Stiff Competition 2

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Celebs of choice in this story are Elisha Cuthbert, Ariana Grande, Sarah Hyland, Ariel Winter, Alexa Nikolas, Nina Dobrev, and Vanessa Hudgens. The codes are (MF, FF, cons, oral, anal, toys). Go fuck yourself and go read something else if you dislike those codes or want something more. Or better yet, write it yourself.

Stiff Competition 2

By voodoojoe

Penalty Box

“Elisha, here, was supposed to seduce a girl at the Golden Globes after party,” Vanessa Hudgens said, indicating the gorgeous blonde next to her. “But while she was getting shot down by Julianne Hough, Jessica Alba was busy hooking up with Victoria Justice. So as a result, Jessica gets the win and Elisha gets a penalty.”

“I thought about going for Emma Roberts, but Julianne was just too tempting,” Elisha sighed.

“Now if I remember right, you two agreed to a penalty before the challenge,” Vanessa said.

“Loser has to lick the ass of someone of the winner’s choice,” Elisha said, explaining for the camera.

“Well, apparently Jessica spilled the beans to Victoria and Victoria really wants to get into the contest. So as her task to prove she really wants it, I made Victoria send one of her friends for your punishment,” Vanessa said, motioning for Ariana Grande to come into the room.

“Hi,” Ariana said quietly. Elisha couldn’t tell if she was shy or if she was just naturally soft-spoken.

“I take it Victoria told you what you’re here for?” Vanessa asked, making sure Ariana was completely in on the whole thing.

“I love having my ass licked. My friend Liz does it to me all the time and it makes me so wet,” Ariana said, nodding her head. “I almost like having my ass licked more than my pussy.”

“Really?” Vanessa asked. She was a big proponent of a good salad tossing, but nothing was better than having her pussy eaten by someone that really knew what they were doing.

“I said almost,” Ariana said, grinning. “But Liz is really good, you should try her tongue.”

“That might be the most tempting offer I’ve had in a long time,” Vanessa said. She knew exactly what she’d be doing the moment she signed off. “But first, lets get this show rolling.”

As Vanessa moved out of the way Ariana and Elisha stood up. While Ariana crossed her arms in front of her so she could grab the bottom of her tank top and pull it off over her head, Elisha went for the teenager’s cut-off denim shorts. When they’d both completed their first tasks, Elisha made Ariana turn around so she could fondle her ass for a bit before pulling her thong down.

“This thing is a work of art,” Elisha said, giving Ariana’s ass a light smack and watching it jiggle it the perfect amount.

Elisha never would’ve expected such a perfect ass from a girl as tiny and petite as Ariana. Elisha often thought hers was a little on the big side, but she’d never had any complaints. In fact her lovers often expressed affection for it, but she would kill for a tight little package like what Ariana was packing around.

“Mmm, I love having my ass played with,” Ariana said, pushing back against Elisha’s groping hands.

That was music to Elisha’s ears because she figured she could’ve spent days on end fondling and groping Ariana’s ass if given the chance. Unfortunately, Vanessa wasn’t likely to let her spend days squeezing the perfect little orbs her palms were currently resting on.

So getting down to the business at hand Elisha pulled Ariana’s butt cheeks apart and focused on the little pucker of her asshole that was “the business at hand.” Leaning forward Elisha flicked her tongue against the center of Ariana’s starfish. When Ariana moaned Elisha licked around the outside of the asshole, slathering it with saliva.

“Oooh,” Ariana moaned as Elisha slowly rimmed her with a laser-like precision borne from experience.

Still squeezing Ariana’s cheeks in her hands Elisha pulled her face back a couple inches and let a glob of saliva drip from her tongue to land right above Ariana’s asshole. As it started to roll down Ariana’s crack towards her pussy Elisha dove in and let her tongue redirect it and softly work it into the skin around the target.

Finally moving inwards, Elisha stiffened her tongue and softly poked it against the center. Ariana’s anus gave way slightly but rather than continue to push Elisha moved back to the outer edges to work around the rim some more.

“Fuck, you’re good at this,” Ariana hissed as every move Elisha’s tongue made on her asshole seemed to have a purpose.

Grinning inwardly at the compliment, Elisha went back to poking her tongue against the center of Ariana’s asshole. This time when Ariana’s anus started to give way Elisha didn’t back off. Instead she continued right on pushing until she felt the tip of her tongue enter Ariana’s ass.

“Uhhh,” Ariana grunted as Elisha started fucking her ass with the very tip of her tongue.

“Okay, I hate to break this up, but you’re out of time,” Vanessa said, tapping Elisha on the shoulder.

Ignoring her for a moment Elisha continued to toss Ariana’s salad like it was her last meal. Remembering the last time someone had gone over time on their punishment and Vanessa had thrown ice water on the poor girl, Elisha finally pulled her tongue out of Ariana’s ass. Before she fully pulled away from the teenager though, she dragged her tongue down to Ariana’s pussy to get a taste of the juices dripping from that hole as well.

