Under Control – Part 6: Mile High Boobie Talk Show

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Under Control – Part 6: Mile High Boobie Talk Show

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This story is a work of fiction. Completely made up. It does not represent the activities of the persons within in any way.

Holly Willoughby could get used to this. She sat quite relaxed as apparently the only passenger aboard a very spacious private jet. Whilst somewhere over the Atlantic, she sipped slowly on sparkling champagne and ate fresh strawberries with cream. The plane was spacious with a couple more luxury leather chairs and a bedroom for the more tired passenger. There was also a bar, large screen TV and fridge. It was all very nice and she’d certainly never travelled like this before. This company, “In Through Your Eyes Productions,” must really want her. And even though Holly had never heard of them before, the package they were offering was too good to turn down.

It had only been 24 hours since they contacted her about being a TV chat show host in the States. She had thought it crazy but as talk of salary and a private jet being sent for her started, Holly had become seduced by the thought of investigating it at least. She hopped on the plane as soon as it had arrived, barely mentioning to anyone what she was doing. By the time she returned, she may be the host of a prime time chat show in the United States.

Holly relaxed back into her chair again and sipped her champagne. She was wearing a black suit jacket and white shirt which was unbuttoned quite far down. It showed off her cleavage well without being too slutty. She wore a short black skirt to show off her legs which were immaculate. Holly finished it with some almost skin coloured high heels. Her lovely blonde hair hung over her shoulders with a hint of curl at the end. Overall, she looked and felt very sexy yet looked professional. Holly was hoping that whoever was interviewing her would see the same. She looked out the window and sipped her champagne again. Her glass was empty.

Holly was surprised that she’d got through a glass already. She thought about having an interview soon. She probably shouldn’t have another. But then again, how often did she have this kind of luxury? And there was a few hours worth of flying to go. And they wouldn’t have put this on if they didn’t want her to enjoy herself. Holly looked at the side of her chair and pushed a button with a maid on it. It lit up and a soft “bing” was heard in the cabin. Then Holly thought “Is there even a hostess?” having not seen one earlier.

Her question was soon answered however as the cockpit door swung open and a long slightly tanned leg stepped out. Holly’s eyes were drawn to the white platformed high heel wich was seductively placed gently on to the floor. Holly could see almost all the way up the beautifully toned leg to the thigh. She wondered if she saw a very short tight sky blue skirt. Next a white glove gripped the door frame and a hint of a tanned arm. Using the frame as a pivot, the woman swung herself round and struck a sexy pose. Everything was on view. She split her legs slightly straining the very tight sky blue all in one dress. They were long and extremely sexy in the white platform heels. Holly now realised the very short skirt was indeed a very short dress. It hugged the woman’s slim stomach but bulged out at her large round tits, which were barely contained in the tight dress. The V neck line had a false collar which lined the immense cleavage. The lady wore a small blue handkerchief round her neck. A small round sky blue hat sat on the woman’s long straight fair hair and completed the fantasy air hostess look. After taking everything in, Holly made out the face. It was Jennifer Aniston.

Holly sat stunned by the star in a fantasy air hostess outfit. Even as Jennifer made her way over to the bar and picked up the champagne from the ice bucket, Holly couldn’t move. Slowly her eye line was filled by the very short skirt and then the blue handkerchief as Jennifer leaned over to pour. Holly found herself trying to peer past the cloth to the star’s huge round tits. She could just about satisfy her curiosity when the star stood back up again and showed the inside of her thighs again. Jennifer placed the ice bucket on the small table in front of Holly and swivelled a leather chair round to face the star. She reclined in it slowly and crossed one leg over the other to make sure Holly could see it all the way to the sexy heels. Jennifer just sat there, waiting for Holly to move or say something.

“You… You’re the one. You want me to host a show.” Holly stammered nervously. She still hadn’t moved and was now holding a full champagne glass.

Jennifer replied confidently and with a smile. “Yes Holly. I want you to join the little empire I’m building. I want you to help me lead it.”

Holly sat still and took even more time to formulate another question. She’d seen some of the movies, the TV shows and the Internet posts that had come from the mega star. Who on the planet hadn’t? Jennifer Aniston was changing the porn industry by putting herself as its biggest star and inviting almost as famous woman celebrities to join her. Holly had even seen a clip of Jen fucking a dog. “Wh… Why me?”

Again Jennifer smiled and answered confidently, as if she’d prepared every word before hand. “I want someone who looks wholesome but is sexy at the same time. Someone who has experience of hosting and is fun to chat too. I asked my girls and Cheryl was very vocal in suggesting you.”

