock out of her. Her body was covered with perspiration, and her face was streaked with tears and slobber. Her long hair hung over her face.
Manny wiped himself off on the back of her legs.

“Okay boys! They’re all yours!”
Todd immediately headed for Debby but Manny grabbed his arm and stopped him.
“Uh, uh, Todd. Just a sec!”
“What?” asked Todd angrily, pulling away from Manny.
“I think it is only fair that Vicente should get to pop Debby’s ass,” said Manny. “After all, it’s his house and he has been good enough to let us use it for our little party.”
Todd frowned at Manny but then broke into a smile.
“Yeah, okay. I got ya. I’ll do Selena then.”
Vicente stepped up behind Debby.
“All right!” he exclaimed. “Thanks guys!”

All this time Debby had been watching with horror as her friend was viciously sodomized. She had been powerless to help her. She had pulled and tugged at the ropes holding her wrists and ankles to the rough wooden sawhorse but all that had accomplished was to pull the ropes tighter into her skin. Slobber oozed from around the large ball gag in her mouth and ran down her chin.
Poor Selena! Her body was violently rocked back and forth as Manny had drove in and out of her.
Now it was going to happen to her! She could hear Vicente behind her but could not see him. She felt her buttocks yanked apart and then something wet between them. Debby realized Vicente had spit on her anus.

Suddenly a lighning bolt of pain flashed through her body as the head of his cock penetrated her. It felt like a spear of molten metal as his large cock pushed into her. Vicente pulled back and pushed in again, this time going deeper.
Screams of pain ripped from Debby’s throat, only to be muffled by the ball gag. A gob of snot shot from her nose and tears ran down her face.
“MMMUUUUMMMPPPPPHHHHHHH!….MMMUUUMMMPPHHHH!” Vicente dug his big hands into Debby’s ass cheeks, her body jerking
each time he drove into her. She was crying out each time
he pounded into her depths. Her head snapped from side to side.

“Nnnuuhhh … Nnuuhhh … Nnuuhhh!”
Vicente couldn’t believe the sensation of incredible tightness as he stroked in and out of the teen star‘s shitter! His thick shaft spread wide the walls of her ass. They wrapped around him like a vise.
Debby thought she was being ripped in two. The pain was excruciating, like nothing she had ever experienced. Her whole body shuddered and convulsed. Each time Vicente rammed his cock into her, it drove the air out of her lungs.
Vicente looked down to watch his dick disappear in and out of the beautiful girl‘s ass. Faster and harder he began to pound her. He felt his balls tighten,
felt his dick begin to throb, and then he jammed himself into her as he
shot a long stream of cum deep into her body.
He felt Debby’s body stiffen as she felt the heat of his sperm spreading through her, filling her. Over and over he shot into her until his balls were completely drained. With a sigh and a shiver, Vicente stopped, panting for air.

He allowed himself to soften inside her, then gradually pulled out of her. He watched as sperm slowly drained out of Debby and ran down into the crack of her ass. Her body was limp now. Her head was turned to the side, her eyes closed. He could hear her sniffling.
Vicente had done it! He had busted the ass cherry of a Hollywood starlet. What a feeling of elation!
“Oh, shit!” he groaned. “Oh, shit, you feel so fucking good!”

Todd was driving in and out of Selena’s exquisite bottom. The sawhorse rocked back and forth as he hammered his cock up her shitter. Selena still emitted tortured squeals and screams from around the ball gag in her mouth.
“Fuck…bitch! You have…a beautiful…ass!” grunted Todd. “Gonna….cum… in your….guts!”
Todd arched his back as he spewed cum into Selena’s bowels. His thighs quivered and shook from the force of his orgasm. He continued to hold himself inside her, relishing the feeling of intense tightness around his cock. As he pulled out, a stream of cum oozed out of her anus and ran down her leg.
Devon was waiting to be the next in line. His pants were off and his cock rock-hard. Selena barely made a sound as Devon sunk his dick into her keister. He began to stroke in and out with hard, brutal thrusts. The slap of his body against the backs of her thighs was loud in the room.
“Ride that slut!” hollered Vicente.

Robbie was deep in Debby Ryan’s ass. He pumped her like he had never pumped a woman’s ass before. Her loud muffled screams sounded more animal than human. Her eyes were rolled back in her head and sweat and tears ran down her face.
Debby continued to be a fighter though. She pulled at the ropes, trying to break free. Pain ripped through her as she squirmed and twisted. It took all his will power to not blow his load right then. But he held on. He wanted to make this last.
She wasn’t s sure how much more she could endure. Her body was wearing down physically and mentally. How long were these men going to keep using her? Abusing her?

Robbie finally came, his cock twitching inside her. Debby was sickened as she felt the gooey warmth inside her. She let out a sigh of relief as she felt him pull out of her. But it was short-lived as she suddenly received a sharp slap across the ass cheeks.
“Finally! My turn!” Rodrigo boomed.
Rodrigo pulled her ass cheeks wide apart as he impaled her with his thick member. The large Mexican threw his weight behind him as he thrust his cock up into Debby’s behind. The sawhorse creaked and groaned as Rodrigo raped Debby’s ass.
With her wrists and legs tied to the sawhorse all she could do was endure the savage pounding. Debby closed her eyes tightly and tried to concentrate on something….anything….other than the pain of Rodrigo’s cock ripping and tearing at her insides.

Devon tore into Selena’s rump. He was panting heavily from the exertion of moving his cock back and forth in her tight little ass. He loved the feeling as his cock scraped along the walls of her shitter. He pulled back and then plunged back in, making Selena’s whole body shake. He ran his hands along the smooth flesh of her back as he fucked her deeply.
Fucking Selena Gomez up the ass! Wow, he thought. This is the ultimate fantasy!
He didn’t want it to end but soon he felt his balls swelling. He came hard, hot jets of cum blasting into Selena’s guts. Devon let out a loud sigh of pleasure.

He looked over to see Rodrigo pummelling Debby’s behind. He was slapping her across the ass as he drove in and out of her. His balls slapped against the back of her legs. Her body had went limp. Debby’s eyes were barely open and a string of slobber ran out of her mouth from around the ball gag. She wasn’t making any sounds.
Rodrigo pulled her back hard against him as he let loose a barrage of cum up her sweet pooper. His cock still spurting, Rodrigo pulled out and sprayed cum across Debby’s ass and back. He stroked his cock to get every bit out.
Rodrigo looked down at Debby’s tortured anus. It was no longer a tight little rosebud, but a red gaping hole, quivering as it tried returning to it’s normal size.
“You gonna be sore for a while now, gringo bitch!” he spat.

He looked over at Luis. “You gonna take a turn, man?”
Luis shrugged his shoulders. “I think I’ll pass for now, dude. I’ve never been much for ass-fucking.”
“Okay, your choice,” said Rodrigo.

The men looked over at the limp forms of the two girls still bound to the sawhorses. The ropes had cut into their wrists and ankles and their bodies glistened with sweat.
Manny spoke up. “Let’s untie them and we’ll give them a rest. We worked them pretty fucking hard, boys!”
“Damn right,” laughed Todd. “That was some fine Hollywood ass we just fucked!”
The girls were untied and dragged back to the bedroom. They were thrown onto the bed. Both girls were in an almost catatonic state from the traumatic experience they had just been through. The men didn’t bother tying them up this time. Manny knew they weren’t in any shape to go anywhere. The bedroom door was closed and the group headed back upstairs to do some partying.

The girls lay in the dark of the bedroom. Selena rolled over and wrapped her arms around Debby.
“Oh-oh my God, Debby! I can’t take much more of this!”

