Highland College 6: The Saga Continues…Finally

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Title: Highland College 6: The Saga Continues…Finally

Author: The Chemist

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction and didn’t actually occur. Mature themes so must be older than 18

Celebs: Taylor Swift, Hayden Panettiere, Kristen Stewart, Ashley Greene, Nina Dobrev, Emma Watson, Kelly Brook, Amanda Seyfried, Olivia Wilde, Megan Fox, Dianna Agron

Codes: MF, FFFF, MMF, MFF, MMFF, Anal, DP, Oral, Reluc

Notes: Sorry this took so long to submit but at least its by far the largest of the Highland College (or any story of mine) series. It was ~60% complete for the past year then finally finished it off in the last month or so. Got distracted with a 20 chapter story on the sister site to CSSA which I followed up with a sequel then a bunch of one-shots when certain celebs got stuck in my brain. Anyway finally complete! Part 7 is roughly 50% done and hopefully done by the end of the year if not sooner.

It hadn’t been the smooth transition coming to America that Emma Watson had hoped for. She was enjoying life at the Californian school enough but there was still two major issues that prevented her from fully loving it. One was the fact that her athletic situation wouldn’t allow her to play until next season. She still was able to have all the perks of her full scholarship, including the plush new car the booster at the school gifted her, but she was a competitor and it killed her not being able to play. The second problem was actually two issues; a tall blonde and a short blonde.

“Hayden! Taylor! Wait up,” Emma called out to her roommates.

Both girls rolled their eyes and thought about jumping onto the elevator. Ultimately though, they stopped in their tracks and waited for their English roommate to close up the dorm then run up to them.

“Thanks ladies,” Emma huffed as she ran for the open door. “For a second there I thought you were gonna let it close on me.”

The pair simply exchanged a knowing look between each other before dismissing the English girl’s claim. Emma was a nice person with a happy-go-lucky attitude, but she didn’t endear herself to her new roommates so far. It all started a few weeks ago when the Brit had been on the campus for a grand total of 4 hours and managed to pick up some guy. Taylor and Hayden had nothing against fucking random strangers, but the issue was that she brought back the man for the sex session to their room that the three of them shared. Even though the blonde power couple got off watching and listening to their sexy new bunk mate shagging across the room, they had to be up for 6am practice the next day and Emma decided to have a marathon fuck around until the early hours of the morning.

“So you coming to practice then,” Hayden asked, trying to make conversation with the joyful new girl.

“Yeah! I was going to go to the cafeteria first then maybe tour some of the buildings before hitting the gym. I like this new coach and am hoping to blend in with you girls before the new season in the fall,” Emma replied with a smile. “Listen girls, I just wanted to say I’m sorry for the rocky start and that I sense there is some tension between you two and me and I hate that.”

“Things haven’t been exactly a smooth transition. We were just used to having our own room then we were dumped with you…no offense,” the leggy blonde retorted. “Its just that we are still new to our relationship and the honeymoon phase was cut short by your…unexpected arrival.”

“It was out of my hands. I wanted to arrive at Highland early to get acclimatized to the culture here and the team before I was eligible to play next year, not to mention pick up some extra credits over the summer and they said I’d be splitting a room with two girls from the team and I jumped at the chance,” Emma explained in a long winded sentence.

“We know it wasn’t your fault it’s just that we don’t think so well when we’re sexually frustrated,” Hayden replied. “We try fitting in quickies but mine and Taylor’s schedule are kinda opposites and then when we do have free time we seem to have you with us.”

“I know all about sexual frustrations so can appreciate where you’re coming from. Hell only last week I jumped the bones of some random guy because I was so nervous about being in a new country,” Emma confessed.

“I can appreciate that,” Taylor agreed.

“But I don’t want to impede on any more of your time together so why don’t we work out a schedule or something so I know when to make myself scarce,” the British girl proposed.

“That’s a great idea. How about after practice? There is some cheap movies playing in the campus theatre,” the little blonde said, jumping at the offer.

Emma was more than willing to give her roommates some privacy in the hopes that the pair would warm up to her. She was a strong woman but she couldn’t help but feeling alone and isolated in the new school and figured her teammates would be her first and strongest support network. It had gotten off to an indifferent start, but getting to be friends with Hayden and Taylor would surely start to transition her into a more comfortable state.

The now friendly trio exited the elevator after what seemed like an extra long commute but they were all thankful that the air was now cleared between them. They walked out of their air-conditioned building and began down the path towards the student parking lot. But just as one problem cleared for the new girl, a new one arose.

“Oi! That’s my car,” Emma said as she went running towards the tow truck that was beginning to rig up her car.

“Yeah man, what are you doing,” Hayden said to the tow truck driver, having caught up to her teammate.

“Listen ladies don’t shoot the messenger. I’m just doing my job. Campus security called me and told me to get this vehicle from the resident parking lot since it was parked the wrong way on the curb,” the young man said.

“What’s wrong with parking here? It’s not a fire route,” Emma questioned the surprisingly young man.

“It’s parked the wrong way,” the handsome driver explain.

“Oh yeah, he does have a point,” Taylor said under her breath.

The three girls did their best to explain their predicament to the driver but sadly their efforts were being rebuffed at every attempt. However, being a psychology major did make Hayden more perceptive to the encounter then most. Even though three somewhat hysterical and emotional women outnumbered him, the man kept calm and stayed in control of the situation. She also noticed him occasionally checking them all out, but his eyes seemed to flash towards the sexy Brit more often then not.

“Ladies there isn’t much I can do about it. I have to take it to the impound lot. You can just follow me there, I’ll keep the record of the information and give it to you right after so that it’s a quick ordeal once you get there,” he offered.

“But I don’t have extra cash like that just laying around,” Emma confessed.

“How about this,” Hayden began. “Dave, there is something we want but I know of something you want in exchange. So why don’t we each help each other out here and give everyone what they want.”

“What are you talking about,” he and Emma said at the same time.

“Come on. Your glances, your body language, it’s screaming that you like my friend here,” Hayden said, gesturing to the sexy English girl. “So let’s make a deal. You unhook her car, which would make you a huge hero in our eyes, and Emma here will gladly go on a date with you.”

“Hayden, you can’t just pimp me out,” Emma protested.

“Ponder the offer for a second as we talk to our girl here,” Taylor said, pulling her two friends off to the side. “Listen Emma, the boy is cute, polite but still confident without being cocky. He’s a student here but working on the side so you know he was a good work ethic. Factor in that you are horny and need to be out of the room tonight and I say we have a plan.”

Emma thought about the words of her leggy roommate for a minute before replying: “I guess he is kinda cute.”

“Yeah but only if you like tall, dark and handsome,” Hayden jested.

“I’m totally happy to go on a date with you tonight,” Emma told the man as the trio returned. “If…you know…you want to.”

I…man I’m gonna get in a lot of trouble for this but yeah, I’d love to take you out,” Dave the tow truck driver agreed.

“Great! And don’t worry, she’ll be worth the trouble,” Taylor said to him with a wink.

Dave smiled and unhooked the vehicle from the rig and put his equipment away. They agreed on a time and place for them to meet before he got in his work truck and drove off, very much in a happier state then at the beginning of his work shift.

“So does this make me a prostitute,” Emma asked her teammates.

“No, no. Unless that gets you wet,” Hayden laughed. “You don’t even need to put out if you don’t want.”

“He did me a huge favor, is gorgeous and I’m randy…I’m definitely putting out,” Emma informed. “Now I’m gonna go back to the room and find something to wear for tonight.”

“Care for some second and third opinions,” Taylor offered.

*          *          *

“Alright ladies, gather up,” assistant coach Carrie Underwood announced. “I’d like to official introduce you to your new head coach, Erica Durance.”

“Hello team. I just want to say its great to see you all punctual at practice, it’s a really good start,” Erica said.

“Actually you’re missing Taylor Momsen,” Carrie corrected.

“Oh yes, I’ve heard much about that girl,” Erica replied with an unhappy look on her face. “Anyway, I’ll deal with her later.”

“Let’s hope she kicks her ass off the team,” Ashley Greene whispered to Megan Fox.

“As you’ll come to realize, I’m more of a hard ass then Sarah Michelle Gellar was. I don’t deal well with laziness at practice or fighting within the team, as I hear is a problem with you guys,” Erica started in on her speech.

“I’d love to do anything to her hard ass,” Amanda Seyfried joked to Olivia Wilde.

“Hopefully she’ll be into sex with us. It was one of the only downer’s about coach Sarah,” Olivia replied.

“Other changes will be that the best play will play, regardless of seniority,” Erica continued in her address to the team. “I’ll continue in with the rest of the changes, but you guys are here this morning to practice, not to be bored by my speech. So give me 10 sprints of the full court before we get into some defensive drills.”

Just as the team was about to head to the end wall, Carrie came up to Erica and whispered something in her ear. Erica’s face immediately changed as she realized that she forgot to address the last announcement.

“And one more thing. There is also one more addition to our team. The other new member of the coaching staff is team trainer Kelly Brook. Come on out Kelly,” Erica called.

“Ello everyone,” Kelly said with enthusiasm.

“Oh my fucking gosh,” Vanessa Hudgens commented louder than she thought.

Kelly was a beautiful 30-year-old athletic therapist from England with long, slender legs, a gorgeous smile and a sexy heart-shaped ass. However, her best asset had to be her amazing natural 36-E breasts, which were pushed together to show a massive amount of cleavage in her athletic top.

“I hope she’s lesbian,” Amanda gushed.

“I’d be fine with just bi,” Olivia hoped.

“She has larger tits that Scarlett,” Hayden gasped.

“It’s lovely to meet all of you and look forward getting to know everyone,” Kelly said in her sexy accent. “Over the next day or two I’ll have a conversation with each of you to discuss each of your health issues. I’ll be able to help with any injuries you have or will get plus will be available for massage, nutritional advice or even just someone to talk to.”

“Something tells me you’ll be busy,” Erica joked after looking at all the lust-filled eyes staring at the English beauty.

“I hope so,” Kelly replied quietly, adding in a wink.

“What’s with the crowd? And who the hell are those bitches,” Taylor Momsen blurted out as she entered the gym.

“Taylor I presume. We need to talk,” Erica told the primadonna.

“Seriously who are you? I’m not going to spend ten seconds with you let alone have a full fledge conversation,” Momsen told her new coach.

“Meet our new head coach Taylor. Sarah left since her husband got relocated across the country so Erica Durance is our new coach,” Ashley told her nemesis with a smile since Momsen had really put her foot in her mouth.

“Whip that dumb smile off your face or I’ll fuck you in the ass until you obey me,” Momsen warned.

“Well I was going to do this in privacy but get the hell off my court. You’re done on this team,” Erica announced.

“What? You can’t do that. I have a scholarship,” Taylor replied.

“A scholarship that will be cancelled since you’ve already failed 3 of your first 5 courses. Your talented but you’re a cancer for this team so I’m cutting you out,” Erica told her to the delight of the rest of the team.

“You can’t do this to me! I’m the star of this fucking team,” Momsen screamed.

“You’re dragging this team down with your horrible attitude to you’re done. Feel free to stay at school for the second semester but you are not welcome anywhere near the team,” Erica informed.

“You’ll regret this bitch,” Taylor screamed with tears in her eyes.

The whole team watched as the bitchy blonde stormed off the court. She was still muttering to herself as she slammed open the door and left the gym. The whole team was in a state of awe as their new coach just laid down the new law.

“Sorry for you all to have to see that. But let’s put that behind us and get this practice started,” Erica announced.

“I like her,” Taylor Swift said to the team as they lined up for their warm-up.

After the first 45 minutes of practice, all the girls had worked up a good sweat. A new coach seemed to have motivated them as the team was putting in more work than they usually had been doing. However, it was clear to see that most of the girls had taking a liking to their new trainer.

“You know a bunch of them having been staring at you the whole time, right,” Erica asked.

“I’m well aware, and I think I know how to deal with it,” Kelly replied.

“Good. Focus primarily on those girls,” Erica said, pointing to a few of the players. “Those have been the most distracted so the sooner the better so they can get back to thinking about volleyball and not your massive tits.”

“Consider it done,” Kelly answered with a mischievous grin.

*          *          *


“Hello?” Nina said into her phone, her caller ID not registering who was on the other end.

“Hey lover.”

Nina knew who was calling her instantly. Even though his voice sounded sweet, Zane, Vanessa’s ex-boyfriend, was anything but. Last week so had stormed over to his dorm room to bitch him out for dumping Vanessa but he ended up seducing her. Worse yet, he lied about wearing a condom so Nina let him cum in her. After he kicked her out of his room and she walked back to Vanessa, the cum had creamed out of her and looked like she’d wet herself, much to the embarrassment of her friends.

“What do you want,” Nina said harshly.

“Can’t a guy just call a girl to say hi,” Zane said, clearly trying to wind the sexy brunette up.

“Maybe, but you’re a pig, not a man. I had to take a pill that made me sick for 2 straight days just to make sure you didn’t get me pregnant the other day,” Nina screamed.

“What can I say Nina, condoms just take too much pleasure out of sex,” Zane explained.

“Why did you call,” Nina asked, out of patience.

“I want you to come over tonight,” Zane told her.

“Ha ha. Good one. That’ll never happen,” Nina stated point blank.

“Oh but I think it will. Come over or I tell Vanessa that her best friend spread her legs for me the first night after we broke up,” Zane threatened.

“Like she’ll believe a word you say. I’ll just deny it and there is no away she’ll believe you over me,” Nina explained.

“You’re probably right. It’s a good thing then that I videotaped our encounter the other night,” Zane told her.

Nina was stunned into speechlessness. She wanted to believe that Zane was bluffing, but could she afford to take that bet? If he was telling the truth than her relationship with Vanessa would be over and she’d lose her best friend. Not to mention the new coach was all about removing troublemakers. Nina couldn’t afford to take the risk and not show up.

“You still here Nina?” Zane asked after half a minute of silence.

“You better not be lying. I’ll come over but if there is no tape of us fucking from the other night than I’m leaving. Understand,” Nina said.

“Don’t worry, you’ll be staying. Oh and wear something sexy. Be here by 9pm,” Zane told her before hanging up.

Zane couldn’t help but smile at how the situation had transpired. It was a huge slice of fortune that Nina stormed over to his room a few nights ago, but it was his skill at manipulation that got her on her back. Now he had the sexy girl coming back for another night sweaty sex and if he played his cards right then it could end up being a string nights.

*          *          *

“Ms. Brook? Coach said you wanted to see us,” Amanda said as she knocked on the ajar door.

“Come on in ladies but close the door behind you,” Kelly told them. “It’s always nice to have some privacy.”

“So what can we do for you today,” Olivia asked.

“Please see lick your pussy,” Megan thought to herself.

“So this is just an informal chat between your new team trainer and the three seniors,” Kelly said to Megan, Amanda and Olivia.

“Sure. Sounds good,” Amanda replied with a hint of nervousness by just being spoken to by the gorgeous Brit.

The three girls had been summoned by coach Erica to see the new therapist after the afternoon practice session up in the exercise rehabilitation room. The room had a few massage tables, desk, and office chairs, which were all being occupied at the time being.

“I guess we’ll get started then. Over the next day or two I’ll have one-on-one conversations with everyone and find out who’s hurt where. But I’m not just taking care of injuries. Erica wants me to work on the team’s psyche, so maybe you can help me with some of the more intimate details,” Kelly started.

“We’ll give you all we got,” Olivia replied, trying not to stare at Kelly’s massive cleavage.

“I’d hoped you’d say that,” Kelly grinned. “Are there any trouble makers on the team, other than the recently departed Taylor?”

“Nope. She was really the bad apple but coach Sarah liked her for her potential,” Megan answered. “Your hair looks great today by the way.”

“That’s very sweet of you Megan,” Kelly blushed while using her foot to rub the inside of Megan’s leg up to the mid-thigh. She loved watching as the dark-haired girl shuddered with the look on her face indicating she could cum at any time.

“We’re all actually pretty good friends,” Olivia added.

“Great to hear! What about relationships on the team? Who’s in one, who’s single,” Kelly asked.

“Hayden and Taylor have been dating for awhile now. Vanessa just broke up with her boyfriend and I think that’s it,” Olivia answered.

“And we helped Vanessa get over her break up. We really comforted her,” Amanda added with a smile.

“You’re good people and good team leaders,” Kelly complimented while rubbing her foot in the same fashion she had done with Megan but now with Amanda. She could swear that all the blonde needed was just a light touch on her pussy right now for her to cum.

“Um….awwwwe…is there anything Kelly,” Amanda asked, trying to control herself.

“One last question. What’s everyone on the team’s sexual orientation. We want to improve team chemistry but need to know every detail that could swing the balance,” Kelly asked.

“I’m lesbian but will use cock when needed,” Olivia spat out quickly.

“Full lesbian here,” Amanda answered, raising her hand.

“I was just men but I’m getting into licking pussy a lot lately,” Megan replied excitedly.

“Haha. You guys sure answered quickly. How about the rest of the girls, other than Hayden and Taylor who are clearly into girl-on-girl,” Kelly asked.

“Nina and Vanessa are into guys but full around with each other whenever they’re horny. Ashley is just men, I don’t think she’s into girls much. And not too sure about Emma Watson, she might be bi,” Megan answered.

“Great. I’ll take this info to Erica and we can already have a better idea about you girls,” Kelly said. “Now do you have any questions for me. I’ve asked you a lot of personal questions so feel free to do the same.”

“Are you into girls or boys,” Amanda asked, unable to control herself.

“I’m like Olivia in this regard. Girls are more fun but sometimes you just need a hard dick in you,” Kelly answered honestly.

“Very good,” Amanda was able to choke out.

Kelly got up from her chair and walked around to the other side and was now standing behind the three seated co-eds.

“I just find women to be so much softer and sexier,” Kelly explained while rubbing her hands all over Amanda’s shoulders and arms.

“Yeah women are sexy,” Amanda was barely able to say.

“And they’re so much better at knowing what women want,” Kelly continued behind Olivia, massaging her back lightly before trailing her hands down her sides until roaming over her hips.

“Girls know what girls like,” Olivia said no louder than a whisper.

“And, well, I love how we taste,” Kelly whispered right into Megan’s ear, leaving the sexy girl nearly catatonic.

The three girls couldn’t formulate words or thoughts for awhile as Kelly got back into her seat. The only thing that was running through their minds was a mental picture of them and Kelly taking turns going down on each other, giving one another orgasm after orgasm.

“Any other questions or comments,” Kelly asked them.

“You have great tits,” Megan blurted out, afraid they’d get kicked out of the office if one of them didn’t say something.

“Very kind of you. Thank you. You girls all have nice tits too. Yours seem the biggest Amanda, but Megan and Olivia have some nice perky ones as well,” Kelly replied.

“Are they real,” Olivia asked.

“You tell me,” Kelly asked as she pulled down the straps of her top and revealed her extremely large, bouncy tits.

“They seem real,” Megan finally said after the three players stared at her chest for a good minute or two in complete silence.

“The best to tell if their fake is to suck on them,” Kelly told them, laughing to herself as she saw all their jaws drop in disbelief.

Kelly got to her feet and swiped her arm across her desk to remove any loose papers or objects that were on the surface. Going to the edge, she hoisted her curvy ass onto the wood before leaning back.

“Well come on now,” Kelly encouraged. You two dark haired girls get the boobs and blondie gets the first licks at my pussy.”

The girls nearly sprinted to their designated areas. Megan was the closest and went around the desk so that she could immediately get to work at sucking on one of Kelly’s huge boobs. Olivia did the same on the other side by licking up the outside of the therapist’s tit before focusing her attention on her erect nipple.

With Kelly’s legs dangling off the side of the desk, Amanda got the sexy Brit to lift her ass off the table so that she could peel down her tight fitting yoga pants. Deciding her shirt should be removed as well, Amanda tugged the garment down her waist and down her long, sun kissed legs to show off her impeccable physique.