“Cheryl… Cheryl Cole.” Holly cleared her throat as she suddenly remembered Cheryl was part of Jen’s group, and had done everything that Jennifer had done.

“Yes. She recommended you. She’s been desperate to get her hands on your amazing tits for a while now by the way. And I’ve gotta say she’s not wrong. From where I’m sitting, you fit the bill perfectly.” Jennifer sat forward now, realising decision time was coming.

“What makes you think I’ll agree?” said Holly who now at least put down her glass.

“Cause I could feel how much you wanted me when I came in. You want to feel me on you. You want me to give you pleasure. You want to give me pleasure.”

Holly smiled and looked down. This she could not deny. She was turned on. But the rest.

Holly looked up and caught the eyes of a giant snake behind Jennifer’s shoulder. A wave of relaxation hit her body. It felt good. She continued to hold her eyes on the snake.

“Holly, this is your new master. He will help with the rest.”

“Holly. Welcome. I want you to relax. I want you to feel great. I want you to do anything that’ll make you feel amazing. Do you think you can manage this request?”

“Yes Master.” Holly replied quietly to the slow hissing of the powerful snake.

“All my suggestions are things to help you feel amazing. As long as you do them, you will feel amazing.” The snake moved its head forward over Jennifer’s shoulder and moved to Holly’s arm. Suddenly the snake’s tongue lashed out and struck Holly who didn’t flinch initially. She couldn’t help but move however as a tingling sensation started to build in her breasts then pussy. It got stronger and stronger until she found herself cupping her jugs through her jacket. She felt amazing. Her pussy was so wet she felt like she could orgasm there and then. And then she did, desperately trying to grab her tits through clothes is order to increase her pleasure. She arched her back and moaned in delight. Nothing had ever felt this good.

As she settled down, she noticed her shirt and jacked strain even more to hold her tits. Her hands too felt as if they were slightly more full than normal to hold fleshy mounds. Jennifer just sat and smiled as the serpent master observed the situation. “Feels good doesn’t it?”

Holly could only manage a nod as she tried to gain some composure. She was trying to fix her jacket and hair but wasn’t succeding too well. Her breathing was noticeably heavy still. She was struggling.

“Awww sweetie, why don’t you head through to the bedroom and make yourself comfortable. We’ll be through in a minute when you feel more able.” Holly could tell in her head what to do. She was excited by it. She got up and made her way to the bedroom. The first thing she saw was a closet however, holding nothing but lingerie and sexy costumes. She started to look with a grin on her face. Just what would suit her best?

After 30 mins or so Holly was happy with how she looked. She’d chosen a baby doll outfit from the wardrobe and put it on. It was mainly black sheer round the body but had an area of white fabric which cupped her tits and barely concealed her nipples. It had a black lace design which extended down the front of the baby doll to just cover her pussy but no more. At the sides of the baby doll which was see through sheer, Holly’s straps for the black thong could be seen. At the back, the outfit rode up her beautiful ass, allowing about half of the skin to be seen. Her back was also plainly visible apart from the straps which were visibly strained under the pressure from Holly’s large rack. She’d gone with some unsupported black stockings and black platform high heels to make her look incredibly sexy. The toes of the heels had little daisies on them which she liked the innocence of. She rustled her hair into a sexy mess style, allowing it to settle just over shoulders as she curled herself invitingly on to a large round bed with red silk pillows and coverings. She noted a couple of high definition cameras pointing at her and strained to shove her chest in their direction as much as possible. She was certain she’d impress Jennifer.

Two minutes later Jennifer burst in. None of the slow seduction like before. Just boom! Big tits pushed out. Cream and black lacy bra. Toned stomach. Narrow waste line. Suspenders belt, also cream and black. Black thong. Sheer black suspender stockings and black platformed high heels adding 5 inches to her height. “Let’s make a fucking video!” she cooed as she jumped on the bed. “You look so hot. It’s funny how sweet girls go for a baby doll. Fucking suits you though!”

Holly smiled as her partner settled on the bed. She felt so assured by Jennifer’s comments. She felt ready. The two sat facing each other on the bed, legs stretched and bodies fully on display. They both had their heads rested on a bent arm for support. They both addressed the camera at the bottom of the bed where their snake master had now settled.

“Hello. I’m Holly “Willoboobie” Willoughby.”

“And I’m Jennifer Aniston.”

