Jorgie Porter: Sex Slave Part 2

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Title – Jorgie Porter: Sex Slave Part 2

Author – op223op,

Codes – MMMF, MF, FF, NC, ANAL, mDOM, tort, rape, Inter, beast

Celebs – Jorgie Porter, Claire Cooper, Jennifer Metcalf,  Anna Passey, Holly Weston, Jazmine Franks, Lucy Dixon, Bianca Hendrickse-Spendlove, Scarlett Bowman, Amy Downham, Alex Fletcher, Gemma Merner, Stephanie Waring, Jessica Forrest, Stephanie Davis, Rachel Shenton, Helen Pearson, Jessica Fox

Disclaimer: This story is not a representation of any of the celebs mentioned and was created by my twisted mind and should not be viewed or read by anyone under the age of 18.

Sarah led the naked Jorgie down the carpeted hallways from the young starlets room, descending the stairs and turning back on themselves as they went deeper into the old hotel building. Jorgie walked slightly behind the young receptionist, all the time staring at her pert buttocks as they bounced, framed by the tiny string of her thong. The blondes mind filled with possibilities for the two girls, her time with Claire Cooper and Jennifer Metcalfe making her crave female attention all the more, and the passionate way that Sarah kissed her, it made her so horny and wet. But, she had the sudden thought, was that the point? was Sarah there to make her horny so the rich men who had taken her and made her their submissive fuck toy would be able to get to fucking her quicker? She didn’t know, but she did know she wanted to do more than just kiss the pert young receptionist.

The pair rounded a corner and Sarah led the Hollyoaks star to a large set of double doors. Jorgie could hear sounds coming from behind them, not music or conversation, but dull slaps and heavy breathing, low grunts and yelps – the distinct sound of sex.

Sarah stepped closer to the naked star, running a soft hand through her blonde hair and kissing her gently on the lips.

“The only affection we get any more sweetie,” whispered the brunette “Is that which we give each other..”

Jorgie stared into her green eyes, full of genuine affection for the tv star and nodded her understanding.

“Just do everything they order as soon as they order it and you will be fine, you’re not the only one in this situation remember”

“What do you mean?” Jorgie quizzed.

“You’ll see”

Sarah stepped in for another kiss, and slide her hand down the toned body of the short naked blonde in front of her, over her pert bum and round, down her gym toned stomach to find the soft, perfectly bald snatch that had been expertly shaved by her two co-stars just hours before. She slid a finger into the warm and very wet hole and smiled, pumping her digit in and out for a few seconds before retracting fully.

“Have fun sexy” she said and then opened the doors, gesturing for Jorgie to step inside.

Sarah closed the doors as Jorgie took in the scene before her. The large room was ornate, large chandeliers hung from the ceiling and massive paintings dotted the walls. Two large windows on the wall to her right bathed the room in sunlight, an old bookcase standing between them. A tall fireplace sat in the middle of the left wall, with more bookcases recessed behind it. The fire wasn’t lit, but it didn’t need to be, the room was more than hot enough.

The noises she had heard were coming from those people filling the room, spilling out through a large archway at the far end to another room, which was probably even bigger than the one she was stood in. The people were all naked, some sat around chatting, others fucking girls or getting sucked. A couple of older women where having their pussy’s licked by girls on their knees in front of them, while some of the men were jerking off over others.

An arm grabbed Jorgie and pulled her to the left, lining her up along the left wall. She looked at the person and it was a tall large breasted and slim redhead dressed in the same way Sarah was when she had left Jorgie at the doors.

“Stand there until ordered otherwise” said the girl.

Jorgie nodded, staring at the large orbs on her chest, soon realising that the slight shine they had was due to them been splashed with some kind of liquid. It wasn’t hard to figure out exactly what that liquid was.

The young starlet looked down the line of girls she was and her heart started to pound. There were six girls in total, all of which were stars of Hollyoaks! She couldn’t believe it, she wanted to say something to them but they all just kept watching the scene in front of them. They were all stood in nothing but high heels, pussy’s bald like Jorgie’s and wrists bruised. None of them were crying.

Starting with Jorgie, the girls were Anna Passey, who plays Sienna, Holly Weston, who plays Ash, Jazmine Franks who plays Esther, Lucy Dixon who plays Tilly, Bianca Hendrickse-Spendlove who played Texas and Scarlett Bowman who played Maddie.

She had seen some of them naked before while getting changed on set and part of her had a thing for Bianca in particular, but this was not the way she had thought a liaison with her would play out. Turning her attention back to the room, Jorgie soon realised that all of the girls getting fucked or sucking and licking where stars, or at least former stars, of the show.