“Wh-what’s going to happen to us?” asked Debby in a tiny voice.

“I-I don’t know,” Selena replied. “Someone will rescue us, I know they will. The p-police have to b-be looking f-for us.”

“I r-r-really hurt,Selena!” sobbed Debby.

“I kn-know. I do too!”

In a matter of minutes the two young women fell into a deep sleep.

The next morning was Sunday. The men all woke up from where they had passed out the night before. All their beer was gone and they were hungry. Manny sent Robbie and Devon out to get some food and more beer. Then he and Todd went downstairs to check on the girls.
They were both still sleeping as the men entered the room. The stench was overpowering! During the night, both girls had emptied their bowels and bladders in the bed. It was a mess!

“Jesus Christ!” said Todd. “You filthy bitches shit and pissed your bed!”

“Should make you fuckin’ lick it out of the sheets!” growled Manny as he hauled Selena up out of the bed. “Let’s get these dirty sows to the shower!”

“Pl-please don’t hurt us a-anymore,” whimpered Selena. “You got what you wanted, now let us go.”

Manny snickered. “You bitches can still walk, so no, I haven’t got what I want yet!”
That remark made both Selena’s and Debby’s blood run cold.

The men took the two girls upstairs to the shower to wash the filth off them. As they passed the living room, Luis yelled out, “Holy fuck? What the hell stinks?”

“These two!” said Todd. “They shit and pissed the bed!”

“You cunts!” yelled Vicente. “In my spare bed? I’ll be making sure you fuckin’ pay for that!”

“You’ll get your chance,” said Manny as he led the girls to the bathroom.

“I guess we fucked ‘em a little too hard in the ass!” joked Rodrigo. All the guys had a good laugh.

After the girls were washed clean and dried off, they were brought back out to the living room. They were made to sit in a corner.  Manny turned on the TV set.

“Let’s see if you little girls are still big news,” he said with a chuckle.

In a few minutes, the morning news came on. Sure enough, the disappearance and alleged abduction of Selena Gomez and Debby Ryan was the leading story. But with a new development!

“ At a news conference this morning, Los Angeles police named two possible suspects in the alleged abduction of Hollywood starlets, Selena Gomez and Debby Ryan. The suspects have been identified as Manny Vasquez and Todd Zucker. Both are 32 years of age and are residents of Los Angeles. They are former employees of Five Star Productions, which produces the popular weekday morning talk-show, “Morning With Megan.”
Megan Portland, the host of the show approached L.A. police with the revelation that the two men were fired a little over a week ago after a confrontation with the two young women after they appeared on the “Morning With Megan” show. Ms. Portland would not elaborate on the details of the confrontation, but did say the two men exhibited “inappropriate behaviour” towards the Hollywood celebrities, resulting in their firing.
Even more disturbing, we have discovered here at Channel 2News, that Mr. Vasquez and Mr. Zucker are both on parole after serving time in state prison for various violent sexual offences! Police have searched the apartment where the two men lived. Nothing was found to link them to the alleged abduction of  Ms. Gomez and Ms. Ryan, but police have said they found several items that may link these men to other unsolved sex crimes. They have begun a search for the two men and fear they may have left the state. Reports of sightings of the white delivery van believed used in the abduction have come in from New Mexico, Arizona, and Nevada. State police and the FBI are currently investigating these reports and border crossings have been put on high alert to watch for them as well.
Police also wish to interview Rodrigo Vasquez, a cousin of Manny Vasquez. He was also employed at Five Star Productions and according to surveillance video, was seen speaking to the two actresses and directing them down a hallway leading to a cargo bay where it is believed the girls were abducted and taken away in the delivery van. He has not been named as a suspect but is considered by police as a  ‘person of interest’. We will keep you updated here at Channel 2 News on any new developments.
Meanwhile, fans are holding vigils across the city for the missing star-“ CLICK!
Manny shut off the television.
“THAT FUCKING BITCH!” shouted Manny. “She fucking ratted us out!”

Todd was also seething. “Ohhhh, I wanna pound that stuck-up slut! What the fuck makes her think we did it? And if they searched the apartment, they probably found my photo album!”
Todd had a photo album that contained pics he and Manny had taken of other rapes they had done.

“Probably found my panty collection too, goddamn it!” said Manny. He had a hobby of keeping panties from their past victims.

“What the hell are we gonna do now?” asked Vicente. “Cops are gonna be all over the place looking for you guys!”

“The only thing we can do,” replied Manny. “Have some more fun with our girls!”

“Fuckin’ right!” remarked Rodrigo. “If we’re goin’ down, I want to make it worthwhile. Let’s give those whores something to remember us by!”

Robbie and Devon came in the house carrying a stack of pizzas and a bunch of other food and several cases of beer.

“How’d you get all the food?” asked Manny.

“My sister’s boyfriend works down at “Luigi’s”. He always give me free stuff from there!” explained Robbie. “Luigi’s” was a popular eatery in the neighbourhood.

“Right on,” said Todd. “I’m starving!”

“Hey, we heard the news on the radio!” said Devon. “You fuckers are wanted!”

“Yeah, well if they nail our asses, you’re going down too!” said Manny.

Devon shrugged. “Don’t matter none to me. I’ll be a jailhouse celebrity! Who else can say they got to fuck Selena Gomez and Debby Ryan?”

“I say we have a real fuck-fest with those two. Then we’ll let them go!” said Rodrigo, leering at Selena and Debby in the corner.

“Excellent idea!” said Manny. “But we’ll eat first.”

He took some pizza and a couple sodas to the girls. “Here you two can have something to eat as long as you promise not to shit on the floor!”

“Fuck! Worse than having a couple dogs around the house,” quipped Vicente.

They all sat silently eating pizza and chicken wings and tacos. Finally everyone finished and Manny stood up. He walked over to Debby and Selena. They cowered in the corner as he approached. He looked at first one and then the other. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a small plastic baggie full of some kind of pills.
“What the hell are those?” asked Todd.

“Ecstasy!” said Manny with a smirk. “It’s gonna be a long day for these two. They’re gonna need a boost!”

He grabbed Selena by the arm and pulled her to her feet. He pushed a couple of the pills in her mouth as she tried to pull away.
“Come on, Selena, take your medicine,” Manny laughed. He held her mouth shut and forced her to swallow.

“Shit! You gave her two tablets? Careful with those things, they’re powerful!” said Vicente.

“Don’t worry,” chuckled Manny. “They’ll be okay. They’re just gonna be really fucked up for a while!”

He pushed her back to the floor and then did the same with Debby. Debby fought a little more and Todd had to step in to help. He held Debby’s mouth open as Manny shoved two tablets into her. She coughed as the pills slipped down her throat.

Manny grabbed Selena again and began dragging her across the floor. She scrambled to her feet.

“You and me, slut! Private time!” He looked over his shoulder at the other guys. “You guys can share Debby!”

He pulled Selena along down the hallway towards one of the bedrooms. She tried to pull back but Manny was too strong for her.

“I said come with me, bitch!” he snarled.

Entering a bedroom, he threw her onto the bed. He unbuckled his pants and quickly pulled them off, his raging erection pushing out his underwear. He grabbed her legs and pulled her back so her ass was hanging over the end of the bed.


“Ahhhhh, still got some fight in you, I see!” sneered Manny as he shoved her smooth thighs apart.

