Under Control: Part 5 – The Fucking With Jennifer Aniston Show

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Under Control: Part 5 – The Fucking With Jennifer Aniston Show

Jennifer Aniston, Kaley Cuoco, Katy Perry, Cheryl Cole

F-mast, FFF, F-beast, MF, Cons, Magic, MC, Toys, Oral, voyeurism

This is completely a work of fiction. A completely made up story, nothing else

Kaley Cuoco sat somewhat nervously in the waiting room for her next interview. She never really liked doing interviews but this one was a bit more bizarre. First of all, no-one had really prepped her on what the interview was about and second, she had no idea who was doing the interview. Every time she had brought this up to the crew, she never got an answer. They simply ignored her, and she had given up trying. Another thing bothered her slightly, and that was the fact she was in in a room with Katy Perry. Now this was fine, because this meant it was a high ratings talk show, but why just Katy Perry? Shouldn’t there be more? How long would she be expected to talk for?

Kaley smiled at Katy as she settled back in to the chair. She looked at the singer who was looking stunning in a skin tight mint green dress. Her long black hair hung over her shoulders, perfectly framing her large tits. As always, they were on display, a large cloth less circular area showed the inside of her big tits and chest. It was clear she wasn’t wearing a bra. The dress was short to show off her legs, which were immaculate. She wore mint green platformed high heels to match her dress. Kaley felt slightly intimidated by Katy’s open sexuality. She looked amazing and Kaley felt she might not be noticed. She looked down at herself and took some comfort with her attire, which she felt was strange.

Kaley wore a low cut grey dress which pushed her tits out. The dress felt tight and Kaley felt her boobs appeared bigger than normal. Her blonde hair was wavy and hung freely over her shoulders. She also had platformed high heels which were grey, but unlike Katy’s, they had a small section cut at the front, showing off a couple of varnished toe nails. She felt sexy and loved the fact her tits were so much bigger, which was odd. At least she could compete with Katy if not over shadow her.

Suddenly, some music started to play and Kaley looked at the TV screen in the room. A jingle played and a large crowd was shown on the TV. They were applauding but suddenly as the music stopped they got louder. Kaley wondered what had happened but suddenly Jennifer Aniston appeared dead centre of the screen and she knew. Jennifer Aniston was hosting. Kaley knew this was huge and was immediately happy. But then she sunk a little, as she thought of what she was famous for. Jennifer was now a porn star and was doing even more interesting things. She’d got her old friends back together to recreate a late night version of her sitcom, she’d released mainly lesbian porn films and occasionally beastiality films. She looked at the screen some more, and looked at Jennifer. Her long blonde hair was straight and showed her beautiful face nicely. She wore her purple negligee which was embroided with a fine lace pattern. Over her big round tits, the negligee was black and matched the trim round her legs. It barely covered the bottom of her ass it was so short but her legs were all the better for being shown. They were long and shapely. Again, she was in platformed heels, purple in colour, but more in line with what a stripper might wear. Kaley suddenly wondered what she’d got herself in to. Kaley was startled as a voice came from the TV.

“Thank you. Thank you for that kind welcome. I’m Jennifer Aniston and I’ll be hosting tonight. And what a show we have in store for you. We have two young stars that I’m just dying to get talking to. Our first guest is a sexy songstress who kissed a girl and liked it…. It’s Katy Perry!” A loud round of applause broke out when the name was mentioned and Jennifer had to briefly pause. “Wow! I know I know, she is big. But our second guest may be even bigger. She’s been on our TVs for a while now usually making the perfect girl next door… It’s Kaley Cuoco!”

Kaley was surprised that she got an even bigger round of applause. It comforted her a little but not much. She wondered if she should go on. At least she had a bit to think about it. Katy was first.

“I know. What an incredible line up we’ve got for you tonight. I’m so excited about it too. Two gorgeous girls. But enough from me we should get our first guest out. What do you say?” A loud roar went up. “You guys are really up for it tonight! Wow! Please welcome to my show…… You know what? Since you’re so enthusiastic let’s break from tradition for a bit. I’m going to get both guests out at once! Ladies and gentlemen… please welcome Katy Perry and Kaley Cuocooooo!!!!!”