“Did she do a satisfactory job?” Vanessa asked Ariana even though from the moans, Elisha had done a great job.

“Very,” Ariana said, though now she was horny and felt like she was primed for a real fucking.

“Don’t worry, we’ll finish you up in a minute,” Vanessa said, as if reading Ariana’s thoughts. “First though we have to put Elisha’s name back in the hat since she failed last time.”

Stirring up the names of the remaining contestants in the bowl, Vanessa finally picked a slip and withdrew it. Lifting it she opened it to look at the name and broke into a sly grin. Setting it aside she repeated the process with the challenge bowl until she had both of them in her hand.

“What should I read first, the name or the challenge?” Vanessa asked the assembled contestants viewing on their computers. “It sounded like challenge won, so I’ll read that. Today’s challenge is to ‘Fuck A Virgin Ass’ and the lucky girl that gets to carry it out is Sarah Hyland. Just to be clear, the virgin ass has to be attached to another girl, so you can’t go pegging your boyfriend and call it good. Selena already tried to get away with that and got a strike for her trouble.”

Back Door Stranger

At the thought of “virgin ass” only one name sprang immediately to mind for Sarah Hyland. Sure she had friends that she knew had never been introduced to the joys of anal sex, and a couple that would probably give in without much prodding, but this was a competition. And one girl above all others was likely to get Vanessa and the rest drooling up a storm.

“Hey,” Ariel Winter said when Sarah entered her trailer on the Modern Family set and plopped down on the couch..

“Hope you don’t mind, I was just bored,” Sarah said. She was wearing a fluffy white robe while waiting to change into costume for her next scene.

“Depends on what your plan is to help alleviate the boredom,” Ariel said, a twinkle in her eye.

“Open my robe and find out,” Sarah said, eyeballing the brunette with a body that wouldn’t quit.

If Sarah hadn’t been fucking the teenager for the last several months, she would’ve been extremely jealous of the curves she’d been blessed with. While both of them were on the short side, Sarah was very petite and elfin while Ariel was the very definition of that old song, Brick House. Big tits and a thick ass, combined with a very pretty face, Ariel was the complete package.

“Naughty,” Ariel said, slipping out of her chair and crawling across the floor to where Sarah sat. She already had a pretty good idea what was waiting for her, but that didn’t stop her from slowly pulling on the sash of Sarah’s robe like she was opening a Christmas present or something.

“If you don’t open it soon, I might have to go find someone else to give it to,” Sarah said, bluffing.

“Fine,” Ariel said, yanking Sarah’s robe open. Her eyes lit up at the sight of Sarah’s almost naked body, but it was the strap on already attached to Sarah’s waist, ready to be put to immediate use, that got her attention.

“You’ve got thirty seconds to get naked,” Sarah said, enjoying herself as she watched Ariel all but rip her clothes to do what Sarah wanted.

“Is this what you want?” Ariel asked as she peeled her panties down her legs

“Damn straight it is,” Sarah said, her eyes locked on the bald beaver being unveiled before her eyes.

“You want to take your big hard cock and stick it my tight little pussy? Is that it?” Ariel asked, stepping out of her panties.

“No,” Sarah said, shaking her head. “I want to take my big hard dildo and stuff it in your tight little ass.”

“What?” Ariel asked, stopping in her tracks as she’d started to move towards Sarah.

“I want to fuck your ass,” Sarah said, reaching out and grabbing Ariel’s hand.

When Ariel didn’t put up any resistance Sarah pulled her onto the couch with her. As Ariel moved to straddle Sarah’s lap, she pressed her crotch against the toy sticking between them. It also put her tits right in Sarah’s face and Sarah certainly wasn’t going to let those jugs be in range of her mouth without sucking on them.

“Ooooh,” Ariel moaned as Sarah covered her teeth with her lips and softly nibbled on her nipple.

While she was keeping Ariel distracted Sarah reached into the pocket of her robe. She’d put some lube in there knowing that she’d need it if Ariel was agreeable, so as she sucked on the teen tit in front of her Sarah popped the top on the bottle of lube and brought it around behind Ariel.

“Uhhhh,” Ariel gasped as she felt Sarah’s finger poking around her asshole. When she felt something press against her anus she tried to pull away but Sarah held her firm as a cold liquid was squirted against her back door.

“Shh, you’ll like it,” Sarah assured her in a quiet voice as she pulled the bottle of lube away from Ariel’s asshole.

Trusting her “big sister” Ariel bit her lower lip as Sarah’s finger returned to her asshole. She’d never really been touched back there, outside of the occasional incidental contact as Sarah or her boyfriend brushed against it while holding onto her ass cheeks during sex, and she couldn’t tell whether she liked it or not at first. It felt kinda dirty and naughty when Sarah rubbed the outside but when she started to push a finger inside Ariel felt some pain that made her grimace.

“If you let me fuck your ass, I’ll totally let you fuck mine,” Sarah said, slowly moving the finger around in Ariel’s ass to stretch it out a bit.

“Does it feel good?” Ariel asked, a look of concentration on her face as she tried to get used to the finger.

