Traumatic Blackmail Continued

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Title: Traumatic Blackmail Continued

Author: TheBigLove126

Celebs: Victoria Justice

Codes: MF, celeb, nc-cons, reluc, exh, oral, anal, blackmail, toys

Summary: Matt and Victoria have a “fun” day together.

Disclaimer: The following is not a real story and is a continuation of “Traumatic Blackmail”. It features the same two main characters (the very fictional Matt and the very real Victoria Justice) and if you did not read the first part…what the hell are you waiting for!?

If you have any questions, comments, story requests or other feedback to this or any of my other stories; feel free to contact me at –

The morning after she was blackmailed into sex with her supposed friend Matt, Victoria woke up with his arm draped across her body. They were both stark naked and she could feel his cock pressed against the crack of her ass. She had spent the entire night having to service him in ways she wished would never have happened.

After the first encounter, Matt called her to his hotel room and forced her to walk the hallway completely sans clothing. Luckily, it was late enough that nobody could have seen her in person but she shuddered at the thought of security watching her on the cameras above. She walked into the room and saw the man standing up with his cock in his hand and a shit-eating grin on his face.

Matt made her fall to her hands and knees and slowly crawl towards him, making sure that she shook her ass the whole way. She hated that she had to do this but she knew that her career would be over if the video of them having sex was released to the public. She took a deep gulp and started her sensual crawl. He forced her to give him another blowjob while she shook her breasts from side to side. She hated herself.

Afterwards, he picked her up and lowered her onto the bed. He demanded her to repeatedly call him a “sex god” as he put his cock inside her pussy and fucked her for twenty minutes. She unwillingly had three orgasms throughout the experience and added a “piece of shit” before “sex god” during each one. He pulled her hips close and ejected his semen once again into her womb. She again worried about pregnancy but got a pleasant surprise when, after he pulled out of her, he handed her a morning-after pill. She forced a smile before swallowing one. If nothing else, she was at least happy that she would not have a baby hurt her career.

As he slept next to her, Victoria saw his camera sitting on the desk across the room. She wondered if he had recorded more footage last night and needed to find out. She slowly wiggled her way out of his grasp and tiptoed to the desk. She picked up the camera and saw that it was off, which was a relief. She turned it on to see if maybe she could delete the footage before he woke up. As she started the video of her public cum surprise, she heard him stir and froze. She looked over and saw him open his eyes and stare at her.

“Trying to delete the videos, sexy?” he said with a smirk.

“I wanted to see if you recorded more last night,” she responded.

“So that’s why you turned it on even though it was off?” he got out of bed and approached her. She backed up against the wall. “Go ahead, delete it. It’s not like I’ve made backup copies of the footage or anything,” he smiled and pulled the camera from her hands. “Why don’t you get dressed and I’ll take you out to breakfast?”

“Fine,” she said in a defeated tone. “Just let me shower first.”

“No, just go to your room, put on some clean clothes and come back here,” he chuckled as he smacked her ass.

“But I have…I have your…stuff dried down my leg,” she looked down and saw the dried trail from her pussy almost to her knee.

“So wipe that up with a wet cloth. Hurry up before I change my mind on breakfast and make you eat some warm, fresh cum instead.”

Victoria sighed and ran into the bathroom, grabbing a towel to cover herself before leaving. It was around nine o’clock and there was a much higher chance of someone seeing her than last night. About five minutes later, she came back wearing a tank top with red and black horizontal stripes and a pair of blue jeans.

The two left the hotel and went to a local diner for a bite to eat. After giving their order, Victoria did nothing but stare at Matt while he smirked. She wanted so badly to leap across the table and punch the smug look off of his face. When their food arrived, he grabbed Victoria’s fork out of her hand and tossed it under the table.

“Pick it up,” he told her.

Victoria looked under the table cloth for her fork and noticed that Matt had his pants pulled down and his throbbing cock at full mast. She looked back up at him with a shocked look.

“Go ahead Vic, it misses your warm mouth,” he chuckled.

“I can’t do that here, what if someone sees me?” she asked.

“There is a tablecloth to block anyone from seeing you. Would you rather have a few old people, who probably have Alzheimer’s anyway, see you crawl under the table or have millions watch your pussy get pounded while you beg me for more?”

