Stretching Taylor

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Stretching Taylor


Taylor Swift

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Disclaimer: The following is totally fiction. It never happened in real life, which sucks, because if it did, it’d be totally hot. The author in no-way is claiming Taylor Swift is into girls, likes to exercise naked, and gets it on with random redheaded strangers. But again, if she did, he’d totally be down for it. If you’re opposed to Lesbian Sex, go read something else. There’s nothing here for you. If you’re too young to be reading this according to your local laws and regulations and whatnot, wow, that sucks. Come back when you’re old enough. Yeah, go away. Totally. I’ll just turn around and no under-aged readers will slip past me when I’m not looking… For everyone else, enjoy!

Feedback is totally welcome on the C-S-S-A boards (either through PM or in the CSSA Feedback Thread), and in fact is encouraged, because the Author’s ego is quite fragile and he’d like to know someone out there thinks he’s producing something of some worth to someone. Seriously, I’m THIS CLOSE to giving up, guys, so maybe a little “thanks” every now and then would help. Constructive criticism is welcome too, so long as it’s not just “You suck.” I’m good with “you suck,” so long as you explain, ideally in detail, what I did wrong that made said story suck. If you just don’t like me, keep it to yourself. Trust me, I already know most people don’t like me, and I’ll just assume you don’t, too, so why waste your time and mine? But if you want to point out ways I can improve, hey, I’m game. Try me.

Now, on with the story…

“Taylor, you’ve GOT to try it. My whole body still feels like it’s tingling, and it’s been 48 hours!”

That had been the voicemail message from Emma Stone that had gotten Taylor Swift in her car and traveling to this hidden little gym on the outskirts of LA. Not entirely sure what she was in for, Taylor was taking this all on Emma’s advice. She trusted Emma, but as she pulled her car up to the very non-descript building, she began to wonder if Emma was playing a joke on her. It sure didn’t look like a gym.

Then again, there was also no paparazzi outside, no cameramen, no one. She could get out of her car, dressed in her tight black Nike tank-top and short shorts and not worry about being plastered all over the internet like she was the last time she’d dared to go work out at her usual gym. Taylor tied her hair back in a loose ponytail, grabbed her sunglasses, and got out of the car.

As she strolled towards the building, another woman dressed in exercise gear came out, and she was practically glowing. Her skin was flush and covered in sweat, but she had the most amazingly pleasant smile on her face, like nothing could possibly be wrong with the world. She wore bright pink short-shorts that clung to her skin and showed the cleft of her pussy from a mile off, and the nipples on her large breasts were threatening to rip through the matching pink sports bra she wore.

“Hey,” the girl said by way of greeting as she passed Taylor and headed towards her car. Taylor turned and watched her go, marveling at how serene she looked. Could that be what Emma had been talking about?

As the woman drove off, Taylor entered the building and was surprised to see just a receptionist at a desk. No gym equipment, no mats, no other people. Just a desk, a girl, and a hallway leading off to the left.

“Uh, hello?” Taylor asked, getting the girl to look up from her magazine – one that had Taylor on the cover, she noted.

“Hello. Welcome to Ultra Stretch. Do you have an appointment?”

“Uh, no, I don’t. I was recommended by Emma Stone, and-”

“Ah, Miss Stone, yes,” the receptionist said. A pleasant looking blonde girl, she wore a sweatshirt opened in the front to reveal her sports bra with the Ultra Stretch logo and green shorts made out of the same material as her sweatshirt. A headphone/microphone combo seemed to come out of her hair next to her ear. “Are you Taylor Swift?”

“Uh, yeah,” Taylor said, tempted to point to the magazine the girl had just been reading. How long had it been since someone HADN’T recognized her, Taylor mused.

“Miss Stone said she might be suggesting us to you. She’s set up a complimentary starter package for you at her expense.”

“She has?” Taylor said, surprised. “I didn’t know.”

“You’ll be thanking her later, I’m sure,” the receptionist said, opening a file on her computer. “Let’s see… Anya’s available. If you’ll just sign these release forms, she’ll be with you in a few minutes.”

“Release forms?”

“Yes, typical stuff. The club isn’t responsible if you hurt yourself, you won’t go telling everyone about us without telling us first, non-disclosure packet, general health information. It’s all pretty standard.”

“If you say so,” Taylor said, taking the offered clipboard and pen. “I really can’t tell anyone about this place?”

“Oh, you can tell whoever you want – just tell us first, so we can be ready for them when they come themselves,” the receptionist said. “We ask that you don’t talk to the press. We get a lot of famous people here who value their privacy.”

“I can understand that,” Taylor said, signing the paperwork. It took several minutes, and some of the things made Taylor wonder just what was going to happen here. She’d never had to give this much information at any other gym she’d ever joined.

“What, exactly, is the process here?” Taylor asked as she handed over the signed forms? “I mean, where’s the equipment? Where are the trainers?”

“You’ll see in a minute, Miss Swift,” the receptionist said. “Anya will describe everything to you. The whole introductory procedure shouldn’t take more than, say, four hours.”

“FOUR HOURS?!” Taylor exclaimed. “For a workout?”

“For a workout, stretching, massage and cool down, yes,” a new voice said from down the hallway. Taylor turned to see a small, redheaded woman approaching. Her curly hair was pulled back away from her round, pleasant face, and she wore the same outfit the front desk girl did – only the redhead’s breasts were much larger – D-cups, at least, Taylor mused. She was short, maybe coming up to Taylor’s nose at best, but something about her made Taylor smile. She had a hint of an accent – somewhere eastern European, Taylor thought, but she couldn’t nail it down. It didn’t matter. There was just something about this woman that made Taylor Swift trust her at once.

“Ah, Miss Swift, may I introduce Anya, your personal trainer?” the receptionist said.

“Hello,” Taylor said, taking Anya’s hand as she approached. Anya shook it, then went a step further, hugging Taylor tightly.

“My goodness, you are a pretty girl!” Anya said. “And so tall!”

“Uh, thanks?” Taylor said.

“Take the compliment darling-dear, I mean it,” Anya said. “I assume you are here to stay pretty, yes?”

“Well, stay in shape. Maybe relax a little. Emma wasn’t really clear on what-”

“We will keep you pretty, darling-dear,” Anya said. “When I am done with you, you will feel all sorts of better. You will only want Anya exercising you from now on. Trust me, I know what I’m doing.”

“Okay,” Taylor said.

“First we must get you warmed up. Then we do cardio. Enough to get your heart pumping, yes?” Anya said, guiding Taylor down the hallway, leaving the receptionist behind.

“So this is more than just a gym?” Taylor asked.

“Yes, yes!” Anya said. “Ultra Stretch is more about stretching the body that working it out. First we warm up the muscles, then we relax and stretch them. You will do cardio, then Pilates, then we do a full body massage, where we stretch every part of your body. You will love it, and you will love Anya,” she added with a smile.

