Under Control – Part 4: The Lesbian Friends

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Under Control – Part 4: The Lesbian Friends

Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow

Fmast, FFF, Cons, Magic, Toys, MC

This is entirely a work of fiction. It is just a made up story. Nothing more

Courteney Cox smiled as she walked on to the old Friends set. The familiar surrounding of Monica’s flat was where she felt most accomplished as an actress. She was wearing a brown leather jacket and white t-shirt with skinny jeans and brown boots. Her long black hair hung loosely. She began to reminisce about the good times she’d had as she slowly strolled round but was interrupted by the sound of approaching foot steps. She was pleased to see one of her fellow actors.

Lisa Kudrow approached the set, giving a warm welcoming hug as she got to Courteney. To Courteney she hadn’t changed a bit. She had still had long straight blonde hair and still had on the same long flowery dresses she always did. The pair felt immediately comfortable as the looked round nostalgically.

“I can’t believe they want to do another couple of shows,” said Courteney after a moment or two. “I never thought I would be back but truth is I can’t wait to see the guys again.”

“I know what you mean. I’ve missed this a lot and we had such a great time together. I just couldn’t say no and let you guys down.” The pair paused at this statement and looked at each other awkwardly. They were both thinking the same thing. And they both knew it. They were both thinking about Jennifer Aniston.

Since the end of the show each of the friends went separate ways. But Jennifer’s way was completely different. Since the end of the series, Jen had had a boob job and had starred in several lesbian pornographic films, occasionally with other female celebrities. On a few occasions she had even released tapes with her having sex with animals. It was all very sordid but she was currently the hottest star on the planet by some way.

The girls both knew what this meant. The comeback shows would fail without her but she’d be the biggest star if it went ahead. If they could even get her to play Rachel again it would be a miracle. The girls both had misgivings about the situation but they both loved Jennifer and would be willing to try and act with her. This would be tricky.

Just then the click of high heels echoed across the studio. Lisa turned round to see as Courteney looked up into the dark shadows. Jennifer Aniston emerged looking like she was ready for action. She was wearing some blue lacy lingerie that she’d worn in the show before except this time her enlarged breasts were straining to burst out. She had her blonde hair done up, held up by a chopstick. Her long legs reached some black high heels. She looked incredible.

Courteney and Lisa stood still, clearly in awe of the sight before them. They’d seen Jen dressed up before but never quite as special as this. They’d both seen some of her films, not that they’d admit it to each other.

“Are you ready to re-write Friends?” smiled Jennifer. “Give the public what they really really want??” she finished in a sexy voice that melted the girls hearts.

“I’m not sure what you are talking about. Aren’t we hear to meet up and chat?”

“Oh sorry. We’re filming tonight. Just the three of us. I cut the men out.”

The girls were unsure although Jen did have an undeniable allure. “Ha ha there’s no one to even operate a camera! I don’t know you’ve fully thought this through, even if we’d agree to join you!” laughed Lisa.

“You leave the camera crew to me.” No sooner had the words left Jennifer’s mouth than 4 women moved emotionlessly on to the cameras and began to focus on the 2 friends clothed girls. Courteney looked at Lisa in shock. It was now up to them. She turned back to talk to Jen not fully knowing what to say.

Just at that moment Lisa caught something dropping from the ceiling. A huge green boa snake fell round her shoulders. She was about to let out a scream but she couldn’t. There was something so beautiful about it. She stared at it as time stood still. The snake held her heart now. She held there fixed. She felt so good. Her boobs and pussy began to tingle. Next she knew was that she was extending an arm towards Courteney for the snake to slither on. “Courteney.”

The dark haired star looked round as her name was shouted and was met by the penetrating eyes of the snake. She instantly fell in love with it. She let him coil round her, holding her naughtiest, sexiest expression with it as he moved. She felt her tits begin to tingle. They radiated pleasure through her body as the snake’s caress excited them. She could feel her pussy begin to warm between her legs. Courteney wanted to please the snake. She heard him talk to her and she needed to obey, no matter how turned on she felt. “Let’s give the audience what they want! Late night friends!”


Rachel and Phoebe approached Monica’s door quietly. “Hey Rach. Do you think Monica will like the stuff we bought her?” asked Phoebe.

“Definitely,” replied Rach. “She loves this sort of stuff. Plus she’s not been with anyone in so long…” With that, Rachel slowly and quietly began to turn the door handle. She pushed it open with careful quiet and began to peer round the corner. A loud buzz filled the apartment. She could hear herself moaning too.

She looked at the tv first. She could see herself on Joey’s couch and she was naked. She was straddling Ross and riding him hard. It was her sex tape. She wondered what Monica was doing with it but she soon found out.

She took a step in to see more clearly. A shapely leg was hung over the back of the couch. It had on a beautiful black stiletto high heeled shoe. She peered over the back of the couch and made out Monica in her black and red lingerie, her now big round tits straining to stay inside the lacy number. This was not helped by the fact she was breathing very heavily.  She was fixed on the tv but was holding her arms down to her groin. Rachel could see a small silver bullet vibrator which was causing the buzzing sound. Rachel smiled and took a step into the room followed by Phoebe. She cleared her throat in a traditional style to attract attention.