Stood up in front of one of the windows, Claire Cooper and Jennifer Metcalfe were slowly stroking the man from the warehouse, as they wrapped his large arms around their naked bodies and finger fucked their asses. He took his hand from Jennifer’s bum and slid it up her back, grabbing her hair and pulling her head back. Guiding her down, she bent over and started sucking his cock as he shoved it deep into her mouth.

On the sofa closest to Jorgie, an older slightly plump women had spread her legs and Amy Downham, who plays Lesbian teacher Jen, was eagerly lapping at her soft folds. The women lent forward slightly and slapped Amy’s round arse and slid two fingers in, fucking the young women as she continued to probe her pussy with her tongue.

On the opposite side of the fireplace to where Jorgie’s group stood, several grey haired and quite fat men stood in close proximity, arms batting away furiously. She knew what they were doing, she just couldn’t see why. That is until two of them moved out of the way and revealed the object of their lustful fapping. Alex Fletcher, who plays Diane in the show, was on her knees in the middle of them, straddling some sort of black half tube. Whatever it was, it was having an effect as Alex’s eyes were closed and her breathing heavy, her impressive tits rising and falling rapidly with each movement. Jorgie watched as one of the men grabbed her luscious blonde hair and pulled her back, so she sat straight up, exposing her gym toned body to the group.

The grabber stepped close to Alex and obscured Jorgie’s vision for a few moments. She noticed his hips buck forward and his arm slow down, and when he moved out of the way again Alex’s face was covered in two streams of bright white cum. The rest of the men started to move close as she herself let out a loud groan of pleasure and came over the device. Those around her didn’t care however and once they had finished, were replaced with a fresh group.

Next to that, the long legs and short bobbed hair of Stephanie Waring, Cindy to viewers, was being pounded by a quite toned and attractive man. He had made her bend over where she stood, giving Jorgie a profile view of the attractive brunettes toned legs and small but nicely round boobs as they bounced around. Her legs looked rock solid, trying to keep her on her stiletto clad feet.

Rounding out the girls in this room, on her knees in front of a black man with a massive, at least 9 inch member, was Jorgies other on screen cousin, Gemma Merna. The younger blonde watched as her friend wrapped her impressive melons around that huge cock and started to bob up and down, giving the man what must surely have been a great tit wank. Gemma’s tongue flicked the end of his member as she bounced, though give the size of it, she could have easily slid it into her mouth.

Jorgie wondered what was in the next room, soon realising that just a few days ago this would have been the most shocking and disgusting site in the world to her and now it was actually turning her on, making her wonder what depraved site was round the next corner and just what she would be ordered to do. Looking down the line of girls next to her, all had the same look,  a couple were even licking their lips. The fear, after all, was gone. Nothing could be worse than what had already happened to them.

The redhead nodded at someone Jorgie didn’t see, then flicked the lights three times. About a minute later she repeated the action and all the Hollyoaks girls were left alone, arranging themselves against the far wall. Most were covered in cum, Alex could barely open her eyes due to the stuff, while the rest had it either on their faces or running down their bodies. Jorgie just stared at them, getting more and more wet as the sight of their naked forms had its desired effect on her.

The rest of the people, the ones she didn’t recognise but clearly ran the show, gathered facing the fireplace. Jorgie tried to work out what to call them, Patrons? Clients? Masters? That last one was probably best. The young blonde had new masters and they would use her however they pleased and she would please them, she realised, that she wanted to. She yearned to.

The redhead stepped forward to stand in front of the fireplace, the slight glisten to her tits now faded.

“Masters,” She said loudly. Jorgie was right. “Here are the new toys, please enjoy!”

She gestured to Scarlett, who moved out from the corner to join her next to the fire place, followed by the rest of the line, finished by Jorgie herself. The girls stood in front of the masters, heads bowed, nipples erect and pussies wet as they awaited their first orders. They wore only stiletto heels and to the casual observer, it was the sexist police line up in history.

The man from the warehouse stepped forward and moved over to the redhead.

“Thank you Gina. Lick my balls”. The redhead dropped to her knees and started to work his nutsack with her mouth.

“My friends, who will be the first to pick a new toy?” he said, not even acknowledging Gina’s talented looking tongue.

The plumb women Amy was seeing to earlier raised her hand quickly.

“I’ll take the short haired little ass licker”

“You heard the lady ass licker” Warehouse man said

Lucy stepped forward sheepishly. Jorgie decided that the women had a thing for straight girls who played Lesbians, and liked to make them method act the part. The woman slapped her thigh lightly and Lucy sat on it, adjusting slightly at her new masters request. The redhead was then jolted as the woman slapped both tits and grabbed her right one roughly. The other hand slid down the soft skin of her back and her over her buttocks before jerking upwards.