“Getting fucked in the ass or fucking someone in the ass?” Sarah asked, pulling her finger out far enough she could slip a second one in right next to it. “Because both of them are amazing, but in different ways. When you’re doing the fucking it’s a total power trip to watch someone’s tiny little asshole open up for you and knowing that they’re doing something very special for you. But when it’s your ass, it’s about trusting someone and putting yourself completely in their hands. As weird as it might sound, if it’s done right, it can be one of the most intimate things you can do.”

“Wow,” Ariel said, suddenly really wanting to try it.

“Feel up to it?” Sarah asked, pulling her fingers apart over and over to stretch Ariel out as much as possible in preparation.

“Do it,” Ariel said, nodding her head.

“Lift up,” Sarah said. When Ariel did as instructed, Sarah grabbed hold of her dildo. With both of them looking down between them Sarah made a show of slathering the toy with lube. “There, now you can lower yourself onto me and be in control a bit.”

Nodding that she understood Ariel put her hands on the back of the couch behind Sarah and started to lower herself until she felt Sarah stop her. A moment later Ariel felt the tip of the toy being lined up with her asshole and the butterflies in her stomach started up.

Looking around Sarah saw someone looking through the window and panicked for a moment before realizing he was one of Vanessa’s Boys. After taking a moment to get her heart rate back to something resembling normal, Sarah returned her attention to the busty brunette wrestling with whether she should continue with her sodomizing.

With one hand holding her toy steady for Ariel, Sarah rested her other on Ariel’s hip. To encourage the younger girl to continue Sarah leaned her head forward and took one of Ariel’s nipples into her mouth. As expected Ariel moaned and without thinking thrust her chest forward, but also pushed down against the tip of the dildo.

“Fuck,” Ariel hissed as the fake cock sank into her asshole before she realized what was happening.

“The worst is over,” Sarah said, pulling off Ariel’s tit so she could switch nipples.

Grimacing Ariel pushed down to take a little more of the toy into her ass. It hurt like hell, but Sarah really wanted to do it and she didn’t want to let Sarah down. Ignoring the pain as best she could, Ariel continued to slowly work her down Sarah’s dildo.

“You ass is so tight,” Sarah moaned when Ariel settled on top of her with the strap on buried all the way up her butt.

“It hurts,” Ariel grunted, shifting in Sarah’s lap trying to find some comfort.

“It’ll get better from here,” Sarah assured her.

Reaching behind Ariel, Sarah grabbed an ass cheek in each hand to help lift her up. As always when she had Ariel’s ass, or any of Ariel’s body parts, in her hands, she felt a pang of jealousy at the curves the young brunette had been blessed with.

Slowly lifting up, Ariel felt her asshole clutch the shaft of the dildo as it slid out of her. It still hurt like a bitch but the pain was starting to lessen and it felt rather naughty feeling the hunk of plastic sliding within her. That feeling gave her the courage to reverse course and carefully lower herself back down.

“Uhh,” Ariel hissed, her face screwed up in a look of concentration as she was keenly aware of every inch of the dildo stretching her open.

“Relax,” Sarah said, squeezing Ariel’s ass as the younger girl started her ascent again.

Trying to do as she was told Ariel closed her eyes and tried to concentrate on the naughtiness of what she was doing. Then she let thoughts of how people would react if they found out what she was doing and gradually felt her body start to relax and with it she felt the pain start to fade.

“There you go,” Sarah said, feeling Ariel’s muscles loosen up. “Now if you really want to have fun, reach down and play with your clit while I fuck your ass.”

“Oooh,” Ariel moaned at the thought of combining anal, lesbian sex, and masturbation into one big ball of immoral activity.

Reaching one hand down between them Ariel ran a finger down over her shaved pussy. Finding her clit she softly stroked it, letting out a soft moan as a small volt of electricity shot through her. With her other hand still on the back of the couch to steady herself Ariel lifted up and let her ass drop down on Sarah’s dildo with a little more energy.

“Uhhh,” Ariel hissed, the pleasure slowly overtaking the pain.

“Feels good, doesn’t it?” Sarah asked, her eyes darting between Ariel’s deliciously jiggling tits and the hand slowly rubbing her clit.

“A little,” Ariel admitted, really starting to get into it.

“Good, because now I want to bend you over and fuck that ass right,” Sarah said, suddenly pulling Ariel off her toy.

Rather than push Ariel off her though she held her up a moment, using the hands on Ariel’s ass to hold the younger girls cheeks open and give Vanessa’s Boy a nice clean shot of Ariel’s gaping asshole. Finally satisfied Sarah nudged Ariel off of her and arranged her on her hands and knees.

“Now we’re going to have some fun,” Sarah said, confidently as she moved behind Ariel. “Are you ready?”

“I’m ready, Sarah, fuck my slutty ass, fuck m-UHHHHH,” Ariel gasped as Sarah shoved the toy back into her ass with no warning. It didn’t hurt nearly as much as the first time, but her ass had started to close up just enough in the few seconds while they switched positions that it had needed to be stretched out again.