Taylor smiled back. She already kinda loved Anya. There was just something likeable about the woman.

“In here, please,” Anya said, stopping in front of one of maybe a dozen doors down the end of the hallway. Taylor followed her in, and was surprised to find a small room, with a wall of mirrors along one side. There was a simple treadmill, a large exercise mat on the floor, a medicine ball, and a professional looking massage table. And that was it. Anya closed the door behind them.

“We do one-on-one training, yes?” Anya said. “No other guests will see you. Your privacy will always be respected.”

“I like that,” Taylor said.

“Now, time to be taskmaster, yes?” Anya said, smiling. “Treadmill, please Taylor. Now!”

Taylor smiled and jumped up on the treadmill. Anya started her slow, but built the speed quickly, and within a few minutes, Taylor was walking as fast as she could and breathing heavily. Anya encouraged her the entire time, mixing in statements of how well Taylor was doing, and how well she looked.

“Your butt looks good when you walk, Taylor!” was one of her favorite sayings.

When Taylor faltered, however, Anya was on her.

“You can do better, Taylor! Faster! Listen to Anya! Obey, Anya! Move! Move!” Anya could be bossy, and yet Taylor did exactly as she was told, as if she really wanted to please Anya, make her proud.

Soon Taylor was running, and sweat was running, too. The country starlet didn’t know if the room was air conditioned or not, but right now she was willing to bet it wasn’t. She was HOT. She kept having to wipe sweat from her brow to keep it out of her eyes. But her heart was pounding, and she was getting in a good run. Anya was seeing to that.

“Okay, off now!” Anya said after maybe twenty minutes. “Medicine ball! Now, darling-dear! Now!”

Taylor jumped off the treadmill, sweat making her black outfit stick to her like a second skin, and hurried over to where Anya was hefting the heavy ball. To Taylor’s surprise, the physical trainer actually threw the ball right at Taylor. She had to act fast to try and catch it, and was nearly knocked off her feet, staggering a little as the heavy ball landed in her arms.

“Throw back, yes? Come on, Taylor! No stopping now! You are Anya’s to play with, yes?”

Taylor hefted the ball back, surprised by the way her arms burned. She hadn’t done much strength training, preferring her exercise to just keep her trim and in shape enough for her lengthy concerts. She might not dance much, but Taylor MOVED during her concerts, going from one stage to another, up and down stairs – she even got launched into the air by an air compressor at one point. She didn’t have to be strong, but she had to be in shape.

But that made the medicine ball hard for Taylor, and Anya very quickly got a disapproving tone.

“You can do better, Taylor!” Ayna said. “Pass the ball faster! Do as Anya says!”

“Yes, Anya,” Taylor said without thinking. It was so easy to just do as Anya said.

They worked with the medicine ball for another ten minutes or so before Anya stopped her.

“Drink water now, Taylor,” Anya said, hefting a bottle with the Ultra Stretch logo on it towards the singer. Taylor barely caught it. “We rest for five minutes, then it’s time for Pilates, yes?”

“Uh, sure,” Taylor said. She’d done a little pilates over the years, but wasn’t the strictest follower of it. She was a little concerned, because she saw little of the equipment usually used in pilates. Really, only the medicine ball might work for a few moves, but none of the other stuff was anywhere to be seen.

Taylor took a long swig of water and used the time to catch her breath. She’d only been working with Anya for maybe half an hour or forty minutes, but she already felt like she’d gotten a pretty good workout. Of course, she wasn’t feeling like her whole body was tingling or anything yet, but she figured that came later.

“You wear too much, Taylor,” Anya said a moment or two later. “Yes, too much. Take your top off.”

“My top?”
“Your body is warming up, yes? But if it gets too warm, it burns. More skin needs to be exposed to the air, yes?”

“But – but-”

“No buts,” Anya said, stepping over and grabbing the bottom of Taylor’s tank top. With a quick move, she lifted the black, sweaty garment away, leaving Taylor suddenly exposed, as she’d not bothered with a bra.

“Oh, good girl, darling-dear,” Anya said in approval, even as Taylor tried to cover her naked breasts. “No no, no need to hide. We all girls here, yes?”

“But-” Taylor stammered.

“Is hard to do Pilates with your arms over chest, Taylor,” Anya said. “I have seen breasts before, and I see yours later, during massage.”

“What?” Taylor asked.

“No more talk! Stretching time, yes?” Anya said. “Pilates! Now! Go, go darling-dear!”

The next 75 minutes of Taylor’s life were a stretching, embarrassing hell, made tolerable only by the encouragement Anya offered. Taylor needn’t have worried about the lack of equipment. Ultra Stretch called it Pilates, but it was really more Yogilates, a mixture of pilates and yoga designed to stretch Taylor’s entire body. Using both yoga poses and mat work exercises, Anya stretched Taylor’s arms, legs, and even her neck and back. They moved to standing exercises that had Taylor stretched out on one foot, both hands spread wide as she stared at her topless self in the mirror. While she still blushed every time Anya came around and looked at her, Taylor couldn’t help but admit that she looked pretty damn hot in the mirror.

As the session went on, Anya got more and more hands-on, and while at first Taylor jumped each time the short redhead touched her, she eventually grew to relish having Anya’s delicate fingers repositioning her body as needed. More than once, Taylor got a little electric thrill when Anya would brush against her nipples, or cup her butt through her shorts.

“Very good, for beginner, darling-dear,” Anya said at one point. “You are not too hot, yes?”

Taylor was still sweating – was the heat on in this room? – but she didn’t feel too hot. It helped to be naked save for her shorts and panties. Her skin was doing a fine job bleeding off the excess heat, even if it left her covered in sweat and wishing she could take a shower.

“You have very nice butt, Taylor,” Anya said next. “You work it out?”

“Nothing special,” Taylor said.

“Whatever you do, it’s working, darling-dear. Bounce quarters off that butt, yes?”

Taylor laughed politely, wondering why Anya was so focused on her rear. Was Anya a lesbian? Maybe. But then wouldn’t she be looking at Taylor’s naked breasts? Other than to correct her posture, Anya had barely touched them, and certainly hadn’t ogled them. Of course, Taylor was kind of used to that. She didn’t have the biggest breasts in the world – far from it. Still, she’d been complimented on them before and Anya was ignoring them.

Well, lesbian or not, Taylor was happy Anya was with her. She had the softest touch with her hands, and seemed to really like Taylor, too.

“Okay, you’re all Pilated,” Anya said when the session finally ended. Taylor wasn’t sure that was a real word or not, but didn’t have time to point it out, because Anya had more demands.

“Get naked and get on massage table now, darling-dear,” Anya said, pushing Taylor towards the table across the room.