He placed his hand on the back of her head and pushed her face down into the mattress. His other hand went between her legs and two fingers drove into her cunt. He drove his fingers in and out of her, soon followed by three fingers and then four.
Selena squirmed and squealed as he folded his thumb against his four fingers and began to push his whole fist into her. He twisted as he pushed in deeper, her pussy walls tightly clamping around his wrist. He gasped in pleasure. He was doing it! Fist-fucking Selena Gomez!
Manny began to work his arm back and forth, his fist pounding at her insides. Selena’s eyes rolled back and her body shuddered. It felt like she was being split apart.


She screamed into the mattress.

Manny continued fisting her for a couple more minutes, then pulled out slowly. Before Selena had any time to recover, Manny plunged his ten-inch cock into her. He was not gentle or slow. It was just a hard, brutal fuck!
Selena’s thighs slapped against the end of the bed and the headboard banged on the wall. Manny braced his knees against the bed as he placed both hands on Selena’s head and pounded into her.
Selena struggled for breath as the wind was driven out of her lungs with each savage thrust. Manny was fucking her so hard, she was sure he was going to literally fuck her to death.
Manny yanked her head up to let her breathe better.

“NNNNUUUUUHHHHH………UHHHHHH…….UHHHHHHH…UUHHHHH!” Pain-filled moans came from her mouth.

Manny leaned down close to her ear as he drove in and out of her.
“That’s right bitch! I’m gonna make you hurt! I’m probably gonna be going to jail again and while I’m there I’m never gonna forget how you felt while I fucked you! And I don’t want you to forget what it felt like either!”

Out in the living room things were getting interesting. After Manny had left with Selena, Todd had grabbed Debby and pulled her up close to him. He began pawing at her ass and tits. Debby tried slapping him away.


“You uppity slut! You’re getting it whether you want it or not!” Todd yelled giving Debby a violent backhand across the face. She fell to the floor, crying out in pain.
Todd was right behind her pulling her up onto her hands and knees. He was undoing his pants and pulling his cock out.

“You ain’t had it up the ass from me yet!” he growled. “Now it’s my turn!”

Spreading her ass cheeks wide apart, Todd shoved the head of his cock into her anal opening. He shoved his hips forward, grunting loudly as he felt his cock sink into the tightness of her ass tunnel.


“Shut this bitch up!” ordered Todd.

Rodrigo began kneeling down in front of her, pulling his pants off. His turgid cock stood out in  front of him.
“Don’t mind if I do, Todd,” he grinned.

He pried Debby’s jaws apart and began pushing his cock between her lips. With Todd pounding at her ass and Rodrigo fucking her mouth, Debby knew she was in for a nightmarish afternoon.

In the bedroom, Selena’s brutal pounding continued. Manny had changed positions. He pulled Selena up onto the bed and laid her on her side. Straddling her one leg, he pushed her other leg to the side and entered her. He began fucking her again with hard vigorous strokes.
Selena was getting a dazed, dreamy look in her eyes. Manny smiled. The ecstasy was kicking in. Manny leaned down and ran his tongue across Selena’s cheek. Then he kissed her lightly on the lips. He was rewarded with a small moan from Selena.
Manny ran a finger across her lips. Selena giggled, but then wrapped her soft lips around his digit and sucked it into her mouth, flashing him a seductive grin.

“Hmm. You really are getting a kick out of this, aren’t you?” he quipped. “You just love to tease men.”

The starlet nodded as Manny withdrew his thumb and brushed it along her lips, smearing it with her saliva before he circled it around her erect nipple.  Selena sighed as Manny  leaned over and sucked her nipple into his mouth. He suckled and swirled the dark nub with his tongue and felt her entire body convulse with pleasure.

“Ohhhhhh,” she let out involuntarily.

Manny worked on her right nipple for some time before he moved to the other and suckled that into his mouth as well.

“Hmmm, delicious,” he remarked, as he alternated between the two. “You have fantastic tits, Selena. They’re almost perfect.”

Selena said nothing. She merely arched her back and flipped her long hair to one side, as though offering Manny her chest and her body for that matter.

“You really are a little whore, aren’t you? You love cock and you love fucking!” Manny whispered to her, taking advantage of Selena’s altered state. He knew that Ecstasy gave people a heightened sex drive.

“Tell me you want my cock. Say it!” Manny ordered. “Tell me you want this cock. Tell me you want it in your mouth, Selena.”

“Mmmmm, please,” she moaned seductively, her mind seeming to be off in another world. “Give it to me. I want it in my mouth.”

Manny pulled out of her, his cock glistening with her juices. He rolled her onto her back and straddled her chest. She looked up at him with her big brown eyes and smiled. Manny’ heart was pounding. He stroked his large cock, the head only bare inches from her face.

“Mmmmm, yeah. Stroke that cock for me.” she purred. “I like that.”

Manny looked down at her.
“You little slut. Stick out your tongue. Your lips are gonna feel real nice wrapped around my big, thick cock!”

Her tongue flitted out and ran along the underside of his throbbing cock.

“Hmmm, good girl,” sighed Manny, closing his eyes in pleasure.

A moment later he caught his breath in his throat as Selena leaned her head forward and pressed her velvet soft lips against his meat stick. Selena put her tongue to the shaft and her hand cupped his balls, circling around the bottom of the shaft and feeling the way it seemed to harden further.

The ridges deepened as she firmly stroked her fingertips over them.

“Oh, you little tease,” Manny moaned as he placed his hand on the back of her head.

Her tongue continued a long arduous stroke along the length of his shaft. At the top she brushed it around his shiny purple head and felt him stiffen as she flicked it across the sweet spot. She took him into her hot mouth, her lips making a lewd squishing noise as she sucked in her spit. Selena continued over the head of Manny’s cock, her lips parting further.  Manny felt himself  throb inside her mouth. He couldn’t believe how hard he was.

His hands moved from the top of her head to grip a fistful of her dark hair by their roots. He then took control and moved her mouth over the top of his rod and turned her face from side to side, watching as his cock would bulge through her cheek. Selena sighed softly to this action, as he manipulated her face and explored her mouth with his boner. Her mouth seemed like a warm, wet cave for his cock which fit perfectly.

Manny quickly set a steady rhythm, slow but firm with long strokes, and plunged his rod in and out of her wet mouth. Her hands came up and gripped his thighs, her body sinking lower into the mattress as she was forced to service him, while he drove harder and deeper with each thrust. He proceeded to use her sexy mouth as his toy. Soon enough, her gag reflex kicked in and she struggled briefly.

Undeterred, Manny’s cock seemed to have a life of its own and pushed harder still and now struck the back of her throat which caused her to close her mouth around it. He let Selena pull back with a gasp and  she slobbered a copious amount of saliva all over his knob and down her chin, which drooled down her neck and pooled between her cleavage.

He then told her to open her mouth and relax her jaw as he moved his hips more keenly and now essentially fucked her pretty face. Manny raised himself up on his hands with his hips directly over her face so he could push his cock at a straighter angle down into Selena‘s throat.

Manny felt himself push farther into her throat. He could see the bulge of his cock head moving back and forth as her throat muscles contracted around him.

He could not contain himself any longer. He let out a loud grunt as his balls let go and a hot jet of cum sprayed into her throat. To his surprise, Selena gripped his ass cheeks and pulled him in deeper. She made gurgling and slobbering noises as she fought to swallow his load.

She held him in her throat for a couple more minutes as her mouth and lips tightened around him in a milking motion. She moved her hands to his balls and massaged them. Finally, Manny pulled out and collapsed on the bed beside her. Both of them were drenched in sweat.

“Ohhhhh, Selena!” Manny panted. “I knew I’d turn you into a cock-loving slut!”