“That looks so hot,” Sarah said, looking down at where Ariel’s asshole was stretched lewdly around the shaft of her strap on.

As Sarah gripped her hips and started to fuck her ass Ariel just tried to hang on for dear life. She’d gotten used to having a cock in her ass, but Sarah was giving it to her much harder and faster than she’d been doing when she was on top. It didn’t really hurt though, and as she resumed playing with her clit it quickly started feeling downright amazing.

“Fuck me, Sarah, oh god, fuck my ass,” Ariel demanded, pushing back to meet Sarah’s pushes with thrusts of her own.

“I knew you’d fucking love it,” Sarah hissed, barely holding back now as she gave Ariel everything she could handle and then some.

“I do, I love it,” Ariel hissed, totally getting off on the act. “Fuck my ass, baby, fuck it hard.”

“You’re a fucking anal slut now,” Sarah said, the dirty talk feeding both of them as they careened head first towards orgasms. The only question was which one of them was going to get there first.

“Definitely,” Ariel agreed, her hand a blur on her clit as she sought release. “So close, so fucking close.”

“Me too,” Sarah said, her eyes roving up Ariel’s back until she could see younger girl’s tits swaying underneath her. They were shaking so much from the pounding she was receiving that all Sarah could think about was getting hold of them.

Slowing down a bit, Sarah leaned forward. Grabbing hold of Ariel’s tits in her hands Sarah used them as leverage as she picked up some of the speed she’d lost. As she fuck Ariel’s ass she squeezed and kneaded the tits in her hands, luxuriating in the heft of them.

“Oh fuck, shit, fuck,” Ariel grunted, her eyes slamming shut as her orgasm hit her.

Muscles clamping down, Ariel arched her back and bit down on one of the pillows on the couch to keep from screaming loud enough to alert everyone on the set as to what was happening. Her toes curled up and a low rolling growl emanated from deep within her as wave after wave of ecstasy washed over her.

As she watched Ariel battered by a monster orgasm Sarah gave in and let her own roll over her. It wasn’t anything near what Ariel was going through, but it was still more than enough to satisfy her as she slumped down on top of Ariel.

“Wow,” Ariel finally sighed when she caught her breath enough to speak.

“I have to go get ready to shoot, but later you can return the favor if you want,” Sarah offered, slowly extracting her toy from Ariel’s clenching asshole.

“I’ll do anything you want for that chance,” Ariel said, her ass suddenly feeling empty without the dildo.

“Anything?” Sarah asked, getting a kinky idea. “Because my toy is kinda dirty and will definitely need to be cleaned.”

“Okay,” Ariel said, reaching for a towel to wipe it down with.

“No, it needs moisture,” Sarah insisted. “Suck it clean, and then use the towel to make sure it’s good and clean.”

“Uhh,” Ariel said, sneering at the idea.

“I guess if you didn’t actually mean ‘anything’ a moment ago,” Sarah said.

“Fine, I’ll do it,” Ariel said, wrinkling her nose as she bent down to run her tongue along the shaft of the dildo.

Finding that it actually tasted kinda good, Ariel gave the shaft another long lick. Satisfied that it wasn’t nearly as disgusting as she’d first thought, she took the tip into her mouth and gave it a nice suck. Slowly working her mouth down the shaft Ariel took more of the fake cock into her mouth, her tongue swirling around and along the shaft.

“Such a good little cocksucker,” Sarah mused as she watched Ariel clean her up. “I bet your boyfriend is a happy guy.”

As if to prove herself to Sarah, Ariel kept going until she felt the dildo bump against the back of her throat. Trying to relax her throat Ariel tried to keep going but just couldn’t do it. With her eyes watering she finally had to stop and pulled all the way off.

“Just for that, I think you earned a surprise later,” Sarah said, leaning down to kiss Ariel.

“What kind of surprise?” Ariel asked, wiping her eyes.

“Don’t worry, you’ll like it,” Sarah said, thinking about what Ariel would do when confronted with the prospect of a threesome with her sister Shanelle. “Even if you don’t, I know I will.”

* * * * *

“Wow, look at Sarah go,” Vanessa said, looking at the pictures of Ariel getting sodomized. “Excellent job. Kinky too, fucking your jailbait ‘sister’ in the ass like that.”

As she scrolled through the pictures Vanessa felt the urge to play with herself. She resisted that urge though since she still had work to do. There would be plenty of time to play with herself, or find someone else to play with, after she’d assigned a new challenge.

“Next up on the block is, ooh, Alexa Nikolas,” Vanessa said, pleased to see her friend’s name pop up again.

Alexa had actually been one of the original contestants in their little competition. Back then it had just been Vanessa, Alexa, and a couple other friends daring each other to do stupid stuff like kiss boys they had crushes on. To up the ante Alexa had been challenged to kiss a girl, and Vanessa had been challenged to take a naked picture of herself and send to the others.

Eventually word had started spreading among their circles of friends and enough other girls had wanted in that Vanessa started putting in an entrance fee to keep out those that weren’t serious. With the fee came rules and some semblance of a structure, along with Vanessa’s Boys being there to make sure everything was kept on the up and up.