“Wait, what?” Taylor asked.

“Massage can’t be done with clothes on. The oil ruins them,” Anya said. “Come now, get clothes off. Get naked for Anya.”

Taylor hesitated for just a moment more, but then mentally shrugged. She’d been gyrating about the room topless for more than an hour now, what would it hurt for Anya to see her naked? Anya was about to rub her whole body down anyway, and Taylor didn’t see any towel to hide under anyway. They were alone, they were both women. There was nothing really wrong here.

Taking a deep breath, Taylor reached down and yanked her short-shorts and the small pair of white panties hidden underneath them right off. Standing up with the small tuft of blonde fur above her crotch on full display, she stood there, letting Anya drink in the sight of her.

“You waiting for invitation?” Anya said. “Get on table! Hurry, hurry, before your muscles cool down.”

Taylor got on the table completely naked, and lay face down. She was surprised to find a bottle of water with a straw resting right beneath the face-pillow her head was resting in.

“Drink some water, darling-dear,” Anya said as she busied herself beside Taylor. “Water helps muscles, yes?”

Taylor took a sip, but tried to focus on catching her breath. She wasn’t breathing as hard as she had been during the cardio, or after the medicine ball, but the combined yoga/pillates mix had pushed her harder than she thought.

“We are now going to massage and stretch you, Taylor. It’s very relaxing. Do you have any problem areas? Any injuries?”

“No,” Taylor said.

“You have had massages before, yes?”

“Once or twice. I like them, but I never have the time…” Taylor trailed off.

“Is okay. When you work with Anya, we make time. Body must feel good.”

“Yes, feel good,” Taylor said, suddenly feeling tired. It was the heat of the room and suddenly laying down. Taylor wanted to nap, but Anya wouldn’t let her.

“Stay awake Taylor,” Anya said. “Time to feel good. I’m going to start by having you put your arms down by your sides, yes?”

Taylor did as she was told, keeping her face down in the pillow, but letting her eyes closed in anticipation. She knew Anya would treat her well.

“I now do some compressions down your back. Let me know if this hurts.”  Just like that, Anya started pressing down on Taylor’s back. Firmly, but not too hard. Taylor couldn’t see, but she thought maybe Anya was using the heel of her hands. She then ran her hands down the middle of Taylor’s back. “This just stretches the spine and lower back, darling-dear.” Taylor just moaned back, enjoying the way Anya was working her body.

Suddenly, Anya was pouring a warm liquid over Taylor’s back, almost hot. But it felt good, and soon Anya’s hands joined them. They felt great, and Anya took her time spreading the oil out over Taylor’s back and arms. A little bit drizzled onto Taylor’s ass, but Anya ignored it, and soon Taylor did too, instead luxuriating in the way Anya’s hands were running over her shoulder blades.

“You shoulders are tight, darling-dear,” Anya said. “You have much stress here, I think.”

“Yeah, stress,” Taylor agreed lazily. This felt amazing. Anya worked her hands together down Taylor’s spine until she hit the curve of Taylor’s ass. Then her hands came back up the sides of Taylor’s back before crossing her shoulders and running down the singer’s arms. She did this several times, and Taylor felt downright heavenly as the short redhead worked her over. If this feeling had been what Emma had been talking about when she suggested the place, Taylor would happily feel this way for a couple of days.

After maybe six or seven times around Taylor’s back, Anya stopped and placed her elbow at the top of Taylor’s spine. “You let me know if this hurts, darling-dear,” Anya said. It didn’t. It felt amazing, the pressure working it’s way down the very center of Taylor’s back. She hadn’t felt this good in ages. When she reached the bottom, Anya turned her arm 90 degrees and worked the elbow back and forth over the small of Taylor’s back before going another 90 and working all the way back up to the base of Taylor’s neck.

“This feels so good,” Taylor sighed.

“I told you it would,” Anya said smartly. “You listen to Anya. You trust Anya. Always.”

“Always trust Anya,” Taylor agreed, mindlessly. Considering how Anya was making her feel, Taylor would trust Anya to do pretty much anything.

“Now we do the arms, yes?” Anya said. “Place arms over edge of table please.”

Taylor did as she was told, letting her arms drop down off the side of the massage table. Anya immediately took her right arm and began kneading the flesh. Starting at the shoulder and working all the way down to Taylor’s fingers. She worked plenty of the massage oil into Taylor’s pale flesh. The blonde country star felt like her arm was butter by the time Anya moved over to the other side and repeated herself.

Taylor’s mind began to wonder. She was no longer naked on a table in some faceless building in LA. She was on a beach, basking in the sun. Taylor had never once gone skinny dipping in her life, but if Anya had asked her to at that moment, she would have. Anya could ask anything of Taylor at that moment, and Taylor would do it.

“Time for legs, yes darling-dear?” Anya said, butting into Taylor’s little fantasy. The singer could only grunt her agreement. Anya could touch her anywhere she wanted.

Anya stuck a pillow under Taylor’s feet and began once more massaging the oil into Taylor’s skin. This time, she started down at the feet, working up until she reached Taylor’s ass. Unlike when she did the back, this time when Anya drizzled massage oil over Taylor’s buttocks, Anya rubbed it in. It never even occurred to Taylor to be scandalized or offended – it felt too good. Here she was, number one musical artist Taylor Swift, laying naked while a sexy woman massaged her ass. The paparazzi would’ve had a field day if they’d known about it.

Anya was using two hands to knead the flesh of Taylor’s butt cheeks, and could help but once again marvel. “Your ass, it is so pretty. You have given it to many boys?”

Was Anya asking what Taylor thought she was? “One or two,” Taylor admitted. “I don’t like it. They’re too rough.”

“Boys always are,” Anya said, drizzling more oil over Taylor’s butt. Some slid between the cheeks and ran the length of her crack, over Taylor’s backdoor, making her quiver. Taylor blinked – she was turned on! This massage was making her horny!

“Is okay, Taylor,” Anya said, as if reading Taylor’s mind. “You trust Anya, yes darling-dear?”

“I trust you,” Taylor admitted.

“Then let Anya make you feel so good.”

Taylor took a deep breath and relented.

“Make me feel good, Anya,” Taylor said quietly.

Anya immediately began running her finger down Taylor’s crack, tracing the path of the massage oil. Taylor cooed in response as Anya’s finger darted over her butt hole and continued to the sweet folds of Taylor’s pussy.

Taylor swooned a little, but Anya didn’t touch her for long. Instead she worked her way back down Taylor’s left leg. Taylor opened her eyes, confused. Was Anya NOT going to touch her pussy again? Had she imagined it? Read the whole situation wrong? Maybe she had dreamt it, dozed off and let her imagination run wild. It had been a while since Taylor has last gotten any – despite her many public relationships, Taylor hadn’t taken very many of them to bed, often not seeing them for weeks at a time. Like any other young woman, Taylor had needs and hers hadn’t been met for quite some time. Was she just projecting what she needed onto Anya?