Lucy yelped as the women rammed two fingers into her asshole and squeezed her nipple, eliciting laughs from the men around her. She just sat on the women’s knee being finger fucked, her breathing quick and heavy, eyes closed with a wince on her pretty face.

“We’ll take the cock sucker next to you” said a fat, dark haired man, stood next to his twin brother who was equally rotund.

Scarlett tentatively walked over to the pair, who positioned themselves so she stood with her back to one and front to the other. The brother at the front grabbed her hair and roughly shoved her down to his crotch, while the other grabbed her hips and pulled them up. A relatively small cock was shoved into her mouth, the second twin positioning his own member at the entrance to her pussy.

He winked at his brother, who winked back and closed his eyes as Scarlett bobbed up and down on his cock. Using all his weight, the brother at the back fired forward, shoving his small cock as deep into the young blonde as it would go. She gagged and coughed as the dick in her mouth was rammed deeper, its owner holding the back of her head. As the fat man, easily 20stone Jorgie guessed, started to pound her with all his might, spit flowed from her mouth and even from the angle she was at, Jorgie could see Scarlett was in deep pain and struggling to breath, but she couldn’t help her friend.

“I’ll take the Brunettes ass” said a tall black guy Jorgie hadn’t noticed before.

Anna and Bianca glanced at each other, unsure which girl he meant.

“The slut with the short hair” he said, noticing the momentary confusion.

Anna walked over to him and he pulled her close, running his hands over her smooth body, then down to her gorgeous ass. Jorgie stared at her bum, wishing she herself could play with it, then thinking back to Sarah’s also amazing behind. She watched as the man parted her cheeks, and shoved two fingers in, raising Anna off her feet slightly with a yelp. He grabbed her pert tits and fondled and licked them, then lifted her up, sat her on a small table behind the sofa where Lucy was being fingered.

There was a bit of fumbling that Jorgie couldn’t really see, but a few seconds later Anna jerked backward as he fired into her, pounding her hard and mercilessly. He squeezed the round orbs on her chest hard as he fucked her, making the beautiful brunette wince.

“I need another cum slut over here, the last one hasn’t been cleaned yet..” said a silver haired man with a round belly off to Jorgies left “…we’ll take the other dark haired slag”.

Bianca moved towards him, but he moved off into the corner and beckoned her over. Her long hair drapped over her small but perfectly formed breasts. The pretty girl came close and he lunged, grabbing her by the throat and squeezing.

“Those stay exposed you little cum slut, do you hear me?” he snarled.

Bianca nodded as she gasped for air. He moved her hair covering her chest and twisted her nipple with his free hand. It made it even harder for her to breath, but he let go of her neck and she coughed and spluttered, sucking in as much air as she could before he grabbed her hair hard and led her over to the device Diane had been sitting on.

Jorgie could now see that on top of the half tube was a large, flesh coloured dildo, still slick from Diane’s pussy juice. The man whispered something in Bianca’s ear and she straddled the device, lowering herself onto the toy. She shifted forward slightly and continued dropping, using a hand to guide the dildo into her ass. The man kept hold of her hair, but reached for a small coffee table and picked up a small black box, flicking a switch on it.

Bianca gasped, her mouth wide open as the machine kicked in, Jorgie able to hear the loud humming as it vibrated. The man stuffed his cock into his slaves mouth and started to face fuck her, as a group of guys surrounded her as they did Diane.

Jazmine, Holly and Jorgie were all the girls left in the line up now. Jazmine was soon picked by a slim but leathery looking older women, who made her lick her asshole before  fucking her doggy style with a strap on dildo that was at least ten inch long and several wide. Holly was picked by a small group who had her on her knees, bouncing on a large dildo shoved in her ass while giving them hand jobs. One of the group came quickly and sprayed her face, covering the pretty blonde with semen as he twisted the bar in her pierced nipples.

Jorgie was left stood in front of the fireplace, watching her friends getting used and abused by the group of super rich perverts. She was more turned on than she wanted to admit, and the gorgeous pink nipples on her perfectly round tits stood to attention and her pussy was soaking wet. There was a thought that she knew this was wrong, that just because the girls didn’t protest out loud didn’t mean that they weren’t being raped, but she couldn’t help herself, she wanted to be part of it.

“I’ll take the last one, need to get her trained up!” Someone said in a far corner.