“You’re a fucking goddess,” Amanda gasped while looking at her body, which was curvy in all the right areas yet slim enough to not have an ounce of fat on her stomach or legs.

“You’re too sweet. Do you like my hairless pussy,” Kelly asked her while having her tits serviced by the two other girls.

“It looks so smooth. May I,” Amanda asked, getting down on her knees between Kelly’s legs.

Amanda got her answer when she felt both of her tanned legs land on her shoulders and used them to pull her in closer. Taking the hint, Amanda licked her lips before running her skilled tongue along to length of the trainer’s slit. Amanda kept up this technique but would either dip her tongue into her hole or lap at her clit, depending at what end so was at.

“Oh my gosh,” Kelly moaned while thrashing her head while being stimulated from her most sensitive areas.

Amanda wanted to please the English goddess more than she’d ever been before. She’d figure if she left a lasting impression than maybe Kelly would come back for more in the future.

“I could lick these tits all day” Megan told her.

“Me too. They’re so big I haven’t even covered the whole boob and my lips are already getting  sore,” Olivia added.

“You can stop if you needed,” Kelly told them in her sexy accent.

“I’d rather lose my fucking lips than stop,” Megan said definitively.

“You taste…so…fucking good,” Amanda gasped after having her air cut off while going down on Kelly for a long time.

“You know it baby. Now get that tongue back in my hole and eat me,” Kelly demanded.

“You read my mind,” Amanda replied before doing exactly as she was told.

“Ohh fuck yes,” Kelly moaned in appreciation for the good work being done on both her pussy and tits.

“Keep tongue-fucking her Amanda,” Megan told her teammate. “She really likes it.”

“Mmppffff…mppfff…mmppffff,” Amanda mumbled as she shoved her tongue repeatedly into the new trainer, filling her tiny hole.

“That’s better captain,” Olivia encouraged. “Spit shine her pussy.”

“Ugggghhhhh,” Kelly grunted.

Encouraged by the deep moans that were coming from Kelly, Amanda dug deeper and worked harder to get the gorgeous Brit to cum on her face. Redoubling her effort, Amanda really drove her tongue into the brunette while also wrapping using her fingers to rub her sensitive clit.

“You two don’t forget about my tits. Suck on my nipples girls,” Kelly told them.

“Yes Ms. Brook,” the brunette pair said in unison.

Knowing that the new coach was getting ready to explode, Megan and Olivia channeled all the reserves of energy they had left in order to give the large-chested woman an orgasm to remember. They each wrangled up a nipple between their lips and began sucking on them like a baby cub would suck on their momma bear’s tit.

“Mmhmm…yesss….that’s great,” Kelly encouraged.

The Brit was so close to her orgasm that it was killing her. She had gotten use to such a high standard of carnal passion that she couldn’t just get off to anyone who jumped into bed with her. Even the girls lacked much experience compared to her normal lovers, Kelly was in luck as the three girl knew their way around another female body.

Amanda continued to plunge three fingers deep into her new coach’s pussy, hooking them once inside to rub down her inner walls and stimulate her G spot. Talented as she was, she was also clamping her lips down on her clit to apply suction and still find the ability to repeatedly flick the sensitive nub with her skilled tongue.

Meanwhile on the top half of Kelly, the pair of brunettes continued to suck on one of the Brit’s massive DD tits. Olivia was using her small hand to pinch the heavy boob to help shovel the pink nipple into her mouth to better please her lover while Megan using solely her mouth on the massive globe while her hands roamed the English woman and palmed at her thick ass.

The perfect combination of the triple stimulation was finally too much for Kelly’s experience mind to comprehend anymore. The little jolts of pleasure that each of the three co-eds was giving to her all combined in the pleasure center of her brain and fireworks began.

“UUGGHHHH….BLOODY HELL,” Kelly screamed into the office as she came.

Amanda heard the roar of the intense orgasm and quickly swapped her fingers buried in Ms Brook’s pussy for her mouth. As Kelly began to cum, the horny blonde was on hand to catch each morsel of her honey-sweet juices onto her tongue and savor the taste. Over and over she moved her tongue throughout the insides of her new coach until she was certain she collected every drop.

“Tasty,” Amanda said as she surfaced from between Kelly’s milk-colored thighs.

“Well share with the others,” Olivia said with a seductive smile.

Standing back up straight, the big-eyed blonde leaned into Olivia and the pair engaged in a rather steamy kiss. Megan couldn’t help but be jealous as she watched the sexy pair make out in front of her, no doubt enjoying the pussy juice’s that came from Kelly’s twat.

“Don’t worry Foxy, didn’t forget about you silly,” Amanda told the dark-haired girl.

Giving a last peck to Olivia’s lips, the blonde leaned to her right and brought the gorgeous Megan into a powerful lip lock. Megan immediately began searching with Amanda’s mouth for the last remains of Kelly’s cum and was quite happy to find that the sweet taste was omnipresent in her captain’s mouth.

“Tasty is right,” Megan agreed.

“Well thank you for the lady snog and I hate to be licked and run, but I really do need to be off,” Kelly told the trio as she began gathering her clothes.

“Oh, ok,” they replied.

“Don’t worry. I have a very open door policy, if you know what I mean,” Kelly assured the trio with a seductive wink.

*          *          *

Ashley had met up with her best friend Kristen Stewart to hang out for a bit. Although they seemed like an odd pairing to be so close to one another, they somehow managed to be exactly who the other person needed. Ashley was very girly but still a tomboy at heart who loved sports, which couldn’t be the furthest thing from Kristen’s passions. However, they had enough in common that a friendship started last year and only seemed to strengthen by the day.

And that was why Ashley felt that it would be okay to tell Kristen the truth about her. The leggy brunette wanted to tell her for the longest time but couldn’t work up the courage to do so. She was so worried about how her best friend would take the news about how she was essentially a hooker. Well not essentially, she was indeed a full-blown sex-for-money whore, a prostitute, a woman of the night. But it was now to the point that Kristen needed to know about her situation and Ashley prayed that it would all work out for her.

“Kristen, you’re my best friend, right?” Ashley asked.

“Of course. Why are you even asking me that Greener,” Kristen replied, Ashley with her full attention now.

“I’m in a bit of a bind. Actually, I’ve been in trouble for awhile now but been keeping it a secret from everyone, including you. I think it’s time to come clean,” Ashley said.

“You can tell me anything,” Kristen responded, hoping that her best friend wasn’t in too much trouble.

“Well my volleyball scholarship covers tuition but not my room, and food. I lost my bank loans back in October and all the part-time jobs I got either interfered with volleyball or didn’t pay enough,” Ashley started.

“Okay so if you need a place to crash I can help you out sweetie,” Kristen sympathized.

“I knew you’d say that but I didn’t want to burden you. Plus I’d just by putting more stress on your relationship with Bobby by always being around,” Ashley told her.

“So what have you been doing for money the past 6 months,” Kristen asked.

“Well, I’ve kinda been sleeping with guys for money,” Ashley said sheepishly.

“You what?” Kristen gasped, shocked beyond belief.

“I know it sounds crazy and truthfully I’m not proud of it but I’m just trying to do what I need to do. I’ve made it as safe as possible but making them wear condoms at all times. Plus the sex is always being monitored by a guy for my protection in case they get rough,” Ashley informed her best friend.

“Ashley that’s crazy! You shouldn’t being doing this. There must be another way,” Kristen shouted.

“I’ve thought of everything Kristen and there is no other solution. All jobs would want me to work weekends but we travel for volleyball games and I can’t give that up or I lose my scholarship,” Ashley admitted.

“So why are you telling this to me know,” Kristen asked.

“Somehow word spread about me. A regular client of mine here at the school somehow had his dad learn about what I’ve been doing here. The father is from Texas and into oil so has boatloads of money. He’s offering me $10,000 dollars for one night,” Ashley told.

“Whoa. How good are you,” Kristen blurted out.

“Apparently pretty good,” Ashley laughed. “There’s one slight problem though.”

“What’s that,” Kristen questioned.

“Well the businessman is bringing a friend or business partner or something. Anyway, he needs me to bring someone with me,” Ashley told her.

“You better not mean what I think you’re saying,” Kristen warned.

“I wouldn’t come to you if I wasn’t so fucked. With this much money I could quit whoring myself out. I’ve tried other people Kristen but you’re my last chance. If you say no then I don’t get this job and have to do another hundred small jobs,” Ashley said. “Even then there is no time to make that much money before I need it.”

“I have Bobby. I can’t cheat on him,” Kristen replied.

“I thought you too were on the rocks? That’s what word around campus is. Plus you should deal with some nasty rumors about you and Tyler hooking up,” Ashley told her.

“Yeah, rumors,” Kristen nervously said.

“Just think about it and let me know, that’s all I ask,” Ashley said to her.

“Well if we’re being truthful then I have something to add too. The Tyler thing is more than a rumor, it’s cold hard fact,” the redhead hung her head in shame.

“You little slut,” Ashley gasped while playfully slapping her on her arm. “Good for you to broaden your horizons.”

“No it’s not good. It’s far from good. I cheated on him Ash,” Kristen stressed.

“You made a mistake. So what? You’re human after all. Nothing has changed really; you still love Bobby. Gotta ask though, how was he?”

“Crazy hot! He’s a real stud and treated me so…dirty. I wanted it rough and Bobby said he couldn’t do that to me but Tyler sure did. He fucked my face, destroyed my pussy and even…went in my ass,” Kristen shared, whispering the last part.

“And what did you think of it all,” Ashley asked with real interest.

“Loved every second of it. Even the anal, which surprised the hell out of me,” she replied.

“So jealous of you. But here’s my last sale’s pitch to you. I need this money because I want to come back to the school next year and finish my education or I lose my future. And for that I need your help. Yes you’ll be cheating on Bobby but you already did once and that was for pure selfish reasons…sorry but true. This time it would be to save me so please Kristen, I need you,” Ashley pleaded.

“Hmm. But this is it right? You’ll be done with…selling yourself for good afterwards. Or is this like some cheesy action flick where you will always be lured back into action time after time,” the petite redhead questioned.

“It’s my solemn vow to you Kristen Stewart that I’m out after this and never looking back,” she promised.

“It’ll be tough explaining this to Bobby but that’s future Kristen’s problem. I’ll help you out Greener,” Kristen agreed.

“Oh thank you thank you thank you sweetie. I’m so sorry to put you in this position but I’d knew you’d be the only one to understand and come through for me!”

“Just so you know, this doesn’t mean I approve of what you’ve been doing or even like you very much right now. But I’d rather have one shitty night then lose you for the next couple of years at this school. Just tell me when and where…and what to wear. I’m so new to the prostitute game,” Kristen joked uneasily.

“The where is the Plaza downtown…”

“The Plaza! Shit that’s fancy,” Kristen interrupted.

“They’re paying us 10 grand so they have money,” Ashley replied. “And what to wear is pretty simple for you. You have a super slim body and legs that go on for days. I mean seriously, you’re like 70% lower limb. So throw on that really fitted red dress you wore to the winter dance, you know the one that barely comes much further down than that plump little ass of yours.”

“Detailed, very detailed,” Kristen blushed.

“Come on babe, we’ve been in a three-way before so I’m pretty comfortable discussing your tight little body,” Ash reminded her. “And it’s tonight so I know it’s not a ton of time but it’s the way it is.”

“Okay then I have to go. Maybe I should clear the air with Bobby first and see what happens with us,” Kristen shared.

“I’d wait until after tonight. I don’t want him fucking with your head then have you back out on me,” she told her.

“Fine. I’ll go home and get ready and just tell him I’ll be crashing with you tonight,” Kristen agreed.

“Good. I’ll pick you up around 9.”

*          *          *


“Hello Nina,” Zane greeted as he opened the door.

“Yeah whatever. Let’s see this tape that you have,” Nina responded as she stormed into his room.

“Doesn’t my word mean anything to you,” Zane asked, looking offended.

“Fuck off Zane. I knew you were full of shit. There’s no video is there,” Nina shouted, her anger on full view.

“Hit play Jay,” Zane called out.

Nina hadn’t even noticed the other guy sitting on the couch behind her when she stormed into the dorm room in her blinding rage. Following instruction, Jay grabbed the remote off the coffee table and clicked on the film.

“Oh yes Zane! Keep fucking me just like that,” Nina screamed.

Nina was in horror as she watched herself on the screen. She viewed herself with her legs spread wide with Zane between them pounding into her. Zane couldn’t help but smile as the sexy brunette realized she was trapped in the web that he had weaved for her.

“I’ve watched it like 10 times in the past few days. It’d be perfect if I could edit out Zane’s head and put mine in there,” Jay told the leggy co-ed.

“You look great on camera. You are getting fucked silly yet your hair remained flawless,” Zane joked.

“Yeah really. She doesn’t have a single ounce of fat on her, other than in that sweet ass and tits,” Jay added.

“Okay just shut up for a minute and turn that crap off,” Nina shouted. “What do you want?”

“Isn’t it obvious? You silly,” Zane informed her.

Nina had already known what the perverted boy wanted but she had hoped prior to hearing him officially tell her. She knew she had made a mistake the first time that she had sex with him as if news of that encounter ever got out would ruin her relationship with her best friend Vanessa Hudgens, not to mention alienate her from the rest of her volleyball teammates.

“What’s he doing here,” she asked, nodding her head in the direction of the boy on the couch.

“That’s my cousin Jay. He’s visiting me at for the weekend because he’s thinking of going here in the fall. I promised him a good time, hence why he’s here right now,” he told her.

“So you are going to force me to have sex with him,” Nina summarized.

“No no no. I’m blackmailing you into having sex with us,” Zane said as he advanced on her to stand directly in front of the brunette.

Nina gulped and knew that the bastards had her dead to rights. She desperately didn’t want her former tryst with Zane to see the light of day and was prepared to do whatever it took to get the evidence and have it destroyed. She felt Zane reach out and rub her arms through her coat and did nothing to stop him. Looking up into his soft eyes, she could feel his hands glide up her limbs until he clutching the hem of her jacket and peeling it back off her shoulders. She hadn’t noticed Jay get up from the couch, but he was now standing behind her. As his cousin pushed the jacket off her shoulders, Jay took over and dragged it down her arms before throwing it onto the floor.

“So glad you listened,” Zane whispered.

The boy was referring to his request that she wear something sexy to his apartment. As he moved his hands from her arms to her chest, he kneaded her B-cup sized boobs through the black satin bra she was wearing. Nina realized that Zane was probably not lying when he told her he had taped their sex from last week so she decided to wear only a bra and thong under her long jacket.

“What an ass,” Jay exclaimed as he gripped both of her plump cheeks. “I bet you do yoga. And your skin is so beautiful.”

“Thank my Bulgarian heritage I guess,” Nina replied even though neither boy particularly cared for what she had to say.

Nina had to wonder if the two cousins had seduced women together in the past as they were working with great teamwork. Jay’s strong hands were focused on unhooking her bra, which he did with little ease. At the same time, Zane had crouched down so that he could pull her tiny black thong from her waist, down her impossibly long legs and away from her altogether. As he stood back up and took one of her pink nipples into his mouth, Jay sunk to his knees and began kissing and kneading her cheeks. Nina instantly realized that the new man was an ass man, as he was now licking her virgin butthole while simultaneously rubbing her pussy. Even though she would never willingly engage in this situation, she felt her body betraying her as her folds were increasingly becoming wet.

“Let’s discuss terms,” Nina said.

“Pretty simple. Fuck us until we cum and you can have the tape,” Zane told her in between swapping sucking on her left tit for her right.

“Fine,” Nina agreed. “Get naked then sit on the couch.”

Zane loved how easily he could manipulate the young Canadian to bend to his will. He knew that she wouldn’t want her friends learning how much of a traitor she was, but he did expect her to fight harder against being forced into a threesome. It made him think that Nina was just looking for any excuse to fuck men, regardless of the moral dilemma.

Pulling his shirt off his lean body, Zane followed that up by yanking down his pants and boxers in one swoop. Jay was still unbuckling his large belt buckle, so Zane went over to the sofa and sat down on it, just like the olive-skinned beauty instructed. Nina followed the naked boy over to the back of the room and got down on her knees in front of him. Even though she had seen him naked before, she was still caught off guard by seeing his impressive length. He was semi-erect already, but after she wrapped her hand around his shaft and stroked it a few times, he grew to his full size of a whole foot in length.

“I believe you compared me to the size of your arm,” Zane smiled as he noticed the look of shock on the girl’s face.

“It’s very impressive…ahhh,” Nina said before being interrupted.

Jay had finally wrangled his jeans off and took up the position directly behind the beautiful co-ed. Just like earlier, Nina hadn’t heard him approach her and only realized he was there when he pushed the tip of his manhood into her pussy. Although he was no slouch in the length department, Jay still paled in comparison to his cousin. However, his 7-inch penis was still a challenge for most girls given the fact that it was an impressive 3 inches in girth. Throw into the mix that she hadn’t been warmed up in any way, it was no wonder that Nina’s attention levels dropped from Zane and her chorus of grunts could be heard ringing out throughout the paper-thin walled room.

Jay was slowly inserting his cock into the leggy girl one inch at a time. In his past sexual experiences, he had learnt that his size made it hard on girls initially, so he had to start at a snail’s pace before he could really start thrusting into them. Nina was no exception, although it helped immensely that the brunette was very wet, quite experienced and also distracted. She currently had her lips perched in a perfect “O” around his cousin’s shaft and bobbing her head along the first half of his length.

“Ughh…I think you’re blowjobs keep getting better and better,” Zane complimented while resting his hands on the top of her head, messing up her hair.

“Dude, her pussy feels great. So tight,” Jay shared.

Nina felt like a dirty whore as her body was being used on both ends but two guys that didn’t give a shit about her. However, she was determined to make the best of the situation so she tried to block the negative aspects from her mind and focus solely on the task at hand. She was appreciative that Jay had started slowly given his width, but now he had picked up the pace and was gliding his entire length into her snatch with ease. It felt great for her as he was big enough to hit all the right spots and his massive girth stretched her out immensely, giving her a little extra pleasure. At the other end, she was determined to give Zane another great blowjob, not as a reward for him, but rather a penance for herself. She didn’t think a soul alive would be able to deep throat the man, however she was doing her best to please him by taking as much of him into her mouth, even nearly gagging herself in the process. His words told her she was doing a very good job, but she had to give some credit to Jay, who was making her moan, which just made the blowjob to his cousin all that much better.

“You’ve got such a smackable ass,” Jay told her before bring his palm down right onto her thick behind.

“Mmphh,” Nina grunted in a mix of pain and pleasure.

As his cousin slapped the girl’s ass fairly hard, Zane got an idea. The smack had made Nina groan from the sudden stinging sensation and resulted in her opening her mouth and throat further. In the split second it was gaped, Zane felt the tip of his dick enter into her throat. Knowing that his timing had to be perfect, he waited until his cousin’s large hand whipped down against her olive-skinned booty again then he pushed down hard on her head. He immediately felt the pressure around his cock increase significantly as his tip was propelled into her gullet.

“Fuck that’s a great feeling,” Zane grunted.

The sensation of having his dick squeezed by her powerful throat muscles was majestic, but he knew it couldn’t continue forever. Being sure that the submissive Canuck wasn’t without air for too long, Zane released his grip on the back of her head and allowed her to pull completely from his shaft. As she gasped for air Zane noted the thick strings of saliva still connecting her lips to his cock.

“Easy up okay,” she said while looking up at him with her big soft eyes.

Zane always loved pushing a woman’s limits to find out what they could or would do. Having learnt Nina’s for oral he didn’t overdo it from that point on and just let her work his gland with a combination of her talented mouth and fist. He was also reminded of how loud she was during sex, as even though she was initially blackmailed into spreading her legs she was clearly enjoying herself. Jay kept ramming into her from behind with his exceptional girth and was hitting all her right places, enabling the olive-skinned beauty to moan and scream.

Just to confirm how good a time that Nina is having, in between her moans Zane could hear the slapping his cousin’s cock as it was impaled into her pussy. That amount of noise could only mean she was gushing her fluids all over his meat pole as it sawed into her tight hole.