“Looks like your challenge is to have sex with a guy in a public bathroom. Nothing too strenuous for you, Lexi,” Vanessa said, already looking forward to seeing one of her best friends get fucked.

Boogie With Stu

Spotting one of Vanessa’s Boys watching over her, Alexa Nikolas made eye contact with him. He nodded at her and raised up one finger, letting her know that the camera had been set up in the first stall in the men’s room since he could hardly risk hiding in an adjacent stall to snap pictures.

“Lets go to the bathroom,” Alexa told the guy she’d been working on for the last half hour.

The challenge hadn’t said anything about whether it needed to be a stranger or not, but Alexa had never felt right about mixing her husband up in the contest. She’d told him about it when they’d started getting serious and he’d decided that since she wasn’t about to quit with so much money on the line, he’d rather stay ignorant of the day-to-day workings of it. He could’ve been mad and made her choose or dumped her, but he’d liked her way too much at the time for that and his feelings had only gotten stronger since.

As Alexa led the way, Stuart followed after, wondering how he’d gotten so lucky. He’d just been sitting at the bar watching the game when an amazingly hot brunette had sidled up next to him and started chatting. At first he’d been a little annoyed that she was interrupting the game, but it’s pretty much impossible to really be mad at an attractive woman dropping hints that she might let you see her naked.

Sure enough, after a bit of small talk Alexa had grabbed his hand and pulled him off his stool. Pushing open the door of the men’s bathroom, Alexa led him inside. After checking the stalls to make sure they were alone, Alexa pushed him into the first stall.

Spotting the small camera mounted in the corner of the stall, Alexa threw herself at Stuart. Grabbing his head she pulled him down into a kiss as one hand slipped under her skirt to pull her thong down. When her underwear was out of the way she pressed Stuart against the side of the door of the stall and went after his belt.

“You’re pretty aggressive, aren’t you?” Stuart asked as he helped her with his pants.

“I know what I want,” Alexa said, pushing his pants down to his knees. “Now press me up against the wall and fuck me.”

“Whatever you say,” Stuart said, grinning as he lifted her up and letting her hook her legs around his waist.

Pressing Alexa against the wall of the stall like she wanted Stuart reached between them to aim his cock at her pussy. Like a heat seeking missile, the moment he felt the moist heat of her pussy against the head of his cock he thrust forward, burying himself into her in one smooth push.

“Ooooh,” Alexa moaned as she was filled with cock.

Stu wasn’t the biggest guy Alexa had ever had, he wasn’t even bigger than her husband, but he still had more than enough to get the job done as long as he could last more than thirty seconds. Fortunately, as he started fucking her she could tell he wasn’t going to disappoint her. He had power, but remained in control as he slammed into her.

“Oh yeah, fuck my tight little pussy,” Alexa said, bucking her hips to meet his thrusts.

Being in public both of them knew they couldn’t, or at least shouldn’t, take their time. That didn’t mean they didn’t want to enjoy it though. After all, Alexa liked a nice fuck as much as the next girl and Stuart wasn’t about to fuck a hot piece of ass like Alexa without reveling in it a bit.

So rather than just let him rut away inside her until he came, Alexa pushed him away from the wall. Lowering herself to the ground she turned around and put her hands against the wall of the bathroom stall. As Stu moved in behind her she flipped her skirt up and stuck her ass out.

“You want it doggy style, huh?” Stu said as he pushed into her from behind.

“Yeah, fuck me like a dog,” Alexa moaned as he gripped her hips and hammered into her.

The new position had allowed her to move so that they were in profile for the camera. She hoped it would let the camera get some nice shots of his cock thrusting in and out of her. The shots of his back as he fucked her against the door probably would’ve been good enough, but she was a bit of a showman and knew that Vanessa would love the new angle.

As Stu fucked her from behind Alexa felt so naughty, like she always did when she had sex in public. Even though she had a feeling Vanessa’s Boy would probably run some interference to keep people from coming in, there was still a chance that anyone could walk in and catch them.

“So fucking tight,” Stuart grunted as Alexa’s cunt gripped and squeezed his cock.

“Oh god, fuck me,” Alexa moaned, feeling the pleasure start to build inside.

She was starting to get into no man’s land where there was a good chance she could be left right on the edge of orgasm. She didn’t know how long Stu was going to last or even if he’d bother to hold off if he thought she was close, so she decided to take matters into her own hands a bit.

“Mmm, ohhhh,” Alexa hissed as she moved a hand down to frig her clit as Stu continued to fill her up so nicely.

Biting her lip to keep from getting too loud Alexa mashed her clit under the tip of her finger and rapidly moved it back and forth. Between the fucking she receiving, the masturbation, and the naughtiness of getting fucked by a stranger in a bathroom, Alexa was building quickly towards climax.

“Come on, Stu, make me come,” Alexa hissed, pushing back to meet Stuart’s thrusts into her.