Jorgie looked and it was the black guy that Gemma was servicing when she walked in. She moved over to him, and he sat in the chair he was in earlier. He clicked his fingers and pointed down, she she knelt in front of him. Grabbing her head, he moved her close to his now rock hard member, placing the tip on her lips.

Opening her mouth, he slowly guided her down. She started to gag about half way, which she thought was actually quite impressive considering the size of his cock and her tiny mouth. He tried to get her deeper but it just wasn’t working. He clicked his fingers again, but kept a firm hand on Jorgie’s head, holding her in place. She flicked her tongue over the what she could of his dick, but it really did fill most of her mouth.

The pretty young blonde then felt someone behind her, but couldn’t turn to look. The last time this happened, Jennifer had raped her with a strap on, so she wasn’t exactly excited about what was happening out of her view. A few seconds later, she felt the person kneel down, and a warm, wet tongue start to probe her sexy pink starfish. Jorgie moaned with pleasure and the tongue continued, her ass cheeks were parted and she was probed deeper by whichever of the Hollyoaks cast was doing it, she could feel the girls hair flow softly against her leg so she worked out it was a fellow slave.

Jorgie started to moan and groan as two fingers where slid gently into her soaking wet pussy. The man was enjoying the sensations being sent through his member by her bursts of pleasure, and started her bobbing up and down on his cock.

She could feel her orgasasm building, the fingers working in and out of her wet hole doing the job expertly, now being joined by a thumb on her swollen and aching clit. Her moans were getting louder, more intense as her master bounced her head down his shaft, still only getting about half way. Jorgie’s heart was racing as the orgasasm ripped through her body, letting out a long groan and her body jolted as sweet nectar flowed from her cunt.

Her mouth and body relaxed, and the man took his cue, firing his hips forward as she slid down his shaft again. Jorgie’s eyes bulged as her throat relaxed and then was filled with cock, his pubes suddenly tickling her nose. She started to gag, panicking as her airway was blocked with meat. The strong man held her in place, watching with a smile as she squirmed, desperately trying to breath.

After a few seconds he pulled back and out of her mouth, letting her breath and cough, spit dripping from her chin onto her gorgeous tits. Jorgie glanced round to discover it was Gemma who had made her cum, and was still finger fucking her while also playing with herself. Looking back at the man, there was a slight wink and the young starlet was forced all the way down his cock again, deep throating him just like before, except it was a bit easier this time.

Eventually, after Jorgies throat and jaw burned for what felt like hours, the man stood up, holding her mouth on the first couple of inches of his member.

“You two sluts kiss” he said, releasing Jorgie.

She turned to her friend Gemma and they kissed passionately, the younger blondes hands traveling over her co-stars tight and firm body, flicking her gorgeous little nipples and moving down to her soaking wet snatch. Jorgie slid two fingers into her with ease, gently finger fucking the lads mag favourite and making her moan in pleasure.

The man jerked his huge cock as he watched them, and after a few seconds he sprayed his load over them as they continued to kiss. He was a heavy cummer, and the two blondes were soon tasting his cream as their tongues probed each others mouths. The goo dripped from their faces down to their legs and tits, but they were too wrapped up in each other to really care.

The man shoved his cock between them, having them lick the sides as it slowly receded. He then grabbed both girls by the head and dragged them to their feet, leading them to the next room. Jorgie was able to glance round to see what was going on before disappearing through the arch, and it was quite a sight.

Anna was bent over one of the window sills, trying to not have her face slammed into the glass as the man who had chosen her was reaming her ass hard. Jazmine was now cleaning the large strap on the woman had been using on her with her mouth, while a old man of at least 70 was fucking her and squeezing her tits. Bianca was currently on her back on the floor, while Alex laid on top of her, kissing the brunette and licking her tits, both women still covered in thick cum, making their perfect skin glisten, the sexy girls being watched over by a spent group of fat old men.

Scarlett was sandwiched between the two fat twins, one on his back as she rode him, the other behind her fucking the sexy young blondes ass. Cum and spit covered her chin, chest and breasts, and the twins were putting as much weight as they could behind each thrust, still making her wince. Holly was currently being made to lick Stephanie’s asshole, her face now caked in semen, covering the brunettes ass as she vigorously licked her most intimate hole, while another old man finger fucked both her own holes with three fingers each.

Lucy probably had it worst. Her arms were pulled back, making her body arch, while the fat woman had her head buried in her ass, making her lick it. The person holding her arms though, was Amy, currently reaming her on screen lovers ass with a strap on dildo that was at least 12 inches long, bigger than anything Jorgie had ever seen. Jennifer was watching, sat next to them with her legs spread so the old woman could see all her glory, her arm moving back and forth in time with Amy’s movements, but underneath Lucy’s body. Jorgie guessed she was fucking her pussy with something as well, and felt for the slim redhead as she was pounded mercilessly.