The two of them laid together on the bed for about 20 minutes, Manny pressed tightly against Selena’s supple body. At one point he even fell asleep for a short time. He awoke, his cock hard again. Manny looked at Selena and she smiled back at him. He could tell she was still blitzed out of her head.

He kissed her on the neck as he rolled over on top of her.

“We need to fuck again,” he whispered. Almost involuntarily, he felt Selena part her legs and Manny settled himself  between her silky thighs.

“Fuck me then, Manny!” she whispered in return.

Selena arched her back and let out a loud moan as Manny shoved his hips forward, entering her with a single rough thrust. He sunk his entire length inside her.

Manny held her wrists down above her head and she wrapped her thighs around him as her hips pushed up against him.

“Oh, my little bitch wants to get fucked, huh?” Manny said. He pulled back and thrust in again, his back arching as he drove up inside her with incredible force, his body making a loud slap against Selena’s.

“UUUUUUHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” Selena cried out, her eyes rolling back and her mouth wide open.

Manny continued with powerful thrusts, driving her body down into the mattress. Each thrust elicited loud gasps from Selena. Then he began fucking her with hard, solid strokes. He let go of her wrists and reached underneath her. He grabbed hold of her ass  cheeks and sucked her body up against his as he braced his knees against the mattress. Her cunt lips stretched around his ten-inch rod like an elastic band as he hammered and pounded at her insides.
He had his face buried against the side of her neck, listening to her moan and grunt as her body was rocked mercilessly.

“OOOOOHHHHHHHH YESSSSSSSSSS!” she suddenly gasped. “Fuck…….me …..Manny!…..FUCK……..MEEEEEEEE!”

Manny couldn’t believe it! He was getting this little Hollywood tart worked up beyond belief. The first time he had raped her, had been awesome. It had been hard, brutal and vicious. But this second time was even better because now he was fucking her the way he had always fantasized, like a cheap whore! She was moaning like a slutty street skank and Manny loved it!

“I want you to ride me, Selena,” he hissed in her ear. “Ride my cock!”

“Mmmmmm, yeah!” she replied.

Manny stopped and slipped his cock out of her. It was slick with her pussy juices. He rolled onto his back and watched as Selena swung her leg over him, straddling his waist. His eyes wide with anticipation, he watched the beautiful young starlet as she took hold of his cock and guided it up to her pussy. He let out a loud groan as she braced her hands against his chest and lowered herself down onto him.

“Oh Manny!” she sighed. “Your cock feels awesome!”


It was like a vision from heaven, Manny thought. He gazed up at the curvaceous form of Selena hovering over him. Her head thrown back and her luscious round tits jutting out from her chest as she ground her hips down onto him. Yeah, she was a little battered and bruised and her hair wasn’t quite as dark and lustrous as it had been, but she was still Selena Fucking Gomez! One of the most desirable and delectable female celebrities in the world, and right now she was riding his cock!

Out in the living room, Debby was receiving a vigorous ass-pounding from Todd as Rodrigo worked his thick cock in and out of her mouth. Slobber ran down her chin and pooled on the floor as his saliva-slicked shaft spread apart her full lips.
Todd and Rodrigo came within a couple minutes of each other. Todd pumped a load of hot jizz deep into Debby’s sweet ass as Rodrigo watched the gorgeous brunette teen struggle to swallow the spray of cum that filled her mouth.
They both slid out of her at the same time and she collapsed on the floor. Robert and Luis picked her up and carried her over to one of the couches. Luis whipped his pants down and mounted her. He was inside her in one fierce thrust and began rutting away.
Debby let out a long low moan.


“Hey, the little bitch is getting into it!” said Luis excitedly. “Must be the ex kicking in!”
Luis pulled out and pulled Debby up by her arms. He sat down on the couch and motioned Debby to straddle his lap.
“Let’s see you ride me, slut. Ride me like a fucking horse!”
Without protest, Debby straddled Luis’ lap and held his cock with one hand as she lowered herself down on top of him. Luis sighed in pleasure.
“Fuck, girl! You feel good!”
Debby began rotating her hips as she fucked Luis. She kissed him deeply, holding his head in her hands. Luis clamped his mouth to hers and forced his tongue between her lips. She moaned in ecstasy as his tongue intertwined with hers. Luis grabbed her by the ass cheeks as he pumped her up and down on his cock.
Devon moved in behind her and rubbed the head of his dick between her luscious round butt cheeks. He forced himself inside her ass. Devon grunted as his length penetrated into her dirt tunnel. She cried out as he pounded into her with pile driving force.

“Fu-fu-fuck me!“ Debby moaned.

She pushed back against Devon and he felt the tightness of her anal passage squeezing in around his swollen organ. Devon and Luis commenced a  vigorous fuck of the young starlet. Luis plowed her still-tight cunt and Devon bored into her ass. Vicente caught it all on videotape.
Debby, her body consumed by the effects of the ecstasy, arched her body and threw her head back. Her body glistened with sweat. Luis licked his lips as he looked up at the beautiful teen riding his cock and he continued driving up into her.

Soon Luis and Devon both came, their cocks spurting their seed into Debby’s ass and cunt. Debby collapsed against Luis, her tits pressed to his body. Robert and Vicente pulled her off Luis and took her over to the other couch. Vicente sat down with his legs spread apart. Debby was placed on her knees in front of him.
Debby looked up at him and gave him a glassy smile. She was stoned out of her head! Vicente stroked her hair.

“So Debby, will you give me a blowjob?” he asked. “ A real blow job
where I just sit here and you suck me off? Will you do that?”

Debby ran her tongue across her lower lip and replied seductively, “Yes! I’ll give you a blowjob, Vicente!“

“And you’ll swallow my cum?”

“Definitely!” she whispered.

“Then get to it!” he said. He leaned back on the couch, his hands behind his head, and watched as Debby gripped the base of his cock with her left hand and began slowly stroking up and down. She took one of his balls in her mouth and licked and sucked on it.

“Ohhhhh, that’s great!” he sighed.
Debby switched to the other testicle. Her hand was moving up and down on Vicente’s shaft. Holding his cock back against his stomach, Debby slowly ran her tongue from the base up to the head and back down again. Vicente closed his eyes and his mouth hung open. Her lips tightened around the head and she moved her head in circular motions as both of her hands stroked and pulled on his cock.

Back in the bedroom, Selena was riding Manny like a porn star! Her fingernails dug into his chest and  she rotated and gyrated her hips as she bounced on top of him. Manny gripped her ass cheeks with powerful hands as he threw his hips up into her. He could feel a massive orgasm building as her pussy muscles gripped and pulled on his cock buried deep inside her.
Selena let out a wild shriek of pleasure as her body was wracked in the throes of orgasm. She felt Manny’s dick twitching and throbbing deep inside her, heard him groaning loudly and then felt him spraying her insides, filling her womb with his cum. Her body quivered and shuddered over and over as he shot streams of hot cum into her.
Finally, with a shudder and a groan, he quit moving and lay still. Selena collapsed on top of him. She could hear him panting from his exertions. Manny was enjoying the feeling of having the beautiful girl’s warm body
pressed against his.
Finally he stirred. He pushed her off him and got up from the bed. He pulled her up with him.
“Come on,” he said. “ Let’s go see what your friend is doing.”

Manny and Selena came out to the living room. They saw Debby on her knees with her head between Vicente’s thighs. She was moving her mouth up and down on him.
“This white bitch is pretty good with her mouth, Manny!“ said Vicente.

“Right on!” said Manny. “Can’t wait until I have another go at her!”

“So you done with Selena?” asked Todd.