Kaley’s heart skipped a beat. What was she going to do now? She felt a sense of panic wash over her. She looked up at Katy who was getting up slowly. Suddenly, she calmed. She knew she was going out to the interview. She smiled and moved down the corridor following behind Katy.


Kaley Cuoco sat at her desk wondering what was happening. Her hair and make-up lady was very nice but why wouldn’t she answer her questions about who was hosting. She had to let it pass and sat silently wondering. She looked at herself in the giant mirror in front of her and thought she was looking nice. Her grey dress was pretty. Her hair was looking good. Her make-up was great. Nothing left to do now. She thanked her make-up lady as she left the room. Kaley was now alone. She relaxed in to her chair, still looking in the mirror.

However, Kaley was not alone. Silently moving across the floor, an enormous light green and brown snake found a spot behind Kaley and began to rise behind her. Slowly and silently, the snake moved until it was just a few inches away from the girl’s neck. It then, moved a bit further and looked at Kaley’s eyes in the mirror.

Kaley, alerted to the movement behind her shoulder was going to jump but oddly felt herself relaxing, as if she’d just got into bed an all over body massage. She was held by two deep black eyes, she couldn’t move. She realised she was looking at a snake and it didn’t bother her. She wanted to talk to it. It wanted to talk to her.

“Kaley, you are now mine. You will do what I say.”

“Yes Master,” she replied, drone like.

“Good girl. Now glad you could make the show tonight, we’re going to have a blast. You are to act like and think like you do normally but you are to do what is asked of you, no matter what it is. Do you understand?”

“Yes Master.”

“Good, now I have a present for you,” the snake said as it moved round to be facing Kaley. She followed his eyes and locked on to them. The large snake flicked out a forked tongue, flicking Kaley across the chest. It stung a little, but in a good way. Kaley felt herself getting a little turned on. She looked down and saw her tits filling out, pushing up and over the top of her dress. Her cleavage had gone from ample to 32FF. She wasn’t complaining, they felt great. She admired them greatly and reluctantly looked up at her new master as he addressed her.

“Now Kaley, remember what we talked about. Do everything that is asked of you but act normally. You will know what you need to do when it comes. Now I will leave and go next door… I have another guest to speak to.”

With that Kaley was now alone and she went back to being relaxed and waited for someone to show her through, just as normal.

The Show

The crowd was going nuts as the two girls appeared on stage. The both smiled and waved as they walked out, almost overwhelmed by the reception. Kaley looked back at Katy who’d she’d been following and saw her lean in to kiss Jennifer on the cheek. Kaley did the same and moved over to the couch beside Jennifer’s chair as directed. She sat down slowly next to Katy Perry and hitched her skirt down her legs as far as it would go. It didn’t hide much leg but she felt less slutty.

“Well girls, that was quite some reception,” Jennifer smiled as the crowd began to quieten down at last.

“The girls laughed in unison and smiled. “I know” replied Kaley in her pleasant voice. She was genuinely excited by the reception.

“Yeah that was something. Thank you guys so much,” added Katy.

“So how have you been? What you been up to?” started Jenn politely.

“Well I’ve been doing a few gigs but nothing much just now. Just trying to relax and get some time off really. I was so busy last year.”

“Yeah. That sounds good. What about you Kaley? Tell us what you’ve been up to.”

“Well I’ve just been filming. It’s been quite busy recently. Got a little more left but then I hope some holidays.”

“Mmmmm sounds good. Any where in mind?”

“No not just now. I’ll see where I want and just book at the time.”

“Awwww you should totally go to Barbados!” said Katy excitedly, joining the conversation. “Lots of things to do and good weather. Plenty of time to show off your bikini body.”

Kaley laughed. “I’ll keep it in mind.”

“And Katy… I wanted to ask, are there any plans for a new album? I love your music!” asked Jennifer.

Katy looked down. “I’m not meant to say…. But I might be starting something soon.”

Kaley laughed. She noticed how she felt better and was beginning to relax. “We’d get shot if we revealed stuff!”

“Speaking of revealing, one thing everyone has wanted to ask and I feel we must… Have you ever kissed a girl?” Jennifer was straight to the point. Kaley leaned forward, wanting to know the answer.

It was Katy’s turn to laugh. “Of course I have. Hasn’t every girl?”

“Sure,” replied Jenn winking. “How far did it go?”