Claire was bent over the back of the same sofa, being anally violated by the man from the warehouse, her arms back like Lucy’s, the only difference being Claire was enjoying what was happening to her.

Jorgie was pulled out of the sight of her fellow cast members into the adjoining room, her hair still held by her current master, Gemma’s too. The room was much longer than the last one, but just as ornate, this time several large chandeliers ran the length of the ceiling, and a wide and very long dinner table sat in the middle, tall backed old wood chairs lining the sides. A great feast was laid out on the table, rivalling anything Jorgie had seen in a movie about old style aristocrats.

The feast had some ‘additions’ appropriate to the situation. Three girls laid on their backs on the table, naked bodies covered in sushi and salad. Their legs were slightly apart, and jutting from their swollen pussies were large black vibrators. The two blondes could see them buzzing, giving the whole room a dull hum. Their current master let go of the girls hair and slide his muscular arms down their backs and over pert butt cheeks, shoving two fingers into the stars asses, making them gasp and step forward slightly.

He kept his fingers in place and pushed them to walk forward, moving down the table. Ignoring the pain from her bum, Jorgie looked at the girls on the table as they moved past, each ones breathing heavy from the pleasure the toys were inducing, their tits moving up and down as they tried not to cum.

The first girl was the cute but sexy Jessica Forrest, who plays Leanne. The next was Stephanie Davis, who plays teen mom Sinead. Stephanie’s toy was shining in the light coming from the windows, slick from her pussy juice. Jorgie realised she must have cum, due to food being scattered around her naked form. The final girl was Rachel Shenton, who did play Mitzeee in the show until she left. Jorgie always found Rachel to be glamourous even out of her role, but now she was just a feast centerpiece.

They reached the end of the table and for the first time Jorgie noticed the stage at the bottom of the room, and it was quite a sight. Strapped to a large metal box, placed at her middle so her nicely round tits sat over one edge, dangling towards the floor and her ass at the other, was Helen Pearson, one of the oldest members of the cast. She was dressed only in heels like the rest of the cast and clearly couldn’t move.

The image confused Jorgie, who shot a glance at Gemma who also seemed perplexed. Gemma had clearly been a member of the masters whores for some time, but this was a new one even on her. The revelation came though as two very young looking guys walked into the room. Both were naked and sporting very hard cocks.

The pair walked onto the stage and looked over Helen, both giving a couple of jerks of their members.

“What you think?” said the kid closest to the blonde women, himself also blonde and skinny.

His larger friend eyed her lustfully.

“Sluts mouth. Can finger her while she does. You go first”

The skinny boy moved to Helen’s face, his cock mere millimeters from her mouth. It wasn’t very big, but about average size and not overly thick. The older woman opened her mouth and he slid it in, slowly fucking her mouth. It only took a few pumps before he came down her throat. His hand moved down her back and over her surprisingly pert bum, shoving two fingers into her pussy.

“Dam, this bitch is soaking!” he said as he extracted himself from her mouth.

His friend moved closer and replaced his skinnier comrades fingers with his own, this time one  went in her ass. He pumped for a few seconds, then moved to her front and shoved his cock in her mouth, face fucking her fast, and again, a few seconds later he came in her mouth. He reached around and pulled and squeezed her nipples as his friend started to fondle her too.

“Huh,” said Jorgie’s master “young cocks always want to fuck their slut mums.”

Shaking his head, he moved the two blondes on his fingers to the window sill. He pulled out of them and gestured to the flat of the sill.

“Get on there slut and spread your legs wide!”

Gemma sat and leaned back, spread her legs as wide as they would go. While she did, Jorgie noticed some movement to the right side of the stage, then the distinct clack of high heels. She looked round to see Jessica Fox, who plays Nancy, being pulled out onto the stage again in nothing but high heels.

The difference between her and the rest of the girls, was that her arms were pulled back behind her, tied to a long metal pole holding them in place. She had a ball gag in her mouth, her luscious lips covered in slutty red lipstick holding it in place. The thing that stood out the most though, was that someone had taken a red marker and written ‘Cum Dumpster’ across her chest.

The man pulling her across the wooden stage pushed her to her knees, making Jessica shoot him an angry, hate filled stare. He grabbed her throat and squeezed, pulling the naked girl in close to his face.

“You don’t look at me like that you little cum dumpster!” he snarled.

Jessica tried to scream at him, then lurched forward, trying to head butt him. He moved out of the way, and backhanded her across the face, sending her to the floor. The man grabbed her hair and pulled her back to her knees.