Because of Jay’s good work at pleasing her, Nina had apparently loosened up. Now embracing the sexual situation, the volleyball player stopped teasing Zane and began deep throating him, much to his amusement. Her skills were impressive as she was able to take most of his 12 inches of hard cock down her throat all while making only small gagging noises. Zane didn’t think his member getting hugged by her throat could feel any better, but he was wrong. The pounding by his cousin was still having quite the effect on the girl with the heart-shaped ass as he continuously pushed her to the height of ecstasy, which caused the vibration her vocal cords from her screams to transfer onto Zane’s most sensitive body part.

“Oh shit…wanted to last longer…oh well,” Jay panted heavily. “UUGGHHHH!”

Nina knew that the big hairy man behind her had surely just came. All the traditional signs were there; loudest grunt of the session, wild and erratic thrusts for the past minute, powerful jab forward with his cock that stayed buried deep in her twat plus the near bone-bruising grip of his strong hands on her perfectly rounded hips.

“You asshole! Why would you cum inside me with having a condom on,” Nina cursed with anger. Of course Zane was both pissed for having his great blowjob interrupted while also thankful because he too was worried of getting caught up in the moment and blowing his load early.

“That’s your problem now,” Jay told her while pulling his sticky, softening cock from her wet hole. “Might not want to let her back around your cock with her mouth while she’s this angry cousin. Just a word to the wise.”

“Shame you couldn’t have lasted longer because she’s a hell of a ride,” Zane told him. “But I always did prefer not to share.”

Knowing that Jay was now out of contention, the forced three-way was down to just her and Zane. Even though she wasn’t planning on enjoying herself, Jay really knew his way around a pussy. Nina was even nearing an orgasm before the oaf lacking self-control squirted his love juices prematurely into her fertile womb. She was pissed last time when Zane did it and now she had the pleasure of a day of being violent ill in order to make sure she didn’t pop out a mini Jay in 9 months time.

“One down, one to go. Where do you want me,” Nina asked in an annoyed tone.

“Someone appears full of spunk. Let’s put it to good use and have you go for a long ride,” he instructed her.

Nina had no complaints about his latest request, in fact she preferred that position. Not only did it give her some control that doggy style or lying on her back didn’t, it also proved to be a rather effective workout allowing her to simultaneously burn calories and tone her leg muscles. Rocking backwards on her knees, Nina propelled herself from the hard ground back to her feet. Zane was still sitting on the couch with his back pressed against the cushions so she approached him and attempted to place each of her long, olive-skinned legs on either side of his body but was stopped.

“You said to ride your dick,” Nina asked, sounding pissed.

“And I want you to do that. But no disrespect to your face, which is beautiful, but I’d prefer to stare at that rock-hard ass you’re sporting back there,” he informed her.

With a heavy sigh to portray her growing frustration, the Canadian student turned her back to Zane. Nina widened her stance before scooting backwards until she felt the soft material of the sofa rub up against her muscular yet still feminine calves. But before she could bend her knees and take him inside her, Nina jumped out of surprise when his strong hand came crashing down onto her wonderfully meaty ass.

“Awwhh,” she groaned, more due to the shock than the very mild pain.

With Nina already in the perfect position and a nice red handprint forming on her luscious ass, Zane was now prepared to fuck the younger girl’s brains out. Grabbing two handfuls of her bubble butt, the manipulative man moved her pelvis lower so it headed in the direction of his saliva-covered cock. With a simultaneous pull on her hips and stab up of his own Zane drove the first few inches of his massive cock into the girl. Nina had to scramble in order to get her legs back under her and regain balance all while he continued grasping her slim hips with both his strong hands to better work more of himself into her.

“Oh my God I forgot how fucking huge you are,” Nina screamed.

With her pussy already gushing wet from Jay’s enjoyable performance earlier, Nina and Zane were both able to reap the benefits. The long-dicked man had no trouble making her take every inch of his shaft inside her moist heat while Nina was more than glad to accomplish this feet. With her now set-up and stable with her feet planted firmly on the floor she was at a good angle to have his bulbous head grind along her pleasureful G-spot every time he thrust deep into her.

“Give her hell cousin,” Jay cheered on with half-closed eyes from his slumped position across the room on a computer chair.

Nina was practically straight up vertical at this point with her long legs barely bent as she bounced on Zane’s lap. He was no lazy lover even though she was being quite active, Zane was thrusting his ass off the couch each time she lowered her lean body down. The result was a colossal collision of sweaty body hitting sweaty body with his dick driving as far inside her pussy as he could have ever have hoped for.

Of course it was lunacy for either one of them to think that they could keep this frantic up for more than a couple of minutes. Eventually they began to slow down until Zane was sitting flat on the couch and allowed Nina to simply lift her pussy up and down half of his length.

But this was only being used as a breather for the extremely physically fit volleyball player. After needing only a few moments of rest, Nina sank deep on his pole so every inch of his well-endowed cock was buried in her snatch. Just as he reached around her to take each of her well-sized tits into his hands, Nina dug her heels in and began grinding her ass on his lap. His cock was circled around, rocked about and touched every surface of her twat as they both basked in the sensation.

“Still so fucking tight despite being a big slut,” Zane grunted threw gritted teeth.

“Whorish enough to know what men like,” Nina remarked.

And with that comment just freshly out of her mouth, the sexy co-ed swung her legs inside so that they were now between his much hairy limbs. He tugged on her nipples one last time then she rocked her hips forward one last time before diving forward. Her feet stayed rooted on the floor so the end result was that her face and tits were nearly on the ground with her ass elevated up in the air. She put her hands done to help steady herself then mentally patted herself on her back for all those long hours daily of doing intense yoga.

With Nina bent forward at practically a 90-degree angle, Zane implementation of having her ride him reverse cowgirl worked perfectly. Sure he didn’t have her soft tits to squeeze any longer, but he had the delicious sight of her rounded ass to fix his lust-filled eyes on. He needed no reminder or invitation in order to shoot his arms forward and take each of her perfectly formed cheeks into his hands and knead them firmly.

“Damn we go well together,” Zane groaned while she worked her pussy over his entire length. “And we fuck so great.”

“Better than you and Vanessa,” she asked between moans. She didn’t know why she blurted that out but in the heat of the moment with his dick sawing into her, she supposed she wanted her ego stroked.

“Don’t you know it,” he answered without thinking of what his truthful response would have been.

The Canadian continued to make her rump raise up then inevitably descend back down his pole for the next long passage of time. Both had lost track of the actual time, just as they’d lost track of how many times Nina brought herself to orgasm. The constant grinding of her G-spot and her own hand rubbing her clit had made her cum a bunch while she still worked to get Zane to his own climax.

Luckily for him, Zane had spent years mastering how to withstand his own orgasm. It was a long and tedious process but the rewards were well worth the trouble. It had impressed many of women, including Vanessa Hudgens and currently Nina for a second time. But even he had limits and the dark-haired beauty was steadily reaching them. That’s when an idea came to him after seeing her ass in the air and her tightly pressed hole at the epicenter. He figured it was worth a shot since this would clearly be the last time fucking this co-ed. He brought his thumb to his mouth to apply some spit then placed the moistened digit against her tiny backdoor.

“What are you doing,” Nina retorted in the expected phrase Zane was waiting for.

Once again the psychology major made the sexy girl jump but this time in response to his fingertip contacting her tightly clenched asshole. Nina wasn’t the biggest fan of anal as her past experience proved rather painful. She didn’t know if it was because the guy was too big or maybe too excited and fucked her harder than she could handle, but in an event she had no desire to take a stiff one up her arse. She was going to get Zane to stop rubbing her rosebud, but decided against it. After all if the pervert was happy enough just playing with her bumhole then maybe he’d get off quicker and end this nightmare.

“Just relax. Most girls like it. Won’t go any further than this,” Zane assured her.

He smiled to himself when the younger girl resumed riding his cock with just as much energy as before the brief pause. His ploy worked brilliantly but he couldn’t give himself all the credit as she must have been a little curious about anal in order to let him play with her backdoor. So with her permission obtained, Zane moved his thumb in short circles over her puckered anal entrance. He couldn’t help noting how adorable it was watching her tremor whenever he applied extra pressure, but it did give him an idea.

“You have such a cute asshole baby,” Zane complimented her while still rubbing her rosebud.

“Thanks,” Nina moaned, unsure of how to better reply to his comment.

With the Canadian still bouncing energetically on his lap, Zane could feel her efforts taking a toll on his impressive resistance. Still having one last thing to accomplish before allowing himself his sweet release, he slowed his digit’s circular motion until it came to rest dead center of her sphincter. He timed it just right so that the next time she threw her hips back to him and engulfed his cock, he thrust forward with his hand so his thumb disappeared inside her ass.

“Wwhheeww,” Nina shrieked in surprise.

Not wanting his surprise to be over too soon, he gripped her hip tightly with his free hand to prevent her from scooting forward. By holding her still he allowed her consciousness to become aware that she was hurt and to get use to the new sensation.

“See it’s in and no pain right,” he told her.

Nina wanted to be mad at the blackmailing man but it was hard to be when she did in fact give him permission to play with her butthole. She had even less of an argument when there wasn’t any pain to accompany the anal intrusion. In fact, it only felt different and a little weird when his finger penetrated her rectum and the longer it was in there the better it felt.

“Shit that feels so good,” Nina moaned, just quiet enough so Zane couldn’t hear her. “Don’t stop…getting close.”

Zane could hear her murmurings but wasn’t able to make out the exact words. That wasn’t important to him though since he knew she was immensely enjoying herself. He figured she couldn’t be able to last much longer without reaching her long awaited orgasm, but that suited him just fine since he was pretty damn close as well. Actually his was coming quite soon but he refuses to finish before she had, common courtesy and all. Reaching around her body with his free hand he used his middle finger to seek out and rub her exposed clitoris.

“UUGGHHHHH,” Nina screamed as she came with the slightest of touch to her clit being enough to catalyze her orgasm.

“Thank God,” Zane said to himself. “Need to cum.”

“Not in me please,” Nina commented.

“Fine but I want you to use you hands to pull on your ass cheeks,” he told her.

Relieved that he agreed not to come in her unprotected pussy she listened to his demand. Her mind was still cloudy from her orgasm so she didn’t give thought to his intention. He withdrew both his cock from her pussy and thumb from her ass and began stroking his very slick shaft, still coated in copious amounts of her juices. It didn’t take long before he was ready to explode.

“UUUGGHHH,” Zane grunted as his semen bubbled up from his balls and started flying out of his tip.

Even though it had only been his thumb in her asshole, it was still enough to cause the tight hole to be gaped. Her hands pulling her cheeks apart allowed her rectum to remain open to him and be the target for his load of cum. With impressive aim he shot 4 streaks right at the opening and caused her anus to receive his sticky gift.

“Well that was…something,” Nina commented.

“Just clean up, grab the video from the player and leave,” Zane told her.

Nina gave him a cold look before gathering up her bra and panties and taking them to the washroom with her. She emerged a few minutes later in her undergarments before throwing her long coat back on. After one another cold glance in Zane’s direction she retrieved the disc of her sex video and broke it in half.

“Don’t call,” she said before slamming the door behind her.

*          *          *

“What do you guys think of this one,” Emma asked, emerging from behind the shade.

“Holy crap you’re beautiful,” Hayden exclaimed, jaw nearly slamming against the floor.

“Yeah really,” Taylor agreed. “I wanna fuck you right now even if it upset Hayden.”

“Wouldn’t upset me because I’d be right there with you,” the short blonde girl added.

Emma wore her honey brown hair down so it draped down over her shoulders and framed her pretty face. But the real highlight was the little black dress that hugged her fit body. It was low cut to show off her modest cleavage and clung tightly onto her flat stomach and over her rounded hips. Her ass really stuck out, no doubt aided by the black high heels she wore, with the dress ending just pass the cleft of her cheeks. And despite being only average height for a girl, Emma’s legs appeared longer in the super short dress making them appear to go on for days while donning a pair of satin black stockings.

“That poor boy is definitely going to blow his load before the dinner is even done,” Hayden laughed.

“Hopefully he can hold out a little longer than that,” the Brit said with a half smile.

*          *          *

*          *          *

“Hey Clay, what you up to,” A.J. asked as he walked into his friend’s room.

“Just chatting up this girl on the computer,” Clay replied.

“She anything special,” A.J. asked.

“See for yourself,” Clay offered.

“Wow. Pretty face, long blonde hair. Tight body. Classically beautiful yet still smoking hot. Bravo,” he critiqued.

“Yeah I know right,” Clay replied as he was high-fived by his friend.

“You nail her at all,” A.J. asked.

“Not yet but if things go right then probably on the weekend,” Clay replied as he typed back to the pretty blonde.

“I don’t recognize her. What’s her name,” A.J. inquired.

“Dianna Agron. She’s a senior…in high school,” Clay smiled.

“Oh shit. That’s awesome. Dipping back into the teen pool never sucks. They’re so willing and eager to get experience, especially with college guys,” A.J. said.

“I know. It’s almost like shooting fish in a barrel,” Clay joked. “Anyway she’s driving down here tomorrow so I’ll need you to crash somewhere else.”

“Sure thing bud, no problem. I’ll just hook up with one of those slutty volleyball players and sleep at their place. I get sex and a bed to sleep in,” A.J. answered. “Wait. How’d you even meet her?”

“I live in the same town as her. When I was home for Christmas her parents hired me to give her guitar lessons. She thought I was awesome because I was in college and played in a band. Then I flirted and made her dad forbid her from dating me, which only made her want me more. Her parents have gone on vacation and left her the car this weekend so I get laid tomorrow,” Clay explained.

“My man,” A.J. laughed before he and Clay talked about how hot Dianna was in hundreds more of her photos.

*          *          *

“Hey it’s me. I’m out front,” Ashley spoke into her cell phone.

“Coming,” Kristen replied.

Kristen didn’t like this situation one bit but then again she didn’t like the prospect of finishing the next two years of university without her best friend. She always had a hard time making friends as she was rather unpopular in high school. She supposed it was due to her being rather shy and introverted, although her guarded, bitchy attitude when someone did get close didn’t help matters. But right from the beginning at Highland College she and Ashley hit it off and now she’d do anything for the striking brunette, even sell her body for money apparently.

“You look…amazing sweetie,” Ashley gawked as her friend sauntered towards her car.

Immediately the pale skin over Kristen’s cheeks went as red as the dress she was wearing. True to Ashley’s description earlier, the dress was rather short but in all the right ways. Kristen possessed a pair of impossibly long legs that were lean yet still strong looking and the appeal did wonders to show them off, helped by the hair of fancy silver high heels she paired with the outfit. The top was low cut and she wore a push-up bra underneath in order to maximize the cleavage her average sized tits could produce. She also wore her dark red hair down and more over to one side in her typical fashion, it reaching down to her mid-shoulder blade level.

“Thanks Ash,” she replied. “Now let’s hurry up and get there before I chicken out or vomit from nerves or something.”

“And with that lovely image in our heads, lets go have sex for the next 10 hours straight,” Ash joked.

The drive to the hotel in the downtown part of the site was tense and full of silence. Ashley didn’t want to force awkward conversation at the risk of making Kristen second think her decision to help her out here tonight. She offered to give Kristen half the money but the redhead refused as she felt that by not accepting funds for sex then she could have a clearer conscious. Ashley didn’t care how flawed her reasoning was, as long as she was there in the room with one of their cocks buried in her tight pussy.

“Hello ladies, how may I help you this evening,” the flirtatious hotel lobby employee greeted them.

“Hi, we here to see Mr. Roth in…”

“In the penthouse suite. Yes he’s noticed us about how he’s expecting guests. Here’s the cardkey for the elevator and just click the PH button. Enjoy your stay with us,” he informed them.

“He totally knew we were prostitutes,” Kristen whispered to her brunette friend once in front of the metallic elevator doors.

“Just stay calm. And remember, you’re not a prostitute. Only I am and that only applies until morning. Then I’m a free woman, just a college volleyball player with all this in the past,” Ashley reminded her.

Her words seemed to have a soothing effect on the rattled redhead as it stopped her nervous chatter and hair tossing. The shorter girl still seemed on edge but Ashley was confident things would be okay once they got on the lift and began their ascent to the top of the 5-star hotel. The sexy brunette used the wall mirror to give herself one last check before they arrived at their destination. She too was in the same build mould as Kristen, but had a couple extra inches on the diminutive redhead not to mention a thicker frame from years of elite sports. She elected to wear a silver dress that made her tanned skin look more radiant as an effect. She was also blessed with great legs so the dress was short to show them off but she had more in terms of boobs than Kristen and her dress made best use of that asset.

“Alright babe, it’s go time,” the brunette declared as they stepped off the lift and approached the door at the end of the short hall. It was crack open just slightly but had good enough manners to knock rather than barge in.

“Come in,” a deep voice with a funny accent responded.

“Mr. Roth? I’m Ashley and this is my friend…Bella,” she announced, deciding to use a fake name for Kristen, which she appreciated.

“While come have a seat on the couch. And please call me Clark, after all we’ll be knowing each other a lot better soon enough,” he laughed.

The two nervous girls did well to hide their feelings towards their employer for the evening. Stepping further into the room they approached the large sofa unit in the middle of the massive room. Before they could sit opposite of the pot-bellied Texan, the man donning the cowboy hat patted the two seats beside him. With his intended seating positions now known to the lovely ladies, they altered their course and took up the places right beside him. No sooner had their perfect asses sank into the material when his heavy arm wrapped around their shoulders, pinning their lithe frames against his much larger and soft one.

“Now I predict the three of us our going to have a grand time together, wouldn’t you agree,” he said, looking back and forth between them.

“Definitely sir. But I thought a fourth was joining us,” Ashley asked.

“Oh my business partner is running a little late so it’ll just be the three of us to start,” Clark Roth informed the girls.

“Oh, okay. That’s fine,” Ashley replied for the two of them.

“But don’t worry you’ll still get your full payment. As a matter of fact, your money is in my pocket if you’d like to get it now,” he told her.

Ashley knew that the old fat pervert was just trying to get his dick touched but she didn’t care as they’d be doing a lot more than that in the near future. Reaching into his pant pocket closest to her, she snaked her arm until her hand was stuffed inside. Her fingers instantly felt the paper and pulled it out. The cash looked like it was all there so she slipped it in her purse so she wouldn’t forget about it.

“Alright. Get naked then,” Clark told.

Kristen was much more hesitant than Ashley due to this being her first time selling herself for money. Following the brunette’s lead, Kristen started to disrobe until both of the sexy college were stark naked. They had each seen each other nude from the time they had a threesome with Bobby about half a year ago, but they each took a minute to admire each other’s body.

Ashley’s body was just as the smaller girl remembered it from that night a few months back. The highlight of her impeccable body had to be her tits that seemed to be an easy C cup. But it wasn’t just the size that made Kristen actively have to stop herself from drooling, instead it was how perky they were and each capped with a perfectly placed bright pink nipple. Kristen’s body was also equally mesmerizing for Ashley to appreciate. Her dark red hair was perfect contrast to the milky-white appearance of her skin, which was smooth and inspired her to plant her lips all over. Her tits were smooth than her own but fit her slender frame well. Kristen also took care of herself in the hygiene department with a pussy that was void of any hair, just like her own approach.

“Both of you are absolutely gorgeous,” he said to them.

“So what do you want us to do now cowboy,” Ashley asked.

“Fantastic question. It would be a shame to have two beautiful, naked ladies and not having them make out with each other,” Clark told.

“Just close your eyes and pretend its Bobby or some other guy,” Ashley whispered into her ear before kissing her way along Kristen’s cheek.

Of course Ashley had no problem with lesbianism as she always thought of herself as a switch hitter, or double threat or more classically a bisexual. She found both men and women to be beautiful and sexy and though men had hard cock capable of great things, women knew their way around a pussy much better. She didn’t know how Kristen would be with kissing another girl but in the past few months she had made love to women. The first time being in a threesome with her, which was incredibly hot, and the latest with Ashley’s former volleyball coach Sarah Michelle Gellar.