“And this is “Pillow Chat with Holly Willoboobie.” Welcome to this brand new show where I get to know every intimate detail of the celebrities you love. Each week, we’ll bring you a new babe and ask you for questions to ask her. This week we’re starting with the gorgeous woman by my side, the star of…”

“Well actually no,” interrupted Jennifer before Holly could say any further. “You see, everyone already knows me inside out, so I thought for your first show, I’d ask you all the questions. Let everyone get to know you.”

“Awww ok,” smiled Holly, looking relaxed. She smiled and settled back into the bed, the dynamic of the situation necessitating it. “Fire away,” she grinned, perfectly prepared for the nature of the questions coming up.

“Well first let me say how gorgeous you look and thank you for agreeing to host the show.”

“Thanks,” said Holly, barely squeezing it in before the first question.

“Do you like dressing up in lingerie? Is it something you do often?”

“Yeah,” replied Holly excitedly. “I love putting on fine lingerie and do it as often as I can. It makes me feel so sexy. And I love how it gets a lover going. I love that it shows my body off but hides just enough. Isn’t that just the sexiest thing?”

“Yeah. Well you aren’t hearing any complaints from me. You look great. Tell us about some of the stuff you like.”

“Well I have loads of bra and panties sets which I love. Mainly pink, baby blue, pale shades. But I also have the classic black and red lace sets. They’re a must. I have a few baby dolls and negligees. You get the idea. I love it all and I have high heels to go with them all. You can’t wear lingerie without them. Oh and I also have a couple of fantasy outfits.”

“Oh. Sounds exciting. Do tell what you have?”

“Eh my absolute favourite is my school uniform. Tight white shirt and short grey skirt. Really gets the fellas excited to see me all sweet and innocent. I can also do school teacher, sexy secretary and last week I bought a nurse outfit. It’s tight and revealing in all the right places. Really shows my boobs.”

“Hmmm I like the sound of school girl Holly. But moving on, you’ve mentioned your tits. Do you think they’re your sexiest feature?” As Jen asked the question, she reached out a hand and gave one tit and gentle caress then light squeeze. Holly could feel the sensation all over her body.

“That’s a difficult one,” said Holly slowly as she opened her eyes again from a state of dreamy bliss. “I love my tits. I love having curves to show off. But I also think I have nice legs. And people tell me I have a pretty face so it’s difficult to know. I guess they generate a lot of excitement and men can get enough of them in bed. I love having them fucked and I love when men cum on them. So maybe, yes, they probably are my sexiest feature.”

“You must get a lot of requests for tit wanks. Do you enjoy it?”

“Oh yes I love it. Having hard cock between them feels great. I love oiling them up. I spend ages rubbing them up, making them slidy. Drives men crazy. Saying that I do enjoy other stuff too. I can give a pretty good blowjob and I like a good fucking too. Sometimes I think I’m all about the cum. As long as I get cum somehow, then I’m happy. Over my tits is best, but I don’t mind face.”

“Do you swallow?” Jennifer interjected.

“Yeah. Love it.”

“What’s your favourite position then? Let me guess, you’re an on top sort of girl?” smiled Jennifer, who was imaging the sight.

Holly laughed at the presumption but Jennifer was right. “How did you know?”

“Just did.” Holly and Jen were laughing and had slowly inched closer on the bed. Holly reached over with a high heeled foot and began to rub it up and down one of Jennifer’s stockings. A huge grin came over Jennifer’s face. “Have you ever had sex with a woman before?”

Holly laughed. “No I haven’t. I’ve kissed a couple but never more than that. I do find woman attractive though.”

“Well I’m sure we’ll fix that soon,” smiled Jennifer as she moved in for a kiss. Holly reciprocated and as her tongue met Jennifer’s she could feel the pleasure start to build inside her pussy. Jennifer had soft lips and Holly loved it. What started as slow kiss became quicker and more passionate. Holly was feeling wet. Jennifer was enjoying herself too. But she knew she had a couple of more things she wanted to know first so she broke of the kiss, much to hers and Holly’s disappointment.

“You’re a great kisser.” Jennifer struggled to get the words out. Holly smiled back, mouthing the words “you too.” “A couple more questions,” breathed Jennifer, excited by the end. “They’ll tie in nicely together. Who are your female celebrity crushes at the moment?”

“You!” Holly blurted out. At that moment she was all Holly wanted. Jennifer stroked her arm and smiled cheekily. But Holly sensed a serious nature to the question though so carried on. “I love Kelly Brook. She’s so fun and so gorgeous. I love working with her. Then, of course, there’s Cheryl Cole. She has a great body too. And she’s fun to work with. As I’m sure you know better than me now!” Holly giggled like a school girl gossiping as she revealed her crushes which now seemed more like obtainable fantasies.