“I hate you,” she said before looking in each direction and sliding under the table.

The table was not very high, so she felt very constricted as she pulled herself close to his crotch. She took a deep breath before inserting the hard member into her mouth. Since Matt would not want to draw to much attention, she was in full control of the blowjob this time. For once, she did not have his hands wrapped around her skull, forcing every inch of himself as far down her throat as he could go.

Victoria quickly bobbed her head up and down around his warm cock, wanting to end this as quickly as humanly possible. She closed her eyes and sucked like a straw while her free hand played with his balls. He raised his foot and started rubbing his shoe against the crotch of her jeans. She could feel the seam rubbing against her clit, making her very wet very quickly. She moaned as she could feel a moist spot forming on her panties.

As her pussy continued being massaged, she pulled his cock out of her mouth and pressed her tongue against the base, slowly licking it up and down. She stopped at the head and licked it like a lollipop, hoping it would cause him to cum quicker. She placed the tip of her tongue against his cock hole and softly tickled it. His foot kicked forward harder into her crotch as his nerves got tickled by her touch. Victoria could not help but laugh when she saw his leg kick.

Victoria put the cock back in her mouth and held the head on her tongue as she stroked him violently. She wrapped her lips around it and sucked harder as she felt his balls tighten in her free hand. Seconds later, she felt his warm semen splash against the back of her throat. She choked a bit at first but wanted to remain conspicuous, so she fought through it and swallowed every bit. She kept him in her mouth for several seconds afterwards; making sure his cock was as clean as possible.

“Is anyone looking?” she asked from under the table.

“You’re clear,” he responded, causing her to start crawling back into her seat. “Don’t forget your fork.” She crawled back and retrieved the utensil before sitting again. “You have a very talented mouth, Vic.”

“Shut up and eat your hash browns,” she responded.

They ate their meal quietly. Victoria quickly drank her iced tea down, trying to eliminate the strong taste of sex in her mouth. It took a refill before the taste was finally gone and she was ready to eat her pancakes. When they finished, Matt zipped his pants back up and they headed out of the diner.

“Did anyone see me under the table?” she asked as they left.

“No, the table cloth was all the way to the floor. Nobody saw you come up or slide down. You’re safe for now,” he responded.

“For now?” she asked.

“You didn’t think that was the only time I’d make you do stuff today did you?”

“I can’t keep doing this in public, what if someone sees me?” she asked nervously.

“Like I said in the diner and last night, would you rather have a few people possibly see you or millions definitely see you?”

“I wish I never met you,” she said angrily.

“Let’s not say things we don’t mean,” he responded. “Let’s take a nice walk through the park,” he said as he extended his hand. “And I want you to hold my hand the whole time.”

Victoria looked at him with a “you have to be kidding me” face but ended up grabbing it and walking with him. She tried to keep as much separation between herself and him but he kept pulling her closer. Eventually, she just gave up and walked closely with him with the fakest of smiles on her beautiful face.

They walked hand in hand for several minutes, passing many people who noticed Victoria and waved at her. She waved back with a nervous smile, afraid of what Matt might make her do next and how much riskier it would be than the last.

The two eventually made it to a clearing surrounded by few trees. Matt sat her down on the ground before walking to a newspaper case a few feet away. He grabbed a large newspaper and walked back to Victoria.

“Open this up and cover your crotch,” he said.

“Why?” she asked.

“Because I’m going to finger you and I’m sure you would like to cover that up,” he said as he sat next to her.

She sighed and opened the large newspaper up, placed it on her lap and started reading the local section while Matt slipped his hand underneath and unzipped her pants. She remained still as he pulled them down until he saw, in full, her bright yellow pair of cotton panties. He slipped the fabric away from her pussy and slowly started massaging it.

Victoria fought the urge to squirm around and draw attention to herself while his finger circled around her warm lips. She tried to keep her eyes focused on the paper but she kept looking over at him with a half angry/half pleasured look on her face. He pulled his finger away and pressed it against the lips on her face. She tasted the sweet nectar of her loins for the first time and was surprised with how good it was. She licked her lips as he slipped his hand back under the paper.

Matt wasted no more time and roughly slammed two digits into her opening, causing her to jump and almost having the newspaper slide off of her and onto the ground. She grasped onto the paper and tried to focus as he roughly finger-fucked her. She bit down on her bottom lip and moaned softly over and over again.