Everything had already been taking a toll on Stuart even without Alexa begging him to make her come. Her sexy voice alone was really doing it for him without her throwing some dirty talk in there as well. Of course, with her begging, there was no way he could possibly let her down.

Since Alexa already had a hand busy with her clit he moved his hands from her hips up to her chest. Pulling on the ties holding the straps of her dress together he let the top of her dress fall down, giving him access to her tits.

Alexa didn’t have much up top, but what she did have fit her body perfectly. They felt really good in Stuart’s hands too as he cupped them. Squeezing them he pinched her nipples between his fingers and gently twisted in hopes the extra stimulation would help push her over the edge before him.

“Fuck,” Alexa grunted, her body starting to stiffen up in the early stages of orgasm.

Feeling her on the verge Stuart used his grip on her tits to pull her back against him as he increased the speed of his thrusts into her tight pussy. The extra exertion also pushed Stuart dangerously close to coming as well, but he managed to grit his teeth and think about baseball just long enough to get Alexa there first.

“Oh fucking shit,” Alexa hissed, her body spasming as wave after wave of ecstasy hit her.

“I’m gonna come,” Stuart announced, slowing down to keep from coming too soon.

“Come in my mouth,” Alexa gasped, still being wracked by her orgasm.

Pulling out of her Stuart barely managed to get Alexa to her knees in time. He was barely holding on by a thumbnail when Alex’s lips closed around the head of his cock and pushed him over the edge. His eyes rolled back in his head and he groaned loudly as the cum burst out of the end of his cock.

Alexa’s eyes opened wide as the first jet of come hit the roof of her mouth. As the subsequent eruptions followed quickly after Alexa moaned and brought her hand up to her chin to make sure if any leaked out of her mouth she could catch it before it dripped onto her dress.

“Mmm, tasty,” Alexa said, smacking her lips and opening her mouth to show that it was all gone.

* * * * *

“Wow, and she even swallowed,” Vanessa said as she ended the video. “Way to go the extra mile, Lexi.”

“You know how it is, the husband hates when I come home with jizz leaking out of my pussy,” Alexa said, shrugging her shoulders. “And if a guy is going to come in my mouth, there’s no point in wasting it.”

“If more women had that point of view there would be way more happy men out there,” Vanessa said with a laugh. “Since you’re here, why don’t you do the honors.”

“Is there a card in here where two girls have to compete to see which of them can make the picker come? Because if there isn’t, there really should,” Alexa pointed out as she reached into the jar of names.

“I tried that once, but the girls shot it down since I’m usually the one doing the picking. They don’t think it’s fair that the odds would be so skewed towards me getting the benefit of such a challenge,” Vanessa explained. “But if you want we can have our own private challenge later to see which of us can make the other come faster. Since you’re immune right now it’d just have to be for bragging rights though.”

“Next challenger is Nina Dobrev,” Alexa said, reading the name off the card as she fished into the challenge bowl. “And it looks like she has to deep throat one of Vanessa’s Boys.”

“You heard her, Nina, you’ve got until the end of tomorrow to report to my house for your challenge,” Vanessa said into the camera. “If you can’t make it, then you can select your guy by cam and I can have him sent to you, but I really want to watch, so I’ll give you immunity from the next two challenges if you do it in person.”

“Hey, how come she gets extra immunity?” Alexa asked with mock anger.

“Because I said so,” Vanessa said, shrugging off Alexa’s question. “I would’ve given you an extra immunity but your challenge specifically said it had to be a public bathroom and while people are in and out of here a lot, my bathrooms don’t quite qualify as public.”

“Do I get an extra immunity if I make you come first then?” Alexa asked, grinning as she stood up and started pulling Vanessa out of her chair.

“Sure, but that’s only because it’s never going to happen,” Vanessa said, stretching to push the button to kill the cam before Alexa pulled her too far away.

Knob Gobbler

“Glad you could make it,” Vanessa said as she escorted the gorgeous Nina Dobrev through her house.

“I was in town so I figured an extra immunity was worth the trip,” Nina said as Vanessa brought her into the room where everything was set up.

“Okay, the webcam is set to broadcast live to anyone with access,” Vanessa said, pointing at the computer. “I’ve selected five of my helpers to come in for you to choose from. I chose ones that you’ve never seen in action in your previous challenges so you won’t know what they’ve got, but I picked a nice selection for you. A couple are decent size, a couple are more average, but one is downright huge.”

“You’re not trying to scare me, are you?” Nina asked, not even wanting to think about how she was going to deep throat someone Vanessa classified as “downright huge.”

“When you’re ready I can turn on the camera and bring in the guys,” Vanessa said.

“Ready as I’ll ever be,” Nina said, taking a deep breath.

After starting the video feed Vanessa clapped her hands. Immediately a line of men in their early to mid twenties started to file into the room. When Vanessa said she’d picked a nice selection, she hadn’t been kidding. Even with only five guys there was still a nice variety with them ranging in size from very tall to on the short side. There were also several different shades and nationalities to choose from.

“I’ll take him,” Nina said, pointing at the shorter Italian guy.