“Mmm sweetie. They’re all so hot. Anyone you’ve not worked with but admired from a far?”

“Aww God Britney Spears is so hot. And Jennifer Love Hewitt. They’d both be pretty amazing to see close up.” Thoughts of tits and pussy were filling Holly’s head with even more lustful thoughts. She was enjoying this a lot.

Jennifer agreed with a nod and seemed to interrupt the closeness by turning away and fetching something from the table. “Well we didn’t have time to get audience questions but I think you’ll like who yours is from.” Jen turned over and turned on the large flat screen on the wall. The screen took a second to load.

“Oh my God!” Holly beamed as she sat up.

“Hey sweetie.” The dulcet Geordie tones of Cheryl Cole filled the room.

“Hey. I can’t believe it’s you. How are you?” Holly spoke at pace, rushing her thoughts. She was genuinely delighted to see her old friend whose face filled the screen.

Holly smiled like a little school girl at Cheryl who beamed back from the TV, clearly delighted to be so wanted by the blonde. This was only interrupted by Jen after a good half minute.

“You have a question for Holly lover?” she asked seductively.

“I have two if that’s allowed?” Holly blushed more but was excited to hear them. “First, can she tell us how she gives a tit fuck? And secondly, would you ever fuck an animal?”

Holly giggled. “Oh well, depends what sort of mood I’m in. If I’m desperate for cock or someone turns me on then I guess I would. A girl’s got to eat.” She laughed again. “I know you guys love it,” and she winked at Cheryl. Cheryl grinned, taking this to be a cast iron yes. “And for the other thing well… First you get their attention by wearing some sexy lingerie, something that shows your tits off nicely.” Holly peered down at her own lovely rack cupped in her white and black outfit. “Something like this. And then you look up, catch their eyes and hold them…” Holly lifted her head and stared directly at the small camera mounted above the TV. She wanted to capture Cheryl’s attention.

Meanwhile, almost unnoticed to Holly a chimp entered the room and climbed up on the bed. It was maybe about five foot in size and dragged it’s knuckles along the floor. Jennifer grabbed some baby oil from the bedside chest and lubed up her hands. She started to stroke the chimp cock slowly which immediately began to stiffen. She stayed quiet so as not disturb Holly but was getting extremely wet with all that was going on around her. She loved how her fingers felt on the gradually lengthening rod as she stroked its oily surface. Without realising her lips were moving closer to the tip and she soon found herself wanting to suck on it. Her tongue teased the tip, first of all, flicking and swivelling round the edge. Soon she found found the cock in her mouth, sucking on the rod, using her tongue faster and stronger. She started to bob her head up and down as far as she could, whilst all the time using her right hand to jerk of the remainder of the 16 inch rod.

“Then you slowly… Start… To…” With this Holly revealed her big round tits to Cheryl. They were perfect and never moved much despite their support being taken off. Holly was still holding Cheryl’s gaze and talking in a soft sensual manner. She touched her nipples with her fingers in a feign to cover up but then giggled as she revealed them again. Next she cupped her tits and began to rub them. She massaged her soft fleshy mounds and bit her lip playfully. “Then I’d put oil on. Just so … You know…” Holly found the bottle of baby oil without turning round. She then drizzled it slowly over herself. She covered the top of her boobs with oil and it ran down covering the rest. Some dripped off her tits. “God this feels great. I bet it looks great.” Again she spoke slowly and sexily. Cheryl didn’t have a chance. The now empty bottle was discarded. “And now, we rub it in.”

“We?” asked Cheryl, whose breathing had become noticeable heavier.

Holly moved the clear oil round her chest, covering every last inch of her rack. “We.” She noticed that Cheryl had closed her eyes, probably visualising being with her.

The camera panned out and Holly could see the completely nude star masturbating herself on a chair, her long sexy legs wide open, a busy right hand on her wet pink pussy.

Suddenly she felt hands on her shoulder pull her back flat on to the bed. She didn’t resist and soon saw Jennifer Aniston lean over her and smile. Next a chimp straddled her and was already fully erect. Holly felt so excited. She wanted to feel a cock in between her jugs and here was one, and it was massive. “We thought you’d enjoy this,” laughed Jennifer. With that, the chimp pushed his cock into Holly’s chest. Holly squeezed her slippery tits round the shaft and let the chimp fuck them. The rod slid so easily and with pace. She felt a tingle in her melons and fingers. She loved titty fucking.