Again Kaley perked up at the question and listened intently. “We just made out… Maybe a few fondles, not any further.” Cheers went up from the audience as Katy laughed, although she looked slightly embarrassed. Kaley and Jenn were laughing too. This was great thought Kaley.

“And what about you Kaley?” laughed Jenn, leaning over.

Kaley was at first shocked when she asked but a sudden easing came over her like before. She relaxed as she answered the question, although unlike Katy she was embarrassed before she responded. “No…. No I haven’t.”

“Aww sweetie, don’t be shy. It’s ok.”

“Yeah,” said Katy. “You’ve missed out though.” She put a hand on Kaley’s knee and made her feel better. Kaley felt a shiver run up her spine as the contact came in. She looked Katy in the eyes.

“Maybe we should change that right now,” said Jenn, seeing an opportunity. “Katy, give her a kiss she won’t forget.” Katy Perry being Katy Perry was game, she just blushed slightly.

The crowd went nuts and started screaming “Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!” at the pair. Kaley felt like she had to do it. She wanted to. Katy leaned in first and Kaley slowly went to meet her lips. It started slow, but Kaley immediately felt a thrill when she touched Katy’s soft lips. She started to kiss back and the kiss sped up. Suddenly she was using her tongue with Katy and loving it. She pushed Katy back and pushed her chest on to Katy’s for a full on sensual kiss. She was loving it. The crowd were screaming as they did, urging her to continue. Her hands began to wander a bit and they began to grab at Katy’s body.

“Oh God!” Kaley looked up. “That was awesome.” She was feeling turned on. She wanted Katy but restrained herself.

“Mmmmm you’re a natural,” laughed Katy, sitting up, trying to recover. She was turned on too.

Jennifer just sat there. “That was the hottest two minutes I’ve seen for a while.” The crowd were still applauding and whistling.

“What you make of that? We impressed the pro,” laughed Katy, as the crowd died down.

“Oh definitely. I would get you both in a film in no time,” replied Jen. “You got me wet, imagine how other people are feeling right now.”

“Ha! That would be an eye opener! I don’t know if I could do what you do. A kiss is one thing, but fucking several women at a time and then there are the animals…” Kaley was feeling brave but not there yet. The statement sort of blurted out. A reaction to the excitement of the kiss.

“You’d be surprised Kaley. You do what you enjoy. I enjoy having sex, no matter how I get it. Like before now would you have considered kissing a girl? Maybe not. But now I know you’d do it again.”

“Yeah I guess I would.”

“Now what if it started to go a bit further? What if you were really turned on by a woman you saw. What if you liked her body? Tell you what, stay there and I’ll show you.” Jen got up from her chair. She leant over slowly pressing her tits together, increasing her huge cleavage. Kaley was memorised. Jen was beautiful and here she was displaying all her sexuality in front her. Jen then stood up and run her hands up her legs and waist to her boobs and gave them a squeeze, causing them to just about pop out. “See anything you like? See anything you want?” said Jennifer sexily. Indeed Kaley did but she couldn’t speak. Jen slowly moved over behind the couch, eyes locked on Kaley’s. Her hand dropped down to the blonde’s face and gently caressed it. It then ran down her arm and back. She then leant down and planted a soft kiss on the star, who responded in kind. Jen broke the kiss off slowly, leaving Kaley trying to come after her. “You want me, don’t you?”

“Yes!” whispered Kaley. The crowd erupted from silence and cried out, after themselves being entranced by Jennifer’s body.

“Well have me….” Jen walked backwards away across the set, beckoning Kaley after her. “Katy, come give me a hand.” Without words, both girls got up and followed. “Lose the clothes,” smiled Jen. Both girls quickly lost their dresses, Kaley’s fell to the floor and Katy’s was pulled over her head. They both had stunning bodies. Their tits both big, round and wobbled slightly with each step. They both had panties on, Katy a dark green lacy set and Kaley a black set.

The crowd screamed again given all that was going on in front of them. Could this be happening? They were excited by seeing the girls naked but would they go all the way.

The answer was yes. “Do you want me to fuck you?” asked Jennifer.

“Yes” replied Kaley. “Fuck me now!”