That MUST have been it, Taylor assumed as Anya worked her way down to Taylor’s foot. For a moment, Anya busied herself working between Taylor’s toes, and the young singer almost forgot what had happened – what she imagined had happen. Except her pussy was still tingling wet, and she was still quite turned on.

The Anya spread Taylor’s legs apart. Wide. Had anyone come in the door at that moment, they would’ve been able to see everything Taylor Swift had to offer. And if they just promised to get her off, Taylor would’ve let them have all of her too. Her pussy was on fire, and if Anya didn’t touch her again, Taylor was going to be touching herself in the nearest bathroom, first chance she got.

Anya must have been able to tell, must have known, because the next thing Taylor knew, the short, redheaded girl was leaning over Taylor’s shapely butt, and inserting two fingers into Taylor Swift’s wet pussy.

“Anya make you feel real good right now,” Anya promised.

“Yessss!” Taylor hissed. She hadn’t imagined it, hadn’t dreamt it. Anya was touching her pussy, and it felt wonderful! Taylor was more than primed and ready – her body reacted at once, her nipples going rock hard and her pulse skyrocketing. It had been far too long since she’d gotten laid, and her body needed this. Needed it bad. It didn’t mater that Anya was a woman, that Taylor had just met, that Taylor didn’t even know Anya’s last name. All that mattered was that Taylor’s hot, sweaty body needed sexual release, and Anya was providing it.

“So sweet, darling-dear,” Anya said, her voice a little quieter. “You like, yes?”

“YES!” Taylor gasped. “Yes, yes, YES!”

“Hush, darling-dear, just enjoy,” Anya said, pumping her fingers in and out of Taylor, slowly increasing her pace. Taylor writhed a bit on the bed, her head coming up out of the face-pillow, and the singer turned it to the side to gasp for breath as Anya continued to make her squirm. Using her other hand, Anya was now gently rubbing Taylor’s clit at the same time she pounded into her slit.

Taylor Swift wasn’t a virgin. This wasn’t even the first time she’d been sexually touched by another woman. But no one had ever made her feel like this. Anya knew exactly what she was doing, and Taylor’s body was reacting to every thrust and flick of her fingers. The best sex of Taylor’s life couldn’t compare to this simple little hand work. And it wasn’t very long at all before Taylor gave out.

“Oh! Oh! OH YES! YES! YESSSSSSAAAAAAHHHHHHHHGGGGGHHHHH!!!” Taylor exclaimed as a powerful little orgasm rocked her body. Taylor closed her eyes tight and tried to hold on as a powerful rush filled her blood, and what little remained of her stress seemed to melt away. She couldn’t think straight for a while, her brain clouded with orgasm, and when she finally came around, she was surprised to find herself laying down still on the table as Anya was gently massaging her feet.


“You have recovered, yes darling-dear?” Anya asked kindly.

“Oh, Anya, that was-”

“Hush child. We must stretch you now.”

“Huh?” Taylor asked, confused.

“That was just part of massage. We still have stretching to do. Trust Anya, it gets better.”

“Better than that?” Taylor said, but Anya’s answer was to take Taylor’s leg and bend it at the knee until her heel was pressed against her own butt.

“You can feel this stretch, yes?” Anya asked.

“Yes,” Taylor said. She hated to admit it, but the stretch did feel good, even when Anya did it with her other leg. But it wasn’t what Taylor wanted. Not anymore. She wanted more sex!

“Time to turn over, rolling this shoulder towards me, yes?” Anya said, placing a hand on Taylor’s right shoulder. Happily, Taylor rolled over onto her back, no longer at all concerned that she was completely naked. She wanted to be naked. She almost squealed with delight when she saw Anya had stripped down to a tiny white thong.

“Oh, Anya!” Taylor said, reaching for the trainer. She wanted to take the little redhead in her arms and make her feel as good as she’d just made Taylor feel. But to her surprise, Anya pushed her back down on her back.

“No no, darling-dear,” Anya said. “Anya may treat you like lover, but Anya is not your lover. Anya has her own lover. A good man, yes? With strong hands and smarts to use his cock inside Anya well. Not the biggest, but big enough for little Anya.”

“But-” Taylor stammered, but Anya hushed her by placing a finger against Taylor’s lips.

“Everything that we have done, is part of service, Taylor,” Anya said quietly. “Anya loves all of it, and Anya loves you, but not that way, yes? Besides, Anya has much more work to do on you, yes?”

“Anya, I-”

“Taylor, you be quiet now and let Anya work, or maybe you not liking Anya’s stretching so much later. Okay? Okay.”

With that, Anya went to work, leaving Taylor confused. Anya had just given her a powerful orgasm, and now she wanted to go back to stretching Taylor’s muscles? And Anya had a man at home? What did that make Anya? A prostitute? A physical trainer who went a little too far with her patients? Or something else?

The oil returned as Anya began to coat the front of Taylor’s legs. Anya’s hands were soon working right up against Taylor’s exposed pussy, but the trainer didn’t touch Taylor’s most sensitive spot, instead kneading the flesh of her thighs. It actually helped Taylor, she would realize some time later, as it let her body recover from that first orgasm.

Taylor was so confused. Confused and horny! She’d just had a powerful orgasm, but she wanted more. She needed more. She needed Anya to give her more. But the physical trainer just kept on rubbing up Taylor’s legs, as if nothing had happened.

“You have such nice, long legs darling-dear,” Anya said. “Your best feature, yes? Besides your ass, that is.”

“Thank you,” Taylor said, not knowing what else to say.

“You wear lots of shorts, yes? Skirts, too?”

“Yes,” Taylor said.

“They flatter you. Remember that. Should always wear shorts or skirts with legs like these.”

“If you say so,” Taylor replied.

“Ready for arms now?”

“Arms?” Taylor asked. “But, but-”

“Have done your butt, darling-dear,” Anya said with a smile as she came up towards Taylor’s head. “Time for arms. Then neck.” The masseuse leaned in close and whispered the next bit in Taylor’s ear. “Then pussy.”

Taylor nearly gasped, her nethers growing wet just at the word pussy. So there WAS more coming. Taylor just had to make it through.

Anya took some lotion and spread it over her hands before dripping some on Taylor’s collarbone. The singer got excited when the little redhead started rubbing the oil in, but Anya never touched Taylor’s nipples, despite them being so very hard. But Anya actually started pressing Taylor’s shoulders flat against the bed, stretching muscles in Taylor’s neck that she didn’t even know she had.