The only thing Kristen currently had a problem with was how long it was taking Ashley to reach her mouth. The slender redhead needed no advise about imagining kissing someone else. Truth be told, the redhead hadn’t stop thinking about her threesome with Ashley, especially since her lips were so soft and she was such a great kisser.

Finally Kristen had enough of Ashley babying her. She could understand where the leggy brunette was coming from in not wanting to send Kristen running out of the room if things heated up too quickly. However at the pace she was going Kristen was considering leaving from being teased to death. Reaching up the normally introverted teen clutched the sides of her Ashley’s face and jerked it sideways until their lips pressed together.

“Mmm,” Ashley moaned into Kristen’s mouth.

It took no time at all for them to transition from lip pressing to tongues sliding on and against each other as they battle for supremacy. Both girls were clearly into each other as they hungrily ate one another’s face with little regard for how sloppy their kissing was getting. All that mattered to them was how badly they wanted to show the other how horny they were and sexy they found one another.

“You two lesbians or something? Looks like you guys are really into each other,” Clark observed.

Ashley disengaged the kiss to respond to the large Texan, much to Kristen’s dissatisfaction. As she swallowed down the saliva in her mouth she turned her gaze to her employer for the night and was caught off-guard. While she and Kristen were lost in one another during their passionate make-out session, more time had elapsed than she thought as now Clark had shed his clothing. Now instead of a large man in a power suit there was a fat, hairy, somehow sweaty man with an erection that he was stroking.

“Nope but really curious,” Kristen answered for them proceeded by a slap to her best friend’s bare ass.

“Well whatever you call that it turned me on. Now it’s up to you ladies to remedy that situation. Good news is that little pill I took has worked it’s magic so I’ll have my game face on for the next 4 hours,” the hairy man shared. “Let’s get the slutty looking brunette sucking me off while your lesbo partner gives you some attention.”

Both girls seemed upset that they had to break up their intense make-out session with each other but knew that they had a job to do. The sofa that the fat Texan was sitting on was rather long so Ashley decided to save her knees some trouble and lay on the couch to blow him. Crawling over to him, the naked dark-haired beauty went close enough to him that her face now hovered over his erect penis.

“Betcha it’s bigger than those puny cocks the surfer boys at your little college swing around,” Clark commented with a laugh.

He may be arrogant but at least he could back up his words with the goods. Ashley was surprised to see that the large man was large packing some serious heat between his legs as he stood over 10 inches while erect. Even Kristen was quite surprised to see such a long and thick chubby shooting up from beyond his immense belly fat.

“Man this thing is a beauty,” Ashley commented.

Unconsciously Ashley’s right hand crept forward towards the object that had caught her eye and imagination. Wrapping her fingers around the midpoint of his shaft she gave him a long pull along its entire length going down than back up again. She had to remind herself to swallow the saliva in her mouth for fear of drooling all over his impressive manhood.

“The ladies due tend to like my Texas Ranger,” Clark said.

Ashley was so mesmerized by his cock that she was only stroking it lightly and staring at it. Clark had more intimate plans in store so to snap her out of her dream state he placed his large hand on the top of her head and laced his fingers within her jet black hair. That action seemed to have brought the volleyball star back to reality and reminded her she had a job to do here. Not wasting any more time, Ashley ran her tongue up the entire length of his erect member until arriving at his bulbous tip. After a few swirls with her wet tongue she popped him into her receptive mouth for some sucking.

“Now that’s better,” the Texan proclaimed. “Don’t forget your role in all this Ginger.”

Kristen cringed at being called Ginger based off of her red hair. But he was paying for their services and the customer was always right so there was no point voicing her opinion to the stubborn man. The sofa was long but unfortunately so was Ashley and she was sprawled out over the entire length. Having to improvise, Kristen actually climbed on top of her best friend’s back so that her head could hand down over Ashley’s perfectly sculpted ass, enabling the smaller girl’s face to be right in front of her sex.

“Sorry Ash but it’s the only way. Plus I don’t weigh that much,” Kristen explained.

“It’s fine sweetie,” Ashley replied.

No sooner were the words to Kristen out of her mouth before throwing her head down on the fat’s man lap. The resultant force slammed Clark’s tip against the back of her mouth, which would have been enough for anyone to gag except for an experience cocksucker like Ashley. She absorbed the blow and dragged her lips quickly back up to his tip to apply greater suction then repeat the action again.

Kristen took a mount to admire the noises that were radiating from Ashley’s direction. Having given a number of good blowjobs in the past, the sexy redhead could appreciate the considerable skill that her best friend had, as her throaty gurgling noises were making Kristen wetter by the second. So turned on at this point, Kristen couldn’t be stopped in dipping her tongue into Ashley’s pussy and tasting her sweet nectar again. She’d been dying to get back in her velvety folds ever since their memorable threesome and now was her chance.

Using her small hands to pry Ashley’s legs further apart, the skinny redhead craned her neck so that her tongue had excess to her folds. Without hesitation Kristen did one long lick from clitoris to the entrance of her hole then paused to lap around the slightly depressed area. Once she had collected all of Ashley’s juices from the exterior, the bi-curious girl dived inside with her pussy and began getting re-acquainted with the warm, wet environment.

“Yeah that’s right Red, taste your friend’s sweet pussy,” Clark encouraged.

Kristen was in no need of encouragement from the cowboy-wearing oil tycoon. She’d been dying for another chance to lick her best friend’s pussy and now that the moment was upon her she had every intention of getting her fill. Cramming her tongue deep inside her hole, the horny redhead lapped at each of Ashley’s inner walls and dragged as much of her sweet nectar back into her mouth that she could savor it before gulping it down.

Clark was thoroughly enjoying himself and glad that he decided to shell out the ten thousand to bed these two beautiful and eager ladies. The black haired girl definitely had talent when it came to blowing a cock while her skinny friend was for sure into chicks judging by the way she was eating Ashley’s hairless pussy. While remaining one of his hands on Ashley’s bobbing head, Clark lifted the other over to Kristen’s ass, which was perched up in the air at face level to him. He started by lightly patting the well rounded object and gained an appreciation for its size and shape.

“You got a might fine booty back here. I was worried when I saw how skinny you were but now I know all your meat is in this trunk,” Clark told her.

“Thanks…I guess,” the redhead replied with Ashley’s juices slathered all over her face.

Kristen went right back to work on licking her best friend’s pussy but changed up her technique. Instead of just burying herself in Ashley’s gushing hole, Kristen focused on her clit then would lick down the entire length and back again. All while the horny girl was doing that and while Ashley continued to slobber all over Clark’s huge cock, the Texan kept groping Kristen’s fat ass. After a couple of playful slaps that were just hard enough to get the meat to jiggle, he extended one of his sausage-sized fingers and slipped it right into Kristen’s pussy. Normally something that size needed to be slowly worked into her tight hole but the redhead was so wet from going down on Ashley that it was no problem.

“Whew,” Kristen screamed, having been caught off-guard.

Other than the surprise of being penetrated, it felt great to have her little pussy expanded by the horny man. However, it came as a consequence because as her head lifted to scream her tongue was still out and being dragging up Ashley’s slit. It travelled over her pussy, dipping inside only slightly, then continued up until Kristen actually licked her best friend’s butt hole. It wasn’t the first time she had tasted ass before as she had savored her own taste after losing her anal virginity last month, but never had she done that to someone else.

“Mmmpp,” Ashley moaned with Clark’s dick deep in her throat, the vibrations causing a great sensation to the hairy man.

“Oh fuck yeah that was good. What made you moan like that sweetie,” he asked the black-haired girl.

“Kristen surprised me by licking my asshole and the feeling made my moan,” Ashley responded, thick strands of saliva still connecting her plump lips to his member.

“Then do it again baby,” Clark said while looking at Kristen.

“But it’s her bum. You know what comes out of there,” she retorted.

“Listen my cock will be up there soon enough so do your friend a favor and lube up the passage for her because it’s the only lube she’s getting,” Clark demanded.

“Nut up and lick my asshole Kristen,” Ashley ordered her friend.

Kristen was still unsure about the situation but knew that Ashley was right and that she just had to get over her little aversion. Taking a deep breath to steady herself, the leggy sophomore extended her tongue as she dipped her head back towards her friend’s backside. She landed in the tract between Ashley’s rounded cheeks and followed it back until her wet tongue glided over the sealed crinkled entrance to her back door. The idea of licking someone’s asshole was still unusual to Kristen but she wasn’t going to stop now. In fact if Clark and Ashley wanted a performance than she was sure as hell going to give them one.

Propping herself up more, Kristen was able to pull apart Ashley’s cheeks as far as they could go. This gave her better access to her anal passage and she took full advantage of that fact by lapping around her sensitive hole in concentric circles. Already her desired effect was working, as it was clear to hear Ashley’s muffled moans being emitted from around Clark’s cock deep in her throat. But Ashley had a surprise in store for her adventurous friend because once Kristen started jabbing the tip of her tongue against the center of her chute, the ravenous black haired beauty acted. Relaxing her hole just like before a man stuff his cock in her ass, Ashley allowed herself to gape and Kristen’s tongue, inadvertently to her, went shooting into her rectum.

“Yeah lick her shitter clean you dirty girl,” Clark cheered.

Kristen was prepared to be completely disgusted once she became aware of what had happened. But instead, she liked the change. Rather then being wet and juicy like her pussy, the redhead noted that the tight passage was warm and a little moist. The taste was different too as it was more bold and salty, but not altogether unpleasant. She had her tongue up her best friend’s asshole yet was enjoying it and she had a good feeling that so too was Ashley. Kristen didn’t know how to describe it but there so something so viscerally pleasing about having her tongue licking her friend’s asshole clean while her sphincter gently squeezed her.

Kristen’s skill with her tongue made Ashley think that her friend must have been having lesbian trysts on the side as she was remarkable between her soft thighs. Over and over the slim girl lapped inside her tight hole with gentleness that conveyed passion, which made the black-haired girl continue to moan without thought of ever stopping. Though Kristen would have preferred to be feasting on Ashley’s velvety glistening hole, this was a solid consolation prize.

“Let’s see if you suck dick as good as you lick pussy…and ass,” Clark said to Kristen. “Come give your lesbo crush a helping hand over here.”

“Now I get to show my real skill off,” the redhead replied confidently, evidently becoming more comfortable in their current situation.

Kristen rolled off of Ashley’s back but before allowing the girl to move she held her done and went back to the space between her legs. Not sure if she’d get another chance for awhile, the red-haired girl indulged in her friend’s creamy passion, seeking out as much of her sweet taste with hungry lips and probing tongue. Kristen would have preferred to spend more time licking her way to her creamy center but knew that she had a new task to complete.

“Fuck you’re really good at that,” Ashley told her.

The two girls reached their knees in front of the wealthy man at the same time, their hot naked bodies rubbing against each other. With coordination that made Clark wonder how often they practiced giving a tandem blowjob, the two girls set to work. Ashley let Kristen’s eager mouth swallow up the man’s head while she chose to aim lower. Licking her way down from halfway up his shaft she continued south until reaching his full sack, which was palpably warm from the excessive amount of semen he housed. She took one ball into her mouth and sucked on it for awhile, simultaneously slapping lightly at it with her tongue then would swap it out for the other testicle. All while Ashley was sucking on his balls, Kristen was gliding her lips over three-quarters of his thick cock.

Kristen was a little reluctant to share his cock when Ashley re-emerged from lower down but she eventually yield control and allowed her friend to take over. Getting her lips back around his manhood, Ashley used her lips and hand in unison to simultaneously suck and stroke all ten inches of his cock as Kristen swapped places and was now tonguing his balls.

“You like sucking his big dick Ashley? Then here, take more,” Kristen said to her before putting her hand on the top of her friend’s head and shoving it down. The result was Clark impaling the girl’s throat around his shaft as her nose was buried into his oily, graying pubic hair.

“Now it’s a party,” Clark cheered as she savored the feeling of being back in the slutty girl’s throat.

Kristen kept bouncing her face up and down his whole length while Ashley allowed it to happened. She figured she could overpower her small friend at any time but didn’t see the need since Clark was enjoying himself and she could take the oral abuse. When Kristen decided that was enough for Ashley and that she wanted another turn, the redhead wrapped her fingers in her long black hair and wanked it up.

“Awwhhkk,” Ashley grunted in response to the sudden pain.

“Time to share,” Kristen explained before getting her lips back on his cock.

Ashley was determined to make Kristen abide by her own rules this time and share the lengthy tool since there was more than enough of it to go around. Diving her head down to the start of his shaft where it sprang out from his chubby body, Ashley wrapped her lips around the side of it and began migrating up. Her lips soon encountered Kristen and the two nearly butted heads as they met in the midpoint of his tool. While the two girls continued to battle for oral supremacy, Clark merely rested back against the sofa and took in the whole situation.

Finally they came to some middle ground and were now both gliding their lips around each side of his dick and moving up and down. It felt fantastic to the rich man as they made a ring of lips around him while their tongues were also licking out at his shaft. He was being pushed closer and closer to orgasm under their showing and knew it would only be a matter of moments before he erupted. Then the moment came when he looked down and watched the two sexy girls reach his tip at the same point. After the both sucked on it for a second they danced on the bulbous head with their tongues before turning their attention to one another as they embraced in a tongue-filled kiss, full of passion. The physical and now mental stimulus proved too much for the older man and he began shuddering before his cock started pulsing.

“UUGHHH yes! Fuckkk,” Clark grunted as he came.

His moans were the warning for Kristen and Ashley but they were too involved with each other and their kissing to even equate what was happening. The first streak of cum powered into the side of Kristen’s face right above her eye. Just as it began dripping down onto her eyelid the next stream landed on the bridge of Ashley’s nose. The following amount was wildly aimed but made contact with one of them, whether it was their face, neck or body.

“Awh, you’re all dirty,” Ashley said to Kristen once they finally stopped kissing. “I’ll clean you up.”

Using her skilled tongue Ashley collected all the salty cum that pasted onto Kristen’s face and body before swallowing it down without issue. They kissed again and Kristen got a hint of the briny fluid and so offered Ashley the same service she was given.

“Now that the first orgasm is out of the way with, I’ll be able to last a lot longer going a lot harder,” Clark mentioned. “And I want in Red first.”

“Yeah ok, sure,” Kristen answered.

Seeing how the fat Texan didn’t move a muscle, Kristen guessed that he wanted her to get onto his lap and take him for a ride. It made sense given his appearance didn’t portray a man who liked to work hard physically. Getting off of her knees from the hardwood floors she approached the couch but in the direction of her purse to get a condom. All of a sudden with speed that she didn’t think he had, Clark grabbed her by her slender waist and pulled her onto him.

“Wait! What about condoms,” Kristen panicked.

“Still new to this, ain’t ya,” Clark laughed.

“Normally they wrap up but he wanted to go bareback so he got tested to make sure it’s all systems go with no diseases hitching a ride,” Ashley informed her. “And we’re on the pill so just relax. It’s way better without that plastic shit anyway.”

“Amen to that tits McGhee. Now less talking and more fucking…unless it’s dirty talk then you can do that plus the fucking,” he added.

Kristen wasn’t the most comfortable with going bareback but then again she had been pushed a lot out of her comfort zone tonight so why stop now.  Already with her back to the man, she got her feet under her then fished between her legs for his erection. Gripping it, she felt the thick cum still on his tip and that made her nervous, but a ‘hurry up’ glance from Ashley made her push it to the back of her mind. The second it was lined up with her warm sex she felt two chubby hands grab her hips and stuff her down.

“Ugh fuck,” Kristen screamed in surprise.

Her pussy was more than wet enough to handle him ramming full speed into her even though he was quite thick. With her back now pressed against his hairy and sweaty chest, she lifted her feet onto either side of his body in order to bounce on the length of his cock. He helped her in this manner by also thrusting up into her small mound to make their collision faster and with more force.

“Yeah you like a big dick fucking your tight pussy you slut,” Clark cussed at her. “I bet you do. You look like a slut.”

“Yeah…fuck me good,” Kristen unconsciously moaned in response.

“Get over here and lick her clit. Make your friend cum,” he told Ashley.

Ashley had just been rubbing her pussy in the same spot she finished sucking off Clark so she was glad to get back in the action. Not bothering to get to her feet, the leggy volleyball star simply crawled the short distance to the couch where her friend was still bouncing on the entirety of the fat Texan’s cock. Propping herself up onto her knees, Ashley just had to lean over to be at the perfect height to follow Clark’s instructions.

“Oh shit…mmmhhh,” Kristen screamed when Ashley latched her lips around her exposed clit and started flicking it with her tongue.

“Seems like the lesbian crush goes both ways,” the cowboy hat wearing man said.

Not wanting the obese man to think she had forgotten about pleasing him, Ashley gave her friend’s clit another minute of attention before breaking contact. The noise level in the room change immediately as the redhead was no longer wailing at the top of her lungs from the dual stimulation and was now only moaning at a normal volume. Moving further south, Ashley caught the Texan’s flopping ball sack with her mouth and proceeded to suck on both his testicles. The taste was unsavory at first from the sweat but once she sucked him for a few moments the saltiness went away.

“Fuck girl you’re good,” Clark told Ashley while still ramming his cock up into Kristen’s tight pussy. “But put this girl out of her misery and let her cum.”

Ashley was more than up for that task that she was charged with. Spitting out his saliva-coated balls from her mouth she extended her tongue and dragged it along the portion of his dick not currently lodged in her best friend’s pussy. She continued up until she was now in her pink folds then found her sensitive nub. Kristen’s screams filled the room again and it was clear she was close to an orgasm. Swapping her tongue for two fingers, Ashley switched to rubbing her exposed clit so she could use her mouth to suck on the redhead’s small pink nipples. The effect was almost immediate.

“FUUCCKK…YES…OH MY GOD,” Kristen screamed as she came.

“Really screamer we got here,” Clark laughed while still bucking his hips into the tired girl.

Ashley didn’t stop taking turns sucking on Kristen’s nipples but she did stop torturing her by relenting on rubbing her pussy. That was more than Clark could say as he still took the chance to thrust up into her static body as she laid on her thick chest. But all three of the heads turned in the direction of the entrance when they heard the lock turn over and the door swing open.

“Sorry I’m late Clark traffic was a bit…wow! Your son wasn’t lying about how hot these girls are,” James Bryson said as he entered into the penthouse.

“Come on in and join the fun, we’re just getting started,” Clark said to his partner. “Although you did miss the pre-show with these two beauties going at it together. Plus the first round between me and red.”

“Shit. I bet that was something to see,” he replied. “The two girls going at it, not your old ass fucking some teenager.”

“Well with the hunger these two have for each other, safe money is on them doing it again the next chance they get,” Clark explained. “By the way the redhead is Bella and this leggy goddess is Ashley. I’ve just finished with her so she’s yours now,” referring to Kristen.

“By the time I’m outta these damn clothes hopefully the little one is back in the realm of the living,” James commented.

“I’ll be fine, just needed a minute to recoup after that mind blowing orgasm,” Kristen answered.

“And now Ashley, time for Clarkie to have some fun with you,” the big man told her.

“Can’t wait,” she said with a wicked grin. “Care for me to go for a ride?”

“Most definitely,” he told her as she began throwing her long leg over his lap to straddle him. “But do it turned around.”

“You don’t want my tits in your face,” she asked with a mock pout.

Clark leaned in and rubbed his sweaty face in the pillowy tits before giving a light nip to both of her nipples. “Not this time baby doll.”

Ashley wasn’t in the business of arguing with clients so she hoisted herself back up and got to her feet in front of the rich man. Turning around, she bent down painfully slow so that her asshole and pink pussy ever so slowly came into view for Clark. His erection raged more than ever at the sight of her glistening holes shimmering in the low lighting from between her thighs. Knowing that he was probably enjoying the tease but that it would get old quickly, the brunette backed up until her legs were against the sofa between his two much larger limbs.