“Yeah, the bitch is yours,” replied Manny with a wave of his hand.

With a whoop and holler, Todd and Robert grabbed Selena by the arms and dragged her back to the bedroom. She was thrown down on the bed and Robert got behind her.
“Time for an ass-drilling!” he said as he began to push his erect cock into her tight pooper. Selena let out a painful squeal.

“I’ll keep her quiet,” sneered Todd as he pried her mouth open. His heart pounded as his cock slipped between her red lips. He couldn’t believe he was shoving his dick inside Selena Gomez’ mouth!

Out in the living room, Vicente was ready to blow a load as Debby continued bobbing her head up and down on him. Her warm, soft mouth was bringing him to the edge. She clamped her lips around him tightly as he erupted in her throat. She swallowed most of his load, allowing only a small bit to run down her chin.
Debby lifted her mouth off Vicente and smiled up at him.

“Did I do good?” she asked sweetly.

“Oh baby,” sighed Vicente. “I could put you on the street and make five grand a day with you sucking cock like that!”

Manny pulled her up on her feet. “If you’re done with her, Vicente, me and little Debby are gonna have some quiet time now.”

“Yep, she’s yours,” said Vicente.

Manny pulled her down the hallway to another bedroom. He peeked inside the bedroom where he had earlier fucked Selena.

All the other men were now in the room with her. The sound of Robert’s hips slapping against her as he pounded her ass from behind was loud in the room. Todd had his hands wrapped up in her long hair, her mouth moving back and forth on his swollen shaft. Todd had a look of pure ecstasy on his face as she stopped to lick and slather his pole with saliva.
Devon was kneeling on the bed beside her, her left hand wrapped around his cock and slowly stroking him. Luis and Rodrigo stood nearby, anxiously awaiting a turn with the nubile starlet.

Manny shook his head and turned to Debby. “Your friend Selena is a real slut, did you know that?”

“Mmmmm, yeah, I did,” replied Debby, still quite stoned from the ecstasy.

Manny pulled Debby into the bedroom across the hall and pushed her down onto the bed. There would be no preliminaries. Manny could wait no longer. He simply wanted to fuck her and fuck her hard!
He lifted her up, placing her thighs at either side of his waist. He guided his massive penis to her pussy. Moaning loudly, he thrust it hard, watching it disappear into the depths of her young cunt.

“Aaaaggghhh!” she cried out, as the huge weapon plowed into her, tearing into the walls of her pussy.

Manny began fucking her mercilessly, his rock-hard plunger fucking in and out of her cunt for all it was worth.

She wanted to kill him… if she only had the strength to throw him off. It disgusted her the way he rammed his blood-swollen cudgel into her impaled vagina! Her cunt was being ravished by this heartless sonofabitch!

“Stop-st-stop!” she tried to cry out.

“Shut up and fuck your hot little pussy back, baby,” he commanded her.

He leaned heavily onto her naked heaving breasts and held her cheeks so that he could kiss her protesting mouth. He forced her lips apart with his tongue and flicked it inside. Despite her loathing, the drugged young woman began to respond, to kiss back, swirling her tongue hotly around his.
At the same time, she locked her thighs tight around his thrusting hips and began to move in rhythm to his thrusts, marking an end to her resistance. His cock was ravishing her hot moist cunt; the entire length of fiery cockflesh pounding Debby like a jackhammer. There was nothing she could do except give in to the muscular Latino man.

“God, you have a sweet cunt,” Manny gloated. “I can’t believe I’ve just fucked two of the hottest cunts in Hollywood. I don’t care what happens to me, I’m gonna be famous!“

Debby turned her head away and emitted a deep moan of shame.
“I hate you!” she blurted out.

Manny grunt-chuckled.
“You may hate me, but you love my cock, honey. You love to fuck, don’t you?”

He drew back, pulling his cock almost all the way out, then he slammed home again, creating a loud wet sluicing noise as he plunged back into her vaginal depths.

“Put your hands on my butt and pull me into you,” he said, grinding his pelvis into hers. Debby complied, and he gloated silently again, knowing that he had one of the most beautiful girls in Hollywood completely at his mercy – even if it was because she was drugged on ecstasy!

But hell, he rationalized, it’s not like she had much choice. He fantasized about what it would be like to just keep her and have her to fuck anytime he wanted — which would be all the time he could get!

“You like that, honey, you like ole Uncle Manny’s big cock in your tight little pussy?” he asked quaveringly, his voice mirroring his intense excitement. Her eyes were glazed with drug stupor, but there was contempt in them, too.

“What do you think?”

A strange feeling was coming over Debby. She was repulsed having this man’s cock inside her, the way he treated her like a piece of meat. She decided if he wanted a fuck, if fucking teenage girls was what got him off, then she would give him what he wanted.
She pulled his face to hers and kissed him passionately on the mouth, her tongue burrowing inside to deliberately excite him all the more. Debby wrapped her arms languorously around his neck and ground her naked tits seductively up into his hairy chest. He was treating her like a whore… well, she could out-whore the bastard!
The beautiful girl gave every effort to fucking then, moving in smooth and provocative synchronization to his every thrust, forcing him into longer, smoother strokes. She was calling the shots now, making him march to her drum, using her internal vaginal muscles to suck at his cock in an effort to draw the semen out of the blood-engorged instrument. She gyrated beneath the panting man, and he, catching her rhythm, began to move as she manipulated him. His balls slapped wetly against her thighs, and she reared back and banged into them as hard as she could, mustering all her strength for the counterassault.
She would take every inch he could give her, and milk his balls dry with her tightly clenching pussy. She knew he fully intended to empty his balls into her, to fill her with his steaming cum. And she was ready for it! She was about to cum herself, and she would make this bastard give his load to her! By tacit agreement, they both increased the tempo.
“Aaarrggghhhhhh!” Manny moaned as he stiffened and shot his load of white cum into her milking pussy.

Debby felt the first gush of his sperm, and she worked her pussy muscles even harder to draw the sticky jism out of his balls. It was so exciting, so thrilling, so absolutely wicked that she couldn’t control her own sexual energies any more. The tide of ecstasy rose in her loins and spread through her belly and up into her chest and head and down into her thighs and legs to her toes. She was cumming!
God, it was wonderful, beautiful, fantastic. And she needed it so much! “Oooohhhh… yeeeeeesssss!” she hissed sibilantly as she spasmed again and again against the Latino man.
Their bodies were slippery with perspiration and the strong unmistakable scent of fucking hung heavily in the air like tobacco smoke in a closed room.
Manny rolled off her and laid on the bed in a dazed sexual euphoria.

He pulled Debby close against him and kissed her on the cheek.
“That was an awesome fuck, my little slut! I could do this for hours!”

Manny and Debby lay in each other’s embrace for a short time, listening to the sounds of fucking coming from the room across the hallway. He felt himself getting harder again.

“Okay, Debby, time for some mouth action,” he said.

He laid back as Debby propped herself up and got between his legs. She took hold of his  ten-inch cock and started running her tongue up and down it. After getting it slick with saliva she began flicking the head of his prick with her tongue. This had Manny moaning in no time.
Stroking and massaging his veined shaft, Debby ran her lips along the underside of his cock, sliding them up and down his meat as a prelude to the head job she was about to perform. Seconds later he felt her entire mouth engulfing his manhood. She ran it as far into her mouth as she could until it bumped against the back of her throat. She began a rhythm of sliding it in and out of her mouth and stroking with her hands.
Manny began moaning and grunting as the blowjob began to kick in high gear. She was sucking him faster and faster, moving her mouth in circular motions around him. His cock glistened with her slobber.
Manny told her to stop.