“You can deny it all you want, you fucking love this don’t you Vic?” he asked as his thumb rubbed her clit.

“I really…mmm…really hate this…mmm…and I still hate…oh my…hate you, you son of…mmm…bitch,” she said while moaning.

“Three moans and an ‘oh my’…yeah, you hate this,” he said sarcastically while using his other hand to pinch her throbbing clit and causing her to scream.

She threw one of her hands over her mouth, praying that nobody saw or heard her scream. She looked around and saw nobody but kept her mouth covered while he kept pinching at her. Even though she hated it, she knew that is one of the most intensely pleasurable things that had ever happened to her. Her mind was flustered as she prayed for this to end, but also for it to continue.

Victoria’s prayers for an ending were answered when her muscles tensed up and she coated Matt’s fingers in her feminine juices. She let out a silent sigh as her body’s climax quickly wore down. A couple came walking by them, preventing him from removing his hand from her dripping wet passage. When he finally had time, Matt pulled his hand out from under the newspaper and started sucking on his fingers. He stopped for a second and pressed a warm finger to her cheek, drawing an X in her cum on her.

“You taste so sweet,” he whispered.

“Can I pull my pants back up?” she asked ignoring his comment.

He nodded and she quickly covered herself back up and tossed the paper aside. She was about to talk when he pressed his lips against hers and gave her an unwanted kiss. She wanted to fight him off but another person was passing by, so she went with it and kissed him back. Once the person was gone, she broke the kiss and hissed at him.

“Calm down already, let’s go,” he said, pulling her to her feet.

The two walked out of the park and past a dollar store. Matt stopped in front of the door and pulled her inside.

“What are we doing here?” she asked, confused.

“You should get some sunglasses and a hat,” he explained.

“Why?” she asked.

“Trust me, you should just buy them,” he said as he placed a hand on her tight ass.

Victoria did what he said and bought a black cowboy hat and a pair of government-style dark sunglasses. She put them on and walked out of the store.

“You are a very sexy FBI cowgirl,” he commented, eliciting a smile from her. “Come on, we need to get you back to the hotel for a few minutes.”

“I’d ask why, but you won’t tell me,” she silently said to herself.

When the two got back to her hotel room, she took the accessories off and sat on the bed.

“Get out of the jeans and put a skirt on,” he said.

Victoria obeyed and started undressing. She tossed her jeans aside and walked to her suitcase. She pulled out a black mini skirt and quickly slipped into it.

“Change your shirt too, those stripes don’t look good on you,” he told her.

She sighed and pulled the tank top over her head, exposing her bright yellow bra. She dug again through her suitcase and grabbed a matching yellow tank top. She showed herself off and grabbed the hat and glasses again.

The couple left the hotel again and went to the bus stop across the street. They waited until the bus came around and picked them up. He pulled her to the very back seat and sat down, pulling her onto his lap. He laughed and reached his hand up her skirt, pulling at her panties. Slowly, he pulled the yellow cotton down her legs, eventually slipping them off over her sneakers. He took the panties and shoved them in his pocket before pulling her legs apart and rubbing her clit once again.

“Are you just going to finger me again?” she quietly asked.

“Of course not,” he responded. “I’m going to fuck you right now.”

“There are at least fifteen people on this bus, you can’t be serious,” she said, knowing full well that he was serious.

“Just stay still and look forward, I’ll do the work,” he said as she felt his cock under his shorts pushing against her ass.

Matt pulled his cock out and started to rub it against her exposed cunt. She gasped as he started to push the head past her lips. She slowly raised herself up to give him access. He pushed his hips upward and forced his whole eight inch cock into her waiting pussy. She gasped and squeaked at first entry but quickly adjusted and tried to keep her composure.

Victoria kept her face towards the front of the bus, trying her best to keep a still face. Nobody could have seen the confused torture in her eyes as she felt his balls slapping up against her clit. He was slamming into her like a man possessed. She leaned forward against the seat and faked a cough to cover the moan that forced its way out of her.

Matt held onto her hips tight and swirled her around on his cock. He knew that she hated it because it made it very difficult for her to remain still and keep from moaning. As much as she hated being forced to do this, she was again getting very turned on. She was powerless to her sex drive and she was finally starting to understand this.