If the shoulders were tough, the arms were worse. Anya stretched Taylor’s arms out by pulling on them from different angles. At first, Taylor just took it, but by the fourth different angle on one arm, Taylor was growing sore. Still, her arm DID feel stretched, and she supposed that was important. But it just seemed to be delaying Anya’s return to Taylor’s crotch, and that was all Taylor really wanted. By the time Anya moved to the other arm, Taylor was certain she would die from an overdose of horniness.

“Just relax, darling-dear,” Anya said. “We still have neck to do.”

“I’m relaxed,” Taylor lied. She was anything but relaxed. She was horny. And Taylor Swift never, ever EVER got this horny.

Anya moved behind Taylor’s head and got down on her knees on a small stool next to the table. This brought her tits level with the top of Taylor’s head, and more than once, the country chanteuse would feel her personal trainer’s hard nipples brush against her hair. She found herself hoping it would turn Anya on, make her get to the pussy faster. But no matter what, the neck stretches seemed to take an eternity.

“Okay, lift head now,” Anya said, taking Taylor’s long, straightened hair and pulling it out-of-the-way enough for her to slip both arms under the back of Taylor’s head, crisscrossed so that her left hand was on Taylor’s right shoulder, and the right hand was on her left. This let Anya cradle Taylor’s head between both forearms, yet stretch it away from Taylor’s chest.

The first stretch made Taylor’s neck crack several times, and she cooed in relief as stress she didn’t know she had melted away. With her head to one side, Anya rubbed Taylor’s neck and shoulder, keeping the singer held in place with a mere touch. As she shifted to move Taylor’s head to the other side, Taylor mused that this felt almost as good as the orgasm she’d had a few minutes ago.

“Your left side is tighter than the right,” Anya informed her. “Is okay, not unusual. You just have more stress there.”

“I don’t feel stressed right now,” Taylor admitted.

“Good! Good. We don’t want you stressed after stretching. Almost done with the neck. Then we move on.”

“I want to move on,” Taylor said, smiling. Anya smiled back, but lifted Taylor’s head up and rubbed the back of her neck from below. Taylor felt wonderful and almost – ALMOST – felt like she could leave this place happy without any more work. But Anya had promised more pussy work, and Taylor wanted that more than she’d ever admit.

“One last thing,” Anya said, laying Taylor’s head down on the table. She began running her fingers through Taylor’s hair, gently massaging her scalp and making the singer coo in delight. Taylor closed her eyes and just enjoyed it for several long moments, trying hard not to imagine what was coming next.

Then Anya’s fingers left Taylor’s head, and the singer felt her heart jump in her chest. Finally, FINALLY!

“Stretching is the most important part of this whole process, yes darling-dear?” Anya asked. She didn’t wait for Taylor to answer. “And the whole body needs stretching. That includes those areas no one even worries about, yes?”

“Yes!” Taylor hissed.

“You want me to stretch you, yes?”


“You will enjoy it, yes,” Anya said. With that, Anya reached down and touched Taylor’s clit. Taylor nearly jumped out of her skin, the contact she’d craved for a while now coming so suddenly. But Anya knew what she was doing, even as she bent over Taylor’s body to press her own naked breasts against the singer’s stomach.

“Oh, yeah,” Taylor moaned as Anya’s fingers tweaked her clit like the expert she was. Those fingers, which had already driven Taylor Swift to orgasm once today, were back at work, and the superstar’s body was reacting exactly as both women wanted her to.

Those fingers were magic, at least as far as Taylor was concerned. They felt like fiery little nubs, their heat almost more seductive to Taylor than what they were doing. Taylor’s clit, already sensitive from it’s earlier orgasm, responded faster, and seemingly with more intensity. The blonde superstar felt her body ratcheting up towards orgasm so much faster than it had the first time. Perhaps, she mused, because she wanted it so much more.

“Legs up, darling-dear,” Anya instructed. Taylor didn’t understand, but Anya helped her bend her knees and raise her legs up towards her shoulders, exposing more and more of her pussy to the personal trainer.

“Oh! Oh oh oh OH!” Taylor gasped as Anya’s fingers found sensitive new spots to touch. She was so close. So very, very close.

“Anya, I’m going to-”

“No you aren’t, darling-dear,” Anya said, pulling her fingers from Taylor’s snatch. The singer almost cried, feeling the rush of blood and hormones immediately start to drain away. She’d been almost there!

“Please, Anya,” Taylor pleaded, but the short redhead ignored her, instead dropping down to squat next to the massage table. Taylor heard her open up a cabinet, then suddenly Anya was popping up next to her head.

“Darling-dear, very important question. Answer, please, and we can continue, yes?”

“Anything,” Taylor agreed. She’d tell Anya her social security number, her bank passwords, even where she kept that memory card with that little video she and Kellie Pickler had made during Kellie’s bachlorette party, when they’d had a little too much to drink and Kellie had been complaining about not getting laid until after the wedding…

“How big is the biggest man who you’ve been with?” Anya asked.

“Huh?” Taylor asked, surprised. Before her, Anya held up a pair of simple pink dildos, one a little larger than the other.

“You have had bigger than this?” Anya asked, holding up the larger one, which was maybe six inches long.

“N-no,” Taylor admitted. “That’s about the biggest I’ve had,” she said, trying to keep her legs up near her head. Anya smiled, and put both dildos away, and came back up with a slightly bigger one.

“This is another stretch for you, yes?” Anya said, showing Taylor the seven-inch dildo. Taylor actually shivered looking at it.

“It’s so big!” Taylor said, thinking it looked huge. How could such a large thing get up inside her.

“Do not worry,” Anya said, gently brushing Taylor’s hair with her free hand. “I have plenty of lube, and we take our time, yes?”

Taylor couldn’t respond to that, she just let Anya move down her body. She never saw where Anya got the lube – but it was definitely different from the oil she’d been using on Taylor’s body all this time. Instead of the slightly warm feeling of the lotion, the lube was cool, and as Anya placed a finger coated with it against Taylor’s pussy, the singer shivered, perversely enjoying the sensation.

“Is cold, I’m sorry,” Anya said.

“It’s o-okay,” Taylor said as Anya’s finger once more entered her lower lips and began spreading the coolness around. Taylor gritted her teeth a bit at the cold, but tried to enjoy the finger work Anya was doing. That, at least, felt very nice indeed.

Then came the dildo.

“Oh, wow,” Was all Taylor could say as the cool plastic began to part her pussy. Taylor was no virgin, but she was hardly a slut, either. It had been a while since she’d gotten any sex, and longer still since she’d been with the largest guy she’d been with – a fan she’d met at a concert and slept with in order to prove to her friends that she could actually have a  one-night-stand. The large plastic phallus Anya was now slowly sliding up into Taylor was larger than that fan by a good solid inch or more, and she was already feeling it.