“Oh my God Rachel!” Monica jumped up letting the vibrator fall on to the couch. “What are you doing here?”

“That’s funny we were about to ask you the same thing.” Rachel and Phoebe feigned distain but were inwardly pleased to see this.

“I just wanted eh… Needed to relax.”

“But by watching me and you’re own brother! That’s so very naughty!” replied Rachel.

“I know… I just needed it” Monica responded. It dawned her then that Rachel wasn’t really bothered by it being her and Ross that she was getting off to. “He just has a really huge cock,” she grinned as the words left her mouth. “And I love watching him fuck your sexy body.”

Rachel and Phoebe began to see the end of their game. “Well we’ll just need to see if we can help you out!” It was then that Rachel and Phoebe whipped off their long coats in unison. Both girls had stunning bodies on display now.

Phoebe had on a bright yellow bra and pants combination. Her long dyed blonde hair sat perfectly over her bra straps. The snake had enlarged her tits to a round D cup size and the pushed out nicely from their holders. Her long legs stood in yellow strappy high heels that matched her underwear.

Rachel had chosen a rather more subtle set than she had on earlier. Her lingerie was a light blue bra with light blue slips. They had a small but beautiful floral pattern round the edge where her breasts were popping out. Her flat toned stomach was very slightly tanned like the rest of her soft skin. Rachel’s panties were see through except all the vital places but made her appeal even hotter. Her legs were immaculate as usual. She wore gold coloured platformed high heels which just had a little space for a couple of toes at the end. Her fair hair was tied up by a couple of chop sticks and her face seemed to plead guilty.

“This is for me?” Monica purred, feeling herself becoming even more turned on.

“Uh huh” began Phoebe. “All this… And more.” She placed a finger down her panties as she said this, feeling her smooth mound as she sampled her own juices. Phoebe then moved seductively over to the smiling brunette and placed her finger in her mouth. Monica started to suck on the wet digit hungrily. “Oh that’s so good. What a good cock sucker you must be.” Phoebe drew her finger towards her mouth and Monica followed only stopping to start a passionate lesbian kiss. Monica felt her body lust after Phoebe as they touched, their big racks pressed tightly together. Her hands grabbed Phoebe on the back forcing her closer to her body. To both girls, the long passionate kiss felt amazingly right.

As the kiss broke Monica enthusiastically chimed, “why didn’t we do this sooner?” She looked across to Rachel who she wanted to taste. Rachel instinctively knew what Monica’s look meant. Rachel sexily strode across in her heels and took Monica by the small of her back and pulled her close. Their lips met and they started to kiss hard. Rachel moved her hands to the little zip on Monica’s lingerie and slowly started to move it down. Monica responded in kind by kissing Rachel harder.

Rachel broke off the kiss and stood back when the zip went no further. “Okay Mon, time to see that hot body!”

Monica smiled and slid her arms through the straps holding her lingerie up. Rachel and Phoebe smiled as the brunette became completely naked. She had a thin body with big round tits and a shaven wet pussy. “Oh Mon!” the girls approved. “Time to show her some of the more,” said Phoebe. She went back to the door and picked up a bag she had dropped earlier. She reached in and brought out two strap ons. One yellow and one blue. She handed one to Rachel who immediately started to put it on over her panties. Phoebe pulled the yellow plastic penis up her long legs and tightened it round her pelvis. Both girls stood facing the gorgeous Monica. “Is this what you want Monica? Do you want me and Rachel to fuck you with our big fake dicks?”

“Yes more than anything!” Monica quivered. Her friends looked amazing in their lingerie, high heels and 12 inch matched strap ons.

“Bend over then,” ordered Phoebe, removing her bra allowing her large breasts to jiggle slightly. Monica eagerly turned and bent over the edge of the couch, presenting her pussy and ass for fucking. Her legs looked stunning stretched out in her high heels.

“Fuck me Pheebs! Fuck me with that large plastic dildo.” Monica looked over her shoulder at the blonde woman with her sexiest look. “Fuck me as hard as you can!”

Phoebe obliged by lining the tip up with the waiting wet pussy lips. She pulled Monica back by the hips, penetrating her with the fake cock. It slid in nicely. She started to thrust at Monica as she pulled her deeper on to her rod. Monica responded by pushing back. “You like that you hot bitch. You like taking my huge fake cock deep inside you.”

“Oh fuck yes!” moaned the dark haired girl, her big melons bouncing back and forth already.

Rachel could have just stood and watched but knew she wanted more. She moved to Monica’s satisfied face and waved her dildo at her mouth. Her friend latched on with her mouth, sucking hard on the plastic. “You pretending it’s Ross’s cock? You thinking about him while you’re getting fucked and sucking me off?” Rachel looked at her sex tape. She could see herself slowly sucking Ross off. She loved how great she looked on tape but also how turned on they’d made Monica. Monica seemed to respond by taking more in to her mouth and deep throating it. “Oh you saucy minx! You’re going to make me cum if you keep that up!”