“Not so fast,” Clark said as her hand clutched his cock and wiped it threw her pink folds. “I’ve had pussy tonight so it’s ass time now.”

Ashley simply looked back at the older man over her shoulder and flashed him a naughty smile that she had perfected. Sadly with her new line of work, anal sex was a common occurrence amongst her perverted clientele so she was getting use to the frequent sodomy. She just hoped that she didn’t her write too big of a cheque that her best friend’s ass couldn’t cash…

*          *          *

“Wow I like the new coach,” Taylor said to Hayden as they walked back to their room.

“Like her? I love her! She booted that skinny anorexic bitch Momsen from the team,” Hayden gushed. “That makes her a hero in my books.”

“Yeah no kidding. It’s one way to get on the players’ good side,” Taylor added. “Plus it doesn’t hurt that she’s gorgeous.”

“Oh really? I didn’t notice. I was looking at your sweet body the whole time,” Hayden said before taking a firm squeeze of Taylor’s ass.

“You can’t even wait to get in the room can you,” Taylor replied before giving her blonde lover a passionate kiss. “I’ll have you all to myself with Emma not around.”

“Let’s get into bed quickly then,” Hayden stated as she practically dragged her leggy partner towards their bedroom.

As soon as they got in the room, the pair crashed their lips together and battled with each other’s tongues for supremacy. No clear girl was the victor so they were constantly pushing their tongue into the other’s mouth until Taylor finally threw the shorter blonde onto the bed and got on top of her.

“I always have loved the view from down here,” Hayden told her lover.


“Who’s that,” Hayden wondered out loud.

“Shit! It’s my tutor,” Taylor suddenly remembered. “We have a session right now that I completely forgot about.”

“Can’t you get rid of him,” Hayden begged with lust in her eyes. “I’m so wet.”

“You in there Taylor? It’s Aaron,” he said from the other side of the door.

“I can’t sweetie. He’s a team-ordered tutor and I’ve already cancelled on him twice this month,” Taylor begrudgingly admitted.

“Fine. But I’m not happy about this,” Hayden huffed with disappointment.

“Sorry about that,” Taylor said to Aaron as she opened the door and invited him inside.

“No problem Taylor. And you look stunning by the way,” Aaron told her. “Oh hi Hayden. You’re also looking beautiful too.”

“Thanks Aaron,” the girls blushed in unison.

Taylor was looking gorgeous in a yellow tank top and short jean skirt that showed off every inch of her amazingly long legs. Hayden was similarly dressed in short shorts and tight pink t-shirt.

Even though both girls were lesbians and fully committed to each other, they would have had to been blind not to notice Aaron’s physical attributes. Tall, tanned and handsome with long shaggy hair really exemplified the surfer boy look he was going for.

“So should we get started Taylor,” Aaron asked.

“Yeah sure. Come have a seat on the bed. I’ll get my lap desk,” Taylor answered.

As Aaron got comfortable on the bed and Taylor went in search of her school supplies, a great popped into Hayden’s head. She desperately wanted to have sex with Taylor right now but she had to spend time with her sexy tutor. A threesome would cover both those bases and what straight male would turn down sex with two beautiful girls in favor of teaching biology.

“Mind if I sit in,” Hayden asked as she took a seat beside Aaron.

“But you don’t have this class Hay,” Taylor said from the other side of her tutor.

“I don’t mind if you don’t,” Aaron said to Taylor.

Taylor didn’t say anything, just simply nodded her head and tried to follow along with Aaron. She didn’t know what Hayden was up to, but she wasn’t sticking around just to listen in on a boring lesson.

“Don’t you find school work gets you so horny,” Hayden said aloud after a few minutes.

“Um…I don’t really know,” Aaron stumbled, completely caught off guard by Hayden’s statement.

It didn’t take Taylor very long to clue into Hayden’s plan. She would still get credit for spending time with her tutor, even if they were fucking him instead of getting taught. Taking Hayden’s lead, Taylor leant in and started kissing along Aaron’s neck.

“Oh Taylor,” Aaron moaned in response to her soft kisses.

“That’s nothing stud. You’ll really be moaning her name once she gets going,” Hayden told him as she started rubbing his crotch through his jeans.

As Aaron turned his head so that he could make out with Taylor, Hayden got to her feet and pulled down her shorts so that her black thong was the only thing covering her lower body. She then lifted her short off her body and revealed that she wasn’t wearing a bra.

“Gorgeous,” Aaron told the topless girl.

“I second that,” Taylor added as she got to her feet and kissed her lover.

Hayden didn’t waste a second and quickly pulled off Taylor’s shirt to leave the taller girl topless as well. Both blondes had small, but extremely perky boobs with nice pink nipples that were already hard since they were both so horny.

As the two girls started to kiss while continuing to stand, Aaron reached across and took down Taylor’s skirt. He couldn’t help but admire both of their curvy asses in their thongs. Taylor had a longer, slender body but Hayden’s ass was the best that he’d ever sight eyes on. Aaron lowered down Hayden’s panties first, followed by Taylor’s to leave both stunning volleyball players nude.

Not wanting to ignore their guest, Hayden sat down on the bed next to him and started to shove her tongue into his mouth as she worked on the buttons of his shirt. Meanwhile, Taylor had gotten down on her knees and already had removed his pants and boxers, revealing his already rock hard 12-inch cock.

“Wow! We have a lot to work with Hayden,” Taylor said in regards to his massive length.

Not wasting any time, Taylor gave his cock a few tugs before wrapping her lips around his pole. Proud of her blowjob skills, Taylor took half of his length into her mouth in the first pass. It wasn’t long until she had pushed all 12 inches of his meat into her throat.

“Oh fuck,” Aaron grunted into Hayden’s mouth in response to Taylor’s deep throating his member.

“She’s pretty talented,” Hayden acknowledged.

As Taylor continued to suck on his member and Aaron and Hayden kissed, both of their hands were quite active. Aaron was pumping two fingers into Hayden’s extremely wet pussy while the short blonde was pushing and pulling on Taylor’s head so help her in blowing her tutor.

“I need you to fuck me right now,” Hayden begged.

“Alright,” Aaron screamed in excitement.

Hayden moved up further onto the bed and laid down while Aaron moved between her legs almost instantly. Taking his long penis in his hand, the tutor guided it into Hayden’s tight pussy.

“Oh yes,” Hayden moaned in response to Aaron’s short thrusts into her stretching hole.

“Can’t have you getting us another noise compliant,” Taylor told her roommate as she straddled her face.

While Aaron was now working all of his length into Hayden’s wet twat, the short blonde was busy pleasuring Taylor. Hayden was licking the leggy girl’s pussy with as much energy as she could muster as Taylor grinded her pussy along Hayden’s face.

“Damn you’re tight Hayden,” Aaron grunted as he felt his orgasm approaching, much too quickly then he had hoped.

“She is a really good lay,” Taylor admitted as the shorter girl continued to eat out her pussy.

“And how are you,” Aaron asked as he pulled out of Hayden. A change of position and girl was just the thing to prolong his fucking session.

“Why don’t you find out,” Hayden said from beneath Taylor.

Aaron got to his feet and pulled Taylor towards him until her feet were also on the floor. Applying pressure at the small of her back, Taylor got the message and bent over at the waist until her tits were pressed against the mattress and her ass was sticking into the air.

“Just as fucking tight,” Aaron groaned as he entered the blonde’s pussy.

“You’re massive,” Taylor said while biting down on her lower lip as the older male pumped his rod into her.

“Hang in there Tay Tay,” Hayden encouraged. He’s almost all in.”

“Get that pussy in front of my face…NOW,” Taylor barked her command.

“I love when you take charge,” Hayden smiled.

Hayden pushed herself down the bed until her legs were dangling off the edge and her pink folds was directly ahead of Taylor’s mouth. Hayden let out a moan of satisfaction as the taller blonde buried her tongue deep with in her hole. As Aaron rocked her slender body with his lengthy cock, Taylor couldn’t help but plunge her tongue into Hayden at the same pace and power.

“Oh my God Taylor! You’re amazing,” Aaron confessed as he kept up his aggressive assault of her pussy, much to the girl’s delight.

“And does he feel Ms. Swift,” Hayden asked between moans.

“Big! But so good,” Taylor gushed.

“Just make sure you keep licking me baby. You have me so close,” Hayden told her.

As Taylor redoubled her efforts to get her lesbian lover the orgasm she craved, Aaron took the chance to slow down fucking Taylor to get some rest. Instead of his quick thrusting, he instead just slammed half of his rod into her pussy at a slow, powerful pace.

“Cum for me sweetie, I know you’re close,” Taylor said to Hayden.

“You know me so well,” Hayden admitted.

“Come on and give me that cream,” Taylor encouraged.

“Oh God Taylor…I’m cumming. Here it comes babe,” Hayden warned.

Taylor didn’t have to wait long until Hayden’s cum gushed out onto her tongue. Hayden felt a wave of pleasure wash over her as she finally reached her long awaited orgasm at the hands, or tongue, of her girlfriend.

“Don’t think you’re getting away before paying me back,” Taylor told Hayden.

“Trust me, I’ll never pass up the chance to make you cum into my mouth,” Hayden replied. The short blonde rotated on the bed so that her head was under Taylor’s pussy, giving her the chance to stick out her tongue and lick her sensitive clit.

“YES,” Taylor screamed in response. “I need that tongue in my right now.”

“But what about me,” Aaron wondered as he pulled out. No sooner had his cock left her warm hole had Hayden taken up the vacancy.

“Will since you’re back there and still need to cum I guess you can put it in my ass…you know, if you want,” Taylor said.

“Don’t pretend like you could care less. You want him so badly to fuck your little asshole,” Hayden said, revealing Taylor’s sexual secret.

“You shut up and make me cum,” Taylor said to her girlfriend. “And you get that cock in my ass and fuck me.”

Aaron positioned his rod an inch up from her pussy and lined up the tip with Taylor’s puckered rosebud. Remembering what Hayden said, he deduced she was a bit of an anal slut so he drove 5 inches of his shaft into her tight hole, causing the blonde to groan with a combination of pain and delight.

“Holy crap Taylor…you’re tight as hell,” Aaron shouted as he kept guiding more of his tool into her opening. Despite letting quite a number of guys and Hayden fuck her with a strap-on in the ass, Taylor’s hole was still as tight as ever.

“Uggghhhh,” Taylor moaned. “You both are making me so wet right now.”

“I don’t want to hurt your roommate Hayden so maybe you should get some more spit on my dick,” Aaron suggested.

“Can’t have you humping my girlfriend without enough lube,” Hayden replied.

Aaron popped his member from Taylor’s hole and instantly felt Hayden’s lips press against his swollen rod and engulf his first several inches. He was surprised that the shorter blonde showed no reservation in sucking something that had just been up someone’s ass, but the perversion just made him want to cum more.

“Okay quit hogging all the action and make me cum,” Taylor demanded. “I was sooo close when you guys stopped.”

As Aaron slide his spit-covered cock back into Taylor’s backdoor, Hayden also got back to work by sticking her tongue into her girlfriend’s pussy and probing her insides. The man couldn’t help but continuously slap Hayden on the forehead with his balls since they were so close to each other, but neither of them really cared as they were focused on getting Taylor her orgasm.

Knowing that him fucking a girl up the ass was going to make her cum gave Aaron a second wind and prolong his own orgasm for a little longer. Grabbing her hips for greater control, the tutor thrust into her hole with renewed force, causing Taylor’s entire body to quake as he pounded her.

“Ugghhhhh AHHHHHH,” Taylor screamed as the combination of both their efforts made her cum.

As the juices ran out of Taylor’s pussy and into Hayden’s mouth, Aaron kept pumping into Taylor’s stretched out asshole. Satisfied that he helped make the blonde goddess cum, Aaron noticed that his own orgasm was approaching and this time he had no intention of holding out any long.

“Need to cum,” Aaron grunted.

“Blow your load inside her,” Hayden shouted.

Aaron couldn’t hold out any longer and did just as Hayden had instructed him. With one last unsteady thrust, the boy shot several thick strands into Taylor’s ass. After what felt like a gallon of cum had been deposited, Aaron stumbled back and flopped down onto the bed, absolutely exhausted.

“Why did you want him to cum in me? It’s such a hassle to clean,” Taylor asked.

“So I could do this,” Hayden replied.

Moving a little closer to Taylor’s ass, Hayden pulled apart her butt cheeks and stuck her finger into her anal verge. The cum that was just shot into Taylor started pouring out, right onto Hayden’s awaiting tongue.

“I forgot you love mixing sweet girl juice with salty boy cum,” Taylor said to her lover.

“It’s my favorite,” Hayden said with a smile after swallowing down all of the thick goo.

“That was amazing girls,” Aaron told them.

“We should definitely do it again some time,” Hayden replied.

“Maybe we should book an appointment for next week,” Taylor said excitedly.

*          *          *

Luckily the penthouse suite of the lavish hotel was soundproof or else every room on the lower two floors would have heard the non-stop moaning and screaming and grunting that the occupants were bellowing out. Both men were now completely naked and had their dicks in each of the lovely females at this point.

What had initially started as fear that her best friend wouldn’t be able to handle the occasion, Ashley Greene was not so concerned with anymore. Kristen Stewart had thoroughly enjoyed their girl-on-girl make out session and fucking earlier, and now she seemed to be working on her third orgasm of the night after only minutes ago cumming all over the second man’s cock.

“Man that’s one tight ass,” Clark said, snapping Ashley back into her own reality. “You like getting your ass fucked?”

“Mmhmm,” Ashley grunted threw a bit lip. “Love it.”

After requesting to plow her in her backdoor, the brunette accepted with hesitation. She knew that the two Southern businessmen were paying good money to rent hers and Kristen’s bodies for the evening and not meant no holes barred. Even though taking it up the butt wasn’t as pleasurable as in the pussy, Ashley was highly adaptable and able to find the good in all situations.

No stranger to anal, especially after last month’s encounter with Taylor Momsen and her well-hung friends, Ashley initially felt the painful sting when her bowels first split open to take his hard dick inside but by the time she lifted herself up so that only the tip remained in her tightness, the pain was gone and replaced by mild pleasure. Now, after 20 minutes of riding and grinding his cock in her ass, Ashley had worked up a light layer of sweat that made her tanned skin glow in the dim lighting.

“Mind if I borrow her for a quick second,” Clark asked his friend while panting.

It took James a moment to realize that his business partner was talking to him as he was lost in his own little world. On the second couch in the room, directly across from where Ashley was riding Clark’s dick in her ass, James and Kristen were locked in an intense coming together as well. Kristen was back on her hands and knees and taking the older man’s cock into her pussy from behind as she wailed like a dog in heat. However, since her orgasm several minutes ago, she had collapsed down onto her chest with only her ass sticking up in the air. James didn’t necessarily mind this new development as he could thrust harder and deeper than before, but it meant that he was essentially fucking a sex doll since she wasn’t rocking back against him.

“She’s all yours but I want the dark-haired girl afterwards,” James bargained.

Clark agreed so James immediately pulled his cum-coated member from the juicy snatch of the red-haired girl. Kristen had no idea what was in store for her and why he needed both of them. Her mind kicked into gear once her man stopped pummeling her pussy from behind her and after a quick moment to compose herself, she rolled off the loveseat and crawled the short distance to her employer in a very sexy manner.

The larger businessman couldn’t help but get even more turned on seeing the initially shy girl acting like a complete slut now. Once she had gotten into position of kneeling at the foot of the sofa right beside Clark, who had his thick cock plunging into Ashley’s asshole while he sat comfortably beneath her. Clark brought Kristen in for a tongue filled kiss before guiding her back down onto her knees beside Ashley.

“I told James you two have a thing for each other so I want you to clean her up for me,” Clark told the redhead.

He pulled out of her rectum and rolled the tiring brunette over so that she too was kneeling on the marble-tiled floor with her pillowy tits pressed against the velvet couch. Kristen looked down and saw that the hole that the much older man was feverishly fucking was remaining wide open. With less worry than before, she leaned in and liked Ashley’s inner bowel walls, making sure to transfer a lot of her saliva to help make her sodomy more enjoyable. After she spent a good minute eating out Ashley’s asshole she moved out of the way so Clark, who had gotten to his feet and was standing above them now, could cram his tool back into her anal passage.

“Umm…moving much better now,” Clark said as he hammered down into her. “But now I want you to clean me up too. Would hate going from her asshole to your pussy. Just seems unsanitary.”

Like this is more sanitary in comparison? I’m sucking the shit off his dick with my mouth,” Kristen thought.

With her head still resting on Ashley’s plump cheeks, Kristen opened her mouth wide when her felt the Southern man leave her asshole. Not letting any time pass he transferred his moist cock right onto the waiting girl’s tongue and pushed it further inside until hitting the back of her throat. This caused her spit up and cough a bit but she regained her composure in order to apply suction and suck off any traces of Ashley’s rectum from his stiffy.

He only bounced his cock into her mouth a few times before he withdrew it and placed it back in Ashley’s backdoor. Her hole was in the process of closing so it being forced back open caused her to moan louder, but the extra saliva from Kristen’s mouth helped with the friction. He slammed inside her for a few passes then went straight back to Kristen’s mouth to give her more taste testing. He did this a few times until he sensed James growing frustrated with the lack of action so broke up his little threesome.

“Your turn with the anal lover,” Clark conceded.

“Finally get me some of that long-legged goddess,” James smiled.

Ashley had been in this business long enough to know that when her clients wanted something that she should deliver it promptly. Even though her backside was feeling sore from the anal barrage and her legs were tired after repeatedly squatting as she rode the large man on the couch, Ashley didn’t think about that right now. Instead she climbed off the hard floor and got to her feet before crossing the spacious living area in order to be standing beside James.

James wasn’t the most handsome of men but it wasn’t like he was the most ugly creature she’d ever seen. So it didn’t take much of her limited acting skills to put on a face that made it look like she wanted nothing more than to be his willing sex puppet. Stopping in front of him, the perky-chested student wrapped an arm around his neck and brought him in for tongue-filled kiss while her remaining hand began stroking his pipe.

“Such a pro, aren’t you,” he said in an approving tone.

“You just wanna make out or do you have something you want to put in my ass,” she said with a twinkle of sluttiness in her eye.

Again, Mr. Bryson simply smiled and kissed her one last time before he eased her down onto the velvet loveseat. He set her up so her brown haired head was on the headrest and her long legs dangled across the furniture but were wide open. Separating them even further so that one limb was pressed against the back rest and the other was now off the seat altogether so that James could kneel in front of her naked sex.

“Oh shit,” Ashley whelped in surprise as James slammed half his dick in her rectum without warning.

He smiled his creepy grin again and ignored her initial screams of pain as he brought a thick finger to her mouth. Dipping his digit into her gaped cavity he glided it across her wet tongue then brought it down to her pink slit. Rubbing her sensitive nub, Ashley’s grunts began morphing from painful shrieks to more moans of pleasure. With Ashley now more relaxed, James had a much easier time working his cock into her bowel as her muscular ring was still tight but now much more manageable.

“How’s a slut like you still have an ass this tight,” James grunted as he worked up a sweat.

“I…ugghh…dunno,” Ashley groaned. “Sup…erior …mmhmm …ugghh… genetics …awahh…guess.”

With the clit play really helping to relax the striking brunette after his initial bluntness, James was easily able to stroke his entire length into her back door. Her hole was extremely tight and attempting to milk his load from him with each time he pulled out then inserted himself back inside her, but he wasn’t going to come that easily.

The businessman sat back a bit onto his heels so that he could survey the landscape beneath him. With each thrust he did into her asshole it caused her amazing tits to jiggle up towards her perfect face. Her stomach was flat and tanned bronzed just like the rest of her and her pussy was bare, just the way he liked it. But with each pass into her bum, her crinkled hole was feeling tighter and tighter so James needed to do something about that.

“Why don’t you get this wet for me again,” he told his whore.

“With pleasure,” Ashley replied.