A new area of the set appeared from behind a large red curtain. It was red and pink and simply consisted of a large mattress and many pillows. A red silk sheet covered the mattress. A small red table sat beside the mattress and had many type of dildo laid upon it. An old wooden decorative chair sat beside it.

Jennifer had led both girls to the bed. She selected a large red strap on from the table and put it on. The crowd went wild. Seeing Jennifer stunning body with a large fake cock was very exciting. It sat above her long immaculate legs. Her big tits made her look even hotter. The complete fucking package.  She laid down on the bed as the entranced girls followed.

Kaley was first to climb on top, making herself ready to accept the giant strap on. “No sweetie, you’ll get all the cock you want later. I won’t you to feel what it’s like to be pleasured by a woman.” Kaley smiled. She wondered what Jennifer meant by all the cock she wanted but was so wet she was about ready to jump on Jennifer’s mouth. She knelt over Jennifer’s waiting mouth. She felt Jenn’s fingers give her pussy a quick rub but then felt her mouth go to work.

“Oh my god!” Kaley couldn’t believe how she felt. It felt amazing. Jenn seemed to know what she was doing. Every touch of her lips or tongue seemed to pulse pleasure round her pussy. She looked at the crowd in front of her. She could see some women with their hands down tops or trousers. Some men were fiddling with their jeans. She felt so turned on. She loved that she was having this effect on so many people. Her view was suddenly interrupted however as the shaven pussy of Katy Perry got in her line of sight. Her long legs turned Kaley on more as she watched the star lower herself on to the 10 inch red strap on. Katy groaned as it penetrated her and gave a little smirk as she saw Kaley’s enraptured face.

“Oh fuck that’s good” Katy began to work her pelvis over the cock. She made slow movements at first but sped up. She could see that Kaley was trying to watch her. “You like this don’t you Kaley? You’ve wanted to see this since we kissed?”

Kaley couldn’t reply. She did however love the sight of Katy’s tits begin to bounce up and down as she fucked the strap on. Kaley was beginning to ride Jenn’s tongue. She grabbed her own tits and began to squeeze them softly.

“Here babe, let me do that. I’ve been dying to to grab that rack all night.” Kaley suddenly felt Katy push her hands aside as she took over the breast massage. She cupped the large fleshy mounds and tweaked the nipples in a very sensuous way.

“Fuck! I love… Having… My… Tits rubbed!” Katy laughed at this, but wasn’t about to stop as she loved holding Kaley’s globes.

“They feel awesome hon” she replied. She too was loving this threesome. She’d never had such great sex before. She’d never been with such gorgeous woman before. She could feel she was close to cumming.

“Holy fuckkkkkk!” Screamed Kaley as an orgasm finally released itself across her body. It felt like 100 all at once such was the intensity of the warmth from her pussy. Her body tingled. Her breasts felt so nice, especially with Katy Perry still working them. Her strength was vanishing from her legs. She felt like collapsing. She could barely make out where she was. Suddenly, she felt Jenn’s tongue flick her clit again and another orgasm pulsed through her.

Katy could see Kaley struggle to do anything. She looked so sexy. She was loving the feeling of the dildo in her. She was fucking it hard how and could feel Jennifer Aniston pushing back against her. She felt the tension rise up inside her and then suddenly have it released with one last push on to the hard cock. Her pussy gushed with hot juices as she had to give up any notion of her thrusting onto the dildo. Waves of pleasure ran through her body, particularly her hands which seemed to love being in contact with large tits.

Kaley was ravished. She had never felt so good as she fell off Jenn’s face onto the bed. She was barely able to take in the crowd who were quietly taking everything in. Most of the women were either ribbing their breasts and or pussy. Most men had their cocks out and were rubbing them slowly. Kaley felt like a sex goddess. She smiled as Katy landed beside her on the bed.

Jennifer Aniston stood up, very content with her work. She was a pro, and expected of herself to bring the best sexual experience to anyone. She also found it incredibly sexy to reduce anyone to a orgasmic mess. She’d done that to two woman just now and could feel herself getting wet. But for just a second she had to go back into presenter mode.