“Is big, yes darling-dear?” Anya asked, gently stroking Taylor’s clit as she worked the plastic cock into the singing sensation. “Anya is stretching you good now, yes?”

“Y-y-yes,” Taylor stammered. Oh, it was big. Taylor’s pussy was filling up, slowly but surely, with hard plastic cock, and the rest of her body was reacting to the sexy sensation of being filled. The dildo was so much bigger than any boy she’d ever had. And felt so much better.

“Deeper, Taylor,” Anya said, pressing the dildo further into the prone blonde. “Deeper! We must stretch all of you!”

“Yes, Anya!” Taylor gasped. “Please, stretch me! Stretch my pussy!”

Anya practically giggled aloud, hearing such a naughty phrase from Taylor Swift’s mouth, but she had a job to do, and she did it. The physical trainer pressed the dildo deeper into Taylor’s snatch, rubbing the starlet’s clit a little more, making Taylor’s pussy flood with juice. The singer couldn’t keep her eyes open, and her hands went automatically to her tits, squeezing the tiny things as best she could, trying to get more and more pleasure, even as her stuffed pussy was overloading her brain.

“Oh god, oh god, oh god, OH GAWD!” Taylor gushed as Anya bottomed out the dildo, the entire thing up inside Taylor Swift’s dripping wet snatch. Taylor had never been so filled in all her life, and it felt fantastic.

Then Anya started pulling it out.

“Oh, FUCK!” Taylor swore, every nerve in her pussy sending erotic shockwaves through her skin. Anya pulled the plastic beast out much faster than she put it in, and Taylor’s back arched in response. She nearly climaxed right there, but managed to hold on as the phallus slipped from her body.

“You like that?” Anya asked, her voice seemingly huskier.

“Yes,” Taylor said, trying to catch her breath.

Anya shoved the dildo back in, quicker this time.

“FUCK YES!” Taylor screamed, the nerves in her pussy on overload. Quickly, Anya got the dildo all the way in, bottoming out inside the singer once more, and this time immediately withdrew it, making the younger girl squirm with sexual delight.

“You like that?” Anya asked again, her finger resting atop Taylor’s clit.

“YES! Please, Anya,” Taylor begged. “Do it again.”

“Do what, darling-dear?” Anya asked innocently, the tip of the dildo resting against the very wet entrance to Taylor’s slit.

“Put the dildo inside me again,” Taylor said, her voice ragged. She was getting so close again. So close to yet another orgasm!

Anya pressed the dildo against Taylor’s lower lips, watching them start to spread to receive the large plastic cock, but then immediately withdrew it, making Taylor groan in frustration.


“What do you want?”

“Fuck me,” Taylor gasped. “Please, just fuck me with that big dildo!”

Anya teased Taylor again, sliding the tip up and down Taylor’s pussy lips, but still refusing to put it in.

“Say it again,” Anya ordered, this time brushing Taylor’s clit.

“Fuck me!” Taylor gasped. “Fuck me, Anya, please! Please, please, FUCK ME with your giant dildo! Stretch my pussy out good! It feels sooooo good!”

This time, Anya did what Taylor wanted, slamming the large dildo into the young star, then pulling it out before repeating the process. There was no more waiting. No more teasing. Just fucking. Anya rammed the plastic cock in and out of Taylor, and in no time, Taylor was writhing about on the table like a woman possessed.

“Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Oh FUUUUUCKAAHHHHHH!” Taylor bellowed as orgasm overtook her once more. Denied from Anya’s fingers earlier, Taylor’s body seemed to climax even harder as her stretched pussy gripped the dildo inside her tight, her body clenching against the invader, though Anya kept it pounding in and out as Taylor’s mind seemed to separate from the rest of her body. She knew nothing but sexual pleasure for a long, long time, actually passing out from her orgasm.

She awoke to Anya pressing a cool cloth against her head.

“Good, you’re awake darling-dear,” Anya said. “We’re not done yet.”

“Oh, Anya,” Taylor said, trying to sit up. But her arms were weak, and she realized she hadn’t been out that long, maybe a minute.

She also realized the large dildo was still inside her pussy. All the way inside.

“We leave it there until we’re done stretching you,” Anya said, pressing Taylor back down on her back. “Roll over onto tummy, please.”

Taylor did as she was told without even thinking, and got a little thrill as she naturally pressed the bottom of the dildo against the table, pressing it a little bit deeper into her.

“You still trust Anya, yes?” Anya asked next.

“Yes,” Taylor cooed happily.

“Then we stretch one last bit of you. You give your ass to Anya now.”

Taylor swooned. The sex wasn’t over, and it was about to get dirtier. Oh, so much dirtier. Anya pressed her cool, lube covered finger against Taylor’s back entrance, and quickly worked inside the singer. Taylor wasn’t an anal virgin, either, but she’d only done it twice, and hadn’t enjoyed it either time. The second time had ended with her breaking up with the guy she’d been dating, and she’d sworn off anal forever after that. But Anya’s finger was so much different from either penis that had been inside her. Anya knew what she was doing.

Anya could do anything she wanted to Taylor Swift’s ass.

Anya applied a lot of lube. An awful lot. So much so, Taylor worried she’d slip if she sat down on a chair at that moment. But Anya knew the importance of lube for anal sex, and she knew that for Taylor to enjoy it, she had to be plenty lubricated. So Anya lubricated Taylor’s ass, both inside and out, and then applied plenty more lube to the dildo she pulled out of the drawer next.

“Your ass has had bigger than this?” Anya asked, holding up a six inch dildo.

“N-no,” Taylor admitted, getting nervous. Here she was, laying naked on a table with a strange woman, a huge dildo shoved up her pussy, about to get another one in the ass. If anyone walked in, or took a picture, or even guessed at what was.

“Then it will do,” Anya smiled, taking the well-lubed dildo and disappearing behind Taylor. For what seemed like an eternity to Taylor nothing happened, just some rustling of fabric. But then came the pressure at the entrance to Taylor’s ass, and to her surprise, the well-lubed dildo began to push into her well-lubed ass with ease.

“OH, GAWD, FUCK YES!” Taylor gasped. With her pussy filled, and her body already primed for sex after two most powerful orgasms, Taylor Swift felt nothing but pleasure as the dildo slowly but surely entered her deepest, darkest parts. Her times with boys in her butt had never been like this. They’d hurried, treating her roughly, mostly worried about getting themselves off inside her bubble-butt. They had hurt her. Anya was taking her sweet time, stretching Taylor’s asshole like she’d stretched her pussy – slowly, seductively, carefully.

It felt so damn hot. Far and away, the sexiest, naughtiest thing Taylor Swift had ever done, laying here getting butt-fucked by a woman she’d just met. It would fuel her fantasies for years to come, encouraging her to let future boyfriends – and girlfriends – fuck her ass whenever they wanted. The sensation of Anya’s dildo gently but firmly guiding it’s way up inside her ass was all Taylor Swift ever wanted.