“Your a defiant cum dumpster, but you will soon learn you can’t get out of this, and the more you fight, the worse it will get.”

He let go of the brunette, her cheek already turning bright red. Walking to the back of the stage, he picked something up in each hand and returned to his naked captive. Kneeling, he fumbled around her smooth legs and after a few seconds put his hand on her back and pushed her forward, so her ass stuck out. He picked up one of the items and held it up, Jorgie able to see it was a very large butt plug. It disappeared from her view, but Jessica’s sudden screams of pain and tears rolling down her pretty face meant she knew what had happened to it.

The man then let go and stood, gesturing for Jessica to get upright. She did but very slowly, until her body was facing the room, her sexy tits pointing into the room and her new ‘cum dumpster’ title letting everyone know what she was.

The man began stroking himself, and the girl who plays Nancy shook her head with eyes that pleaded “Please No!”. Of course it didn’t help.

Jorgie was pulled from watching by her master grabbing her hair and pulling it back, dragging her head up to his. He slapped one of her tits hard.

“Listen you cock sucking, cum loving whore, you better get your slut face in her pussy now unless you want to end up the next cum dumpster, and trust me, I will make sure your fate is worse.”

He slapped her tit again and let go. Jorgie swiftly bent over, keeping her legs straight, and pushed her face into the soaking wet snatch of Gemma Merner. Gemma let out a long moan and gasped as her younger lover started to lap eagerly at her folds, her tongue starting to show a natural talent for pussy licking.

Her master positioned himself behind Jorgie, and her eyes widened when she felt him probe her arsehole with his massie cock. He looked into Gemma’s eyes, who mouthed the words “Be Brave”, cum still dripping from her chin onto those glorious tits.

The master fired his hips forward, pushing past her hole and straight up, burying his member as all the way into her bowels. Jorgie lurched forward, grabbing the window sill to steady herself and let out a painful cry, her eyes filling with tears instantly.  Gemma couldn’t help but grab her head and grind down on the very talented girl eating her pussy, but she keep looking into the bright eyes of Miss Porter, and showed her as much tenderness as she could as her lover brought her closer and closer to cumming.

Pulling back, the master left the very tip of his cock in his slaves ass, then fired forward, jerking the little slut into his other slaves pussy, mixing her pussy juice with his cum and covering the young ones face. He did this two more times, slapped her pert ass cheeks hard, then took a deep breath and started to fuck her hard and fast. It was all he could do to stop from cumming straight away, but he wanted to make sure she wouldn’t sit down right for a week.

Jorgie’s eyes rolled back into her head as the pain increased. Her body was starting to find the anal raping enjoyable, but his cock was so big it wasn’t happening fast enough and she was starting to black out from the pain. Gemma had stopped looking into her eyes, instead holding her head in place and grinding her hips down on the young sluts face, her fluids mixing with spit and semen and covering Jorgie’s pretty features.

Just before she actually did pass out, the master fired into as hard as he could and let out a guttural moan. Hot liquid sprayed the her insides as he held the small blonde in place. Gemma let out a long groan of pleasure and came over Jorgie’s face and tongue, sweet juice dripping from her chin.

The master waited for a minute, his nine inch member still buried to the hilt in Jorgie’s asshole, before pulling out with a pop. She stayed in the same position, breathing more heavily than she had ever done before, her ass stinging from her reaming. Gemma had let go of her head and shuffled back slightly to give her room to breath, but dared not to slide off the sill all together.

Her violator slapped both Jorgie’s butt cheeks hard, causing red welts to appear and stared at her gaping hole.

“Mmm, now that’s a decently fucked arse..” he slapped her cheeks again “thank me for fucking your arse so well whore.”

Jorgie looked over her shoulder at him, then down to his now receded cock. Taking a breath, she stammered “Tha…Thank…you for f-f-f-ucking my arse so well ma-master”.

“Both of you on your knees”

Gemma and Jorgie dropped. Jorgie’s face was a mess, covered in semen, spit and girl cum, along with tears and running make up, it was not her finest hour in terms of looks. Taking hold of his dick, the master pulled back his foreskin and moved close to Gemma’s face, rubbing his tip over your pretty features.

“Now, put two fingers up her arse and stay like that until I return” Gemma shot Jorgie a worried glance, which resulted in a cock slap to the face. “Now slut!”

Gemma’s hand slid over Jorgies pert bum and two fingers slid a little too easily into her back passage, where they stayed.

“Hey!” the master said to the two young lads molesting Helen on stage. “You can cum on this one if you want, but leave the other one be”, he pointed to Gemma.