“Wow! It looks like everybody enjoyed that!” She joked in acknowledgment of everyone masturbating and the state of her guests. For the first time in ages the crowd made a noise. Some started whooping while others screamed. Jennifer took a second and took off her strap on as the audience settled. “Who’d like to see some more?” The crowd screamed again as the girls remained exhausted on the bed. This time Jennifer didn’t let the crowd settle before she spoke. “Ladies and gentlemen please welcome to the stage my surprise guest co-host for tonight.” The crowd seemed to quiet immediately. They seemed to wonder who this could be. “She’s one of my best friends and she’s been busy back stage getting the next part set up. Please give it up for Cheryl Cole!!!!!”

The crowd went wild as Cheryl appeared between the two sets. She leaned on a frame as if to model her body. Her long chestnut hair framed her beautiful face. She had big round tits too which were perfect for playing with. Indeed, it already looked like someone already had, as they were glitening with some oil. Her flat stomach only accentuated her tits. She had a small strip of neatly trimmed pubic hair leading to her pussy. She had sexy legs which were finished by blue platformed high heels which showed a couple of toes. She had painted her nails pink. Cheryl lapped up the adulation for a few moments before striding toward her co host, her oily tits bouncing as she did so.

“How are you sweetie?” Jennifer asked, as the pair embraced with a kiss. The crowd quietened

“Fucking horny” she said, looking at a man jerking off in the crowd. “How are you?” Cheryl had the most delicious Geordie accent.

“The same! I need a fuck. Did you get a chance to see me fucking these pair? It was fucking ridiculous!” She turned to see Katy and Kaley on the bed. They were still flat on the bed but had enough energy to be rubbing each other and occasionally kissing.

“Well you gave me quite a task. And I think I managed to do it despite getting distracted by watching that. It was incredibly hot.”

Jennifer smiled. “Well we’ll judge how you did in a minute. Lets see what our guests are up to.” The girls turned to the bed. Someone must have heard what was happening because the girls stopped caressing each other and sat up. Their sexy bodies were covered in sweat and their hair was messed up in a sexy sort of way. Both girls checked out Cheryl and liked what they saw. She looked and sounded incredibly naughty. ”Hey girls. Cheryl has a present for you. And I think you’ll love it!”

“I saw what you girls were doing. You sluts must love hard cock and cum…” Cheryl started and both girls nodded hungrily. They hugged each other as if Christmas was coming. “Well I’ve been preparing a treat for you both.” Suddenly a video of Cheryl popped up on the screen. It showed Cheryl lying in the middle of many dogs, each circling around her with an unusual energy. One dog was fucking her pussy, she was using her hands to give two dogs a handjob and was giving a blowjob to another one. She looked amazing with her long sexy legs spread and a dog humping her. She let go of one dog and immediately another was by her waiting hand. She grabbed its cock and start to stroke it slowly, gradually making it harder and longer. The dog fucking her suddenly got a wee nudge from Cheryl’s leg and stepped aside only for another to jump in. There must have been 8 or 9 dogs at least.

Suddenly out of nowhere another animal jumped in. Not that anything, Cheryl or dogs, cared. It was a chimp carrying some baby oil and quickly made for Cheryl’s tits. It stood over them and squeezed the baby oil from the bottle all over Cheryl’s large melons. The chimp then proceeded to throw the bottle away and grab his own dick. It gave it a quick rub and laid the hard rod between her cleavage. Finally it pushed them together and started to titty fuck Cheryl.

The video transmission cut and Jennifer started again. “Wow! You fucking slut. How many cocks do you need!”

“Aww honey, I had so much fun. I wanted all that cum so badly by the end! But I saved it for the girls here.” Kaley and Katy had been rubbing their pussies all through the video. They were incredibly turned on. “All they have to do is ask for beastial pleasure.”

“We want all that animal cock and cum.” Both girls spoke excitedly in unison.

Cheryl smiled. “I knew you would.” She whistled and immediately two dobermans came running on, cocks rock hard. Jennifer helped Katy lie back and she spread her legs, her sexy heels still on. Cheryl helped Kaley into the position and she too spread her beautiful legs wide. The dogs lined themselves up with the wet pussies and with a little help from Jen and Cheryl, pushed their stiff cocks in and began to fuck the stars hard.

“Fuck,” moaned Kaley. “Mmm… Ahhh… Fuck!” She moaned with each thrust, her pussy already tingling from before. She loved the strength the dog fucked at. She’d never felt such power.