Nina had hoped that by picking one of the shorter men he’d be less endowed, but when she pulled his pants down she knew she’d picked wrong. While he wasn’t quite “downright huge” he was still pretty damn big. Probably eight or nine inches long and thicker than her wrist, Nina had no idea how she was going to get it into her throat.

“Lucky girl, look at that,” Vanessa said, whistling as the guy’s cock sprang into view.

Taking a deep breath Nina reached out and grasped the cock in front of her. She couldn’t even get her fingers all the way around it and yet she was supposed to deep throat it? Part of her idly wondered how it would feel in her pussy, stretching her out so nicely, but there was no point in that since she was there to suck his cock.

“Remember, you have to take the entire thing into your mouth,” Vanessa reminded Nina. “I want you to be able to lick his balls while it’s in your mouth. You don’t have to make him come, though I’m sure Mike would appreciate it.”

“Sounds fair,” Nina said before leaning in to lick Mike’s shaft from scrotum to head.

“But to keep things moving, I’m going to put you on a clock,” Vanessa said, pulling out a digital timer. “We can’t have you sitting here for three hours trying to finally do it, so I’ll give you fifteen minutes. If you haven’t done it by then, I’m just going to turn Mike loose on you and the show turns into a double feature. Then you get to draw from the penalty jar for good measure.”

“Wait, he gets to fuck me and I still have to draw a penalty?” Nina asked, incredulous.

“Extra immunity means extra risk, so you better get going,” Vanessa reminded her, pointing at the timer that was already counting down. “And when I say I’m going to turn Mike loose, I mean you’re his bitch until he’s done with you. Every hole, every position, everything you could possibly imagine is up for grabs if you don’t do it.”

Wasting no time Nina opened her mouth and quickly wrapped her lips around the cock in front of her. On top of the desire to win and not take a second strike, she now had even more reason to accomplish her goal and find some way to get the entirety of the piece of meat in her hands into her mouth.

While Nina really wouldn’t mind fucking him, she’d never really liked being at the whim of someone else. She wasn’t a domme by any stretch, but she didn’t really like being forced to do whatever another person told her to do. There were a couple other reasons why she was more than a little uneasy about the prospect of being little more than a fuck doll if she lost, but that was the main one.

With just the head inside her mouth Nina was beginning to wonder how she was even going to get even half of his cock in her mouth. Her lips were already being stretched wide and she’d barely scratched the surface. But with her tongue swirling along the underside of the shaft as she went, Nina started to work more of the cock into her mouth.

About halfway down Mike’s cock Nina felt it bump against the back of her mouth and wondered again how she was going to complete her task. She’d deep throated a couple guys before, but nothing compared to Mike. Her last boyfriend had been a fraction of what she was currently working on and the one before that hadn’t been much bigger.

Trying to relax her throat muscles Nina pushed and felt the head start to enter her throat. But before she could get much more than inch inside she started to gag and had to pull back, sputtering and coughing. With her eyes watering Nina took a moment to collect herself before trying again.

“Eight minutes,” Vanessa said, reminding Nina that she was on a clock.

Realizing she’d already used up half of her time Nina tried to ignore the discomfort and took Mike’s cock right back into her mouth. Bobbing her head up and down she worked up a nice sheen of saliva on the shaft before she tried to relax her throat muscles again.

“Five minutes,” Vanessa said as Nina felt her throat start to expand to grip Mike’s cock.

Using all her concentration Nina focused on not gagging. For the most part she succeeded but when she stopped to take a breath through her nose she saw that she still had what looked likes miles to go, though it was probably only a couple inches.

“Three minutes,” Vanessa announced as Nina let the cock slide out of her throat so she could give her muscles a break before trying again.

“Oh shit,” Mike grunted, unable to help himself as Nina started her final assault.

Relaxing her esophagus Nina slowly started to ease Mike’s cock down her throat. As Vanessa made tick-tock noises like a clock behind her Nina kept going, slowly working more of the massive organ down her throat. Finally just as Vanessa started to count down from twenty Nina found her nose pressed against Mike’s pelvis.

“Holy shit, you did it,” Vanessa said, clapping her hands as the timer buzzed.

Reversing course, Nina slowly let the cock slip from her throat. She fought the urge to gag as her throat muscles clenched and tightened around the receding gland. When it was finally all the way out of her mouth Nina coughed and used her hand to wipe up the strands of saliva that were dripping off her chin.

“That was hot,” Vanessa said. “Now scooch.”

“What?” Nina asked as Vanessa pushed her out of the way.

“You won the challenge so you don’t have to do anything more, but look at the poor boy,” Vanessa said, cocking her head in Mike’s direction. “It would be cruel to leave him like that. Besides, I’ve been sitting over there drooling over this thing ever since you went to work.”

With that Vanessa leaned in and practically inhaled Mike’s cock. It was still slick with a thick layer of Nina’s saliva and Vanessa didn’t have nearly as much trouble stuffing it into her mouth that Nina had. She didn’t try to deep throat it though since she was just looking to have a little fun and help one of her helpers avoid a case of blue balls.