He walked off and the two lads hopped from the stage, leaving their older play thing alone. They stood in front of the two girls, eyes squarely fixed on Gemma Merners gorgeous breasts. The two were slowly stroking as they eyed her.

“So, are we only allowed to cum on her?” The slightly heavier one said.


“Would love to watch her suck me” he said with a shrug.

“I don’t know,” said his counterpart, “Best do as he said.”

The boys moved closer and furiously jerking their cocks until they came, which didn’t take long. Having been using the prone Helen for the last few minutes, they didn’t spray Gemma with a massive amount of white goo, but it was enough to drip for her chin down her body and legs. When they were finished, they moved away and back to Helen, making her suck their balls and finger fucking her holes.

A few minutes later, the Master returned, carrying what looked like black rubber panties with a hole in the front and a large dildo, Jorgie was sure it was bigger than his own member. He grabbed her hair and pulled her to her feet, Gemma’s fingers moving with her for a second before sliding out of her sore arsehole.

“Slut, bend over the window sill” He gestured at Gemma, who obliged quickly, bend over with her hands on the sill and legs straight, like Jorgie had been just a few minutes ago. He slid the dildo through the hole in the panties, then put them at Jorgies feet. She stepped into them, and realised that on the inside there was a small dildo sticking straight up. He pulled them up her short but toned legs, taking the internal toy and shoving it into her ass, making the poor girl yelp.

He finished putting them on her, then gestured at Gemma’s ass.

“Eat her hole whore”. Jorgie stepped forward and knelt down, using her hands to part Gemma’s cheeks before sticking her tongue out and pushing her head down onto her blonde co-stars sphincter.

It actually tasted very nice, pussy juice still lingering from her earlier encounter with Ms Merners snatch. She lapped away at it, sticking her tongue in as far as it would go, and knowing that all this was just lube for what was to come. After a few minutes, the Master pulled her back to her feet, and whispered in her ear.

“Push just the tip in, then when I give you the signal, rape her slut arse, hard. Do you understand?”

Jorgie nodded, but he squeezed her nipple all the same “Understand?” a further series of nods.

The young blonde had never used a strap on before, so this was a first and it felt strange to hold the tip of the toy so far from Gemma’s butt and between her own legs. As ordered, she slowly pushed, probing the tight arsehole it was lined up with. Gemma gasped and held her breath, then relaxed a bit and the head slid past and penetrated the gorgeous model/actress.

Jorgie waited there. The toy in her own ass was giving her some pleasure, but her raping that day made it so sore it was mostly pain. She hated herself for what she was about to be made to do, but she couldn’t get out of this, whatever this is, and had to readjust to her new role in life.

The master’s hand moved over the rubber of the panties at her bum, then slapped it hard, shooting the toy further into her. She took that as the sign and thrust forward, using her hands to pull Gemma’s hips back. The ten inch dildo disappeared into the older blondes bowels and she let out a loud scream of pain and shock.

For a couple of seconds Jorgie waited, but then pulled back until just the tip was inside her friend, then started jack hammering into Gemma as hard and fast as her small frame would let her. Jorgie’s victim started to cry and could barely breath as the pain racked her gorgeous tight body, but she had to keep going. This lasted for what felt like hours, but in reality was probably about twenty minutes.

The action made Gemma come at least twice over that time, and Jorgie once. She was sure her ass would never be the same again after that day, and wasn’t looking forward to sitting down for some time. The master ordered her to stop, and rammed three fingers into Gemma’s gaping asshole. He then made her clean the dildo with her mouth, and Jorgie watched, the older girls face just as messy as her own.

The master then ordered them on their knees, side by side and told them to finger fuck each other and not move. The girls complied and he disappeared into the previous room, while Jorgie looked around the room. The girls on the table had all come several times, the food piled on them now littered around their sexy naked bodies. Helen had a mouth full of possibly under age cock, being held in place with a firm hand to the back of her head, while the other boy jack hammered her pussy and fingered her ass.

The room had started to fill up, and various masters were sat eating and drinking, the cast of Hollyoaks doing whatever they were ordered. Some were having wine poured over their luscious bodies while others were made to clean them, while some were underneath the table, sucking dicks or jerking off what was presented to them. A couple were even getting fucked, bouncing on cocks or strap ons as their masters ate.

Jess, the cum dumpster, was still trying to fight, but men just came up to her, wanked until they come on her face or tits, then walked off. She had stopped crying, but tears still streaked her pretty features. Jorgie could see the bottom of the butt plug, and realised the other thing the man had placed on her were ankle manacles and another bar that kept her from closing them, as well as having the added benefit of having her not run. She tried to swing wildly at those that moved close to her, but it never worked, they just pulled her hair hard and held her in place until they finished their business.