They continued fucking for a few minutes before the bus stopped and people started filing in and out. Victoria got nervous as people started filing in, knowing that they could easily tell that she was elevated off of the seat. She sat down and kept his cock in her until everyone took their seat. After the bus started moving, she lifted herself back up and allowed him to continue.

She was very relieved that everyone sat towards the front for the bus because the scent of her very moist pussy was strong around her. For her, its pungent smell overpowered everything else. Maybe she was exaggerating due to her nerves but it made her pray that he would just cum inside her quickly and end it.

After another minute, cum began to flow…her cum. Victoria’s cunt tensed up and exploded in her second massive orgasm of the day. She fell back against him and covered her mouth, deeply moaning as her tight body twitched in pleasure. Before her own orgasm ended, Matt’s began and he filled her twitching cunt with his sticky seed. He pumped into her a few more times before he collapsed under her.

The worn out girl purred and giggled as she gained enough strength to roll off of him and sit on the bus seat. Matt was still in a haze of pleasure next to her. She reached over and pulled his shorts back over his relaxing cock.

Once the bus stopped again, they both slowly stood up and walked out. They were still in a haze of sexual gratification as they sat down on the bench at the bus stop. Victoria was worried as to where they were now after the bus ride until she looked across the street and saw the hotel. The entire twenty-five minute bus ride was just a giant circle.

“I don’t know about you but I need a nap,” Victoria said still breathing hard.

Matt looked at her and nodded. The two walked into the hotel and went to their respective rooms. When Victoria walked in to her room, she crawled into the bed and instantly and fell asleep. Matt sat in his room too excited to sleep as he planned what else to make her do. Several hours passed before he headed to her room to wake her up.

Victoria’s dreams were filled with many sexual scenes, all of them with Matt. She hated to think it but she was quickly realizing that even with the tapes held over her head, she enjoyed herself today. The final scene of her dream had her in front of a group of people, not covering an inch of her face, giving Matt the best blowjob he could wish for. She looked over at the group of people and gave them a wink as she pulled him out of her and waited for him to cum on her. She smiled at the crowd as thick strands of his cum landed on her face. Her smile went away and she looked puzzled.

“This feels weird,” she said in her dream.

Victoria awoke from her dream state to find that it was not a dream that was happening to her. Matt, fully naked, was standing over her, spreading his cum all over his sleeping friend. By the time he finished, her forehead and hair were covered in his seed. As the last drop fell, she jumped out of bed and tried to scream before he covered her mouth.

“Shh, don’t scream,” he whispered. “Just go take a shower; we have more things to do.”

“More things to do?” she asked, looking shocked while a drop of cum fell from her nose on to her foot. “Isn’t your dick tired yet?”

“Never too tired for you,” he said while slapping her ass, causing her to let a giggle slip out.

Victoria quickly went back to looking sad before walking to the bathroom. With her back turned, she smiled again before licking some cum off of her lip. After a quick shower, she came back out of the bathroom wearing a towel and brushing her long, wet hair. She saw Matt sitting on the bed holding something.

“Hey Vic, can I ask what this is for?” he asked as he held up a small, white vibrator and turned it on.

Victoria ran up to him and (unsuccessfully) tried to snatch it away. In her efforts, her towel fell off and she was naked once again.

“What’s the matter Victoria, you don’t want me to know you fuck yourself? Do you not remember what we’ve done today…and you are embarrassed that I found your vibrator?” He said holding it out of her reach.

Victoria looked around and realized what he was saying.

“Can I please just have it back?” she asked.

“Why? You want to give me a show?” he smirked. “I would have thought you would have a monster one, not this tiny little thing. This can’t be more than five inches long.”

“You can relate,” she said as she finally got it away from him.

“Ouch,” he responded. Victoria turned the vibrator off and went to put it away when she was cut off. “No wait, I have an idea.”

Matt grabbed the toy and turned it back on. He knelt down in front of her naked body and started pushing the toy into her pussy. He pushed it farther in until it was fully into her pussy. She tried not to moan as she closed her eyes and smiled. For a brief second, she became lost in her own libido until she felt a slap across her ass. She opened her eyes to see Matt holding a red pair of panties.