A tingle shot through Holly’s body. And again. She was in ecstasy. She felt so good as this feeling pulsed through body, coming from her soaking wet pussy. It was a tongue. As she let the chimp fuck her tits, her lust fill daze cleared just enough for her to realise Jennifer Aniston was licking her pussy. “Oh god this feels fucking good,” she thought. “Jennifer Aniston is eating me out!” She start to gyrate her hips on Jennifer’s tongue and mouth. Wave after wave of pleasure radiated from her pussy. Then suddenly the inevitable. She came and came hard. Her whole body tightened and relaxed. It felt great. Her tits felt amazing. She squeezed at her large breasts and enjoyed the feel round animal cock. Another orgasm came as Jen worked her clit and pussy walls. She arched her back, inviting a harder fucking but her beastial lover. He responded. She invited Jennifer deeper as juices gushed from her. Jennifer seemed to know her so well. Where Holly needed her tongue it went straight away. “Shhhhiiitttt! Fuckkkkkking!” She went quiet. It felt like bliss.

Reluctantly Jennifer stopped her oral assault on Holly’s wet pussy. Holly’s orgasms were settling but the tit fuck was still exciting her. Holly looked round and caught Cheryl rubbing masturbating herself on TV. Then Jen appeared in her view. Her lips were moist and she had a huge grin. “Mmmm, you taste so good. We’ll need to do that again.” Holly smiled back as best she could but she was still recovering and was using her remaining strength to keep her round breasts round the hard chimp cock. “Looks like he’s enjoying that. Bet he can’t wait to cover you in his hot salty cum. I can’t wait to see your face and titties covered in chimpanzee cum. I want you dripping.” With that a drop of pre cum appeared at the tip. Holly felt her chimp lover speed up and could sense how close he was. Also sensing how close the chimp was Jen grabbed the cock and began to wank him hard. Holly relaxed and gently opened her mouth, waiting for her reward.

She didn’t have to wait long. “Ahhh,” moaned the blonde Brit as the first strand landed on her forehead and right eye. The sting in the hotness cause a tingle. A second strand landed across her beautiful lips and mouth. She used her tongue to taste. It was hot and salty. She loved it as another strand landed in her hair quickly followed by loads to her cheeks, forehead and then her chin. Jen continued to wank off the beast as further cum fired out. “Cover my tits,” demanded Holly. Jen duly obliged, covering her chest in streaks of gooey, hot, sticky cum. She cupped her tits to the rod. Each time it landed, she felt her breasts tingle almost as strongly as her orgasms. Holly looked Jen in the eyes. “Mmmm it feels so good.”

Jen bounced the now softening cock against Holly’s right tit. This signified her trying to get the last drop out and the end of more cum than Holly had ever seen. Holly took a moment to compose as Jen looked down on her. She let the chimp go as she laid a kiss on the salty mouth. She savoured the taste. Holly struggled to sit up, now aware she was doing a show. “Did that answer your question Cheryl?”

Cheryl looked flushed but managed a weak yes.

“Good. How was that for you Holly?”

“Better than I could have imagined. The lust, the power. The amount of cum! I don’t know why I never had animal cock before. And sharing it with you was amazing!”

“We haven’t quite shared yet!” Jen dived into Holly’s dripping cleavage which was almost completely covered in white cum. She started to lick it up with great enthusiasm.

Holly laughed, as she could feel herself getting turned on by more breast action. “Hey! I need to finished the show!” Jen didn’t take notice. She didn’t even slow down leaving Holly to giggle through the extro. “Well thanks for joining me, Holly Willoboobie and my guest Jennifer Aniston this week. We’ve had a lot of fun and I’ll see you next time when we’ll be asking another sexy celebrity about sex. Don’t forget to log on to our site to see Cheryl’s complete video!”

Holly suddenly felt relaxed and realised the recording was over. She saw her snake master and felt happy. He had opened her up to new pleasures and she couldn’t wait for more. She also couldn’t wait to see Cheryl Cole and explore those pleasures with her. But for now, she could just lay back and enjoy Jennifer Aniston.


Holly sat in the leather chair now in pink lace lingerie while Jennifer wore a similar outfit in purple although she wore white stockings. Their platformed high heels match their colour choices. They were both being addressed by their master before landing. “What should we do now? Film, TV or music? And who do you want in it?” The girls turned towards each other excitedly. They both had loads of ideas….

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