Once the man got to his feet from the loveseat, Ashley mobilized as well. Dropping to her knees and onto the marble flooring, she crawled over until she was directly in front of James then propped herself up like she had done hundreds of times since beginning to give blowjobs at age 15. Clutching the base of his cock, the slutty girl began licking all over his tool from tip to ball sack before finally taking him into her skilled mouth.

“Yeah…suck all your ass juices from my dick,” James encouraged.

Even though he missed being outside of her rectum, James admittedly enjoyed the change in atmosphere his cock was receiving. Her ass was dry and hot but tight as all hell, but her mouth was wet and cool, albeit a common place for him to frequent. Lost in the pleasure her mouth was giving him, James bundled her hair in one hand and used the other to hold the top of her head. In full control of the girl, the businessman pulled his arms to make her take his entire length into her mouth.

“Ugghh…cckkkchhh,” Ashley choked.

“Oh yeah suck my cock baby,” he told her.

Not simply holding her in one place, James continuously flexed and extended his arms to make her bob up and down his cock, which was freshly removed from the coed’s own ass. She had adapted to his rough measures by opening her mouth wider and using her lips to cover her teeth so she wouldn’t upset her client by scrapping him. Now when James slammed the mushroom-shaped crown of his dick against the back of her throat, Ashley was able to relax and allow him further passage into her throat, all while continuing to make slurping noises.

James enjoyed her oral skills for awhile longer before deciding he needed back in that ass ASAP. Helping the pretty girl to her feet, James didn’t waste time with any formalities and haphazardly bent the brunette over the back of the loveseat so her ass was up in the air. This time when he stuck his dick in her backdoor it glided in like it belonged there.

Meanwhile on the other side of the room Kristen and Clark were busy getting re-acquainted with one another. All while Ashley was moaning and screaming just 15 feet away, her redheaded best friend was keeping up with her in terms of volume level. Clark, the extremely heavy-set man who had bought her and Ashley for the night, had wasted no time getting back inside the slim girl.

“Fuck your pussy is so damn tight baby,” the Southern celebrated

Clark was tired from the minimal work he had done so far in their orgy so had taken a seat in the middle of the large, fancy sofa. His considerable girth meant that he filled out one full cushion with his fat overhanging onto parts of the ones beside it as well. Of course to Kristen, she didn’t see his overweight body, which was easily double, if not triple the size of her own petite frame, but the liberation of her best friend from the very dangerous line of work she had gotten herself into.

“Yeah? You like feeling my tight twat stroke your entire fat cock,” Kristen said to him in her best dirty talk.

Despite not having the biggest tits in the world, Clark still enjoyed having the redhead’s chest bouncing in front of his chubby face. With her long pale legs split wide on either side of his large torso, Kristen effortlessly glided up and down his lengthy cock to both of their delights. Even though she was only whoring herself out for Ashley’s benefit, the red-haired beauty would have been lying if she claimed she wasn’t getting off on the experience.

Spinning her head so that she tossed her beautiful flame colored hair to the other side, Kristen rose up so that her pink lips came straight off of her client’s member. Holding herself above him, she was able to smother Clark’s face in her small but perky tits, which he obliged by taking one of her hard nipples into his hungry mouth. Once Kristen felt like she teased him long enough she descended with force onto his lap, taking his entire pecker into her receptive womb.

“Ughhh yes,” the portly man yelled.

Kristen didn’t simply sit passively on the Southerner’s cock, but rather sprang back up his pole before throwing her entire 100lb body downward. She rode Clark hard like that for several more rounds until  light sheen of sweat enveloped her petite body and gave her a heavenly glisten in the dim lighting.

“So are your other holes as tight as your pussy,” Clark asked as he rubbed his index finger against her crinkled asshole.

Kristen rode his cock back up to his tip then this time pulled off of him altogether and stood back on her feet in front of the large businessman. With her mouth drawn into a flat smile and a look in her large green eyes that made her look like she was offended, she stare Clark dead in his eyes.

“Guess there’s only one way to find that out,” Kristen said with a playful grin.

Just like Ashley had done earlier when she was passed out after a powerful orgasm, Kristen backed up so that her surprisingly thick ass was dangling above Clark’s lap. She was still new to anal sex as her only times had been with the jerk in her class Tyler. He pushed her into trying it anal the first time they hooked up behind her boyfriend’s back and now she frequently visited the bad boy at his dorm every few night and took it in the backdoor regularly.

“Mmhmm…can’t wait to tear that ass up,” the Southern man proclaimed.

“Just relax for a few minutes then you can have your way with it…with me I mean,” Kristen instructed.

Clark consented to her reasonable demand so Kristen proceeded with her plan. Reaching her pale arm back between her legs, she grabbed hold of his thick shaft and stroked it once to really spread her pussy juices over his entire length. Knowing that she had already committed to taking it up her rear, Kristen swallowed back the last wave of nerves and bent her long legs at the knees. She squatted deep enough until she felt his bulbous head contact her tiny starfish.

“Now or never you punk bitch,” Kristen told herself before lowering herself even more until his tip popped inside.

“Even better then your friend’s arse,” he exclaimed.

Kristen groaned with the initial penetration but it only took her a few moments to regain her composure and continue her descent. Even with her limited experience with sodomy she knew that being calm made the encounter go so much smoother and allow herself to feel pleasure even faster. It was never fun to have her anus split open by a rock-hard dick with limited lubrication into a hole that was dry, but when relaxed the muscular ring stretched much easier. Now more seasoned with the dark art, Kristen bit her lip and continued down until she felt her plump white ass touch Clark’s much larger, hairy legs.

“Fuck that’s a huge dick,” Kristen grunted as she felt the Southern man halfway up to her stomach it seemed.

Kristen sat with his entire cock inside her anus and adjusted to the still new feeling. She wasn’t completely natural with taking dick in her backside but she was getting more use to it but still took some time before she was able to ride him. When she felt his large hands clutch her rounded hips just below her slender waist she knew that time wasn’t something she had.

“My God you’re talented,” Clark groaned in her ear.

“You just gonna talk or do you actually wanna fuck me,” Kristen said. Even though she wasn’t the foremost expert with anal sex, she was more than willing to fake it until she made it.

“Oh I’m gonna fuck you alright. Gonna fuck you hard and proper,” he said, smacking her thick ass.

Clark bucked his powerful pelvis forward, sending the much smaller girl rocketing up his shaft, her asshole clinging tightly to his vein member for the entire ride. When he felt her muscular ring clamped around his sensitive head he anchored her to that position with his arms then dragged her back down so that half of his thickness was buried in her warm hole while the other half waited just beyond the verge.

“Gimmie that cock in my ass,” Kirsten begged while looking at him over her shoulder.

The Southern man grinned widely then thrust his hips skyward while wanking her down at the same time. The result was his cock feeling like it was going to poke out Kristen’s throat as the large man used the fiery redhead as a fuck doll. Over and over he used his arms and hips in combination to drag the pint-sized beauty up and down his cock as he probed every inch of her bowels.

Hands clutching tightly onto her hips the businessman mercilessly hammered away inside her asshole. Kristen for her part was taking the abuse with a smile on her face as she groaned and grunted with eyes rolling back in her head. Normally Clark didn’t treat women anywhere near as rough as this, most times excited that he was able to ass fuck the girls at all. However tonight was different as Kristen spurred on his rough treatment and seemed to be rapidly approaching another orgasm.

“So close baby,” Kristen hissed, confirming his original thought.

Clark was surprised that any girl could cum while taking a dick in the ass, much less orgasm while taking this relentless pounding to their backdoor. Yet the redhead was on the verge of doing just that. Now with a heavy layer of sweat covering his grotesque body, Clark continued heaving the petite girl along his cock as he brutally ass fucked her.

“Such a whore,” Clark mused while panting from exhaustion.

“Uggghhhh…YYEESSSSS,” Kristen screamed as she came with Clark’s dick plundering her arse.

*          *          *

“Dinner was really nice,” Emma said on their way out to her car.

“Yeah it was. My friend Todd told me it was such an underrated restaurant and I was hoping it would measure up to his backing,” he explained.

Emma was thrilled with how the events had unfolded so far today. The day could have easily spiraled out of control and been a complete disaster, but so far the storm was weathered. She had cleared the air with her two lesbian roommates and teammates and come to an understanding with them. Now she had spun what could have been a heavy release fee from the car impound into a date with a funny, honest and handsome guy who appeared to be a true gentleman.

But a quick peek at her watch revealed that she had more time to kill before her bedroom was made available to her once again. In fact she had over 2 hours to go and even though she planned on letting Dave have his way with her, she didn’t know where they could do the deed. The shaggy-haired male coed had said earlier during their date that his place was unavailable due to some nosey roommate who would cripple any extra-curricular activities so she’d have to resort to plan B, which came courtesy of another teammate.

“So did you want me to drop you off,” Dave offered.

“Actually I had something else in mind. Been feeling a little homesick lately so do you mind if we do something that reminds me of home,” the Brit asked.

“Yeah of course,” he agreed without hesitation.

“Great,” she beamed. “You drive. Do you know where Mist beach is?”

Dave paused for a moment before nodding his head and taking the keys that his date was dangling from her small hand. As she went to the passenger door and opened it for the sexy girl, he couldn’t help but get excited at the thought that he was driving to the place where college couples would go to have sex when their dorms were busy. However, Emma had more plans in mind for the part-time tow truck driver.

When they were both inside the car and belts were done up, Dave backed his date’s car out of the parking spot and headed north on Pearl Street towards the beach. Before he could start a conversation he felt Emma’s moist lips on the nape of his neck and her warm hand reach under his shirt to rub his toned abs.

“Whoa Emma…what are you doing,” he asked in shock as he quickly righted the car after a brief wandering into the neighboring lane.

“Showing my appreciation for not impounding my car and also for a great date,” she told him in a sexy voice.

Dave dared a quick glance over at his date and saw the look of pure desire draped all over her gorgeous face. Knowing that there was nothing he could do to stop if, even if he wanted to, the lucky man simple re-adjusted himself in the driver’s seat so that his waist was further away from the steering wheel to allow Emma easier access to his groin.

“Good decision,” she whispered in his ear before flicking her tongue against his lobe.

He couldn’t help but be disappointed when her hand left his stomach but he forgot all about that when he heard the clunking of his belt as the horny girl unclasped the Captain America buckle. He shifted his hips up enough so that Emma was able to wiggle his dark blue jeans down his pelvis enough that his erect dick freed itself and smacked against the steering wheel.

“Oops. Sorry about that,” Emma giggled. “Let me make it up to you by kissing it better.”

Emma had to hope that Dave was a good driver while getting blown because there was no way she could wear a seatbelt and bend that far down. Foregoing the belt, the Brit shoved her thick ass to the edge of the seat so it was pushed against the side of the door so she could bend over enough to have her face in line with his very erect cock. She reached down and lightly ran her fingertips down the underbelly of his member from his tip down to his sack and felt as he somehow grew harder than before.

With a grin on her face, Emma made a gentle fist around the base of his thick cock and opened her mouth in a big O. Lowering her head even more, the sexy girl clamped her plush lips down on his shaft, much to the appreciation of Dave. With his tip in her mouth now Emma swirled her tongue around his crown before descending further down his pole. Now resting her tongue on the underside of his member, Emma bobbed her head slowly but always making progress downwards so more of his shaft entered her. Whatever couldn’t get inside her mouth she was gently yet firmly stroking with her hand in perfect rhythm with her bobbing head.

The street Dave was driving on was busy but he was fortunate enough that it was a straight road with few traffic lights. Although his attention was regrettable split, he couldn’t remember Emma taking any breaks to breath since she began blowing him. Now aware of it, the shaggy haired boy was impressed to find that Emma was using her nose to get oxygen so that she ever had to unwrap her lips from his dick.

“Fuck that’s good,” Dave groaned.

Inspired by his comments, Emma redoubled her efforts. Pulling her head back so only the tip remained in her mouth she used her tongue to work wonders on his crown until she heard him grunt again. Satisfied with herself, Emma changed course and know slowly descended back down his shaft until his knob poked her in the back of the throat. She relaxed her throat enough so that she was able to get another inch of Dave’s impressive dick into her throat but she began to gag so had to pull him out just enough to get air into her lungs. In the process Emma had spat up a little bit so that now her date’s dick was completely covered in a thick layer of her saliva.

Using the ample lubrication to her advantage, Emma pulled her mouth from his groin for the first time since she began so that she could swiftly pump her hand on his dick in the fastest yet most amazing handjob Dave had ever gotten. Before her arm became exhausted, Emma leaned back down and latched her mouth around one of his testicles and began using her tongue on it while sucking it with her mouth. She stopped after a minute to switch so that she gave equal love to each of his nuts before ceasing her ferocious stroking with her hand and taking his dick back into her mouth.

Luck continued to be on the couple’s side as Dave had just finished making a turn from the busy street onto a quieter avenue before she sucked on his balls. It was good timing because if she would have teabagged him in the middle of the left turn then he no doubt believed he would have steered them into the light post or something.

Dave was happy that they were almost to their destination because he was almost at his as well. The pleasure was getting more and more intense by the second and he knew that he’d be losing control at any moment. Luckily they were on a much quieter road that no one ever used unless they were going to the beach, and at 10pm he guessed no one would be around, which was good news given his erratic driving.

Not bothering with the blinker, Dave slowed the vehicle to a near crawl as he made a left turn into the parking lot nearest to the pathway to the hidden beach. It was perfect timing as Dave was at the point of explosion but he knew the proper thing to do was to give the beautiful warning some warning of his approaching orgasm.

“I’m about to cum,” Dave said, aimed down at his groin.

The shaggy haired boy was understandably upset when he felt her warm, moist mouth pull off of his dick. Then again, how upset could he be when an impossibly pretty girl just gave him a great blowjob.

“Cum in my mouth,” Emma told him before returning her mouth to around his cock. Rather then descending most of the way down his spit-covered member like she had been, this time the English girl had pulled him back enough so that only the head of his cock was between her lips and kept applying suction and making tiny bobs down.

“Fuck…here it comes,” he warned her.

Emma barely had time to comprehend the words before the first spurt of jizz came shooting out of the end of his dick. She paused a bit as the hot semen plastered the roof of her mouth but regained her composure quickly to swallow down the initial burst and returned to sucking his member. Dave couldn’t believe her oral skill as she bobbed on his tool while hungrily sucking down all of his sticky seed that his balls were pumping into her mouth. Eventually his balls emptied completely but his date continued to slurp up any last remaining trace of jizz that she could find before finally letting the cock slip from her talented mouth.

“Mmhmm Mmhmm mmmm,” the Brit moaned. “Oh we’re here.”

Dave looked out the windshield and was surprised to see that she was right. His park job wasn’t the best given that he was double parked but considering he didn’t remember pulling into a spot he was more than pleased with his subconscious’s park job. Emma sat up straight in her seat for the first time since they pulled away from the restaurant, fixed her hair in the mirror then stepped out of the car. As the English sexbomb retrieved a blanket from the trunk, Dave tucked his very slippery cock back into his pants before pulling them up and doing up the belt.

“This way,” Dave said as he took Emma’s arm in his and walked her towards the nearby foliage-covered entrance to the beach. His head was still spinning from being sucked off moments before but he was able to keep his wits about him and navigate them down to the beautiful and deserted beach.

“It’s beautiful,” Emma remarked. “And I love the sound of waves crashing on the shore.”

“You don’t want to take off your heels,” Dave asked. “I’m hardly an expert but it seems like it could be pretty hazardous.”

“Can’t, the heels make the stocking and dress really work,” Emma said with an almost sheepish look, feeling like such a slave to fashion. “But maybe you could stay really close and make sure nothing happens to me.”

“Right then,” Dave said, giving the pretty girl his furthest arm so that he could wrap the closure one around her waist to afford her greater stability. “How close do you want to get to the water?”

“A safe distance…after all this is a silk dress,” Emma replied. “How about here.”

Dave responded affirmatively and took the blanket from under Emma’s arm. Grabbing two corners, the shaggy-haired boy threw out the other end then brought it to the ground so that the queen-sized blanket covered a square of sand that could easily accommodate the couple. No sooner had it been draped over the ground when Emma slipped her arm from against Dave’s body and dropped to her knees in order to cuddle up on the blanket.

The part-time tow truck driver quickly kicked off his shoes before settling on the ground with his beautiful date. Ever the classy, albeit slutty, young woman Emma was sitting with her knees under her and off to the side so that her unmentionables were still appropriately covered despite the shortness of her black dress.

“Really lovely down here, isn’t it,” Dave said to the leggy girl.

“You have me down on a secluded beach under the cloak of nightshade with a girl absolutely enthralled with you and you’d like to talk about the ambiance,” Emma replied with a lick of her lips.

“Yeah I guess that seems a little silly. I guess I’m just not use to this.”

“Used to what? Having a girl blow you on the first date then bring you to a private place so you can shag her brains out,” she filled in for him.

“Yeah exactly. I’m recently single for the first time in years…”

“Tonight is all about you Dave,” interrupting in her sultriest voice. “You saved little old me from disaster. I was just a damsel in distress and you were my knight in shinning armor.”

“It was really nothing…” he replied until Emma putting her tongue in his mouth and pressing her lips to his cut him off.

The kiss from Emma caught him off-guard, even though with how forward she was being this date Dave didn’t know why he was surprised by her tactic. Displacing all thoughts from his head that weren’t about how hot this girl was and how much she was into him, Dave kissed her back with all the passion and lust he felt for the slim Brit.

With their lips pressed together and their tongues dancing with each other’s, the horny coeds made out in the romantic setting while their hands explored the other’s body. Emma had her work cut for her when undressing her date, but luckily for her he left his form-fitting jacket in the car but she still had to undo his black skinny tie then unbutton his dress shirt before his tanned skin was exposed to the cool breeze. Dave was equally busy as he was roaming the English girl’s body from her good sized tits down to her amazingly thick and curvy ass.

“What a body,” he couldn’t help but comment.

“You’re so sweet…and not bad yourself,” Emma replied while lightly gliding her fingertips along the ridges created by flexed abs.

Having told her himself that she was good to go, Dave knew that he didn’t have to take things too slow with her. He still had both hands on her ass cheeks groping the meaty backside but he drew them to her sides and slipped them under her short dress. Emma knew exactly what he wanted when his fingers hooked inside the waistband of her panties so she helped him pull them off her by propping herself up onto her knees as far as she could. When he tugged them down as far as they could he matched her height and pulled her in even tighter so his erection grinded against her flat stomach through the silky dress. Now wrapping a strong arm around her tiny waist, the tow-truck driver lifted her off the ground and gently placed her back onto the blanketed ground. In her new supine position Dave had no problem pulling the black thong down the rest of her legs, although he took his time in doing so in order to caress her toned thighs and calves through the satin stockings.

“Shag me baby,” the Brit begged.

“I thought I was in control tonight,” Dave replied in a playful turn.

“Right…well consider it a recommendation,” the quick-witted girl retorted.

Dave had every intention of plowing her into the next century but he didn’t want to skip important steps. Every girl he had been with, which was almost limited exclusively to his ex-girlfriend, loved his abilities when licking their pussy and got them wet enough for a lengthy fuck session.

Emma was already in the perfect position on her back for what Dave had in mind so he scooted back to the far end of the blanket while keeping her legs spread far apart. Using his right hand to flip the end of the black dress onto her stomach, Emma’s snowy-white skin of her uppermost thigh came into view, along with her very pink pussy. Even just looking at it from 2 feet away Dave could tell that the Brit was drenched and didn’t need any foreplay, but that wasn’t going to stop him.

Dave gave one last glance to Emma who was staring at him with wide, lust-filled eyes as she looking down between her widespread legs. He gave her a smirk before burying his face in her pink hole so that all Emma could see was his brown shaggy hair in her lap. She felt elated as his long tongue searched deep in her pussy as far as it would go while his hands were rubbing and pulling gently on her erect nipples through the thin dress.