“Put these on and let’s get going.”

“Okay,” she said while reaching down to pull the toy out of her.

Matt grabbed her arm to stop her.

“Leave it in,” he said before dressing himself.

“The whole time?” she asked.

“Until the battery dies,” he responded.

“Damn it, I just had to put a fresh one in yesterday morning,” she thought to herself as Matt picked out her outfit for the night.

Victoria got dressed quickly in a very tight pair of leather pants that barely went past the top of her ass and a black tank top, without a bra underneath, that just reached the top of the pants. Once she sat down to slip on her shoes, she moaned loudly as the end of the toy pushed against her lips and caused her clit to feel an intense vibration.

Matt laughed as he saw her squirm and moan while putting her shoes on. He could see her squeezing her legs together and biting her lower lip.

“Feel good?” he asked.

Victoria leaned forward and flung both her eyes and mouth wide open, screaming in pleasure as an orgasm washed over her. She squeezed her legs together as hard as possible and grasped onto the sheets below her. Once her orgasm was finished, she lay down on the bed and panted heavily.

After a few minutes, she sat back up and put her hand between her legs. She was trying to push the vibrator back inside of her but it kept slipping out, causing the end to again pleasure her lips and clit. She knew that this was going to be a frustrating yet pleasurable night.

Victoria stood up and walked towards the door while her legs started to wobble. She could hear Matt laughing in the background, so she turned around and gave him a nasty look.

“You’re so cute when you’re mad,” he said.

They left the hotel room and made their way down the elevator. Victoria was in hell as four strangers entered as well. She tried not keep her legs steady and to keep any sign of emotion from her face. She was able to do so during the ride.

When they left the elevator and hotel, they walked down the street for about a minute before arriving at a restaurant. They went inside and grabbed a quick bite to eat. Somehow, Victoria was able to avoid an orgasm despite being very close at many points during the meal. Once she was done, she excused herself to the bathroom to finish what needed to be finished.

The young brunette walked into a stall and sat down on a toilet. She slowly slid her tight pants and underwear down, seeing the little white toy (which was still going at full speed) sticking out of her red hot pussy. She grabbed on to it and rapidly pushed it in and out of herself. It took only a few seconds before she sat back and had an even bigger orgasm than earlier. She pushed the toy further inside and relaxed as the last twitch of pleasure ran through her.

Victoria wiped herself off with a piece of toilet paper and redressed before heading back to the table. When she sat down, she saw Matt staring at her with a shit-eating grin.

“I’m guessing you didn’t have to pee,” he said.

“Shut up and pay for the meal,” she responded.

Matt paid for the meal and the couple walked out. They walked down the street again until they stopped at a movie theater. He grabbed onto her hand and dragged her into the building. They bought tickets to the cheapest movie and sat down in the back row without buying any concessions.

About a half hour into the movie (and another orgasm by Victoria), Matt placed his hand on her thigh and lightly rubbed it. She looked over at him and forced a smile before he leaned forward and kissed her. Not knowing what to do, she kissed him back. They made out for a few minutes before he broke it and put his mouth to her ear.

“I want to fuck you again,” he whispered.

“If it means taking this vibrator out, I’ll do it,” she responded.

“Who said anything about taking it out,” he said.

Victoria looked at him, confused. “I know you’re dick is microscopic but I’m sure it won’t fit with the toy in there.”

“Real funny…I want to have sex with you but not in your pussy,” he said as he placed his hand against her ass cheek.

“I’ve never done that before, won’t it hurt?” she asked.

“If you get my dick wet enough, it won’t hurt THAT bad,” he responded.

Victoria looked around saw that only five other people were in the theater. She knew that of all the things she had done today, this was the least “public” act. She bent down and started to unzip his pants. When she pulled his cock out, she felt herself getting close to another orgasm. Any timidity she had about sucking him was gone once the feeling hit her. She attacked his cock like a monster, slobbering up and down. She had to slow down because the sound her spit sloshing around was very audible.

Once she slowed down, she fell to her knees as orgasm number four of her vibrating torture hit her. She was so used to it by now that it did not faze her as much as before. Just looking at her, you would not have known what her crotch was doing.