It took twice as long for Anya to ease the entire dildo up into Taylor’s ass as it had for the physical trainer to get it up Taylor’s pussy, and during that time, Taylor thought for sure she’d climax three or four times before Anya got there. With the other, larger dildo still inside her pussy, every time Taylor ground her crotch against the table, it pressed deeper into her snatch, hitting raw nerves and driving her a little crazier.

When Anya finally got the entire dildo inside her, Taylor was certain of only two things. Her ass was stretched further than it ever had been before, or likely ever would again, and until she got off again, she’d be a slobbering, sex-craved idiot. Taylor couldn’t form words, couldn’t for complete thoughts. She was just super horny, stuffed with two different plastic penises, and despite two of the best orgasms she’d ever had, frantically needed another one.

“You are finally all stretched,” Anya whispered in Taylor’s ear, leaving the dildo inside the singer’s ass. “You like?”

“YES!” Taylor hissed loudly, surprised she could even say that.

“What do you want?” Anya asked, kindly stroking Taylor’s sweat-drenched hair away from her face.

“Fuck me, Anya! Please, fuck my tight little ass! Fuck me with that big dildo of yours! Please! Please! PLEASE FUCK ME!”

“Good girl,” Anya said, stroking Taylor’s head one last time. Taylor hadn’t even looked at her, unable to even open her eyes against the insane pleasure she was feeling, filled with two dildos. Anya seemed to take forever to get back behind Taylor, stopping to fiddle with something. But eventually, Anya started to slowly withdraw the dildo from Taylor’s ass. Once more, the singer was thankful for all the lube, but she could barely stammer how good it felt, feeling the large plastic cock slide out of her backside. All Taylor could feel was the pleasure shooting out of her ass, and the beating of her heart.

The dildo came out with a “plop,” and suddenly Taylor felt quite empty – an absurd feeling, considering an even larger dildo was still shoved right up into her pussy. Taylor actually gasped aloud, almost whimpering to have that dildo returned to her ass. There was a thunk behind her, and suddenly Anya spoke a word Taylor hadn’t expected.

“Whoops,” Anya said, having dropped the heavily lubed dildo to the floor. “I get that later, yes?”

“Huh?” Taylor asked, glancing up towards the mirrored wall.

What she saw nearly made her climax right there. Anya was naked, her heavy breasts on full display, the small tuft of red hair above her crotch hidden behind a strap-on dildo, itself dripping with lube – dripping! – as she climbed up onto the table, positioning herself above Taylor’s butt.

“Anya?” Taylor asked, amazed.

“Anya fucks your ass now, darling-dear.”

Again, Taylor nearly creamed herself. Anya gently pressed the tip of her new cock against the entrance to Taylor’s ass, using her hand to guide the large phallus into line. Taylor took a deep breath, and Anya slapped her butt.

“No no, darling-dear – relax. Breathe as I enter you, or it will hurt more.”

Taylor forced herself to breathe, reminding herself that she’d just had something in her ass. But as the head of Anya’s strap-on slid into her, the country chanteuse realized the other woman had attached an ever bigger plastic cock to her harness.

“OHMYGAWD,” Taylor gasped as the large invader penetrated her backside. As Anya inched the well-lubed monster into Taylor, the tall blonde was certain she was going to be ripped in half. But at the same time, all the pleasure she’d felt from the earlier anal intrusion was still there. It still felt sooooo good, even through the pain.

Anya clearly knew her way around strap-ons, as she carefully eased her artificial penis inside Taylor with a gentleness no man could match. Carefully, slowly, Anya inched forward, rocking more than fucking, easing the giant cock into Taylor Swift’s bubble-butt.

Taylor’s mouth hung open, her eyes screwed shut against either the pain or the pleasure, she wasn’t sure which. She wasn’t sure of much at all any more. With every millimeter/inch/mile/lightyear Anya pushed up her backside, Taylor felt wave after wave after wave of a dirty sort of pleasure, a naughty, nasty hotness that she’d never be able to deny again.

But it was taking forever.

“Breathe, darling-dear,” Anya encouraged her. “Breathe! Accept what Anya has to offer, yes?”

Oh, Taylor was accepting it. She couldn’t imagine refusing. Anya’s big hard cock was stretching Taylor’s ass in the most deliciously painful way. With every rocking little fuck, Taylor stretched a bit more, her sweet ass taking it all. And Taylor wanted more. More. More. More!

And suddenly, Anya bottomed out, her strap-covered crotch pressed fully against the small, firm globes of Taylor’s buttocks. Taylor managed to pry her eyes open and glance over at the mirrored wall, amazed at the sexiness she saw. Cute little redheaded Anya pressed hard against Taylor’s own naked ass, taking and stretching the tall blonde’s last possible secret.

“Oh, fuck me,” Taylor groaned aloud, nearly coming at the sight.

“Are you sure?” Anya asked, caressing Taylor’s head from behind. She was so sweet, so kind. Taylor couldn’t think of anyone better to stretch her tight little ass so perfectly.

“Yes,” Taylor hissed, unable to keep her eyes off the mirror. She watched as Anya slowly pulled the bulk of the strap-on out, until only the plastic head was still inside Taylor’s backdoor. Taylor’s body convulsed at the sight of the big fat plastic cock sliding out of her ass, but she managed to hold off from orgasming once again through sheer force of will.

Anya pushed forward, a little faster, but nowhere near as fast as Taylor wanted – craved! – taking several long seconds to fill the singer’s ass back up with dildo. Taylor quivered and quaked the whole time, convinced that watching herself get assfucked was even sexier than just being assfucked. She wasn’t wrong. The sight of Anya bottoming out again, deep inside Taylor’s own backside nearly broke the singer.

Anya pulled out again, faster this time, and immediately sank back into Taylor’s ass, making the singer swoon.

“Oh, Anya!” Taylor gasped. Anya wasn’t just sliding in and out, getting Taylor used to the size of the dildo inside her anymore. Now the physical trainer was fucking Taylor Swift, right up the ass.

And Taylor was loving it.

“Fuck me, Anya!” Taylor pleaded. “Fuck my tight little ass!”

“Not so tight now, yes?” Anya asked playfully before driving the shaft strapped to her hips up inside Taylor again. Taylor was too busy squealing in delight to reply. Anya was working a good little rhythm now, fucking Taylor like a boy might, with smooth, fast strokes. Still, she bottomed out every time, driving as far into Taylor as she could. Taylor felt each and every thrust and thrilled at each one. Her body was alive with lusty pleasure unlike anything she’d ever experienced in her life.