When it came to sex Dave was definitely comfortable with his face buried between a girl’s leg. Not knowing what to expect from the foreign beauty, he was pleased to find a hairless mound and that her twat didn’t taste salty or bitter, but rather had a sweet flavor to it. Dave lost himself in the moment and kept munching on Emma’s pussy, constantly changing techniques from slow licks that spanned her whole length to slamming his tongue as deep and as quickly as he could into her depths.

“Mmmmm…ooohhh,” Emma moaned as his tongue continued to pleasure her to no bounds

Dave was a quick learn as he picked up on what moves got the biggest rise out of his horny date so he focused on licking all the spots she liked best. It didn’t surprise him then when after only a few minutes Emma was digging her hands through his long hair and pushing his face deeper into her pussy.

“Oh yes…oh yes…ohhhh….yesssss….ugghhhhhh,” Emma screamed at the top of her lungs as Dave brought her to orgasm.

Dave was forced to stay between her legs as Emma’s death grip continued on his head, but he had no intention of leaving her yet. Knowing that continuing to go hard at her may be too much for her sensitive pussy now, he slowed things done and inched his tongue into her snatch. When he was in all the way he curled it and began to pull it out so he could collect as much of his sweet reward of her tasty cum as he could.

“What do you think of that for starters,” Dave said with an almost cocky smile when she eventually relaxed.

“I think you talk to bloody much,” Emma replied.

Emma was horny as all hell and wanted the stud in her that very instant. She knew she told him it was his night to call all the shots but the blowjob alone had gotten her wet enough to want to fuck him right there in the car and now he had eaten her pussy she needed his dick now.

Dave was more than happy to get inside the beautiful girl so he crawled up the ground until his chest was overtop of hers and his torso was between her long, satin-covered legs. He dipped his head down towards her face until they were engaged in another kiss, Emma unknowingly getting a great taste of her own cum and really liking it. All while they made out Dave snaked his hand down between her legs to grasp his cock at the base and line it up with her extremely wet hole.

“Ready babe,” he asked, seeking her approval.

Emma didn’t use words to reply and instead swung both legs around his powerful torso and locking her ankles together. Using her strong legs, she used them to pull Dave towards him, grinding the tips of her heels into her butt cheeks. The move caught Dave by surprise and before he could stabilize himself Emma had pushed his crown into her wet hole.

“Ugh yeah,” they both groaned in unison.

With the first penetration done, both parties were craving more. Dave simply thrust his hips forward into her wetness and drove balls deep inside the horny girl, aided by her legs flexing forward and Emma lifting her pelvis off the blanket to meet him. When their groins smashed against each other Dave could feel his nut sack slap against her impeccable ass cheeks as he plowed her back down against the ground while he felt her soft tits jiggle against his powerful chest.

Dave still had his head flexing forward where he was kissing her neck before their lips found each other’s again. He had to admit he was surprised with how tight the English girl given how apparently slutty she was, but then again she was only 19 so had youth on her side. Tight but still loose enough to enjoy her to the fullest, he began pounding into Emma’s pink slit at a great speed that was driving them both crazy.

“Mmhmm…you feel so good inside me,” Emma moaned into his ear.

Over and over Dave bucked his hips down into her, constantly driving her fat cheeks into the shifting sand below. Her words of encouragement were definitely working as he wanted nothing more than to continually receive them, which meant keeping his thrusting up to a frantic level. Although the night was cooler than the days, there was still some residual heat in the air that was making Dave work up a light sweat, understandably so.

For such a slim girl Dave didn’t know how his beautiful date could not only take his intense pummeling of her tight little pussy, but actually be begging for more. Now not only were her legs wrapped around his waist but Emma had not looped her arms around Dave’s neck and was holding onto her champion like a spider monkey. Pressed tight against her, Dave was thriving on the intimate contact as he kept up driving his long cock into her wetness.

Emma sensed that Dave was trying in vain to suppress his second orgasm of the night, which no doubt would drain him for good and end their fun. On the other hand, the sexy Brit was close to her own orgasm and was hungry to climax again by the hand, or rather the cock, of her date.

“Holy crap,” Dave grunted.

“Almost there baby,” Emma encouraged.

Knowing that it was likely the intense in-and-out motion that was working him up so much, Emma changed his action. Rather than plunging deep into her wetness then pulling out all the way minus the very tip, the English girl squeezed her legs tighter to force Dave to stay in her for longer and with more of his shaft. It began paying dividends instantly as he was able to get even deeper within her pussy and rub different parts of her inner wall while he felt his need to release his cum subside for the time being at least.

“You feel so tight,” he huffed while driving into his date.

“You just fill me up so well with your big cock,” she replied in her sluttiest voice into his ear. “So close…just a little longer.”

Dave was pleased that Emma was about to cum for the second time in such a small time period. Motivated by a sense of pride, the male student bit down on his lip to take his concentration away from his own pending orgasm and plowed as deep as he could into the still-clothed girl. With his dick in her fully he rose up on his arms just enough so his hard abs rubbed against the very edge of her clit. It wasn’t the most accurate contact but the intent paid off right away.

“Oh Lord…I’m cumminggggg!”

True to her word Dave felt the foreign beauty’s pussy clamp down on his shaft with a death grip. Dave simply held himself within her pink depths as he felt gyrating on top of Emma would cause her extremely clinched twat to milk him of his seed within seconds.

Even though Emma had quite the grip on him Dave with her legs, he pulled back against her limbs and broke free of her grasp, removing his dick from her velvety folds in the process. He didn’t want to take a pause during their fuck session but if he didn’t take a break from being inside her pussy then he would have been painting her inner walls with his hot sticky load. Not to mention he wanted to be considerate and give the panting girl a chance to recover rather than use her as an inanimate fuck doll.

“It’s your night….tell me what you want,” Emma asked as she sprang to a sitting position full of energy, reaching down to stroke his length.

“Okay, I want you to sit on my lap and ride my dick,” Dave told her after a brief pause, caught out by how ramped up she was.

“That’s more like it,” she grinned. “See, was that so hard?”

“No…but this is,” Dave retorted, flashing his eyes down to his penis.

“Haha…oh that was a horrible pun. Don’t worry, we can work on that,” Emma giggled.

After their brief interlude of comedy Dave got the sexual ball moving once again by collapsing down onto his back in the middle of the blanket. Emma maintained her hand on his weighty dick and continued to stroke the wet flesh all while he moved about into position. Going onto her knees so she could get closer to her date, the English beauty threw her leg over his sweaty torso and was ready to take the plunge down onto him.

“Wait. How about the dress comes off now,” Dave ordered.

“Was that a hint of authority I noted in the voice,” Emma mocked with her wry smile. “But great idea. I love the feel of the cool ocean breeze against my naked body.”

“Near naked body. I want the stocking and heels to stay,” he told.

“Mmh…yes sir,” she smiled.

Emma was loving the fact that her knight in shinning armor from earlier in the day was allowing her to reward him for his good deed and that he was fully embracing it. She reached behind her and under the silky material to unclasp her bra before grabbing the bottom of her dress and lifting it and the bra up and over her head.

“Whoa…nice tits,” Dave commented without thought.

Sitting up, Dave used his hands to reach out and take each of her boobs into his hands and knead them with just the right amount of force where she could feel his pressure but not be in any pain. The word that came to Dave’s mind when staring and touching Emma’s chest was suck able, and that’s exactly what he began to do. He raised his head to her chest and took one of her perfectly pink nipples into his mouth and began tracing it out with his tongue.

“Ummhmm…yes,” the Brit moaned.

Emma realized even in the thralls of her passion that she was still hovering over Dave’s cock, not that the boob-obsessed man noticed or cared. Wanting to change that she put her hands on his chiseled chest to balance herself before lowering herself enough so that his tip comfortably slip back into her wetness. She felt the vibration of his grunt of approval on her sensitive nipple then amped it up even more by sinking down fully to take him as deep as she could.

“Uumhm yes Emma,” the tow trucker driver groaned.

Her legs were somewhat fatigued from using them to help buck Dave into her from missionary position not too ling ago, she was still an elite level athlete and had plenty in the reserve. Raising herself back up, the Brit didn’t even leave the crown in her as she pulled a good inch off of his throbbing member altogether. She perched herself above him for just long enough to see the curiosity in Dave’s face before she slammed herself down on his lap, taking his entire cock to the hilt in one shot.

“OHHH YESS,” they both hissed at the same time.

Emma repeated this move a second time, then again and again until she made worked herself into a frenzied pace. Dave was no longer able to stay latched onto her tits with his mouth but it was a concession he was okay with. Laying flat back on the blanket he watched the athletic foreigner ride his dick like an expert bull rider and simply appreciated the vision.

Realizing that he could do more than watch and thrust his hips up to meet her own crashing hips, Dave reached around the thin girl and placed both of his strong hands on her amazingly thick butt cheeks. He couldn’t believe how such a slim girl could rock such a plump ass, Dave squeezed the cheeks in his hand to full appreciate them. He went from simply grasping them to rubbing her smooth skin and allowing his palm and fingertips to explore every inch of her incredible bottom.

“You like what you found,” Emma commented with a wink without ever breaking stride.

“Very much so.”

To accentuate his point the shaggy-haired boy pulled his right hand off her body then sent it crashing down with a flex of his wrist to smack her creamy white ass with a playful slap. Emma simply smiled widely at his new tactic, which encouraged him to do it again, this time with his other hand. Throwing back her head, Emma took his cock deep into her pussy and sat on it without any other movement.

“So deep,” Dave said while exploring her ass still.

He always considered himself an ass man so he had to go home and send give a thank you prayer when he had gotten home after his work shift earlier that day when Emma had agreed to go on a date with him. Snapping back to the present, Dave used his time with the stationary girl to get a bit more adventurous and use his finger pads to graze very close to her ass crack but far enough from the midline that she was in no danger of him touching her backdoor.

That changed when he had managed to have the pointer finger of his right hand rubbing the skin at the very top of her ass crack and she decided to prop herself up on her knees again. Her momentum carried her body up causing Dave’s finger to ride within her track until his digit was rubbing on her crinkled muscular ring.

“Mmhmm yes Dave,” Emma moaned.

Rather than be disgusted and put off by his finger resting over top her most sensitive of holes, the British student seemed to like it a great deal. Dave felt like it would be fine to press his luck so he gave her butthole a small circle before going further down so that his finger was rubbing the skin between her backdoor and pussy.

This move was new for the sexually experienced foreigner and she very much liked having the much forgotten piece of skin stimulated. His finger seemed to have found a hidden patch of nerves that really amped up her sexual pleasure and she was very much thankful that he had.

Not allowing himself to be stationary for too long, much like the girl riding his cock, Dave moved his finger to the side and almost circled his dick as it plunged relentlessly into Emma’s pussy. He made sure that his tip was constantly in contact with the edge of her velvety folds and she responded by moaning even loader on the deserted beach.

“Yeah keep going like that,” Dave encouraged the thrashing girl.

Emma had no problem following that order and continued to ride her twat up and down his thick shaft with glee. Just as she got use to his finger rubbing the edges of her pussy, her date moved his finger back to rubbing small circles on her anus. Although she had gone 18 years of her life with no one ever touching her ass, both guys she had hooked up here in America had been into fooling around with her backdoor.

“You okay with this extra teasing,” he asked though it had been several minutes of his finger grazing around and on top of her puckered hole.

“You really don’t understand the concept of tonight so you,” she told him in a somewhat strict voice that reminded him of his elementary school librarian he had growing up.

“Fine…pull your perfect ass apart,” Dave demanded, finally buying into the sex slave rules Emma had established.

The gorgeous girl gave Dave a wicked smile as a sign that she liked he was playing along now then hopped to her master’s command. Emma took her hands from steadying herself on Dave’s chest and moved them to behind her. She had to lean back more and arch her back to a greater degree, which made her take more of his dick into her pussy while also making her ass feel even plumper. She placed both hands on her meaty cheeks and took a good grip before using her slightly tired arms to due as her horny date asked of her and separated her butt as much as she could.

“Wait,” Emma said when she felt Dave’s finger pressing a little firmer against her ass.

Dave thought that the English girl had finally sobered up from her sex-fueled high and was coming back to her senses and aborting the ass play. Instead Emma released on of her cheeks so she could grab Dave’s hand and bring it up to her face. Unsure of what was happening Dave watched on in shock as his date isolated the finger he had been using to tease her backdoor and stuck it deep into her mouth and began sucking on it. Her large eyes never left his gaze as she simulated a blowjob on his digit, being sure to spread loads of spit on him.

“Now that should be good,” she told him, having tasted traces of her own ass on his finger though it didn’t taste bad.

Emma had her hands back on her ass cheeks pulling them apart just like her commander had ordered. This severely restricted her riding potential so instead of gliding up and down his shaft she took him balls deep in her slit and was resigned to rocking her hips on his lap. Although not as intense as riding, this grinding was still feeling great for both parties and moving them steadily towards their orgasms.

True to his teasing nature, plus wanting to show her he was in complete control, Dave didn’t insert his finger into her asshole much like she was expecting. Instead he continued to glide the slick digit within her crack, only occasionally glancing over her backdoor. However, whenever he did touch her crinkled hole she threatened to reveal their location on their vacated waterfront as her screaming was incredibly loud.

“So close,” Emma huffed while grinding feverishly in his lap.

Dave was impressed with the British girl that she was approaching her third orgasm of the night yet didn’t show any signs of fatigue. He was also fortunate that she was getting near to her end since he was finally feeling the strain of their fuck session and knew there was no way of delaying any more.

Knowing he had maybe a minute before giving her his juices, Dave used his free hand to wedge between their grinding laps until his finger found the front of her slit. Wiggling it back and forth, the shaggy-haired boy stroked her extremely sensitive clit. She moaned louder yet then he decided it was time to make his play with her on the edge of her own orgasm.

Around back, he stopped his spit-covered finger on her muscular ring and began to put pressure against it’s resistance. He was worried he may not overcome the restricted orifice but when Emma leaned forward even more and shoved her ass back even further to help, he made progress. Feeling her asshole slowly yield, his finger went from only massaging to actually penetrating her anus. The texture difference was evident as the wrinkled depression was replaced with the smoothest walls he had ever felt.

“HOLY MOSES,” Emma tossed her head back and yelled with a stiff cock in her pussy and a finger probing her virgin asshole. “Yes…yesss…YESSSSS. I’m cumming baby!”

So absorbed in his own pleasure Dave was on the verge of finally busting his load into the fertile girl’s womb. Luckily for him, Emma was still aware enough after her third orgasm since arriving on the beach to slide off his lap and rest between his legs. Taking the base of his cock in her tiny hand she just had time to wrap her lips around his crown before she was splashed with the first of 8 thick strands of cum painting the roof of her mouth for a second time with the last few hours. Unlike their earlier encounter, this time Emma was treated to the taste of his salty-yet-pleasing goo mixed with her incredibly sweet cum, making draining him and swallowing his offering all the more enjoyable.

“Whoa! Just…whoa! You came too,” Dave asked insuring his date didn’t think he was a selfish lover.

“Thrice,” she replied with her patented wry smile after taking his dick from her mouth. “Now why don’t we make it three a piece,” she added, leaning her head back down towards his cock with the intention of sucking him off again.

*          *          *

“Ashley! Little help,” Kristen shouted.

Ashley realized that she must have blacked out after cumming, much like Kristen had done earlier. Putting her embarrassment aside, she noticed that her man wasn’t fucking her anymore and when she looked over she saw where he had gone. Kristen was still seated in the heavy-set Southern’s lap, riding his shaft but was pressed against his bloated chest with James setting up behind her. He had his cock in his hand and was rubbing his head along her crack, looking for her tight rosebud.

“Guys, she’s not into that,” Ashley screamed at them.

“We want to double fuck so it’s either you or her,” Clark told her.

“Fine, do me! Do me!” Ashley begged in order to protect her best friend.

Ashley was still new to double penetration, though she had quite the lesson orchestrated by her psychotic ex-teammate, and despite the fact it took awhile to get used to, she much rather put her own body on the line then her best friends. The brunette was also preparing for the business partners to get into the kinkier sex acts once they started putting their dicks up their back doors. Guys like that got bored before too long and apparently the excitement of oral, standard and anal sex had worn off and they wanted to cross more off their sexual to-do list.

The leggy coed was pleased when James stepped away from Kristen’s backside. Kristen hopped off Clark’s lap and no sooner had she done that when her brunette friend stepped up to take her spot. Knowing that Clark had been with Kristen for the last hour while she had been getting ass fucked by her man, Ashley spun around so that her curvy backside was facing the businessman. Backing up between his hairy legs, Ashley squatted over top of him until she felt his tip poke into her pink folds. Normally this would have been her preferred target but she repositioned herself slightly and this time when she sank deeper she felt the large-set man enter her anus.

“Oooh,” Ashley groaned. Despite having anal sex a mere 10 minutes before, there was always some initial pain with first penetration.

“Man you college chicks have such tight asses,” Clark proclaimed. “Don’t know about you Jimmy but I don’t think I can go back to regular whores after these two.”

James now came into view of Ashley and laughed at his friend’s comments. Placing one hand on Ashley’s chest bone, he gently pressed her down so that her back was pressed against the obese businessman. Reaching between her legs, Ashley took his cock into her hand and rubbed it through her bright pink folds to gather whatever remaining natural lubrication she had remaining. However, right before slamming his cock into her, James had another idea.

“Hey redhead. Come suck my dick before I use it to tag team your friend,” he ordered Kristen.

Kristen was just grateful not to be the one on the receiving end of the double penetration so she got onto her knees and crawled over to the younger of the two men. Taking him into her mouth, she tasted the faint traces of her best friend’s pussy but more overpowering was the taste of her asshole.

“Get it good and wet baby,” James instructed while Ashley worked up to a good pace of riding Clark’s dick in her ass.

“Yes, please do,” Ashley begged, worried that the relentless overuse of her pussy may have made her pink folds not was wet as usual.

Kristen made sure to help out her best friend as much as possible by slobbering loads of spit all over Jimmy’s shaft. She figured if she could get him as lubed up as possible then it would be easier for Ashley to take both of the men as the same time.

“Here it comes doll-face,” James warned Ashley as he eased his cock into her.

“Mother fucker,” Ashley groaned as the second cock penetrated her.

Ashley couldn’t believe how full of cock she felt at the current moment. The brunette sat perched atop a man who weighed close to triple her body weight who had paid for her and Kristen’s services with his dick firmly rooted in her tight asshole while another man was now poking into her pussy.

“Just breathe beautiful,” Kristen encouraged, appearing at her friend’s side.

Ashley gave her a wide-eyed look that conveyed how unbelievably foolish it was to think she could take close to 20 inches of dicks into her holes at one time. Kristen flashed her a knowing smile meant to comfort her then leaned in and planted a kiss on the brunette’s full lips. The move caught Ashley by surprise but she eventually kissed Kristen back.

As they slowly and romantically made out with one another, the pain in Ashley’s lower body seemed to dissipate. Now instead of feeling pain as the two horny men sawed into her pussy and asshole at the same time, she was absorbed in making out with her best friend, thinking on how good of a kisser the tiny redhead was.

Kristen was pleased that she was able to help out her volleyball friend any way she could. As she stuck her tongue into Ashley’s mouth and danced inside her cavity, the redhead couldn’t help but steal glances at the scene to her right. She was at the perfect vantage point to watch as Clark’s dick slowly yet forcefully rammed in and out of Ashley’s now gaping asshole. In contrast, James and his lengthy member was flying in and out of the brunette’s remarkably pink folds as he focused on speed rather than depth. The redhead felt so turned on by the scene that her pussy was gushing despite the fact she had cum twice already in the span of a few hours.

“Let me have a chance pumping her ass again,” the smaller man said to his buddy after awhile.

The pair had been double penetrating Ashley for near on 10 minutes at a pace that could have killed a regular girl. To her credit, the brunette lived up to her on-court mantra of being tough as nails and took the rough treatment without so much as a whimper once she’d gotten use to the simultaneous hammering.

“Yeah alright chief,” Clark relented.