Katy’s big tits were bouncing with the force of her fucking. She loved the feel of the hot hard cock in her. “Looks like they want more,” suggested Jennifer. Cheryl whistled again and a greyhound and Rottweiler came bounding out, again clearly with huge erections. Kaley instinctively reached out and got hold of Rottweiler cock and began to give a handjob. Katy began to do the same but before they could establish a steady rhythm, Cheryl whistled again. A husky and a whippet joined the party. The whippet getting a handy from Katy and the husky getting one from Kaley.

“That’s it boys. Fuck them hard. Are you girls enjoying it?” Only Katy could speak but agreed. Kaley was in a state of bliss. Bouncing, pulling, receiving and giving. She was doing it all. “Good.” Cheryl was happy with the way her work was being enjoyed. She looked round to find Jennifer was rubbing herself at the sight. “Not yet missy! I’ve still got a couple of guys who love getting blowjobs here. You think we should take them or see the girls skills?”

Jennifer didn’t get a chance to answer. “I’ll fucking suck that cock dry!” Kaley eventually spoke, or screamed. “Give me more cock!” Cheryl looked down with a cheeky grin. She whistled and two smaller dogs came out. Kaley turned to opened her mouth slowly. She could barely move. She felt incredible, loving the hard cock sliding in and out of her tight pussy. She half opened her eyes and saw a poodle stick its long shaft into her mouth. She wrapped her lips round it, her tongue circling the shaft. She was sure she could taste what was likely Cheryl on it. She began to use some remaining strength to bob her head back and forth in time with the thrusts of her animal lover. She wanted its cum. Katy was so desperate to have a cock in her mouth she stretched her neck as soon as the corgi approached. It had a surprisingly big cock and it tasted so good. She let it slide into her throat as much as she could. She could hear Kaley moaning despite her mouth being stuffed with dick. It sounded so erotic.

“If you sluts suck cock well, these guys will reward you with so much of the hottest cum you’ve ever tasted!” Cheryl was almost jealous. Jennifer was touching herself more now. “Calm down, no need to get yourself there. I’ve still got some for you.” She let out a final whistle. Jenn’s heart fluttered hoping to see a big beast coming running out. Instead the crowd let out a laugh. A chihuahua came bouncing in. It was barely one foot tall.

“Hmm not what I had in mind,” said the disappointed star as it ran up to her. She rubbed under it’s belly to find a hard 10 inch cock. Surprised, she turned to Cheryl and grinned “I’ll get you back!” As she lay down and let the small dog jump up on her belly and enter her. She spread her long high heeled legs far apart.

“He’s a trier,” smiled Cheryl. “You’ll love it. But I guess you can have my titty fucking chimp too.” As the words left her mouth, the 3 foot chimp came bounding in. It carried another bottle of baby oil which it soon squeezed over Jen. This time though, Jen rubbed in the oil and held her large tits together. The chimps huge dick slotted in between the large mounds nicely. The chimp placed its hands behind its head as it began to thrust in a deceptively relaxed way. Jen looked up and fixed on the chimps face.

“Fuck these tits. Let me have your all your delicious cum.” Jennifer Aniston loved titty fucking more than anything. She loved her own tits and loved them round cock.

Cheryl looked at the three woman fucking. She wanted some. She needed it. Cheryl turned her attention to the chair at the table. It looked strong despite its elegant appearance. “Looks strong enough to bounce on!” Taking a large blue dildo from the table, she balanced it on the chair and straddled it. She lowered herself down, enjoying the feeling of the soft plastic gently pushing her swollen pussy lips apart. Cheryl sank down as far as she could before pushing up again. She slowly got faster, the blue dildo becoming visible for shorter times. Her face portrayed how good it felt. She smiled and moaned as she got wetter. The crowd could see all of her beautiful body. Her long legs framed the chair. She was made taller by her lovely blue high heels. Her tits bounced up and down with some vigour, creating a sexy jiggle. She looked over the three women on the bed. They looked so hot. She could tell the dogs would quickly cum and the girls would soon follow. Her work would be well worth it.