“Wh-what’s the matter?“ she asked.

“Not a fucking thing,” he panted. “We’re just gonna take things up a notch.”

Manny pushed himself up as he grabbed Debby and rolled her onto her stomach. He pushed her face down into the bed as she felt his other hand guiding his cock between her ass cheeks. Manny straddled her legs as his cockhead drove into her anus. Lubricated from her saliva, it slid in easily.
Debby screamed out. She didn’t mind him fucking her pussy and mouth but this she didn’t like. She tried to buck him off her but Manny was too strong and his weight pressed her into the bed.
It didn’t take long before he had worked his whole piece of meat deep into her bowels. Gripping her shoulders he began giving her a fierce anal intrusion. Over and over he would pull out of her only to drive his penis back into her at full force. Every thrust was more painful then the last. It was as though he wanted it to be as painful as possible for her.

“I want to….hurt you!“ he breathed in her ear. “I want to make… little Hollywood cunts…..hurt!“

And if that was indeed his goal then he was passing with flying colours.
Manny grabbed a handful of her hair and yanked her head back. He pumped in and out of her ass with amazing speed as he fucked her tight ass raw. She began crying and begging him to stop as he did this vile act to her.
She found herself praying for him to just cum and get it over with. It wasn’t long before she heard herself begging for him to just cum and be done with it.

“PLEASE!…. JUST….. CUM! “ she whimpered loudly.

Hearing her begging like a whore for him to shoot sperm up her butt was even more than he could take and it wasn’t long after that Manny granted her wish. He slammed himself deep up her shitter, his balls unloading into her. He laughed in her ear, reminding her how she had begged for his white goo to fill her ass.
After pumping her full he kept his cock buried in her tush till he was sure every drop had been deposited in her backside. He laid there for a few minutes totally exhausted. She too was completely wiped out. Eventually he pulled his softening cock out of her asshole and flopped over onto his back to try and catch his breath.

After a few minutes he got up off the bed.

“Don’t worry, bitch, I’ll be back for more,” he said.

As he walked out of the room, he looked in the other bedroom again. What a scene!
Luis was on his back as the beautiful naked Selena rode his cock. Rodrigo was buried balls deep in her exquisite ass. Devon and Robbie stood on either side of her. Manny watched as she slurped and sucked on Robbie’s stiff member for a couple minutes. Then Devon pulled her off him and pushed her mouth onto his cock. Her tongue swirled around the head of his glistening shaft before she placed her lips over the head of his heated shaft, drawing it in and licking it inside her mouth. Devon let out a heavy moan of pleasure.
Manny saw Vicente capturing everything on video.
“Good job, Vicente!“ he said, giving him a thumbs-up.

Selena switched her mouth back to Robbie. Robbie thrust his free hand into her dark, abundant hair and grasped her scalp with his fingertips, forcing her onto his cock.
In the meantime, Luis was ramming up into Selena’s beautiful, pink-seamed crack as her smooth, silky thighs straddled him. His hands wrapped around her slender hour-glass body and he slammed her up and down on his powerful cock. His balls released their pent-up jism, sending the fiery fluid down the length of his engorged shaft and into the young star’s cunt, where it splashed against the back of her womb.
At the same time, Rodrigo ground his hips against the back of her legs as he blew a load deep into her ass. He grunted and panted as he kept stroking, making sure every drop of his cum was deposited in her.
Selena had switched back to sucking on Devon’s cock again. He was in the middle of cumming in her sweet mouth. He gripped the back of her head firmly, to make sure she took the full surge of his ricocheting cum. She sucked and swallowed it in quick gulps as her cheeks inflated and deflated from the pressure of his endlessly squirting orgasm, savoring the pungent, fluid as though it were a delicacy. She continued to suck Devon’s spent cock after he had released his hold on her head, until she had licked it clean.

The look on Devon’s face was priceless as he watched Selena wash his cock with her tongue. God himself, could have appeared in the room and struck Devon down with a lightning bolt and he wouldn’t have cared. He had just cum in Selena Gomez’ mouth! His life was complete!
Selena moved back over to Robbie and opened her mouth wide to him. She looked up at him with her big eyes, her tongue teasing the tip of his cock as her lips closed around him. She began working his cock to orgasm.
After Robbie finally came down her gullet, the men switched positions on the bed. Vicente handed Todd the camera and climbed onto the bed where Selena mounted his cock as Robbie manoeuvred behind her and pushed into her ass. He began fucking her with slow, powerful strokes. Robbie knew it would take him a while to cum again and that was fine with him. The longer he’d have her tight ass clamped around his cock, the better!

Manny went to the kitchen and got himself a drink of water. Then he went back to the bedroom where Selena was being gang-banged.

“I’ll run the camera for awhile now, “ Manny said. “You go and keep Debby company.”

“All right!” said Todd as he handed Manny the camera.

Across the hallway, Todd entered the room. He took a moment to look at Debby’s superb body splayed across the bed. She was a little worse for wear from when he had first fucked her, but she still looked damn good! She was still Debby Ryan and that was all that mattered.
Debby was half-asleep after the round of vigorous fucking she had had with Manny. But she was suddenly aware of someone climbing onto the bed and rolling her on her back. She looked up and saw it was Todd. His hand moved through the lush hair on the side of her head. She saw his lips part, and reluctantly, hesitatingly, she parted her own and allowed his tongue to enter her mouth.
She whimpered around the tongue that intertwined with hers as his hand
cupped her breast and squeezed gently. His left arm held her close as he
continued kissing her. His right hand roamed over her body, touching,
caressing, feeling. He rolled on top of her, using his knees to spread her

“Not again. Please not again,” she plead in a near whisper. Then she
moaned deep in her throat as once more he entered her effortlessly, his thick cock filling her.

“Lift your legs,” he told her. “Wrap them around me.”

“Don’t make me. Please don’t make me.”

Todd gave her a light slap across the face.
“Do it, bitch!” he growled.

Reluctantly she did as she was told, hooking one ankle over the other. He
moaned in pleasure as he slowly stroked his length in and out of her. His
right hand was back in her hair, his left arm squeezed her tightly to him,
his lips played over hers. Again his tongue entered her.
Slowly, his right hand moved down her cheek, over her neck to her breast.
He paused there, rolling her nipple between thumb and forefinger while his
tongue danced in her mouth. His hand continued it’s downward path, along
her side to her ass cheeks. There, it snaked between them and his finger found her anus.
“Mmmmmm,” she moaned around his tongue as his finger suddenly penetrated her. She bucked her hips, slamming herself up against him.

“Don’t,” she whimpered. “Please don’t. … oooohhhhh!”

He ignored her and continued with pushing a second finger into her ass. Todd began a rhythm of pulling his cock back along with the fingers in her ass. Then he would jam the fingers back in, making her hips jump. At that same time he would drive his cock forward, meeting her thrusts.

“That’s it, Debby! You‘re a fuckin‘ slut!” he hissed in her ear.

After fucking her in this manner for several minutes, he stopped and pulled out of her. He pushed the fingers he had buried in her ass, into her mouth.

“Lick them clean!”

Slowly, she licked and sucked on his fingers, making a look of disgust as she was forced to taste her own ass. Todd then moved up her body, straddling her chest.  He pushed her tits up around his cock and began moving back and forth between them.
Debby was rocked back and forth on the bed as the large man tit-fucked her. He pressed her firm breasts tightly around his slick shaft.