James gave his friend a bow of the head in appreciation before pulling out of Ashley’s pink folds. He’d miss the sight of her perky boobs bouncing with every thrust he gave into her pussy but it was a sacrifice he was willing to make to get back in the brunette’s ass.

With James now free of her pussy, Ash felt a small sense of relief from not being double stuffed anymore. Kristen had stopped kissing her now so she suddenly became aware of how exhausted she was. Despite not doing any work as the men double penetrated her, the leggy athlete felt drained beyond relief. Clark sensed this too as after a few moment of not moving since James moved from her twat, the Southern businessman picked her up and off his dick in her arse and rolled her onto the empty seat beside him.

“Wait!” Kristen shouted. “How about we give Ash a break.”

“You want to take her place,” James asked.

“Kristen I’m fine. This isn’t my first tag team,” Ashley confessed with a slight drowsy slur.

“I actually want to be fucked like that though. It looks so sexy watching both of them hump your brains out so I wanna know how it feels,” Kristen admitted, giving her friend a kiss on the forehead.

“Alright, get over here,” James told her with excitement. “I haven’t gotten a chance to explore the depths of our ass yet.”

“Are you sure about this,” Ashley asked Kristen.

“Ash you need the break before they tear you in half. Plus…I wasn’t lying. Watching them both plow into you got me all horny and I really want to try this.,” Kristen answered her friend before addressing Clark, “And that cock is looking a little dry.”

Kristen walked over to the two men before lowering herself to her knees. While she stroked off Clark, she took the other into her mouth to get him lathered with her saliva. She made sure to cough up as much spit as she could knowing that James was going into her rectum in a minute. Once she felt like he was coated sufficiently, she turned her skilled tongue onto Clark. Kristen also took her time giving the large businessman head but for a different reason altogether; rather than prepping him for sodomizing her backdoor she was enjoying the taste of Ashley’s asshole on his cock.

“So I think you said it’s your turn to fuck some ass,” Kristen said to James.

“That’s right red. Come ride my cock,” he answered.

Kristen got to her foot before straddling Clark’s lap, much like she had been doing no more than half an hour ago. This time she was staring him in the eye as she knelt lower and took him deep into her pussy. She tossed her head back and gave out a gleeful moan before beginning to bounce on his shaft for a minute to get use to his girth being back in her hole. Once she felt her stretched out and wet enough between her legs she flexed forward at the hips in order to lean down so James could get positioned behind her.

“Go slow with her,” Ashley said.

James all but ignored the concerned girl and placed his cock against her tight asshole. It was resistant but eventually James’s efforts paid off when he leant into it and his tip disappeared past her sphincter. She let out a moan as her rectum was pushed into for the second time that night, but it was her first time taking it in the ass with another cock pounding her pink. However, to her joy it didn’t hurt or feel that uncomfortable, in fact it felt rather pleasing much like she was hoping it would.

“Ohhh,” Kristen whimpered as James inched his lubed-up member into her tightest of holes.

“Are you okay,” Ashley asked her best friend as she took up slumped over seat beside them.

“Okay? I’m amazing! I fell so good with all these cocks in me at the same time,” Kristen shouted with excitement between intense moaning.

“This chick is nasty. I think I’m in love,” James said while working up to a faster pace as he was now stroking his entire length into her ass.

As the men continued to work in sync to thrust into each of Kristen’s holes, the horny redhead was pushing back against them to allow them to fuck her deeper. Not wanting to simply be an observer, Ashley was now making out with her best friend, much to the men’s pleasure.

“I’ve never been more turned on in my life then watching two guys fuck you,” Ashley told her before passionately kissing her friend again.

“Fuck I won’t be able to last much longer,” Clark said from beneath Kristen.

“I know. These college girls were a lot tighter than I thought,” James admitted as he continued to rail into Kristen’s constricting asshole.

The foursome continued on like this for some time, though none of the group was paying attention to time whatsoever. They were all lost in the passion and pleasure that was being generated in the middle of the fancy hotel’s penthouse suite.

“Oh shit I need to cum right now,” Clark eventually shouted.

“Me…ahhhh…too,” James agreed.

Though it pained him, James knew it was time to pull out of the petite girl’s asshole. He still didn’t understand how a girl that thin could have a backside that bubbly but he made more pressing matters to attend to at the current moment. He backed up just far enough so that the fiery redhead was able to pop off of his fellow businessman’s lap and drop down to the ground in front of him.

Meanwhile as Clark was getting up to his feet from the couch, Ashley had slid into position on the floor so that she was now beside her best friend. The close girls gave each other one last kiss and exchanged a playful smile before pressing their cheeks together in preparation of what was to come.

Since Ashley was now the closest girl to him, Clark leaned over and placed the tip of his cock into her mouth. No sooner had her lips clamped around his tip had he begun to shot his load onto her tongue.

With Ashley taking care of Clark, she swiftly turned her full attention to James but she didn’t have time to take him into her mouth. Rather, James exploded all over her face with streams of cum now coating her pale skin. Once the last streak shot from the tip of his penis, the business man collapsed down onto the couch, absolutely exhausted.

“You still have all that cum in your mouth,” Kristen asked her friend.

Ashley could only nod in response as she had yet to swallow the extremely large load of cum that one of the men had shot into her.

Kristen crawled the short distance to the couch and pulled the sexy brunette in for an open mouth kiss. Ashley couldn’t help but open her mouth to receive Kristen’s tongue, pushing all the cum from her mouth into her mouth.

“GULP. Thanks babe. I love how cum tastes,” Kristen stated.

“You slut. I wanted to swallow that,” Ashley replied.

Noticing for the first time that Kristen was covered in jizz, Ashley lent in to her and started gathering all of the sticky goo from her face. Once she had licked all of it from her face, Ashley was left with a mouthful which she quickly engulfed before Kristen could steal it again.

“You two were worth every cent,” James said.

“No kidding,” Clark agreed.

“If you want, you can watch us shower together and make love then you might be ready to fuck our asses again,” Kristen offered.

“I’m seriously going to marry that one,” James said.

The two businessmen ravished the two girls well into the wee hours of the morning. The blue little pills that they kept popping were holding up their end of the bargain by granting them impossibly hard cocks and a near endless supply of orgasms, even though their volume of cum for the girls lowered every time. After watching the girls get down in dirty in the shower, James got some one-on-one time with Kristen in the Jacuzzi while Clark took up the redhead’s spot in under the hot water with Ashley. The men then introduced costumes into the proceedings, with the two leggy girls donning blindfolds, handcuffs, schoolgirl outfits and leather boots at one time or another. Just as the two men finally exhausted themselves, they ordered Kristen and Ashley to do bondage with the ravenous black haired hottie dominating her smaller red-haired friend. They acted out their client’s fantasy until they dosed off for the night, but still gave each other one last orgasm before they retreated to the second bedroom of the suite and curled up together for some much deserved sleep.

“You ladies are something special. We’ll be sure to give you a call whenever either of us are back in town,” James greeted them the next morning.

“Actually this was our last…”

“Last time doing anyone but you or your friend. Unless you recommend someone as well,” Kristen said while cutting off Ashley in the process.

“Oh word will spread about you two, I’ll make sure of it. Got loads of business contacts up here that have money burn and a taste for fine things. Now I gotta run to catch my flight, but we have your number. And use the restaurant downstairs, it’s on us,” he told them before grabbing his bags and leaving them alone in the penthouse.

“What the hell was that K-Stew? I promised you I was giving this up,” Ashley snapped at her smaller friend.

“We made 10 grand to do things we love and are good at. It’s the dream! I’m not saying we fuck just anyone for money but since we have these high-rolling contacts there’s no need to burn the bridge,” Kristen reasoned.

Ashley never told her but it was a fear she had the entire time she asked Kristen to join her for the one night. Just like the dark-haired beauty had learnt for herself, prostitution was seductive and addicting. She loved the knowledge that men wanted her so incredibly badly that they would pay for her services. It was an ultimate compliment and she couldn’t think of anything that quite rivaled it. But now it appeared that Kristen had gotten a taste and was latching on to the sensation, and Ashley knew it would be tough to fight for the both of them.

*          *          *

“Thanks for meeting in the parking lot,” Dianna said to Clay as they entered his room.

“The least I can do. You drove an hour to see me after all,” Clay told the beautiful high school girl.

“Still, it was really nice you of,” Dianna said.

“So what did you want to do? We could go to a party that’s on the floor above us or we could catch a movie or grab dinner,” Clay gave options. “Or we could just hang in here tonight. My roommate’s away and you must be exhausted after such a long drive.”

“Um sure, we can stay in here. I love your room! It’s such a man’s dorm room,” Dianna gawked.

“I know it’s probably totally cliché. I mean I got my TV on milk crates and a little beanie chair for guests and posters hung on every wall,” Clay said.

“It’s not cliché, its cool,” Dianna reassured him. “Let me guess that you have condoms in the top drawer of your dresser.”

“What do you have? X-ray vision? Or did you stake out my room already,” Clay joked. “And those are for safety so really they show I’m responsible.”

“And do you have to be safe a lot,” Dianna asked.

“Only sometimes, when it involves a special girl,” Clay replied as he made his move.

“And have you met any special girls lately,” Dianna inquired.

“Only one but the problem is she’s a bit younger than me and I wouldn’t want to make her feel uncomfortable by forcing into something she’s not ready for,” Clay answered as he closed the gap between he and the adorable blonde.

“But what if that girl wasn’t being forced. What if she wanted to happen,” Dianna asked him, realizing that they were only mere inches apart.

Clay brought his hand to the girl’s chin, pointed it upwards then bent down and pressed his lips against hers. Dianna had such nice big, plump lips that Clay felt like he was kissing a pillow. Opening his mouth to progress the kiss, he was pleased that the blonde readily accepted his tongue into her mouth.

Making sure to always keep pushing the pace so that the younger girl didn’t ever get too comfortable, Clay reached around her back and grabbed two handfuls of her firm ass. Dianna didn’t oppose so he kept on kissing her as his erection was now pressing through his pants and against her inner thigh.

Upset to remove his hands from her meaty rump, Clay begrudgingly took his hands placed them on her back. Sliding his mouth down to her neck, the college man grabbed a hold of the straps of her dress and pulled the cute summer dress from her body.

“You’re beautiful,” Clay told her as he looked at her wearing only a matching blue bra and thong. “You have such a nice flat stomach, perk boobs and your ass is unbelievable.”

Embarrassed from all of his kind words, Dianna simply just blushed and smiled. Clay was pleased that the high school girl was over-awed in hooking up with a college student, but did feel slightly guilty in how easy it was to nail her.

Leaning back in to kiss her, Clay wrapped his arms back around her and unclasped her bra to free her small but very perky boobs. As he threw the bra aside, he slid both arms between them so that he could cup each of her globes, making sure to pay particular attention in erotically twisting her nipples.

“Uh, mmhh,” Dianna moaned into his mouth as Clay’s touch got her extremely horny.

Making sure to not get stuck doing one thing for two long so she didn’t get comfortable, Clay laid the beautiful girl onto his bed on her back. Sliding his hands up her smooth legs, he hooked his fingers under the waistband of her thong and pulled it down until it joined the rest of her clothing on the floor.

“I love a hairless pussy,” Clay remarked as he stared at her bright pink folds that seemed to be freshly waxed.

“Tell me Dianna, has a guy ever made you cum just be eating your pussy,” Clay asked his date while getting into position between her milk-colored thighs.

“No. They either give it a light lick or skip it all together,” Dianna admitted.

“Then I think you’ll really enjoy this,” Clay said with a smile before taking his first swipe at her teen pussy.

He started with light flicks to Dianna’s pussy lips with his tongue. It must have remained her of the weak attempts that other boys had done when giving her oral.

Using one hand to help pull apart her pussy lips as the other hand ran up her torso to explore her naked body, Clay ran his tongue between her labia from top to bottom. He felt the younger girl squirm as she experienced new pleasures once he clamped his lips around her exposed clitoris and repeatedly flicked it.

“Unnggghhhh,” Dianna moaned in appreciation.

Clay returned to licking along her entire slit from bottom to top but this time deeper and faster. It was having the desired effect as now the blonde’s body was thrashing with the pleasure that he was giving her.

Instead of keeping with the same move, Clay felt it was time to move on and really turn on the pleasure for his date. Not swiping his tongue up her slit the next time he got to the bottom, the college man dipped his tongue into her hole.

Clay smiled as he felt Dianna thrust her hips up in an attempt to get him deeper into her hole. Abiding by her wishes, Clay dug further into her pussy before licking her inner walls. The best part of this for the male was that Dianna would be overly willing to make it up to him, plus the high schooler had a sweet tasting pussy.

“Uh! UH! Oh God yes! Don’t stop,” Dianna shouted as her orgasm quickly approached.

Clay kept thrusting his tongue into her hole but couldn’t help but watch her boobs heave up and down in response to her heavy breathing. Deciding now was the right time, he used his finger to stimulate her clit by rubbing the sensitive nub.

“YES! YES! YES! I’m cumming! Ugghhhhh,” Dianna screamed.

Her legs squeezed tight against Clay’s head and she arched her back as she had her first orgasm from oral sex. Her sweet cream gushed out of her and into Clay’s waiting mouth, which he was more then happy to take as it was so sweet.

“How was that,” Clay asked as he emerged from between her thighs.

“I love college,” Dianna replied with a satisfied smile.

“You love it already? But you haven’t even gotten laid yet,” Clay joked.

“You’re right! So let’s do something about that,” Dianna told him with lust in her eye.

As Clay took off his own shirt, Dianna had gotten onto all fours and had unbuckled, unzipped and pulled down his pants. The college man leaned back as she stroked his semi-erect cock until it was rock hard.

“Oh yeah. Just like that,” Clay encouraged as Dianna had her lips pressed firmly around his member while gliding up and down along his 9-inch shaft.

For being just in high school, the blonde knew what she was doing. She would constantly keep switching from sucking on his meat then the next minute she would only focus on the head. Currently she was leaving big sloppy kisses down his pole before reaching his sack.

“Do you want me to suck on your nuts,” Dianna asked him.

“Yes please,” Clay responded.

While using her one hand to stroke his well-coated cock, Dianna leant down further until she pulled one ball into her mouth and played with it gently with her tongue. She exchanged one for the next and did the same thing before treating him to both going into her skilled mouth.

“So good with that tongue,” Clay groaned as he held her long blonde hair above her head.

“Thought you might like that,” Dianna told before getting her lips wrapped back around his dick and taking 6 inches into her mouth before her throat stopped anymore from entering.

“I need get inside you right now,” Clay told her after receiving another few minutes of her fantastic blowjob.

Dianna was getting ready to roll over onto her back but Clay had moved so fast that he was already behind her while she was still on her hands and knees. Using one hand on her hips to stabilizer her, Clay used the other to grip his cock and place it at the entry to her pussy.

“Wait,” Dianna shouted. “Don’t we need a condom?”

“I only use those for dirty bitches. Are you clean,” Clay asked, wanting to avoid the latex prison as best he could.

“Yeah I don’t have any diseases or anything…” Dianna replied before being cut off.

“Then this is fine,” Clay reasoned. Not wanting the girl to come to her senses and make him wear a condom, he pushing forward with form pressure until her tight hole gave way and accepted his tip.

“Owww,” Dianna groaned with a mixture of pain and pleasure. Although she had sex before, she was still an 18-year-old girl so was just as tight as when she was a virgin.

“See. Doesn’t this feel so much better,” Clay asked while he kept moving more of him into her hole in small movements.

“Uhhh….yeah….ugghhh….you were right,” Dianna moaned in response.

By the time he had worked all of his pole into her hole, Dianna had completely forgotten about condoms and was thinking purely about how amazing it felt.

Now that he had gone slowly into her a few times, Clay felt she was stretched out enough to really start fucking her. Not holding back any further, the man grabbed her hips and pulled her back while he thrust forward.

“So tight,” Clay grunted as he watched his dick repeatedly disappear into her snatch.

Clay was glad Dianna was enjoying herself too as he felt her start pushing her hips back to help get him deeper into her. Her pussy was still clamped tightly to his rod as it glided into her hole before his pelvis crashed against her cheeks, making them ripple.

“AHHH,” Dianna screamed, ready to cum again soon.

“Go on your back,” Clay said, pulling his slick cock from her the velvety feel of her pussy. Her amazing blowjob coupled with their intense fucking so far had the experienced college man ready to cum as well.

“Just get back inside me,” Dianna argued while flipping over.

Clay picked up her tanned legs and threw them up onto his shoulders so she made a big V. Using his hand to help guide his tool back into her folds, Clay re-entered her and picked back up where he left off.

Already pushing his whole length into her warm folds, he couldn’t help but notice the thumping noise his balls were making as they smacked against her cute ass.

I’m gonna…I need…I’m cumming,” Dianna screamed as she was on the verge of climaxing.

With one last hard plunge, Clay buried his whole length into her teen pussy deeper then anything had ever been in her before. This was just the stimulation the horny blonde needed as she erupted into her second orgasm of the night.

While her body was still quivering from her intense orgasm, Clay had no time to admire his handwork as he knew he needed to cum shortly. He knew there was no turning back when her ultra-tight pussy gripped him even stronger as she came and he felt his balls start to release his seed.

“Going to cum,” Clay warned.

“Don’t come in me,” Dianna shouted as she was snapped out of her post-orgasm haze. “I’m not on the pill.”

Not wanting to anger the adorable teen, Clay pulled out of her pussy and moved up her body. Straddling her chest so his constricted balls were resting in the gap between her tits, Clay leaned forward until the head of his cock was less than an inch from her lips.

Realizing that he wanted to cum in her mouth, Dianna parted her lips and took him into her mouth. She was hoping that he didn’t judge her for her hesitation and think she was just some little naïve high school girl.

“Uh,” Clay grunted as he shot several think strands into Dianna’s mouth.

Usually not a fan of the taste of cum, Dianna couldn’t help but think his cum somehow tasted good. Although as salty as all the cum she’d swallowed, since it was mixed with her own super sweet cum, the mixture had a neutral taste.

“Yum,” Dianna said a loud without thinking.

“A girl that looks beautiful, is great in the sack and likes swallowing a load. That’s the complete package,” Clay said as he rolled over next to her.

“You were amazing too,” Dianna told him while blushing from his comment. “I’ve never cum as hard as either of those two times.”

“You’ll have to come back up and visit more often,” Clay told the girl.

“I think that’s something I can make happen,” Dianna replied.

“We still have time to catch that party. It might be a good break we need before trying to get another two orgasms out of you,” Clay said.

“Wow, what a stud,” Dianna thought to herself before addressing his comment. “Sure. Let me go freshen up in the washroom.”

“Of course. Down the hall, third room on the left,” Clay instructed as the petite girl got dressed.

After getting her clothes back on and walking down the hall, Dianna went into the washroom and started to wash up a little. She was slightly startled when another girl entered the room but got over it and went back about what she was doing.

“You’re new. I haven’t seen you around the floor before. Hi I’m Hayden,” the little blond introduced herself.

“Hi. I’m Dianna. I’m just visiting a friend,” she replied.

“Judging by the glow of your face and how out of breath you still are, I’m guessing you were visiting a male friend,” Hayden assumed.

“Read me like a book,” Dianna laughed.

“Are you coming to the party upstairs,” Hayden asked.

“Yeah I think so,” Dianna answered.

“Even though girls drink free, I’ll still save you drink…and maybe a dance,” Hayden said.

Even though she was in a happy relationship with a girl she loved, Hayden couldn’t help but flirt with the sexy new girl.

“Um…yeah for sure. I’m not a great dancer but maybe you can make me better,” Dianna replied, caught off guard by the flirtation.

Dianna wasn’t a lesbian by any stretch of the imagination but like most popular high school girls, she’d made out with girls before. Hayden was just the type of girl that Dianna would have gone for if she was into chicks though.

“Great. See you later,” Hayden said before leaving her alone.

Dianna finished washing up then returned to Clay’s room. She realized that no matter what, she needed to get into this school for next year.

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