Kaley felt a twitch inside her. A drop of steaming hot cum sizzled inside her her. She was then suddenly in rapture as orgasm erupted from her pussy. Cum sprayed into her causing her orgasm to heighten. It felt so hot. Suddenly she felt the same thing across her chest. Each strand sizzled with pleasure. She couldn’t move. She just let the cum flow and her orgasm run wild. She sucked harder on the cock, almost as involuntary reflex, willing her doggy lover to cum in her mouth. It did. Her mouth filled with the sweetest, hot salty cum she’d ever tasted. She tried desperately to swallow. It was so good. However, it was just too much. Some spilled over her lips. She felt it dribble on to her chin and cheeks.

Jennifer had to arch her back as orgasm ripped through her. She never felt anything fuck so fast before. It was great. Cum fired in to her. She clasped her oiled up tits tightly round the chimp cock fucking them. “Oh fuck!” Cum hosed from the rod in her pussy. She loved the feel of paws on her skin adding to the tingle from her pussy. It gushed juices. She felt so hot.

Katy licked her lips. The saltiness of the cum was perfect. She loved that she’d done this to one dog. Now for the rest. Doubling her efforts on the hand jobs, she could feel the cum about to explode on to her.

Cheryl screamed. “Yes. Yes. Yes!” She reached a hand up to massage one of her breasts as she felt an orgasm begin. The large plastic cock was so smooth with her juices. She loved it. She was strong enough to continue to ride as pleasure filled her gorgeous body. She looked down at the cum covered Kaley Cuoco who could barely moved. She looked happy. Jennifer Aniston was concentrating on titty fucking a chimp. Cheryl admired her enthusiasm for it. She had an outstanding body and she was using her best assets well. Cheryl looked up to Katy to catch her reward across her own chest.

Katy could hardly contain her joy as cum covered her breasts. They bounced as she was fucked making it difficult to get them completely covered. The grey hound barked as his cum flew out across Katy. Suddenly she felt a jet of hot cum fill between her legs. She exploded in orgasm. She tried to watch her dogs dump their loads into her but it went a bit blurry. Every muscle felt so good. She could feel the cum running off her round boobs. It was heaven. She pounded on the Doberman cock for a good while, extracting every last orgasm she could, along with every ounce of cum.

Jennifer had no such focusing problems. All she wanted was a load to cover her. It was a surprise then to feel Kaley Cuoco’s hot sticky hands grab her tits. However, she wasn’t about to complain as the feel of some one else holding her tits round a cock thrilled her. It also gave her a stupendous view of Kaley’s cum covered rack and face which she loved. Kaley allowed Jen to see her and sample some of the gooey delights dripping from her body. “I’m such a cum whore!”

“Someone’s gotta clean me up,” smiled Kaley as she massage the lovely mounds. The chimp was now frantically thrusting and soon delivered his huge load.

“Cover me you fucking animal,” screamed Jen as Kaley pointed the huge rod over the stars body. Kaley jerked the monkey off, realising how great it felt. She watched every strand of the precious goo hit Jen’s hot flesh. She wanted more and she would have taken it if it had not deprived her lesbian lover of the joy. Jen’s face and chest were covered. She licked her lips and smiled as she swallowed what she could.

Kaley let the chimp wearily wander off. How hot did she feel. How hot did she look? She hoped she’d at least compete with the girls around her. After all her doubts earlier in the night, she realised she was just as sexy as the others. These girls had opened her eyes to a new world of pleasure. And she’d definitely come back. She looked at the audience some of whom looked exhausted. Women were flushed and sat with legs spread and hands on pussy. Men were still slowly rubbing if they hadn’t cum already. Some were trying again. She’d done all this and it felt great.

Cheryl and Katy beckoned the pair up. It was done. All the girls felt fantastic and smiled as they lined up to address an equally happy audience. A round of applause broke out as the girls formed a small huddle. “Thank you ladies and gentlemen. I’ve been your host Jennifer Aniston and these have been my guests, Kaley Cuoco and Katy Perry. Special guest host Cheryl Cole!” Larger cheers broke out for everyone involved. “Now, if you want the video of what Cheryl got up to backstage please join our website for exclusive footage. I think you’ll find it well worth it. But until next week… I’ll say come and see us if you need finished off!” With that, cocks started to appear as the girls got on there knees to finish up.


The snake was pleased with his work. Kaley and Katy would make excellent subjects for Jennifer’s project. He looked at her, now back in some fine lingerie. “Master… Who’s lined up for ‘chatting and fucking with Jennifer Aniston’ next week?”

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