For five minutes, she sucked his cock like a pro. Before this whole thing started, she was a cock-sucking amateur but now, she was almost at a hall of fame level. It took all the power within Matt not to blow his load too early.

At the five minute mark, he pulled her from his crotch and got her in position. She stood up and bent forward over the empty chair in front of her. He yanked down her pants and pulled her panties aside, making sure to keep them covering her pussy and keeping the toy inside her. He spit on her asshole and rubbed it around before pressing his soppy wet cock against it. He grasped onto her hips and slowly fit himself into her, inch by inch.

Victoria fought back tears as she felt her back end being torn apart for the first time. It took a minute but eventually, all eight inches were inside of her. She relaxed her body and sighed as he started to pull out before roughly slamming back in. She used one hand to cover her mouth as she felt a scream coming on. Lucky for her, it timed perfectly with a scream in the movie.

Matt ran his hand through her long hair, grabbed onto it and pulled back with each thrust. He was surprised at how well she was taking her first anal fucking but knew that the constant vibration in her pussy, which was now going on three straight hours, might have had something to do with it. He felt her muscles tighten up as she suffered yet another orgasm. He smiled as his plan continued to work perfectly.

Victoria had never felt such a weird combination of excruciating pain and heavenly bliss before. While her ass was killing her, her pussy was making up for it. His balls slapping against her abused crotch only intensified the feeling. These were the most confusing ten minutes of her life.

After a five minute blowjob and a ten minute fucking, Matt was unable to hold back anymore. He grabbed onto Victoria’s shoulders and slammed into her one last time, ejecting a sea of cum deep into her red hot bowels. The warm feeling of his orgasm spread through the young girl quickly and caused her to have her own orgasm, the fifth and final, of the night. Once both orgasms subsided, both worn out people sat down in their seats, exhausted.

Victoria started to pull her pants up but was stopped by Matt who pulled her wet panties aside and pulled the vibrator out of her. Never before had he seen such a red, moist pussy before as he turned the toy off and slipped it in her pocket. She smiled at him and pulled her pants back up while still panting in exhaustion. She grabbed onto his arm and continued watching the movie, relieved to not have the intense vibrations attacking her pussy anymore.

Once the movie as done, they walked back to the hotel arm-in-arm. What was supposed to be a torturous experience for Victoria had actually turned into one of the best things to ever happen to her. This was definitely a much better experience than she had imagined it would have been. At this moment, there was nobody in Florida happier than Victoria Justice.

When they made it back to the hotel, they went to their respective rooms for the night. Victoria stripped naked and was about to lay down when she stopped and reached through her pants, pulling out the vibrator. She turned it on and slid it back inside her pussy before putting her panties back on to keep it in place. She fell asleep with that familiar feeling running through her.

Around eight o’clock in the morning, she woke up with her bed sheets and panties were soaked in her juices. She sat up and reached for her phone. She was shocked when she checked it to see the hundreds of text messages. The first one she opened was from her sister, Madison.

“Tell me TMZ is lying!!! That has to be someone else!!!” the text said.

She opened another from Ariana Grande, her Victorious co-star. “OMG! What the hell, Vic!? I can’t believe it!”

Another one came from Liz Gillies, another co-star. “I knew you had it in you, if you know what I mean ;)

Victoria was confused. She opened the browser on her phone and went to TMZ’s site. When the main page opened, she almost fainted.

“Nickelodeon Star Victoria Justice SEX TAPE Released!!!” the headline said with a screenshot of her with Matt’s censored penis in her hand.

She quickly dressed and stormed over to Matt’s hotel and slammed on the door.

“You son of a bitch, get out here so I can fucking kill you!” she said, pounding her fist against the door.

She looked down on the floor and saw an envelope with her name on it. She opened it up and read the note inside:

“Victoria, sorry to just leave but I knew you would kill me if I stayed. As you probably know, I sent the tape of us fucking out to many outlets. I’m sorry but I wanted you to hate everything that happened yesterday…I guess the slut in you came out…you liked it way too much. I will soon release the video of the homeless guy as well, I’m sure the media will love it. As for me, you will never see me again (unless you watch the video of course), so I just wanted to say that I love you and goodbye forever my little slut.”

Victoria started to cry and sat down in front of the door. She knew that her life was going to change forever.

To be continued…

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