After a while of this, Todd moved back down between Debby’s legs. Hooking his arms behind her knees, he pushed her legs back so her knees were almost on either side of her head.
Todd sunk his weight down on the helpless girl.

“Holy fuck!” he exclaimed as his cock found its target and sunk deep into her moist depths.

He held himself inside her for a moment, just revelling in the sensation of her cunt being wrapped around his throbbing meat. Then he pulled back and slammed into her, driving the air out of her lungs. Todd commenced to subjecting Debby to a hard hammering fuck.

Debby knew it had to be the effect of the ecstasy, but suddenly her hips involuntarily pushed up to meet Todd’s thrust.

“Ahhhhh, the little princess wants to fuck, huh?” Todd said with an evil smirk.
Todd sped up his fucking, his body loudly slapping against Debby’s.

“Mmm … mmm … mmmmmm … MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!” The orgasm hit her like a tidal wave, tearing through her to the very center of her being. She could feel him cumming with her, feel the warmth spreading through her even while she was being wracked by her own orgasm. Debby felt his hot breath against her face as he huffed and panted like a steam engine. Slowly, their movements abated until they lay still, both gasping for breath.

“Oh God!” she moaned as a tear tickled down her cheek. “Oh God, I couldn’t
… couldn’t stop it. I tried … but I … couldn’t! Why did you … make me … do
that? Why?”

Todd just smiled.
“Face it,” he said. “You just like cock!”

Just then, Rodrigo, Luis and Devon came into the room.
“Okay, Vicente, move over,” said Rodrigo. “Manny sent us in here. We’re supposed to give this bitch a good fuckin’!”

Todd laughed and slapped Debby on the ass as he climbed off the bed.    “Well,” he smiled down at her, “it’s been fun, but I’m afraid it’s time for me to go.”

Debby let out a cry of despair as the three men gathered around her. She was forced to mount Rodrigo’s cock as Devon pushed into her back door.
Luis grabbed her by the hair and jammed his cock between her lips.
Todd looked into the next room. Selena had finished riding Vicente and Robbie had her on her side. He had her right leg lifted up and he straddled her left leg. He was furiously pumping in and out of her ass. Manny was back on the bed, his balls dangling over Selena’s mouth and she was licking and sucking on his hairy ball sac. Vicente was filming it all with the video camera.
“Hey, Vicente!” Todd called out. “You should go next door and get Miss Debby on film too.”

“Good idea!” said Manny.

Vicente headed across the hallway to get some footage of the 3-way being performed on Debby.
And so it carried on for the next couple hours. Selena and Debby were forced to endure countless penetrations of their asses and pussies and sucked cock until their lips were raw. Afterwards, the men all gathered in the living room and sipped on cold beers, completely spent.

“I ain’t gonna be able to fuck for a week,” smiled Todd. “My balls are fucking sore from cumming!”

“Those babes are gonna remember the fucking we gave ‘em!” said Rodrigo.

“Man, that was awesome when you tit-fucked Debby,” Devon said to Luis.

“Yep, nothing like a good ole tit-fuck,” replied Luis. “But you gave it pretty good to her up the ass!”

“That Selena was something else when it came to sucking cock!” remarked Robbie. “I’ve had some good cock-sucks over the years, but she was excellente!”

Devon grinned. “I still can’t believe my dick was inside Selena Gomez and Debby Ryan! I’m never gonna wash it again!”

“When did you start?” cracked Vicente. The room erupted in laughter.

“I think it is agreed we had ourselves one hell of a fuck-fest none of us will ever forget,” said Manny. “I am glad we have shared this adventure together. But now we must decide of what we will do to dispose of them.”

“Dispose of them?” asked Devon. “You’re not gonna snuff ‘em, are you?”

“No, nothing like that,” said Manny. “Snuff ain’t my style. I’m a rapist, not a killer. But Todd and I must disappear for a while. The police are looking for us. It will be too dangerous to stick around.”

“What about the video?” asked Rodrigo.

“I will look after it,” said Manny. “I know the right people.”

“You’re really gonna put it out on the web?” asked Vicente incredulously.

“I don’t know yet,” Manny mused. “It all depends. I think we can make some good money on it even by not putting it on the internet. Don’t you think Selena and Debby would pay us pretty good cash to ensure their careers are not utterly destroyed? If this homemade porno went out, it’d be the biggest sex video in the history of Hollywood! Pornos would be the only way those two could ever find work again!”

“Ha ha, you got that right!” chuckled Luis.

“I think we should sell their asses to some Tijuana whorehouse,” said Todd. “We’d get good money for them!”

“Nah, we’re not doing that,” said Manny. “We’ll leave them somewhere so the police can find them. And we’ll have them so fucked up, they won’t even know their names!”

“Sounds perfect!” exclaimed Devon. “And the tabloids will say they were out on some drug and sex binge!”

Manny smiled. “My thoughts exactly.”

They went back to the bedrooms where they had fucked the girls earlier. Both Selena and Debby were a mess. Their hair was matted to their faces, lips raw and chapped from sucking cock, splotches of dried cum stuck to their bodies. The sheets they were lying on were damp and sticky with cum. They were still in a dazed state as they came down from the ecstasy high. Neither girl could barely move or talk.

Manny chuckled as Vicente and Devon pulled Selena up off the bed. Her body was as limp as a noodle.
“I told you, bitch,” he gloated. “We were gonna fuck you until you couldn’t walk! I kept my word.”

“First thing is to get them cleaned up,” said Manny.

The girls were taken to the bathroom and thrown in the tub. The shower was turned on and the men commenced to scrubbing and cleaning the girls.

The warm water helped to revive the girls and they became a little more conscious of their surroundings.
“Wh-where are we?” asked Selena, looking around with blood-shot eyes.

“You’re in the same place you’ve been for the last two days, you dumb bitch,” laughed Todd. “Being a little whore and fucking everything in sight!”

Selena pointed at Todd.
“I-I remember you! You’re one of the guys….that….that…..” Her voice trailed off as she struggled to regain her memory.

“That you picked up at the bar and said you wanted to fuck!” piped up Rodrigo.
Selena squinted at Todd then Rodrigo. “Are y-you sure? Y-you don’t look l-like guys I w-would hang out w-with.”

Manny smiled at the other men. “Just like I said, their heads are right fucked up!”
The girls were taken out of the shower and dried off. Out in the living room they were bound up tightly with rope and duct tape again. Manny slipped each girl a tablet again and forced them to swallow it.
“More ecstasy?” asked Todd.

“No, roofies,” explained Manny. “They’ll be out like a light in a few minutes. When they wake up they won’t remember much.”

“Sorry, Vicente, but we gotta take your Camaro,” said Manny. “No way we can take the van!”

“That’s all right, man,” said Vicente. “You and Todd take it. It’s stolen anyway. I’ll just get another one.”

Manny and Todd looked outside. It was getting dark. The Camaro was parked in the backyard near the house. The girls were hauled out one by one and stuffed into the trunk of the car. Then Manny and Todd said their goodbyes.

“Gonna miss you boys, but me and Todd, we gotta disappear for a while,” said Manny.

“I will miss you, old friend,” said Luis. “It was fun slammin’ bitches again. Just like old days!”

“Don’t worry, Luis. We’ll do it again another day.” Manny turned to Rodrigo.

“What are you gonna do, Robbie? The cops are probably looking for you too.”

“I’ll be okay,” said Robbie. “I can handle the cops if they come to me. I’ll feed them a bunch of bullshit and throw them off your trail.”

“Thanks, man!” said Manny giving him a firm hug.
“No! THANK YOU!” said Robbie. “I just had the fucking of my life!”