Monica looked up with wide eyes at Rachel who was rubbing her tits while she watched Monica work the two dildos. Rachel’s pussy was tingling with excitement at just how easily Monica could manage the two tasks. She looked so great stuffed at both ends. Rachel undid her bra at the back desperate to get naked too. Monica continued to watch as her friend stripped. She loved seeing her big tits. She looked so hot while she was in control.

Monica could feel she was close to orgasm. Phoebe was making her so wet drilling her hard with dildo. “Mmmm,” she moaned with a mouthful of cock. “Uh oh oh yes…” Just then a burst of organismic pleasure surged through her body. It felt incredible. She clamped her lips tightly round Rachel’s fake cock as her head moved up and down. Every part tingled with excitement. She felt her jugs bouncing off her chest wall with the force of Phoebe’s drilling. “Fuck!” Monica went limp, finally taking her mouth from the cock. “That was fucking hot!”

Phoebe stopped slamming as Rachel smiled. “That was hot. You give great blowjobs honey.”

“Hmm I know, I watched you blow Ross tons of times.” Monica got up to kiss Rachel as she giggled. “You want to see how I eat pussy?”

“More than anything!” replied Rachel as they embraced again. Their round tits pressed skin to skin this time and their hard nipples further stimulating each other. Monica was further turned on by the hard fake cock rubbing against her groin.

“Mmm don’t forget about me!” chimed Phoebe who was now completely naked apart from her strappy high heels. She reached in the bag and pulled out a massive double ended dildo. It was black and very thick.

“Oh Pheebs! We could never forget about you! Now come over here and lie on this couch with Mon.”

Rachel took the toy and watched the girls sit on the couch spreading their beautiful legs. Both had sexy grins on their face, both welcoming the thrill of trying to make the other cum while getting fucked. Rachel slid one half of the dildo into Phoebe’s wet pussy.

“Mmm” she moaned as it parted her tight lips. She swung round to meet Monica’s parted pins. They entwined legs as they sought to get close together. Monica allowed Rachel to line up the dildo with her wet box and both Phoebe and Rachel pushed the slippery end past her tight cunt.

“Oh fuck!” cried Monica as she started to grind with Phoebe. She looked Phoebe in the eyes as she did so giving a sexy stare. She held her tits in front of her, slowly and softly squeezing the fleshy mounds. Phoebe gave her own version back as she felt Monica’s pushing start to cause her amazing pleasure.

Rachel took a moment to take in the sight of her two best friends fucking. It was certainly very hot and sexy she thought. “Oh God guys, I can’t take it anymore. Mon sweetie eat my wet pussy out now. I need you to fuck me now.” Monica relaxed her head back on to the arm of the couch as Rachel placed a knee beside it for support. She pushed herself over Monica’s pretty face braced herself. She quivered when she felt a tongue run along her slit. “Aww yes Monica! Oh yeah. Yes! Right there.” Monica began to find Rachel’s juicy clit and work her tongue on it. She kissed and sucked it. “Fuck Mon!” Rachel rubbed her round tits as she wriggled on Monica’s face. She looked at her two friends’s bodies, all sweaty and glistening, tits wobbling with the fucking they were getting. It was so hot.

Phoebe was looking particularly happy. She was thrashing away at Monica with the double dildo but her face just showed extreme pleasure. She was loving the sight of Monica eating out Rachel like a porn star. “Monica you slut. Make Rachel cum all over your hot face!”

Monica was loving the attention she was getting. She tasted Rachel and wanted more. Her tongue explored Rachel’s clit and began to occasionally penetrate her pussy. Suddenly she felt her own body start to convulse though. Phoebe was still fucking her hard as she latched round the long schlong. She sucked on Rachel’s clit harder and felt a warmness gushing from above. She lapped at it as much as she could. Her body felt incredible as she orgasmed hard.

“Aaaaas fuck Monica. That’s it. Fuck!” screamed Rachel as she rode Monica’s deep probing. She could barely stand as her orgasm raced through her muscles causing them to feel great but weak all at once. She looked down as Monica went limp too as if satisfied with her efforts on Rachel.

“Mmm yeah.” Phoebe tits stopped jiggling as her orgasm caused her to freeze. The two girls could feel the warmth from the other as they climaxed together. Monica stared phoebe in the eye lustfully, making sure she knew where to come for more. “Aww god that felt good guys!” said Phoebe as she relaxed.

“You guys looked hot together” added Rachel. “And Mon… You dirty pussy licker. You know how to fuck a woman!”

“Sweetie… We’re just getting started…..”

Later, the girls sat naked apart from their high heels with their new master. He commanded them to dress and act as slutty as possible while they spoke of this reboot. “Yes master,” they replied in unison. They smiled and could already imagine the situations they’d get themselves into in the next few weeks.

“Courteney, Lisa…. I’m glad we’re back together.” Jennifer now knew, she was where she belonged. Right on top.

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