“Fuck,” Mike grunted as Vanessa threatened to suck his prostrate out through his cock.

Sucking on the head Vanessa let her hand stroke the shaft. She grinned around the cock stretching her mouth when she felt Mike’s hand grab the back of her head and hold her in place. Still stroking the lower half of his with her hand Vanessa started bobbing her head up and down the top half.

“Gonna come, V,” Mike grunted, feeling his orgasm on the horizon. He’d already been worked up pretty good by Nina’s ministrations, and then with Vanessa’s expert skills piled on top it was a miracle he hadn’t blown his load earlier.

“Let him come on your face,” Nina said, suddenly wanting to see Vanessa’s face covered in cum.

Remembering that the cam was still on, Vanessa decided to give the audience a good show. So she continued to suck on Mike’s cock until she felt it start to swell and throb in her mouth. At the last minute she pulled it out of her mouth and gave it a couple strokes with her hand.

“Ahhhh,” Mike grunted as the first torrent of cum erupted from the end of his cock.

Pointing the spasming organ at her face Vanessa instinctively closed her eyes as she was hit on the bridge of the nose with a blast of scalding hot jizz. She must have turned her head slightly because the next one splashed across her right cheekbone to dribble down her cheek. Shifting her aim Vanessa took the next couple on the other cheek and her mouth.

“How do I look?” Vanessa asked, smiling when Mike had finally spent his load.

“Really hot,” Nina said, marveling at how much white stuff was clinging to Vanessa’s face.

“Tissue?” Vanessa asked, pointing at the box on the desk.

“Or…” Nina said, trailing off as she scooped up a healthy dollop of cream off Vanessa’s face with her finger and bringing it to her mouth. “Mmm, tasty.”

“Come on, I need to clean this stuff off before it dries,” Vanessa insisted. “So either give me a tissue or start licking.”

“Fine,” Nina said, reluctantly handing Vanessa a couple tissues.

“Thanks,” Vanessa said as she used the tissues to wipe her face clean. “Where’d Mike go?”

“He left while you were posing for the camera,” Nina said.

“Darn, I was hoping he could talk you into something more than head,” Vanessa said. “I saw the way you were looking at his cock, don’t tell me you weren’t gushing into panties at the thought of him fucking you.”

“The thought did cross my mind a couple times,” Nina confessed.

“He’s probably just in the bathroom cleaning up,” Vanessa said. “It’s been a while since you broke up with whatshisname so you must be craving cock by now. You should totally go in there and beg Mike to fuck you silly. Just drag him into the guest room and let him spend the next couple hours making you scream so loudly the neighbors have to put on headphones to drown out the noise.”

“That is tempting,” Nina said, seriously considering it.

“Do it, and at some point, I really want to hear you beg him to fuck you in the ass. Oh god, I can just imagine that gorgeous piece of cock stretching out my asshole while he fucks me,” Vanessa moaned, lost in her fantasy.

“I’ve, um, never, you know, back there,” Nina murmured quietly.

“Wait, what?” Vanessa gasped, trying to process what Nina was saying.

“I’ve never had anything in my ass,” Nina said a little louder.

“You never? How?” Vanessa asked, her brain suddenly poring over every one of Nina’s challenges that she could remember and realizing that somehow none of them had involved anal.

It boggled the mind to think just how many anal challenges were in the bowl and yet Nina had managed to miss every single one of them thus far. As far as Vanessa was concerned, it couldn’t be allowed to continue like that. Something needed to be done, and she, as the boss, was the one to do it.

“Okay, I’m bending the rules for the next challenge,” Vanessa announced to the camera. “Rather than draw a challenge, I’m making Nina’s ass the next challenge. I’m going to let her draw a name, and that girl gets the pleasure of fucking Nina Dobrev’s virgin asshole.”

“Wait, what?” Nina gasped, sounding much like Vanessa had moments ago.

“You’re getting your ass fucked one way or the other,” Vanessa informed her. “You’ve got three options. Either I can go get my strap on and take that cherry myself, we can go bring Mike back in here and let him do it, or you can draw a name and let whoever you draw have the pleasure. I’ll even wipe out that strike from when your boyfriend walked in on you while you were being challenged to let a stranger fuck you while bound and gagged. I mean, it really wasn’t your fault that he thought you were being raped and chased the guy off before you could tell him the truth.”

“I guess I’m drawing a name then,” Nina sighed.

It wasn’t like she never wanted to try anal. She’d known it was going to happen at some point if she wanted to win the competition, it just hadn’t happened yet. And of the three, at least by drawing a name she’d get something extra out of it.

“Alrighty then, pick your ass-assin. Hehe, get it?” Vanessa asked, giggling as she slid the jar of names in front of Nina. “Wait, gotta put Lexi back in. I don’t think she’d like it if there was a virgin ass up for grabs and I forgot to put her name back in the bowl.”

“Here goes,” Nina said, taking a deep breath as she reached into the bowl and closed her fingers around a piece of paper.

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