Manny and Todd hopped in the car and they were gone. They drove down several back streets and avoided the main thoroughfares. Listening to the radio, they could hear that the police search for Selena Gomez and Debby Ryan was growing more intense.
Soon Manny pulled into a back alley about 20 blocks from Vicente’s street. They hauled Selena and Debby out of the trunk of the car. Both girls were out of it, completely unconscious.
Manny had brought a paper bag with him that contained a couple items. He pulled them out of the bag. A large roll of duct tape and the strap-on dildo that had been used by Debby the day before to rape Selena.
Manny and Todd, working quickly and quietly, strapped the dildo onto Selena. Then Debby was positioned onto her knees and her head on the ground with Selena positioned behind her on her knees as well. They forced the dildo up into Debby’s pussy. Then with the duct tape they tightly bound the two girls together.
They hopped back in the car and they were gone.
“I know some guys who live not too far from here,” said Manny. “We’ll ditch the car and they can help us get into Mexico.”


The two cops approached the alleyway, their guns drawn. It had been only a few minutes ago they had received the call from their dispatch. An anonymous call coming from a payphone had tipped off police that the two missing Hollywood stars, Selena Gomez and Debby Ryan, could be found at this address. They were the closest patrol car to the area and they had sped there, sirens screaming. In the distance they could hear more sirens coming. They knew in a matter of minutes, numerous police would be converging on the scene. The disappearance of the two young starlets had had the entire city in a frenzy for the last couple days.
The cops rounded the corner and there they saw them. The two young naked women, duct-taped together in an obscene embrace. Both of them passed out and oblivious.

“Sweet fucking Jesus!” one of the cops muttered. He hollered into his two-way radio. “We have found them. Better send a couple ambulances!”

Later the next day on the Channel 2 news:
Missing Hollywood teen stars, Selena Gomez and Debby Ryan are in stable condition in hospital following their discovery by police late yesterday evening. LAPD investigators are attempting to piece together what happened to the two girls during their disappearance but are so far hampered by the girls’ apparent lack of memory. The girls are telling police they are having problems remembering events of the past couple days.
Police are also very tight-lipped over the circumstances in which the girls were found. One police officer at the scene was quoted as saying it was “a very disturbing sight!” but refused to comment further. Police are not confirming a rumour that the young actresses were under the influence of drugs. They said details are being withheld from the media for the time being to protect the privacy of Ms. Gomez and Ms. Ryan.
As for the men believed to be responsible for the abduction of the two girls, LAPD are still searching for them. One man, Robert Ortiz, who is believed to be responsible for assisting the abductors, has been taken into custody by police for questioning. The white transport van believed to be used to abduct the starlets is also still missing. We will keep you informed of any new developments in this very bizarre and disturbing story.


Selena’s publicist, Suzanne Browne, was wiped! The past week, since Selena and Debby had been discovered after their mysterious disappearance, had been an absolute PR nightmare. The publicist had been dealing almost non-stop with media outlets and the police, Due to the lack of details being released to the media, of course the gossip tabloids were starting their own speculations and innuendoes about where the girls had been and what had happened to them.
Suzanne had seen the preliminary report from the police. What they had found when they arrived at the scene was truly mortifying! The press could never find out! Selena and Debby would be ruined. The way the rumour mill was getting fired up, was going to be bad enough. Suzanne knew she had a lot of damage control ahead of her.
She was just getting ready to sign off her computer and go to bed. It had been another long day and tomorrow was going to be no better. Her computer beeped indicating an incoming e-mail.
“What now?“ she muttered aloud.

She opened her inbox. There was a new email but she didn’t recognize the address. At first she was thinking it was spam. She scanned it first for viruses and it looked okay. Then she decided to open it.
Her blood ran cold as she read the text of the email.

“You do not know me, but your client Selena Gomez and her friend Debby Ryan, know me very well! I fucked them both in all three of their slut-holes! And they loved it! To find out how much they loved it, open the attachment on this email. Watch it and enjoy! Tomorrow, you will receive another email, with demands for what YOU will do to ensure this video doesn’t go viral! “

Suzanne clicked on the attachment and had to wait impatiently for a few minutes as it downloaded. Then her screen jumped to life. The blood drained from Suzanne’s face as she witnessed the depraved scene being displayed on her computer screen.

“Oh….my….dear….God!” she gasped, tears beginning to run down her cheeks.


It was a hot Los Angeles day. Manny and Todd pulled up in a pickup truck in front of the large house in a very upscale L.A. neighbourhood.

“This is her house?” asked Todd.

“This is the address I got from Miguel,” said Manny. “I had no idea he worked for the pool cleaning company that does Megan Portland’s pool!”

“This is gonna be awesome!” Todd gloated. “You think our disguises are gonna work?”

“Oh I think so,” said Manny. Manny was clean-shaven and wearing a baseball cap and sunglasses. Todd had shaved himself bald and was sporting a fake moustache. He also wore sunglasses.

“So she is supposed to be home alone?” asked Todd.

“That’s what Miguel said. He said he talked to her the other day and her hubby is gone for a few days and her kids have went to stay with their grandparents. She said she is on some vacation time and is just gonna relax at home by her pool.”

“So we’re doing this and then getting the fuck out of Dodge City, right?” asked Todd.

“Yep,” replied Manny. “I know you’re anxious to get to Mexico, but we got unfinished business to take care of first.”

“Well, let’s get to work then,” said Todd.

Manny buzzed the intercom at the gate at the end of the driveway.
A familiar female voice responded.
“Hello? Who’s there?”

Manny cleared his throat and answered, using a deep, fake voice.
“Uhh, it’s the pool cleaners, Ms. Portland.”

“Oh yes! All right, you can come in.”

The large metal gate swung open and they drove in. They got out of the truck and began hauling their tools out of the back. As they worked around the pool, they caught a glimpse of Megan standing at the large patio doors that opened onto the pool deck. Her long blonde hair hung down around her shoulders and she was wearing a pair of sexy pink shorts and a white tank top.

“Fuckin’ bitch looks hot today!” Manny whispered to Todd as they worked.

“I’ve never seen her in anything but skirts. Those shorts are getting me pretty fucking hard!” replied Todd.

They waited for a while until they saw her move away from the patio doors. The two men cautiously snuck up to the glass doors and peeked inside. She was nowhere to be seen. Manny reached into his pants and pulled out his large knife he had concealed there. He kissed the blade.

“Let’s go, Cynthia!”

They quietly slid open the patio doors and stepped inside the opulent home. They could hear Megan down the hallway doing something in the kitchen. Manny and Todd took up positions on either side of the hallway just around the corner from the kitchen and waited.
It was only a few minutes later when she came walking into the wide hallway.
Todd came up behind her and grabbed her arms, pulling them up tight behind her back. Megan opened her mouth to scream and Manny was there in front of her. His fist drove into her face and her head snapped back. Blood began to run from her nose.
Manny grabbed the front of her tank top and cut through it with the point of his knife blade. He yanked the two halves of her shirt open exposing her large 36C breasts.

“You fucking slut! You ain’t even wearing a bra!” snarled Manny.

Manny drove his fist into her face again.
“Shut up you blonde cow or I‘ll knock every tooth out of your fuckin’ head! You remember us? Hmmmmm?”

Megan, her face bloodied and bruised, slowly nodded. She did recognize the voices! Her heart pounded with terror.

“That’s good,” sneered Manny. “Now, we got some unfinished business, bitch!”

As Todd pulled her down to the floor, Manny slipped the blade of the knife into the waistband of her shorts. Megan’s screams reverberated off the walls.


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