“Oh gawd! Oh Gawd! OH GAWD!” Taylor began to holler as every nerve in her ass seemed to radiate ecstasy with every thrust. It was getting harder and harder to keep her eyes open, but Taylor tried to do just that, watching the mirror to her side as Anya fucked her good and proper.

Anya didn’t speak, she just fucked. And fucked. And fucked. Taylor had never felt such sexual power in her life. All because some hot little redhead was pounding her ass with a strap-on dildo. Taylor could barely even feel the other dildo shoved up her pussy. Her entire body was focused on the slutty pleasure of being ass-fucked.

Finally, Taylor’s eyes squeezed shut and orgasm over took her again. Her mouth hung open, like it did any time she won an award or attended a surprise party, but her eyes were screwed shut as she silently screamed. Climactic waves of lusty pleasure shattered every nerve in her body, and yet another powerful orgasm took Taylor Swift away.

She got lost again in blissful unawareness, her body shaking with sexual bliss for a micro-eternity, during which time Taylor forgot her name, her life, her fame, even the fact that she was anything but orgasm. All she really knew was that she was a double-dildo filled slut who was happier than she’d been in a long, long time.

And that it was Anya who got her there.

She came around sometime later. She wasn’t sure when, but Anya had rolled her over onto her back, and was in the process of withdrawing the dildo inserted into her pussy.

“N-no,” Taylor whimpered, but Anya smiled at her.

“It must come out if I’m to fuck your pussy,” Anya said, pulling the dildo out with a “plop” that made Taylor whimper. She was going to get fucked again? She could hardly believe it. Was that even possible? Could her body take yet another orgasm?

She was about to find out, as Anya once more climbed atop her. The strap-on – so huge! – dangled between Anya’s legs, covered in what must have been fresh lube. Without preamble, Anya leveled the dildo with Taylor’s gaping pussy, and swiftly slid inside all the way.

“Oh, FUCK!” Taylor hollered, a new wave of pleasure shooting through her. Now when she looked up, she could see Anya smiling down at her benignly, like some benevolent mistress, fucking her dirty little sex slave for doing something right. Taylor’s mind swooned at the very thought.

Anya quickly worked up to fucking speed – no delusions of needing to stretch Taylor out now, her pussy was more than ready.  Taylor stared up in amazement as Anya’s tits swayed above her, like two glorious globes of sexy womanhood. She started to reach up for them, but Anya grabbed both of the blonde’s arms with her hands and pinned them above Taylor’s head.

“No no, darling-dear,” Anya said, waggling a finger in Taylor’s face while holding Taylor’s arms with the other hand. “Anya can touch you, but you can’t touch Anya.”

“Why n-n-not?” Taylor stammered, amazed that Anya could keep fucking her while doing all this. The woman had incredible stamina.

“Anya is not prostitute, to be manhandled by slutty celebrities,” she tisked. “Anya is finishing your exercise. Now, cum for Anya, darling-dear. Cum for Anya now!”

“Oh, FUCK!” Taylor gasped again, amazed as somehow Anya increased her pace, all while holding Taylor’s arms above her head. Pinned down, Taylor felt even sexier. And her body, all primed for sexual release, was defenseless against Anya and her strap-on.

Anya took complete control of Taylor’s body at that point, fucking her like a woman possessed, thrusting into her stretched pussy like crazy. Every thrust, every fuck, brought Taylor closer and closer to another orgasm – she’d lost count of how many she had, but she no longer believed she had a limit – and Anya seemed quite intent on getting her there.

A giant one was building, though, and both women knew it. Taylor didn’t even try to fight it, knowing her defenses were shot. All it took was for Anya to fuck her hard enough to get there, and Anya was doing that in spades.

“Oh, fuck me!” Taylor moaned, her head rolling about loose on her neck. Pleasure unlike anything she’d ever felt.

“Cum for Anya, darling-dear! Cum now!” Anya insisted loudly. Taylor listened and obeyed.

“OH FUCK YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!” Taylor bellowed as orgasm shattered her brain once more. Her back arched, her toes curled, her fingers clawed at the table. Her head spun and her eyes rolled so far back into her head, she might have worried they’d come loose had she been aware enough to notice. Pussy juice flooded out of her like she was a river, and all she could see were lights and colors she’d never noticed before. Her brain was in sexual overload, and her body gave out underneath her, finally letting her drift away to oblivion.

The French called orgasm la petite mort, the little death, and after this last orgasm, Taylor Swift thought that term incredibly wrong. She’d never felt more alive in all her life.

She came around to find Anya gently rubbing her down with a cool cloth, fully clothed and acting more like a nurse than the woman who’d just given Taylor the best sexual experience of her life.

“Take it easy, yes?” Anya said happily. “Here, drink some water,” she said, offering Taylor a cup with a straw.

“Anya, I-”

“Drink, darling-dear. Our time is almost up.” Taylor blinked. Had it really been 4 hours already? Had it ONLY been 4 hours? She could hardly believe it. She felt like her entire life had just gone through some sort of radical sea-change, and that everything before it had happened to someone else.

Taylor sipped her water, and let Anya rub her naked, sweaty body with the cool cloth. Taylor just laid there for several minutes, luxuriating in how nice it felt to be tended to, and how fantastic her entire body felt.

“You feel good now, yes?” Anya asked casually. “All stretched out?”

Taylor laughed lightly. “All stretched out.”

“You come back then?” Anya asked. “See Anya again? Get stretched another time?”

“Oh, I’ll come back,” Taylor promised. “Again and again and again.”

“Good! Anya likes regular customers,” she said, reaching down to grab something under the table. She came back up with Taylor’s clothes, her black tank-top and short-shorts. Taylor sat up slowly, and Anya helped her dress, pulling the tank-top down first, making sure it lay properly over Taylor’s breasts before putting the shorts on Taylor’s legs and helping to guide them up until the singer could lift her butt to slide into them. Anya made sure they were good and snug, even rubbing Taylor’s throbbing pussy through the fabric, giving her the first camel toe Taylor Swift ever enjoyed. There was no word on Taylor’s panties, and she didn’t feel like asking.

She made another appointment with the cute girl out front, then started out to her car, feeling like nothing could possibly be wrong with the world. Taylor was flush and covered in sweat and girl cum in places, but didn’t care – she’d never felt this good in her life. As she exited the building, she saw another woman – a gorgeous young brunette – walking towards her in exercise gear, and Taylor found herself smiling at her.

“Hey,” she said, passing by without thinking too much about the other woman, except to imagine all the dirty things Anya was about to do to her.

Taylor got in her car and just sat there for a moment, trying to wrap her brain around how good she felt, and how much she couldn’t wait to come back next week and let Anya do her again. She was about to drive home when she stopped, picked up her cellphone, and made an impromptu call.

“Selena? You have GOT to try this new workout place I found. My whole body feels like it’s tingling…”


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