The party continued for several hours. Jorgie was used a lot in that time, and though she was rewarded with many orgasams, the pain and degradation far out weighed the pleasure. Afterwards, she returned to her room and had a hot meal waiting and she was finally able to take a bath. By the end of the party every girl was a cum, spit and pussy juice covered mess, their make up smeared over their faces – some of the most beautiful girls in the country looked like the biggest cock whores in the world. In fact, they probably were.

Jorgie did spare a thought for Jess though. She had been led off the stage, still fighting despite being covered in man milk almost from head to toe. The blonde had caught sight of her as several men led out into the ground and towards a stable, making Jorgie shudder at the thought of what would happen to her there.

The next couple of days saw the young blonde able to recover partially, with three meals a day and the ability to walk around the building. Sarah had snuck some time to fool around with her, as did some of the cast. But the masters were still present, and if a loud knock came at her door, Jorgie was ready. Sometimes, there was no knock and they came in the middle of the night, molested her or worse, then left again. Jorgie Porter, young beautiful star of Hollyoaks, was now a rich conglomerates fuck toy.


Jorgie bounced enthusiastically up and down as she was offered the over sized glass full of male ejaculate, her slutty schoolgirl outfit already covered in the stuff, her panties ripped apart and thrown across the room. her face was covered in cum, like she spent most days now and her rock hard nipples were poking through the wet fabric of her white shirt.

As she started to drink the salty goo in the glass, made up of around 25 men’s seed, she thought back briefly to her life before she encountered the masters. The last six months had seen her go from smoking hot young actress on TV Soap Hollyoaks, to celebrity sex slave and fuck toy, and boy was she a fuck toy.

The super rich conglomerate who had kidnapped most of the female cast of the show had shown them no mercy, first having them raped by people they thought were friends, then tossing them to sex hungry gangs eager to reveal their slutty side. Once broken by that ordeal, which lasted days, they made them their slaves, having them perform every sexual whim in front of the rest of the girls and the masters.

There were of course a couple that fought for as long as they could, Jessica Fox for example, but the day of her first ‘party’ Jorgie had seen Jess covered in every man at the parties spunk, then dragged out to a stable, naked apart from the girls now call their ‘uniform’ – a pair of black stiletto shoes. She later found out that the defiant girls will had been broken when they had her raped by several large dogs in that stable, and forced her to suck horse cock until the creature came over her face. Jorgie had not been defiant, and had been spared that fate.

She had, however, been used. A lot. Every month there was another party, but at least every other day she was made one of the masters bitches, and they made her do anything they wanted. On occasion, they had snuck into her apartment when she was alone and raped her in the night, other times she knew they were there and performed as ordered.

She had been made to clean houses naked with a butt plug in her, every so often being told to fuck or suck the master in question. She had fucked large groups of men, become a talented pole dancer, and been hidden behind a glory hole at a seedy sex club in London. Men would come in and pay a fiver to get sucked anonymously, with sexy pictures of her and her cast mates hung around the room, the strangers little realising that the girls in the photo’s currently had their lips clamped around their members.

There were perks of course. The masters were rich, and so she had been whisked off to private tropical islands to perform her duties, and regularly stayed in very high class hotels. Of course, on those occasions she wasn’t allowed clothes, or very few of them, but it was still a small perk. She had been fucking the other cast members a lot as well, and now considered herself bi-sexual.

She drank the glass of cum happily, another orgasasm building as she was fucked by the large cock currently buried deep in her ass. She had never had so much cock in so little time, hell the first three days of this new life had given her more sex that she had ever thought imaginable,  and she had grown to like it. Love it in fact. This new life, was dirty and degrading, disgusting even, but it made her so horny she couldn’t even begin to describe it.

She finished her drink, just as the man fucking her released his load as deep as he could inside her. Handing the glass back to the guy who gave her it, she raised up and allowed the man underneath to slide out, before another grabbed her hair and shoved his dick in her mouth. This continued for many hours, but eventually all the men were spent and left. Jorgie herself remained caked in drying man seed, her white shirt almost see-through now, cum dripping from her holes.

She was taken home, but ordered to not clean herself until she got there, and she complied, horny at the thought of driving along in a car covered in so many guys loads, wondering what would happen if they were stopped by the police or something.

Once in her apartment, she removed her clothes and showered, exhausted but happy. She climbed into bed, and even though she had a couple of days of shooting on the show ahead of her, couldn’t wait to see what sexual exploits tomorrow held.

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